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ONE YEAR OLDER _ Tuesday, February 2.
• Comedian Tom Smothers is 84
• TV chef Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) is 73
• Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation) is 72
• Duane (“Dog the Bounty Hunter”) Chapman is 68
• Christie Brinkley is 67
• Soni Nicole Bringas (Ramona Gibbler on Fuller House) is 19

SPECIAL EVENTS _ Groundhog Day. Tater Tot Day. Play Your Ukulele Day. Crepe Day. Dump Your Significant Jerk Day. Sled Dog Day.

IS THERE A DAY WITHOUT BIRTHDAYS? _ Kids ask funny questions! My kid (your kid/the neighbor kid) asked, “Is there a day without birthdays?” here’s not, of course, but google helped me (you) learn the day with most birthdays. • LINK

WE DESPISE DOUBLE-DIPPERS _ Double-dipping is the number one food sin, according to a study. And Texans are the worst offenders. According to the survey, double-dipping reigns supreme over food atrocities like putting ketchup on pasta (35%), ordering a steak well done (32%), using utensils to eat a pizza (21%), and eating ice cream out of a cone with a spoon (19%).

… Double-dipping in a social setting is the top food sin, with 69 percent of respondents saying so.

… As I said, Texans are the biggest double-dipping offenders, followed by New Yorkers and those in Washington state.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MOUSE-FEARING WOMAN TEASED BY EX _ Police in Sweden arrested a man who allegedly pushed 19 mice through the mail slot of his ex-wife’s front door. The police said the ex-wife is musophobic — meaning she has a fear of mice.

MERIT BADGES FOR ADULTS _ As adults, we stopped getting merit badges or certificates a long time ago, but now we can now proudly display some of our greatest accomplishment on our clothes thanks to these merit badges for adults. • LINK

… The wink-wink merit badges for adults include:

• Only Watched One Netflix Episode
• Paid With Cash
• Abandoned My Online Shopping Cart

• You don’t have to buy anything for anyone.
• You don’t have to clean your house.
• Your in-laws don’t come over.

HOW KIDS LIKE THEIR SANDWICHES CUT _ A survey finds that 40 percent of kids like their sandwiches cut diagonal; 25 percent in the middle; 17 percent whole; and 6 percent in quarters.

LIVING NEAR TREES MEANS FEWER ANTIDEPRESSANTS _ Trees are incredibly smart. They run on sunshine, provide shade in summer and ever so kindly drop their leaves to allow the winter sun through. Researchers (University of Exeter) determined that they are good for our mental health, too. Londoners who had more trees on their street popped fewer antidepressant pills.

NEWS ATTACK! _ Medical experts are telling us not to take pain medications before getting the COVID vaccine because it could could reduce the effectiveness. [Also, don’t buddy up with your friend Jack Daniels to get the shot.]