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This is day 323 of 2014. There are 42 days remaining.


• Talk-show host Larry King is 81

• Talk-show host Dick Cavett is 78

• Media mogul Ted Turner is 76

• Fashion designer Calvin Klein is 72

• Kathleen Quinlan (Chicago Fire, Family Law) is 60

• TV journalist Ann Curry is 58

• Allison Janney is 55

• Meg Ryan is 53

• Jodie Foster is 52

• TV chef Rocco DiSpirito is 48

• Adam Driver (Girls) is 31

• The McCaughey septuplets (world’s first surviving set of septuplets) are 17


• 1493: Christopher Columbus went ashore on an island he first saw the day before. He named it San Juan Bautista (later renamed Puerto Rico).

• 1863: President Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address. On this date 17 acres of the battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, were dedicated as our national cemetery. Lincoln’s under-2 minute address was later recognized as one of the most eloquent of the English language.

• 1932: In West Virginia, Liberty State trounced Cedarville 127-0. According to college football records, halfback Joe Kershalla scored 71 points, though Liberty State had no record of Joe Kershalla ever being enrolled.

• 1954: Sammy Davis Jr. lost his left eye in an automobile accident in San Bernardino, California.

• 1959: The Ford Motor Company announced the discontinuation of the unpopular Edsel.

• 1965: Kellogg introduced a new pastry called “Pop Tarts.”

• 1969: Pelé scored his 1000th goal.

• 1969: Apollo 12 astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan Bean made man’s second landing on the moon.

• 1985: In Geneva, US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev met for the first time.

• 1990: Pop group Milli Vanilli was stripped of its Grammy Award because the duo did not sing at all on the Girl You Know It’s True album. Session musicians had provided all the vocals.

• 1992: Superman died. Or at least, the issue of DC Comics in which Superman died went on sale. The superhero lost to Doomsday.

• 1997: In Des Moines, Iowa, Bobbi McCaughey gave birth to septuplets in the second known case where all seven babies were born alive. They would go on to become the first set of septuplets to survive infancy.

• 1998: The United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee began impeachment hearings against US President Bill Clinton.

• 1998: Vincent van Gogh’s Portrait of the Artist Without Beard sold at auction for $71.5 million.

• 2002: Dutch police arrested a 24-year-old man from Apeldoorn for stealing a car to drive to court where he was facing charges of stealing three other cars.

• 2004: In one of the worst sports brawls in U.S. history, Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson of the Indiana Pacers charged into the stands and fought with Detroit Pistons fans. Officials called the game with 45.9 seconds left on the clock giving the Pacers the 97-82 win.

• 2008: An Ohio man was indicted on a felony cocaine possession charge. His name: Dalcapone Alpaccino Morris.


• Today is Have a Bad Day Day.

• Today is World Toilet Day.

• It’s International Men’s Day.


• Thanksgiving (U.S.): November 27

• Black Friday: November 28

• Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: December 7

• Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day): December 17



535 million: Pounds of turkey eaten by Americans on Thanksgiving.



A new study says that trans fat found in many snacks may damage your memory. [“Wait. Did I just eat one entire bag of Oreos or two?”]

Have you seen the trailer for the new Peanuts movie? [Charlie Brown orders Snoopy to make an airstrike after Linus is kidnapped by rightwing extremist followers of The Great Pumpkin.]

A Minnesota man has pleaded guilty to collecting welfare while living on his yacht. The prosecutor is asking for 21 months in prison. [But others say that it’s not enough. They want him sentenced to spend the rest of his life aboard a Carnival Cruise.]

The latest data shows that the polar bear populations of Alaska and Canada have dropped by a stunning 40%. [Most of the older polar bears get tired of the rough winters, and retire to Florida.]

The Pentagon sent a notice to companies that it would like for them to develop a way for a cargo plane to launch a squadron of drones that would attack the enemy then return safely to the mothership. [“Oh, and robots. Send us a side order of killer robots.”]

Scientists say that they have discovered that the reason starfish are literally melting away is due to a virus. [In response New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has ordered the mandatory quarantine of a nurse who went to the beach.]

After only 10 weeks the head of the Today show has suddenly been fired. [It was like being married to a Kardashian.]

The entire nation experienced freezing temperatures this week. [It was so cold Kim Kardashian actually wore pants.]

Convicted murderer Charles Manson has applied for a marriage license. [At last he’s gonna get the punishment he deserves.]

Convicted murderer Charles Manson has applied for a marriage license. [The happy couple is registered at Bed Bath & Bonkers.]

The International Space Station now has a 3-D printer. [How long does it take to ship that printer ink from]



GIFT CARDS WILL BE HOTTER THAN EVER _ Holiday spending on plastic and digital gift cards will hit a new record this holiday season, with the average person projected to spend $174 on gifts cards, up from about $163 last year (according to a national survey by the National Retail Federation). And it’s not just about giving. Sixty-two percent of shoppers said that they would like to receive a gift card, making gift cards the most-requested noncash gift eight years in a row.

… Retailers love gift cards. There are no returns and about $1 billion worth of them go unused each year. This is down from $8 billion a few years ago when cards could have expiration dates. But don’t let the gift card stick around — issuers are allowed to begin charging so-called dormancy fees beginning in the 13th month after a card was last used or there was other activity, such as the cardholder added more money. Such fees are common for bank-issued cards.

‘VAPING’ IS THE WORD OF THE YEAR _ 2013 was the year of the “Selfie”, with the word being forever immortalized as not only an official entry in the Oxford English Dictionary, but also as their 2013 Word of the Year. While selfies are in no shortage a year after being added to the official lexicon, 2014 welcomes a new word to the bunch. 2014 is the year of “Vaping“. The Oxford English Dictionary is officially recognizing “vaping” as the word of the year for 2014. As a verb, the word “vape” means “to inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device”. It can also be used as a noun in lieu of “an electronic cigarette or similar device.”

… “Vaping” was not alone on the list of buzzworthy words making the list. Nearly making the top spot were also the words “bae”, used as a “term of endearment for one’s romantic partner”, as well as “slacktivism“, defined as “actions performed via the internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement.”

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SPACE STATION GETS ZERO-GRAVITY 3-D PRINTER _ The International Space Station is now home to a 3-D printer, after NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore spent most of Monday unpacking and installing the machine. He and his colleagues will soon begin experimenting with additive manufacturing in microgravity.

HAVING THIS KIND OF HUSBAND CAN ACTUALLY MAKE YOU RICHER _ If you have a reliable spouse, you probably already know what a blessing that is. But in case you’re taking that special someone for granted, now there’s actual research proving just how valuable he or she is, literally. According to a study published in Psychological Science, those who’ve aligned themselves with careful partners they can really count on have a tendency to be more successful — meaning they make more money, get more promotions, and feel happier at work.

TEEN SAVES BABY AT WALMART _ A teen saved a baby at a Walmart in Missouri. 17-year-old Abby Snodgrass was in a dressing room at the store when she heard an emergency message on a store radio. Not knowing what to expect, Snodgrass exited the dressing room to see what was going on. She said that she went out into the store and saw a baby on the ground — an unresponsive baby whom she said “didn’t look alive.” She jumped into action, not really thinking twice about it — after all, she had the training. Snodgrass, who has enlisted in the National Guard, began performing CPR, a procedure she picked up in a health class at her high school (Hillsboro High School) but had not before used outside the classroom. The baby started breathing again and was rushed to the hospital where she is said to be doing well.

JAPANESE TRAIN GOES OVER 300MPH _ The Central Japan Railway Company is in the midst of an 8-day testing period for its maglev (magnetically levitated) train, which can travel at speeds up to 311mph. Japan’s bullet trains currently run at about 200mph. One hundred passengers got to go for a ride this week during the first run. If all goes as planned, the maglev trains will be operational 2027, providing a 40-minute trip between Nagoya and Tokyo — normally 80 minutes.

AUTHORITIES ARREST OWNER AND EMPLOYEES OF DEBT COLLECTION GROUP _ Reuters reports that criminal charges were filed against a Georgia collection agency, its owner and seven employees for their alleged part in running a scam that bilked $4.1 million from 6,000 consumers over a five-year period. Williams Scott & Associates are accused of wrongly threatening people with arrest, using aliases and trying other tricks to collect million of dollars in fake payday loan debts from consumers. Employees with the company allegedly impersonated FBI agents, U.S. Marshals, sheriffs and Justice Department employees as a way to collect debts. The collection agency also allegedly emailed bogus “government” documents purporting to show consumers owed money or were being sought on a warrant.

WHAT CAN (AND CAN’T) YOU TAKE FROM HOTEL ROOMS? _ When you’re packing your bags and checking out of a hotel, you might be tempted to grab a few extra soaps, a notepad, or maybe even a towel. Is that stealing or does the hotel expect you to swipe a few items? A hotel manager has shared what you can, and can’t, take from a hotel. Michael Forrest Jones previously worked as a general manager in the hotel business and says it’s expected that guests will either use or to take consumable items — soap, shampoo, stationery, etc.

… Things like towels, hair dryers, lamps, TVs, TV remotes, alarm clock radios, comforters, coffee makers, bedspreads, blankets, etc., are obviously intended for the next guests, are part of the furnishings, and shouldn’t be taken.

… Bathrobes occupy a gray area, depending on what sort of hotel you’re staying at. Modestly priced hotels provide them as part of the bedding, and want to launder them and hang them for another guest when you check out. However in a more upscale property, some people actually assume that they’re gifts.

… Oh, and if there’s a Bible in the room and you want it, take it. In hotels where Bibles are placed, the cost isn’t something the hotel or motel has to cover — it’s always something placed in the rooms by religious organizations, like the Gideons.

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: Besides those little soaps and shampoos, what do you regularly take from hotel rooms that you’re never charged for?

8-YEAR-OLD’S ‘BUDDY BENCH’ FOR LONELY KIDS IS CATCHING ON _ A second grader in York, Pennsylvania came up with an idea last year after his father showed him a photo of a bench placed by a German school on their playground specifically so that lonely or shy children could be offered friendship. Christian Buck wanted to put a similar bench at his school, Roundtown Elementary, and the principal agreed. In the year since that one bench was put outside to foster friendship, others like it have popped up at schools across the country. More than 200 schools around the world have since installed ‘Buddy Benches’ — both across the United States, and in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Italy and Canada. This week, the latest pair of ‘Buddy Benches’ were dedicated outside two schools in Ashland, Wisconsin for children to sit on as a signal that they would like someone to play with or talk to.

WONDERFUL PRANK GIVES HOUSEKEEPER THE HOME SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO CLEAN _ Make-good-stuff-happen pranks are becoming more popular. And after turning a waitress’ shift into the best day of her life, the people at the video site decided to give away a house to Cara Simmons, a housekeeper and single mother of three. But first, they made her believe the new house was actually her new workplace. In fact, the prank was for the entire family: They believed that the whole thing was only a nice day off for Cara. They were blown away when they discovered they got a new house that will be theirs for life. Video

CANADIANS HANDED $1 MILLION HOSPITAL BILL AFTER BIRTH IN HAWAII _ Jennifer Huculak was six months pregnant when she flew to Hawaii with her husband for a relaxing vacation. They departed for Hawaii in October, 2013. Before they left on the trip, Jennifer bought Blue Cross insurance and received approval from her doctor that she was fit to make the trip. Two days into her trip, Jennifer’s water broke and she spent the next six weeks on bed rest in a Hawaiian hospital. Her daughter, born nine weeks early, spent two months in intensive care. Thankfully, the now 11-month-old girl is healthy, but it was at a great financial cost. Huculak and her husband were slapped with a $950,000 medical bill. Jennifer is receiving no help from her insurance company, Blue Cross, as they are arguing that she had a pre-existing condition, despite what her doctor is saying. The real kicker is that Jennifer said she did not have a high-risk pregnancy, she had a bladder infection that led to bleeding. Jennifer and her family are now trying to decide whether they should fight Blue Cross, declare bankruptcy, or just try to wait it out to see what happens. They hope that other travelers can learn from this whole ordeal.

PROFESSIONAL CUDDLER OPENS SHOP IN PORTLAND _ Have you ever wanted to cuddle with a stranger? Now you can. Samantha Hess came up with the idea for her unique business after being in a dark place. According to her, “I was at a place where I thought paying someone to hug me and not have ulterior motives sounded like a great idea. … I decided why can’t this be a thing that we can easily and safely reach for?” So Samantha opened up her business, Cuddle Up To Me, in Portland, Oregon. Hess admits that it was difficult to find a landlord that trusted her business model, as most people just assumed that the cuddling was to cover up, you know, sex. Clients are asked to sign waivers stating that they will be clean, courteous, and keep their clothes on. In fact, there is even a meet and greet before the cuddling session. Each hour-long session costs about $60.

DOG IS MAYOR FOR A DAY _ The mayor of San Francisco is a dog. Or was a dog, for a day. The city championed animal rights with a Chihuahua-mix city official named Frida. This is the first time San Francisco has had a dog mayor. The rescue dog was saluted Tuesday during a meeting of the Board of Supervisors, followed by a gathering on the steps of City Hall. So how did Frida land in the mayor’s chair? At the 25th anniversary gala fundraiser for animal care and control, dog owners bid for the honor.

WHY COFFEE IS MORE PRONE TO SPILLS THAN BEER _ Coffee simply does not like to stay in place. Restaurant servers soon learn to pour coffee at the table or to carry the poured cup and saucer separately, lest they wind up with a half-empty coffee cup sitting in a pool of spilled liquid. Beer, however, presents no such challenge. Servers can maneuver through crowds while carrying a fully-loaded tray of beers fresh from the tap and filled to the top — all without spilling so much as a drop. Why is one of those beverages so much more prone to sloshing over the edge of its cup or glass than the other? Curious physicists have now identified the answer — it all comes down to foam. Just as solid foam reduces noise by absorbing sound waves, liquid foam does the same for motion. The researchers discovered foam’s insulating effects by performing controlled lab experiments on coffee and beer. They used high speed cameras to record the waves of motion that rocked through the surface of coffee, an amber beer and Guinness. The more foam that was present, they observed, the more energy was absorbed and the less sloshing occurred.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-DAD! _ A father has been named ‘Spider-Dad’ after he donned a superhero costume to surprise his terminally ill son on his birthday. Mike Wilson leapt from a roof at his family home in England (Basingstoke) as part of the birthday stunt for five-year-old Jayden, who has a stage four brain tumor. Wilson, who is an expert in parkour and free-running, said: “I’ve always been a big Spider-Man fan myself and Jayden also absolutely loves him.” The costume was created in the U.S. and shipped to Wilson three weeks before his son’s birthday. And dad did it right: As a true Spider-Man fan one of his pet peeves is when people pretend to be Spider-Man but can’t do the right poses.



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN ASSAULTS GF AFTER SHE MAKES PANCAKES INSTEAD OF WAFFLES _ A Florida man was arrested after police said that he assaulted his girlfriend because she made the wrong breakfast for his birthday. A police report said that James E. Irving Jr. got in a fight with his girlfriend on Sunday because he wanted waffles for his birthday breakfast, but she had made pancakes instead.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COBRA RESCUED FROM ATM IN DELHI _ In India, the Wildlife SOS Hotline is a service operated by a non-government organization working for the welfare of animals. It recently responded to the panic-stricken call by the staff at a bank in Delhi, India. The caller said a cobra was found living at the bank’s ATM. A Wildlife SOS team rushed to the bank and found a four-foot-long cobra coiled up next to the machine’s doorway. The team learned the cobra had been lying next to the ATM for about three days.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ROBBERS TAKE OVER RESTAURANT, GUY FINISHES LUNCH _ A video of Russian robbers, apparently dozens, taking over a restaurant in a brazen daylight crime, went massively viral this week, racking up more than 1 million views in its first 24 hours. Is a robbery really that interesting? The reason for the intense interest in the video is probably not the robbery itself, but the one young Russian at the center of the frame in what appears to be a security camera recording. Very little information about the video has surfaced but one thing is certain: this guy is one cool customer. As a seemingly endless gang of Russian crooks enter the restaurant, the young man simply ignores them, as if he comes across this sort of thing every day. Video

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: THIEVING SQUIRREL HELPS MAKE WILDLIFE VIDEO _ A Montreal man made an amazing wildlife video by leaving a GoPro camera near a tree for a squirrel to steal. David Freiheit left the camera, attached to a piece of bread, at the foot of a tree in the city and waited for an animal to take the bait. And, sure enough, an inquisitive squirrel soon approached the device and, after checking it out thoroughly, scampered off with it. The animal dragged the camera up the tree, inadvertently filming Freiheit in the process. The squirrel soon jettisoned the camera onto the pavement below. Video

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COUPLE ‘FINED’ BY HOTEL FOR BAD REVIEW _ A couple say they have been “fined” $156 (£100) by a hotel in England (Blackpool) for leaving critical comments on the travel review website Trip Advisor. Tony and Jan Jenkinson posted the negative comment after being unimpressed with the one night they spent at the Broadway Hotel. The couple later found $156 charged to their credit card. The hotel said its policy was to charge for “bad” reviews. Officials in England believe the hotel may have breached unfair trading practice regulations. Tony Jenkinson says he intends to fight the charge.







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LAW & ORDER: SVU (9p ET, NBC) — Chad Coleman (The Walking Dead), Meagan Good (Anchorman 2) and Hoda Kotb guest star in this new episode.

RED BAND SOCIETY (9p ET, FOX) — Adrian Lester (Primary Colors) guest stars in this new episode.

THE 100 (9p ET, CW) — New

BLACKISH (9:30p ET, ABC) — Jenifer Lewis (Meet the Browns) guest stars in this new episode.

SEASON PREMIERE: DUCK DYNASTY (9p ET, A&E) — Duck Dynasty returns for season 7 with this 2-hour episode where the family travels to Scotland.

CHICAGO P.D. (10p ET, NBC) — New

NASHVILLE (10p ET, ABC) — Trisha Yearwood, Joe Nichols, and The Band Perry guest star as themselves in this new episode.

STALKER (10p ET, CBS) — Marc Blucas (Necessary Roughness) guest stars in this new episode.

TOP CHEF (10p ET, Bravo) — The chefs must cook a traditional Thanksgiving feast using only cooking tools, methods, and ingredients found in Massachusetts during the 1600s.




KIM KARDASHIAN SPEAKS OUT ABOUT HER BUTT COVER _ It seems everyone has an opinion about Kim’s now infamous Paper magazine cover. Okay, not everyone has an opinion. Most of us simply don’t care. To her credit Kim has kept it klassy by not feeding into the hate frenzy and staying mum about her spread over this past weekend, but while on the Australian show The Project on Tuesday, Kim finally piped up. She said, “I was so honored and excited to work with the photographer (Jean-Paul Goude) because he is a legend. And for me that was something I wanted to do to make myself feel confident. As a role model I’m not saying anyone else should do that, but for me it was an art project and it taught me to do what you want to do. I’m never one to preach, but I felt really positive and really good about myself. I love the photos, I did it for me, I hope other people like them.”

ERIKA CHRISTENSEN, COLE MANESS ENGAGED _ Erika Christensen and Cole Maness are engaged. The 32-year-old actress confirmed her engagement to the 34-year-old cyclist on Instagram. Christensen and Maness keep their relationship largely out of the spotlight, but frequently post pictures of each other on the photo sharing site.

TBS GIVES ‘AMERICAN DAD’ EARLY RENEWAL _ TBS wants more “American Dad”. Just a few weeks after premiering the 11th season, the basic cable channel has renewed the adult animated sitcom for a 22-episode season 12.

‘THE VOICE’ ADDS DIANA ROSS, MEGHAN TRAINOR AS GUEST ADVISORS _ At the beginning of Tuesday night’s The Voice, Carson Daly announced that even more star power will appear on the show next week: Diana Ross, Colbie Caillat, Meghan Trainor and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. They join a season-seven roster of advisors that includes Taylor Swift, Stevie Nicks, Alicia Keys, Gavin Rossdale and Little Big Town. Next week’s guests are also the first time the series has featured guest mentors so late in a season. Daly also announced that the show isn’t done giving out second chances just yet. For the first time in series history, the competition will later bring back all eliminated top-12 singers for an opportunity to get back in the game as a fan-voted “wildcard” finalist, then vying for the title with the top three contestants.

JANICE DICKINSON ACCUSES BILL COSBY OF SEXUAL ASSAULT _ Former supermodel Janice Dickinson is the latest woman to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault. The 59-year-old Dickinson made the claims on Entertainment Tonight, saying that Cosby raped her in 1982. She said that Cosby invited her in 1982 to Lake Tahoe, where he was performing, to offer her an acting job and provide advice on her singing career. She alleges that they went to dinner in Tahoe, where he gave her red wine and a pill that she asked for to alleviate her menstruation pain. According to Dickinson, she then lost consciousness. She said, “The next morning, I woke up, and I wasn’t wearing my pajamas, and I remember before I passed out that I had been sexually assaulted by this man. Before I woke up in the morning, the last thing I remember was Bill Cosby in a patchwork robe, dropping his robe and getting on top of me.” Dickinson said she was in “a lot of pain” when she awoke.

… She is the latest in a string of accusers to come forward. Former actress Joan Tarshis spoke to CNN on Monday to share details of Cosby allegedly raping her in 1969. Barbara Bowman, another alleged victim, wrote in a Washington Post op-ed last week that she was drugged and raped by Cosby in the 1980s. In 2006, Cosby settled out of court with Andrea Constand, who claimed he sexually assaulted her.

IDRIS ELBA TO PRODUCE ‘LUTHER’ REMAKE FOR FOX _ Idris Elba’s BBC1 drama “Luther” is coming to the U.S. in a new version. FOX has ordered a remake of the detective drama. Elba, who was nominated for three outstanding lead actor in a miniseries Emmy Award for his role, is currently not signed up to star. However, he’s on board as an executive producer. The original “Luther” follows Elba as a savvy detective troubled by the brutal murder of his wife. It ran for three seasons on BBC1 and BBC America but there is no plan for a fourth season. But Elba said in an interview that he’s desperate for more.

TRACY MORGAN MAY NEVER BE THE SAME _ Tracy Morgan’s lawyer said the comedian may never be “the Tracy Morgan he once was” following his June 7 car wreck. Morgan suffered a slew of physical injuries from the six-car collision, including a severe brain injury that is hindering the 30 Rock star’s recovery.

LEA THOMPSON ON LIFE POST-DANCING: ‘I JUST ATE EVERYTHING’ _ Getting eliminated from Dancing with the Stars can be a disappointing experience. But Lea Thompson admits it does have its perks.  Specifically, a free pass to devour everything in sight. Thompson says, “I just ate everything. It wasn’t like I was trying not to eat [while on Dancing]. It was just so nerve-wrecking I couldn’t eat. I was so scared — and you don’t get a day off for two and a half months.” Thompson was surprisingly eliminated last week after a string of solid performances, but showed no sign of sour grapes when interviewed Monday. Instead, she seems to enjoy the return to normalcy. She says, “Today I laid in bed, then I did laundry. And I’m eating now.”

SOURCE: KATHY GRIFFIN TO REPLACE JOAN RIVERS ON FASHION POLICE _ Kathy Griffin will reportedly replace the late Joan Rivers on “Fashion Police.” The move has been rumored for weeks, and TMZ now says it’s basically a done deal, although neither Griffin nor E! has confirmed it.

‘EXPENDABELLES’ CONFIRMS STALLONE, WILLIS, MAKES OFFERS TO WATTS _ The anticipated female-led Expendables spin-off Expendabelles is making some big casting moves. Naomi Watts, Marcia Gay Harden, Chris Evans and Alan Rickman have all been made offers to co-star. Plus, Expendables stars Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis are officially reprising their roles in the spin-off, confirming the connection between the original franchise and the new installment. Expendabelles follows a team of former female secret agents who are brought together for a covert hostage rescue mission.

FROZEN ACTRESS WAS PAID MORE THAN $10K IN RESIDUALS _ Frozen was a monster hit, making more than $1.2 billion so far. So it was a shock when last week it was reported that actress Spencer Lacey Ganus made only $926 for voicing character Elsa as a teenager in the Disney animated feature. But on Tuesday the truth came out. The 15-year-old star was actually paid an additional $10,000 in residual checks for her part, which took less than a day to complete. And her relationship with the studio is so good, she will be doing more voiceover work for them.

HULA HOOP PERFORMER PENS OPEN LETTER TO OPRAH _ Oprah’s “Live The Life You Want” tour became a universal church where people of all faiths came together to receive life advice from Oprah, Elizabeth Gilbert, Deepak Chopra and Iyanla Vanzant, to name a few. There is at least one woman who was not completely sold on Winfrey’s hit-selling tour. Revolva, a hula hoop performer in California Bay area was contacted by one of Oprah’s producers to perform at the “Live The Life You Want” San Jose event. Unfortunately, the producer told Revolva she would be performing on a stage outside of the event’s main arena. Most importantly, she would not meet Oprah or be paid. Because of the latter, Revolva decided to pen an open letter to the media maven about asking performers to work for free despite the revenue accumulated from the tour. She wrote, in part: “… my call with your producer resulted in me saying I didn’t feel great about making a two-hour round trip commute, paying for gas and parking, and taking hours out of my day to do a free act, when the event is charging up to $999 per ticket. Could she see if there was some kind of budget so my outgoing costs wouldn’t result in me losing money to perform? … Maybe it’s because my car broke down, and I’m struggling. Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing this for 12 years, and after all the requests for free or discount work, the one by a billionaire’s tour was the straw that broke my back. But I thought it through, and achieving “the life you want” is not always easy. The risks we have to take, to transform this culture into something more nurturing, involve looking at the way things are and saying, ‘Hey, wait. That’s not cool!’ Even if we have to say that to Oprah Winfrey. … The life I WANT does not involve mega tours netting unfathomable amounts of real, tangible money, while local artists are coached to accept all or most of their payment in the least stable form of currency: exposure.”

CAMILLA PARKER-BOWLES HIT ON KELSEY GRAMMER _ Camilla Parker-Bowles allegedly hit on a Hollywood star some time ago and it’s just now coming to light. When the Duchess of Cornwall attended an event in Washington D.C. with her husband, Prince Charles, she made physical contact with an actor at the White House. According to an article by Woman’s Day, Kelsey Grammer claims Camilla touched his butt and made a flirtatious comment. As the actor recounts, it was in 2005 when George W. Bush was president. He and his wife, Laura, were hosting a dinner for Prince Charles and Camilla. Grammer says, “I met Camilla at the White House about a decade ago and as I was taking a picture I felt a tight little squeeze on my right buttock. I turned and a woman, in a very wistful, little impish way, said to me: ‘So nice to finally meet you in the flesh.”

PAUL WALKER’S FATHER A YEAR AFTER ACTOR’S DEATH: ‘I MISS HIM MORE NOW’  _ Paul Walker died two days after Thanksgiving and now, almost a year later, his father Paul Walker III is still trying to heal from his oldest son’s tragic passing. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Walker said that he still feels his son even though he’s no longer with him physically. And his grief seems to come in waves. The Fast & Furious actor’s father admits that as time passes he misses his son even more: “They say the first year is the worst, but I miss him more now. It’s not getting any better for me.”

… Thanksgiving is a holiday normally meant to celebrate with family in gratitude but it will always be difficult for Paul Walker III. “I’m not looking forward to Thanksgiving. He died two days after that and I guess it’ll probably be that way until I’m with him. … We’re a very close, loving family and Paul is a piece that’s missing now, that we’re always going to miss.”

BRADLEY WHITFORD JOINS THE CAST OF ‘HAPPYISH’ _ Bradley Whitford has joined the cast of the half-hour Showtime comedy pilot Happyish. Best known for his work on the TV shows The West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Trophy Wife, Whitford will play the character of Jonathan Cooke on Happyish. The show is billed as “a scathing examination of our pursuit of happiness, a pursuit that might just be the very thing causing our unhappiness in the first place.” The pilot was originally shot with Philip Seymour Hoffman before Hoffman’s death of a drug overdose last February.



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It’s a tough time of year if you find the smell of pumpkin to be offensive. A friend hates the smell of pumpkin. Pies, lattes, you name it. What smell is everyone okay with that you hate? Here are six calls to help launch your local phoner. » download


Lately I’ve been having fun with using the dishwasher to wash stuff other than dishes. Like my toothbrush. And the pop-out rubber insert for my car’s cup holder. Great way to clean the gunk out of that! What stuff do you wash in the dishwasher? Here are a few real calls to help with the phones. » download


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Week of November 10-16.

1. NFL Football: New England at Indianapolis, NBC, 20.82 million.

2. “NCIS,” CBS, 17.49 million.

3. “The Big Bang Theory,” CBS, 16.9 million.

4. “Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick,” NBC, 16.3 million.

5. “NCIS: New Orleans,” CBS, 14.99 million.

6. “The Walking Dead,” AMC, 14.07 million.

7. “Dancing With the Stars,” ABC, 13.31 million.

8. “Madam Secretary,” CBS, 12.77 million.

9. “60 Minutes,” CBS, 12.65 million.

10. “Football Night in America,” NBC, 11.96 million.

11. “The Voice” (Monday), NBC, 11.48 million.

12. “The Voice” (Tuesday), NBC, 11.42 million.

13. NFL Football: Carolina at Philadelphia, ESPN, 11.31 million.

14. “Mom,” CBS, 11.07 million.

15. “The Voice” (Wednesday), NBC, 10.64 million.

16. “The OT,” Fox, 10.58 million.

17. “The Good Wife,” CBS, 10.55 million.

18. “Criminal Minds,” CBS, 10.35 million.

19. “Scorpion,” CBS, 10.08 million.

20. “Scandal,” ABC, 10.05 million.


You know that some weird stuff goes on in your office’s bathroom, but now thanks to a survey of nearly 14,000 workers in 13 countries done by a Swedish hygiene company we actually know what goes on in there.

Here are some of the results:

• 81 percent just use the toilet.

• 46 percent wash or freshen up.

• 24 percent talk on the phone.

• 22 percent change clothes.

• 19 percent text message.

• 15 percent put on makeup.

• 15 percent take a break to be alone for a little while.

• 11 percent take a break to release frustration.

• 10 percent have private conversations face to face.

• 8 percent take a shower.

• The rest cry (7%), smoke (7%), just keep working and sending emails (6%), eat food (5%), take a nap (3%), and exercise (3%).


A writer for lost his cellphone and had to go without one for two days. Some things he learned from his no-phone experience:

• When you’re without a cellphone, time expands. He found that he spent lots of time “looking for the possibilities of engagement” on his phone. Without it he discovered that he had time to simply think and observe his thoughts and surroundings.

• You have less email to contend with. When you stop checking your email constantly, you stop half-replying to stuff, and that means fewer emails being batted back to you, and fewer emails all around.

• You’re not unreachable. Believe it or not, people who want to find you will find a way to get in touch with you.

• You don’t hyper manage your life. Sure, you can make dinner reservations for next Saturday while waiting for a meeting to begin. Or check movie times for a flick you might see tomorrow, but having all of that at your fingertips throughout the day actually detracts from what is important and fulfilling.

• You’re not lost. What happens when you can’t take a digital bird’s-eye view of your geolocation on the spot every minute? You have to ask for directions. You know, rely on and interact with another person to get where you’re going. Bonus: He said he got to just “listen to the radio and just drive”. (His words, not mine.)


Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?
The outside.

Why was the turkey the drummer in the band?
Because he had the drumsticks.

If the Pilgrims were alive today, what would they be most famous for?
Their age.

What’s the best thing to put into pumpkin pie?
Your teeth.

What’s the best dance to do on Thanksgiving?
The turkey trot.

Why did the Pilgrims sail from England to America?
Because they missed their plane.

What kind of music did Pilgrims listen to?
Plymouth Rock.

What smells the best at a Thanksgiving dinner?
Your nose.

Why do turkeys always go, “gobble, gobble”?
Because they never learned good table manners.

Who isn’t hungry at Thanksgiving?
The turkey because he’s already stuffed.

Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building?
Yes, because a building can’t jump at all.

When the Pilgrims landed, where did they stand?
On their feet.

How many cranberries grow on a bush?
All of them.

What always comes at the end of Thanksgiving?
The letter “g”.

What’s the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?
The tur-key.

Where does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?
In the dictionary.

What do turkeys and teddy bears have in common?
They both have stuffing.



TRIVIA: Humans eat about 1.5 million tons of this each year. (Crab)

TRIVIA: 36,000 of these are created every minute. (LEGO elements, like bricks, wheels, characters, etc.)


A co-host leaves the room. You ask a caller answer the following questions. The co-host comes back and tries to match the caller’s answers. While the co-host can look bad for coming up with bad matches (which can be fun), the listener’s goal is to give the most obvious answer. No losers in this – it’s all about being entertaining.

• Name a coffee drink that begins with an L.

• Do an impersonation of a zoo animal that’s larger than a man.

• Name something inside your home’s walls.

• Name a popular game app?

• Besides lights and ornaments, name something you put on a Christmas tree.



A guy had such a bad memory that he couldn’t even hold a job because he would forget to show up. He joined the Army hoping it would drill some sense into him. After going through the recruitment process he’s told to show up on base for basic knife training. But he forgets his knife. So his Instructor told him to just say “knifitty, knifitty.” He does this and all his enemies are dropping like flies. The next day is pistol training. But he forgot his pistol. The instructor, bewildered at the recruit’s foolishness, told him to say “bangitty, bangitty.” He does and his enemies are dropping like flies. The last training day was grenade training but, yes, the guy forgot his grenades. The instructor told him to just say “boomitty, boomitty” in lieu of his grenades. He did so, and everyone was dropping like flies — until one guy continued advancing toward him. The guy began to panic and screamed “boomitty, boomitty, bangitty, bangitty, knifitty, knifitty” until finally the enemy knocked him down, walked over to him and said, “tankitty, tankitty.”



Little boy attempting to whistle.






• Two awesome, idea-packed books for sales, promotions and stunts in 2015. Here’s one, here’s the other.

• The United States of Thanksgiving. The NYT looked for Thanksgiving recipes that evoked each of the 50 states.

• Four different images is actually a single photo.

• 15 Android apps that will make your iPhone friends jealous.

• The Animated Movie Sadness Index.

• Dogs floating in midair.

• The late Robin Williams in a new Night at the Museum trailer.

• Where can you watch your favorite TV shows and movies? Along with Can I Stream It, there’s now Where To Watch.

• Dad filmed daughter every week from birth to age 14.

• The final trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

• Trailer for sci-fi thriller Chappie.



• 1952: FARON YOUNG was inducted into the U.S. Army.

• 1968: Hosted by ROY ROGERS and DALE EVANS, the Country Music Association Awards aired on NBC.

• 1992: GARTH BROOKS’ album The Chase was certified multi-platinum for sales of 5 million copies. Hits included We Shall Be Free, Somewhere Other Than The Night and That Summer.

• 1997: GEORGE STRAIT’s collection Strait Out of the Box was certified multi-platinum for sales of 5 million copies.

• 1997: LEANN RIMES’ album Unchained Melody: The Early Years was certified gold, platinum and double platinum.

• 1997: MINDY MCCREADY had her tonsils removed after months of throat trouble. She was unable to speak for 30 days and didn’t return to the road until early 1998.

• 1999: DIXIE CHICKS’ fiddle player Martie Erwin filed for divorce from first husband Ted Seidel.

• 2002: SHANIA TWAIN’s album Up! was released.

• 2007: TIM MCGRAW’s Greatest Hits Volume 2: Reflected was certified double platinum for sales of 2 million copies.

• 2010: KEITH URBAN performed for a private audience during the post-flood, grand reopening weekend at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville.

• 2011: The Marshall Tucker Band performed Can’t You See during its Grand Ole Opry debut at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.

BILLY CURRINGTON is 41. The Georgia native abandoned his plan to be a football star and instead embarked on a career in Country music after high school. Before his career in music Billy worked as a landscaper, a roofer and had a concrete job — for six years.



CARRIE UNDERWOOD says that challenging songs can make for cool songs in concert. » download



The American Country Countdown Awards have announced CARRIE UNDERWOOD, JASON ALDEAN, ERIC CHURCH and BRETT ELDREDGE will join LUKE BRYAN, FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE and MIRANDA LAMBERT to perform during the inaugural show, December 15 on FOX.

Expectant mother CARRIE UNDERWOOD found out what the baby’s sex was in a unique fashion. She and husband Mike Fisher decided they didn’t want to learn if their baby is a boy a girl in the “sterile” environment of the doctor’s office. So they went to a nice restaurant and brought an envelope with them. In the envelope was the world “boy,” written on a piece of paper by the doctor.

TOBY KEITH says his daughter, KRYSTAL KEITH, has been courted by television execs. While there are no definite script ideas, Toby feels Krystal and her lady friends could make a good show about performing and then hanging out backstage.

As fans know, GARTH BROOKS has joined social media, including Facebook and Twitter. But Garth has no team of social media pros running those accounts. He says he’s taking care of it all by himself.

RASCAL FLATTS’ lead singer Gary LeVox is braving the cold that’s blanked the U.S. this week — he’s currently in Missouri hunting.

ALAN JACKSON (Favorite Male) and CARRIE UNDERWOOD (Favorite Female) took home honors last week at the Inspirational Country Music Awards.

RANDY HOUSER is at work on his next studio album.

JAMEY JOHNSON will release a five song EP, The Christmas Song, on December 9.

CHASE RICE will join KENNY CHESNEY next summer for Kenny’s Big Revival Tour, but it may not have happened if not for his dad. Chase, who was a starting linebacker at the University of North Carolina, got injured his junior year at his first game. Chase’s plans to head into the NFL ended due to his injury. The outcome was that he got much better at guitar that year. And his dad suggested he take it to the next level. Chase recalls, “I was sitting on my couch at home, picking at the guitar, trying to learn how to get better, and [my dad] said, ‘Man, playing guitar is cool, but you aren’t going to get the girls at Carolina unless you learn how to sing.'” Rice continued learning and playing the guitar, but it wasn’t until tragedy struck that he started writing. During his college senior year his dad passed away, so Chase wrote his first song about him.



This is day 324 of 2014. There are 41 days remaining.


• Estelle Parsons is 87

• Comedian Dick Smothers is 76

• U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is 72

• Musician Joe Walsh is 67

• Bo Derek is 58

• Sean Young is 55

• Ming-Na (ER) is 51

• Rapper Mike D of the Beastie Boys is 49

• Joel McHale (The Soup, Community) is 43


• 1955: RCA offered a $35,000 contract for Elvis Presley.

• 1982: Andy Kaufman was forever voted off Saturday Night Live by a live phone poll.

• 1982: Actress Drew Barrymore became the first 7-year-old to host Saturday Night Live.

• 1984: Cooking at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City, company president Edward Rensi flipped McDonald’s’ one-billionth hamburger. The first one had been sold 35 years and 11 months earlier.

• 1985: Microsoft Windows 1.0 is released.

• 1992: Queen Elizabeth’s weekend home, Windsor Castle, was heavily damaged by fire, but no one was hurt. Neighbors helped the Queen and Prince Andrew save most of the royal treasures.

• 2003: Michael Jackson was arrested by police on charges of child molestation.

• 2003: A woman in Murcia, Spain, turned down a $7,000 three-hour shopping spree at the local mall because she was too busy. She said she had schedule problems and was too busy to waste the morning. The runner-up gladly accepted the prize.

• 2004: Scientist Ancel Keys, who invented the Army’s K-rations, and who linked high cholesterol and fatty diets to heart disease, died in Minneapolis. He was 100 years old.

• 2005: A housewife in Japan reported that she had turned the dishwasher to ‘run’ just before leaving on a 21-day vacation to visit family in another city. When she returned, the digital display on the dishwasher showed it had run not once, but 459 times in her absence.


• Today is Peanut Butter Fudge Day.

• It’s Name Your PC Day.

• It’s Use Less Stuff Day.

• Today is the Great American Smokeout.


• Thanksgiving (U.S.): November 27

• Black Friday: November 28

• Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: December 7

• Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day): December 17

• Christmas Day: December 25