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This is day 223 of 2015. There are 142 days remaining.


• Businessman Fred Smith (founder of FedEx) is 71

• Columnist Marilyn vos Savant (“Ask Marilyn”) is 69

• Computer pioneer Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) is 65

• Wrestler-actor Hulk Hogan is 62

• Viola Davis is 50

• Joe Rogan (Fear Factor, NewsRadio) is 48

• Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) is 47

• Chris Hemsworth is 32


• 1909: The SOS distress signal was first used by an American ship, the Arapahoe, off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

• 1929: Babe Ruth became the first to hit 500 homers.

• 1934: The first federal prisoners arrived at the island prison Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay.

• 1984: President Ronald Reagan joked during a voice test for a paid political radio address that he had “signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

• 1992: The Mall of America, the biggest shopping mall in the country, opened in Bloomington, Minnesota.

• 2001: A man in England was reading a book on self-hypnosis in a park and accidentally put himself in a trance. When he came out of it robbers had stolen his mobile phone and two new shirts he had just purchased.

• 2006: Ten to 15 people wearing masks left six 40-gallon trash bags full of taco sauce packets at an Indiana Taco Bell restaurant in what police described as a prank. A note attached to the bags said the group had been accumulating them for the past three years, storing them in the trunk of a car.

• 2014: Robin Williams committed suicide by hanging himself. It was revealed shortly after his death that Williams had been suffering from severe depression, Parkinson’s disease, and diffuse Lewy body dementia.


• Presidential Joke Day

• Son and Daughter Day

• Play in the Sand Day


• September 7: Labor Day

• September 10: NFL season begins (Steelers at Patriots)

More holidays



1.2 billion. Selfies taken by Britons in 2014.



CBS says that it’s not too positive about the future of Under the Dome now that its ratings have dropped. [It’s amazing to me that they even made a TV show about a giant snow globe.]

CBS revealed spoilers for the season openers of its hit TV shows. [For example, on The Big Bang Theory despite the guys all being geniuses they end up doing something really dumb.]

Elvis Presley’s longtime private nurse has written a tell-all book. She says that she only did so after she realized that fans were hungry for details. [And after she realized that her kitchen could really use a makeover.]

A United Express jet dropped 10,000 feet. Fortunately it landed safely and the mechanical issue was repaired. [And they scrubbed all the seats clean.]

The new Fantastic Four movie is a huge, huge flop. [It’s so bad that the sequel that they haven’t even started working on yet is already losing money.]

A Japanese company announced that next year you’ll be able to purchase its privacy visors, shades that allow you to walk past facial recognition software monitors without being recognized. [So, soon you’ll be able to go to that (Justin Bieber/Iggy Azalea/Miley Cyrus/One Direction) concert with your head held high.]

Tyga gave girlfriend Kylie Jenner a $320,000 Ferrari for her 18th birthday. [Yeah, but did he remember to make reservations at the Cheesecake Factory?]

Members of the Hatfields and McCoys joined forces to try to locate the exact geographical location where their famous feud began. [Unfortunately, they couldn’t agree, and started shooting.]

Chinese officials arrested a low level executive who had embezzled $130 million. [Seriously, it never occurred to him to embezzle a one-way plane ticket?]



GOOGLE WILL NOW BE A SUBSIDIARY OF ALPHABET _ On Monday, Google made a huge announcement, turning itself into a subsidiary of a new holding company called “Alphabet.” Under the new structure, Alphabet will basically have two major entities made of Google’s main business, such as search and maps, and other units most of us have never heard of (Calico, Nest, and investing). But why did Google choose the name Alphabet for what is supposed to be the parent company overseeing the entire operations of Google? Larry Page, who will now be CEO of Alphabet, explained in the blog post announcing the new structure: “We liked the name Alphabet because it means a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity’s most important innovations, and is the core of how we index with Google search! We also like that it means alpha‑bet (Alpha is investment return above benchmark), which we strive for!”

STRANGER PAYS PARKING FINE FOR MOM IN HOSPITAL _ An Australian mother’s hospital ordeal became a little less stressful thanks to a stranger’s random act of kindness. A stranger is being showered with praise on social media after paying a parking fine for the mother, who was in a hospital (in Canberra) with her nine-week-old son when slapped with the ticket. The mom had been in the hospital for a few days with her baby before she discovered the ticket. However, when she returned to her car there was a pink Post-It note attached to the ticket informing her it had already been paid. It read: “I saw your car had a parking ticket on it. I’m sure whatever you are going through at hospital is tough enough so I paid for you. Hope things get better.” The mother, who was discharged from hospital on Monday and posted a photo of the note to Facebook, said she appreciated the support. • IMAGE

ASTRONAUTS HARVEST FIRST LETTUCE GROWN IN SPACE _ NASA astronauts took another small step forward this week, consuming the first food grown entirely in space. On Monday, Expedition 44 crew members aboard the International Space Station harvested a crop of red romaine lettuce from its orbiting laboratory. The development could not only have significant nutritional implications for astronauts but also change the dynamics of future space exploration. There are significant challenges to growing vegetables in space. Without gravity, plants rely on other signals to know which direction to grow, like the presence of light and water. The laboratory, named Veggie, signals the shoots to grow towards the light and roots towards the water and darkness of plant pillows.

HOSPITAL STAFF SURPRISE CANCER PATIENT WITH THE WHIP/NAE NAE _ Staff at a cancer center in Louisiana gave a 12-year-old patient Sophia Petikas quite a sendoff on her final day of treatment. They learned her favorite dance, Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae), and then surprised her with a flash mob. A member of the radiation team named Daniel had promised Sophia Petikas he’d learn the moves — and then he recruited several other staffers. They all practiced on their own time, led by Daniel, who learned the moves on YouTube. • VIDEOWATCH MESONG DESCRIPTION (funny)

CHEESECAKE MADE FROM GORILLA POOP _ If you surveyed university students for what they craved after a long night of partying studying, would cheesecake be high on their list? Probably not. But for students at Kyoto University in Japan, last week’s dessert special at the school’s cafe had an extra special ingredient that had people lining up to get a taste. The sweet dessert’s special ingredient came from gorilla poop.

… Research scientists at the university were investigating the feces of western gorillas in Africa when they isolated a certain type of bacteria. Although the bacteria usually remains within the intestines of the great ape, on occasion some attaches onto the excrement as it leaves the gorilla’s body. Although it is unclear what compelled the researchers to undertake the culinary experiment, they returned to the university and cultivated the bacteria in their lab. From there, they used the bacteria to produce a yogurt that was made into cheesecake. The cheesecake looked and smelled normal.

TV ANCHOR RANTS AGAINST KARDASHIANS, WALKS OFF SET _ An Orlando morning TV news anchor decided he couldn’t stand to talk about the Kardashians any longer and walked off the set of a live broadcast on Friday when faced with reporting that Kylie Jenner has a new rabbit named “Bruce.” Anchor John Brown said, “I am having a good Friday, so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today.” He walked off of the set and said, “I’ve had enough Kardashians. I can’t take any more Kardashian stories on this show.” VIDEO

… A replacement anchor came in and the trio left on camera tried to talk Brown down from his rant. He had left his microphone on and shouted from off-camera. “I don’t care about this family. I’m sick of this family. It’s a nonstory!” His co-workers laughed as he continued. “We’re talking about the family every freakin’ day on this show. Nobody cares about this family anymore! I’ve had enough.”

… Brown posted video of his protest on Facebook accompanied by an apology. “Sorry I lost my mind a bit, although it was partially in jest!”

eSPORTS ARE COMING TO HIGH SCHOOL — IN SWEDEN _ If you’re a high schooler who’d rather spend classroom hours training in video games than football, you might want to ask your parents to move to Sweden. Multiple high schools near Stockholm will be implementing esports programs for the upcoming 2015-16 school year. The programs at the three schools will focus on popular competitive titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. And these programs won’t be any joke. Staff and faculty compared the expected intensity to that of the hockey and soccer programs, with a significant emphasis on physical health and well-being through proper exercise and diet. So, one day, lettering in League of Legends may not be far off.

ADOBE IS THE LATEST TECH COMPANY TO INCREASE PARENTAL LEAVE _ Software company Adobe will be expanding its maternity and paternity leave programs for employees. Starting November 1, birth mothers will be able to take up to six months of paid leave. Primary caregivers, who include new parents through birth, surrogacy, adoption and foster care, will get up to 16 weeks of paid leave.

… In addition to parental and maternity leave, Adobe has also announced employee leave programs for medical and family reasons. Employees will be given up to 10 weeks of paid time off for surgery, a medical emergency or other illness. Adobe will also give employees up to four weeks of paid time off to take care of a sick family member.

… This comes less than a week after Netflix announced it would offer employees unlimited paid leave during a newborn’s first year, and Microsoft announced its enhanced parental leave practices that offers birth mothers up to 20 weeks of paid leave.

COLUMBIA HOUSE, THE SPOTIFY OF THE ’80s, IS DEAD _ Columbia House has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Before the Internet and file-sharing software like Napster, you’d get “free” music for a penny and album, and in turn you promised to buy a set number of albums over the coming year. To make things “easy” for you, Columbia House would automatically send you some albums unless you told them not to. Mail-order convenience was big back then, and the idea of a subscription music service that came to your door was pretty appealing.

… But the good times are definitely over. Revenues for Columbia House peaked in 1996 at $1.4 billion, but last year the company declared net revenue of just $17 million. • AUDIO

GIRL TOOK HER SENIOR PICTURES AT TACO BELL _ One St. Louis high school student may have just changed the senior pics game forever. Seventeen-year-old Brittany Nicole Creech decided to buck the long-standing standard for the high school yearbook, and have her photo shoot at Taco Bell. Brittany debuted her senior photos on Twitter, writing, “Remember when I told you guys I was gonna get my senior pictures at taco bell and you thought I was joking?” • IMAGES

A NEW FITNESS TRACKER SHOCKS YOU FOR FAILING _ When it comes down to it, a lot of the time you may not be motivated to get up at 5 in the morning to hit the gym. Well, your daily routine is about to be changed with a new fitness tracking wearable called Pavlok. This device will actively punish you for failing. At first, it starts with just vibrations. This quickly advances to a small alarm and if you are too stubborn to heed the warning, it will shock you.

ATTACKED BY BEAR, RUSSIAN MAN SHOOTS BROTHER _ A police officer in Russia accidentally killed his brother while the two men were fleeing from a bear. One of the men, who’s a police officer, was carrying a rifle and, as he was running, tripped over. The weapon went off in his hands and a bullet hit his brother, who died of his injuries at the scene.

DID SHE STICK A FINGER IN HER NOSE AND PUT IT IN HER MOUTH? _ In a televised local interview, Congresswoman Ann Wagner from Missouri puts a finger seemingly in her nose, and then definitely in her mouth. The Internet seemingly has made up its mind: a Vine of the clip quickly went viral after it was posted Monday. The clip aired Thursday on Fox 2 News in St. Louis. • VINE

… We say she’s doing an outside nose rub, but were not sure what the heck she’s doing with the finger.

… Reminds us of a Jerry Seinfeld episode.

6-YEAR-OLD RECYCLES CANS, DONATES $100 TO 9 SCHOOL TOOLS _ A 6-year-old donated $100 of his own money to buy school supplies for other children. The kid in Charlotte, North Carolina, earned the money by recycling cans. The young boy’s mom said, “My son is only 6 … he works real hard to get enough cans so that he can buy for others. He sits in our garage every week stomping and taking tabs off his cans, and then once a year my husband takes him to get the money for them.”



WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SENATOR SETS UP GOFUNDME TO SOLVE BUDGET WOES _ Alabama State Senator Paul Sanford has come up with a way to make up for the $300 million budget shortfall: a GoFundMe account. Here is the description of the fundraiser as written on the website:

The State of Alabama is experiencing tight financial times and needs your help. Legislators are debating possible financial solutions but are finding that Raising Taxes are not wanted by the citizens of Alabama. Rather than have the Government come after your hard earned money you can now send an amount that fits your budget, even request where your money be used. You can determine what functions of Government are a priority to you.

See how much he’s raised.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN DRIVES ON JAIL LAWN AGAIN, GETS ARRESTED AGAIN _ A man arrested two weeks ago after he went on a joy ride on the lawn of the Hernando County, Florida, jail, was put behind bars again when he returned to the jail Sunday — this time crashing into a wall at the entrance. Police said the crash ruptured a 2-inch natural gas line and led to an evacuation of nearby buildings. The man (Michael Lee Roberts) was taken to the hospital after the crash and was charged on various counts.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: CANADIAN SETS BEER MILE WORLD RECORD _ On Friday, Canadian Lewis Kent set a new world record for the fastest beer mile with a time of four minutes and 55.8 seconds. A beer mile involves drinking a 12-ounce beer of at least 5 percent ABV, running a lap around a 400-meter track, and then repeating the process three more times for a total of four beers in one mile. Competitors who vomit during the race must complete an extra lap to qualify their results.

… On August 22, Kent and others will compete head to head in the first Beer Mile World Classic in San Francisco.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN IN CLOWN COSTUME SWINGS AX AT WOMAN _ Authorities in North Carolina say a man came to a woman’s house at about 4:30 Friday morning wearing a clown mask and a multicolored wig. The man swung an ax at the woman, but she wasn’t hit. She was able to remove his mask and recognized him as an acquaintance before he left. The woman called police.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN TAKES STONED SELFIE WITH ARRESTING COP _ Shortly after being taken into custody by police for suspicion of driving under the influence, 20-year-old Gilbert Phelps of Iowa took a selfie with the arresting officer. Phelps was arrested and admitted to arresting officer Ben Hektoen that he had been smoking marijuana. Phelps asked the officer if he could take a selfie. Officer Hektoen smiled and gave a thumbs up as he posed in Phelps’ selfie. Phelps was then charged with the misdemeanor of operating while under the influence.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: FAMILY LEFT DAUGHTER AT REST STOP _ A 3-year-old girl was mistakenly left behind by her parents for more than two hours at a highway stop in southern France. Another family was at the rest stop and noticed the girl was alone for a while. They took care of her and called police. After driving more than 90 miles, the family heard on the radio a message from police asking them to pick up their daughter. Police say the parents, who had “no previously reported problems,” were “traumatized”. The family reportedly asked their other children, a boy and girl, if everything was okay, and no one noticed the toddler was missing.



AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (8p ET, NBC) — The live rounds begin in this 2-hour edition, as 12 acts perform for America’s votes.

NCIS (8p ET, CBS) — Repeat



THE FLASH (8p ET, CW) — Repeat

BLACKISH (8:30p ET, ABC) — Repeat

ZOO (9p ET, CBS) — New

EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS (9p ET, ABC) — A new, 2-hour edition


iZOMBIE (9p ET, CW) — Repeat

RIZZOLI AND ISLES (9p ET, TNT) — Christina Chang (Nashville) guest stars in this new episode.

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (9:30p ET, FOX) — Repeat

HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT (10p ET, NBC) — Celebs playing in this new edition are Kevin Smith, Justin Long, Brandon T. Jackson, Jay Pharoah, Elisha Cuthbert and Haley Joel Osment.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (10p ET, CBS) — Repeat

PROOF (10p ET, TNT) — New

SERIES PREMIERE: STARTUP U (10p ET, ABC Family) — This reality series follows 10 business-minded young adults who are mentored in how to launch a startup at Draper University in San Mateo, Calif.

SERIES PREMIERE: THE AGENT (10p ET, Esquire) — This new 10-part documentary series follows four top sports agents as they navigate the cutthroat world of pro football.

SEASON PREMIERE: HARD KNOCKS (10p ET, HBO) — This 5-episode “season” (more like a mini-series) covers the training camp and the preseason schedule of the Houston Texans.



COLBERT THOUGHT JON STEWART WAS GOING TO WALK OUT _ Stephen Colbert’s moving speech during Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show was a highlight for viewers, but Colbert told reporters Monday he was convinced Stewart wouldn’t stick around once the moment started. Colbert said, “I thought he was honestly going to leave.” In fact, Colbert, who was asked by producers to spearhead the sincere moment, initially told producers he was sure his former boss would “flop around like a fish on a dock” the entire time. Which he did. But eventually it led to the most awesome group hug of all time, featuring all of the show’s former correspondents.

… What viewers didn’t realize, though? They were chanting, too. Colbert said, “You can’t hear it on the recording unfortunately, but we were all chanting ‘Made him cry. Made him cry.’ I think it might be my favorite thing that I’ve ever done at The Daily Show.”

COLBERT LOOKING FORWARD TO BEING SINCERELY INTERESTED IN SHOW GUESTS _ When The Late Show returns next month the Stephen Colbert character of The Colbert Report will be gone. On Monday Colbert told reporters, “I’m very interested in my guests and I’m looking forward to being sincerely interested in what they have to say without having to translate it to an idiot’s mouth. If that leads to some serious conversations I’d be happy. We had them before on the last show and the audience came with us. I don’t see why I should stop.”

KRISTEN WIIG-ZACH GALIFIANAKIS COMEDY MASTERMINDS YANKED _ The scheduled October release of the Kristen Wiig-Zach Galifianakis comedy Masterminds has been yanked. The fate of releases like Masterminds and the Halle Berry thriller Kidnap have been up in the air since the films’ studio filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on July 30. Mastermind is about two armored car drivers who conspire with a group of criminals to steal $17 million.

TMZ SUED BY DONALD STERLING _ Disgraced former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has filed suit against celebrity news website TMZ and his former companion, V. Stiviano, over the publication of audio that captured Sterling making racist comments and ultimately ended his career in basketball. In the suit, Sterling says that the recording was made at Stiviano’s residence, during a visit that was “part of a typical social gathering between them.” The complaint claims that Sterling “reasonably and objectively believed that only he and Stiviano were present in the room in which the conversations were held,” and thus the discussions were “confidential under California law.”

… The suit claims Stiviano then provided the secretly made recording to TMZ, which then “illegally disseminated” the audio “in contemptuous disregard for Plaintiff’s privacy rights under California law.”

MELISSA GILBERT IS RUNNING FOR CONGRESS _ Melissa Gilbert, best known for playing Laura Ingalls Wilder in the 1970s television drama Little House on the Prairie, has thrown her bonnet in the ring for a U.S. congressional seat in Michigan. Gilbert, who moved to Howell, Michigan, in 2013, said in a tweet on Monday that she was “excited to announce my run for U.S. Congress in Michigan’s 8th. Please join me in my fight for working families.”

… Gilbert lives with her husband Timothy Busfield in Howell, about 60 miles from downtown Detroit.

JENNIFER CARPENTER GIVES BIRTH _ Jennifer Carpenter is a mom. She has given birth to her first child with fiance Seth Avet.

SOFIA VERGARA TO PLAY BART’S NEW TEACHER _Sofia Vergara will guest star on an upcoming episode of Fox’s The Simpsons as Bart’s new teacher. Bart has been without a regular teacher after the 2013 passing of Marcia Wallace, who voiced Mrs. Krabappel. On the long-running adult cartoon, Vergara will catch the eye of Principal Skinner and a suddenly pubescent Bart Simpson.

JOHN FOGERTY JOINS THE VOICE _ John Fogerty will join The Voice as an advisor. The Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman is officially joining Team Adam this season to help mentor Adam Levine’s contestants during the competition. Season 9 begins September 21.

BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY BREAKS CROWDFUNDING RECORD _ Bill Nye the Science Guy has broken a crowdfunding record. Documentary filmmakers and Bill Nye fans started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for an upcoming Bill Nye documentary. The campaign was launched on July 13 with a one-month goal to raise $650,000. The filmmakers will be following Nye through his scientific explorations.




Wednesday (August 12) is Vinyl Record Day. For an hour tell your listeners that, in honor of Vinyl Record Day, you recorded “this part of the show” on vinyl and are playing it back. YouTube has some vinyl sound effects.



Ciara is a singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress and fashion model. And after giving birth recently, she dropped 60 pounds. In addition to regular exercise, Ciara says she used three tricks for sticking to her diet:

1. “I give myself a break. When I’m on a strict eating regimen, at some point I have to have French fries, a cheeseburger, and some pizza. And Oreos and vanilla ice cream!”

2. Drinking tons of water “and flushing your system is crucial … I tell myself that water is my medicine and that to stay well, I have to drink a gallon of it every day.”

3. “I have a mantra, ‘The food isn’t going anywhere.’ You know those days when you think you have to have that plate of pasta right now?  When I’m trying to be good, I take a minute to ask myself, Do you really need to eat all this crazy stuff? It will still be around if you really want it later.”


Make your images stand out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with animated text using the Legend app. Just choose the text and select an animation style, color and filter. Then, select a photo or video for the background.


We only included about half of the sequels currently in the works!

  • 23 Jump Street
  • Alien 5
  • American Pie 5
  • Avatar sequels
  • Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and 2
  • Bad Boys 3
  • Bad Santa 2
  • Beverly Hills Cop 4
  • Big Hero 6 2
  • Bill & Ted 3
  • Blade Runner 2
  • Blair Witch Project 3
  • Cars 3
  • Chronicles Of Narnia: The Silver Chair
  • Clerks III
  • The Croods 2
  • Despicable Me 3
  • Die Hard 6
  • Dodgeball 2
  • Edge Of Tomorrow 2
  • Fast & Furious 8
  • Frozen 2
  • Godzilla 2
  • Goonies 2
  • Gremlins 3
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
  • How To Train Your Dragon 3
  • The Incredibles 2
  • Independence Day 2
  • Jurassic World 2
  • The Karate Kid 2
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service 2
  • Kung Fu Panda 3
  • The LEGO Movie Sequel
  • Mad Max 5
  • Men In Black 4
  • Mission: Impossible 6
  • Pacific Rim 2
  • Paddington 2
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean 5
  • Predator 4
  • Rambo: Last Blood
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
  • Salt 2
  • Shrek 5
  • Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 3
  • Snow White And The Huntsman 2
  • Star Trek: Beyond
  • Star Trek Beyond
  • Taken 4
  • Terminator: Genisys 2 and 3
  • Toy Story 4
  • Transformers 5
  • The Wolverine 3
  • World War Z 2
  • Wreck-It Ralph 2
  • xXx 3
  • Zoolander 2



TRIVIA: The first one of these charged 5 cents per hour. (Parking meter)

TRIVIA: In her life the average woman will buy 10,500 of these. (Clothing items)



I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. I don’t know what he laced them with but I have been tripping all day.



Australian eagle takes out drone in midair.



The new way of saying full-figured.




Steal these bits from Morning Show Boot Camp.

• Make your images stand out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with animated text using the Legend app.

• Random useful websites.

• Electric car can go virtually anywhere.

• Infamous Kirk vs. Gorn scene made funnier with squeaky rubber suit sound effects.

• Millennium Falcon snack tray.

• Why CGI sucks. Except it doesn’t.

• Search Google like it’s the ’80s.

• How many superhero films will be made before you die?

• Draw in peanut butter.

• Your daily source of natural rain sounds.

• Your radio station videos are too long.



• 1952: Hank Williams Sr. was fired from the Grand Ole Opry for unreliability due to alcoholism.

• 1993: ALAN JACKSON’s album A Lot About Livin’ (And A Little ‘Bout Love) was certified double platinum.

• 1994: JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY’s album Kickin’ It Up was certified double platinum.

• 1994: At the opening of the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, a life-sized statue of GARTH BROOKS was unveiled. The statue had been sculpted out of 250 pounds of butter.

• 1995: REBA MCENTIRE earned her tenth gold album with The Last One To Know.

• 2006: TOBY KEITH kicked off his Hookin’ Up & Hangin’ Out tour in Cleveland.

• 2009: BROOKS & DUNN announced they would split after a tour in 2010.

• 2009: GEORGE STRAIT’s 38th album, Twang, was released.




Visit the country audio archive for over 2,000 audio cuts.

KENNY CHESNEY on Save it for a Rainy Day. » download page



KENNY CHESNEY’s concert in Denver at Sports Authority Stadium on Saturday (August 8) set an attendance record for the venue with 54,674 tickets sold.

When KENNY CHESNEY isn’t on the road, he doesn’t feel like a celebrity and doesn’t like when people treat him that way. Kenny says he gets upset when someone tries to use his name to get into a restaurant just because he’s a celeb.

Next March DOLLY PARTON’s Dollywood theme park will unveil The Lightening Rod, a wooden roller coaster that hits max speeds of 73 miles per hour. The park is paying $22 million for the new addition.

MICHAEL RAY’s debut album was released this past Friday, just in time to celebrate his debut single, Kiss You In The Morning, reaching the No. 1 spot this week. Michael is the first debut male artist to have a No. 1 single since Sam Hunt last year and the only debut male to achieve a No. 1 in 2015 so far.

MICHAEL RAY will make his debut on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning (Tuesday) when he performs.

When JAKE OWEN was GARTH BROOKS’ The Dance at WE Fest in Minnesota over the weekend, he stopped in the middle of the song. Jake explained to the crowd, “I’ll just say this real quick. I think maybe a lot of people would maybe shy away from it, but I’ve been going through some weird stuff. My wife and I are getting a divorce. And this is probably the hardest [thing] I’ve ever done in my life — to walk onstage every night and try to pretend like everything is awesome when it really ain’t always awesome.”

… “You have no idea how much you guys lift me up every single night. And I love my wife more than anything in the world, and I love my little baby girl Pearl more than anything in the world, and if it wasn’t for both of them, I wouldn’t even be here right now a happy man. That’s a dance I’m glad I got to dance, and I’m glad you guys got to sing it with me tonight.” • VIDEO

JANA KRAMER is expecting her first child with husband and football player Michael Caussin.

CHRIS YOUNG will launch the I’m Comin’ Over Tour October 22 in Savannah, Georgia. Dates are scheduled through December 5 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. ERIC PASLAY and CLARE DUNN will serve as special guests for the tour.

CHRIS JANSON’s debut album will be out later this fall. It will include his hit Buy Me A Boat, which has been streamed more than 6 million times on Spotify, viewed more than 3.2 million times on YouTube and is nearing gold certification with over 475,000 downloads.

… Chris has released two five-song EPs — one in 2013 and one in 2014.

JOE NICHOLS will soon release a new single, Three O’Clock Me, from an album due in early 2016.



This is day 224 of 2015. There are 141 days remaining.


• George Hamilton is 76.

• Bruce Greenwood (Captain Christopher Pike in the most recent Star Treks) is 59

• Rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot is 52

• Peter Krause (Parenthood, Six Feet Under, Sports Night) is 50

• Michael Ian Black (Ed) is 44

• Rebecca Gayheart is 44

• Casey Affleck is 40

• Cara Delevingne is 23


• 1851: Isaac Singer was granted a patent on his sewing machine.

• 1898: Hawaii was formally annexed to the United States.

• 1966: John Lennon apologized at a news conference in Chicago for remarking “the Beatles are more popular than Jesus.”

• 1998: Swiss banks agreed to pay $1.25 billion as restitution to Holocaust survivors to settle claims for their assets.

• 2004: Russian scientists claimed they’d discovered the wreck of an alien spacecraft at the site of an unexplained explosion that occurred in Siberia in 1908. Most scientists believed a meteorite was the cause.

• 2006: In Langhorne, Pennsylvania, when a guy dropped his car off at an Enterprise Car Rental place, an employee found 88 bags of heroin under a napkin in the car’s console. Cops checked and found the guy had just been released from prison on drug distribution charges.

• 2012: The 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony completed the games.

• 2013: Whitey Bulger was found guilty on 31 of 32 counts, and was found to have been involved in 11 murders. Black Mass, a movie about Bulger, will be in theaters September 18, 2015.


• Sewing Machine Day

• Vinyl Record Day

• World Elephant Day


• September 7: Labor Day

• September 10: NFL season begins (Steelers at Patriots)

More holidays