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DATEBOOK: DECEMBER 7 _ Ellen Burstyn is 91 (in 2023) • Tom Waits is 74 (in 2023) • NBA legend Larry Bird is 67 (in 2023) • Edd Hall (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno) is 65 (in 2023) • C. Thomas Howell (Red Dawn, Soul Man) is 57 (in 2023) • Jennifer Carpenter (Limitless, Dexter) is 44 (in 2023) • Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire)is 41 (in 2023) • Nicholas Hoult (X-Men movies) is 34 (in 2023) • R&B Singer SZA is 34 (in 2023) • Singer Lorde is 27 (in 2023).

SPECIAL EVENTS _ Chanuka begins at nightfall • Civil Aviation Day • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day • Letter Writing Day • Cotton Candy Day

NEWS ATTACK! _ A study out of Canada says that people responding to a fear of being lonely will stay in a bad relationship. [Which is why I’ll never break up with Netflix.]

NEWS ATTACK! _ Health experts say that adding any kind of movement into our day benefits our health. [So each night before I go to bed I hide the TV remote in a different place.]

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ROBBER FORGETS EYE HOLES _ A masked man who robbed a bank in Germany forgot to cut eye holes into his disguise, occasionally lifting up a corner of the flannel cloth to see his feet as he fumbled his way through the robbery and crashed into the bank’s steel door frame on the way out. As bad as things went, the robbery was successful and the man got away.

CAN YOU GUESS? _ New York City has 24,000 of these. (Restaurants)

PICK THE WORST _ According to surveys, which is worse:
• Mullets (51%)
• Beer guts (49%)
— — — —
• Your significant dumps you (52%)
• Your boss fires you (48%)
— — — —
• Eating 52 hard boiled eggs (66%)
• Eating 52 hotdogs (34%)
— — — —
• Bee stings (72%)
• Splinters (28%)

GOOD MUSIC MEANS HEALTHIER HEART _ A study found that listening to your favorite music can improve the health of your heart. Scientists have found that happy music causes the lining of blood vessels to expand, increasing the amount of blood flow. The researchers say the benefits of joyful music are even greater than that of laughter.

OLDER WOMEN WANT SLEEP _ A lot of women over the age of 45 would rather sleep than have sex. According to a survey, 47 percent prefer getting some shuteye over getting down and dirty.

LET’S SETTLE THIS _ When we asked some hard questions, these were the results.
• Is a tomato a fruit? Yes (65%)
• Should you put milk in tea? No (59%)
• Should pineapple be on pizza? No (73%)
• Naps: Helpful or not? Helpful (76%)
• Is the Oxford comma necessary? Yes (67%)
• Are video games art? Yes (70%)