Monday, September 7

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Monday, September 7

ONE YEAR OLDER _ Julie Kavner (The Simpsons) is 70. Comedian Leslie Jones (Ghostbusters, Saturday Night Live) is 53. Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld) is 33.

NEWS ATTACK! _ Research shows that plastic fibers are found in 83% of the world’s drinking water. [Pretty soon plastic surgery will be totally redundant.]

TENET DEBUTS ON TOP _ After months of delays, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet finally arrived in U.S. theaters and generated $20.2 million over Labor Day weekend. The espionage thriller is already nearing the $150 million mark globally, thanks to a stronger showing at the international box office.

… Tenet was able to play in about 2,800 cinemas across the country, a smaller release than normal. Currently, about 65 to 70 percent of theater complexes in the U.S. have reopened, though markets like New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco are still off limits.

NAPS ARE EXERCISE FOR THE BRAIN _ A study on napping found 1 in 3 adults naps in a typical day. But the study also found that napping is still bashed by society, even though some sleep experts think naps should have the status of exercise. The science geeks say naps make us feel stronger, happier, and able to perform better.

STUDENT GETS ROBBED DURING ZOOM CLASS _ In Ecuador a group of students and their professor were going about their online class when they noticed thieves robbing one of their classmates in the middle of the lesson. The girl was muted throughout the video. She turns around to face her bedroom door, likely hearing the intruders. She stands up and that’s when the intruders come in with what seems to be one of the girl’s family members, and the thieves push them both off-screen.

… At this point, several classmates unmute themselves to alert the professor that, “They are robbing Majo’s house.” One student says he’s going to call the police, and the professor urges others to do the same. For the rest of the video, the Majo’s computer camera was knocked over, and the robbers eventually took her laptop. • VIDEO

PAY BUMPS UP TO $75,000 A YEAR MAKE US HAPPY _ Money can’t buy us love but it can, apparently, buy us happiness — so long as we make $75,000 a year or more. A study examined the responses of 450,000 Americans to a poll, and found that as income increased people reported increasing happiness and decreasing stress … until income hit $75,000. Anything above that point didn’t improve happiness any more, meaning it’s a sort of happiness sweet spot.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BURGLAR FALL ASLEEP IN STORE _ In Austria police were summoned to the report of a break-in at a furniture store. Investigating officers found the glass front door smashed but once inside couldn’t find anyone. They were getting ready to leave when an officer heard a sound — a sound of someone snoring coming from the carpet racks. And that’s where they found their crook, obviously tired out from the hard work of breaking in.

BRAIN TWISTER _ Name the ten parts of the body that have only three letters — no slang words. Answer: Eye, ear, lip, arm, leg, rib, hip, toe, gum, jaw. (From Reader’s Digest’s Tests and Teasers.)