8 Tips for Nailing Your Next Job Interview

Landing your dream job can be a challenging journey, but acing the interview is a crucial step. If you’re gearing up for a big interview, standing out and making a lasting impression is important. From TikToker @higherupwellness, here are eight proven tips to help you shine in your next job interview.

Tip #1 – Dress the Part, Even Remotely. First impressions matter. Always opt for a professional look, like a button-down shirt and blazer, even if the interview is remote. Being overdressed is better than being underdressed.

Tip #2 – Avoid Desperation. Carry yourself with the confidence of someone competent and qualified but not desperate for the job. A desperate vibe can be off-putting. Act as if you have a million dollars in your pocket.

Tip #3 – Do Your Research. Know the company and the interviewers. If possible, weave in relevant questions and comments during the interview. It shows you’re serious about the opportunity.

Tip #4 – Bring Your Resume. Have copies of your resume in a nice leather-bound padfolio. It’s a small touch, but it demonstrates professionalism and preparedness.

Tip #5 – Be Articulate. Avoid filler words and speak confidently and concisely. Clear and confident communication is often perceived as competence.

Tip #6 – Prepare Stories. Prepare real-life examples, especially those with tangible results or numbers. This will showcase your value and achievements in a concrete way.

Tip #7 – Be Early. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for your interview. Punctuality shows respect for the interviewer’s time and your commitment to the opportunity.

Tip #8 – Ask Thoughtful Questions. Always have questions ready for the interviewer. Ask about high-performing traits in their view and what keeps them at the company, and always inquire about the next steps in the process.

Interviewing is a skill that improves with practice and preparation. Even if you don’t get the job, consider each interview as an opportunity to build skills for your next one!