ONE YEAR OLDER: TUESDAY, MAY 10 _ Sports anchor Chris Berman is 67 • Former astronaut Ellen Ochoa is 64. She is credited with being the first Hispanic woman in space. • Bono of U2 is 62 • Linda Evangelista is 57 • Erik Palladino (NCIS: Los Angeles, ER) is 54 • Todd Lowe (True Blood, Gilmore Girls) is 50 • Kenan Thompson (Saturday Night Live) is 44 • Lindsey Shaw (Pretty Little Liars) is 33 • Lauren Potter (Glee) is 32.

SPECIAL EVENTS _ Clean Up Your Room Day • Shrimp Day • Small Business Day • Trust Your Intuition Day • World Lupus Day

NEWS ATTACK! _ According to a study, human attention span has supposedly dropped from 12 seconds in 2002 to only eight seconds today, which is a second shorter than a goldfish. [I had the cutest goldfish when I was a kid. She would — has anyone seen my Roku remote?]

CATS ARE HOT _ Cat and cat accessories are selling big thanks to a surge in pet adoption during the pandemic and rising spending on those animals. There are now 45.3 million households with at least one cat, up from 42.7 million last year. Cat related businesses are doing well. There are only 240 cat groomers nationwide accredited by the National Cat Groomers Institute, but the number of cat-grooming students enrolled this year is up 39.5 percent over 2021. The number of cat-sitting visits on the app Time to Pet is up 51.2 percent in 2022 compared to the same period in 2019.

TWEET OF THE WEEK _ Before the movie starts, it’s just 50 people sitting in the dark eating corn. (@carterhambley)

SEX SUCKS IN YOUR 30s _ Sex is tough for parents in their thirties. Reason No. 1 is kids. Add to that the financial stress that most parents feel and the fireworks in the bedroom start to fizzle. But keep your head up because things get better. The survey of 25,000 discovered that things start revving up again once you hit your 50s, and women have the greatest confidence in their bodies once they’re in their 60s.

CAN YOU GUESS? _ There are about 1,000 of these in the U.S. each year. (Births of triplets)

THE KEY TO HAPPINESS _ Scientists found the true key to happiness, and it has nothing to do with money, clothes, booze, big homes or fancy cars. The true key to happiness is: appreciate the good times and stop comparing your experiences to those of others. Whatever makes us happy in life — a new relationship, a boat, etc. — can only continue to make us happy if we remember why it made us happy in the first place. Most of us get used to the happiness and then raise the standards of what will make us happy once again.  Some people stop having fun with a new relationship and start wishing their partner was better looking, for example. If you appreciate what you have, and keep having new experiences, you’ll maintain your happiness boost rather than fall back to where you started. 

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ELEVATOR VANDALS LOCK THEMSELVES IN _ Two vandals in Norway overlooked a small but crucial detail when they started smashing up an elevator: they were inside it. The elevator got its revenge on the vandals, sealing its doors and holding the two for the police.

HOW CHEAP ARE YOUR PARENTS? _ 🗣 TOPIC: How cheap are your parents? My father once told me his dad would put on the “good wind shield wipers” when they would take long trips, the switch out to cheaper ones when they got home.