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Wednesday, August 12

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ONE YEAR OLDER _ Michael Ian Black (Ed) is 49. Rebecca Gayheart (TV’s Vanished) is 49. Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea) is 45. Cara Delevingne (Suicide Squad, Paper Towns) is 28.

NEWS ATTACK! _ Job applicants who drink alcohol are perceived as less intelligent and less hireable by American employers. [So be sure to delete the “drinking accomplishments” section from your resume.]

BIDEN-HARRIS CAMPAIGN GOES WITH DECIMAL _ Design and typography geeks were more excited to see what typeface the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris logo would use. Turns out it’s Decimal. Prior to choosing his running mate Biden has been using the typeface Brother 1816 for his logo.

WOMAN HAD MORE THAN 140 CATS IN HER HOME _ More than 140 cats were recovered last week from a home in Park Township, Michigan. Now authorities say the house may be unfit for humans because of the stench. St. Joseph County Animal Control is scrambling to find medical assistance and temporary placement for the animals.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN ACCUSED OF DRIVING 132 MPH WITH BABY IN CAR _ A 21-year-old Florida man was arrested Monday after authorities said he was clocked driving 132 mph with his 6-month-old son in the car. Even more shocking was the car that was going that fast: a Hyundai Accent.

BINDI IRWIN IS PREGNANT _ Bindi Irwin — daughter of the late Steve Irwin — just announced she and her husband Chandler Powell are expecting their first child. Bindi wrote on Instagram: “Baby Wildlife Warrior due 2021.” She added that, while she is still only in her first trimester of pregnancy, she couldn’t wait to share the news with her fans.

NO, IF YOU PEE IN THE POOL IT WON’T TURN BLUE _ It’s something parents tell kids all the time so they don’t pee in the pool: the water will turn blue if you do and everyone will know. This little white lie started somewhere, so maybe it’s roots are based in some truth?

… A pool expert say, “Most pools are 20,000 gallons or more, so to make a few ounces of urine show up as a bright color would take some serious chemistry.” he says he often has new pool owners asking about the fictitious dye. He adds, “There are cheap tests that could detect urine, but things like sweat, detergent and lotions would also be likely to spike them, so you’d be thrown off by all kinds of false positives.”

WISCONSIN EATS THE MOST FROZEN PIZZA _ It’s called the Badger State, but maybe it should be called the Frozen Pizza State. Wisconsinites are eating so much frozen pizza that Wisconsin has become the largest per capita frozen pizza consumer in the U.S. Food giant Nestle attributes this massive statewide consumption to Wisconsin’s large population of people of Norwegian descent, since Norway is actually the country that eats the most frozen pizza in the world.