Boomerang is Your Awesome Radio Show Producer

If you’re like me your email inbox is your catch-all — a sort of filing cabinet for your life. A digital radio show producer. So let me share with you my favorite tool for cleaning up your inbox, taking control of scheduled events and, best of all, clearing some space in your brain. Go get Boomerang. The free version is good. The paid version is awesome.

Boomerang offers some amazing control for how and when to receive and send messages. Install it and you’ll see a little Boomerang icon at the top of your Gmail header so you know it’s installed. Then you’ve got a few options. Amazingly awesome options. Here are two of my favorites.

Favorite Boomerang Feature 1 –  Send an email or text at a later date or time. This is huge. Around the InterPrep office we use it to remind ourselves of upcoming prep items we’ll want to include in our premium show prep service. For my own radio show I use it to remind me of a guest I booked two weeks out, a phone topic I might want to do three months from now, or a local event I know I should mention the day before it occurs. I also use it to send myself text reminders. Many phone providers offer an email-to-text feature. For example, with Verizon you can send a text from an email account by adding to a 10-digit number, e.g.


Favorite Boomerang Feature 2 – Get an email out of your inbox but have it come back when you really need it. I love this. Clear things out of the inbox you know you need to deal with down the road. Simply tell Boomerang to re-inbox it in 2 or 3 days or 2 or 3 months. For me, it beats stars or flags any day.


The free version limits you to 10 events per month. If all you do is schedule a message now and again it’s probably enough. For $5 a month you get unlimited messages, the Return to Inbox feature and more.

Get Boomerang for Gmail.

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