Becoming A Content Creator

By Steve Holstein

Remember when you had a Program Director? Now he’s your Brand Manager.

That station General Manager? She’s now your Market Manager.

And you’re no longer a Morning Show Host — you’re a Content Creator. You won’t see this title on the radio job boards, but Content Creator is what you are… or should aspired to be.

I’ve been a Content Creator since 1993, back then I was hosting a morning show and sharing my written bits and jokes with radio friends — by fax. I’m pretty sure content creation is in my blood because since that first fax went out I have learned…

  • to be a pretty good writer by writing regularly.
  • to be a video creator by filming and editing video.
  • to podcast by podcasting.
  • how to set up, launch and maintain a website by setting up multiple websites.
  • learned to set up, launch and publish multiple email newsletters.

Your Market Manager might call you a “Morning Show Host” or “Afternoon On-air Talent,” but if you change your mindset to one of “Content Creator” you’ll find yourself creating beyond your on-air time.

And when you begin to call yourself a Content Creator you can’t help but think of new ways to take the creative ideas in your head and transform them into blog posts, email newsletters, videos, etc.

This content is valuable to not only your radio station but to you, your “brand,” and your career.

Aspiring to be a solid on-air talent is good, but aspiring to be a full-fledged content creator is even better.