The Not-So-Secret Ingredient Your Show Needs

Every remote, appearance, concert, fair, festival or whatever is an opportunity to get audio. Audio of any kind is a not-so-secret ingredient that very few shows actually use. In my opinion, every single daypart should be required to have audio every hour, and more if you’re doing a morning show.

But it’s not just TV themes, movie trailer clips, sound effects, etc. Work on incorporating local audio. Here’s how I recently turned a 3-hour appearance into three great pieces of show audio.

During an annual parking lot party at a local Harley dealer, I recorded random conversations with five people, three of which I used on the show the following Monday. It was great to walk into the studio after a busy weekend knowing six stop-downs were ready to go. (We recycle our best and 3 x 3 = 6.)

• One woman can only listen between 5 and 5:30 and joked that if we stink during that time we mess up her day. It was fun audio to start the show with.

• A second woman — a Harley rider — had recently ridden to the Florida Keys. She shared how seeing the hurricane damage to that part of the country affected her personally. As a bonus she also shared you don’t ride at night in Florida because gators like to lay on the warm pavement.

• And another woman was having her bachelorette party at parking lot event. She was in a tiara and we talked about her upcoming wedding, her spouse, and their plans after they left the parking lot party.

Find a recording app and get audio.

Audio is what we do. Get ambient noise. Crowd noise. Concert noise. Interview people behind you at concerts. Interview people after concerts. Talk to people at remotes, parking lot parties, and even those tiny town fairs. Ask questions. Probe. Let them ramble. Redirect. Put words in their mouth to make it sound better. Everyone has a story — get their audio.

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  1. Dave Walker says:

    Thanks for the great reminder. I’m with you on all of it (except for the 3×3=6 part. But hey, we’re words people). I have a great app for recording on an Android phone called “Hi-Q mp3” which I highly recommend. It records great quality sound in mp3 format and has a button widget you can put on your home screen so you can start recording immediately without even opening the app.

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