Love the Flub

On a recent episode of the BBC podcast More or Less: Behind the Statistics, the narrator begins by telling listeners that the episode was almost pulled because of an error. (Spoiler alert: When comparing the world’s best golfers, the host compared Tiger Woods to Jack Nicholson.) Instead, they decided to release the podcast episode as-is…
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Radio Pros Recycle

Never treat a break as “one and done.” If it’s good enough to air once it’s likely good enough to rerun later in the show or early tomorrow. Is the topic generic? Save it to your Best Of and Evergreen folders. Never waste great content. Replay it as-is; reboot the conversation with new audio or…
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Add to an Evergreen Folder Every Day

Every day, commit to adding at least one of your show’s best breaks to an ‘evergreen’ folder. This folder is your backup in case half of your two-person show is out sick or on vacation. These should be non-topical and not time sensitive. The folder is your go-to when one or more of the microphones…
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