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• Catherine O’Hara (Home Alone, A Mighty Wind) is 65

• Mykelti Williamson (Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue in Forrest Gump) is 62

• Patricia Heaton (The Middle, Everybody Loves Raymond) is 61

• Steven Weber (NCIS: New Orleans, Wings) is 58

• Whitney Port (The Hills) is 34


• 1925: Calvin Coolidge became the first President of the United States to have his inauguration broadcast on radio.

• 1950: Walt Disney introduced the movie Cinderella.

• 1966: Singer John Lennon created an international controversy when he said the Beatles “are probably bigger than Jesus right now.”

• 2005: Homemaker personality Martha Stewart returned home after serving five months in a federal prison for lying about a stock sale and began five months of home confinement.

• 2008: Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre announced he was retiring. He would be back in the NFL the next season.

• 2012: Vladimir Putin won the Russian presidential election amid allegations of voter fraud.


• Cheerleading Week

• Pet Sitters Week

• Write A Letter of Appreciation Week

• Celebrate Your Name Week

• Dental Assistants Recognition Week

• Procrastination Week

• Women in Construction Week

• School Breakfast Week

• Fun Facts About Names Day. See related in Bits & Breaks.

• Poundcake Day

• Hug A G.I. Day

• International Scrapbooking Industry Day

• National Grammar Day


• March 5: Mardi Gras
• March 6: Ash Wednesday
• March 8: SXSW begins
• March 8: Bike Week begins in Daytona
• March 10: Daylight Saving Time begins. Move clocks ahead one hour.
• March 11: National Napping Day
• March 14: Pi Day
• March 17: St. Patrick’s Day (Sunday)
• March 19: March Madness: Men’s First Four
• March 20: First Day of Spring
• March 23: Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards
• March 28: March Madness: Men’s Sweet 16 begins
• March 29: Brexit
• April 1: April Fools’ Day (Monday)
• April 6: March Madness: Men’s Final Four
• April 11: The Masters
• April 12: Coachella
• April 14: Game of Thrones final season premiere
• April 14: Palm Sunday
• April 15: Tax deadline day
• April 21: Easter
• April 22: Earth Day
• May 5: Cinco de Mayo
• May 27: Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling
• July 5-6: World Wife Carrying Championship
• August 2: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally begins


57.3 million: Total land surface area of Earth, of which about 33% is desert and about 24% is mountainous. Subtracting this uninhabitable 57% from the total land area leaves 24.6 million square miles or 15.8 billion acres of habitable land.


A cat that has lived in a general store in Alaska for the past six years is being evicted by the Health Department. [Officials say they had no choice. The cat refuses to wear the rubber gloves.]

Russian athletes will no longer be allowed to drink beer while undergoing urine tests. [The very fact that they had to create this rule should tell you that you have a real problem.]

A tourist visiting Boston captured a video that went viral of a pelican swallowing a rat in one gulp. [A tourist visiting New York captured a video of a rat swallowing a pelican in one gulp.]

In the UK, a 10-year-old girl wrote a poem about her dyslexia that went viral. It can be read top to bottom or bottom to top. [That’s something that you don’t hear about every day. I mean the part about a poem going viral.]

Amazon plans to open its own grocery stores. [Instead of pushing a traditional shopping cart you followed around the store by a delivery drone.]

Victoria’s Secret is closing 53 stores. [It breaks my heart to see people standing on the side of the road with signs that read: “Will supermodel for food.”]

In the world of competitive card games, the world’s number one bridge player has been suspended for doping. [Why would a bridge player need drugs? To keep from falling asleep?]

Meryl Streep has become a grandmother. [I’m going to guess that her future will include several nominations for Best Bedtime Storyteller Ever.]

Scientists say that they now have conclusive proof that Mars once had an extensive underground series of lakes. [But sadly, the Martians ignored all the warnings about the dangers of fracking.]

A woman in Iowa who’s trying to sell her house is getting lots of attention for her photo on Facebook that reads: “I hate Iowa. Please buy my house.” [If that’s working for her, she should make another post that reads: “I hate packing. Please buy all my stuff.”]


DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME _ This Saturday night we’ll move our clocks ahead one hour before going to bed as Daylight Saving Time begins.

MEGA MILLIONS HAD A WINNER _ Friday night’s $273 million Mega Millions jackpot was one by someone in New Jersey. Powerball continues to grow — Wednesday’s jackpot is $381 million.

MAN WHO TRAPPED IN SNOW FOR FIVE DAYS SURVIVED ON TACO SAUCE _ A man in Oregon who was trapped in his car on a rural road for almost five days during a snow storm told police he survived by eating taco sauce that he’d found in his car. Jeremy Taylor told investigators that he had gone up a forest service road Sunday, February 24 with his dog when his Toyota 4Runner got stuck in the snow. After police released a missing person report a snowmobiler found Taylor and his dog, Ally, who were both in good condition but hungry.

… While waiting to be rescued Taylor stayed warm by periodically starting his vehicle. For food Taylor sucked down a few taco sauce packets.

SHOPPERS LEAVE CASH, IOUs AT UNLOCKED GROCERY STORE _ Recently some shoppers in Kingston, Ontario, went into the Food Basics store and found it to be empty. It was a holiday and, technically, the store was closed — but someone forgot to lock the doors. Canadians being Canadians, customers who shopped left behind IOUs and cash.

PEOPLE ARE FLINGING SLICES OF CHEESE AT BABIES AND PETS _ It’s not as dangerous as the Tide Pod Challenge or the Bird Box Challenge but it’s still not very nice. It’s called the Cheesed Challenge and it mostly involves grown-ups tossing slices of Kraft-style cheese onto the faces of babies, or sometimes pets. One of the first culprits of the new prank was shared February 28 by a Twitter user. • VIDEO

BUS DRIVER WHO LEFT KIDS AT GAS STATION TAKEN INTO CUSTODY _ A Pennsylvania (Bath) school bus driver has been charged with 26 counts of endangering the welfare of children and one count of DUI after police say she left kids stranded at a gas station Friday afternoon. State police said Lori Ann Mankos had been driving the bus erratically while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. She then pulled into a gas station after some kind of disturbance on the bus, parked, got out and walked away. Mankos had handed the bus’s keys to a gas station employee before leaving. Mankos was found at her residence and taken into custody.

CHILDREN WHO GROW UP WITH GRANDPARENTS ARE HAPPIER, MORE SECURE _ There’s no love that compares to the love between a grandparent and her grandchild, and now scientific research points to proof that grandparent-grandchild relationships benefit both parties involved. A study (University of Oxford) found that growing up with grandparents helps children to become better able to cope with adverse childhood experiences and trauma. Grandmother involvement was more associated with nurturing, while grandfather involvement was more associated with mentoring and activities.

… Other research suggests that close ties between grandparents and their grandchildren also lowers the risk of the child becoming depressed. And what’s more, the same went the other way around: Grandparents with close relationships to their grandchildren were also less likely to show signs of depression.

WORLD’S TOP BRIDGE PLAYER SUSPENDED FOR DOPING _ The World Bridge Federation says the world’s No. 1 bridge player has been suspended after failing a drug test. The federation said on its website Friday that Geir Helgemo, who is Norwegian but represents Monaco in bridge events, tested positive for synthetic testosterone and female fertility drug clomifene at a World Bridge Series event in Orlando, Florida last September.

… Helgemo was suspended by the WBF until November 20, 2019. He also had all titles, medals and points from the 2018 World Bridge Series revoked.

… The president of the Norwegian Bridge Federation said the drugs were “not performance enhancing.” She said, “It is his responsibility not to take substances that are on the doping list, even though in this instance they are not performance enhancing in bridge. I feel for Geir in this situation and hope he will come back stronger … when his ban ends.”

PROFESSOR CARES FOR A STUDENT’S DAUGHTER DURING CLASS _ A college professor in Georgia is going viral for holding the baby of a student who couldn’t find a caretaker for his child during class time. To a student who showed up to class with his baby, Dr. Nathan Alexander of Morehouse College in Atlanta said, “I’ll hold her so you can take good notes.” According to a follow-up post by his wife, the student, Wayne Hayer, works two jobs and is also a full-time student. Alexander, a mathematics professor, reportedly held the baby for nearly an hour. • IMAGE

MAN PROPOSES TO GIRLFRIEND AFTER WINNING WIFE CARRYING RACE _ The annual UK Wife Carrying Race ended with a proposal between the winning couple on the finish line. After the race, Chris Hepworth surprised his partner as he got down on one knee to propose to Tanisha Prince. The winning couple will now enter the world championships in Finland as man and wife.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: RESTAURANT HOLDS BACON EATING CONTEST AUDIO  All last week, Anthracite Cafe in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, hosted Bacon Week. On Saturday the restaurant wrapped it all up with a bacon eating contest. Contestants had just 15 minutes to eat five pounds of cooked bacon. No one ate all five pounds but the grand prize went to Russell Keeler, who ate more than one pound of bacon.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN IN PANDA SUIT HAS COPS CALLED ON HIM AUDIO  A Wisconsin (Muskego) resident contacted authorities to report a panda bear being spotted at the front door of a home. The caller thought it was suspicious since panda bears are not native to Wisconsin. Officers responded to the home and made contact with the panda bear, who turned out to be a 48-year-old resident in a costume. The man said he had been asked to dog-sit at a friend’s house and thought dressing up to do it would be a fun prank — especially because he knew neighbors had security cameras and would probably do a double-take.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN SHOUTS ‘GUILTY’ TO GET OUT OF JURY DUTY _ A man called for jury duty in Hawaii shouted “he is guilty, he is guilty” outside a courtroom and ended up spending a night in jail. The lawyer representing the juror said his client was having a bad day during Tuesday’s outburst and wanted to get out of being on a jury on an assault case.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: IRATE MAN DEMANDS TO SHAKE HANDS WITH PASSENGER AUDIO  A bizarre argument broke out on a plane just before it took off from New York for Moscow. When the passenger spotted a couple of fellow Americans 15 rows in front of him he got up and raced toward them and kept demanding to shake their hands. The couple were clearly disturbed by the irate man who repeatedly said, “I’m going to shake your hand!” The man continued announcing his intentions to shake their hands before a pilot steps in. He was removed from the plane and arrested.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WANTED MAN APPLIES FOR POLICE JOB _ A wanted man in China went to a local police station on Friday. Was he planning to surrender? No, he was trying to apply for a police job. When an officer was checking his qualifications, he discovered the applicant was a wanted suspect. The officer took the guy to a waiting room, pretending to know nothing, and then detained him.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GUN SLIPS FROM WAISTBAND, SHOOTS MAN IN GENITALS _ A man in Indiana accidentally shot himself in the genitals when a gun slipped from his waistband, police said. 46-year-old Mark Anthony Jones, 46, told police he was walking on a riverside trail when the gun began to slip from his waistband. He reached to adjust the firearm and it discharged.

… The gun was not in a holster. He did not have a license.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DOCTORS FIND 3-POUND HAIRBALL IN GIRL’S STOMACH _ A young girl in China who spent years chewing at her hair has had a massive 3-pound ball of hair removed from her stomach. The eight-year-old had been eating her own hair since she was two years of age.

… Two years ago in China doctors removed a six-inch hairball from a young girl.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: FARMER STEALS AMBULANCE _ A farmer in Italy had taken his mother to a small medical center but after talking to doctors decided he could not wait for an ambulance driver to take her to hospital in a bigger town. So he loaded mom into the ambulance, hopped in the driver’s seat and took off. He’s been charged with theft, but at least his mom is doing well.


THE VOICE (8p ET, NBC) — New. The Blind Auditions continue.

THE BACHELOR (8p ET, ABC) — New. Colton takes the final three women on overnight dates in Portugal.

LEAVING NEVERLAND (8p ET, HBO) — Part 2 of this 4-hour documentary

MAGNUM P.I. (9p ET, CBS) — New. Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich guest stars, with an appearance by the 2018 Honolulu Little League World Series Champions.

THE GOOD DOCTOR (10p ET, ABC) — New. Dr. Murphy is desperate to join the team on a dangerous procedure involving a patient’s tumor removal.

BULL (10p ET, CBS) — Repeat

THE ENEMY WITHIN (10p ET, NBC) — New. After a former CIA operative is murdered, Keaton enlists Shepherd to help recover valuable intel.

OPRAH WINFREY PRESENTS: AFTER NEVERLAND (10p ET, HBO and OWN) — Oprah Winfrey hosts a Q&A with Michael Jackson accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who were featured in Leaving Neverland. The documentary director will join Robson and Safechuck in the Q&A. The audience will consist of sexual abuse survivors and those whose lives have been impacted by abuse.


TOP TEN MOVIES _ After a neck-and-neck Friday, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World edged out A Madea Family Funeral to hold on to the No. 1 spot for another weekend.

  1. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, $30 million
  2. Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral, $27 million
  3. Alita: Battle Angel, $7 million
  4. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, $6.6 million
  5. Green Book, $4.7 million
  6. Fighting with My Family, $4.69 million
  7. Isn’t It Romantic, $4.64 million
  8. Greta, $4.5 million
  9. What Men Want, $2.7 million
  10. Happy Death Day 2U, $2.5 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was Black Panther.
… Five years ago this week the number one movie was Non-Stop.
… Ten years ago this week the number one movie was Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail.
… Twenty years ago this week the number one movie was 8MM.

… In theaters Friday: Captain Marvel (PG-13)

THE VOICE STANDOUT JANICE FREEMAN DEAD AT 33 _ One of The Voice’s most memorable contestants — Season 13’s Janice Freeman — has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 33. The singer made an impression during her time on the show with both her gritty soulful tones and personal spirit of survival. She had beaten cervical cancer by the time she auditioned for the show and vowed to forge a better future for herself, husband, and young daughter. Freeman joined Miley Cyrus’ team and made it all way up to the Top 11. • VIDEO

… Freeman’s family issued a statement on her Instagram page that revealed she was in her home with her husband Dion on Saturday and suffered a blood clot. After her husband performed CPR on her, she was treated by paramedics and later pronounced dead at a hospital. She’d previously survived cancer but still struggled with lupus.

RAPPER HAS $500K IN JEWELRY STOLEN WHILE EATING AT CRACKER BARREL _ Rapper Young Dolph’s car was broken into while he ate at a metro Atlanta Cracker Barrel, and thieves made off with roughly $500,000 in jewelry and other belongings. Thieves smashed the window of his custom Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV in the restaurant’s parking lot and made off with a watch worth $230,000, another watch worth $85,000, and two diamond chains worth $57,000 and $27,000.

PETE DAVIDSON AND KATE BECKINSALE ARE A LEGIT COUPLE _ Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are going strong one month after they were seen together hand-in-hand. Pete and Kate enjoyed some hockey Sunday in New York City, where they watched the Rangers and Washington Capitals.

… Pete and Kate were spotted leaving an SNL after-party Saturday night.

JESSICA SIMPSON HOSPITALIZED FOR A WEEK DURING PREGNANCY _ Jessica Simpson apparently spent last week in the hospital with a case of bronchitis. The 38-year-old singer, who is currently pregnant with her third child, took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal that she just returned home from her fourth hospitalization in two months and she is now recovering from the illness.

MARVIN GAYE TO MAKE HIS US POSTAL STAMP DEBUT _ The late Motown singer Marvin Gaye is being honored by the United States Postal Service with a commemorative stamp that will debut on April 2, which would have been his 80th birthday. The stamp features a portrait of the singer that was “inspired by historic photographs.” The stamp is the latest in the postal service’s Music Icons series.

ANIMATED SCOOBY-DOO MOVIE SIGNS WILL FORTE AS SHAGGY _ The big screen animated Scooby-Doo movie has its Shaggy. Last Man on Earth star Will Forte will be taking the role of Shaggy, the perpetually hungry and scaredy-cat sidekick of Scooby-Doo. Joining him will be Gina Rodriguez as Velma. The animated Scooby-Doo movie will be in theaters on May 15, 2020.

JOHNNY DEPP CLAIMS AMBER HEARD CHEATED ON HIM WITH ELON MUSK _ Johnny Depp is accusing ex-wife Amber Heard of “spending time in a new relationship” with Elon Musk a month after they got married, while the Tesla founder says he and the actress started seeing each other only after the marriage ended. The 55-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star made the claim in a $50 million defamation lawsuit he filed against the 32-year-old actress after she wrote a Washington Post op-ed depicting herself as a domestic abuse victim. He has denied her allegations of domestic abuse, which she had made while filing for divorce in May 2016 to end their 15-month marriage.

… His lawsuit, filed on Friday, states, “Unbeknownst to Mr. Depp, no later than one month after his marriage to Ms. Heard, she was spending time in a new relationship with Tesla and Space X founder, Elon Musk.”

CAPTAIN MARVEL HITS THEATERS FRIDAY _ Captain Marvel comes out Friday — the first solo female superhero movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film stars Brie Larson as the lead character, Carol Danvers.

… Danvers was introduced to Marvel comic books in 1968; due to a freak accident, she has powers like super strength and the ability to fly.

… There have been 20 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, and this one will make history as the first Marvel film starring a solo female superhero. In 2017 the Warner Bros./DC Comics movie Wonder Woman was a worldwide box office hit and proved that audiences will watch a female superhero.

… While the story takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s independent from the events of Avengers: Infinity War, though fans are hoping for clues about Avengers: Endgame, which hits theaters in April.


Find these audio files on the PRO AUDIO PAGE.

• PANDA COSTUME: Man’s neighbor calls 911 because he was walking around dressed in a panda costume.  →  March 4 Wacky-But-True

• I WANT TO SHAKE HIS HAND: A large guy on a plane kept attempting to shake a stranger’s hand.  →  March 4 Wacky-But-True

• BACON EATING: They had a contest in Bacon eating contest in Wilkes-Barre.  →  March 4 Wacky-But-True

• DROP: Must you embarrass me?

• AMERICAN IDOL: It returned Sunday. Here’s a flashback to many seasons ago.



Today isFun Facts About Names Day. Using these sites, share what you discover about your name and invite listeners to call so you can search info about their names.


• Number of people with an identical first and last name: 4,746. Thomas Thomas is by far the most frequently occurring.

• Number of people whose last name starts with their first name: 45,379. More than a quarter of the total occurrences are for John Johnson, followed by William Williams.

• Number of people with names that rhyme: 62,935. These are names like Florence Lawrence, Doris Morris, and Nellie Kelley.


Any oxymoron is a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear together.

• Act naturally

• Found missing

• Airline food

• Same difference

• Almost exactly

• Sanitary landfill

• Legally drunk

• Living dead

• Small crowd

• Business ethics

• Peace force

• Plastic glasses

• Tight slacks

• Pretty ugly


Be Nice
This one seems easy yet many guys struggle with it. And it can be difficult after being nagged and bothered after coming home from a long day at work. But this is all about swallowing your pride for the better good of the relationship.

Women love compliments and, you can earn major points by telling your woman that she looks good, or that she looks sexy in the outfit she has on that day. The key to this is keeping your compliment ratio high but not too high or the compliments will lose their effectiveness.

Help around the house
So often it’s the little things. Wash the dishes, break out the vacuum cleaner, or fix that item that your woman has been begging you to fix for months. Most chores take just a few minutes but can take a huge load off your wife’s back.

Be Romantic
Most guys make the mistake of thinking romance is all about what happens in the bedroom. But romance is all about being spontaneous. The worse thing that can happen to your relationship is for it to turn “routine”. This step is very hard because of work, kids and other things that force you into a set daily schedule. But you have to find time to surprise your woman with a gift, a message or even ask her out on a date.

You’re going to have to give up some of the time from one of your hobbies in order to show that you are willing to sacrifice for the relationship. Or you may have to go on a date to the movies and watch a “girly” movie (and pretend to enjoy it). And while it’s OK to make it known that you are sacrificing, don’t make her feel like she is dragging you into doing something.

This one is important because women love to talk about feelings and all that stuff that us men don’t really care about. When your woman wants to engage in “feeling” talk it is very important that you listen. And only listen. Responding and trying to solve “feelings” is next to impossible for us guys. So keep it simple by letting her know you understand how she feels (even though you are probably lost in space).


• When in Alaska, do not ever shove a live moose out of an airplane midflight. And you can shoot a bear, but don’t wake him up from sleeping to take his photograph.

• In the town of Juneau, Alaska, keep your flamingo out of barber shops.

• In Arkansas, make sure all cows walking down Main Street are home before 1:00 PM on Sunday.

• In Belvedere, California, dogs are not allowed in public places without their masters on leashes

• Apparently dogs in Colorado can read, because the dog catcher must notify them of potential impounding by posting a notice on a tree for three days prior.

• Cats in heat must be silenced in Columbus, Georgia, where they are not allowed to howl after 9 PM. Same goes for dogs in Little Rock, Arkansas, only they must cease barking after 6 PM.

• Any fishing in Idaho must not be done while sitting on top of a camel.

• Iowa cowboys must restrain their horses from eating fire hydrants

• Cinema-goers in Maryland must leave their pet lion at home.

• In Massachusetts, gorillas can only sit in the front seat, since they are not allowed in the back seat of any car.

• Much to the disappointment of Reed City, Michigan, cats, owners are not allowed to also have a pet bird.

• Dog and cat owners in North Carolina must keep them separated, since it is illegal for them to fight.

• Motorists in Pennsylvania who see horses heading their way must pull off the road and cover their cars with camouflage to blend into the countryside.

• While in Leahy, Washington, only indoor nose-blowing is permitted, since doing so outside might scare a horse and make it panic.

• Photographing rabbits from January to April in Wyoming is not allowed without an official permit.


TRIVIA: More money is spent on this hobby than any other. (Gardening)

TRIVIA: The average 35-year-old woman owns at least three of these — and really can’t use any of them. (Bridesmaid dresses)


I’m going to tell you some book titles. Some are real, some are bogus — made up by me. Tell me which is which.

• Afterthoughts of a Worm Hunter (REAL)

• Collectible Spoons of the 3rd Reich (REAL)

• The Changing World of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (REAL)

• The Invisible World of Snowflake Collectors. (BOGUS)

• How to Sharpen Pencils (REAL)

• Was Hitler Ill? (REAL)


On why she won’t do nude scenes, which actress said: “I just don’t feel that my algebra teacher should ever know what my butt looks like.”

• Julia Roberts*

• Kiera Knightly

• Sofia Vergara


• 1978: The WAYLON JENNINGS-WILLIE NELSON hit Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys topped the country chart. It stayed there for four weeks, the longest run at number one for any single in that year.

• 1980: The movie Coal Miner’s Daughter, based on the life of LORETTA LYNN, premiered in Nashville.

• 1996: Comedian and Opry star Minnie Pearl died in Nashville at the age of 83.

• 1998: GARTH BROOKS’ fifth TV special, Garth Brooks: Ireland & Back, aired on NBC. The show featured highlights from his concerts in Croke Park, as well as a set he performed in Los Angeles. TRISHA YEARWOOD and STEVE WARINER made guest appearances.

• 2013: MINDY McCREADY made the cover of People magazine following her suicide

• 2015: The Associated Press reported two of GLEN CAMPBELL’s children had filed suit against their father’s wife, Kim Campbell, in an attempt to gain control over the singer’s health and finances



New and archived clips on the COUNTRY AUDIO PAGE.


THOMAS RHETT will release his fourth album, Center Point Road, May 31. The title takes its name from a road in Tennessee where Thomas grew up. The lead single from the album is Look What God Gave Her.

LUKE BRYAN will headline a concert at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, June 21. Luke’s special guests will be COLE SWINDELL, BRETT YOUNG and JON LANGSTON. This will be Luke’s third time as headliner at Gillette.

JENNIFER NETTLES was honored with the Human Rights Campaign’s Humanitarian Award Saturday night (March 2) in Nashville. Jennifer was recognized by the LGBTQ organization for her efforts to help combat hate speech.

MIRANDA LAMBERT’s new husband appeared on Project Runway All Stars back in 2016. Brendan McLoughlin appeared on the fourth episode of season five during the “Unconventional Materials Challenge,” where designers had to create a high-end runway look out of supplies from police officers, firefighters and EMTs. • VIDEO

The careers of KEITH WHITLEY (May 3), KACEY MUSGRAVES (July 8) and BROOKS & DUNN (August 9) will be the focus of exhibits at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum this year. Each exhibit will trace the artist from their beginnings through their rise to stardom.

LINDSAY ELL is now overseas after undergoing a surgical procedure to remove pre-cancerous cells. Lindsay says all went well with the procedure and thanks fans for their well wishes. She’ll spend the majority of March playing shows overseas in the UK, Germany and Japan.

MICHAEL RAY and CARLY PEARCE will likely marry this fall, according to an interview they did with website The Knot. Meanwhile, Michael will head to television this week with appearances on Live With Kelly And Ryan tomorrow (Tuesday) and Strahan and Sara on Wednesday (March 5).

KIP MOORE will celebrate Record Store Day April 13 with the vinyl release of Room To Spare: The Acoustic Sessions. The six song EP will include five cuts from his albums Slowheart and Wild Ones.

ELI YOUNG BAND will release This Is Eli Young Band: Greatest Hits on March 29. The career retrospective will include 14 tracks, among them an acoustic version of their song Crazy Girl.

BRETT YOUNG and Gavin DeGraw will co-headline a March 22 concert in Las Vegas. Gavin has a co-write on Brett’s Sophomore album, Ticket To L.A.

TRISHA YEARWOOD’s album Let’s Be Frank, honoring Frank Sinatra, is at No. 2 on the Jazz Music Chart this week.


• 1963: PATSY CLINE, HAWK SHAW HAWKINS and COWBOY COPUS were killed in a plane crash in Tennessee on their way home to Nashville from a benefit concert they’d given in Kansas City, Missouri.

• 1973: ALABAMA appeared for the first time, at the Bowery Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

• 1983: BROOKS & DUNN’s Ronnie Dunn debuted on the country chart as a solo artist with It’s Written All Over Your Face. Eight years later, he would return to the charts as half of BROOKS & DUNN.

• 2003: Natalie Maines of the DIXIE CHICKS provoked controversy in the U.S. by stating that the band was “ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

• 2007: MIRANDA LAMBERT became the first former Nashville Star contestant to achieve a platinum album, thanks to her debut set, Kerosene.

• 2010: LITTLE BIG TOWN’s Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook welcomed a son, Elijah Dylan Westbrook.

• 2017: JASON ALDEAN and wife Brittany introduced fans to a new family member: Boss, a French bulldog.



• Marsha Warfield (Night Court) is 65

• Magician Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller is 64

• Preacher Joel Osteen is 56

• Kevin Connolly (Entourage) is 45

• Eva Mendes is 45

• Jake Lloyd (Star Wars films) is 30

• Micah Fowler (Speechless) is 21


• 1982: Actor-comedian John Belushi died.

• 2001: Vice President Dick Cheney underwent an angioplasty for a partially blocked artery after going to a hospital with chest pains.

• 2003: A 48-year-old German man was arrested in Rome after being caught jogging naked through a park. The man said he hadn’t realized it was against the law to run naked in Italy.

• 2005: Martha Stewart was convicted in New York of obstructing justice and lying to the government about why she’d unloaded her Imclone stock just before the price plummeted. She served a five-month prison sentence.

• 2006: Like the woman who inspired their creation, Runaway Bride bobblehead dolls disappeared quickly during a sports promotion in her hometown. The dolls, given to the first 1,000 people through the doors at the Gwinnett Gladiators ice hockey game in Duluth, Georgia, were gone in about 10 minutes.

• 2015: Harrison Ford crash-landed his plane in California.

• 2017: Donald Trump in a tweet accused former President Barrack Obama of wiretapping Trump Towers during the presidential campaign. He offered no evidence.


• Mardi Gras

• International Pancake Day, aka Shrove Tuesday

• Unique Names Day

• Tennis Day

• Cheese Doodle Day


• March 5: Mardi Gras
• March 6: Ash Wednesday
• March 8: SXSW begins
• March 8: Bike Week begins in Daytona
• March 10: Daylight Saving Time begins. Move clocks ahead one hour.
• March 11: National Napping Day
• March 14: Pi Day
• March 17: St. Patrick’s Day (Sunday)
• March 19: March Madness: Men’s First Four
• March 20: First Day of Spring
• March 23: Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards
• March 28: March Madness: Men’s Sweet 16 begins
• March 29: Brexit
• April 1: April Fools’ Day (Monday)
• April 6: March Madness: Men’s Final Four
• April 11: The Masters
• April 12: Coachella
• April 14: Game of Thrones final season premiere
• April 14: Palm Sunday
• April 15: Tax deadline day
• April 21: Easter
• April 22: Earth Day
• May 5: Cinco de Mayo
• May 27: Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling
• July 5-6: World Wife Carrying Championship
• August 2: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally begins