COUNTRY January 30, 2015

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This is day 30 of 2015. There are 335 days remaining.


• Gene Hackman is 85

• Vanessa Redgrave is 78

• Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney is 74

• Phil Collins is 64

• Christian Bale is 41

• Wilmer Valderrama (That ’70s Show) is 35


• 1661: Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England was formally executed — after having been dead for two years.

• 1835: In the first assassination attempt against a President, a mentally ill man named Richard Lawrence attempted to assassinate President Andrew Jackson in the United States Capitol. Both of Lawrence’s pistols misfired and Jackson proceeded to beat his would-be assassin with his cane.

• 1933: Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany.

• 1962: Two of the high-wire Flying Wallendas were killed when their famous seven-person pyramid collapses during a performance in Detroit, Michigan.

• 1969: The Beatles’ last public performance, on the roof of Apple Records in London. The impromptu concert was broken up by police.

• 1994: The Dallas Cowboys repeated as NFL champions by defeating the Buffalo Bills 30-13 in Super Bowl 28. It was the fourth straight Super Bowl loss for the Bills.

• 1996: NBA superstar Magic Johnson played the first game of his return to the Los Angeles Lakers. Magic retired in 1991 after contracting HIV.

• 2003: Richard Reid, a British citizen and al-Qaida follower, was sentenced to life in prison by a federal judge in Boston for trying to blow up a trans-Atlantic jetliner with explosives hidden in his shoes.

• 2005: Despite widespread violence, about 60 percent of Iraqi voters cast ballots in the country’s first free election in half a century.

• 2007: Doctors in Oklahoma announced they’d removed a 93-pound cyst from a 32-year-old woman. They likened its removal to delivering a 12-year-old by C-section.


• National Pre-school Fitness Day

• International Fun at Work Day

• Croissant Day


• February 1: Super Bowl 49 (Sunday)

• February 2: Groundhog Day (Monday)

• February 14: Valentine’s Day (Saturday)

• February 17: President’s Day (Tuesday)

• February 19: Chinese New Year (Thursday)

• March 8: Daylight Saving Time begins (Sunday)

• March 17: St. Patrick’s Day (Tuesday)

• March 20: Spring begins (Friday, 6:45p ET)

More holidays




• Carol Channing is 94. Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad, Wiseguy) is 68. Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace, Murder One) is 56. Minnie Driver is 45. Portia de Rossi is 42. Kerry Washington is 38. Justin Timberlake is 34. Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line is 28. Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons is 28.

• National Seed Swap Day; Backward Day


• Don Everly of The Everly Brothers is 78. Terry Jones (Monty Python) is 73. Sherilyn Fenn is 50. Singer Lisa Marie Presley is 47. Comedian Pauly Shore is 47. Michael C. Hall is 44. TV personality Lauren Conrad is 29. Heather Morris of Glee is 28. Harry Styles of One Direction is 21.

• Decorating With Candy Day; Working Naked Day; Dump Your Significant Jerk Day; Change Your Password Day; Dark Chocolate Day.



3 million: Tons of fertilizer used annual on lawns in the U.S.



It looks like David Letterman has invited former rival Jay Leno to appear on his show. [But Jay warns that there won’t be full diplomatic relations restored between them until Letterman agrees to return Guantanamo Bay.]

Scientists say Ebola is now mutating into something that they’ve never seen. [Not unlike Bruce Jenner.]

A wealthy Houston businesswoman married herself. [But not before insisting on a seriously detailed pre-nup.]

California has declared e-cigarettes to be a public health hazard. [Mainly due to the tripping hazard of the extension cord.]

John McCain was in his full grouchy old man routine, yelling at Capitol Hill protesters and calling them “low life scum.” [Then he turned on the garden hose.]

Dartmouth announced a ban on hard liquor on campus. [No word yet on whether this includes faculty meetings. ]

The Washington Post reports that we’re now paying more for less toilet paper per roll. [It’s so bad that teenage vandals are reevaluating whether toilet papering the principal’s house is still worth the possible jail time.]

A new study of MRI scans shows that psychopaths don’t grasp the negative concept of punishment like the rest of us. [Which explains why everyone who got pummeled in the last presidential race is running again.]

The CEO of McDonald’s stepped down. [“And will that severance package be for here or to go?”]

Melissa Gilbert talked to ABC News about removing her breast implants and going from a DD to a size B. [The surgery was performed by that eminent Boston surgeon Dr. Tom Brady.]



SEATTLE POT SHOP PREPS 12,000 JOINTS FOR SUPER BOWL _ A Seattle-based marijuana retailer says it’s prepping 12,000 doobies for Seahawks supporters. The medical-marijuana retailer, called Solstice, is planning to use the joints for its so-called “12th Pack” promotion, a 12-pack of joints named after the “The 12th Man,” as loyal Seahawks supporters are known.

26% OF AMERICANS SAY GOD DETERMINES WHO WINS THE SUPER BOWL _ Their hands might be gifted… their feet fast… their strategies on the field absolutely cunning… but a quarter of Americans don’t really think it matters. They believe that God personally controls who wins the Super Bowl. The survey (by Public Religion Research Institute and the Religion News Service) showed that 26 percent of Americans, and 27 percent of those who describe themselves as sports fans, believe God plays a role in determining which team wins a sporting event. The majority of Americans (71 percent, and 69 percent of sports fans in general) disagree.

FAA REMINDS SUPER BOWL FANS TO LEAVE DRONES AT HOME _ The Federal Aviation Administration produced a YouTube video reiterating that the Super Bowl is strictly a “No Drone Zone.” The 15-second clip told fans to have fun, but also encouraged them to “leave their drone at home.” The FAA bans the use of drones from flying over or near NFL regular or postseason football games. The administration also does not allow drones to be used at NCAA events in seating of more than 30,000 people, Major League Baseball game and many NASCAR races.

SITE RAISES $1M SO BROOKLYN KIDS CAN VISIT HARVARD _ The creator of popular photography blog about the residents of New York City has helped raise $1 million and counting so kids in a high-crime area of Brooklyn can get a taste of the Ivy League. Brandon Stanton, founder of Humans of New York, set up the Indiegogo page for Mott Hall Bridges Academy last week with an initial goal of $100,000, money that principal Nadia Lopez would use to take sixth-graders on a new annual field trip to Harvard. Donors blew past that goal in less than an hour, and now Stanton says a scholarship fund will also be created for kids at the school.

… The idea for the fundraising page emerged after Stanton met a 13-year-old student who told him all about Principal Lopez, his principal, who tells her kids things like: “Each time somebody fails out of school, a new jail cell gets built.” One time she made every student stand up, one at a time, and she told each one of them that they matter.” Stanton then met Principal Lopez himself, heard about her plan for the Harvard field trips — she wants them “to know that there is not a single place they don’t belong” — and offered to help with fundraising.

NASA HAS PLANS TO FLY A HELICOPTER ON MARS _ Driving a rover on Mars is useful for studying the planet’s rock chemistry and hunting for ancient life, but none of the rovers we’ve sent to the Red Planet have traveled very far. That’s because the Martian surface is loaded with bumpy, rocky, hilly terrain that the rovers cannot see until they’re practically face-to-face with an obstacle. So scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory plan to remove the rocky hurdler by building a Mars Helicopter. The copter would spend most of its time resting atop the rover, but when it came time to fly, it would scout distant terrain, offering scientists a birds-eye view that would help them choose the clearest, fastest path to drive, or the most interesting terrain to explore with on-board tools.

… Right now, the helicopter is in the preliminary stages of testing and there’s no guarantee that it will make it to Mars. The first big step to sending the tiny fly-bot to Mars is to ensure it can generate enough lift to actually fly on Mars. After that, landing is key.

… Flying on Mars is very different than on Earth because Earth-bound flying machines use wings and a motor to generate air pressure and lift. But in a thin atmosphere, like that on Mars, this method of lift off is tricky. Because Mars’s atmosphere is 100 times less dense than Earth’s, you have to spin even faster, or get bigger rotor blades, or get lighter.

LIVING NEAR A STARBUCKS WILL INCREASE YOUR HOME’S VALUE _ Living near a Starbucks isn’t just good for your caffeine addiction — it actually increases your home’s value. Not only that, but (according to research from when a Starbucks moves into a neighborhood, houses go up in price at double the standard rate. And faster than neighborhoods with a Dunkin’ Donuts.

SON WRITES NOTE TO MOM SLAMMING CHEATING FATHER _ A son who was shocked to learn of his father’s infidelity decided to take matters into his own hands in an effort to console his mother. Now, his clever method has gone viral. The son, presumably named “Ryan,” recently took to Reddit under the user name Citrous_Oyster with an image of card he’d purchased. Ryan wrote on the card: “I found this in the terminally ill section, but I thought it still works. Sorry dad’s an a**hole. — Ryan.” | IMAGE

PITBULL-DACHSHUND MIX WITH TINY FEET AND A HUGE HEAD _ A Pitbull-Dachshund puppy has become the hit of a Georgia humane society. The one-year-old dog’s name is Rami. According to the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society’s Facebook page, he’s also available for adoption. But you’d be facing some stiff competition in adopting him — within hours of posting, his image had been shared more than 29,000 times. Rami’s Facebook post reads: “I’m full of energy. I don’t like walking on a leash. I’m a sweetie pie, and love to run. I don’t listen very well, so you’ll need to take some time to train me. Because I tend to be a bit hyper, I might not be the best addition to a household with little kids. But I’m sure that all I need is a little lovin’.” | LINK AND PHOTO

$13.5 MILLION WINNING LOTTERY TICKET BOUGHT 7 SECONDS TOO LATE _ A Quebec man who bought a winning lottery ticket seven seconds too late has lost his Supreme Court of Canada bid to appeal a decision that denied him half of the $27-million prize. Joel Ifergan Ifergan bought two lottery tickets (on May 23, 2008) just before the 9pm cutoff. He said he ordered the tickets at 8:59pm — the convenience store clerk told him he had one minute to buy his tickets. The first ticket was printed showing the date for that night’s drawing. But the second ticket, with the winning numbers for that night’s $27 million jackpot, was printed after a few seconds’ delay, showing a date for the following week’s draw. Ifergan claims the delay was caused by the lottery’s central computer system, and he went to court to get half the jackpot. The court rejected his claim and now an appeals court has agreed with the first court ruling.

FARMER MAKES ART BY HERDING CATTLE _ A farmer has become a YouTube celebrity by turning cow herding into an art form. Derek Klingenberg from Kansas manipulated his cattle into the shape of a smiley face and used a drone to film it from above. | VIDEO

MARIJUANA VENDING MACHINE TO DEBUT IN SEATTLE _ Seattle-area residents are now able to buy marijuana from a vending machine. American Green, the company behind the ZaZZZ marijuana machine, says it’s the “first age-verifying, climate-controlled, self-service dispensary.” The machine will make its debut on Tuesday (February 3). Marijuana flower, edibles, and other related merchandise will be dispensed from the machine after a customer verifies their age and identity via ID scanner.



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: 8-YEAR-OLD GIRL DEMANDS PARENTS LOVE HER THE MOST _ An 8-year-old girl in China demanded her parents write a letter guaranteeing they will “love her the most” before allowing them to have a second child. The girl worried that her parents will not love her as much if they had second child, according to her mother, who posted the letter online.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MARRIED IN THE FROZEN SECTION _ Robert Bonilla met his fiancée, Meredith, at a Costco store in Santa Maria, California. So it felt natural for the couple to be married in the store, attended by family and friends. Costco allowed the wedding in the frozen food section after closing.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DRUNK DRIVER DIDN’T HEAD HIS CAMPAIGN ADVICE _ H. Wayne DeWitt was charged with drunk driving and hit and run after an injury crash in Goose Creek, South Carolina; he was pulled over by local police after a short chase of over 100 mph. The arrest happened to come at the start of the third annual “Sober or Slammer” anti-drunk driving campaign run by… Sheriff H. Wayne DeWitt.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: NEVER THROW A PARTY IN THE OPERATING ROOM _ A cosmetic surgery clinic in South Korea is being investigated after staff members posted photos of a birthday party online. The birthday party was held in the operating room, in front of an apparently unconscious patient on the operating table. In one photo, staff can be seen playing with a breast implant; another shows the birthday boy, apparently a doctor, blowing out the candles on his cake, and a third shows everyone eating hamburgers.




CONSTANTINE (8p ET, NBC) — Jeremy Davies (Justified) and William Mapother (Blackhat) guest star in this new episode.




THE FRIARS’ CLUB ROAST OF TERRY BRADSHAW (8p ET, ESPN2) — Joel McHale (Community) moderates as guests such as Howie Long, Frank Caliendo, Rob Riggle, Jim Norton, Jeff Ross, Erin Andrews, Larry King, Curt Menefee and Jerry Lewis take shots at the Hall of Famer. Jimmy Kimmel, Michael Strahan, Jay Leno and Don Rickles also appear.

COLD JUSTICE (8p ET, TNT) — In this new edition, Kelly and Yolanda travel to Fort Wayne, Ind., to investigate the murders of a mother and daughter.

CRISTELA (8:30p ET, ABC) — New

HAWAII FIVE-O (9p ET, CBS) — Terry O’Quinn (Lost) returns in this new episode.

GRIMM (9p ET, NBC) — Garcelle Beauvais (Franklin & Bash) guest stars in this new episode.

GLEE (9p ET, FOX) — New



20/20 (10p ET, ABC) — New

DATELINE (10p ET, NBC) — New



KATY PERRY MOCKS MARSHAWN LYNCH’S EPIC ONE-LINER _ The Katy Perry show is two days away, and the singer gave us more clues Thursday as to what we can expect at halftime. We already know that Perry’s 12-minute performance will include lots of color, soul and Lenny Kravitz, but during her NFL press conference Perry confirmed that there will be an additional guest on stage: “I’m very, very excited about this guest because I thought long and hard about it and wanted to kinda bring someone back, like a throwback of sorts, that definitely needed some more shine. All I can say is it will be a real female-fun night.”

… “It’s a bit old school. But I think when this person enters the stage and you hear the first ring of the chord, I think jaws will drop and faces will melt. There will be faces melting when she steps on the stage.”

… Diana Ross? Mary J. Blige? Madonna? Cyndi Lauper?

… Katy was also asked if she has her eye on a specific NFL cutie and she responded in the most perfect way: “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.” | VIDEO

EDDIE MURPHY TO RETURN TO SNL AFTER 30 YEARS _ Eddie Murphy left Saturday Night Live in 1984. After four seasons on SNL, Eddie departed to become the highest grossing SNL alumni of all time. With the show’s 40th anniversary special set to air on Sunday night, February 15, he will be making his first appearance on the show in more than 30 years. Asked why he has never hosted the show over the last three decades, Murphy said, “It’s just timing. It just never worked out where the timing was right for me to do it.”

TED 2 TRAILER RELEASED _ The trailer for Ted 2 hit the web Thursday. | VIDEO

BRAD PITT MAY STAR IN NEW ANGELINA JOLIE FILM ‘AFRICA’ _ Brad Pitt is in talks to portray real-life conservationist Richard Leakey. Wife Angelina Jolie would direct and co-produce. Leakey was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1944, and began his career as a paleoanthropologist. He fought to protect elephants from poachers as the head of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Department in the 1980s, and later launched the Safina political party.

NBC ORDERS COMEDY PILOT BASED ON ‘PROBLEM CHILD’ MOVIE _ NBC has given the go-ahead to a pilot based on the hit 1990 film Problem Child. The comedy follows the cat-and-mouse relationship between a set of parents and their brilliant but mischievous child.

STANLEY TUCCI AND WIFE FELICITY BLUNT WELCOME BABY BOY _ It’s a boy for actor Stanley Tucci and his wife Felicity Blunt. The couple welcomed Matteo Oliver in London on Sunday. The baby boy is the first child for Felicity and the fourth for Tucci. He has three children with his late wife Kathryn, who died in 2009 from breast cancer. He married Felicity, the sister of his The Devil Wears Prada co-star Emily Blunt, in 2012 after a year of engagement.

JUSTIN BIEBER APOLOGIZES FOR BEING A MASSIVE BRAT _ Justin Bieber wants his fans and his haters to know that he realizes his actions over the last few years have been wrong. In a video posted to his Facebook page, Bieber admits to being arrogant and conceited: “I didn’t want to come off arrogant or conceited, or basically how I’ve been acting the past year and a half. And I’m not who I was pretending to be. I say pretending [because] often we pretend to be something we’re not as a cover up of what we’re truly feeling inside. Just being young and growing up in this business is hard. Just growing up in general is hard. I want people to know how much I care about people. … I’m a person who genuinely cares.”

ERNIE HUDSON CHANGES TUNE ON ALL-GIRL ‘GHOSTBUSTERS’ CAST _ Ernie Hudson has come around on the upcoming all-girl Ghostbusters reboot, after previously slamming the idea of the remake and more recently offering up a cryptic “no comment.” Hudson now says: “Four fiercely funny, foxy, females busting ghosts … phenomenal.”

… When Hudson spoke about the rumored all-female cast last October he called it a “bad idea”. And, “If it has nothing to do with the other two movies, and it’s all female, then why are you calling it Ghostbusters?”

KATHY BATES RETURNS TO ‘MIKE & MOLLY’ _ Kathy Bates is heading back to Mike & Molly. She’ll reprise her role in an upcoming episode on the CBS sitcom as Kay McKinnon, a globe-trotting, worldly photographer who also happens to be Peggy Biggs’ (Rondi Reed) best friend from high school.

ONE DEAD, TWO INJURED ON SET OF MARTIN SCORSESE FILM _ Tragedy has stuck the set of Martin Scorsese’s latest film. One Taiwanese worker died and two others were injured Thursday when a scaffolding structure collapsed on the Taipei set of Silence, the 72-year-old director’s upcoming movie starring Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver.

SEAN PENN TO ESQUIRE: CHARLIZE THERON WOULD BE REAL ‘FIRST MARRIAGE’ _ Sean Penn is amazed by his relationship with girlfriend Charlize Theron. The 54-year-old actor opened up about the 39-year-old actress in an interview with Esquire magazine. Penn was married to Madonna from 1985 to 1989 and Robin Wright from 1996 to 2010, but told Esquire he would consider Theron his first marriage: “Yes, I’d get married again. You say I’ve been married twice before, but I’ve been married under circumstances where I was less informed than I am today, so I wouldn’t even consider it a third marriage, I’d consider it a first marriage on its own terms if I got married again.”

… Penn spoke of his passionate, deep and true connection with Theron, and declared it “romantic and a lot more fulfilling” to be with someone who makes him feel like a good person. He also said he and the actress possess “a shared ethic” he didn’t have with former partners.

KRIS JENNER MIFFED OVER BRUCE JENNER’S DOCUSERIES _ Kris Jenner is said to be miffed that Bruce Jenner is going to hurt her bottom line with his docu-series. A source said, “Kris is absolutely in meltdown crisis mode over Bruce’s decision to go public with his decision to transition to becoming a woman. She’s been in denial about it for years. But now Kris thinks it’s extremely selfish for Bruce to be doing this at this time.”

… The source went on to say, “Their oldest daughter Kendall is at the height of a modeling career, and Kris doesn’t want anything to jeopardize that. Kris is concerned about the fall-out. As always, the only thing Kris cares about is herself.”

FORMER CSI STAR FILES BANKRUPTCY FOR A SECOND TIME _ Former CSI star Gary Dourdan has filed for bankruptcy for the second time. In court documents obtained by People magazine, Dourdan successfully filed chapter 11 on January 22. The actor had just $904.35 left in his general bank account after paying his expenses (which included a $135 yoga class), and $84.50 in savings. Dourdan pays $1,500 per month to ex Jennifer Sutton in child support payments for his daughter Nyla. The documents state that he has missed four payments to his creditors, and that he owes $14,413.32.

… When he first filed in August 2011, the actor owed $1.73 million and had just a little over $1.8 million in assets.

… Dourdan played Warrick Brown on CSI for nine seasons and left the show in 2008.



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  • A grieving widower is drawn into a custody battle over his granddaughter, whom he helped raise her entire life.
  • Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer

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Ladies, is any of this true? A blogger says this is what you REALLY want for Valentine’s Day.

1. Reservations

2. Edible Arrangements

3. A Card with Hand-Written Sentiments

4. Victoria Secret Lingerie

5. Jewelry

6. Flowers

7. Starbucks Gift Card

8. Concert Tickets

9. Wine

10. Make-Up

11. Massage/Spa Day

12. Movie Tickets For 50 Shades of Grey

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: What should be dumped from this list? And what do YOU really want for Valentine’s Day.


• “You forgot another Valentine’s Day / But, dear, don’t take it hard / I sent myself some roses / And used your MasterCard.”

• “You can call me dearest / You can call me sweet / But if you call me Tracy again / Your things are on the street.”

• “If only you’d have told me sooner / About the way you really feel / Well now I guess it’s just too late / My gender-change is a done deal.”

• “Roses are red / Violets are blue / I have a Valentine surprise / What do you think of the name ‘Sue’?”

• “My love for you is undeniable / But one thing you should know / Before I say the words ‘I Do’ / Your mother’s gotta go.”

• “I tell you now the way I feel / My heart knows it is right / Nothing in this world will keep me from you / Except football on Monday night.”



TRIVIA: The oldest one of these live to age 48. (Cow)

TRIVIA: Each year, more than 10,000 Americans suffer injuries from or because of what? (Books. Some people fall while reaching for them on high shelves, others hurt themselves moving boxes of books.)


Line up a few listeners to do this, or just do it with the members of your show. Questions are answered with more questions. After this first question the next person answers with a question, then the next person answers with a question. The games continues until someone’s question doesn’t really go with the previous question, or is a statement or answer and not a question.

Example: Player 1: So, is everyone ready to play? Player 2: Are you kidding me? Player 3: Why would you ask that? Player 1 (again): How many tries do we get?



A guy goes into a car dealership and buys a new car. He drives it off the lot and is cruising down the road and decides he’d like to listen to the radio, but he can’t find the buttons for it. So he takes the car back to the dealer and complains that the guy sold him a lemon. The salesman says, “You have the latest radio technology. The stations are voice activated — all you have to do is tell it what you want to listen to. So the guy takes the car back on the road and tries it out. First he says “country,” and sure enough a station playing country music comes on. He’s thinkin’, “Boy this is great!” So the guy says “jazz” and a station playing jazz tunes in. Suddenly, some guy cuts him off and he yells, “You idiot!” So the radio changes to (Rush Limbaugh / person you like to hate on).



This Bulldog can really sing!



Source: bits & pieces blog



• Two idea-packed books for sales, promotions and stunts in 2015. Here’s one, here’s the other.

• Before you post to your station or show blog, run it through ProWritingAid.

• Rediscover your musical past.

• What’s your gadget worth?

• Which cities sleep in, which get to work early.

• Work cheat: Look like your using Outlook when you’re on reddit.

• I noticed this tiny thing on Google Maps.

• Nobody is using Google+.

• What the vinyl “comeback” really looks like.



• 1971: KRIS KRISTOFFERSON was honored with an award from the Nashville Songwriters Association.

• 1988: KATHY MATTEA scored her first number one hit with Goin’ Gone.

• 1999: VINCE GILL became the first country artist to be featured on A&E’s Live By Request.

• 2001: TOBY KEITH’s album Blue Moon was certified platinum.

• 2004: LONESTAR’s Greatest Hits album was certified platinum.

• 2006: LEANN RIMES’ wedding to Dean Sheremet was one of those profiled on the InStyle Weddings special on ABC.

• 2007: TRACY LAWRENCE’s album For The Love was released. It was the first release on his Rocky Comfort Records label and included the number one hit Find Out Who Your Friends Are.

JEANNE PRUETT is 78. She’s best known for her chart-topping hit Satin Sheets. Jeanne scored 11 hits on the Billboard Country Singles Chart from 1973-1980.

NORMA JEAN is 77. She was a member of The Porter Wagoner Show from 1961–1967. She had 13 country singles in Billboard’s Country Top 40 between 1963 and 1968, recorded twenty albums, received two Grammy nominations, and was a Grand Ole Opry member for a number of years.

TAMMY COCHRAN is 43. Born in Ostinburg, Ohio, she’s best-known for the hit Angels In Waiting.

JOSH KELLEY is 35. His debut country single was Georgia Clay. Josh’s younger brother, Charles Kelley, is a part of LADY ANTEBELLUM.



CARRIE UNDERWOOD won’t be at Sunday’s (February 1) Super Bowl, but she’s re-cut her Sunday Night Football theme for the big game. » download



THE BAND PERRY has joined the lineup for the Grammy tribute to Stevie Wonder. Songs In The Key Of Life will air on CBS February 16 and will also include performances by WILLIE NELSON, Ed Sheeran and Usher.

TIM MCGRAW will perform GLEN CAMPBELL’s I’m Not Gonna Miss You during the 87th Annual Academy Awards, airing February 22 on ABC. The song is nominated for Best Song in a Motion Picture for Glen’s documentary, I’ll Stay Me.

BIG & RICH and CHASE BRYANT (Take It On Back) will perform at a post game party at DIERKS BENTLEY’s Whiskey Rose Bar & Grill in Phoenix, Arizona, February 1 following Super Bowl 49.

On March 31, TRISHA YEARWOOD will release her third cookbook, Trisha’s Table: My Feel-Good Favorites For A Balanced Life, which will combine healthier recipes with family favorites. The book was written by Trisha and her sister Beth Yearwood Bernard and includes a forward by GARTH BROOKS.

KIP MOORE has gotten revenge on his tourmate DIERKS BENTLEY. Back in January, Dierks announced his upcoming tour by bringing his opening acts, including Kip, MADDIE & TAE, and CANAAN SMITH, to Nashville’s Percy Priest Lake for a polar bear plunge. Ever since, Kim has been looking to return the favor.

… Taking Dierks’ beloved truck, Big White, Kip wrapped the entire vehicle with plastic wrap before covering it with graffiti and filling it with foam peanuts. To top it off, the bed was filled with hay and a goat. | VIDEO

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has extended the ALAN JACKSON exhibit Keepin’ It Country to run through June 21. The exhibit was initially scheduled to end in March.

Country Jam in Eau Claire, Wisconsin has revealed artists for its 2015 event, July 23-25. Headliners will be ERIC CHURCH, LADY ANTEBELLUM and BLAKE SHELTON. Other performers will include HUNTER HAYES, SAM HUNT, KIP MOORE, CASSADEE POPE, GARY ALLAN, JERROD NIEMANN and ASHLEY MONROE. Ticket info can be found at

LADY ANTEBELLUM, EMMYLOU HARRIS and Nashville actor Chip Esten will appear at the 7th T.J. Martell Honors Gala March 30 at the Omni Hotel in Nashville. The event benefits cancer and leukemia research and has raised more than $2 million since 2009.


  1. ERIC CHURCH – Talladega
  2. LUKE BRYAN – I See You
  3. CARRIE UNDERWOOD – Something In The Water
  5. KENNY CHESNEY – Til It’s Gone
  6. THOMAS RHETT – Make Me Wanna
  7. RANDY HOUSER – Like A Cowboy
  8. BLAKE SHELTON featuring ASHLEY MONROE – Lonely Tonight
  9. JASON ALDEAN – Just Getting’ Started
  10. BRETT ELDREDGE – Mean To Me


  1. LUKE BRYAN – I See You
  2. CARRIE UNDERWOOD – Something In The Water
  3. ERIC CHURCH – Talladega
  5. BLAKE SHELTON featuring ASHLEY MONROE – Lonely Tonight
  6. SAM HUNT – Take Your Time
  7. THOMAS RHETT – Make Me Wanna
  8. LEE BRICE – Drinking Class
  9. JASON ALDEAN – Just Getting’ Started
  10. TIM MCGRAW – Shotgun Rider



This is day 33 of 2015. There are 332 days remaining.


• Comedian Tom Smothers is 78

• Singer Graham Nash is 73

• TV chef Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) is 67

• Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation) is 66

• Bounty hunter and TV personality Duane “Dog” Chapman is 62

• Christie Brinkley is 61

• Shakira is 38


• 1887: In Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania the first Groundhog Day was observed.

• 1947: Actress and model Farrah Fawcett was born. Fawcett rose to international fame when she first appeared as private investigator Jill Munroe in the first season of the TV series Charlie’s Angels. She died June 25, 2009.

• 1967: The American Basketball Association was formed.

• 1993: First Lady Hillary Clinton banned smoking in the White House.

• 1996: In Coventry, England, when a 4-year-old was awakened by burglars, they told him they were friends of his parents and just came to borrow the TV, VCR, and stereo. The boy was happy to help, holding the door open while the burglars carry out the loot. They were later caught.

• 1998: President Bill Clinton introduced the first U.S. balanced budget in 30 years.

• 2002: A 33-year-old man accused of murder broke out of a prison in Santiago, Chile, and went drinking with his buddies. About three hours later he staggered back to the prison and demanded to be let back in. He walked unsteadily to his cell and fell asleep.

• 2004: The Bush administration said a bipartisan commission would investigate why pre-war intelligence reports that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction apparently had been wrong.

• 2005:The mayor of the city of Ramiquiri in Columbia was pretty embarrassed after he accidentally shot himself in the butt while sitting on the toilet. Rafael Augusto Galan said the 9mm handgun he carried in his pocket went off when he dropped his drawers.

• 2008: An Irish setter in the UK had 16 puppies. The dog’s owner revealed battered cod was the secret behind the stunning baby boom.


• February is American Heart Month, American History Month, Black History Month, Children’s Dental Health Month, International Friendship Month, National Cherry Month, National Embroidery Month, National Grapefruit Month, National Snack Food Month, National Wild Bird Feeding Month, Responsible Pet Owners’ Month, National Cherry Month, National Grapefruit Month, National Hot Breakfast Month, National Macadamia Nut Month, National Condom Month, Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month

• Women’s Heart Week

• National School Counseling Week

• Hedgehog Day

• Groundhog Day

• Marmot Day

• Play Your Ukulele Day

• Crepe Day

• Tater Tot Day


• February 14: Valentine’s Day (Saturday)

• February 17: President’s Day (Tuesday)

• February 19: Chinese New Year (Thursday)

• March 8: Daylight Saving Time begins (Sunday)

• March 17: St. Patrick’s Day (Tuesday)

• March 20: Spring begins (Friday, 6:45p ET)

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