COUNTRY March 16, 2016

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This is day 76 of 2016. There are 290 days remaining.


• Jerry Lewis is 90

• Game-show host Chuck Woolery is 75

• Victor Garber (Alias) is 67

• Erik Estrada (CHiPs) is 67

• Nancy Wilson of Heart is 62

• Rapper Flavor Flav is 57

• Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls, Parenthood) is 49


• 1802: Congress authorized the establishment of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York.

• 1994: Figure skater Tonya Harding pleaded guilty in Portland, Oregon, to conspiracy for covering up the attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan.

• 1995: Mississippi formally ratified the Thirteenth Amendment, becoming the last state to approve the abolition of slavery. The Thirteenth Amendment was officially ratified in 1865.

• 1995: Astronaut Norm Thagard became the first American to visit the Russian space station Mir.

• 2005: A judge in Redwood City, California, sent Scott Peterson to death row for the slaying of his pregnant wife, Laci.

• 2005: A jury in Los Angeles acquitted actor Robert Blake of murder in the shooting death of his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley.

• 2006: In Slough, England, a gang of crooks heard through the crook grapevine about a van that would be passing through town loaded with money. Lots of money. Millions, in fact. They snatched the van as its driver was making a delivery. And the story they had heard was true, the van was full of money. Unfortunately, it was Monopoly money that was to be used in a promotion of a new version of the game.

• 2015: A poll revealed 40% of Americans couldn’t spell Budweiser correctly. The same poll also revealed 90% of Americans couldn’t spell Jägermeister.


• Freedom of Information Day

• Brain Injury Awareness Day

• Kick Butts Day

• Lips Appreciation Day

• No Selfies Day

• St. Urho’s Day – The legend of St. Urho says he chased the grasshoppers out of ancient Finland, thus saving the grape crop and the jobs of Finnish vineyard workers.


• March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

• March 27: Easter

• April 1: April Fools’ Day

More holidays


30,000: Residency slots which will be filled by U.S. medical school graduates this Friday (March 18). 34,000 or so grads submitted their preferences back in February.


Legislation has been introduced into Congress that would proclaim magic acts as an art form. [That would allow up-and-coming rabbits to then be eligible for various grants and scholarships.]

Mariah Carey is going to star in her own reality show. [What exactly has her life been up to this point?]

Jerry Seinfeld sold 17 classic cars at auction for over $22 million. [He was immediately named the dealership’s car salesman of the month.]

It was announced Tuesday that there will definitely be a fifth Indiana Jones movie starring Harrison Ford. It’ll be directed by Stephen Spielberg. [And produced by AARP.]

Madonna is refuting claims that she was drunk on stage. She claims that she was simply portraying a character. [Yeah, an old woman who took the wrong dose of medicine.]

The Centers for Disease Control is asking doctors to stop writing so many prescriptions for strong narcotic pain killers. [Disney has already started purchasing and stockpiling every available painkiller on the market to make sure that there will be enough on hand until Harrison Ford finishies making the next Indiana Jones film.]

LL Cool J announced his retirement then before the day was over he announced that he was back. [He probably got frightened out of retirement after he took one look at the to-do list his wife had made for him.]

According to a new study, the trend of not getting kids vaccinated is directly responsible for the resurgence of measles, whooping cough [and cooties].

Despite a photoshopped image making the rounds on the Internet, Harrison Ford has made it clear that he’s not a supporter of Donald Trump. [There goes the grumpy old man vote.]


NATE SILVER’S FINAL FOUR, AND HIS PICK TO WIN IT ALL _ Nate Silver is most famous for developing the program that correctly predicted the presidential outcomes in 49 of the 50 states in the 2008 Presidential election. As a result he was named to World’s 100 Most Influential People list by Time in 2009. He then went on to nail all 50 states in the 2012 election. Before that he analyzed baseball. Now he’s the editor-in-chief of ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight blog and a special correspondent for ABC News.

… For the past few years he’s predicted other big sporting events — the NFL Playoffs, World Cup soccer, and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament — with varying degrees of success. Sports isn’t politics, and sometimes math just doesn’t translate. For instance, last year he chose Kentucky as his overwhelming pick to win the National Championship, and of course they didn’t even make the title game. Still, the overall result was decent: Five-Thirty-Eight correctly predicted 70 percent of the bracket. Not exactly Obama numbers, but hey, it’s sports.

… And now, Silver has released his 2016 Final Four. Here you go:

  1. Kansas (No. 1 seed, South region) — 45.1% chance to make Final Four
  2. North Carolina (No. 1 seed, East) — 43.6% chance
  3. Michigan State (No. 2 seed, Midwest) — 33.9% chance
  4. Oklahoma (No. 2 seed, West) — 32% chance

… Overall, Kansas is the favorite to win it all, with a 19.1 percent chance. North Carolina comes in second at 15 percent.

MARCO RUBIO ENDS PRESIDENTIAL RUN _ Marco Rubio suspended his presidential run on Tuesday after falling to Donald Trump in his home state of Florida.

HOMELESS MAN TO RECEIVE $100,000 REWARD _ A homeless man who describes himself as a “news junkie” will receive the lion’s share of a reward that led to the capture of three dangerous men who escaped from an Orange County, California, jail earlier this year. Matthew Hay-Chapman was near a San Francisco Whole Foods Market on January 28 when he spotted two of the men exiting a stolen van. The homeless man recognized both the van and the men exiting it from having seen it on the news. He found a cop and led him to the van.

PREGNANT T-REX DISCOVERED BY SCIENTISTS _ A team of scientists (North Carolina State University and North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences) have stumbled upon the remains of a pregnant Tyrannosaurus rex. The group of scientists were able to confirm the 68 million-year-old dinosaur’s pregnancy by examining its femur fossil. The fossil that was excavated belonged to a T.Rex that lived millions of years ago, during the Cretaceous Period, roaming the area that is now Montana. The remains of this unique creature carried a kind of tissue found only in female species that carry eggs or have just finished laying them and could also prove to retain preserved DNA.

HOW MAPLE SYRUP COULD BE GOOD FOR YOU _ Maple syrup might be more than just a delicious way to start the day — it could help stave off Alzheimer’s. New research (presented at the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting) has found some natural products, including real maple syrup, have beneficial effects on neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s. The findings revealed how maple syrup could potentially protect brain cells against damage. Researchers found maple syrup, the type that comes from the sap of a maple tree, may help prevent two types of proteins found in brain cells from clumping together.

MAN WINS 1,000-MILE IDITAROD SLED DOG RACE AGAIN _ Dallas Seavey has won his fourth overall Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Seavey completed the nearly 1,000-mile race in a record time of eight days, 11 hours, 20 minutes, 16 seconds. His only Iditarod loss was to his father, Mitch Seavey, in 2013. His father came in second this year.

NASA IS GOING TO LIGHT A ‘LARGE FIRE’ ON A SPACESHIP _ NASA would like to light a “large scale fire” in space. While “fire” and “space” are two words we typically only associate with science fiction films, NASA would like to recreate the disaster in an expendable spacecraft to see what happens. And so, after the next resupply vehicle undocks from the International Space Station and moves to a safe distance, a team back on Earth will execute a command to begin Spacecraft Fire Experiment-I (Saffire-1). Far overhead, a sealed box containing a meter-long strip of cotton-fiberglass composite will burst into flames.

… Temperature, O2, and CO2 sensors will collect data on the burn in real time, which NASA says “may be as short as 15 to 20 minutes.” Two cameras will capture footage on one side of the burning material, while radiometers will measure the heat coming off of either side. All of this data will be returned to the ground 8 days later in a hopefully-still-intact vehicle.

WOMAN RAISES $ FOR HOMELESS MAN WHO LOOKED AFTER HER _ Nicole Sedgebeer missed her last train home from London (to Milton Keynes) after a night out with friends and found the gates of the train station locked. She was stranded 50 miles from home. The 21-year-old said she was “about to burst into drunken tears” when a homeless man named Mark took her under his wing and showed her to an all-night cafe where she could stay safe until the first train the next morning.

… After a coffee and a chat, Mark told her he needed to get his sleeping bag but would be back at 5 AM to walk her to the station. Mark’s act of kindness inspired Nicole to set up a crowdfunding page to raise money for Mark and to help other homeless people in the same area. The page has raised over $14,000 (check for latest total).

COPS WARN RESIDENTS OF MEN CHALLENGING RAP BATTLES _ Police in a Massachusetts town are warning residents to be on the lookout for men challenging passers-by to rap battles. Charlton, Massachusetts, police say a black SUV containing a group of men in their late teens or early 20s pulled up next to three teenage boys Saturday afternoon. One of the men got out of the vehicle and started rapping. The other men then asked the teens if they wanted to “spit some bars” with them. When the boys declined, the men drove off. Police say it doesn’t appear to be an attempted abduction, but the boys were frightened.

BABIES KNOW WHEN THEY DON’T KNOW SOMETHING _ Humans can judge when we’re not certain about something, and act accordingly. This ability is called metacognition — thinking about thinking. How early in life do we develop metacognition? Children under the age of four, who confidently proclaim knowledge of things they can’t possibly know, seem to be pretty bad at it. Babies, on the other hand, point at things to ask questions about them. They shouldn’t be able to do this unless they’ve worked out that they don’t know something.

… Researchers (Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University) investigated by setting up an experiment that tested babies’ metacognition without forcing them to talk about it. They found evidence that the babies looked to their parents for help when they didn’t know the answer to something.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN FIRES OFF GUN TO IMPRESS WOMAN _ Police arrested a Lincoln, Nebraska, for trying to impress a woman. Most guys will dress to impress. Or buy her flowers. Or writer her a poem. This guy fired off a gun. The guy was firing the gun to get the attention of a woman who lived inside the apartment complex. Apparently he never heard of knocking? He was taken to jail and charged with the discharging of a firearm in city limits, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BOY WATCHES DAD BURGLARIZE _ There are many bring-a-child-to-work days, but none like what police in Russian say they encountered early Monday — an 8-year-old boy watching his father and two other men burglarize cars. Police said they were summoned around 3 AM by a resident who reported seeing three men breaking into cars at an apartment complex. Officers found three men in the parking and say the boy knew what his father and the others were doing. He was taken home to his mother.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DON’T FORGET THE ADDRESS _ In the UK a guy tried to mail a half pound package of illegal drugs. It was wrapped up nicely and might have made it to its destination except for one thing: he forgot to put an address on the package. He did, however, remember to write on his own return address. Officials opened the package to see if the mailing label was inside, and that’s when they discovered the pot.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: NAKED WOMAN LEADS DEPUTIES ON WILD CHASE _ Deputies in New Mexico say a 51-year-old woman (Barbara Arellano) led them on a dangerous high speed chase that ended with a violent crash after she ran a red light. From the cloud of dust, the woman emerged from the crash without any clothes on. Deputies said the woman took various drugs and drank whiskey just before driving.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN FIGHTS TO KEEP PET ALLIGATOR AT HOME _ Mary Thorn of Florida (Lakeland) is fighting to keep her 6-foot-long pet alligator in her home. The 125-pound reptile — named Rambo — wears clothes, rides on the back of a motorcycle and has a bedroom in the woman’s home. Thorn even takes Rambo to schools and charity events to teach people about reptiles. She says she has trained him not to bite. Thorn has had a license for the alligator she’s kept for 11 years, but it recently grew to 6-feet and wildlife officials say that size alligator must have 2½ acres of land.


NCAA TOURNAMENT (6:30p ET, TruTV) — The play-in round wraps up with two games tonight. The first game is Holy Cross vs. Southern U., followed by Michigan vs. Tulsa.

SURVIVOR (8p ET, CBS) — This new edition features a switch in the tribes.

LAW & ORDER: SVU (8p ET, NBC) — Repeat

THE MIDDLE (8p ET, ABC) — In this new episode, Frankie takes care of Sue and Axl after their wisdom teeth are removed. Norm Macdonald guest stars as Mike’s brother.

ROSEWOOD (8p ET, FOX) — A new medical examiner (guest star Sherri Shepherd, The View) is brought in, in this new episode.

ARROW (8p ET, CW) — Repeat

THE GOLDBERGS (8:30p ET, ABC) — In this new episode, Adam schemes to get as many tapes as possible from a mail-order music club.

CRIMINAL MINDS (9p ET, CBS) — Criminal Minds celebrates its 250th episode with this new edition directed by series star Joe Mantegna.

MODERN FAMILY (9p ET, ABC) — Phil lies to Claire to keep her from finding out about his attractive new client in this new episode.

LAW & ORDER: SVU (8p ET, NBC) — Repeat

HELL’S KITCHEN (9p ET, FOX) — This new edition features surprise judges Suzanne Tracht, executive chef and owner of Jar; and David Lefevre, executive chef and owner of M.B. Post. The VIPs are Flo Rida and Jeff Dunham.


BLACKISH (9:30p ET, ABC) — In this new episode, Diane makes a documentary about Jack’s basketball career for a project.

CHICAGO P.D. (10p ET, NBC) — Repeat

NASHVILLE (10p ET, ABC) — Nashville is finally back with new episodes, and the spring premiere features the wedding of Deacon and Rayna. Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts and singer/songwriter Jim Lauderdale play themselves in cameo appearances.

SERIES PREMIERE: CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS (10p ET, CBS) — This spin-off of Criminal Minds stars Gary Sinise (CSI: NY) as the head of an international FBI division investigating crimes against Americans abroad. Alana de la Garza (Law & Order), Daniel Henney (Three Rivers), Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris) and Annie Funke (The Affair) also star. Criminal Minds star Joe Mantegna guest stars in the premiere.

SEASON PREMIERE: THE AMERICANS (10p ET, FX) — As season 4 begins, Philip and Elizabeth deal with the consequences of their actions.


FIFTH INDIANA JONES MOVIE _ Indiana Jones hasn’t retired. Steven Spielberg will direct Harrison Ford in the fifth installment in the action-adventure franchise, which will open July 19, 2019. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the last film in the Indiana Jones series, opened in 2008 and starred Ford opposite Shia LaBeouf.


QUIZ A CO-HOST: “Can you name the first four movies?”

  • 1981 – Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • 1984 – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Did you know this was a prequel?)
  • 1989 – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • 2008 – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

ACADEMY APOLOGIZES FOR ASIAN JOKE _ Star Trek actor George Takei was one of 25 Academy members of Asian descent who sent a letter this week to the Academy Awards protesting jokes about Asians during last month’s Oscars ceremony — a skit in which host Chris Rock introduced three children of Asian descent as Academy accountants, and comments ad-libbed by presenter Sacha Baron Cohen that insinuated that Asians have small genitalia. An Academy spokesperson said Tuesday: “The Academy appreciates the concerns stated, and regrets that any aspect of the Oscar telecast was offensive. We are committed to doing our best to ensure that material in future shows be more culturally sensitive.”

MATTHEW PERRY TO PLAY TED KENNEDY _ Former Friends star Matthew Perry is about to play Ted Kennedy, opposite Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, in the upcoming Reelz miniseries The Kennedys – After Camelot. The miniseries will be the follow-up to the award-winning The Kennedys, which aired back in 2011. Perry will also act as an executive producer on the project.

… The four-part miniseries will be based on the Kennedy family biography After Camelot, by J. Randy Taraborrelli. In The Kennedys – After Camelot, Matthew Perry will play Ted Kennedy in the years following the assassination of his brothers, Jack and Bobby.

… The miniseries will debut on Reelz in spring of 2017.

MAN CHARGED WITH HACKING CELEBRITIES’ NUDE PHOTOS _ The man allegedly at the center of a massive celebrity photo hacking case in 2014 has agreed to plead guilty to a felony hacking charge. An announcement posted by the United States Department of Justice named 36-year-old Ryan Collins of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as the culprit behind the massive hack of accounts containing nude photos of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and many others. Collins illegally gained entry to more than 100 Apple and Google email accounts in the process of accessing the celebrities’ photos.

… Once the guilty plea is formally submitted, Collins faces five years in federal prison, however, authorities will recommend just 18 months.

GWEN STEFANI: BLAKE SHELTON SAVED HER _ Gwen Stefani is opening up about her divorce from Gavin Rossdale again. She told NPR: “You just crumble, you know? I was down — I was all the way down. And I just felt like, ‘God, I gotta turn this around. I can’t go down like this. I have to know that this is happening for a reason.’ And I knew that I had to turn to music.” Gwen had support from her new boyfriend Blake Shelton to get her through the breakup. “It was a really super unexpected gift to find a friend, somebody who happened to be going through the exact same thing as me, literally mirroring my experience. I don’t think it’s an accident that that happened. It saved me.”

KEVIN COSTNER SHARK ATTACK HOAX FOOLS GERMANY _ Kevin Costner channeled his Water World character over the weekend, fighting a great white shark that attacked his wife during a snorkeling excursion in Santa Barbara. Or at least, that’s what the entire nation of German was led to believe. According to a German newspaper (Bild am Sonntag), Costner and Christine Baumgartner were fishing and snorkeling when a massive “monster of a shark” popped up in front of him. According to a quote he allegedly gave the newspaper, the great white was at least 13 feet to 15 feet and was quickly swimming toward his wife. The newspaper also reported that Costner started screaming at the shark underwater, and that he told them that the shark’s “mouth was wide open as he was swimming towards my wife. I was in panic. I barely made it to shove Christine aside and to hit the shark.” After being hit on the nose, the shark reportedly swam away.

… However, Costner’s reps say the entire story is fake. Even though many newspapers, even reputable outlets, picked up the story, Costner’s team deemed the reports fraudulent. The Costner spokesperson denied that an interview between the actor and the German newspaper even took place.

THE CANNONBALL RUN IS GETTING A REMAKE _ The Cannonball Run is getting a remake. The original, revolving around an illegal cross country race where participants did whatever it took to win, starred Burt Reynolds, Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dom DeLuise.

CHARLIE SHEEN: NO DOUGH LEFT FOR DENISE _ Charlie Sheen is pleading poverty with his ex-wife, Denise Richards — insisting his child support payments to her have to be reduced, just like Brooke Mueller’s. Charlie’s filed documents that are almost identical to what he filed nearly two weeks ago. Just like Brooke, he says he’s been paying $55,00 per month to Denise. She’s been getting that amount since 2009, but now it’s too much for him to handle because “my income has drastically declined.” As he did in the Brooke filing, Charlie lays out his financial hardships — selling off his “Two and a Half Men” rights and mounting health care expenses.

BETTER CALL SAUL RENEWED FOR THIRD SEASON AT AMC _ AMC is sticking with Better Call Saul. The cable network has renewed the Breaking Bad prequel series for a third season.

MARIAH CAREY ANNOUNCES REALITY SERIES ‘MARIAH’S WORLD’ _ After many weeks of rumors, Mariah Carey announced she’ll be starring in a reality series called Mariah’s World. The eight-part docuseries will air on E! and will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the singer’s life.

SIMON COWELL HAS TICKET TO RIDE BEATLES PIC A LIFE IN THE DAY _ Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell will produce A Life in the Day, the biopic of Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein. The film tells the true story of Epstein who, while selling records out of his father’s appliance store in Liverpool, discovered a band he could make “Bigger than Elvis.” Epstein managed the band until his untimely death in 1967 from an apparent drug overdose.

JERRY SPRINGER: REPUBLICANS SHOULD PAY ME FOR COPYING MY SHOW _ Jerry Springer says that he should be paid for the way the Republican debates mimic his shows. Springer, who appeared on MSNBC Tuesday, was asked about the comparison between the 2016 race and his often racy and violent tabloid talk show. Springer said, “Well, they’re absolutely right. In fact, when I first started watching the Republican debates, I said that, you know, if they’re going to do my show, they should start paying me.”

… And what’s Springer think of the way the Republicans have acted the past months? “You know, it’s one thing to have a television show like that, but that’s not how you run a country. And it’s disgraceful.”

HERE’S 11 MINUTES OF BATMAN V SUPERMAN _ If you can’t wait for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you’re not alone. An impatient superfan has put together a super-sized superhero supercut of the movie to give eager fans an 11 minute sneak peek at the film, which isn’t in theaters until March 25.

TOP TV SHOWS _ Week of March 7-13. Listings include the week’s ranking and viewership.

  1. Little Big Shots (Sunday, 8 p.m.), NBC, 15 million
  2. The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 14.7 million
  3. The Voice (Tuesday), NBC, 13.54 million
  4. The Voice (Monday), NBC, 13.45 million
  5. Little Big Shots (Tuesday), NBC, 12.81 million
  6. The Walking Dead, AMC, 12.53 million
  7. Republican Presidential Debate, CNN, 11.81 million
  8. Blue Bloods, CBS, 9.83 million
  9. Survivor, CBS, 9.27 million
  10. The Voice (Wednesday), NBC, 9.19 million
  11. 60 Minutes, CBS, 8.74 million
  12. Life in Pieces, CBS, 8.57 million
  13. NCIS: New Orleans, CBS, 8.48 million
  14. NCIS, CBS, 8.16 million
  15. American Idol (Thursday), Fox, 8.06 million
  16. Hawaii Five-0, CBS, 7.97 million
  17. Debate Preview, CNN, 7.91 million
  18. Mom, CBS, 7.9 million
  19. Little Big Shots (Sunday, 7 p.m.), NBC, 7.59 million
  20. Grey’s Anatomy, ABC, 7.53 million


Newest on the PRO AUDIO page.

• BED: Irish Dance

• MYSTERY VOICE: John Goodman

• DROP: There isn’t enough money in the world to get me to do what you do!



This is a day when people of all ethnicities are cheerfully encouraged to wear something green. It is St. Patrick’s Day, a rare national holiday observed outside its native land. The day honors Bishop Patrick, born in England, who brought Christianity to Ireland in the fifth century, using a shamrock to illustrate divinity.

The celebration in the U.S. goes back to Colonial times. New York City’s parade has taken place every year since 1762, and today is the largest such event in the nation.

The greatest number of Irish immigrants arrived in the U.S. in the middle of the 19th century, when the home country was reeling from the potato famine. Now, over 33.1 million Americans claim Irish descent, over seven times the population of Ireland itself.


• Blaming your farts on me… not funny… not funny at all!

• Taking me for a walk, then not letting me check stuff out  Exactly whose walk is this anyway?

• Any trick that involves balancing food on my nose… stop it!

• Any haircut that involves bows or ribbons. Now you know why we chew your stuff up when you’re not home.

• The sleight of hand, fake fetch throw. You fooled a dog! Whoohoo! What a proud moment for the top of the food chain.

• Taking me to the vet for “the big snip,” then acting surprised when I freak out every time we go back!

• Getting upset when I sniff the crotches of your guests. Sorry, but I haven’t quite mastered that handshake thing yet.

• Dog sweaters. Hello, haven’t you noticed the fur?

• How you act disgusted when I lick myself. Look, we both know the truth, you’re just jealous.


Some 14% of the population suffers from some sort of phobia.  Most people have typical phobias. Here are some you may not have heard of.

• Agateophobia- Fear of insanity

• Allodoxaphobia- Fear of opinions

• Bromidrosiphobia or Bromidrophobia- Fear of body smells

• Didaskaleinophobia- Fear of going to school

• Ergophobia- Fear of work

• Francophobia- Fear of France or French culture

• Koinoniphobia- Fear of rooms.

• Kolpophobia- Fear of genitals, particularly female

• Mycophobia- Fear or aversion to mushrooms

• Numerophobia- Fear of numbers

• Pteronophobia- Fear of being tickled by feathers.

• Pupaphobia – Fear of puppets

• Soceraphobia- Fear of parents-in-law

• Xanthophobia- Fear of the color yellow or the word yellow

FB icon What’s your strange phobia?


Thanks to Dan Preston for sharing!

Misunderstood words and phrases. Are you guilty of any of these?

• I always thought that when wait staff asked “soup or salad?” they were talking about some sort of “supersalad.”

• “Elemeno P” instead of ” L M N O P”. I thought an “elemeno P” was a special version of the letter P.

• It took me over 20 years of my life to realize that “all intensive purposes” isn’t even close to correct. It’s “all intents and purposes”. I cringe to think of how many times I used “all intensive purposes” in my university papers.

• When I was 10, my sister told me that my grandmother quit smoking “cold turkey”. It wasn’t until high school when I embarrassed myself by telling my friend to try eating cold turkey to help quit smoking, that I knew what it really meant.

• As a kid, I misinterpreted the term “death sentence”. I thought that the executioner actually spoke a sentence into your ear that killed you if you heard it.

•  When I was little, I thought “drinking and driving” meant the physical act of drinking a beverage, not just alcohol. One day when I was 6 I told my mother not to drink and drive while she sipped a Diet Pepsi. She just laughed at me.

• I never understood what was so bad about taking things for granite.


TRIVIA: Half of all adults think it’s OK to talk on a cellphone where? (In the bathroom)

TRIVIA: The average man will wait 17 minutes to do this. (Ask for directions)


• Around the world a large dam is built each week. (B.S. It’s more like one per day.)

• When the president travels overseas the entire White House entourage requires 600 hotel rooms. (YES)

• Identical twins have identical fingerprints. (B.S.)

• Each 2-ounce bottle of Tabasco Sauce contains roughly 720 drops of sauce. (YES)

• A gaffer is the chief electrician on a film set. (YES)


Bulldog conquers irrational fears by walking backwards.


Had one job.

Source: imgur


This is day 77 of 2016. There are 289 days remaining.


• Astronaut Ken Mattingly is 80. Ken was scheduled to fly on Apollo 13, but was held back due to concerns about a potential illness — which he did not contract. In the film Apollo 13 he was played by Gary Sinise. He later flew as Command Module Pilot for Apollo 16.

• Patrick Duffy (Dallas) is 67

• Kurt Russell (The Hateful Eight) is 65

• Gary Sinise (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders) is 61

• Vicki Lewis (NewsRadio) is 56

• Rob Lowe is 52

• Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins is 49

• Soccer Hall of Famer Mia Hamm is 44

• Brittany Daniel (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) is 40

• John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) is 24


• 1756: St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated in New York City for the first time, at the Crown and Thistle Tavern.

• 1845: The rubber band was patented.

• 1931: Nevada legalized gambling.

• 1991: In its first dress code change since the 1960s, Brigham Young University announced that students could wear knee-length shorts and go sockless.

• 1999: At a restaurant in Schererville, Indiana, an intoxicated man, angered by a slow-flushing toilet, pulled out a pistol and shot it several times.

• 2006: An employee at a funeral parlor in Kazakhstan was rescued after burglars knocked him out and nailed him inside a wooden coffin while they robbed the place.

• 2008: New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned after a scandal involving a high-end prostitute. David Paterson became acting New York State governor.

• 2014: L’Wren Scott, the 49-year-old model, designer and longtime girlfriend of Mick Jagger, was found dead in her apartment.


• St. Patrick’s Day

• “Eat Like an Irishman” Day

• Irish Coffee Day

• Submarine Day (Sandwich or the boat?) – the hero sandwich or the boat??

• Campfire Girls Day


• March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

• March 27: Easter

• April 1: April Fools’ Day

More holidays