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ONE YEAR OLDER _ Tuesday, January 26.
• Sports announcer-actor Bob Uecker is 86
• Scott Glenn is 82
Eddie Van Halen would have been 66. He died October 6, 2020.
• Ellen DeGeneres is 63
• Wayne Gretzky is 60
• Reality TV star Colton Underwood is 29

SPECIAL EVENTS _ Peanut Brittle Day. Plan For A Vacation Day. Australia Day. Speak Up and Succeed Day. Spouses Day. A day for giving time rather than gifts, and celebrating your spouse. Couples are encouraged to spend alone time and to reflect on their journey so far.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: POLICE AUCTION OFF CAR WITH STASH OF HIDDEN DRUGS _ In Thailand, police auctioned off a Honda CRV that had been seized in a drug bust. The buyer spent $19,000) on the vehicle. Later, a mechanic discovered a secret compartment behind the bumper that contained nearly 100,000 amphetamine pills. Officials said they would conduct more thorough searches in future.

IS IT OK TO EAT SNOW? _ Is it OK to eat snow? Anne Nolin, a professor at University of Nevada, Reno says: “Everyone should eat snow because it’s really fun.” Nolin, who studies snow and ice in the climate system, says most snow is just as clean as any drinking water. To make their way from a cloud to the ground, cold water molecules have to cling to particles of dust or pollen to form the ice crystals that then grow into snowflakes in a process called deposition. These, Nolin points out, are the same tiny particles we normally breathe. Plus, as snowflakes fall, they have a harder time picking up soot and other air pollutants than raindrops, which are better at picking up these particulates.

… Once the snow is on the ground, it stays clean until other things land on top of it. So if you’re planning to eat snow, eat it fresh.

TOPIC: WHO IS CRAZY IN YOUR LIFE? _ Some guy wrote on Reddit: “My girlfriend doesn’t believe that the astronauts in the International Space Station are there. That it’s fake, That they’re liars. While she believes that the space station is there, she will not accept that there are people actually on-board.

… Who do you know that’s got a little crazy going on?

ONE GUESS: WHAT WE’LL BE DOING DURING THE SUPER BOWL _ The biggest challenge for people watching the Super Bowl won’t be betting on the winning team but hearing the commercials over the sound of crunching. According to a survey, these are the top activities people (guys specifically) will be doing during the Super Bowl:

• Eating/snacking, 82%
• Watching the ads, 60%
• Yelling at the TV, 52%
• Drinking beer, 44%
• Swearing or cursing, 39%
• Betting on the game, 26%

AUTO SHOP PAYS $2,033 TO CLEAR SCHOOL LUNCH DEBTS _ An auto repair shop has tuned up the lunch accounts at a northern Michigan school district. To celebrate five years in business, the owners of Mr. Hoxie’s Garage wrote a check for $2,033.99 to cover unpaid student lunch debts in Suttons Bay, near Traverse City.

COLD WAR NUKE BUNKER IN UK GOES ON SALE FOR $50,000 _ Worried the COVID-19 vaccine might turn people into zombies? Afraid of a new Cold War? Or do you just simply want a simple place to call your own that no one else can get to? Then you’re in luck. A cozy bunker, built in 1961 (and abandoned since 1991) under a field in St. Agnes, Cornwall, England, is on the market for $50,000. Built to survive a nuclear bomb blast and with enough provisions for two months, the one room shelter also comes complete with the original bunkbed frames and a working toilet. It’s accessed by lifting a hatch and climbing down a rusty ladder.

… The bunker was part of a network of 1,563 observation posts across Britain used by volunteers of the Royal Observation Corps. People working in the bunker would have only had a ham radio to connect with the outside world.

INSTAGRAM SURVEY SHOWS EVERY STATE’S LEAST FAVORITE STATE _ Florida’s least favorite state happens to be Florida, and New Jersey’s least favorite state is every other state. Those were the findings of Matt Shirley, who polled his 323,000 Instagram followers as part of a survey to find out which states hate which states the most.

NEWS ATTACK! _ Researchers say as little as 30 minutes of walking can alleviate depression. [Especially, if you don’t tell the people getting on your nerves exactly where you’re going.]