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This is day 46 of 2016. There are 320 days remaining.


• Jane Seymour is 65

• Cartoonist Matt Groening (The Simpsons) is 62

• Michael Easton is 49

• Amber Riley (Glee) is 30


• 1903: Morris Michtom and his wife Rose introduced the first teddy bear in America.

• 1965: A new red-and-white maple leaf design was adopted as the flag of Canada, replacing the old Canadian Red Ensign banner.

• 1998: Dale Earnhardt won his first Daytona 500.

• 2005: YouTube was launched.

• 2009: Authorities in Colorado announced that a mysterious white powder that prompted evacuations at the Eagle County sheriff’s office the month before had been identified as instant pudding.


• Random Acts of Kindness Week

• International Flirting Week

• National Condom Week

• Presidents Day

• Clean Out Your Computer Day

• Chewing Gum Day

• Gum Drop Day

• Hippo Day


• February 15: Presidents Day

• March 13: Daylight Saving Time begins (move clocks forward)

• March 15: NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins

More holidays


99,000: U.S. deaths each year caused by hospital-acquired infections.


Valentine’s Day was yesterday (Sunday). [And the previous Sunday was the Super Bowl. Wow. Two Sundays in a row filled with drama and conflict.]

Bill Murray became angry with fans who wouldn’t stop taking his picture so he tossed their phones off the side of a rooftop restaurant. [Police were called, but the fans agreed not to press charges if he would toss their phones off the roof again while they videotaped it.]

Nearly 2 million acres of gorgeous Southern California desert have been newly registered as protected national monuments. [It may not mean much to you, but the mafia is ticked about having to find a new place to ditch the bodies.]

Jim Gilmore has dropped out of the Republican race for president. [So, now where is the excitement going to come from?]

It was so cold in the northeast this weekend that New York City canceled its Central Park Ice Festival. [And light pole-licking contest.]

A new study of computer programmers finds that women make better coders than men. [Makes sense. Coding is communicating, and men hate to communicate while women love to communicate and generally talk in code.]

They arrested that hacker who broke into the personal email account of CIA Director John Brennan. He’s only 16. [That’s amazing. Not that he’s such a good hacker at 16, but that a 16-year-old would even know who John Brennan is.]

Australian authorities say that wildfires there have been set by two species of clever predator birds that set wildfires in order to force their prey into the open. [The birds were captured coming out of a 7-11 where they were buying lighters.]

A female lawmaker in Kentucky has introduced a bill that would keep men from getting erectile dysfunction drugs unless they have a note from their wives, and swear on a Bible that the drugs would only be used for sex with their wives. [That bill has no chance. It’s completely impotent.]

Science says that it’s closer to regenerating human teeth based on what’s been learned from studying shark teeth. [The only drawback is having a constant fishy taste in your mouth.]


ANTONIN SCALIA DIED OF A HEART ATTACK _ The late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia died of a heart attack, according to his death certificate. He died while on a quail hunting trip at a lodge in Texas. Scalia was 79 at the time of his death, and had served on the Supreme Court since he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986.

2016 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT EDITION _ The 2016 Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition cover reveal caused a lot of excitement over the weekend as the magazine made history by selecting three cover models instead of one. Ronda Rousey, Ashley Graham, and Hailey Clauson all stun on their individual covers. It’s the first time in 52 years that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover will represent the three very different body types that have been represented in its annual bikini special. IMAGES

… The issue hits newsstands today (Monday), and typically, the annual swimsuit edition sells more than 1 million copies each year.

… Ashley Graham is the first plus size model to make the cover, Hailey Clauson is topless, and Ronda Rousey actually isn’t in a swimsuit — what you’re seeing is body paint.

… Rousey says, “The most memorable thing was me bent over on a table while someone took a little paintbrush and just colored … it was really odd. I’m standing there naked for 14 hours and shooting for all this time and at the end of the day, they’re like, ‘Do you want to eat? Do you want water? Do you want anything else?’ I’m like ‘No, I want a bra pronto. All other needs come later.'”

WHEN WILL WE LEARN: FLOWERS BY MAIL ARE A CRAPSHOOT _ Were you on social media over the weekend? Then you probably saw a friend or two who complained about the quality of the Valentine’s Day flowers or candy or chocolate-covered berries they got IN THE MAIL. It’s become an annual tradition for people to A) wait till the last minute to do something for their sweetie, B) order stuff that any sane person wouldn’t expect to survive the mail or FedEx, C) complain.

… If only there was a businesses right here in our hometown that could create a custom floral arrangement and hand-deliver it. [sigh] If only…

WEBSITE PAIRS GIRL SCOUT COOKIES AND WINE _ You thought milk was the perfect beverage to pair with your box of Thin Mints and Do-si-dos? Nuh uh. The wine website has created wine pairings for all the Girl Scout Cookies

… For your Thin Mints, vivino suggests a Brunello, which is a red Italian wine. MORE

104-YEAR-OLD TWINS SAY CLOSENESS IS THE SECRET _ When they were born premature in 1912, doctors gave Paulette and Simone the slimmest chance of survival. But 104 years later, the French twins say there’s a simple secret to their longevity: sticking together. Paulette and Simone were born in the French village of Limeray on January 30, 1912 to a dressmaker and a carpenter. The twins, whose only brother died in accident at the age of 99, says it’s their lasting friendship that has kept them going all this time.

HERO TEEN HIDES STAFF IN FREEZER DURING ARMED ROBBERY _ A brave Australian teen has been praised as a hero after she hid other staff members in the freezer when two armed men stormed a fast food restaurant during an attempted robbery. Two masked men armed with a meat cleaver and a machete entered the KFC (west of Sydney) Saturday night. 15-year-old Michelle Ereck told the staff to hide in the freezer because it’s sound proof. Both men left the restaurant empty handed.

DON’T TRY THIS WITH YOUR iPHONE _ Every once in a while an awful bug is discovered that can crash a smartphone, render it nearly useless, or kill it. It turns out you can completely destroy an iPhone and make it inoperable by simply changing the devices date to a specific time and date far in the past. Absolutely do not try this yourself: do not set the iPhone clock to January 1, 1970 under any circumstances — it will break any iPhone. It will supposedly also brick any iPad or iPod touch as well, so do not try it on any iOS device.

KITTEN SURVIVES 13-STORY FALL _ A 7-month-old kitten in Minnesota is “acting like nothing much happened to him” even though he survived a 13-story fall last week. Brennan found a way through the screen window of his 17th-story apartment when his owner went grocery shopping. Brennan fell onto a fourth-story landing. When his owner got home, he had to climbed onto a ledge above the injured cat to reach him. Brennan suffered a dislocated hip and a broken shoulder; he went through surgery but he’s doing great.

BE MY FINANCIALLY COMPATIBLE VALENTINE _ Does your Valentine make you laugh? Is she easy to talk to? If so, that’s great. But if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, researchers at the U.S. Federal Reserve say a credit score may be a better measurement of compatibility. The Fed says people who have higher credit scores are more likely to form committed relationships and stay with a partner longer. Researchers sifted through the credit histories of 12 million U.S. consumers, identified romantic partners and then tracked their unions and breakups over a 15-year period. The records revealed that people with higher credit scores were more likely to commit to a relationship, and when they did, the relationship was more likely to last.

… Having similar credit scores, the researchers found, also had a positive effect. Those with similar scores, even if they weren’t especially high, stayed together longer than those with very different scores.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TRUCK CRASHES INTO PSYCHIC’S HOME BUSINESS _ A psychic in California (Anaheim) said she had a premonition something was going to happen before a truck plowed into her home business. Psychic Rachel Williams said she had a “spiritual feeling” her business and home along the busy road would be hit, but didn’t know when. She was home with her son when a pickup truck hit. [So, instead of leaving for the day she stuck around?!]

… She probably new her home would be hit since it’s happened twice before.

Get the related audio on on PRO AUDIO page.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: UNLUCKY IN LOVE, ELEPHANT DAMAGES 15 CARS _ After losing out on his love interest, a wild elephant has turned his attention to cars. The elephant wandered out of a nature reserve in southern China following a failed courtship and started playing with cars parked along a highway, slightly damaging more than a dozen vehicles.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DRIVER ADMITS TO DRUGS, INSTAGRAMMING DURING POLICE CHASE _ Following over an hour of pursuit, a Texas police chase ended in both gunshots to a tire and spike strips. Once the whole ordeal ended, the man being chased admitted to a few illegal actions. Jonathan Davis admitted to having marijuana in the car. He also admitted to posting to Snapchat and Instagram as he drove.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: NBC SAID ISIS FIGHTERS ARE SHAVING BEARS _ NBC tweeted: “[ISIS] fighters are shaving bears to hide from air strikes.” A short time later the tweet was deleted.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN ACCUSED OF STUFFING SHRIMP DOWN PANTS _ An Akron, Ohio, man is accused of stuffing shrimp down his pants during an armed robbery at a supermarket. Police say during the robbery Joseph Porter stuffed $38 worth of shrimp in his pants. The bags fell out several times and Porter kept trying to tuck them in his shirt.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SUSPECT NEEDED MONEY FOR KITTY LITTER _ Authorities say a Pittsburgh woman jailed in four recent store robberies told police she needed money for dog food and kitty litter.


THE 58TH ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS (8p ET, CBS) — LL Cool J hosts, with performers including Taylor Swift, Adele (performing for the first time since 2012), Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Carrie Underwood, Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, Kendrick Lamar, Little Big Town, and The Weeknd. Earth, Wind & Fire will receive a lifetime achievement award. Lady Gaga will perform a tribute to David Bowie. Lionel Ritchie will also be honored.

THE BACHELOR (8p ET, ABC) — In this new edition, Ben shows the six remaining women his hometown. And Ben visits the youth center where he volunteered as a teenager, where they are joined by special guests, including basketball player Paul George.


THE X-FILES (8p ET, FOX) — William B. Davis, Robbie Amell (The Flash) and Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) guest star in this new episode.

MORTAL KOMBAT X: MACHINIMA’S CHASING THE CUP (8p ET, CW) — Top-ranked Mortal Kombat X players hope to be named the best in the world.

THE WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW (8p ET, CNBC) — The 140th Annual Dog Show kicks off in New York City with the Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding groups. The live two-night event begins on CNBC, and will air on USA Tuesday night.

TELENOVELA (8:30p ET, NBC) — New

THE BIGGEST LOSER (9p ET, NBC) — A new, 2-hour edition.

LUCIFER (9p ET, FOX) — New


MAJOR CRIMES (10p ET, TNT) — Major Crimes returns with new episodes to finish its 4th season.

CASTLE (10p ET, ABC) — Ann Cusack (A League of their Own) guest stars in this new episode.

SEASON PREMIERE: BETTER CALL SAUL (10p ET, AMC) — Season 2 begins tonight.


DEADPOOL BLOWS UP BOX OFFICE _ Deadpool opened with a stunning $135 million in ticket sales Friday-Sunday, exceeding all expectations.

… The R-rated superhero movie set a bunch of new records: the biggest R-rated opening (beating 2003’s The Matrix Reloaded, which opened with $91.8 million), the biggest February weekend, and biggest President’s Day holiday weekend (beating 2015’s Fifty Shades of Grey, with $85.2 million for both).

… Globally the movie made $260 million.

BILL MURRAY THREW FANS’ PHONES OFF ROOFTOP _ Bill Murray apparently became frustrated with fans using phones to take photos of him at a restaurant in Carmel, California, on Thursday night. So he grabbed their phones and threw them off a second-floor rooftop. The occasion was a party thrown by actor and singer Justin Timberlake. TMZ suggested that the fans weren’t merely using their phones to take pictures, but that they used their flashes. Officers were called after reports of a disturbance. It’s unclear how volcanic Murray might have been and three people claimed to have their phones taken and thrown. By the time police arrived, Murray had left the scene. However, Murray’s representatives contacted the police on Friday morning. He’s agreed to pay for the lost property. In return, the people involved will not press charges.

LEONARDO SAYS COLD IN THE REVENANT WAS WORSE THAN IN TITANIC _ The Revenant was one of the better films of 2015 — but it came with a lot of cold days and nights for the cast and crew, including star Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo says while being submerged in an ice bath for Titanic was cold, the relentless cold of filming for The Revenant was worse.

CHRIS ROCK JOKES ABOUT ABC IN NEW OSCAR PROMOS! _ Chris Rock gives a shoutout to Shonda Rhimes fans in a new tease for his upcoming hosting gig on the 2016 Academy Awards. The 51-year-old comedian says in one, “Watch the Oscars, the only show on ABC Shonda Rhimes doesn’t own…yet.” VIDEO

… The Oscars air February 28 on ABC.

GHOSTBUSTERS TEASER ASKS WHO YOU GONNA CALL? _ Sony released a brief glimpse of Paul Feig‘s Ghostbusters reboot on Sunday. It shows… nothing. We don’t see the new team of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. We don’t see ghosts. We don’t see the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  We get some cop cars and soldiers with guns. VIDEO

LADY GAGA HONORS DAVID BOWIE WITH TATTOO _ Lady Gaga got a David Bowie tattoo before paying tribute to the late singer at the Grammy Awards. Gaga had the iconic musician’s face from the cover of his 1973 album Aladdin Sane etched on her side. IMAGE

DR. DRE FILMING APPLE’S FIRST SCRIPTED TELEVISION SERIES _ Apple is making its first original television show. The technology giant is backing a top-secret scripted series starring one of its own executives, Beats co-founder and rap legend Dr. Dre. The 50-year-old mogul is starring in and executive producing his own six-episode show, titled Vital Signs, and the production is being bankrolled by Apple. The series likely will be distributed through Apple Music, the company’s subscription streaming site.

DEBUT EDITION OF SPIDER-MAN COMIC HEADED TO AUCTION _ Walter Yakoboski scraped together nearly every penny he made as short-order cook in 1979 to begin buying a small collection of rare comic books for $10,000, hoping his boyhood passion could one day pay off as an investment. That day may soon be here. Yakoboski’s copy of “Amazing Fantasy” No. 15 from 1962 — which introduced the world to Spider-Man — could fetch $400,000 or more when it goes up for auction later this month. The 60-year-old Yakoboski wants to use the proceeds to buy his late father’s 17-acre vegetable farm on eastern Long Island.

KANYE WEST: I’M $53 MILLION IN DEBT _ Kanye West is one of the most successful people in the world of music — has been for a long time — which makes it especially confounding he confessed to being $53 million in debt. Kanye tweeted Saturday night, “I write this to you my brothers while still $53 million dollars in personal debt. Please pray we overcome.” Kanye’s net worth is often estimated at somewhere north of $100 million and Kim Kardashian adds nearly $50 million to the pot, probably more.

58th GRAMMY AWARDS _ The show airs tonight (Monday) on CBS. A few major categories:

RECORD OF THE YEAR (performer and production team)

  • Really Love – D’Angelo And The Vanguard
  • Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars
  • Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
  • Blank Space – Taylor Swift
  • Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd


  • Sound & Color -Alabama Shakes
  • To Pimp A Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar
  • Traveller – Chris Stapleton
  • 1989 – Taylor Swift
  • Beauty Behind The Madness – The Weeknd

SONG OF THE YEAR (to the songwriter(s))

  • Alright
  • Blank Space
  • Girl Crush
  • See You Again
  • Thinking Out Loud


Newest on the PRO AUDIO page.

• PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Presidential campaign ad clip montage.

• DEADPOOL: Betty White loves Deadpool movie – 2 versions

• 2016 CAMPAIGN: Cute kids say who they want to see as President.



FB icon We want you tell us a story that ends with “There wasn’t a second date.” Examples:

• All through dinner, he kept talking about his mother. There wasn’t a second date.

• During the meal, her wig fell off. There wasn’t a second date.

• As we drove to the restaurant he kept telling me about all the features on his car. There wasn’t a second date.


  1. Deadpool, $135 million
  2. Kung Fu Panda 3, $19.6 million
  3. How to Be Single, $18.7 million
  4. Zoolander 2, $15.6 million
  5. The Revenant, $6.9 million
  6. Hail, Caesar!, $6.5 million
  7. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, $6.1 million
  8. The Choice, $5.2 million
  9. Ride Along 2, $4.1 million
  10. The Boy, $2.9 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was Fifty Shades of Grey.


The Witch (R) – Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie

Risen (PG-3) – Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton

Race (PG-13) – Stephan James, Jason Sudeikis


Courtesy of morning show talent coach Steve Reynolds. The Hot List is made up of the topics everyone knows about.

  1. Valentine’s Day
  2. The Grammy’s
  3. Justice Scalia Dies
  4. Deadpool
  5. Ryan Reynolds
  6. Donald Trump
  7. Kanye West
  8. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
  9. NBA All-Star Game
  10. Leap Day
  11. Lamar Odom
  12. Black History Month
  13. Daytona 500
  14. Zika Virus


Listeners share something dumb they’ve done and your show has to guess whether the caller did it when they were drunk, or when they were a stupid kid. Start with your own personal stories.

Some examples:

• Broke into a neighbor’s basement one night, wearing nothing but a woman’s blouse, and cried when the police showed up because I couldn’t figure out how to open the door to get out.

• I peed myself while playing an outdoor game with friends. I was wearing a skirt.


• Life-sized BB-8 droid – The replica rolls with ease as you control it via a remote or voice commands. There’s even a “follow me” mode so you can really feel like Rey on the dunes of Jakku. Price: $180.

• Hello Barbie Dreamhouse – A high-tech take on the iconic doll’s signature home. The house is Wi-Fi enabled, connects with an app and features voice-recognition software, so kids can talk directly to the home. Price: $300.

• Geckobot – More than just a robotic gecko. The manual contains everything you need to know to build the smooth surface-climbing robot, as well a six other suction-based models. They use small gears, pressure valves and cams to work, so you’re learning about how air pressure works while you’re building and playing. Price $50.

• Lego Star Wars – From a Resistance Troop Transporter to a large-scale X-Wing fighter, these sets will get any Star Wars fan excited. Plus, there’s 10 characters from the movie who appear in more than seven sets, including Kylo Ren, First Order Snowtroopers, Resistance Troopers, Maz Kanata, Admiral Ackbar, General Leia Organa and of course, a teeny tiny BB-8. Prices vary.

• Sky Viper Hover Racer. You can take your drone-flying experience to the next level with Skyrocket’s Sky Viper Hover Racer drones. They come with four infrared beacons that can be set up to create your own custom racecourses. You can even have dogfights with friends to see who is the best pilot among the group. Price: $100.

• ThingMaker – This 3D printer gives you a way to print toys at home with just a press of a button. By loading up the corresponding app, you can design or select a pre-set toy to print. Price: $299.

• Cabbage Patch Kid – The doll gets a high-tech reboot from Wicked Cool Toys and caters to how modern kids play. The doll loaded with tiny sensors, comes with LCD eyes, talks and coos, and works with a corresponding app. Price: $100.


Thanks for sharing, Dan Preston.

• Are those real?

• Did you know that you look just like my mom?

• Wanna take a shower with me?

• Guess what I was in jail for?

• Did you just fart?

• Would you like to hear about my alien abduction?

• You don’t hear voices, do you? Me neither, a couple of times.


If you think you’ve blow your new year’s resolution to eat great and lose weight, don’t give up. Here are some real tips we could all use. (via BuzzFeed)

Don’t start a diet or eating plan you wouldn’t feel comfortable following for the next five years. If a diet requires that you give up certain food groups, prevents you from eating out with your friends, or emphasizes any habit you can’t imagine maintaining for more than a short period of time, it’s not going to lead to success in the long run. Instead, make small healthy tweaks to your diet a little at a time. —Amelia Winslow, MS, MPH, nutritionist and founder of Eating Made Easy

Stop thinking of certain foods as good or bad. An apple is just an apple; you are not good or virtuous if you select it as a snack. A Twinkie is just a Twinkie; you are not bad, guilty, or weak-willed if you choose it instead. —Jonah Levy Soolman, RD, LDN of Soolman Nutrition and Wellness

Think of every meal as an opportunity to be healthier. If you eat something ‘off plan’ just suck it up and move on. There’s no sense punishing yourself for food that’s long been digested. Always remember that your next meal is a clean slate. —Danielle Omar, M.S., registered dietitian, integrative dietitian at Food Confidence

Don’t cut out all fat. Just eat it wisely. Focus on the quality of fats and not place so much emphasis on the quantity of fat. If you’re a fan of using butter, be would be more concerned about what the butter is on top of. Is it spread on a cinnamon bun or over roasted asparagus? Same fat. Two different scenarios. —Nita Sharda, RD, owner of Carrots and Cake Balanced Nutrition Consulting
Ask yourself: “Is this made of real food or something that would require a lab to make?”

Think about how a food will make you feel after you eat it. This doesn’t put a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ label on the food; it’s about how that particular item makes you feel physically and emotionally. Will you feel tired? Crabby? Sluggish? Or will you feel energized? Satisfied? Refreshed? —Sally Kuzemchak, RD, founder of Real Mom Nutrition

Just go ahead and avoid all those fat-free or low-fat products. When a product is artificially made low-fat or fat-free, it won’t be as satisfying, due to the absence of fat, which keeps you full longer. This can lead to overeating because you never feel satisfied. —Anne Mauney, MPH, RD, founder of

Don’t ditch carbs. Carbohydrates are a necessary macronutrient (just like fat and protein), and they are the brain’s primary source of fuel. We need carbs to function at our best. —Joanne Levy Soolman, MS, RD, LDN of Soolman Nutrition and Wellness

Give yourself lots of time to become a healthier eater Not weeks — months, maybe even a year. Your eating habits have developed over many years, maybe even your whole life up to this point in time. Learning about good nutrition and how that translates to the foods you choose to put on your plate each day, will take time. —Chinwe Asagwara, RD, Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL)



It’s Presidents’ Day. Download the “Presidential campaign ad clip montage” on the Pro Audio page. First caller to name the presidents in order wins your prize.


Grab a mason jar and fill it with pennies, nickels, quarters and some bills. Share the image on social media with a link to a sign-up form on your website. Whoever guesses closest to the amount of money in the jar wins what’s inside + any other cool prizes you have.

… Link to a web form. If you allow people to ‘Comment’ their guess and you end up with thousands of guesses it’ll take you a long time to find the winner(s).


How much news did you consume last week? Take the quiz…

• A man set a new world record by pushing what during a Texas half marathon? (Stroller)

• Doctors in India are baffled by a 12-year-old’s medical condition. They can’t figure out why these keep coming out of her ear. (Ants)

• Tech researchers say you can save 15% of your iPhone battery life by deleting what? (Facebook app)

• A Red Cross in Utah honored a unique therapy animal that worked at a veterans home. What kind? (Kangaroo)

• A Florida man was charged with assault after he threw what through a Wendy’s drive-thru window? (Alligator)

• Researchers in Australia says they’ve figured out how to make condoms stronger by a substance derived what what? (Grass)

• A study showed parents who at more of this were more likely to have a girl. (Ice cream)

• After a test run, Burger King announced it will soon be serving what barbecue and ballpark favorite? (Hot dogs)


Knife-wielding crab.


Source: unknown


• 1979: DOLLY PARTON won her first Grammy for Here You Come Again.

• 1992: GARTH BROOKS scored his eighth number one hit with What She’s Doing Now.

• 2002: WAYLON JENNINGS was laid to rest in a private graveside service in Phoenix, Arizona.

• 2006: JOHNNY CASH topped Blender magazine’s list of the 50 most awesomely dead rock stars.

• 2012: A California woman was arrested at a bathroom near the swimming pool on KENNY CHESNEY’s property in Tennessee near 2 AM and charged with public intoxication.


Newest on the COUNTRY AUDIO page.

• CHRIS YOUNG and the funniest pickup line he has ever heard.

• JAKE OWEN says social media led to the best compliment he ever got.

• JUSTIN MOORE hopes his daughters play sports.


The 2016 Grammy Awards air tonight (Monday) on CBS. Country performers will include CARRIE UNDERWOOD with SAM HUNT, LITTLE BIG TOWN, CHRIS STAPLETON as part of a tribute to B.B. King, and LUKE BRYAN as part of a tribute to Lionel Richie. CAM will serve as a presenter during the show, originating from Los Angeles.

… LITTLE BIG TOWN’s Girl Crush is up for Song of the Year. It’s the category for the writers of songs.

… Up for Best Country Solo Performance: Burning House by CAM; Traveller by CHRIS STAPLETON; Little Toy Guns by CARRIE UNDERWOOD; John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 by KEITH URBAN; Chances Are by LEE ANN WOMACK.

… Up for Best Country Duo/Group Performance: Stay A Little Longer, BROTHERS OSBORNE; If I Needed You, JOEY+RORY; The Driver, CHARLES KELLEY, DIERKS BENTLEY & ERIC PASLAY; Girl Crush, LITTLE BIG TOWN; Lonely Tonight, BLAKE SHELTON featuring ASHLEY MONROE.

… Best Country Song (to the songwriter(s)): Chances Are (Lee Ann Womack); Diamond Rings And Old Barstools (Tim McGraw); Girl Crush (Little Big Town); Hold My Hand (Brandy Clark); Traveller (Chris Stapleton)

… Best Country Album: Montevallo, SAM HUNT; Pain Killer, LITTLE BIG TOWN; The Blade, ASHLEY MONROE; Pageant Material, KACEY MUSGRAVES; Traveller, CHRIS STAPLETON

The 2016 CMC Rocks Festival has sold out its entire three day event. This marks the first time since the festival began in 2008 for a complete sellout. Performers will include JASON ALDEAN, FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE, KELSEA BALLERINI, CAM, BRANTLEY GILBERT and KIP MOORE as well as top Australian talent.

TIM MCGRAW hates Facebook and Twitter, and he doesn’t care who knows it. Tim says, “I understand it, and it’s certainly a big part of our business and what we d. I’m coming along … when it’s fun and I think I have something to say, then I say something. But for the most part, I don’t want to do it every day … I don’t think it means as much if you do. … I’m an analog guy in a digital world. I don’t quite get it.”

Songwriter Kim Williams has died at age 68. The writer of such hits as GARTH BROOKS’ Ain’t Going Down (Till The Sun Comes Up), Papa Loved Mama and She’s Gonna Make It passed away in Florida Thursday (February 11). A member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame since 2012, Kim’s first credited hit as a writer was JOE DIFFIE’s If the Devil Danced In Empty Pockets. His other songwriting credits include REBA MCENTIRE’s The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, KENNY CHESNEY’s Fall In Love and DOUG STONE’s Warning Labels.

JERROD NIEMANN teamed with Logan’s Roadhouse and the ASCAP (Association of Songwriters, Composers,Artists and Publishers) to present a check for $3,300 to Nashville’s Centennial High School late last week. The money will be used to purchase instruments and supplies for the school’s music department.

On his new album, Down to My Last Bad Habit, VINCE GILL has a song called Sad One Comin’ On, which is a tribute to the late GEORGE JONES. So what did Vince most admire about The Possum? It was the fact George was accountable for everything he’d done and never tried to hide from it.

VINCE GILL tells Rolling Stone Country that at the age of 59, he put a lot of creative effort into his new album, Down To My Last Bad Habit, because he doesn’t feel like he has that much time to be creative and wanted the project to reflect his best work to date.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD will headline the 22nd Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night, April 9 in Phoenix. She will also be honored during the event, which will also include appearances by REBA MCENTIRE and BROOKS & DUNN.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD surprised fans at a Dick’s Sporting Goods location in Nashville when she went undercover to wait on shoppers who were browsing her clothing line, Calia by Carrie.


This is day 47 of 2016. There are 319 days remaining.


• Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back) is 71

• William Katt (Greatest American Hero) is 65

• LeVar Burton is 59

• Ice-T is 58

• Andy Taylor (Duran Duran) is 55

• Sarah Clarke (Twilight) is 45

• Elizabeth Olsen (Avengers: Age of Ultron) is 27


• 1948: NBC-TV aired its first nightly newscast, The Camel Newsreel Theatre, which consisted of Fox Movietone newsreels.

• 1968: The nation’s first 911 emergency telephone system was inaugurated in Haleyville, Alabama.

• 1978: The first computer bulletin board system was created (CBBS in Chicago, Illinois).

• 2005: The NHL canceled what was left of its season after a round of last-gasp negotiations failed to resolve differences over a salary cap — the issue that led to a lockout.


• Almond Day

• Do A Grouch A Favor Day


• March 13: Daylight Saving Time begins (move clocks forward)

• March 15: NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins

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