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This is day 77 of 2015. There are 288 days remaining.


• Brad Dourif (Lord of the Rings, Chucky movies) is 65

• Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) is 52

• Olympic speed skater Bonnie Blair is 51

• Queen Latifah is 45

• Dane Cook (Employee of the Month) is 43

• Adam Levine (The Voice, Maroon 5) is 36


• 1850: American Express was founded.

• 1893: Former Governor General Lord Stanley pledged to donate a silver challenge cup, later named after him, as an award for the best ice hockey team in Canada. Originally presented to amateur champions, the Stanley Cup has been awarded to the top pro team since 1910, and since 1926, only to National Hockey League teams.

• 1910: The first American horror film was patented, a one-reel Edison Studio production of Frankenstein.

• 1931: Electric razors were first manufactured by the Schick Corporation in Stanford, Connecticut.

• 1959: American President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a bill into law allowing for Hawaiian statehood, which would become official on August 21.

• 1970: The NFL adopted a rule that required all players names to appear on the back of their jerseys. The rule had been borrowed from the merging AFL.

• 1990: In largest art theft in US history, 12 paintings, collectively worth around $300 million, were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.

• 2001: Workers equipped with a bulldozer, face masks and a court order removed 154 tons of garbage from a man’s home outside Madrid, Spain. The job took two weeks, with 30 truckloads of trash hauled away from the house and surrounding lot. Police said the 58-year-old resident, who repeatedly refused requests to clean up the place,  lived in a tiny compartment in the back and reached it through a tunnel carved out of the garbage.

• 2005: Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed at the request of her husband, fueling a worldwide debate on euthanasia.

• 2007: A Hong Kong woman was brushing her teeth when she had a brush with disaster. As she brushed, she somehow slipped and fell and swallowed the toothbrush. She was able to call paramedics without choking. The toothbrush was eventually extracted with endoscopic surgery.


• Awkward Moments Day

• Brain Injury Awareness Day

• Forgive Mom and Dad Day

• National Agriculture Day

• Sloppy Joe Day


• March 20: Spring begins (Friday, 6:45p ET)

• April 1: April Fool’s Day (Wednesday)

• April 5: Easter (Sunday)

• April 5: Major League Baseball season opener (Sunday – Cards at Cubs, 8:05p ET)

More holidays



11,000: Artificial turf fields in the U.S.



A pastor in Michigan is steeped in controversy after comparing gay people to axe murderers. [It could have been worse. He could have compared them to Axe Body Spray.]

A Brazilian judge who was caught driving a court-seized Porsche now admits to also embezzling $265,000 of drug money. [“Oh yeah, and I haven’t paid for my cable in years.”]

There’s backlash over the new Cinderella movie. Some think that it sends the wrong message that girls need a guy to take care of them. [So, they’re filming yet another remake. This time with Ronda Rousey.]

Oprah announced another big auction from her personal collection next month. [Among the extremely rare items are a lock of Dr. Phil’s hair and a hardly used bottle of Dr. Oz’s integrity.]

Venezuela took out a full page ad in the New York Times to blast the imperialist U.S. [Because there’s no better way to demonstrate how capitalism doesn’t work than with paid advertising. ]

The author of the books on which Game of Thrones is based, George R.R. Martin, held a press conference to explain that he’s still working on the way overdue next installments. [He said every time he sits down to write he gets distracted counting his money.]

Starbucks has started a campaign where they want baristas to have conversations with customers about race. [That’s really gonna slow down the drive-thru lane.]

A Frenchman on a train was caught trying to smuggle his Russian wife into Europe in a suitcase. [He raised suspicion when he asked a fellow passenger if she would mind taking his luggage to the ladies room.]



MANY THINK STARBUCKS’ NEW ‘RACE TOGETHER’ PROGRAM IS DUMB _ Starbucks has just announced their new “Race Together” program. Here’s how it works, as explained by the company’s CEO (Howard Schultz): Baristas will write “race together” on your cup if they’re interested in having a conversation about race with you. This is really a thing — apparently it’s already been happening at locations including New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Oakland, and Los Angeles.

… The CEO says he organized an internal meeting back in December in which employees shared stories and discussed all the recent shootings and events which inspired protests and riots from Ferguson to New York. The company held similar forums around the country over the past few months, and now they’ve decided to extend this initiative out to their customers through the “Race Together” initiative.

… But it’s turned into somewhat of a joke on Twitter.

• “Despite our difference all of us — left or right, black or white — can agree that this Starbucks race talk idea is really stupid.”

• “The only thing worse than Starbucks is discussing sensitive cultural topics with strangers at Starbucks.”

• “Yesterday: talk about Love at McDonalds. Today: talk about race at Starbucks. Tomorrow: psychoanalysis from guy who makes Blizzards at Dairy Queen.”

• “Would #Starbucks lower their prices in order to offset the emotional cost of discussing #RaceTogether with a clueless Barista?”

• “If only Selma had just put in a Starbucks.”

WILL TWIZZLER CHALLENGE BE THE NEXT ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE? _ After the ALS Ice Bucket challenge raised more than $115 million in mere months, many speculated the viral campaign had forever changed the face of charitable fundraising. Almost a year later, the Today Show thinks it may have found a successor. On Tuesday, hosts Matt Lauer and Kathie Lee did a Lady and the Tramp-style chow down on two sides of a Twizzler in the name of autism awareness.

… It all started when a Bleacher Report writer tweeted that MSNBC co-anchor Willie Geist share a Twizzler with Orange is the New Black star Uzo Aduba during Comedy Central’s “Night of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together for Autism” to raise money. The two followed through and then Geist continued the #TwizzlerChallenge with Meredith Vieira on her show, challenging Matt Lauer and Kathie Lee, Chis Soules and his fiance Whitney of The Bachelor and Billy Bush and Kit Hoover.

… While the challenge hasn’t gained traction yet, it should be noted that Matt Lauer was also ahead of the curve with the Ice Bucket Challenge. He doused himself in cold water in mid-July, and it didn’t gain true social media virality until mid-August.

… The Today Show hosts challenged Jon Hamm and John Slattery to do the Twizzler Challenge for autism when they appear as guests March 23.

THE BEST GENDER REVEAL EVER _ When parents Kyle and Danielle Williams were expecting their second child, they were told it’d be another girl. They had the name Charlee all picked out and ready to go and arrived at the hospital for the birth. That’s where the surprises began. After 20 hours of pushing and no Charlee, doctors decided to perform an emergency C-section. Doctors allowed him to peak over the curtain while they brought Charlee out — and surprise to everyone, Charlee was actually a Charlie. So the Williams decided to have a little fun with everyone, including Grandma. They brought visitors into the room and slyly asked them to change the baby’s diaper. That’s when they saw that little “Charlee” had a little something extra hidden beneath. Now a video of grandma discovering the truth has gone viral. | VIDEO

BOSS SHAMES DRUNK EMPLOYEE WHO PASSED OUT _ Imagine your boss sees you passed out, drunk on your doorstep, or in the corner of your favorite bar. You would hope he’d be the compassionate type and call a cab. You would hope he didn’t take a photo of your drunk self and share it with 31,000 co-workers. That’s what the Vice President of Customer Service at Qatar Airways (Rossen Dimitrov) did. An unnamed woman, who has been employed as a crew member with the airline for the past nine years, was found drunk near a doorway in front of a Qatar Airways staff residence building. Apparently, the woman passed out before she was discovered by other crew members who helped her get back to her apartment. Unfortunately, she’d already been caught by her boss, who emailed an embarrassing photo and a lengthy letter to the entire staff after reportedly finding the drunk employee. The airline reportedly employs an estimated 31,000 employees, so an overwhelming number of workers received the drunken employee’s photo.

.. The email and photo have sparked a debate online. While some think that the employee was technically wrong for drinking on the job, others argue that she should have been reprimanded instead of exploited.

MAN WANTS TO SUE MICROSOFT AFTER SON’S $4,500 XBOX LIVE BINGE _ Kids charging their parents’ credit cards for in-game purchases is nothing new, but rarely do we hear stories of the phenomenon hurting very powerful people. Jeremy Hillman, director of corporate communications at the World Bank, is pretty upset with Microsoft after his son spent $4,500 in FIFA. Hillman explains that his son “had become quite attached to the FIFA soccer game on his Microsoft X-box” and wanted to stay connected to friends after they moved to Seattle. His son “tried to buy a player pack for $100 but it hadn’t worked and so he tried a couple more times.” He assumed that “Microsoft would surely compensate us for the failed purchases,” but after a back and forth with Microsoft, it turned out they wouldn’t.

… Hillman admits: “We should have paid much closer attention to his video gaming, and my son accepts his responsibility and punishment.” But Hillman also thinks Microsoft bears some of the blame. He says, “If there’s a lawyer out there that wants to start a class-action against Microsoft and force them into compensation and adopting a better policy, I’ll happily sign up.”

… Microsoft pointed out that the son’s email address was designated as a contact on the billing profile. So while Microsoft emailed each time the credit card was charged, dad never saw them because it was the boy’s email.

FACEBOOK HELPED A MAN REUNITE WITH HIS NANNY _ When Francisco Diaz was a little boy in Spain, his biological mother left him and his family. Diaz and his siblings were forced to live with his grandmother, who beat them and fed them so poorly that their nanny had to sneak them ham so they wouldn’t starve. After Diaz and his siblings were put up for adoption, that nanny, Yeny Zaera, was forced to bid them an emotional goodbye. Although she hired a private detective to track down Diaz, they never saw each other again. 30 years later, Zaera wrote an emotional Facebook post about her relationship Diaz. The post went viral, and eventually Diaz’s sister saw the Facebook post and got Zaera in touch with her brother. On March 14, the two had a tearful reunion after spending nearly 30 years apart.

TABLETS PUT MORE STRAIN ON NECK AND BACK THAN DESKTOPS _ A new study has found that tablets put three times as much strain on our neck muscles than desktop computers do, leading to neck cramps as well as more serious back problems. While research has already identified that bending the head at a 60 degree angle to look at a phone screen puts 60 pounds worth of pressure on the cervical spine, the same applies to tablet screens. The latest study, published in the journal Ergonomics, notes that, “Tablet use requires significant head and neck flexion [bending] and has implications for potential neck injury to users.”

CUSTOMER LEAPS OVER COUNTER, CHOKES AND PUNCHES WORKER _ A McDonald’s customer in Georgia was accidentally overcharged for his fast food order. Before the worker even had a chance to make it right, the customer leapt over the counter, tightened his hands around the cashier’s throat, and close-fist punched the cashier in the face. Willis Mann “lost his cool” after his order was rung up wrong, and rather than politely point out the error, he committed an assault that could have been deadly. Thankfully, the cashier suffered non life threatening injuries, and Mann was arrested with felony aggravated assault.

RYANAIR ANNOUNCES $15 FLIGHTS TO EUROPE _ Ryanair is promising to sell one-way trans-Atlantic flights for just $15. The flights won’t happen for awhile, and there are some catches. Travelers can expect to pay fees for just about everything on the flight. And even if you fly with no luggage, don’t request a printed boarding pass, and skip all meals and drinks, you’ll still pay airline taxes. From the U.K. to the U.S. that’s about $200.

FALLING ICE LEAVES 12 PEOPLE HOMELESS _About 30 people were evacuated over the weekend when a gas-fed fire ravaged an apartment complex in Manchester, Connecticut. Three families, with about 12 people, were left homeless as a result of the blaze. Fire officials say the blaze began after ice fell from the roof and sheared the pipe to an outside gas meter.

KOOKY SOLDIER CLAIMS HE SPENT YEARS BATTLING ALIENS ON MARS _ Here’s a kooky story from a website called A former U.S. Marine claims that he has spent nearly a decade battling aliens on Mars. The ex-marine, who goes by the name of Captain Kaye, says that there are five human colonies on the Red Planet and he has spent 17 years fighting to protect them. Serving in a space fleet known as the Earth Defense Force — that recruited military personnel from countries like America, Russia and China — he was trained to fly a variety of bombers and Star Wars-style space fighters. He then spent his time protecting the colonies from martians, who presumably wanted to take over and make the planet their own.

… Spacecraft training apparently took place on the moon, as well as on Saturn’s moon Titan and even in deep space. Kaye’s retirement ceremony after 20 years of service also took place on the moon, with guests including ex-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield.

RESCUERS TRYING TO SAVE ONE DOG ACCIDENTALLY SAVE 12 _ In Dallas, Texas, a group of dedicated animal rescuers had pursued an elusive pup who was determined to live in a patch of woods in a city park. Recently, one of the equally determined rescuers was approached by the very dog she was looking for, who proceeded to bark at her and move deeper into the woods. The rescuer found herself surprised by the dog’s behavior. When she followed the pup into the woods, she began to hear yapping, and realized that the stray dog she had intended to rescue knew of a group of pups who needed help even more than he did. Beneath a burned tree near a muddy creek bed, the rescue worker found a litter of cold, hungry puppies. The ten puppies were accompanied by their exhausted mother, all of whom clearly needed shelter and medical attention. The puppies and their mom, plus the abandoned dog, who’s named Hero, are all safe and sound in a foster home.

BAT INFESTATION FORCES UNIVERSITY PREZ OUT OF HOUSE _ A bat infestation is forcing the president of Ohio University out of his on-campus house. The problem is so serious the president’s wife recently broke her foot while trying to run away from one of the flying pests.

MITT ROMNEY TO TAKE ON EVANDER HOLYFIELD IN CHARITY MATCH _ Mitt Romney’s still got a lot of fight in him. The twice-failed presidential contender is gearing up to enter the ring once again, but this time it’s a boxing ring. Former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield will go head-to-head with the former Massachusetts governor for a charity event in May. The 68-year-old politician — who’s coming in at 6-foot-2, and at last count 185 pounds — will playfully duke it out with the 52-year-old Olympian — last count standing at 6-foot-1 and roughly 222 pounds. The event’s unlikely pairing aims to raise money, ideally through corporate sponsorships, for the non-profit group Charity Vision which fights blindness worldwide.



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DRUNK IN THE CLASSROOM _ A parent reported to officials at East Elementary School in Ankeny, Iowa, that a kindergarten teacher had beer in her classroom. Police were summoned, and the teacher told them that she only had “two beers” at lunch. Officers found two empty beer cans — and four full ones — in her classroom. She was arrested for public intoxication; a breath test pegged her blood alcohol level at .145 percent, nearly double the limit for driving.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BOMB THREAT WAS EASY TO TRACK DOWN _ A bomb threat called in to Iowa’s Quad-City International Airport was specific. Over several calls directly to the airport’s emergency number, the man said “everybody” was going to be blown up. The airport was never evacuated, and police simply traced the number to a cell phone — purchased by an airport employee. The employee, in turn, had just given the phone to her son. The 28-year-old son, who told FBI agents he was drunk and “playing” around to get his mother in trouble, was arrested and charged.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: HUSBAND MAKES A COCAINE CALL TO COPS _ Robert Daniel Collins of Alliance, Ohio, was mighty upset at his wife. He called police to report a theft, which he blamed on her. Police say Collins called 911 “because he claimed that his wife stole his cocaine.” Police cleared up the situation easily enough by arresting Collins, charging him with possession of drug paraphernalia and misuse of 911.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: NOT HOW YOU DO A BOMB THREAT _ A man hobbled on crutches into a bar in Tallahassee, Florida, and ordered a beer. He tried to pay for it using a rock, and when that didn’t go over well, he tore up a $1 bill and threw it at an employee. He was told to leave. A short time later the man came back dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase, which he set down and allegedly said, “anyone who goes near this will die.” Thinking there was a bomb inside, everyone fled the bar, and someone called the police, who brought in the bomb squad. Before police arrived the man also exited the bar doing handstands. The man was arrested and charged with making false bomb threats and disorderly conduct.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COMA TEEN ADDICTED TO CHEESE AND SWEARING _ In England, Kai Thomas collapsed last June after a massive brain hemorrhage. Doctors performed a six-hour operations to release pressure on his brain. To aid his healing, he was then put in a medically-induced coma. After waking up, Kai initially could not talk or walk. But once he regained the power of speech and movement, his mother noticed an immediate change in his personality. He had developed strange compulsions: cheese started missing from the fridge, and he was swearing a lot. Kai’s mom says it’s not uncommon to find him working his way through a whole block of cheese.



NCAA TOURNAMENT (6:30p ET, TruTV) — North Florida vs. Robert Morris is the first game, followed by Boise State vs. Dayton.

SURVIVOR (8p ET, CBS) — A new, 2-hour edition.

SEASON FINALE: EMPIRE (9p ET, FOX) — Snoop Dog, Jennifer Hudson, Rita Ora, Juicy J and Patti Labelle guest star in the 2-hour season finale. The show will return for a second season.


THE MIDDLE (8p ET, ABC) — Repeat

ARROW (8p ET, CW) — New

THE GOLDBERGS (8:30p ET, ABC) — Repeat


LAW & ORDER: SVU (9p ET, NBC) — Repeat


BLACKISH (9:30p ET, ABC) — Repeat

CSI: CYBER (10p ET, CBS) — New

CHICAGO P.D. (10p ET, NBC) — Repeat

THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE SOUND OF MUSIC: A DIANE SAWYER SPECIAL (10p ET, ABC) — Julie Andrews and Diane Sawyer travel to Austria to explore the story behind The Sound of Music.



GEORGE R.R. MARTIN TEASES COMPLETION OF NEXT BOOK IN SERIES _ George R.R. Martin has canceled plans to attend two upcoming conventions — unless, that is, he finishes the latest installment in the Song of Ice and Fire series. On his blog Monday night, Martin wrote: “Should I complete and deliver ‘Winds of Winter’ before these [conventions] roll round, I reserve the right to change my mind.” Fans have been eager for The Winds of Winter since the fifth book in the series, A Dance with Dragons, was released in July 2011.

CRISTIE SCHOEN CODD AND HUSBAND BELIEVED MURDERED _ Cristie Schoen Codd, a pregnant former Food Network Star contestant who went missing with her husband Joseph “J.T.” Codd in North Carolina over the weekend, is believed to have been murdered. Both Codds were reported missing by family on Sunday, leading to a police investigation. On Tuesday, the Buncombe County Sheriff announced the arrest of Robert Jason Owens, who’s been charged with two counts of felony first degree murder and one count of murder of an unborn child.

… Codd appeared on Season 8 of Food Network Star back in 2012. She was five months pregnant when she and her husband went missing.

SHOWTIME’S TWIN PEAKS REBOOT IS STILL ON _ Despite creator David Lynch’s recent comments that Showtime’s reboot of Twin Peaks was “still up in the air,” a source close to the project says that’s not the case. The source tells Entertainment Weekly: “Everything is moving forward and everybody is crazy thrilled and excited.” Showtime has already received all the scripts for the reboot, and Lynch had previously agreed to direct all nine episodes, which are scheduled to debut in 2016 to coincide with the show’s 25th anniversary.

A ‘BLUE THUNDER’ REMAKE IS MOVING FORWARD _ Blue Thunder was a 1983 action/thriller featuring Roy Scheider as the pilot of a state of the art helicopter being used as an experimental addition to the LAPD’s arsenal with the idea of controlling crowds during the 1984 Olympics. Now there’s a Blue Thunder remake in the works, and it will immediately distinguish itself from the original by focusing on a drone, rather than a ‘copter with a human pilot.

WHY DID TONY DANZA BREAK DOWN ON THE DR. OZ SHOW? On today’s (Wednesday) episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Tony Danza exposes a deeply vulnerable, emotional side of himself. Despite playing for laughs in his star-making turns on Who’s the Boss? and Taxi, the actor has tragedy in his past: More than 20 years ago, he was nearly killed in a terrifying ski accident, and he finally shares what was weighing on his mind that day. Danza tells Dr. Oz: “The reason I fell is because I lost my mother [the previous June]. I was thinking it was the first Christmas, and I had her on my mind.” Distracted by the devastating loss, Danza fell and sustained injuries that put him in critical condition for nearly a month. At the time, his publicist told the press he was “lucky to be alive.” More than two decades later, Danza still struggles to maintain composure over the terrifying accident.

V. STIVIANO PROFESSES “LOVE” FOR DONALD STERLING _ Remember the odd couple of former NBA owner Donald Sterling and girlfriend V. Stiviano? Well she posted a photo a message on Instagram Tuesday that she will forever be his “angel” and that she loves Donald. She also said: “Don’t let the evil witch of the west Rochelle (Shelly) Sterling suck the living life out of you. I’m here for you. I’ve always been here. I’m not going anywhere.”

… Stiviano made headlines last year when she secretly recorded Sterling making offensive and racist remarks.

BILL & TED 3 IS ‘REALLY CLOSE,’ ACCORDING TO BILL _ Alex Winter, the Bill in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, says another Bill & Ted movie is “really close.” The former actor, who’s now a director and is promoting a film at SXSW, told an audience this week: “We’re really close [to doing another film]. We’re just about there. In Hollywood parlance, [that] means we’ll either be shooting soon, or it’s never going to happen.”

ELTON JOHN CAUGHT CARRYING DOLCE & GABBANA BAG _ Elton John was photographed carrying a Dolce & Gabbana shopping bag Monday, just two days after calling for a boycott of the brand following the designers’ comments in opposition to gay marriage and in-vitro fertilization. The Daily Mail published the photos online early Tuesday with a note from an Elton John spokesman indicating that they were legitimate. He said John was carrying the bag to a recording studio and had not been shopping.

JUSTIN BIEBER ASKED DAVID ARQUETTE TO LEAVE HIS PARTY _ It turns out Justin Bieber’s 21st birthday celebration in Las Vegas this past weekend wasn’t entirely drama free. After celebrating at the Omnia Nightclub Saturday night with stars like Kris Jenner and her boyfriend, Katharine McPhee, Ashley Benson and Scooter Braun, the pop star continued the party inside his super-expensive suite at Caesars Palace where he eventually booted unwanted party guest David Arquette. A source says there wasn’t a lot of drama: “Justin wanted David to leave because he wanted to have a private party with his close friends. … And while he likes David, David is not part of Justin’s inner circle and so David was asked to leave, which he did. There was no altercation.”

ERIN ANDREWS NOT ENGAGED _ It looks like an engagement ring. She’s flaunting it like an engagement ring. But the rock on Erin Andrews’ finger is not an engagement ring. Andrews has been dating L.A. Kings superstar Jarret Stoll for a while, and after she posted a pic with a huge diamond before Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars premiere, there was buzz that he finally popped the question. Turns out the ring wasn’t from Stoll — it was from wardrobe — so Erin would look “blinged out” for the big show.



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One of our co-workers here at (your station) told us they bowled in gym class in high school. Their school was not far from a bowling alley so they’d either take a short bus ride to the alley or walk. What weird sport did you do in gym class? Here are three calls to help with the phones. » download


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Week of March 9-15

1. NCIS, CBS, 16.22 million

2. The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 16.13 million

3. Empire, Fox, 14.92 million

4. The Voice (Monday), NBC, 13.95 million

5. The Walking Dead, AMC, 13.78 million

6. The Voice (Tuesday), NBC, 13.73 million

7. NCIS: New Orleans, CBS, 12.61 million

8. 60 Minutes, CBS, 11.49 million

9. Madam Secretary, CBS, 11.26 million

10. Blue Bloods, CBS, 11.07 million

11. NCIS: Los Angeles, CBS, 10.72 million

12. Scorpion, CBS, 10.59 million

13. Criminal Minds, CBS, 10.32 million

14. The Odd Couple, CBS, 10.24 million

15. American Idol (Wednesday), Fox, 9.709 million

16. CSI: Cyber, CBS, 9.706 million

17. The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, ABC, 9.682 million

18. The Bachelor, ABC, 9.679 million

19. The Big Bang Theory (Thursday, 9 p.m.), CBS, 9.39 million

20. Hawaii Five-O, CBS, 9.38 million


Writer Clint Edwards did an article for about the dumb things he’s said to his pregnant wife. Clint writes: “My wife and I have three kids. With each one I’ve said some stupid things that make me very embarrassed. I am going to have a conversation with my former self. My hope is that some of you future fathers out there can learn from my mistakes.”

“I don’t understand why this is making you so tired.” Really, Clint? Of course you don’t understand. Why would you even ask that question? The woman is creating a person inside her body. What have you created inside your body? Poop. Pee. Stupid assumptions. How could you possibly understand how tired it makes someone to create a human life? If your wife says she tired from creating your child, just agree with her. It’s a big deal.

“Every time I look at your pregnant stomach, I freak out a little.” Dude, I am sure that you’re scared. Your wife being pregnant represents new responsibility. But here’s the deal. Your wife is probably just as scared, and to top it off, she has to look forward to changing hormones, a sour stomach, and pushing an 8 pound baby through the vagina you love so dearly. You are not helping. Try being more supportive.

“Ugh… why are you crying again?” Stop acting put out. You still have the power to regulate your emotions and hormones. Congratulations. You’re not getting struck with sudden sorrow and frustration along with hot flashes and cravings for cheap hot sauce. The closest thing you’ve had to a hot flash was the last time you ate at Buffalo Wild Wings.

“Babe… it’s like 9:30 p.m. I don’t want to run to Taco Bell.” The last time you had a craving for Taco Bell at 9:30 p.m., you ran your [butt] out the door and got a double decker taco. Your pregnant wife wants one, and you [complain]. Go get your wife a burrito.

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: Dads, admit it — what’s the dumbest thing you said to your wife when she was pregnant?


From Men’s Health…

• “Good morning.

• “I can’t stop touching you.”

• “Want to join me in the shower?”

• Her name — her full name — followed by a “Wow.”

• “I’ll cancel my plans if you’ll stay here with me for the rest of the weekend.”

• “I’ll go make coffee.”

• “Let’s play hooky today.”

• “You sleep; I’ll go check on the baby.”

Nothing. Total, deliberate silence. You can stare at her, grab her, touch her, but don’t make a sound. If she tries to talk, place a finger on her lips.


From the (Jock) Show…

• “Pull my finger.”

• “Without clothes on you look even more like Ben Stiller.”

• “Hellooo… ever hear of a tanning bed?”

• “Lights, quickly, someone turn off the lights!”

• “You look so much like your mother.”

• “I don’t know about you, but I could use a drink.”



TRIVIA: Major League Baseball does this 5 times before a baseball is used in a game. (Weighs it)

TRIVIA: In water they are called a “raft”. On land they are called a “waddle.” (A group of penguins)



A blonde woman was speeding down the road in her little red sports car and was pulled over by a blonde, female police officer. The cop asked to see the blonde’s driver’s license. She dug through her purse and was getting progressively more agitated. “What does it look like?” she finally asked. The policewoman replied, “It’s square and it has your picture on it.” The driver finally found a square mirror, looked at it, and handed it to the policewoman. “Here it is,” she said. The blonde officer looked at the mirror, then handed it back saying, “Okay, you can go. I didn’t realize you were a cop.”



What happens when you take a video selfie in front of a dumpster fire.



source: instagram



Bouncy Balls.

• There will soon be 299 under-ocean cables that connect the world to the Internet.

• Lonely tweets.

• Amazing urban treehouse.

• 17 tips for Netflix users.

• Make any page look like it was made by a 13-year-old.

• Second Tomorrowland trailer.

• Click to add a point of gravity.

• Shotgun rules.

• Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment.



• 1983: JOHN ANDERSON’s Swingin’ entered the country charts.

• 1994: MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER scored a number one with He Thinks He’ll Keep Her.

• 2000: The U.S. Postal Service unveiled a 20-cent stamp of the Ryman Auditorium, home of the Grand Ole Opry.

• 2008: GARTH BROOKS’ collection The Ultimate Hits was certified multi-platinum for sales of 5 million copies.

• 2008: ALAN JACKSON scored his 32nd number one hit with Small Town Southern Man.

• 2008: TAYLOR SWIFT earned her second platinum digital single with Our Song. Her first had come previously with Teardrops On My Guitar.

• 2008: RICKY SKAGGS received an honorary doctorate of music from the Burklee College of Music of Boston, during his performance at the Grand Ole Opry.


SONS OF THE DESERT keyboardist Scott Saunders is 51.

Jaron Lowenstein — also known as JARON AND THE LONG ROAD TO LOVE — is 41. His tune Pray for You reached the Top 20 in 2010. Jaron has a twin brother named Evan.

Philip Sweet of LITTLE BIG TOWN is 41.



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TIM McGRAW calls on acting skills in his music career. » download



GARTH BROOKS is bringing his world tour to Omaha, Nebraska’s Century Link Center, May 8-9. Tickets for the two shows will go on sale March 27. This will mark Garth’s first performances in the city in 17 years.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD posted a pic of herself on Instagram, mentioning how she had no time to do her hair. The pic was the first posted after giving birth to Isaiah Michael late last month. The pic also shows Carrie wearing a headband from her Calia By Carrie line. | IMAGE

LUKE BRYAN says his decision to stop playing his spring break concerts in Panama City, Florida is because he doesn’t want to be an old guy hanging out with the young crowd each year. Luke says he’s been lucky enough to experience spring break into his ’30s and figures it’s about time to pass the torch on to someone else.

BRETT ELDREDGE is looking for suggestions on how to celebrate his third consecutive number one. When Don’t Ya hit the top of the charts, Brett went sky-diving; when Beat of the Music went number one he swam with the sharks. Now he wants fans to suggest how he should celebrate the number one status of Mean to Me. Tweet them to @bretteldredge using the hashtag #BrettsNextAdventure.

BRETT ELDREDGE is at work on his next album, to be released later this year.

BRAD PAISLEY says when he’s at home, he enjoys shooting his bow and even has animal statue targets like coyotes and dinosaurs to shoot at. Brad jokes his property looks like the worst zoo ever built.

JOHNNY CASH’s American Recordings series will be re-issued as a vinyl boxed set on March 24. The entire series of six albums begun in 1994 and continued even after Johnny’s death in 2003.



This is day 78 of 2015. There are 287 days remaining.


• Ursula Andress is 79

• Ruth Pointer of the Pointer Sisters is 69

• Glenn Close is 68

• Film producer Harvey Weinstein is 63

• Bruce Willis is 60

• Abby Brammell (Jobs, The Unit) is 36


•  1831: The City Bank of New York became the site of the first bank robbery in United States history. $245,000 was taken. Edward Smith was caught, convicted and spent five years in New York’s Sing-Sing Prison.

• 1915: Pluto was photographed for the first time, but was not recognized as a planet.

• 1918: The U.S. Congress established time zones and approved daylight saving time.

• 1931: Gambling was legalized in Nevada.

• 1931: Alka-Seltzer went on sale for the first time.

• 1953: The Academy Awards ceremony was televised for the first time with proceedings in Hollywood and New York. The Greatest Show on Earth was named best picture of 1952.

• 1954: In the first televised prize boxing fight shown in color, Joey Giardello knocked out Willie Tory.

• 1957: Elvis Presley bought his Graceland estate in Memphis.

• 1974: Jefferson Airplane became Jefferson Starship.

• 1979: The United States House of Representatives began broadcasting its day-to-day business via the cable television network C-SPAN.

• 1985: A preschool PTA in Duncanville, Texas, raised $650 by auctioning off two vasectomies donated by a local urologist.

• 1987: Televangelist Jim Bakker resigned as head of the PTL Club due to a brewing sex scandal; he handed over control to Jerry Falwell.

• 1988: Michael Jackson bought a ranch near Santa Ynez, California, and built his own personal zoo and amusement park. He named it Neverland.

• 1995: A 34-year-old London man was sentenced to a year in jail for dividing up he and his wife’s property in a divorce settlement. He did it with a chainsaw. He divided up the furniture and the front porch.

• 2002: Seven brothers married seven sisters at the same wedding ceremony in Pakistan. Over 2,000 family members attended the mass wedding.

• 2005: In Key West, Florida, police arrested a man shortly after holding up a bank… using a pitchfork.

• 2006: A lamb with six legs — four in front and two at the back — was born on a farm in Belgium.


• National Poultry Day.

• Operation Iraqi Freedom Day

• Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

• Deskfast Day. A day to recognize those who eat breakfast at their desk.

• Oatmeal Cookie Day


• March 20: Spring begins (Friday, 6:45p ET)

• April 1: April Fool’s Day (Wednesday)

• April 5: Easter (Sunday)

• April 5: Major League Baseball season opener (Sunday – Cards at Cubs, 8:05p ET)

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