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This is day 237 of 2016. There are 129 days remaining.


• WWE CEO Vince McMahon is 71

• Ann Archer is 69

• Steve Guttenberg is 58

• Baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr. is 56

• Craig Kilborn is 54

• Marlee Matlin is 51

• Dave Chappelle is 43

• Alex O’Loughlin (Hawaii Five-0) is 40

• Rupert Grint (Harry Potter movies) is 28


• 79: Mount Vesuvius erupted. The cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae were buried in volcanic ash.

• 1814: British troops invaded Washington, D.C. and burn down the White House and several other buildings.

• 1853: Potato chips were first prepared.

• 1875: Captain Matthew Webb became first person to swim English Channel

• 1891: Thomas Edison patented the motion picture camera.

• 1909: Workers started pouring concrete for the Panama Canal.

• 1932: Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the United States non-stop, from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey.

• 1979: The Facts of Life premiered on NBC, a spin-off from Diff’rent Strokes.

• 1981: Mark David Chapman was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for murdering John Lennon.

• 1992: Thieves armed with a frozen rabbit smashed through the glass doors of a pub in Devon, England. They left the rabbit thawing on the bar.

• 2007: In Smyrna, Tennessee, Matthew Robinson had been a very busy thief, stealing DVD players, iPods, a couple of air compressors, a power washer, power tools, a scooter, leaf blower, fishing equipment, a Nintendo game and a Bible from seven residences. And he had all this loot in his pickup truck when he pulled into a fast food restaurant parking lot and fell asleep. The manager thought something might be amiss and called police.

• 2008: Three men are arrested in Denver for in connection with an alleged plot to assassinate United States presidential candidate Barack Obama.

• 2011: Apple CEO Steve Jobs resigned over poor health issues.


• Knife Day

• Waffle Iron Day

• International Strange Music Day


• August 24: Air Guitar World Championships (through August 26)

• August 27: College football begins

• September 5: Labor Day

• September 8: NFL season begins

• October 12: Columbus Day

• October 31: Halloween

• November 8: Presidential Election

More holidays


171 million: People who’ve seen Old Faithful blow (since record keeping began in 1904).


A photo appeared online of Usain Bolt in bed with a woman he met in Rio while celebrating his gold medals. [She said that she was happy she met him, but terribly disappointed to discover that he truly is the world’s fastest man alive.]

Researchers report that they have discovered a process to make bodies after death virtually transparent. [And you thought funerals were already creepy.]

A second-grade teacher in Texas is getting publicity for her no-homework policy. Instead she asks her students to eat dinner with their families and to go to bed early. [My kids would rather have the homework.]

NASA lost contact with a spacecraft two years ago, but reported that it has recently been able to reconnect. [Unfortunately, experts say that two years is such a long time that both parties have likely grown emotionally apart and will find it impossible to rekindle the feelings that they once had for each other.]

The new mayor of Karachi, in Pakistan, will take office while still serving a sentence in prison. [Most politicians end up there anyway. This just saves everyone the trouble.]

Stanford announced a new policy barring hard alcohol from undergrad parties. [And you know how college kids like to follow the rules.]

A group of about 1,500 Americans were river rafting in Michigan when strong winds blew them illegally into Canadian waters. Fortunately, Canada didn’t press charges. [It was considered an act of nature, but some people think that it was a cleverly disguised evacuation rehearsal in case Donald Trump wins the election.]

North Korea has introduced its own version of Netflix. [But it’ll tell you what you’re going to watch.]

The people behind the construction of that 1,000-foot-high glass-bottomed bridge in China say that they tested it by having a car drive across it. [Just how badly did that Uber driver need the money?]


POLICE WARN PUBLIC AFTER LARGE SNAKESKIN FOUND ALONG RIVER _ Police in a Maine town (Westbrook) are warning the public that a large snake spotted earlier this summer may still be around after a large snakeskin was found near a boat launch. In a Facebook post, police say: “Until the type of snake is determined and we can assess the safety risk, we caution people who recreate along the Presumpscot River to remain alert, maintain a safe distance from any wildlife, and report any sightings of the snake to the Westbrook Police Department.” • IMAGE

… In late June police saw a 10-foot-long snake eat a mammal, likely a beaver, and then swim across the river and disappear into brush. Residents were alarmed because children swim and feed ducks in that area.

LITTLE LEAGUE COACH VISITS MOUND TO TELL HIS SON HE LOVES HIM _ ( AUDIO) Sadly we live in a world where kids are thrust into highly competitive sporting events where the pressure to win is almost as high as at the pro level. Toss in high-strung parents and coaches with loud voices and it’s not surprising the way some kids turn out. Then there’s the Little League coach who walked to the mound to tell his pitcher — who’s also his son — that he loves him. It happened during a Little League World Series consolation game between Italy and Oregon. The young pitcher wasn’t having the best time on the mound so coach decided what his son needed was an “I love you” and a few words of encouragement.

TEACHER BURSTS INTO TEARS AFTER STRANGER OFFERS KIND GESTURE _ Before the start of every school year, San Antonio teacher Sabrina Drude shops for supplies for her students at Walmart. This year, she was noticed by a man standing in line at the counter. Drude’s cart was filled with notebooks, pencils and markers, and the man behind her was curious why she had so many school supplies. Drude, who is a middle school teacher (Francis Scobee Middle School) explained to the man that she teaches in an area of the city where kids cannot always afford to buy their own supplies. Touched by Drude’s concern for the children, the man offered to pay for her items. But Drude declined, saying she could not accept his money. When $97 flashed on the cash register the man, named Lester Brown, would not take “no” for an answer. Drude plans on inviting Brown to join her class for a pizza party.

POKEMON BURGERS ARE REAL, BUT NOT MADE FROM MONSTER MEAT _ Those Pokemon are so cute you just want to eat them up. A burger restaurant in Sydney, Australia, knows exactly how you feel. Down N’ Out is catering to the hungry Pokemon Go crowd with a series of specialty burgers made to look like characters from the popular game. Down N’ Out calls the creations “Pokeburgs.” The burgers come in Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander flavors. • IMAGE

100-YEAR-OLD TORTOISE WALKS 6½ MILES FOR ROMANCE _ A 100-year-old tortoise that escaped her owner’s California yard was found 6½ miles away attempting to romantically court a small plastic dome. Nancy Knauss said the tortoise, Touche, wandered out of her yard when a gardener left the gate open and the pet went on a slow-speed excursion across town. It took Touche, her pet for the past 55 years, 10 days to travel the 6½ miles where she was discovered by resident Steven George. George said the nearsighted tortoise appeared to be involved in a romantic courtship ritual with a small dome covering a water outlet in his neighbor’s yard.

FATHER AND SON FIND LUMP OF WHALE VOMIT _ A father and son are selling a “smelly rubbery rock” on eBay for a whopping $85,600 — believing it is rare whale vomit. Alan Derrick and his son went for a stroll along a UK beach when they stumbled across the lump. Alan’s son picked up the grey waxy ‘rock’ and Alan said he thought it looked like super valuable ‘whale poo’ he had once seen in a newspaper article. Tests at Alan’s home confirmed it could be ambergris — a highly-prized but stinky substance used in the manufacture of perfume. They have sent samples off to experts in Italy, New Zealand and France in the hope they will back-up their tests.

… Ambergris is hardened intestinal slurry from a sperm whale which takes years to form and which is thought to protect the animal from hard and sharp objects it eats. It is dubbed ‘floating gold’ due to its high value to perfume makers and it is very rare. It can float in the ocean for years before washing ashore and years of exposure to the sun and salt water transform it into a smooth, grey, lump of compact waxy rock.

10-YEAR-OLD MEMORIZED THE CONSTITUTION _ Ten-year-old Nathan Bond probably from Fresno, California, spent his summer memorizing the entire US Constitution. And he recited it in a video his mom, Heidi Bond, posted over the weekend. In the video, Nathan stands in his living room — clad in suit and tie, an American flag in the background — and passionately recites every word in a 25-minute video. It took him 137 days to memorize the whole thing. Nathan says, “It was pretty hard. I didn’t get one break except on my birthday. The first article (of the Constitution) is really hard.”

… Nathan, who is home schooled, had been studying the Declaration of Independence. He memorized that too.

TACO BELL EMPLOYEE REPORTEDLY REFUSED SERVICE TO SEVERAL POLICE OFFICERS _ An investigation is underway after an employee at a Louisville, Kentucky-area Taco Bell restaurant allegedly refused service to several police officers. According to the president of the Louisville police union, five officers were refused service at the fast food restaurant.

… As for Taco Bell, they’ve issued a statement on behalf of the parent company, Yum! Brands, and the franchise owner of the specific location, saying they are “deeply appreciative of the men and women who taken the oath to serve and protect our communities.”

Back in July Taco Bell fired an Alabama employee after refusing to serve two sheriff’s deputies.

Also in July Taco Bell employees made “oink, oink” sounds and then laughed at a police officer in the drive thru of a California (Bakersfield) location. A witness shared the story on her Facebook page and said the officer left without getting his food.

DUNKIN’ DONUTS WILL GET YOUR PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE FIRST _ In the race to get us our favorite seasonal beverage — the pumpkin spice latte — Dunkin’ Donuts has announced its version will be available no later than August 29. So take that, Starbucks and McDonald’s.

… We don’t know when Starbucks will make its PSLs available but last year it was September 8. McDonald’s will begin selling their PSL on August 31.

CUBA’S HOMEMADE INTERNET, DELIVERED BY USB THUMBDRIVE _ The always-on Internet we take for granted in the US is more difficult to come by in Cuba. Some residents subscribe to a service called El Paquete Semanal (“The Weekly Package”) where someone comes to your house with a 1Tb external drive and loads the past week’s Internet highlights onto your computer.

… El Paquete is a weekly service where someone (typically found through word of mouth) comes to your home with the drive and copies to the subscriber’s computer the most recent films, soap operas, documentaries, sports news, music, mobile apps, magazines, and even web sites.

… Children waiting anxiously for “El Paquete Day” when they’d get the next set of cartoons, music and shows.

GAY COUPLE WAS TARGETED, NEIGHBORHOOD RESPONDED BEAUTIFULLY _ Cari and Lauri Ryding came home from vacation and discovered the rainbow flag they had hung after the Orlando nightclub massacre had been stolen and their front porch pelted with eggs. But what happened next reminded the couple why they loved their Natick (nay-dik), Massachusetts, neighborhood in the first place. On Sunday, a squadron of children on bicycles delivered rainbow flags to house after house. And one by one, the flags went up, transforming 40+ houses into a brilliantly colored declaration of pride and solidarity.

MAN SPENDS 12 YEARS VOLUNTARILY CLEANING STREETS _ When Ishmael Musa moved to Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand 12 years ago, he didn’t like seeing trash on the streets. So every day, rain or shine, he wanders the community, voluntarily sweeping the streets, picking up litter and sorting recycling from trash. Having seen him in action for years, a local politician and members of the community decided it was about time to acknowledge his efforts with a special certificate and donations of gifts from area businesses.

… Musa moved to New Zealand from Kuwait with his parents and brother a dozen years ago.

PARROT THAT SOUNDS LIKE R2-D2 IS ON THE LOOSE _ A parrot that can do a wolf whistle and sometimes sounds like R2-D2 is on the loose in Maine. Oscar Cornejo says his 10-year-old Timneh African Grey parrot named Paco became spooked last week and flew off his shoulder. The 10-inch-tall charcoal gray bird has a burgundy tail. Cornejo says it has since been seen several times on the grounds of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, where Cornejo is the summer program administrator. Paco can imitate the beeps of microwave ovens, smoke detectors and trucks.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: 5-YEAR-OLD FOUND DRIVING VAN _ Police in Germany investigating a complaint about a van disrupting morning traffic found were surprised to find a 5-year-old boy behind the wheel.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: CHISELING BURGLARS WERE WAY OFF _ In England, a gang of thought they were on to a big payoff. They spent weeks working in a room directly above their target, chiseling and chipping their way though nine inches of reinforced concrete floor. Finally their big night came. They burst through the ceiling and fell right into… a news stand directly below. The jewelry store they thought they were breaking into was three doors down the street. They fled without taking anything.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN SHOWS UP FOR COURT DRUNK _ A Pennsylvania man has been sentenced to jail for DUI after reportedly showing up in court drunk. In his testimony the man told the judge that he routinely drinks 12 beers a day, “and then some.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: NOSE-PICKING BAN FOR PHILIPPINES POLICE _ A memo issued by the main office of the Philippines police force reminds officers not to do anything that might create a negative impression among members of the public. The memo says this includes taking selfies and picking their noses while on duty.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN UPSET AT TREE FOR RUINING HIS CAR MAKES IT MUCH WORSE _ Raymond Mazzarella of Pennsylvania was upset because sap from the branches of his neighbor’s tree was dripping onto his car. So he decided to take a chainsaw to the tree’s 3-foot-wide trunk. The tree fell directly onto Mazzarella’s apartment building. Authorities ended up condemning the building after the tree landed on it, displacing five people that lived there.

… Mazzarella returned to the condemned building later and got into a confrontation with a neighbor. He allegedly attacked the neighbor with his fists and a bat and was arrested.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: REAL ESTATE AGENT DID THE DEED IN HOME SHE SOLD _ Before the new owner of a home in Friendswood, Texas, could even hook up the appliances, an entirely different kind of hookup apparently took place inside. That’s how it appears after the real estate agent who sold the property was arrested for allegedly having sex inside the home the day after the closing. The agent and her man were arrested early Saturday after a neighbor heading to work reported seeing two people enter the vacant home, then flashes of light from inside, and called the cops.

… The new owner of the home said the agent wasn’t allowed to be there and agreed to charges for both for criminal trespass.


AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (8p ET, NBC) — This new episode features highlights of performances from Tuesday Night.

BIG BROTHER (8p ET, CBS) — Power of Veto is up for grabs in this new edition.

THE GOLDBERGS (8p ET, ABC) — Four repeats air back to back.

MASTERCHEF (8p ET, FOX) — The top nine chefs compete in the next Mystery Box Challenge in this new, 2-hour edition.

PENN AND TELLER: FOOL US (8p ET, CW) — Featured magicians in this new edition include  Vitaly Beckman, Simon Coronel, Mac King and Kevin Viner.

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (9p ET, NBC) — On the results show, the vote reveals which acts will be advancing to the semifinals.


WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? (9p ET, CW) — Guest comics in this new edition are Lea Thompson and Jonathan Mangum. A repeat follows.

SEASON FINALE: DUCK DYNASTY (9p ET, A&E) — In the season 10 conclusion, Willie institutes a “no-tech week” when he feels his kids spend too much time on their phones, but has trouble participating in his own program.

AMERICAN GOTHIC (10p ET, CBS) — In this new episode, SBK’s accomplice strikes again, throwing the city into a panic.

THE NIGHT SHIFT (10p ET, NBC) — In this new episode, a wildfire rescue mission puts Jordan and Scott in danger, while Syd and TC are caught in a humanitarian crisis on the Syria-Turkey border.

MODERN FAMILY (10p ET, ABC) — This repeat is followed by a repeat of Black-ish.

SEASON FINALE: WAHLBURGERS (10p ET, A&E) — In the season 6 finale, Mark invites the brothers and their children to the New England Patriots’ practice facility for a game of touch football in front of the team’s owner, Robert Kraft.

SERIES PREMIERE: GOMORRAH (10p ET, Sundance) — This acclaimed Italian drama makes its debut on American television with back-to-back episodes. Set in the suburbs of Naples, it focuses on the exploits of a powerful drug-running crime family.

SERIES PREMIERE: CLEVELAND HUSTLES (10p ET, CNBC) — This new reality series, from executive producer LeBron James, follows local entrepreneurs working to revitalize a Cleveland neighborhood that desperately needs some support.


JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS WORLD’S HIGHEST-PAID ACTRESS _ Jennifer Lawrence is the world’s highest-paid actress for the second year in a row. According to the Forbes annual list, Lawrence earned millions ahead of other notable actresses, including Melissa McCarthy and Scarlett Johansson. She raked in a cool $45 million for herself. Part of that was a cut of the profits from the final Hunger Games movie and part is her large upfront fee for her forthcoming sci-fi film, Passengers.

… Lawrence is way ahead of the rest of the heard, banking in $13 million more than the next person on the Forbes list. Ranked second on the list of highest-paid actresses is Melissa McCarthy, who pocketed $33 million. McCarthy is up $10 million from 2015’s estimate thanks to her reported eight-figure payday for Ghostbusters remake. She also designs her own all-sizes clothing line.

… Jennifer Aniston made $21 million.

… Scarlett Johansson reportedly made $17.5 million for her controversial role in Ghost in the Shell. She also brings in a significant amount from her endorsement deal with Dolce & Gabbana.

… Forbes’ list is a global one, which is why the actress at No. 5 is from China. She made $17 million over the last year. Her name: Fan Bingbing.

DISNEY HAS BANNED THREE THINGS FROM ALL ITS FILMS _ Disney creates worlds on film where anything can happen. Almost. In an interview (with Ain’t It Cool News) David Lowery, the director of Pete’s Dragon, revealed that there are three things that Disney explicitly bans from all its films. He says, “When you sign a contract with Disney, the things it says your film cannot have are beheadings, impalement or smoking. Those are literally the three things you are not allowed to put into a Disney film. They literally have those words in the contract as things you’re not allowed to do.”

DWAYNE JOHNSON: NEW JUMANJI IS A SEQUEL TO ORIGINAL _ Dwayne Johnson is setting the record straight on the new Jumanji movie. The Rock clarified in an Instagram post that the film will be a sequel to the 1995 movie starring late actor Robin Williams, not a remake or a reboot. Dwayne wrote: “It will be a continuation of the awesome Jumanji adventure 20 years later.”

… And: “As a producer on this movie and someone who loves the original, you have my word we’ll honor the legend of [Williams’ character] Alan Parrish and properly introduce a whole new generation to the fun and crazy Jumanji universe.”

LAW & ORDER STAR STEVEN HILL DIES AT 94 _ Steven Hill, most famous for playing grumpy District Attorney Adam Schiff on Law & Order, died Tuesday. He was 94.

AMY SCHUMER WAS HOSPITALIZED IN HAWAII WHILE SHOOTING MOVIE _ Amy Schumer says she was hospitalized this summer with bronchitis while shooting a film with Goldie Hawn in Hawaii. Schumer said she had difficulty speaking, was bedridden and coughed so much that she fractured some ribs.

RESIDENTS OF HONG KONG OUTRAGED BY MOVIE POSTER MISTAKE _ Residents of Hong Kong are outraged over a movie poster. The poster for the sci-fi film Arrival shows an alien spaceship hovering over Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor. In the background is the Oriental Pearl Tower. Very famous. Except that, in the real world, it stands in the Chinese city of Shanghai, not Hong Kong.

… Angry Facebook and Twitter users who spotted the out-of-place skyscraper immediately took to social media, using the evergreen geopolitical hashtag #HongKongIsNotChina, to accuse the poster’s creator of pushing its own political agenda. The studio has apologized and is blaming the error on the third-party vendor who made it.

ADELE ACCEPTS MONTANA WEDDING INVITATION _ At one of Adele’s concerts last month in Los Angeles she brought a couple of guys on stage. Ryan Salonen and Vince Rossi had been dancing like no one was watching, but Adele says she was. On stage Ryan told Adele he’s from Montana. When the singer asked where that was he told her “next to Washington” and that they were getting married there in September. That’s when Adele accepted their wedding invite. The couple, who are both entertainers, are now networking through their industry contacts to try to get a wedding invitation to Adele. The pair say it would be fantastic if Adele is at their ceremony, but they would also like to send her a thank-you note for the great experience. • VIDEO

MICHELLE OBAMA ON DITCHING THE SECRET SERVICE FOR CARPOOL KARAOKE _ Michelle Obama’s epic appearance on Carpool Karaoke last month was great for viewers and even better for the First Lady — because she got to ditch the Secret Service to film the segment. Obama tells Variety that riding in a car with someone else — without Secret Service — was so good she told James Corden, “‘Let’s keep driving!’ I think we drove around the South Lawn about 100 times.”

BRITNEY SPEARS SINGS SOME CARPOOL KARAOKE _ The one and only Britney Spears is set to hop in James Corden’s passenger seat for the latest installment of Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show on Thursday, just head of the release of her new album, Glory, on Friday. A new teaser aired during last night’s (Tuesday) broadcast.

… In the clip, Spears sings a bit of her 2003 hit Toxic and reveals that her kids have seen her very popular Las Vegas show, Piece of Me. When Corden expresses concern for kids seeing their mom in her underwear, it’s clear she does not agree. • VIDEO

FULLER HOUSE IS RECASTING TWO FAMILIAR FACES FROM DJ’s PAST _ Fuller House is welcoming a few familiar faces back into the fold for season two — but they’re going to look very different from the last time you saw them. The show is recasting two characters from DJ’s past who will resurface in the second season finale of the Netflix revival. We’ll meet the present-day versions of Full House’s Nelson Burkhard, a.k.a. one of DJ’s high school boyfriends, and Kathy Santoni, a.k.a. the mean girl in DJ and Kimmy’s class, at their high school reunion.

DANCING WITH THE STARS’ ANNOUNCES FALL 2016 PRO DANCERS _ Dancing With The Stars’ new season is right around the corner and we’re finally finding out what pros will be returning for season 23. During Good Morning America on Tuesday it was revealed that Val Chmerkovskiy, Witney Carson and Sharna Burgess will return to the show in addition to Artem Chigvintsev, Lindsay Arnold, Allison Holker, Sasha Farber and Gleb Savchenko.

… Dancing With the Stars season 23 premieres on ABC on September 12.

AMBER ROSE RUMORED TO JOIN DANCING WITH THE STARS SEASON 23 _ Amber Rose is reportedly heading to the ABC ballroom for Dancing with the Stars. E! News report the 32-year-old model has been signed on to compete for the Mirror Ball trophy during the upcoming 23rd season.

… The Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher and former Wizards of Waverly Place actor Jake T. Austin are also rumored for the next DWTS installment.

… Producers are eyeing Olympian as well. They reportedly want Simone Biles.

… The lineup will be announced August 30 on Good Morning America.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY TO STAR IN AVENGERS 3 _ The third Avengers film will feature superheroes from Guardians of the Galaxy. Vin Diesel, who voices talking tree Groot in Guardians, let the news slip during a Facebook Live video.

… Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is due in theaters next May.

TOP TV SHOWS _ Week of August 15-21.

  1. Summer Olympic Games (Monday), NBC, 24.2 million
  2. Summer Olympic Games (Tuesday), NBC, 24.1 million
  3. Summer Olympic Games (Thursday), NBC, 21.70 million
  4. Summer Olympic Games (Wednesday), NBC, 20.68 million
  5. Summer Olympic Games (Friday), NBC, 20.1 million
  6. Summer Olympic Games (Sunday Closing Ceremony), NBC, 17.0 million
  7. Summer Olympic Games (Saturday), NBC, 15.4 million
  8. Rio Gold, NBC, 11.5 million
  9. The Voice (Sunday), NBC, 10.3 million
  10. Superstore (Friday), NBC, 9.7 million
  11. 60 Minutes, CBS, 6.9 million
  12. NCIS, CBS, 6.7 million
  13. Big Brother (Sunday), CBS, 6.0 million
  14. Big Brother (Wednesday), CBS, 5.9 million
  15. The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 5.7 million
  16. Celebrity Family Feud, ABC, 5.6 million
  17. Big Brother (Thursday), CBS, 5.4 million
  18. The $100,000 Pyramid, ABC, 4.8 million
  19. Bachelor in Paradise (Monday), ABC, 4.7 million
  20. Bachelor in Paradise (Tuesday), ABC, 4.4 million



• BEST DAD: Little League dad-coach tells pitcher son he loves him → See News & Nuggets August 24.

• DRUMLINE: It’s high school and college football time. Here’s an instrumental drumline, from the Drumline soundtrack.

• PHONER: Weird thing you hit with your car. → 4 real calls.


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The National Park Service turns 100 tomorrow (August 25).

• There are 59 national parks.

• Admission to all national parks is free Thursday (August 25) through Sunday (August 28).

• Yellowstone National Park was the first.

• Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited in the country, with nearly 11 million visitors a year. This is twice as many visitors as the next closest park, Grand Canyon.

• The National Park System is a collection of 411 physical properties owned or administered by the National Park Service. These include national battlefields, memorials, historic sites, etc. The 59 national parks are part of the National Park System.


They were all adapted from books. The book titles are in parenthesis. EDITOR: Could be used as a contest.

• Bridget Jones’ Diary (Pride & Prejudice)

• Die Hard (Nothing Lasts Forever)

• Mrs. Doubtfire (Madame Doubtfire)

• Jaws (Jaws)

• Shrek (Shrek)

• Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)

• Planet of the Apes (Planet of the Apes)

• Rambo: First Blood (First Blood)

• Psycho (Psycho)

• Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?)


TRIVIA: More than 360 billion of these are consumed around the world each year. (Cigarettes)

TRIVIA: According to poll results, only 3% of people view themselves as below average in… what? (Attractiveness)


• Each set of three things has something in common. Tell me what it is and you win…

• Ten-Gallon, Baseball, Top (Hats)

• Clinton, Garfield, Wilson (Presidents)

• A phone number, a foot, a hand (They have digits)

• A map, a lawn chair, a handkerchief (They are folded)

• Ventricle, Auricle, Septum (Part of the heart)


Stapled finger prank.


Pizza fail.


This is day 238 of 2016. There are 128 days remaining.


• Game-show host Monty Hall is 95

• Sean Connery is 86

• Regis Philbin is 85

• Tom Skerritt (Picket Fences, A River Runs Through It) is 83

• Gene Simmons of Kiss is 67

• Elvis Costello is 62

• Director Tim Burton is 58

• Blair Underwood is 52

• TV chef Rachael Ray is 48

• Cameron Mathison is 47

• Claudia Schiffer is 46

• Alexander Skarsgard is 40

• Rachel Bilson (The O.C., Hart of Dixie) is 35

• Blake Lively (The Shallows, The Age of Adaline) is 29


• 1718: Hundreds of French colonists arrived in Louisiana, with some of them settling in present-day New Orleans.

• 1875: Captain Matthew Webb became the first person to swim across the English Channel, traveling from Dover, England, to Calais, France, in 22 hours.

• 1916: The National Park Service was established within the Department of the Interior.

• 1975: The album “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen was released.

• 1985: Samantha Smith, the schoolgirl whose letter to Soviet leader Yuri V. Andropov resulted in her peace tour of the communist country, was killed with her father in an airplane crash in Maine.

• 2004: A man was charged with robbing a Butler, Wisconsin, bank across from the police department. He told investigators he wanted to impress a woman with the stolen money. Instead, he says, he spent most of it at a casino.

• 2008: A newborn baby that was abandoned outdoors by her 14-year-old mother during the Argentina winter was found safe after being kept alive and warm by a mother dog and her brood of puppies. A farmer found the naked baby lying amongst his dog China’s puppies.

• 2012: Neil Armstrong, who commanded the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing and was the first man to set foot on the moon in July 1969, died in Cincinnati at age 82.


• National Park Service Day. The NPS is 100 today!

• Kiss and Make Up Day

• Second-hand Wardrobe Day

• Whiskey Sour Day

• Burger Day


• August 24: Air Guitar World Championships (through August 26)

• August 27: College football begins

• September 5: Labor Day

• September 8: NFL season begins

• October 12: Columbus Day

• October 31: Halloween

• November 8: Presidential Election

More holidays