Upgrade to InterPrep PRO or InterPrep COUNTRY

• Tons of pages of single-spaced show prep for all formats.
Clean. But you can dirty it up if you need to.
• Thousands and thousands of free back issues. We’ve been cranking out prep since 1993. Eat ’em up.
• Bonus audio. A little bit for every show.
• Country radio hosts get a page of country news + country audio — no extra charge.
• Issues are uploaded by 9pm ET Sunday-Thursday. Scan the prep before your head hits the pillow.
Own the prep. While barter is an option in select markets, most of our radio pros pay for InterPrep themselves. Pay for it, invest in it, keep it to yourself and don’t worry about needing the boss’s approval.
• Awesome customer support. You can reach the owner/editor of InterPrep directly: steve@interprep.com.

Real Comments from People Who Buy It

• “InterPrep always has awesome content that our listeners love!” -Jason Hill, WHOU-FM, Houlton, Maine
• “It more than pays for itself!” -Lisa Barry, KTIS-FM, Minneapolis
• “You guys are at the top of your game.” -Bruce Murdock, KKCW Portland, Oregon
• “Very impressive prep.” -Carl Ward, Island FM, Guernsey, Great Britain
• “Your prep is absolutely second to nobody!” -Bo Matthews, WIL-FM, St. Louis
• “Perfect for all day parts. Great job!” -Michael Raffety, KWSV, Simi Valley, CA

Try it for a Month or Two, Cancel Any Time

There are two ways to get InterPrep PRO and InterPrep COUNTRY:

• $95 monthly. You buy it, you own it. Keep it to yourself or share it with the afternoon guy. Cancel any time.
• Barter. Air barter ads in exchange for the service.