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DATEBOOK: MAY 13, 2015

This is day 133 of 2015. There are 232 days remaining.


• Harvey Keitel is 76

• Stevie Wonder is 65

• Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is 54

• Stephen Colbert is 51

• Actress/country singer Lari White (the woman who finally gets her FedEx package in Cast Away) is 50

• Darius Rucker (solo country career, Hootie and the Blowfish is 49

• Lena Dunham (HBO’s Girls) is 29

• Robert Pattinson is 29

• Candice Accola (The Vampire Diaries) is 28


• 1821: Samuel Rust of New York City patented the first practical printing press built in the U.S.

• 1854: The first big American billiards match was held at Malcolm Hall in Syracuse, New York. Joseph White and George Smith participated in the event for a $200 prize. White pocketed the award as winner of the match.

• 1880: In Menlo Park, New Jersey, Thomas Edison performed the first test of his electric railway.

• 1939: The first commercial FM radio station in the United States was launched in Bloomfield, Connecticut. The station later became WDRC-FM.

• 1950: Diner’s Club issued its first credit cards.

• 1958: Velcro’s trademark was registered.

• 1967: Mickey Mantle joined six other baseball legends as he hit home run number 500.

• 1992: Three astronauts walked in space simultaneously for the first time.

• 1994: Johnny Carson made his last television appearance on The David Letterman Show.

• 2002: A Chicago truck driver will never forget this not-so-egg-celent day after he spilled over 180,000 eggs on the highway. Michael Haynes fell asleep behind the wheel of his truck, lost control, and dumped the eggs on parts of I-65. The highway was closed for over three hours and snowplows were used to clean up the mess.

• 2006: Artist David Mach created an 8 foot tall sculpture of a nude woman made from 4,200 Scrabble tiles. The sculpture went on display on this day in West Sussex, England, and cost over $100,000 to build. The artist has previously used magazines, newspapers and car tires in his sculptures.


• Donate A Day’s Wages To Charity

• National Night Shift Workers Day

• National Third Shift Workers Day

• Receptionists Day

• Apple Pie Day


• May 20: David Letterman’s final show (Wednesday)

• May 25: Memorial Day (Monday)

• June 21: Father’s Day (Sunday)

More holidays



90: Percentage of computers that don’t have the most recent security upgrades installed.



Scientists in Italy sprayed spiders with carbon and grapheme then watched as the spiders spun webs made of the strongest fibers in the world. [The scientists are getting a lot of notoriety, and the spiders were just invited to join The Avengers.]

A passenger is blaming Delta Airlines for seating his four-year-old daughter 11 rows away from him even though the flight had plenty of empty seats. He says the airline then requested an additional $88 to correct the situation. [That’s not customer service. That’s a hostage negotiation.]

The Pentagon reports that China now has enough missile range to cover nearly every part of the United States. [I wish the same could be said for my cell phone coverage.]

World record auction prices were set in New York with a Picasso painting selling for $179.4 million and a Giacometti sculpture bringing $141.3 million. [Both works are noteworthy for containing not a single likeness of a Kardashian.]

An unusually large baby boy was recently born at a hospital in Pittsburgh. It weighed 13 pounds, 10 ounces. [The boy is healthy, happy, and has just signed with Michigan (or Duke).]

The latest environmental report says that the man-made hole in our ozone layer is healing quickly and should vanish by the end of this century. [And then we can get our security deposit back.]

The board of trustees in Celoron, New York have voted to remove a widely criticized 400-pound bronze statue of Lucille Ball. No one thought the statue looked even remotely like Lucy, and is said to frighten small children. [On a positive note it was pretty good at keeping the pigeons out of the park.]

Scientists report tinkering with DNA and producing chicken embryos that have the beaks, not of chickens, but of velociraptors. [Chicken McNuggets that bite back.]



AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD EXPECTED TO SAVE $675 AT THE PUMP IN 2015 _ Although retail gasoline prices have risen in recent weeks, U.S. consumers are still expected to save about $675 per household in fuel costs this year. In its new monthly forecast, the U.S. Energy Information Administration says the average pump price for regular grade gasoline in 2015 will be $2.43 per gallon. That’s about 93 cents lower than last year’s average. The savings for consumers will be even bigger during the heavier-traveled summer driving period when regular gasoline is expected to average $2.55 a gallon, down $1.04 from last summer.

VIRGIN ATLANTIC DREAMLINER COMES WITH A PLACE FOR SELFIES _ Virgin Atlantic last week launched its inaugural flight between Los Angeles and London on a 787 Dreamliner. The plane is loaded with passenger amenities, including windows that dim with the touch of a button, a bar near the upper-class section and a wall of shelves near the middle of the plane that is stocked with free snacks and drinks.

… A feature that won’t be found on most other planes is an area in the back of the 787 for shooting selfies. As a backdrop for the selfie pictures, the airline has mounted on a cabin partition a poster of the airline’s “flying lady,” an image that appears near the nose of each Virgin Atlantic plane. In the selfie area, passengers can shoot a selfie in front of the poster and upload it to Facebook without having to pay for onboard Wi-Fi. The airline has even promoted a hashtag: #skyhighselfie.

WEALTHY, EDUCATED MEN DRINK THE MOST _ A global study (by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development) reveals men who are wealthy and have more education are more likely to drink alcohol than anyone else. Though these men with a higher socioeconomic status — usually white men — tend to drink most, the study found that wealthy women and poor men are most likely to take part in “hazardous drinking.”

BROADBAND ADDICTS WOULD RATHER LOSE A FINGER THAN WEB _ A new survey (by shows one in three people would rather lose a finger than their broadband connection.

94-YEAR-OLD MAN FINISHES COLLEGE _ A 94-year-old man will be one of the oldest graduates in the West Virginia University history when he receives his diploma Sunday. The school says Anthony Brutto, who studied on and off for 75 years, will be awarded his Regents Bachelor of Arts degree during commencement. Brutto first entered the university in 1939 when tuition was $50. He was drafted in 1942, serving in the Army Air Corps until the end of World War II. Brutto re-enrolled at the school in 1946, but could not finish because he had to care for his sick wife. A machinist by trade, Brutto says graduating from college was always important to him. He jokingly says he’ll take a break before pursuing a master’s degree.

HAMBURGLAR’S FIRST VIDEO IS A JOKE ABOUT HIS NAGGING WIFE _ Are we sure we want the Hamburglar back? The cartoon character, who was reincarnated as a real live human after a 13-year break took over McDonald’s Twitter account Tuesday. The character used the platform to … well, sorry, he keeps getting interrupted again and again by his wife’s phone calls. Yep, even the Hamburglar gets nagged by his annoying wife about the various things (candles and cake) she wants him to pick up while he’s out. • VIDEO

PASSENGERS OPEN PLANE DOOR, WIN PRAISE ON SOCIAL MEDIA _ Two airline passengers in China who were arrested for opening an emergency exit to give fellow delayed travelers a breath of fresh air have been lauded as heroes on social media. The incident occurred on May 9 aboard a China United Airlines flight, whose scheduled 4:30PM takeoff for Beijing was delayed due to poor weather conditions. The passengers, who had already waited for almost three hours to board the plane, were in the cabin for nearly five hours without air-conditioning. One female passenger reportedly passed out from the heat. Video footage captured at the scene shows the woman lying on the floor while passengers shout at the crew to open a door. A crew member responded by saying anyone caught opening an emergency exit will be fined almost $13,000. Ignoring the warning, two male passengers opened the emergency exit, prompting crew to call police and an ambulance. The woman was sent to hospital and the two who opened the door were arrested. Many people on social media criticized the airline and staff for their behavior and praised the men for intervening.

COUPLE OF 69 YEARS LEGALLY MARRIED, AGAIN _ An elderly couple caught in legal limbo in China was once again pronounced man and wife in the eyes of the law. The couple, who are in their 90s, got stuck in red tape when authorities asked them to provide their marriage license while filing paperwork. The pair was married in 1946. Their marriage certificate, issued by the Republic of China, went missing years ago. During their quest to update and replace it, a local bureau of civil affairs said that a marriage certificate issued before the time of the People’s Republic of China is not legally valid. The family eventually pulled enough strings to get the couple valid marriage documentation.

NEW RANKINGS OUT FOR BIKE-FRIENDLY STATES _ The League of American Bicyclists has released its 2015 rankings of the most bicycle-friendly states. For the eighth year in a row, Washington tops the list. Minnesota took second. Delaware and Massachusetts tied for third. The least bicycle-friendly state is Alabama. • FULL LIST

… Rankings were determined based on five categories: legislation and enforcement, policies and programs, infrastructure and funding, education and encouragement, and evaluation and planning.

IKEA IS OPENING A CAFE WITH BEDS INSTEAD OF TABLES _ Ikea has found a bizarre new way to advertise its beds. The furniture retailer is opening a pop-up cafe in London where customers will be invited to lounge on Ikea beds, instead of sit at tables, while they are served breakfast. The beds can be reserved for 45-minute slots from 7AM to noon. After that, the beds will be made available for naps. Sleep specialists will also be available to “offer advice on how you can get the best night’s sleep.”

MAN ‘FOUNDS COUNTRY’ TO MAKE DAUGHTER A PRINCESS _ A Virginia farmer has started a crowdfunding page in the hopes of creating a new country on unclaimed land in the desert sands of northeast Africa. The area of land Jeremiah Heaton has identified for his new state lies between Sudan and Egypt and is known as Bir Tawil. I told you about this guy last year. Back in June he posted a picture of himself on Facebook planting a flag in the sand alongside the message: “So be it proclaimed on June 16, 2014, Emily’s 7th birthday, that Bir Tawil shall be forever known as the Kingdom of North Sudan. The Kingdom is established as a sovereign monarchy with myself as the head of state; with Emily becoming an actual Princess.”

… Heaton insists his claim to the land is legitimate, saying the planting of the flag “is exactly how several other countries, including what became the United States, were historically claimed”.

… On his indiegogo page he says: “In creating a new country, we have the opportunity to make it something truly extraordinary: a nation fully dedicated to researching and developing solutions for our current global food shortages and impending food crisis.” • LINK

COMPANY FORCED TO APOLOGIZE FOR “RIDE ME ALL DAY” AD CAMPAIGN _ A travel company based in the United Kingdom (New Adventure Travel Limited) decided to begin an ad campaign in hopes of luring younger customers. Unfortunately, their approach rubbed more than a few people the wrong way. The ads, placed on the back of several buses, featured either a shirtless man or a topless woman holding a sign. The text simply read, “RIDE ME ALL DAY FOR £3.” Within 24 hours the company issued a statement: “The slogan of ‘ride me all day for £3,’ while being a little tongue in cheek, was in no way intended to cause offense to either men or women. If the advertisement has done so, then we apologize unreservedly. There has certainly been no intention to objectify either men or women.”

AMERICA WANTS HARRIET TUBMAN ON $20 BILL _ America has spoken, loud and clear. They want Harriet Tubman to be the face of our $20 bill. Right now, our currency is very male and very white. A grassroots campaign called Women on 20s hopes to change that, and started an online petition to replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty. Women on 20s held two rounds of voting. After the first round, there were four finalists: Tubman, Wilma Mankiller, Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks. All extraordinary women, not just in their time, but in history. In the end Harriet Tubman won with 118,328 votes. Second place was Roosevelt with 111,227.

… It doesn’t take an “act of Congress” to change the portrait on currency — just the Secretary of the Treasury to make the change. Women on 20s hopes the more than 600,000 voters in the online campaign will convince the President to use his influence and make it happen.

MAN SAVES DOG IN HOT CAR, BUT GETS ARRESTED ANYWAY _ A Georgia man who saved a dog from a hot car wasn’t rewarded for his action. Instead, the move landed him behind bars. Michael Hammons said he heard someone say there was a dog in distress in a hot car. So Hammons started smashing the windows. Hammons used his wife’s wheelchair leg to smash the window, freeing the dog. Witnesses say when the owner of the car came out of the store, she was furious, and demanded deputies take action. The Chief Deputy said later, “We would not have made those charges on our own. The deputies on scene say the owner of the car and of the dog was very insistent that he be charged with criminal trespassing.” The dog’s owner told police she had only been gone five minutes.



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN SNEEZES OUT PART OF TOY DART _ A man in England who regularly suffered a blocked nose can finally breathe easy after he sneezed out the cause: part of a toy dart that had been stuck up a nostril for more than 40 years. 51-year-old Steve Easton often had a case of the sniffles or a headache and put it down to hay fever. But his nasal passages are now clear for the first time since childhood after one big blow cleared the problem. As he sat at his computer he sneezed and out flew the sucker tip of a toy dart, about the size of a penny. Easton told his mother, Pat, and was amazed to find that when he was seven his parents had taken him to hospital after they thought he had inhaled the dart. She says the hospital spent a lot of time looking for it but in the end could find nothing.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PEOPLE STRIP NAKED AT FUNERAL _ The burial of a well-known official in Zimbabwe turned into a strip show after mourners — both men and women — got naked, apparently mimicking the deceased who was well known for hiring the services of commercial sex workers. As relatives tried to give their beloved one a decent send-off, condoms were thrown into the grave, while nude dances and foul language overshadowed proceedings at the cemetery.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ‘LUCKY JACKET’ LANDS BURGLAR IN HANDCUFFS _ A burglar accused of ransacking homes in China while wearing what he called his “lucky jacket” was caught during a police stakeout.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: POLICE ADVISE AGAINST CHASING BEARS WITH HATCHETS _ The North Adams, Massachusetts, police department has delivered this advisory for residents: “Chasing bears through the woods drunk with a dull hatchet is strongly not advised.” Police say man did just that on Monday night. The North Adams police posted on their Facebook page: “We certainly don’t need anyone going all Davy Crockett … It is just a bad idea and not going to end well.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: THIEF STOPPED BY NEXT-DOOR SELF-DEFENSE STUDIO _ A Florida (Wesley Chapel) man is accused of trying to steal $15,000 worth of bikes from a story called Kona Swim Bike Run. Investigators said the guy broke into the bike store Thursday evening. At the time, people were training next door at a self-defense and jiu-jitsu studio. The co-owner of the jiu-jitsu studio heard some noise, saw broken glass and grabbed a couple of jiu-jitsu class attendants, who detained the thief till cops arrived.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: THIEVES TRIED TO STEAL A DUMP TRUCK _ A plot to steal a dump truck in Florida (Lake Worth) stalled out after the two suspected thieves realized they couldn’t drive the vehicle.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: 45-FOOT STOLEN YACHT FOUND ON SIDE OF ROAD _ A $100,000 yacht was found abandoned on the side of the road in Wisconsin after being stolen over Mother’s Day weekend. Authorities found the “Annie Mac” undamaged on the side of the highway (in Norway) — 40 miles from where it had been stored.



SURVIVOR (8p ET, CBS) — New. The season finale is next week.

SEASON FINALE: AMERICAN IDOL (8p ET, FOX) — The 2-hour finale will include performances by the Jacksons, Chris Brown, Echosmith, Fall Out Boy, Vance Joy, Ricky Martin, Michael McDonald, Janelle Monáe, Nile Rodgers and Prince Royce, New Kids on the Block, Pitbull, Jamie Foxx and Steven Tyler. There will also be performances by judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. Idol will return in January for its 15th and final season.

THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA (8p ET, NBC) — Steve Guttenberg and Melissa Joan Hart guest star in this new episode. The season finale is next week.

SEASON FINALE: THE MIDDLE (8p ET, ABC) — Season 6 wraps up with this new episode. The show has been renewed for a 7th season.

SEASON FINALE: ARROW (8p ET, CW) — Season 3 ends with this new episode. The show will be back for a 4th season.

SEASON FINALE: THE GOLDBERGS (8:30p ET, ABC) — Season 2 ends tonight. The show has been renewed for a 3rd season.

MODERN FAMILY (9p ET, ABC) — New. The season finale is next week.

LAW & ORDER: SVU (9p ET, NBC) — New. The season finale is next week.

SEASON FINALE: CSI: CYBER (9p ET, CBS) — The first season ends with a 2-hour finale. The show been renewed for a 2nd season.


BLACKISH (9:30p ET, ABC) — New. The season finale is next week.

CHICAGO P.D. (10p ET, NBC) — New. The season finale is next week.

SEASON FINALE: NASHVILLE (10p ET, ABC) — Season 3 ends tonight. Nashville has been renewed for a 4th season.



FEAR THE WALKING DEAD STARTS SHOOTING IN VANCOUVER _ Production has begun in Vancouver on Fear the Walking Dead, a companion series to the zombie-apocalypse drama The Walking Dead. Additional filming will also take place in Los Angeles at a later date. An executive producer says Fear the Walking Dead “takes us back to the earlier, more dangerous, more terrifying days of The Walking Dead. A time when danger was lurking around every corner and the thing most likely to get you killed was your own ignorance of the rapidly changing world around you. The stakes are going to be higher and the ride more intense. We’re going to show people all the insanity of civilization crumbling that Rick Grimes slept through. Buckle up.”

… The show will debut on AMC in late summer.

THE MUPPETS SERIES RELEASES FIRST TRAILER _ The Muppets series released a first trailer Tuesday. The preview features Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and more, and is presented in the show’s mockumentary style. The program is being billed as a “more adult” series which will explore the Muppets’ personal lives. • VIDEO/AUDIO

EDDIE REDMAYNE IN TALKS FOR LEAD ROLE IN ‘HARRY POTTER’ SPINOFF _ Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne has reportedly been offered the lead role of Newt Scamander in the Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. J.K. Rowling wrote the script. Redmayne shot to the A-list this year after winning a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.

NEW ‘JURASSIC WORLD’ CLIP SHOWS ORIGINAL T-REX IN ACTION _ Hype around the new Jurassic World movie is building. And a new clip from the likely blockbuster offers up some tantalizing new footage from the film’s action sequences, including a glimpse at the fictitious dinosaur created exclusively for Jurassic World. The clip centers on Chris Pratt’s character Owen Gray, a trainer of Velociraptors who seems to spend much of Jurassic World trying to keep people safe from one renegade dinosaur, the Indominus rex. The Jurassic World clip provides just a tiny taste of the new monster, and it appears to be hunting Chris Pratt in traditional Jurassic Park fashion. • VIDEO

LINDSEY VONN BROKE UP WITH TIGER WOODS FOR BEING TIGER _ You know how skier Lindsey Vonn and serial cheater/former golf god Tiger Woods broke up, and she said it was because they were super busy and spending too much time apart? Well, now we’re hearing that Vonn dumped Woods for cheating on her. A friend of Tiger told the Daily Mail: “Knowing Tiger, he doesn’t even see it as cheating because there’s no romance or feeling there. It’s just a stress reliever, like a high-ball or two after a bad day.” According to this anonymous friend of Tiger, the cheating started after Woods was eliminated from the Farmer’s Insurance Classic in February. Unable to handle the disappointment, Woods had a one night stand.

TV CHEF SANDRA LEE TO UNDERGO DOUBLE MASTECTOMY _ Celebrity chef and lifestyle expert Sandra Lee appeared on Good Morning America Tuesday, and in a tearful interview with Robin Roberts, revealed that she is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Lee, who’s 48, found out she had cancer on March 27 while in the middle of a photo shoot for People’s Most Beautiful People issue. Doctors were able to catch the disease early before it was able to spread, and she’s already had a lumpectomy. She’s preparing for a second surgery, and looking at a double mastectomy in the future.

PIXAR RELEASES OFFICIAL EASTER EGG VIDEO _ Pixar fans have been all over the studio’s Easter egg game for years. The company slips in references to past movies when they don’t think we’ll notice. Well now we can finally, officially confirm that we know every single Easter egg Pixar has slipped into their films — because while there have been plenty of fan-made videos and blogs about it, the studio has never released a video confirmation themselves. • VIDEO

CATE BLANCHETT: I’VE DATED WOMEN _ Cate Blanchett revealed she’s had romantic relationships with women. The actress, who is married to filmmaker Andrew Upton and is a mother of four, opened up about her sexuality in a new interview with Variety, saying she’s dated women “many times.” While discussing her new film Carol, in which her and Rooney Mara’s characters fall in love, Blanchett was asked if it was her “first turn as a lesbian.” The actress coyly responded, “On film or in real life?” She then admitted to having female relationships, but decided not to elaborate.

SNOOP DOGG THINKS ‘GAME OF THRONES’ ACTUALLY HAPPENED _ HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones might contain some real-life lessons about family, but at the end of the day it’s still a fantasy show — for most of us. However, the show apparently is startlingly realistic for rapper Snoop Dogg, who seems to believe that the dragon-infested world of GoT is real — or at least was real. When a reporter for the New York Post asked him about being a fan of the series, Snoop replied: “I watch it for historic reasons, to try to understand what this world was based on before I got here.”

ROB LOWE CELEBRATES A QUARTER CENTURY SOBER _ Actor Rob Lowe has put his wild past a quarter century behind him. The former member of the hard partying “Brat Pack” in the 1980s took to Twitter account the other day to share his major milestone along with a message of hope. He tweeted: “To those struggling with addiction, there is true, real hope. 25 years ago today, I found recovery; and a life of promise. #Grateful”

… Lowe has come a long way since the ’80s, when his involvement in a scandal involving a sex tape with an underage girl threatened to derail his acting career. Two years after the scandal, in 1991, he spent a month in rehab, which he describes in his 2011 memoir as “one of the most exhilarating, liberating and exciting four weeks of my life.” The actor, now 51, has been sober ever since.




Did the Patriots cheat their way to the Super Bowl? Did Tom Brady know what was going on? Well guess what — your team cheats, too. To prove it, there’s a website called that tracks every NFL team’s cheating history. • LINK


• There are 300,000 items in the average American home.

• While the average size of the American home has nearly tripled in size over the past 50 years, 1 out of every 10 Americans rent offsite storage.

• 25% of people with two-car garages don’t have room to park cars inside them and 32% only have room for one vehicle.

• Research found that the average 10-year-old owns 238 toys but plays with just 12 daily.

• 3.1% of the world’s children live in America, but they own 40% of the toys consumed globally (UCLA).

• The average American woman owns 30 outfits. In 1930, that figure was nine.

• The average American throws away 65 pounds of clothing per year.

• Our homes have more television sets than people. And those television sets are turned on for more than a third of the day — eight hours, 14 minutes.

• Americans spend more on shoes, jewelry, and watches than on higher education.

• Shopping malls outnumber high schools.

• Women will spend more than eight years of their lives shopping.

• Over the course of our lifetime, we will spend a total of 3,680 hours or 153 days searching for misplaced items. The research found we lose up to nine items every day. Phones, keys, sunglasses, and paperwork top the list.



Week of May 4-11

1. The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 14.6 million

2. NCIS, CBS, 14.5 million

3. NCIS: New Orleans, CBS, 13.4 million

4. Dancing With the Stars, ABC, 12.4 million

5. Dancing With the Stars-Results Show, ABC, 10.3 million

6. The Voice (Monday), NBC, 9.9 million

7. Criminal Minds, CBS, 9.6 million

8. The Good Wife, CBS, 9.4 million

9. Survivor, CBS, 9.2 million

10. The Voice (Tuesday), NBC, 9.0 million

11. 60 Minutes (Special), CBS, 8.8 million

12. 60 Minutes, CBS, 8.580 million

13. Modern Family, ABC, 8.572 million

14. Hawaii Five-O, CBS, 8.570 million

15. Hawaii Five-O (Special), CBS, 8.27 million

16. Castle, ABC, 8.26 million

17. The Odd Couple, CBS, 8.188 million

18. Person of Interest, CBS, 8.177 million

19. Letterman: A Life on TV, CBS, 8.1 million

20. Grey’s Anatomy, ABC, 7.7 million



TRIVIA: Employees with desk jobs do this more at work than those who work in manual labor. (Go to the bathroom)

TRIVIA: People in this profession stay in it the longest. (Barbers)


According to rental car company Hertz, the top five causes of road trip car arguments are, in reverse order:

5. Bathroom stops

4. Partner’s driving skills

3. Traffic

2. Noisy / naughty children

1. ???

Answer: Getting lost / directions



Three cowboys, a Montana cowboy, a Wyoming cowboy, and a West Virginian cowboy had been marooned on a desert island for months without seeing another living soul. One day a bottle washed up on the shore. They rushed down, pulled out the cork, whereupon a big old genie about 50 feet high, came out. “Boys,” said the genie, “I’ve been in that bottle for 1,700 years, and I’m so grateful to you for letting me out I’m going to grant each of you one wish.” Turning to the Montana cowboy, he asked “What do you wish for?” The Montana cowboy said, “I sure do miss punching cows. I wish I was on a horse on a ranch in Montana right now!” and — poof! — he vanished! The genie turned to the Wyoming cowboy and said, “What do you wish for?” The Wyoming cowboy said “I sure do miss those rodeos in Wyoming. I wish I was on a bronc in a rodeo right now!” and — poof! — he vanished! The genie turned to the West Virginian cowboy and said “and what do you wish for?” With tears streaming down his cheeks, the West Virginian cowboy said. “I sure do miss those two guys. I wish they were back here!”



Mom perfectly lip-synchs to her daughter’s temper tantrum.


The Sounds of Star Wars.



Present day Manhattan vs. what it would have looked like 400 years ago.




• Watch two crazy people fly jetpacks over Dubai.

• Captain American backpack.

• Play with a virtual spider.

• The Beth Project shows off impressive weight loss in fun photo series.

• Cancer survivor designs cards she wishes she’d received from friends and family.

• Moving hacks.

• This infographic has a list of all the upcoming superhero films.

• If you were not born in the country you were, what would your life be like?

• The trailer we’re so damn happy they didn’t release: Star Wars: The Binks Awakens.

• For those who own vinyl but no longer own a turntable.



• 1965: ROGER MILLER’s King of The Road topped the U.K. pop charts.

• 1972: TANYA TUCKER made her chart debut at the age of 13 with Delta Dawn.

• 1975: BOB WILLS, The King Of Western Swing, died at the age of 70.

• 1978: WILLIE NELSON’s album Stardust made its chart debut. A decade later it was still on the chart.

• 1993: PAM TILLIS made her acting debut on the television series L.A. Law.

• 1994: JOHN BERRY scored his first number one with Your Love Amazes Me.

• 1995: THE JUDDS appeared on the cover of TV Guide.

• 2008: A public viewing was held at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum for EDDY ARNOLD, who had died at age 89 on May 8.

• 2008: ALAN JACKSON’s wife Denise released her second book, The Road Home.

• 2011: LUKE BRYAN required stitches after he banged himself between the eyes throwing a stage prop around during a concert at the Peoria Civic Center.

• 2013: FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE’s Cruise went triple-platinum.

LARI WHITE is 50. Her hits include That’s My Baby, Now I Know and Stepping Stone. Lari had a part in the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away.




Visit the country audio archive for over 2,000 audio cuts.

MIRANDA LAMBERT on keeping it real. » go to download page



LADY ANTEBELLUM will reveal nominees this morning (Wednesday) for the CMT Music Awards on the Today Show. The awards show will take place next month in Nashville.

For his video for Crushin’ It, BRAD PAISLEY has created animated super heroes out of several of his country star friends, such as CARRIE UNDERWOOD, LUKE BRYAN, BLAKE SHELTON, JASON ALDEAN, KENNY CHESNEY, ZAC BROWN BAND, TIM MCGRAW, FAITH HILL, MIRANDA LAMBERT and GEORGE STRAIT. They all play Agents of Crush in the music video. • VIDEO

With Raise ‘Em Up KEITH URBAN scores his 18th number one this week (Billboard Country Airplay and Mediabase). The tune is his fourth from the Fuse album to top the charts, following Little Bit of Everything, We Were Us (with MIRANDA LAMBERT) and Somewhere In My Car.

THE BAND PERRY and the Who’s Roger Daltrey are part of a new partnership with the Vanderbilt medical system in Nashville as part of Teen Cancer America. In addition to The Band Perry being named ambassadors for Teen Cancer America, Daltrey announced plans to create a teen cancer wing to be located at Vanderbilt University Medical Center or Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. The center would offer specialized care and other programs for teenagers battling the disease.

KACEY MUSGRAVES has announced the upcoming release of her much-anticipated sophomore major label album. Pageant Material will be out next month (June).

BRANTLEY GILBERT’s enormous back tattoo isn’t finished yet. He says the Second Amendment tattoo is missing one key piece, and when that’s done he has plans for his mostly-empty right arm and chest. Brantley says he’ll finish it later this year with a big American flag. His fiancee will join him for a tattoo after that.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD will headline a special Grand Ole Opry event June 9 . Joining Carrie will be EASTON CORBIN, SCOTTY MCCREERY and DEL MCCOURY. Earlier that day, TYLER FARR will perform as part of the Opry Plaza Party.

SAM HUNT once had some unusual songwriting inspirations. As a teen he hung out at a local restaurant called Bojangles. While there he would listen to the conversations for storytelling ideas.

If you tuned in to CBS’ The Talk yesterday (Tuesday) and noticed WYNONNA as a guest host, you might like to know she’ll be back again today (Wednesday). Guests on the episode will include actor Kelsey Grammar (Frasier) and blogger Perez Hilton.

FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE’s second This is How We Cruise event is set for November 7-11 from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico. Others performing aboard the cruise will include SAM HUNT, RAELYNN, FRANKIE BALLARD, ERIC PASLAY and CANAAN SMITH.


DATEBOOK: MAY 14, 2015

This is day 134 of 2015. There are 231 days remaining.


• Film producer George Lucas (Star Wars films) is 71

• Director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future series, Cast Away) is 64

• David Byrne (Talking Heads) is 63

• Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction, The Incredible Hulk) is 54

• C.C. DeVille of Poison is 53

• Fabrice Morvan of Milli Vanilli is 49

• Cate Blanchett is 46

• Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block is 46

• Director Sofia Coppola is 44

• Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia) is 32

• Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) is 22


• 1607: Jamestown, Virginia, was settled as an English colony.

• 1643: Four-year-old Louis XIV became King of France upon the death of his father, Louis XIII.

• 1804: The Lewis and Clark Expedition departed from Camp Dubois and began its historic journey by traveling up the Missouri River.

• 1969: The last Chevrolet Corvair rolled off the Willow Run assembly line in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

• 1973: Skylab, the United States’ first space station, was launched.

• 1998: Singer Frank Sinatra died at age 82.

• 1998: The finale of Seinfeld aired on NBC, with 76 million viewers tuning in.

• 2003: Golfer Vinenzo Frascella in Peterborough, England, finished his round despite being hit by lightening twice within 30 minutes. Lightening struck the 50-year-old golfer’s umbrella tip as he waited during a storm on the 14th and 17th holes at Orton Meadows Golf Course. He said he felt tingles down his shoulder and arm both times, but wanted to finish the round. He would not divulge his score, but said it was a “stinker” of a day.

• 2005: A woman in Russia had her fingers bitten when decided to clean her son’s fish tank and found out the goldfish she thought he was raising were actually piranhas. Luckily, she managed to get the fish off by banging them against the side of the aquarium.

• 2009: A church in East Sussex, England, unveiled a bronze statue dubbed “Jesus in jeans” depicting Christ as a man of the 21st century. The $50,000, seven-foot high bronze statue was funded by money left by a late parishioner. Christ is wearing jeans and a shirt billowing in the wind while his hair and beard are neatly and fashionably trimmed.


Chicken Dance DayMUSIC

• Golf Day

• Buttermilk Biscuit Day


• May 20: David Letterman’s final show (Wednesday)

• May 25: Memorial Day (Monday)

• June 21: Father’s Day (Sunday)

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