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ONE YEAR OLDER _ Wednesday, February 3.
• Blythe Danner (two Emmys for TV’s Huff) is 78
• Morgan Fairchild (Dallas) is 71
• Nathan Lane (The Birdcage, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels) is 65
• Maura Tierney (ER, NewsRadio, Showtime’s Your Honor)) is 56
• Warwick Davis (Harry Potter films) is 51
• Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers, Nocturnal Animals) is 45
• Brandon Micheal Hall (Miles on God Friended Me) is 28

SPECIAL EVENTS _ Feed The Birds Day. Girls & Women in Sports Day. Missing Person’s Day. Women’s Physicians Day. The Day The Music Died. Carrot Cake Day.

COUPLES SHOULD SAY “WE” _ Couples who consistently refer to themselves as “we” may get on the nerves of singletons everywhere, but spouses who use this “couple-focused” language may fare better during conflicts than those who don’t. A study found that using personal pronouns, such as “we,” “our” and “us” when talking about a conflict was associated with more positive behaviors between the pair, such as affection, less negative behavior (like anger), and lower physiological stress levels during the disagreement. On the other hand, using words that expressed “separateness,” such as “I,” “you,” and “me,” during the discussion was associated with marital dissatisfaction.

PREGNANCY DOESN’T CAUSE MEMORY LAPSE _ Expectant mom need to stop blaming their pregnancy for memory lapses, say experts who want to dispel the “baby brain” myth. Neither pregnancy nor motherhood confuse a woman’s brain, say the Australian researchers.

AMERICANS ARE MOST CONFIDENT COOKING THIS MEAL _ Americans aren’t especially confident in the kitchen. According to a poll (OnePoll), one in five think they have only one standout dish in their arsenal. And the average American surveyed can only prepare five meals completely without any help from a recipe.

… The top five meals that respondents can make without a recipe included eggs over easy (49 percent), scrambled eggs (46 percent), hard boiled eggs (44 percent), poached eggs (44 percent), and french toast (41 percent). The next five meals respondents could make without a recipe: soup (36 percent), grilled cheese (36 percent), pasta (36 percent), rice (36 percent), and salad (36 percent). At No. 11 is toast (34 percent).

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TOURIST CAUGHT AIRING OUT UNDIES AT AIRPORT _ A Chinese tourist turned heads after she was caught casually airing out her underwear at an airport. While waiting to board her plane the woman decided to take the opportunity to dry out her wet underthings on the backs of seats. Airport employees told her to put her belongings away and no further action was taken.

OBVIOUS: OVERWEIGHT DOGS LIVE SHORTER LIVES _ Overweight humans are more unhealthy and tend to live shorter lives than correct-weight humans. So it should come as no surprise that researchers (University of Liverpool) have found that overweight dogs have lifespans about two-and-a-half years shorter than dogs that maintain an ideal weight.

QUICK TEST PEOPLE USE TO TELL IF YOU’RE TRUSTWORTHY OR NOT _ A Temple University researcher said we actually judge people’s actions and intentions partly on how trustworthy we think their faces look. So what does a guilty face look like — and what does an innocent face look like? Here’s how the researcher broke it down:

… Trustworthy face: The eyebrows are slightly lifted toward the center of the face, so that together they form an upside-down U-shape across the person’s brow. Also, the corners of their mouths are upturned.

… Untrustworthy face: The eyebrows point downward toward the center of the face, together forming a V-shape. (Think Jack Nicholson.) The corners of the mouth turn down at the corners.

MISERABLE MEN ON INSTAGRAM _ Going shopping with the lady in your life is perpetually one of the worst things men can endure. An Instagram account captures how terrible. The Instagram account, miserable_men, includes original photos and user submissions of men looking despondent as they wait for their woman to wrap up her shopping. They recently added the famous Bernie Sanders meme. • LINK

NEWS ATTACK! _ Due to increased snacking during the pandemic, Americans are being encouraged to cut their consumption of salt. [Okay, okay, I’m going to cut back to only three giant bags of Doritos during the Super Bowl.]