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AVOCADO TOAST IS NOW ICE CREAM _ West coast ice cream company Salt & Straw is currently scooping up a fresh flavor called Avocado Toast Supreme. There’s vanilla ice cream, avocado chunks, and salt and pepper. For the ‘toast’ part of the dessert, there are fresh bakery croutons mixed in to give it some chewiness.

WALGREENS WILL DELIVER FOOD AND MEDS VIA DRONE _  Walgreens has teamed up with drone delivery service Wing to bring food and beverages, over-the-counter medication and other items to customers. The testing will begin next month in Virginia and will offer more than 100 products and pre-built ‘packs’ for purchase in the Wing app.

WHAT MAKES YOUR KIDS HAPPY _ Parents, do you know what makes your kids happy? It’s… YOU. That’s according to a survey (by Associated Press). Researchers asked more than 1,000 teens what gave them the most satisfaction, and guess what? The #1 Answer: Spending time with family. Hanging out with friends was #2. The big surprise? Money and material possessions ranked near the bottom of every teen’s list.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: NATURISTS WANT NAKED SERVERS AT ALL-NUDE WEDDING _ A couple in England wants to hire servers and bartenders for their wedding who are willing to work in the nude. The soon-to-be married Brits are naturists, which defines as people “who appreciate the beauty and benefits of nature” and are also “nudist(s).” In an ad on a British help wanted site ( the couple have advertised for “people out there who are comfortable in their own skin or are naturists too” to be a part of their wedding day.

NEWS ATTACK! _ A researcher says that there are indications that a volcano on Jupiter is about to erupt. [Sorry kids, but no, this doesn’t mean that there will be school closings.]

MEN SAY THIS IS THEIR TOP TURN-OFF _ While guys are not fans of women with false eyelashes or fake tans, their number one turn-off is too much makeup, according to a new survey.

BOSSES HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE DO ON A DAILY BASIS _ A survey of employees finds bosses have no idea what their staff do on a daily basis. One in three believe their managers are totally oblivious about the jobs they do on a daily basis.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BANANA USED TO HOLD UP GROCERY STORE _ A man walked into a store in England and grabbed a banana from a counter, then placed it inside his sweatshirt. He then pretended the banana was a gun. Lucky for the thief the clerk didn’t see him steal the banana and assumed he had a gun. He made of with some money and cigarettes.

NIGHT MONKEY TRAILER _ In Spider-Man: Far from Home, Peter Parker is pressed into superhero service — but doesn’t have his usual Spider-Man costume. So he goes with an all-black outfit and is haphazardly named Night Monkey. With Far from Home now available for home viewing, Sony decided to use Night Monkey to help promote the film.

NEWS ATTACK! _ A California mountain lion broke into a home and got stuck in the bathroom. [Without toilet paper.]

PARENTS THINK CHILDREN’S SUMMER VACATION IS TOO LONG _ If you’re relieved the kids are back in school, then you’re not alone: Sixty-seven percent of parents think children’s summer vacation is too long.

TIM TEBOW AND FIANCEE NEED YOUR HELP _ First World Problem: Tim Tebow and his fiancee (Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters) shared a short video on Instagram asking for help coming up with a wedding hashtag.

YOUR FOUL MOOD ON TWITTER IS CONTAGIOUS _ Next time you feel like venting on Twitter or Facebook about how much you hate pumpkin spice lattes (weirdo), keep in mind that you’re polluting everyone else’s moods. Researchers found that angry tweets or status updates are more influential than joyful or sad ones.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: 11-YEAR-OLD GIRL STOPS ARMED ROBBER _ An armed robber’s attempt to rob a corner store in England was stopped when an 11-year-old girl and her dad pelted him with bread and bottles of fruit juice.

MATTHEW BRODERICK IN NETFLIX SERIES ABOUT APOCALYPSE _ Matthew Broderick played one of the most famous high school students in movie history in the John Hughes classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and then returned to campus as a teacher years later in the political satire Election. Now he’s graduated to playing a principal in Daybreak, a new Netflix series about a group of students who band together to survive a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-style future.

INFLUENCER MAKES OVER $100K A YEAR WITH TONGUE _ Social media sensation Mikayla Saravia has an abnormally long tongue — and brings in more than $100,000 a year flaunting it on Instagram. The 21-year-old Florida woman’s tongue is 6½ inches long, which has helped her gain 2 million Instagram followers.

NEWS ATTACK! _ Vendors at a food festival in Japan set a new world record for the largest serving of fried chicken when they cooked 3,575 pounds. [How is that a world record? We did more than that the first hour of our last family reunion.]

THE GIT UP GETS A VIDEO _ Blanco Brown’s The Git Up has a video, and it’ll make you feel good.

DOGS IN THE WORKPLACE ARE GOOD FOR BUSINESS _ In a survey, more than 90 percent of employers who allowed dogs in the workplace noticed a positive change in the working environment. One in two found that there was a decrease in absenteeism, 67 percent said it improved staff morale and 56 percent discovered that work relations improved.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BAD GPS DIRECTIONS _ A man in Italy who followed bad directions from his GPS got his car stuck on a cliff. He had to pay over $2,000 to have his car recovered from the location.

THE 100 BEST TV SHOWS OF THE 21st CENTURY _ Britain’s The Guardian newspaper has come up with a list of the 100 Best TV Shows of the 21st Century. • LINK

NETFLIX DELIVERS FIRST TRAILER FOR PAUL RUDD’S LIVING WITH YOURSELF _ Who doesn’t like Paul Rudd? Nobody. He’s one of the most likeable guys in Hollywood — which is why having TWO Paul Rudds in one show is even better. On Monday Netflix delivered the first trailer for Living With Yourself, a new sci-fi dramedy about a guy named Miles who’s down on his luck and visits an experimental spa that promises to change his life. He wakes up happier and more optimistic. Except for the fact that he’s, quite literally, not “himself” anymore — and there are now two of him.

NEWS ATTACK! _ Felicity Huffman is going to prison. [I wonder if she’ll play herself in the movie.]

OREO MYSTERY FLAVOR GOES ON SALE TODAY _ Oreo will today (Monday) begin selling a new “mystery” cookie that looks — but doesn’t taste — like the classic. And they’re asking fans to guess the secret creme flavor for the opportunity to win $50,000.

MEN FACE CHARGES FOR WALKING ON OLD FAITHFUL _ Two men face criminal charges for walking onto Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Going off boardwalks in Yellowstone’s thermal areas is dangerous and illegal. Old Faithful erupts with boiling hot water about once every hour. Park officials say the men have been summoned to appear in federal court.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: JUDGE BREAKS INTO HOME, STEALS PANTIES _ A 50-year-old Long Island judge has pleaded guilty to breaking into his 23-year-old neighbor’s home and stealing her panties from her clothes hamper. Robert Cicale has accepted responsibility for his actions and his attorney says he has “dealt with his mental illness issues in a proactive manner and is a better person for doing so.”

BOX OFFICE _ Pennywise’s reign of terror hasn’t wavered: It Chapter Two maintained first place on box office charts. The sequel, based on Stephen King’s horror novel, generated another $40.7 million in the U.S. and Canada and $47 million at the international box office.

JOJO RABBIT WINS TOP PRIZE AT TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS _ Jojo Rabbit has won the coveted People’s Choice Award at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. The dark comedy is set in the waning days of the Nazi Empire.

MINECRAFT NOW HAS 112 MILLION PLAYERS PER MONTH _ Fortnite might still have the lion’s share of public attention, but that doesn’t mean it’s hurting the other gaming phenomenon. Minecraft now has 112 million active players every month, a surge of 20 million over this time last year. This includes players across all platforms.

(DATED) 278-FOOT ASTEROID WILL SWING BY EARTH SATURDAY MORNING _ A rather hefty asteroid, one estimated to be nearly as large as the Statue of Liberty, is currently on course for a close encounter with Earth. Hurtling through the void of space at a cruising speed of almost 26,500 mph, the rock will reach Earth’s vicinity on Saturday morning (September 21), when it will zip past us at a safe distance of a few million miles.

NEWS ATTACK! _ A commercial jet had to make an emergency landing after the pilot spilled his coffee on the instrument panel, and it began to overheat. [If your hand is shaking so much that you can’t hold a cup of coffee, maybe you’ve already had too much coffee.]

OREO MYSTERY FLAVOR COULD WIN YOU $50,000 _ Oreo is selling a new “mystery” cookie that looks — but doesn’t taste — like the classic. And they’re asking fans to guess the secret creme flavor for the opportunity to win $50,000. According to Oreo, the limited-edition product is hitting stores September 16.

NEVER LEND MONEY TO FAMILY _ What’s the biggest cause of marital fighting? Money. So if you and your spouse fight over money, what makes you think lending money to a family member will have a happy ending? It won’t. According to a poll, 43% of readers who lent to family or friends weren’t paid back in full. And 27% never got a dime back.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: HOT AIR BALLOON FAIL MOCKED BY ARIZONA GUY _ When an Arizona guy named Anthony came upon a hot air balloon that was trying to land on his street, he didn’t pitch in to help guide the basket away from trees — he fired up his smartphone and narrated the “fail”. • VIDEO

NEWS ATTACK! _ GM is recalling 3.4 million trucks and SUVs for a problem with the brakes. [GM is encouraging you to bring your car in as fast as possible, but to remember to start braking at least a block and a half before you get to the dealership.]

GUYS GOSSIP MORE THAN WOMEN? _ Guys who gossip outnumber gossip girls two to one, according to research. And 80 percent of guys’ conversations are spent on discussing other people and their habits. The difference between what guys and women gossip about? The study found that while guys love exchanging juicy tidbits of personal info, only about 5 percent of their gossip is malicious.

SELFIE MUSEUM OPENS IN DENVER _ A Denver businessman says he’s found the unique business which tailors to millennials. Alex Kurylan opened the Denver Selfie Museum at the beginning of this month, giving paying customers the chance to take as many selfies as they want at unique photo booths. For $25 per person, Kurylan allows customers to walk freely around his more than 30 different photo backdrops, many of which are interactive. Kurylan original owned escape rooms, but said the selfie museum was more unique and promising.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN TRIES TO SHOPLIFT 3 LBS. OF BACON _ A man in Florida was caught when grocery store personnel noticed that he was looking suspicious. He looked suspicious because of the 3 pounds of bacon he had stuffed in his pants.

KEVIN HART RELEASED FROM HOSPITAL _ Kevin Hart was released from a California hospital on Wednesday, about 10 days after he fractured his spine in three places in a car crash. The actor and comedian is now in a live-in rehab facility and is completing physical therapy. He’ll be in the rehab facility for at least a week, according to TMZ.

JENNA FISCHER AND ANGELA KINSEY LAUNCHING OFFICE PODCAST _ A new podcast from former Office stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey in on the way. Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who played Pam Beesly and Angela Martin on the NBC comedy, will be teaming up for Office Ladies, “the ultimate podcast for nostalgic fans.”

… Each week the duo, who are best friends in real life, will break down an episode of The Office and provide behind-the-scenes stories and answer questions from listeners. The podcast premieres October 16.

… Last year a podcast for M*A*S*H fans launched and it features Jeff Maxwell, who played Private Igor on the beloved sitcom.

WORLD’S BEST LASAGNA _ John Chandler is the creator of the World’s Best Lasagna, an artery-clogging tower of sweet Italian sausage, ground beef and ricotta cheese that has reigned as one of the most popular recipes on for many years. It has earned over 12,000 ratings.

… In 2001, his then-girlfriend, an avid AllRecipes user, urged him to put the lasagna recipe online, where others could make and review it. The dish quickly earned a string of five-star reviews and climbed to the top of AllRecipes’ rankings. • LINK

NEWS ATTACK! _ The amusement park Six Flags America in Maryland is looking for six couples to spend 30 hours in coffins. [It can be happily married couples or it can be unhappy couples who like the idea of seeing each other in a coffin.]

SOME OF US HAVE NO IDEA WHERE EVERYDAY FOOD COMES FROM _ A new survey has found many of you have no idea where your food comes from. In fact, 2 percent of you think bacon comes from a cow.

APPLE UNVEILS NEW iPHONES _ The new iPhones are the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The Pro and Max each have a three-camera system, complete with a telephoto, ultra-wide, and regular lenses. Apple touted that each of the three cameras is capable of shooting in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: HIT AND RUN DRIVER STOPS FOR DIRECTIONS _ Police in Germany arrested a hit and run driver after he stopped to ask them for directions. What he didn’t know was that the cops had just received a call from the man he hit up the road.

JACK BLACK DID DISNEY FOR HIS 50th _ Jack Black has just shared a fun video of his 50th birthday. The comedian, musician and actor took his family to Disneyland and hit 50 attractions in one day. (He admits in the video he cheated… it took him two days to complete.) • VIDEO

LIFE HACKS _ Do you share personal life hacks on your show? One of the members of our show shared this: buy a 10-foot phone recharging cord. Great for when you have to snake a cord under a couch or out from under the bed.

… A woman on Twitter shared her life hack: She always has a spare pare of fresh undies in her purse and backpack. If she’s feeling grimy or even having a bad day, a quick change “makes you feel like you’re rebooting your day.”

NEWS ATTACK! _ A fight among three women at a nail salon in Wisconsin ended with the salon owner getting shot in the toe. [Don’t you hate when that happens right after you’ve gotten a really good pedicure?]

PHOTOGRAPHER CAPTURES SQUIRREL SMELLING FLOWER _ A photographer in Vienna, Austria captured the moment a small ground squirrel stopped to smell the flowers. Photographer Dick van Duijn, from the Netherlands, said he spent two hours and took roughly 200 photos in order to capture the moment.

… In the photos, the squirrel reaches for a yellow daisy, touching the flower to its face. Its eyes close as it seemingly inhales the floral scent. Moments later, the rodent leaned in for a tasty bite. • 3 PHOTOS

WACKY-BUT-TRUE:  MAN ALLEGEDLY BREAKS IN, LEAVES PHOTOCOPY OF HIS FACE _ A Canadian man broke into a building and photocopied his face — and then left the selfie behind. Police say 54-year-old Gary Lambe allegedly broke into a commercial property (in Toronto), ate “some food items” and then left — but not before making a photocopy of his face.

KELLY CLARKSON SHOW LAUNCHES WITH STEVE CARELL _ The Kelly Clarkson Show made its debut on Monday with an iconic moment straight out of The 40-Year-Old Virgin. As the hour opened, Steve Carell appeared on stage to introduce the singer/host with his infamous “Kelly Clarkson!” cry from the movie.

TRIVIA _ According to a survey a third of people believe their best ideas come while where? (In bed. Just 10 percent think their best ideas happen at work.)

NEWS ATTACK! _ Kanye West has purchased a sprawling $14 million ranch. [It’ll be the location for the taping of Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Horses.]

ONLINE SHOPPING IN BED ON THE RISE _ Night time online shopping has increased by nearly a quarter in the past year. Data shows a 23% increase in the amount of money spent between midnight and 6AM in 2018 compared with 2017.

COSTCO IS SELLING A 4-POUND PUMPKIN PIE AGAIN _ Still too hot to spend your day in the kitchen baking a homemade pie? No worries — Costco’s nearly four-pound pumpkin pie has been spotted back in stores by Costco shoppers.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: JILTED LOVER BOMBARDED EX WITH 21,807 CALLS AND TEXTS _ A jilted French guy was jailed after barraging his ex-girlfriend with 21,807 phone calls and texts. That comes to 73 times a day.

TOP MOVIES _ It Chapter Two and its killer clown took over movie theaters over the weekend, making more money than the rest of the top ten combined. The only major newcomer at the box office, It Chapter Two sold about $91 million in tickets at domestic theaters Friday through Sunday.

JOKER WINS TOP PRIZE AT THE VENICE FILM FESTIVAL _ Joker has won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival. The movie comes out October 4.

HOUSE CLEANING _ According to a survey, one in four women say they get more pleasure from cleaning the house than having sex. The number was even higher among under 35-year-olds, with 40% of women happier to tidy the home than make love.

NEWS ATTACK! _ Ben & Jerry’s is supporting fair treatment in the criminal justice system by giving part of the money earned from its newest ice cream flavor, Justice ReMix’d. [So when I’m eating an entire pint of ice cream at two in the morning, I’m not just sabotaging my diet, I’m helping achieve a more equal and just society.]

PAY WITH THE WAVE OF YOUR HAND _ Amazon is reportedly working on a new payment system that would let you check out at Whole Foods by simply waving your hand over a sensor. The technology would keep track of the size and shape of customers’ hands and link that data to their accounts and payment information.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GUN PULLED OVER POPEYES CHICKEN SANDWICH _ An armed group of people pulled a gun on a Houston Popeyes chicken restaurant manager when he told them they were out of chicken sandwiches. No one was injured and police are reviewing surveillance footage to determine if they can identify the suspects.

IT SUPERCUT MIGHT HAPPEN _ The prospect of an It supercut, combining the first film and the upcoming It Chapter Two, has already been teased by the films’ director (Andy Muschietti) and now he says he’s in talks with the studio to make it happen. The end result would run well over six hours, which would include all of the scenes that were cut for length purposes.

TRIVIA _ Americans spend almost $3 billion a year on 460 different brands of what? (Coffee)

MANY BELIEVE PHONES ARE DESIGNED TO STOP WORKING _ We’re obsessed with our smartphones. Over half of adults admit to checking their phone at least once every half hour. Over a quarter of adults (28 percent) think there is a conspiracy where phones slow down after 12 months in an attempt to encourage owners to upgrade.

BILL AND TED 3 WRAPS FILMING _ Bill and Ted 3, aka Bill and Ted Face the Music, just wrapped filming. Bill and Ted Face the Music hits theaters on August 21, 2021.

COSTCO SELLING 72-POUND CHEESE WHEEL FOR $900 _ If you’re charmed by parm, Costco’s latest outlandishly oversize item is for you. The store is now selling a whopping 72-pound wheel of parmigiano reggiano cheese. According to the store’s online listing, each hefty block produced by the store’s Kirkland Signature brand is “aged 24 months” and “imported from Italy.” The wheel will set you back $900, or $12.50 a pound.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN BUILDS FOOTBALL FIELD IN BACKYARD _ One man’s passion for University of Oklahoma football pushed him to make his own football field in his backyard. A former pasture in Blanchard, Oklahoma, is now a 1/10th scale copy of the most famous football field in the state. The field meant hours of earthmoving and mowing for Owen Pickard. The field numbers were hand-drawn on a stencil by his 81-year-old grandfather. Numerous nieces and nephews use the field for fun, and Pickard is hoping his very young son takes his first steps on the field.

NEWS ATTACK! _ A group of scientists report successfully implanting nanoparticles in mice and giving them the ability to see in the dark. [Well, I’m sure that they’ll use their new superpower only for good and never for evil.]

WE HATE TO USE VACATION DAYS TO ATTEND WEDDINGS _ Sometimes you need to take time off work to attend a friend or family member’s wedding, baby shower, or birthday. Chances are, you’re not too happy about it. A survey found the average American worker receives 10 vacation days a year and spends about a third of those days on other people’s life events. Eighty percent of those polled wished they didn’t have to use vacation for anything other than their own time off.

TOY CAR ROLLS DOWN TRACK FOR WORLD RECORD _ Employees of an engineering company in Pennsylvania got a Hot Wheels car to roll across 2,176 feet of track to break a Guinness World Record. The workers (at Benesch in Pottsville, Pennsylvania) said they started planning the attempt in February and gathered 100 volunteers, including nearly 50 children, to help set up the track this week.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN CHARGED WITH KIDNAPPING CAR DEALER _ A woman in Spokane is accused of kidnapping. The woman was out on a car dealership test drive and refused to pull over. The employee out with the woman on the test drive called police, who found the car and forced the woman to stop.

74% OF U.S. HOMES HAVE A NETFLIX, HULU, OR AMAZON PRIME _ As more and more people take the plunge to cut the cord, streaming subscriptions are on the rise. This is made evident by a new study (Leichtman Research Group) which reports that a whopping 74% of American households subscribe to either Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix.

NEWS ATTACK _ In a town in Vermont, they’re using hot dog buns to lure around 250 escaped pigs back to their enclosure. [That’s the same technique my wife used to get me to walk down the aisle.]

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SLEEPING WOMAN ROBBED OF CAR IN DRIVEWAY _ An 80-year-old woman in New Jersey drove home and fell asleep sitting in her car in the driveway. Thieves came along during the night, took her out of the car without waking her, and drove off in the car.

NEWS ATTACK! _ A guy kayaking in Georgia had to pour on the steam to outrace a hungry 360-pound alligator. [Here’s a tip: Never paint your kayak to look like a giant hotdog.]

WACKY-BUT-TRUE _ In Germany police were called out by neighbors complaining about a young couple having an extremely loud lovemaking session with the windows open. When they got there, the cops found the neighbors standing in front of the couple’s house listening in.

NEWS ATTACK! _ They’re making a movie about the guy who created Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. [A movie is nice, but why doesn’t this guy have his own national holiday?]

CANVENTION BEGINS _ Beer can collectors from around the world are landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for CANvention, the 49th annual Brewery Collectibles Club of America meeting and trade swap. Beer can collecting was quite a fad that swept the country’s youth during the 1970s and ’80s, and many kept up with the hobby through years.

POPEYES SELLS OUT OF CHICKEN SANDWICHES _ With a single tweet, a sadness fell across the country on Tuesday. That tweet, from Popeyes Chicken, shared the news that, for now, the fast food chain has run out of their new chicken sandwich. The chain said it will soon be back for good and that it is “truly humbled and grateful.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN WITH EAR PAIN HAD BEE IN HIM _ A doctor in Vietnam has shared video of what he pulled out of a patient’s ear. The man had been experiencing pain in his ear canal and the doctor used a small camera to uncover the cause. The man had a large bee burrowing inside his head.

LESLIE JONES LEAVING SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE _ Saturday Night Live is losing Leslie Jones. The 51 actress and comedian won’t return to the NBC sketch comedy this coming season. After five years Jones decided to leave before the end of her contract, which typically lasts for seven seasons. She reportedly wants to explore movie projects and has a Netflix comedy special in the works.

NEWS ATTACK! _ The number one movie at the box office is Angel Has Fallen. It’s about a secret service agent assigned to protect the president. [Mainly, his job is to keep the president off of Twitter.]

TRIVIA _ In the U.S., the average one of these lasts about nine years. (A $100 bill. The average $1 bill lasts about 18 months.)

GLASS-HALF-FULL ATTITUDE MAY HELP YOU LIVE PAST 85 _ Humans have been searching for centuries for the secret to living longer, and the answer may be as simple as maintaining a positive state of mind. A new study (Boston University) found that people who scored higher on an optimism assessment were more likely to live past the age of 85.

$1 MILLION OR YOUR PET? _ A poll asked 100 men and women: “If you could have $1 million or your pet, which would you take?” 94% of  women said there’s no way they’d trade in their pet for a cool mil, while 66% of men said they’d keep theirs over the million-dollar jackpot.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PAINTERS MISSPELL ‘BUS’ ON STREET _ A mistake by workmen in England got some laughs after they misspelled the word ‘bus’ on a road. “Bup stop” was painted in large yellow lettering.

NEWS ATTACK! _ Russia launched its first floating nuclear power plant. [And now plastic in the ocean doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.]

DON’T THAW THOSE STEAKS BEFORE GRILLING _ If you thaw your steaks before throwing them on the grill, you’ve been doing it wrong. America’s Test Kitchen tested frozen steaks vs. thawed, and found cooking steaks frozen produced better taste, less moisture loss, and a more even cook.

NEW FOOTAGE FROM STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER _ Disney/Lucasfilm has released new footage from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Primarily a montage of the entire Star Wars saga, it concludes with brand new footage from the upcoming movie. The movies comes to theaters December 20.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: 8-YEAR-OLD SPEEDS AGAIN _ It happened again. That eight-year-old boy in Germany once again stole his mother’s car and took it on a high-speed joyride. This time he drove at 112 mph, completely ignoring traffic signs.

BOX OFFICE _Angel Has Fallen landed at place at the box office on its opening weekend, grossing about $21.3 million in the United States and Canada. It brought in nearly the same amount as its prequel, London Has Fallen, did when it opened in 2016. The first film of the series, Olympus Has Fallen, earned $30.3 million over its opening weekend in 2013.

BREAKING BAD MOVIE COMES TO NETFLIX ON OCTOBER 11 _ Netflix’s Breaking Bad movie has a name and release date. The service has released a teaser revealing that El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will premiere on October 11. The clip (which revolves around a questioning with Skinny Pete) doesn’t say much, but does confirm that the plot will revolve around Jesse Pinkman escaping captivity. • VIDEO

RYAN REYNOLDS TROLLS WIFE ON HER BIRTHDAY _ Ryan Reynolds used Instagram on Sunday to troll wife Blake Lively on her birthday — again. Reynolds posted several carefully selected candid photos of the star, who turned 32, and by carefully selected, we mean shots of her with her eyes closed, out of focus images and other less flattering pics. • PHOTOS

DRIVER IN SELF-DRIVING CAR CAUGHT SLEEPING BEHIND WHEEL _ A driver of a self-driving car was caught sleeping behind the wheel on a freeway near Santa Clarita, California. The incident was filmed by Clint Olivier’s wife while he was driving. Both were shocked. The driver did eventually wake up and resume driving the Tesla. Tesla has not commented on the video but said the autopilot feature is intended for use for fully attentive drivers who have their hands on the wheel.

OUR BIGGEST MOVIE THEATER COMPLAINTS _ Here’s a survey they didn’t need to do. Move-goers were recently asked their biggest pet peeves and, of course, people talking during the movie is No. 1.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN DRESSED IN PENGUIN ONESIE STOLE BEER _ In England police were looking for a booze thief. The man walked into a store and stole 10 cans of beer. He was described as a white male in his 20s wearing a black and white penguin onesie.

TRIVIA _ 3,000 people are injured each year after tripping over what? (Laundry basket)

MOST OF US THINK WE’RE GOOD DRIVERS _ In a survey 74% of us think we’re a better driver than everyone else on the road.

FANTASY FOOTBALL PLAYERS SPEND ALMOST A DAY OF WORK ON IT _ The NFL season’s just around the corner and a new survey finds the average fantasy football player spends an average of 6.9 work hours on their teams.

MANY OF US SUFFER FROM PRODUCT CLAUSTROPHOBIA _ Do you suffer from “product claustrophobia?” That’s a term that was invented by British researchers when the found that shoppers get stressed because there are too many choices. In one supermarket the researchers found 83 different shampoos, 68 shower gels, 42 deodorants, 77 soap powders, and 87 breakfast cereals.

THIS EXPLODES THE MYTH THAT MEN DON’T LIKE TO SHOP _ When they’re shopping online, men seem to have deeper pockets than women. Among online shoppers, 38 percent of men have bought an item online that costs $1,000 or more. Comparatively, only 19 percent of women had made a purchase that big on the internet. Overall, the survey found that men were slightly more likely to shop online: 51 percent of online shoppers were men.

… Research has shown that men are willing to spend significantly more than women during sales events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday when they typically buy expensive gadgets and appliances. What’s more, others studies say men are twice as likely to buy cars online than women.

NEXT TIME STICK WITH BLANKETS ON GRASS _ Before a movie in the park, a Denver neighborhood’s air mattresses took off.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: AMBULANCE STOPPED TO PICK UP HITCHHIKERS _ A grandfather being rushed to the hospital in Algeria with a blood clot in his leg was shocked when his ambulance pulled over to pick up hitchhikers. The ambulance driver gave the hitchhikers a lift to the next town before dropping them off and taking the patient to the hospital.

WHAT TV SHOW WERE YOU NOT ALLOWED TO WATCH? _ I was talking to an older friend about some of the great stuff on TV these days and she told me when she was growing up she and her brother weren’t allowed to watch I Dream of Jeannie because her parents didn’t like that Jeannie showed off her midriff.

… Facebook this and then open the phones to listener callers: What TV show were you not allowed to watch?

AMERICANS SPEND MORE ON RESTAURANTS THAN GROCERIES _ Despite evidence showing we gain less weight and save and average of $9 per meal when we cook for ourselves at home… Americans are eating less at home. The latest data shows Americans are spending more at bars and restaurants (almost $55 billion) than they are than they are on groceries ($52.5 billion). It’s the first time it’s happened in recorded history.

HACKERS CAN WORK OUT YOUR ONLINE PASSWORDS FROM THE SOUND OF YOUR KEYSTROKES _ Hackers are able to work out your online passwords just from the sound of your keystrokes. In tests researchers were able to detect what was being typed with remarkable accuracy. It could be a major threat to people who use laptop computers in public places.

… Security experts (Southern Methodist University in Texas) found that sound waves produced when we type on a computer keyboard can successfully be picked up by a smartphone.

NEARLY HALF OF US WEAR SAME PAIR OF UNDERWEAR FOR AT LEAST 2 DAYS _ A whopping 45 percent of Americans have worn the same pair of underwear for two days or longer. The survey by underwear company Tommy John asked 1,000 men and women about their hygiene habits.

… 13 percent of people said they’d worn the same pair for a week or more. Men are two times more likely than women to wear their underwear for more than a week.

… The underwear company suggests you should swap out your old underwear for a new pair every six months to reduce your risk of bacterial and yeast infections. At least 85 percent of respondents said they didn’t know how long they’ve owned their oldest pair of intimates.

PEOPLE THAT USE EMOJIS GET MORE DATES _ Striking out on Tinder? Time to step up that emoji game. According to a new study (published in the journal PLoS ONE) people that regularly use emojis with potential dating partners have much higher success rates getting dates.

… A large survey asked people how often they use emojis, and in particular, how they use them with potential dates. Roughly 38 percent said they never do, 29 percent hardly ever do, 28 percent regularly use them, 3 percent use at least one in every text, and 2.5 percent use more than one in every text. The study found that the people who used emojis more often went on more dates.

… There was no mention on what kind of emojis were being used, however.

BUSCH BEER TEASES PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE SUPER HARD SELTZER _ The seltzer craze is officially out of control, but this one was a false alarm. Everybody is out there trying to outdo each other, until we drink ourselves to death with spiked soda water. Pabst Blue Ribbon now has one. Natty Light has one. There’s White Claw. Over the weekend Busch joined in on the fun, teasing their new Busch Pumpkin Spice Latte Super Hard Seltzer. It was clearly a joke, though a portion of Busch’s rabid fan base didn’t like it.