The Best and Most Hilarious Teen Texts of 2023

TikTok user @the_leighton_show often shares texts from his teens and texts shared by parents who follow him. These are his picks for the Best Teen Texts of 2023.

• What’s grandma’s actual name?

• Bruh. When does my social security number expire?

• My friends are almost here — make sure dad stays in the basement.


Happy New Year! Thanks for all the amazing texts from your teenagers 😂 #teenagers #text #college #freshman #funny #parentsoftiktok

♬ Love Story (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

• Happy Mother’s Day. I venmo’d you six dollars.

• I adopted a donkey in your name.

• Don’t bring homemade. We don’t need to look like pilgrims.

• Please don’t send dad. I’m too tired to be embarrassed.

• Can you bring me my science homework and $300.

• Send me a pic of your signature. Don’t ask questions please.

• All my friends are there. Walk normal.


I had to do a part 2 with all the honorable mentions. All from your messages and comments. #teenager #text #college #freshman #funny #parentsoftiktok

♬ Love Story (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

• Will I get in trouble for driving with roller skates on?

• Was my job at Taco Bell government or non-government?

• If I use multiple stamps do I layer or put them side by side?

• Which washer hole do I put the laundry juice in?

• Don’t let anyone know you have an Android. I’ll never live it down.

• The white fuzzy stuff on my strawberries is fine to eat, right?

• Can you send the prom pictures you took – except not the ones with you and dad in them.

• Can I use a Christmas stamp to mail something in July?

• Do we have a zip code?