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ONE YEAR OLDER: MAY 23 _ Joan Collins (Dynasty) is 90 • Drew Carey (The Price is Right) is 65 • Actress/model/writer Karen Duffy is 62 • Melissa McBride (The Walking Dead) is 58 • Jeopardy star and host Ken Jennings is 49 • Tim Robinson (Saturday Night Live) is 42 • Director Ryan Coogler (Black Panther) is 37 • Social media star James Charles is 24

SPECIAL EVENTS _ Lucky Penny Day • Taffy Day • World Crohn’s and Colitis Day • World Turtle Day • Create a Miniature Garden Day. Whether it’s in a tiny pot or a small corner of your yard, create a miniature garden that brings you joy. Add mini decorations and let your imagination run wild.

NEWS ATTACK! _ A grocery customer in Singapore says he found insects in a pack of spaghetti. [Well, bugs were the original farm-to-table food.]

NEWS ATTACK! _ Archaeologists in Jerusalem have discovered a 2,000-year-old receipt carved into a chalkstone slab. [At the bottom of the carved receipt is the words “Take our survey for a chance to win $500.”]

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN PUT CHEATING WIFE ON eBAY _ In the UK, a jealous husband who suspected his wife of having an affair took revenge by putting her up for sale on eBay. Bids reached six figures before eBay shut down the acution, which offered a “cheating, lying, adulterous … wife” to the highest bidder.

MAJORITY OF PET OWNERS SAY THEIR PET IS THEIR SOULMATE _ Over half of Americans believe that their soulmate is their pet. A recent survey found that 53 percent of pet owners believe that their furry friends know them better than anyone else in their life. And 45 percent of respondents share their deepest secrets with their pets.

TOPIC: WHAT HELPS YOU FALL ASLEEP? _ 🗣 TOPIC: What helps you fall asleep? Everyone has had trouble falling asleep, and many people experience sleep issues several times a week. Share your experiences and what you do to try to fall asleep.  Some online say:
• Having the fan on and one foot outside the covers.
• Hot shower and a cold bed.
• Unfortunately reading. I get three pages in and I’m out like a light.
• My Google home thing has two functions: tell me the weather, and to play white noise at night. 

FIRST LIP LOCK LIKELY TOOK PLACE IN MIDDLE EAST 4,500 YEARS AGO _ The origins of kissing date back 4,500 years. Researchers from the University of Oxford and the University of Copenhagen have discovered that kissing was already a well-established practice 1,000 years earlier than previously thought, in ancient Mesopotamia, which now encompasses present-day Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Syria, and Turkey. The researchers used various written sources from the earliest Mesopotamian societies to make their discovery.

AI SAYS THIS IS THE ‘IDEAL’ BODY TYPE _ Artificial intelligence has been used to create the “perfect” human body type, but the results of the study have raised concerns about the unrealistic and damaging body image stereotypes promoted on social media. The study, conducted by The Bulimia Project, used AI image-generating software to produce and analyze multiple images of the idealized body types being promoted. The results revealed that the AI-generated images of the “perfect” female body preferred more petite women. Similarly, the AI-generated images of the “perfect” male body resembled heavily photoshopped versions of bodybuilders, giving an unrealistic representation of the male physique.

JOCK LINE _ We’re trying to plan our vacation for this Summer. We have a tight budget, and we’re running out of relatives we can sponge off of.