ONE YEAR OLDER: MONDAY, OCTOBER 10 _ David Lee Roth is 68 • Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) is 63 • California governor Gavin Newsom is 55 • Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre is 53 • Mario Lopez (Access Hollywood, Saved by the Bell) is 49 • NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. is 48 • Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, Legion) is 40 • Pressley Hosbach (Dance Moms, Stage Fright) is 16.

SPECIAL EVENTS _ National Metric Week • Women’s Motorcycle Week • Drink Local Wine Week • Emergency Nurses Week • Fire Prevention Week • World Rainforest Week • National School Lunch Week • Thanksgiving (Canada) • Indigenous Peoples’ Day • Native American Day • Columbus Day • Hug a Drummer Day • Angel Food Cake Day • Cake Decorating Day • Hug-a-Kevin Day • Love Your Hair Day • Metric Day • Tuxedo Day • Walk to a Park Day • World Day Against the Death Penalty • World Homeless Day • World Mental Health Day.

NEWS ATTACK! _ Three scientists have won this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics for their “groundbreaking experiments using entangled quantum states.” [And once again the Nobel Committee completely overlooked by extensive research into wavy potato chips.]

THE BEST THING ABOUT TUESDAY _ What the Internet taught me this morning: “The best thing about Tuesday is that it’s not Monday anymore.”

EMERGENCY FOOD IN A BUCKET _ With so much uncertainty in the world — and daily doses of scary headlines from cable news — it’s no wonder that Costco’s emergency food supply bucket continues to sell well. The $99 bucket includes 78 entree and side servings, 28 breakfast servings, and 44 drink servings.  Whether you’re affected by a weather emergency, job loss, or food shortage the freeze-dried and dehydrated foods will be there because they last up to 25 years and are ready in minutes when you add water.  

DAILY ‘POWER WALK’ CAN HALVE HEART ATTACK RISK _ Walking every day can halve the chance of a risk or stroke — but only if you step up the pace. Danish scientists found intensity of exercise matters far more than duration. They studied the health of 4,000 people for a decade. Those who went on a fast walk daily had half the chance of having a heart attack or stroke as those who didn’t. But those who said they walked for an hour at a leisurely pace had just the same risk as those who were largely inactive.

GUYS, EAT YOUR TOMATOES _ Men who love their tomatoes may have lowered odds of suffering a stroke. Finnish researchers found that of more than 1,000 older men they followed, those with relatively high blood levels of the antioxidant lycopene were less likely to have a stroke over a dozen years. Lycopene is a chemical that gives a reddish hue to foods like tomatoes, red peppers, watermelon and papaya. For most people, tomatoes and tomato products are by far the biggest source of lycopene in the diet.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN WITH SMELL GOES TO POLICE STATION _ In Florida a woman who was upset over a traffic ticket went down to the police station to complain. And it was while she was giving the officer on duty a piece of her mind that he noticed a familiar aroma. When the officer asked her about it she told him, yes, she had some marijuana on her — and she had been selling it at a nearby mall.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: UNDERWEAR WOMAN CHASES CAR THIEF _ A woman in Poland went to let her dog out when she saw a man trying to break into her car. Wearing just a coat and underwear, she chased the thief with her phone in her hand. She called the cops while running and they arrived in minutes and got her car back.

TRY THIS ON A COHOST _ Don’t tell them what’s up… just toss out this “fact” on-air: “According to a study, 58 percent of people can lick their elbow.” Truth is, no one can lick their elbow, but many people who hear this “fact” will try it.