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I’ve been an InterPrep PRO subscriber for as long as I can remember. Can’t start my day without it! It never fails to make me sound way smarter than I am.
WIXX/Green Bay, WI
We annually review our resources and discuss which ones consistently provide timely, listener-friendly content. InterPrep PRO has by far exceeded all others across the board! It’s easy to navigate and always a step ahead of most other prep tools.
Eden Kendall
WGNE/Jacksonville, FL
InterPrep PRO has been a part of mornings here in Regina for nearly two decades. Such an integral part of our morning show. I couldn’t imagine starting the day without it!
Jamie Lewis
I have used InterPrep PRO in the morning, the afternoon, and even while doing IT all day and tracking an evening show. In a world where we are increasingly asked to do more at the station, InterPrep makes it easy to pull together a great show in a little time!
Tim Thomson
Joy FM/St. Louis

I’m Steve Holstein, founder and editor-in-chief of InterPrep, and I want to make your radio job easier.

No industry has thrust more job titles and responsibilities onto its employees than radio, so let my team help you take back valuable time by delivering clean, topical, relatable show prep for your live, voicetrack and podcast shows.

I speak from experience. When my on-air career started I invested in legendary prep services like Jay Trachman’s One To One, Ric Tower’s Power Sheets, and Dan O’Day’s O’Liners. These investments paid off — and inspired me to launch my own prep service.

InterPrep was started when a few morning radio pros began sharing their personal prep with each other (by fax). That was 1993, and a short time later I was emailing my stuff to dozens of radio pros inside services like AOL, Prodigy and CompuServe. Very quickly InterPrep graduated to an internet email service, and then a website.

I’m proud to say our content saves thousands of radio pros tens of thousands of hours every month. Should you have any questions, please email me using the contact link above.