Begin with The End

The End

After listening to a large market morning show aircheck I was reminded of two things:

1. Radio Pros is markets big and small struggle with the same issues, including the basics.

2. When planning a break we must begin with The End. Where do you want to wrap up your discussion, bit, contest, interview, or phone topic? What’s your out?

The show I was listening to fires on all cylinders most of the time. But during a contest I heard they failed to plan The End. In this case: what happens if our two contestants tie?

  • Does no one win?
  • Do we immediately go to a tie-breaker question?
  • Do we flip a coin?
  • Do we give the prize (concert tickets) to each listener?

When the listeners tied the hosts sort of fumbled around, discussing what to do next. This team — including the producer — should have already had a plan for the tie. They should have better prepared for The End.