Audio is the Not-So-Secret Ingredient Your Radio Show is Missing


Let’s talk about the not-so secret radio show prep ingredient that your show is missing. I got a message from a subscriber the afternoon of the Kobe Bryant Memorial and they were asking how was I planning to handle the Memorial on my show the next morning. My answer was audio. There was so much great touching, heartwarming and even funny audio that came out of the Kobe Bryant Memorial.

You see, even if you have trouble talking about a tough subject like the death of a celebrity, you can let the audio take care of it. Check out this clip from Vanessa Bryant. It’s short and could be used in any format on your show.

“Kobe somehow knew where I was at all times. Specifically, when I was late to his games. He would worry about me if I wasn’t in my seat at the start of each game and would ask security where I was at the first time out of the first quarter. And my smart ass would tell him that he wasn’t going to drop 81 points within the first 10 minutes of the game.”

Such a powerful clip and a touch of humor. I don’t know how Vanessa did it, but it’s audio like that, that will set your show apart. You see, audio is the not-so secret ingredient your show is missing. So whether you’re talking about a local sporting event and you use a short listener comment from a phone conversation or you’re talking about the reboot of Jurassic Park and you’re pulling out a classic clip from one of those movies, it’s easier than ever to incorporate audio into every hour of your show. But don’t stop there. You’ve got a smart phone. Get a good audio app and make it a habit to record people who share interesting things.

I was at a parking lot party at a local Harley Davidson dealer and recorded random conversations with five people. One of the women I talked to had recently been to the Florida Keys and shared that you don’t ride your bike at night in Florida because gators like to lay on the warm pavement. I never thought of that, but it was a fun, short conversation and it was a local. Your smartphone is a powerful tool for recording audio at the local level. The internet has more than enough audio for you to spice up your show every single hour. It’s the not-so, so secret ingredient you should be using, and it’s a way to set yourself apart from the show across town.