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This is day 182 of 2016. There are 184 days remaining.


• David Alan Grier is 60

• Vincent D’Onofrio is 57

• Mike Tyson is 50

• Monica Potter (Parenthood) is 45

• Molly Parker (House of Cards) is 44

• Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex, Mean Girls) is 34

• American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino is 32

• Swimmer Michael Phelps is 30


• 1859: French acrobat Charles Blondin crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope.

• 1953: The first Chevrolet Corvette rolled off the assembly line in Flint, Michigan.

• 1985: Continental Baking executive James A. Dewar died at age 88. In the early 1930s, he invented Twinkies.

• 1985: Actor Yul Brynner ended his reign as the King of Siam in “The King and I” after playing the role on and off for 34 years in over 4,500 performances. He won two Tonys and an Oscar.

• 1986: Calling his Playboy Bunny a symbol of the past, Hugh Hefner closed Playboy clubs in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

• 1994: The U.S. Figure Skating Association stripped Tonya Harding of her 1994 national title and banned her for life for the attack on competitor Nancy Kerrigan.

• 1995: The movie Mighty Morphin Power Rangers opened throughout the U.S. A reboot, titled Power Rangers, will be released March 24, 2017.

• 2005: An 80-year-old Solomon Islands man who had lived as a hermit in a jungle cave for 40 years returned home when his fire went out.

• 2013: 19 firefighters were killed controlling a wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona.


• Bomb Pop Day

• National Hand Shake Day

• Social Media Day

• Meteor Watch Day


• July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month, Family Reunion Month, Fireworks Safety Month, National Baked Bean Month, National Bison Month, National Blueberries Month, National Culinary Arts Month, National Doghouse Repairs Month, National Grilling Month, National Horseradish Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Purposeful Parenting Month, National Recreation & Parks Month, National Water Gardening Month, Roots and Branches Month, Smart Irrigation Month, Social Wellness Month

• July 1: Canada Day

• July 4: Independence Day

• September 5: Labor Day

More holidays


6,000: RPMs of a yo-yo.


The Backstreet Boys say that they’re back in the studio recording a new album just like in the old days. [I certainly hope that this is not what Donald Trump has in mind about making America great again.]

Now that a lock of David Bowie’s hair sold for over $18,000, other legendary rockers are starting to see dollar signs. [It depressing to think that everything I have in the bank doesn’t equal what one man used to leave behind at the barbershop.]

A Texas man sat in a bar drinking for eight hours then totaled his car. He’s now suing the bar for $1 million. [The money’s not to replace his car. It’s to reimburse him for what he spent on drinks.]

An American Eagle flight landed successfully at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, but the plane then had to be immediately evacuated due to smoke from the overheated brakes. [The airport says that it will immediately review ways that it can improve runway safety and prevent squirrels from running back and forth in front of the planes.]

NASA’s Juno probe is scheduled to finally enter Jupiter’s orbit by Monday after traveling for the past five years. [It would have gotten there sooner but traffic was nuts.]

A cat at an animal rescue facility in Pompano Beach (Florida) turned on the faucet and let it run for 17 hours causing $5,000 worth of flood damage. [Plus, it used up all the hand soap.]

A burglar in Florida got a taste of his own medicine. He broke into a home wielding a baseball bat, but the homeowners took the bat away and beat the burglar with it. [Then they robbed him.]

The U.S. Marines sat that they will begin using gender neutral terms now that women can be involved in every facet of military life. For example, gone are the old masculine terms such as infantryman. [Officers will now refer to all Marines by the non-gender specific term maggot.]

A new report says that a father’s smoking results in damage to his sperm. [My father smoked so much that they should have given me a few extra points on my SAT.]

Decanters of a 65-year-old single-malt Scotch will go on sale for $35,000. [Just how drunk do you already have to be to buy that?]


FACEBOOK TO FEATURE MORE CONTENT FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY _ Facebook has announced it is putting friends and family first. The company announced it is limiting the amount of content from Pages, the public profile created for brands, celebrities, or media publishers a user follows, in the News Feed. Instead, the page will now be populated more with posts from friends, family, and acquaintances.

80-YEAR-OLD MARRIEDS CELEBRATE ANNIVERSARY WITH MARATHON _ How did you celebrate your last wedding anniversary? Kay and Joe O’Regan ran a marathon in Ireland. The 80-year-old couple were celebrating 57 years of marriage. The race was one of many races the couple has participated in together throughout the years. Kay has run in 113 races, while Joe has participated in 29. The marathon tradition began before their 50th birthdays, which are three weeks apart. Kay suggested the couple do something new to celebrate. That year, they traveled to the 1986 London Marathon, finishing the race holding hands. Thirty years later, they finished the Cork City Marathon the same way. Kay and Joe say the Cork City Marathon would be their last, though they won’t stop running.

GOOGLE HAS THE FASTEST UNDERSEA CABLE EVER BUILT _ Google flipped the switch today (Thursday) on the fastest undersea cable, designed to speed up internet access. Google teamed up with five Asian telecom companies to fund the $300 million underwater cable network connecting the US and Japan.

… To give you some idea of how fast this undersea cable is, it’s about ten million times faster than your average cable modem.

GOOD NEWS FOR BUTTER LOVERS _ Love butter? Here’s good news. A study (Tufts University) analyzing the association of butter consumption with chronic disease and mortality finds that butter was only weakly associated with total mortality, not associated with heart disease, and slightly inversely associated (protective) with diabetes. The researchers looked at nine research studies representing 636,151 individuals.

… The study looked at people who consumed roughly a tablespoon of butter each day.

DURING DRUG BUST, MIAMI POLICE FIND $20 MILLION STUFFED IN BUCKETS _ $20 million. That’s what the Miami-Dade Police Department found in the home of Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez, a guy who owns a store that sells equipment for indoor gardening. According an arrest affidavit, police searched Hernandez-Gonzalez’s home after confidential informants tied him to the drug trade. According to the affidavit, investigators wire-tapped Hernandez-Gonzalez’s phone and heard him hand out advice on how to keep pot plants healthy. Police eventually contacted Hernandez-Gonzalez and he was cooperative, telling them that he could draw up a list of clients who he believes grew marijuana indoors. They searched his shop and found bundles of money. Then police dogs led them to more bundles of money hidden in floors and walls.

COLTS MAKE ANDREW LUCK NFL’S HIGHEST-PAID PLAYER _ Andrew Luck agreed to a contract extension with the Colts through the 2021 season. The contract includes a record $87 million guaranteed and is worth $140 million over the next six seasons.

MYSTERY 8½-MILE UFO ‘FOUND’ ON GOOGLE EARTH IN PACIFIC OCEAN _ A UFO hunter claims to have found on Google Earth a massive UFO with a bright light parked in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico. According to the UFO hunter Sandra Elena Andrade, in a video uploaded to YouTube, Argentinian UFO hunter Marcelo Irazusta discovered the massive UFO with a bright light at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Mexico. Andrade says, “This [object] of almost 5.5 km (3.4 miles) in length has a shape similar to a plane, but with a large size. Is this proof of the existence of a large UFO [in the ocean]?” • VIDEO

… After analyzing the image, UFO blogger and alien hunter Scott C. Waring declared the object to be a pyramid-shaped artificial structure with the length of one of the sides of its base measuring about 8½-11 miles.

YOUNG PEOPLE ARE DRINKING AND DOING DRUGS LESS _ If movies and television shows are any indication, your teenage years are supposed to revolve around experimentations with drugs, alcohol, and sex. Except recent data suggests that America’s current crop of teens are better behaved than ever.

… The National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Monitoring the Future (MTF), which measures the values and behaviors of more than 50,000 8th, 10th, and 12th graders in a given year, found a steady decrease in teens’ attitudes toward illicit substances. The MTF survey captures decreasing use of alcohol, cigarettes, and almost all drugs from prescription painkillers to synthetic narcotics over the last five years. Marijuana consumption stayed the same. The consumption of some illicit substances has hit the lowest level since the survey began in 1975.

MONEY FROM U.S. SALES OF MEIN KAMPF WILL GO TO HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS _ American readers eager to consume Adolf Hitler’s manifesto will be donating money to Holocaust survivors. The U.S. publisher of Hitler’s Mein Kampf has decided to give profits from the book to Boston’s Jewish Family & Children’s Services to help Holocaust survivors. Proceeds from the sale of Hitler’s autobiography bring in about $60,000 a year.

AMAZON IS BUILDING THREE GIANT GLASS DOMES FILLED WITH TREES _ Amazon is building a new office in downtown Seattle. But it also wants to make sure its employees get to enjoy some green while at work. The solution: three giant glass domes filled with trees. Amazon is building the biopsheres right in front of the new office building that’s currently under construction.

… The 100-foot tall domes, scheduled for completion in 2018, will come with more than 300 plants that are endangered species, essentially turning the place into a conservation project as well. An Amazon spokesman says the goal was to create a “link to the natural world” so Amazon employees could brainstorm while taking a breath of fresh air in the domes.

THE E-BOOK TURNS 45 _ Michael Hart, while an undergraduate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, created the first e-book on July 4, 1971 when he typed the Declaration of Independence into a Xerox Sigma V computer. He was inspired by a free printed copy of the Declaration of Independence he had received. After discovering that the file was too large to send it to everyone on the network he decided to upload it for users to download at their convenience, resulting in the creation of the first e-book. This was not only the birth of the e-book but also the genesis of Project Gutenberg — one of the largest collections of free e-books in the world.

MOM CAT HEARS THE CRIES OF HER VISITING KITTENS _ A litter of lost kittens was found in North Philadelphia and taken to an animal shelter. That’s when an animal advocate had an idea: bring the kittens back to the area where they were found and hope their mother is looking for them. It worked. The kittens were carried around the neighborhood where they were found and before long, momma came running to the sound of her crying babies.

MAN SAVED FROM BLAZE BY SON’S CACKLING CHICKENS _ David Wells escaped from his burning Pennsylvania (Indiana County) early Wednesday morning after his son was awakened by his chickens. The son lives across the street. The chickens were spooked by the smoke and fire and their noise woke up the son, who quickly ran to his dad’s house to wake him up.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN HIGH ON POT CRASHES AT COINCIDENTAL SPOT, COPS SAY _ Authorities in Oregon arrested a man on suspicion of driving while high on pot after he crashed into a marijuana dispensary. Police say the man hit an empty parked vehicle before slamming into the back wall of the business.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: CAT BLAMED FOR TURNING ON FAUCET, FLOODING SHELTER _ Officials at the Florida Humane Society (in Pompano Beach) say one of its cats turned on a faucet last week, leaving the water to run for 17 hours. The flooding caused water to run out the shelter’s back door. No animals were injured, but the shelter is seeking donations to repair floors, cabinets and other damage estimated around $5,000. One of the shelter’s volunteers says the suspect is a 6-month-old kitten known to play in the sinks. The cat has been adopted and its new owners were told it was “intelligent enough to turn on water faucets.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TEEN STARTS FIRES AFTER PARENTS REFUSE TO UP HIS ALLOWANCE _ A teen in China set fire to his family’s apartment twice because his parents wouldn’t give him extra spending money. After the father  refused to give his son extra money the 15-year-old set a bed on fire and went to school. His parents weren’t home but neighbors managed to extinguish the blaze. Outraged, the parents went to the teen’s school and smacked him in front of classmates before taking him home. Then he set another fire. But this time mom called police.




U.S. OLYMPIC TRIALS (8p ET, NBC) — The  Swimming Finals includes men’s 200m breaststroke; women’s 200m butterfly; and men’s 100m freestyle.

BONES (8p ET, FOX) — Repeat


LIFE IN PIECES (8:30p ET, CBS) — Repeat

BIG BROTHER (9p ET, CBS) — A house guest is evicted and the head of household competition is held in this new edition.

SERIES PREMIERE: GREATEST HITS (9p ET, ABC) — Hosted by Arsenio Hall and Kelsea Ballerini, this new musical series showcases hits from a variety of artists and different decades. Up first are hits from 1980-85 with Kenny Loggins REO Speedwagon, Rick Springfield and Kool and the Gang performing their greatest hits. There will also be a duet with REO Speedwagon and Pitbull, and a special tribute to Michael Jackson performed by Jason Derulo.

SPARTAN: ULTIMATE TEAM CHALLENGE (9p ET, NBC) — Six new teams compete in this new edition.

HOME FREE (9p ET, FOX) — New

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (9p ET, CW) — With someone out to kill Vincent, he and Cat realize they must go into hiding in this new episode.

AQUARIUS (10p ET, NBC) — Manson becomes jealous about Dennis and Emma’s courtship in this new episode.

CODE BLACK (10p ET, CBS) — Repeat

MATCH GAME (10p ET, ABC) — Repeat

LIP SYNC BATTLE (10p ET, Spike) — This “new” episode features the battle between Kevin Hart and Olivia Munn with first-hand celebrity accounts and secrets behind song choices.

SEX&DRUGS&ROCK&ROLL (10p ET, FX) — Denis Leary and John Corbett are back for season 2.


CELEBRITIES HONOR ORLANDO VICTIMS IN RYAN MURPHY-PRODUCED TRIBUTE _ ( AUDIO) To honor the 49 victims who lost their lives in the Orlando mass shooting, the Human Rights Campaign released a special tribute video co-directed by Ryan Murphy (Glee, American Horror Story). The 18-minute video features appearances from 49 actors, directors, and entertainers — including Lady Gaga, Sofia Vergara, Kid Cudi, Kerry Washington, Lea Michele, Caitlyn Jenner, and Chris Pine. Each celebrity shares a story about a victim who lost their life at Pulse Nightclub. • VIDEO

ACADEMY INVITES 683 NEW MEMBERS TO JOIN _ Six months after announcing intentions to double the number of female and minority members in its ranks by 2020, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited 683 new members to join the organization. The academy says its invitees are 46 percent female, 41 percent minority and represent 59 countries. Should all of the invitees accept, the new class would make the academy’s overall membership 27 percent female and 11 percent non-white, up from 25 percent and 8 percent respectively.

DEPICTION OF OBESE POLYNESIAN GOD IN FILM MOANA SPARKS ANGER _ The depiction of a Polynesian character in a Disney film has prompted anger across the Pacific islands, with one New Zealand Member of Parliament saying the portrayal of the god Maui as obese was “not acceptable”. One Facebook user, of Tongan heritage, shared a picture which said Disney’s rendering of Maui in the film Moana resembled a creature that was “half pig, half hippo”. Samoan professional rugby player Eliota Fuimanono Sapolu also expressed his disgust at Disney’s portrayal of Maui, writing on Facebook that “Maui looking like after he fished up the Islands, he deep fried em and and ate em”.

… In Polynesian mythology Maui is a heroic figure who created the Pacific Islands by fishing them out of the sea.

… According to 2014 data from the World Health Organization nine of the ten most obese nations in the world are Pacific Islands.

… The film comes out in November. The description (via Wikipedia): In ancient Oceania in the South Pacific, the young Moana is a born navigator who sets sail in search of a fabled island. During her journey, she teams up with her hero and legendary demi-god Maui.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON MAKES HISTORY _ Scarlett Johansson is making history. The Avengers star has been named the highest grossing actress of all time by Box Office Mojo. According to the site, the 31-year-old’s work has garnered an impressive domestic box office revenue of $3.3 billion dollars. Not only is Johansson the only female in the top ten on the prestigious list — she’s in the tenth spot — but she’s the youngest actor named.

… Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr., Eddie Murphy, Tom Cruise, Michael Caine and Johnny Depp all round out the rest of the high-ranking celebs.

… The second-highest grossing female on the list is Cameron Diaz, who comes in at 19.

THE FIRST SULLY TRAILER IS HERE _ Warner Bros. has unveiled the first official trailer for Clint Eastwood’s Sully, which lands in theaters on September 9. Starring Tom Hanks, the real-life drama centers on Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who, in 2009, became a national hero after he successfully executed an emergency water landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. All 155 passengers and crew members survived. Sully, however, soon became the subject of an investigation that threatened to destroy his reputation and his career. • VIDEO

NETFLIX ORDERS LOST IN SPACE REVIVAL _ Netflix has ordered a 10-episode first season of Lost in Space, based on the classic 1960’s sci-fi classic. The series will premiere worldwide on Netflix in 2018.

… Taking its cues from the original series, the show centers around the Robinson family, who is forced to come together in a time of crisis. Stranded light years from their intended destination, they find themselves battling a strange new alien environment and also their own personal demons. It’s equal parts family drama and sci-fi adventure.

TYNE DALY TAPPED FOR SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING _ Emmy Award-winning actress Tyne Daly is the latest to join the growing cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The star of stage and screen joins Tom Holland, who will make his solo film debut as the webslinging comic book hero.

… So far the movie includes Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei, Michael Keaton, Donald Glover, Martin Starr, Kenneth Choi, Zendaya and others.

BRYAN CRANSTON WOULD SAY YES TO BETTER CALL SAUL _ Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is ready to get back into his iconic role if and when the creators of Better Call Saul give him a call.

PREACHER RENEWED FOR SECOND SEASON _ AMC has announced it renewed its Texas-set, supernatural series Preacher for a 13-episode, second season. Fresh episodes will debut in 2017.

CHER APOLOGIZES FOR HER ‘POORLY PLACED’ BOMB EMOJI _ Cher apologized for a tweet she sent on Tuesday in the wake of the deadly attack in Istanbul. Her message included a bomb and explosion emoji. After the backlash over the tweet the singer — who’s known for her all-caps and emoji-filled tweets — opted for the broken heart and crying face emoji in her apology, calling her previous tweet “poorly placed” and “insensitively timed.” She went on to say that she often uses emoji to help her “say more than 140 letters.”

MISS TEEN USA IS DITCHING ITS SWIMSUITS _ After years of claiming the swimsuit portion of the Miss Teen USA competition was meant to put women’s athleticism on display, the pageant is finally doing away with swimsuits altogether. Instead, contestants will appear in athletic wear or “athleisure” wear. Paula Shugart, president of Miss Teen USA’s parent-pageant Miss Universe, as saying the change “reflects an important cultural shift.”

… The new athletic wear competition, which will debut during the 2016 Miss Teen USA pageant July 30 in Las Vegas, will “celebrate women’s strength, confidence, and beauty.”

JUDI DENCH GETS HER FIRST TATTOO _ Judi Dench celebrated her 81st birthday by getting a tattoo. She hit 81 in December but has just now revealed that her daughter (Finty) bought her the skin art as an odd gift. Dench decided to have the words ‘carpe diem’ engraved on her wrist, telling British newspaper The Mirror: “That’s my motto: Seize the day.”

GET A LYFT IN THE ‘GHOSTBUSTERS’ ECTO-1 _ Ever want to take a ride in the Ghostbusters company car, Ecto-1? Now you can, with a new promotion from Lyft and Sony. The promotion for the new Ghostbusters reboot offers customers the option to ride in Ghost Mode, an option in the Lyft app that will offer rides in Ecto-1 replica vehicles. On Friday and Saturday (July 1 and 2) passengers can choose to ride in Ghost Mode using the Lyft app and request a free ride in an Ecto-1 car in their area. According to Lyft, the Ghost Mode option will feature both original Ecto-1 vehicles from the film, as well as movie replicas.

… Ecto-1 rides are available in Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.



• THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA: The hit movie turns ten today (June 30). → Content in June 29 Entertainment

• ORLANDO: Human Rights Campaign Orlando tribute video: Jamie Lee Curtis’s part. → Content in June 30 Entertainment

• KIT HARINGTON: Kit explains why he had a black eye at his Game of Thrones audition. → June 29 Entertainment

• JULY IS: A collection of sounds to introduce what we celebrate in July. → See Datebook

• JULY 4: A large collection of July 4-related drops.


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One year ago (on July 1) Cecil the lion was shot and killed by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer. The father of two shot Cecil in Hwange National Park.

A few weeks after Cecil’s day we learned the shooter was Palmer. Shortly after the story went viral Palmer released a statement: “I hired several professional guides and they secured all proper permits. To my knowledge, everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted.”


What’s your state’s best diner? Do your listeners agree with this list?


Michael Scott is the man in charge on the classic NBC sitcom The Office. Steve Carell portrayed Scott, a character who’s over-the-top politically incorrect and juvenile.

Reddit asked users: What is the most Michael Scott thing your boss has ever done?

• To boost morale he put out a “Smile Box.” It was a cardboard box filled with 100 $1 bills. People were allowed to take a dollar, but they had to stand there and smile for 60 seconds. He believed this would make people happier. The box was empty in a matter of hours. Everyone was still miserable. The box disappeared the next day.

• I had a boss that had everyone introduce themselves before a meeting by stating their name, their position and where they were on 9/11. After 30 people, it got really depressing.

• My former boss just got a promotion and left our workplace. He bought HIMSELF a going away full sized sheet cake. He cut off a small corner at his going away party and then proceeded to close the cake box and take home the rest instead of sharing any of it with anyone.

• I worked for an office supply store with shipping services… my boss was an extremely conservative and professional guy 99.9% of the time. One day we got a suspicious dufflebag returned to sender through the shipping center. We were speculating about what was in it, and he blurts out “PROBABLY FULL OF DEAD BABIES HAHAHA!”

• One time my boss told an entire room that he had a soft spot for drunk drivers because if it weren’t for a drunk driver killing his mother’s first husband then he never would have been born.

• A bunch of years ago, I worked at a Petsmart. In the middle of our shift one day, the manager calls all the staff up to the front door of the store where the floor mat has worked its way out into the path of the automatic doors and is keeping them from closing. Standing on the mat, he looks at us and very seriously says, “We have a problem, guys. I’ve been here since we opened this morning and this is the fourth time that this floor mat has moved out into the path of the door. Now does anybody know what this means?” Nobody piped up. He said, “This means that we have more people leaving the store than we have coming in.”


TRIVIA: Thirty places in the U.S. have this patriotic word their name. (Liberty. The most populous one is Liberty, Missouri, with 29,149 residents. Iowa, with four, has more of these places than any other state: Libertyville, New Liberty, North Liberty and West Liberty.)

TRIVIA: The U.S. has 47,662 miles of what? (Interstate Highway System, which turns 60 this year.)


I’ll rattle off some items, you tell me if they’ve been for sale on eBay or not…

• A drunken smoker ash tray (eBay)

• A toilet plunger Christmas tree (Not)

• A coin purse made out of a dead frog (eBay)

• A sculpture of Adele  made entirely out of toothpicks (NOT)


Nearly everyone loved Captain America: Civil War, which is why it’s probably going to be the best movie of Summer 2016 — even though it was released in early May. If you’re looking for a little bonus footage you now have it, courtesy of LEGO, which has released an updated airport scene. This time Iron Man and Ant-Man go head-to-head.



This is day 183 of 2016. There are 183 days remaining.


• Olivia de Havilland is 100

• Dancer Twyla Tharp is 75

• Genevieve Bujold is 74

• Deborah Harry of Blondie is 71

• Fred Schneider of The B-52’s is 65

• Victor Willis of the Village People is 65. He was the first member and performed as a cop or a naval officer.

• Dan Aykroyd is 64

• Alan Ruck (Spin City, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) is 60

• Evelyn “Champagne King is 56

• Andre Braugher ( Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Homicide: Life on the Street) is 54

• Pamela Anderson is 49

• Rapper Missy Elliott is 45

• Julianne Nicholson (Law and Order: Criminal Intent) is 45

• Liv Tyler is 39


• 1910: Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker opened a machine shop in downtown Baltimore, making milk bottle cap machines. Six years later they hit it big with the first portable electric drill.

• 1916: Coca-Cola adopted its distinctive contoured bottle to set itself apart from competitors.

• 1922: The self-lighting cigarette was patented. The tip had a built-in match which could be struck on any rough surface.

• 1963: ZIP Codes were introduced in the United States.

• 1979: Sony introduced the Walkman. It sold for $200.

• 1980: O Canada officially became the national anthem of Canada.

• 1984: The PG-13 rating was introduced by the MPAA.

• 2007: Smoking in England was banned in all public indoor spaces. With the ban already in force in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, this meant it was now illegal to smoke in indoor public places anywhere in the UK.

• 2007: In India, Raju Gaji was jailed on charges of burglary and theft, but escaped from prison. Police set off alarms and began to search for him, but for 24 hours were unable to track him down. Then one of the guards heard the sound of loud snoring coming from the prison roof. It was Gaji, who had only made it as far as the top of the prison building before falling asleep.

• 2010: In volume, BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill overtook Ixtoc I to become the worst oceanic oil spill in U.S. recorded history.

• 2015: American dentist Walter Palmer shot and killed one of Zimbabwe’s most beloved lions, Cecil. The Minnesota father of two shot Cecil in Hwange National Park. After the story went viral, Palmer released a statement: “I hired several professional guides and they secured all proper permits. To my knowledge, everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted.”


• Second Half of The Year Day

• U.S. Postage Stamp Day

• Zip Code Day

• Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day


• July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month, Family Reunion Month, Fireworks Safety Month, National Baked Bean Month, National Bison Month, National Blueberries Month, National Culinary Arts Month, National Doghouse Repairs Month, National Grilling Month, National Horseradish Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Purposeful Parenting Month, National Recreation & Parks Month, National Water Gardening Month, Roots and Branches Month, Smart Irrigation Month, Social Wellness Month

• July 1: Canada Day

• July 4: Independence Day

• September 5: Labor Day

More holidays



• Writer-director Larry David is 69. Model-actress Jerry Hall is 60. Jimmy McNichol is 55. Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical) is 31. Lindsay Lohan is 30.

• International Chicken Wing Day. International Cherry Pit Spitting Day. Made In The USA Day. World UFO Day.


• Kurtwood Smith (That 70s Show) is 73. Country singer Johnny Lee is 70. Writer Dave Barry is 69. Montel Williams is 60. Country singer Aaron Tippin is 58. Tom Cruise is 54. Thomas Gibson is 54. Hunter Tylo is 54. Yeardley Smith (The Simpsons) is 52. TV chef Sandra Lee is 50. Audra McDonald is 46. Olivia Munn is 36. Elle King is 27.

• Compliment Your Mirror Day. International Plastic Bag Free Day. Stay Out Of The Sun Day. Superman Day.