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This is day 252 of 2016. There are 114 days remaining.


• Bernie Sanders is 75

• Heather Thomas (The Fall Guy) is 59

• David Arquette is 45

• Model-actress Brooke Burke-Charvet is 45

• Martin Freeman (The Hobbit trilogy, Sherlock) is 45

• Larenz Tate is 41

• Nathan Corddry (Mom, Harry’s Law) is 39

• Singer Pink is 37

• Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Home Improvement) is 35


• 1900: A powerful hurricane hit Galveston, Texas, killing about 8,000 people.

• 1930: 3M began marketing Scotch transparent tape.

• 1974: US President Gerald Ford pardoned former President Richard Nixon for any crimes Nixon may have committed while in office.

• 1966: The TV series Star Trek premiered on NBC.

• 2000: The head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs apologized for the federal agency’s “legacy of racism and inhumanity” that included massacres, forced relocations of tribes and attempts to wipe out Indian cultures.

• 2004: 60 Minutes aired a report questioning President George W. Bush’s National Guard service. CBS News later apologized for a “mistake in judgment” after memos featured in the report were challenged as forgeries.

• 2005: In Russia a man walked into a bank and walked out with about a thousand bucks. Then, hoping to use his loot to buy a little lunch he walked into what he thought was a sandwich shop. Had the thief chosen door #2 he’d have had himself some lunch, but because he chose door #1 he walked right into the hands of cops, who had just received a description of the bank robber.

• 2006: A Senate report faulted intelligence gathering in the lead-up to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.


• International Literacy Day

• Ampersand Day

• World Physical Therapy Day

• Iguana Awareness Day

• Frozen Custard Day

• Zucchini Day


• September 8: NFL season begins

• October 12: Columbus Day

• October 31: Halloween

• November 6: Daylight Saving Time Ends (fall back one hour)

• November 8: Presidential Election

More holidays


9: Pounds of cold cereal eaten by the average American kid each year.


Police in Ohio raided a teenage Amish party and arrested 75 people. They were charged with underage drinking, resisting arrest [and barnraising under the influence].

Fox News abruptly removed Greta Van Sustern from its TV lineup and then removed all trace of her on the network’s website. It’s as if she never existed in their world. [It’s like the way Taylor Swift breaks up with a guy.]

Remember those creepy clowns trying to lure kids into the woods in South Carolina? Well, now there have been similar sightings in North Carolina. [These sightings are like reports of Bigfoot — in big shoes.]

The new Apple iPhone 7 is both water and dust resistant. [It’s nice to know that I can have total peace of mind while crossing the desert should my camel take a notion to pee on it.]

For the first time since 1940 the Dallas Morning News is endorsing the Democratic candidate for president. [Once again, Donald Trump manages to make history.]

Two Nobel Prize judges have been dismissed due to scandal. [Finally, a reasonable explanation as to why I have yet to win.]

A 70-year-old man robbed a bank so that he would no longer have to live with his wife. [And he’s begging his lawyer to petition the government for a room at Guantanamo.]

A 70-year-old man robbed a bank so that he would no longer have to live with his wife. [This is why most married people take up hobbies.]

Bird experts think that they have spotted the first new bald eagle born in New York City in over a century. [It’s not that New York isn’t a great place to raise birds it’s just that newlywed birds starting a new family can rarely afford the rent.]

A former Chipotle employee claims that workers were expected to show up without pay on their days off to participate in what the company called cleaning parties. [“And don’t forget that Saturday is our big all-night dishwashing rave.”]


AS EXPECTED, APPLE UNVEILS iPHONE 7 WITH NO HEADPHONE JACK _ Apple’s latest iPhone won’t have an analog headphone jack. Instead, users will plug updated earbuds into the iPhone’s power port, or shift to wireless headphones. As part of the transition, Apple also is introducing wireless AirPods that will sell for $160.

… Getting rid of the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack helped Apple make its new iPhone slimmer, boost its battery lifetime and add other improvements, including stereo speakers and a sharper camera. The iPhone 7 is also water resistant.

APPLE’S ANNOUNCEMENTS IN 107 SECONDS _ The best thing to come out of the Apple thing Tuesday was the quick video showcasing the new iPhone 7, new wireless earbuds and new Apple Watch. • VIDEO

POKEMON GO IS COMING TO APPLE WATCH _ Pokemon Go is coming to Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Pokemon Go app will display how far the player needs to walk to hatch an egg, how many experience points are required to reach the next level, collectible items from PokeStops, player’s earned medals and additional info about the player’s fitness. You still need to take out your iPhone to capture a Pokemon.

STUDY: EXERCISE CAN SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN HEALTH COSTS _ Getting a little healthier by getting a little more active can do more than improve physical condition: It may fatten your wallet. People who exercise at least at minimum recommended levels can save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year in healthcare costs, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

… In the study, people with cardiovascular disease who exercised at recommended levels, 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity five days per week or 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity three days per week, had healthcare costs more than $2,500 lower than those not meeting the recommendations.

UK DENTIST: GOING EVERY SIX MONTHS IS UNNECESSARY _ The Chief Dental Officer for England says going to the dentist every six months is unnecessary. Current UK guidelines say that time between check-ups should depend on the state of a patient’s teeth, with intervals of up to two years for those in good oral health. But Dr. Sara Hurley said too many dentists are failing to stick to this and seeing patients more regularly.

‘ABANDONED BABY’ VIDEO SHOWS HOW WE LOVE TO SHAME EACH OTHER _ Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, anyone with a smart phone can record a moment in time and share it with thousands of strangers online. If that video happens to invite public shaming of someone’s parenting skills, so much the better. The latest victims of this phenomenon are an as-yet-unnamed couple from Sandusky, Ohio. They went out to eat last week at the China Dragon Buffet restaurant, bringing their young baby with them in a carrier. At one point during their meal, the parents got up to go back to the buffet, leaving their infant in the booth. They returned about four minutes later and continued eating. The sight of a child left alone spurred a man in a neighboring booth to get out his cell phone and videotape the child until the parents returned. He posted the footage on Facebook, where it got 4 million views and resulted in a police investigation, during which the man took the video off of Facebook.

… The video shows that the infant was quiet and showed no signs of distress. Even the police chief in charge of the investigation said, “Can we say that because the parent walked out of the screen shot of this video and left the child unattended in the booth that there was a significant risk of injury to that child? I’m not sure we can.”

… What about the danger of kidnapping? Well, if you care enough to keep an eye on an infant whose parents stepped away to get a refill of lo mein, then you sure as heck should have the decency to step in or scream bloody murder if you notice a stranger sneaking up to grab the baby’s carrier. • VIDEO

WOMAN SEES HER PHOTO ON FUNERAL FUND JARS, BUT SHE’S NOT DEAD _ A California (Bakersfield) woman’s face has been taped to donation jars, asking for donations to pay for a funeral. Lupita Gonzalez says a family member noticed one of the jars and that the picture had been taken from her Facebook profile. Along with the picture, the jars had a sob story about a girl named “Enriquetta Nunez” who had died and whose family needed money to bring her remains back to Mexico. Lupita has no idea who made the jars, though she and police have been gathering information from store owners to create a suspect description.

PEOPLE ARE WATCHING A SLOW TV LIVESTREAM FROM JACKSON HOLE _ People are tuning in for a livestream from a webcam located at a traffic intersection in the small town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming — and nobody knows why. The live feed was set up about six weeks ago as part of a drive to draw more visitors to the town, a popular tourist retreat for outdoorsy types, at the base of the Teton Mountains close to Teton National Park. The town set up several webcams and thousands have been tuning in at various times. • VIDEO

… Reports suggest the surge in viewer traffic began when a user on the web bulletin board 4chan posted a link to the feed and said he would travel to Jackson Hole to do something in front of the camera. Someone else shared the webcam link on Reddit.

MICHIGAN MOVES TO NOT REQUIRE HUMAN IN DRIVERLESS TEST CARS _ True driverless cars are about to become a reality in Michigan. Under legislation passed unanimously Wednesday by the state Senate, no one would need to be in a self-driving test cars. Currently self-driving cars must have a human operator who can take over if necessary.

… Michigan sees the loosening of self-driving regulations as one of the keys to staying competitive in the auto industry.

… Florida this year eliminated a requirement that a human operator be present for testing purposes. Nevada requires at least one person in a test vehicle at all times but is exploring whether to modify its regulations in 2017.

‘NESTING DOLL’ FOSSIL REVEALS BUG IN LIZARD IN SNAKE _ Forty-eight million years ago, an iguana relative living in what’s now Germany scarfed down an insect with a shimmering exoskeleton. Soon thereafter the lizard’s luck changed — when a snake gulped it down headfirst. We know this happened because the snake had the spectacularly bad luck to end up in a death trap: a nearby volcanic lake with toxic deep waters. So, two days after eating the lizard, the snake lay dead on the lake floor, entombed in sediments that preserved it, its meal, and its meal’s meal.

… That fossil is only the second of its kind ever found, revealing three levels of an ancient food chain nested one inside the other.

EARTH ALMOST DIED WEDNESDAY _ A few weeks ago an asteroid hurtled past our planet and no one realized it until just before it blew by. That one was pretty big, around 50-150 feet wide. Yesterday (Wednesday) an asteroid named named 2004 BO41 had what NASA calls a “near Earth pass”. It was 7.3 million miles away. That’s kinda close.

… Unfortunately there is another one named QL44 that’s also on the way and it has NASA even more concerned. The 200-foot-long asteroid will whizz past Earth at a speed of 31,000 mph on September 17. NASA has kept a close eye on its movement due to its “highly uncertain orbit”. QL44 has been coded as a nine of NASA’s scale, which means scientists are the least certain about its flight path.

TWITTER NOW HAS AN EMOJI FOR EVERY NFL TEAM _ As if Twitter’s deal to stream NFL Thursday Night Football didn’t convince you that the social network was going all-in on the NFL, maybe this will. Twitter announced Wednesday that they made a custom hashtag emoji for every NFL team. • IMAGES

DOG TAKES A 4-MILE WALK INTO TOWN EVERY DAY _ About a dozen years ago, a man pulled into the driveway of Debbie and Larry LaVallee’s home in Longville, Minnesota, holding a squirming little puppy. He told them he had found their lost dog. The pup wasn’t theirs, but they couldn’t resist the stray, who they believe had been abandoned. They took in the dog and named him Bruno. But Bruno had other ideas. He didn’t want to be tied down and soon started wandering. Nearly every day, the dog makes the four-mile trek into town and has become a fixture with area residents who have dubbed him the town dog. He stops at city hall and the library, a couple of real estate offices and the ice cream shop, and of course the grocery store where his pals at the deli meet him at the back door with meat scraps they’ve put aside for him.

… The LaVallees often get calls from people who are new to town who say, “Hey, I’ve found your dog.” Those new people are dumbfounded when they’re told he’ll find his way home. The LaVallees say they tried early on to keep him confined, but Bruno always found a way to roam. Sometimes people will give the aging dog a ride home at the end of the day if they see him ambling home. Last year, the town erected a carved wooden statue in Bruno’s honor in a park on the city’s main street.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN ON PHONE WHILE DRIVING WAS USING IT TO LISTEN TO KORAN TO CURE TOOTHACHE _ In the Netherlands a Muslim woman fined for driving while using her phone claims she was using it to listen to the Koran to help cure her toothache. The driving violation was captured by a film crew shooting a documentary called Road Offenders.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN FOUND IN SOMEONE ELSE’S BATHTUB _ In Pennsylvania (Cecil Township) arrested a woman after a resident reportedly found her taking a bath in a tub at his home. The resident told police he woke up to the sound of running water. When he went to a first-floor bathroom, he tried unsuccessfully to open the door. He heard a woman say, “I’m in here!” He told police she wrapped herself in a white towel and ran from the house. The homeowner gave police a description of the woman and officers tracked her down.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MOM ENJOYS CELEBRATORY BACK-TO-SCHOOL JOINT _ While kids going back to school can be a cause to celebrate for many parents, police in Canada (Saanich, British Columbia) say this is one case you just can’t make up. A mother who was pulled over for speeding in a school zone Tuesday morning said she smoked a joint with other moms before getting behind the wheel. While the woman admitting to smoking pot and then driving through school zones, a drug recognition expert deemed that she was not impaired enough to warrant charges.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN ROBBED A BANK BECAUSE HE’D PREFER PRISON OVER NAGGING WIFE _ A 70-year-old Kansas City, Kansas, man allegedly robbed a bank, then sat down on the floor and waited for the cops to come arrest him, saying he’d rather go to prison than go home to his difficult wife. When a bank security guard approached him, the man didn’t put up a fuss. He said, “I’m the guy you’re looking for.” The guard took the stolen loot all of a few feet back to the teller and called the law.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GUY ROBBED BANK, WENT TO DUNKIN’ DONUTS _ (TIES IN WITH ABOVE STORY) Ten years ago this week a guy in New Hampshire lost his job, so he came up with a plan: Rob a bank, hang around, then get taken to jail to be “supported.” That’s what he did. And after the robbery police found him in a Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot next to the bank, drinking an iced coffee. Police said he had the hold-up note and cash stuffed in his pockets.


NFL KICKOFF SPECIAL (7:30p ET, NBC and NFL Network) — The NFL begins its 97th season with this special including analysis from Bob Costas, Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy, and Rodney Harrison.  There will also be performances by Dierks Bentley and One Republic.


THE $100,000 PYRAMID (8p ET, ABC) — Two repeats

ROSEWOOD (8p ET, FOX) — Repeat


NFL FOOTBALL (8:30p ET, NBC) — The NFL season officially begins as Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers get a Super Bowl rematch against the now Peyton Manning-less Denver Broncos. The game will be called by Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and Michele Tafoya.

LIFE IN PIECES (8:30p ET, CBS) — Repeat

BIG BROTHER (9p ET, CBS) — A houseguest is evicted and the head of household competition is held in this new edition.

BONES (9p ET, FOX) — Repeat

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (9p ET, CW) — In this new episode, Vincent is secretly interrogated about an impending attack.

CODE BLACK (10p ET, CBS) — Repeat

MATCH GAME (10p ET, ABC) — Repeat


SURVIVOR CAST EVACUATED FOR FIRST TIME EVER DUE TO CYCLONE _ When you compete on Survivor, you are not only playing against other contestants, you are also playing against Mother Nature. Jeff Probst tells Entertainment Weekly that the entire cast from the upcoming Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X had to be temporarily pulled from the game due to a cyclone in Fiji, where production was filming. Tropical Cyclone Zena hit on April 6 — on day two of the game — forcing production to scramble to ensure the contestants’ safety.

STRANGER THINGS 2 _ Even though it has been nearly two months since Stranger Things landed on Netflix, fans are still desperate to find out everything they can about the hit show set in the ’80s. Here’s what we know (spoilers ahead):

• Stranger Things will be returning for Season 2 in 2017. This will be a sequel rather than a complete continuation of Season 1.

• There will be some of the same characters as well as at least four new ones. Included in the new characters will be a tomboy named Max and her older brother, Billy.

• While Stranger Things 2 will take place in Hawkins and involve the original characters, there is one character in particular that fans want to see more of — even though she died in Season 1. The Duffer brothers confirmed that there will certainly be “justice for Barb” in Season 2 of Stranger Things.

• As for the other female character whose fate is still up in the air, there has been no definitive answer as to whether Eleven will return in Stranger Things 2.

• The official synopsis for Stranger Things 2 as reported by The Hollywood Reporter: “When terrifying supernatural forces once again begin to affect Hawkins, they realize Will’s disappearance was only the beginning. And so the adventure continues…”

• Season 2 will take place roughly a year later than the events that occurred in Season 1 of Stranger Things.

• You can buy the Stranger Things soundtrack on vinyl on October 28.

RESTAURANT CREATES WILLY WONKA BURGER FOR GENE WILDER FANS _ Following the announcement that Gene Wilder died in August of complications from Alzheimer’s disease, people have been paying their respects to him in a variety of ways. But when it comes to unique tributes to the beloved actor, a restaurant in Australia may have just taken the cake. With the introduction of the Beauregard Burger, Sydney’s Bar Luca kicked off a celebration of Wilder’s life dubbed Wonka Week. Featuring a custom rainbow milk bun filled with a beef patty, popping cheese (cheddar cheese topped with popping candy), tomato soup jelly, blueberry onion jam, fried potatoes and Wonka sauce, the burger is an homage to Wilder’s role as an eccentric candymaker in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, and Beauregarde’s iconic scene. The colorful creation costs $16 and “tastes a little sweet and a little savory.” The restaurant is even giving away golden tickets that are good for a free burger and drink for two to customers who order the special.

RESTAURANT CREATES WILLY WONKA BURGER FOR GENE WILDER FANS _ Following the announcement that Gene Wilder died in August of complications from Alzheimer’s disease, people have been paying their respects to him in a variety of ways. But when it comes to unique tributes to the beloved actor, a restaurant in Australia may have just taken the cake. With the introduction of the Beauregard Burger, Sydney’s Bar Luca kicked off a celebration of Wilder’s life dubbed Wonka Week. Featuring a custom rainbow milk bun filled with a beef patty, popping cheese (cheddar cheese topped with popping candy), tomato soup jelly, blueberry onion jam, fried potatoes and Wonka sauce, the burger is an homage to Wilder’s role as an eccentric candymaker in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, and Beauregarde’s iconic scene. The colorful creation costs $16 and “tastes a little sweet and a little savory.” The restaurant is even giving away golden tickets that are good for a free burger and drink for two to customers who order the special.

RYAN LOCHTE SUSPENDED FOR 10 MONTHS _ Ryan Lochte has been suspended for 10 months over the Rio gas station incident. Lochte was handed the 10-month suspension Wednesday by both the International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee and USA Swimming.

… Lochte apologized last month in response to his claim that he and teammates James Feigen, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were held at gunpoint during a night out.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS RECALLS WHAT DAD SAID AFTER FIRST ACTING GIG _ Kirk Douglas never wanted his son, Michael, to go into acting — and after watching his son’s first performance, he was sure Michael had dodged a bullet. Michael says, “I remember the first show I did, [dad] came back and he said, ‘Michael you were absolutely terrible.’ And he was so relieved because he thought, ‘I don’t have to worry about my son becoming an actor, he was so bad.'”

… Despite the harsh review from his famous dad, Douglas said he never gave up his dream.

WHY KEIRA KNIGHTLEY DOESN’T OWN MUCH JEWELRY _ You might think that an A-list actress who also happens to front a fine jewelry campaign would own more jewels than she could count. But that’s not the case for Keira Knightley. When she was in her early 20s her house got burgled. Keira says she never replaced any of it and still owns very little jewelry.

YOU COULD BE KELLY RIPA’S CO-HOST _ Kelly Ripa is hunting for her next guest co-host — and that person may just look a lot like you. On Wednesday’s Live with Kelly, Ripa announced a fan contest to find a guest co-host who would appear alongside her on the October 21 show. Live has been without a permanent co-host since ABC moved Michael Strahan to Good Morning America earlier this year. A succession of guest chair-warmers, from Anderson Cooper to Michael Weatherly, has been filling in.

… The contest ends on September 20. Entrants must send in a video up to one minute “demonstrating why you think you can be a co-host for a day with Kelly Ripa.” A personal bio of up to 100 words must also be included.

… The videos will be judged for creativity, overall performance, enthusiasm and personality and presentation. The Top 40 entries will be picked by Ripa’s staff and announced on the September 23 show. Those entrants will be given a “video challenge” that will narrow the semi-finalists down to 20. Viewer voting will winnow the field further.

… The final 5 will then run a gantlet of on-air challenges in the Live studio in New York the week of October 17.

FALL’S MUST-SEE MOVIES _ Daily Beast has a big list of Fall’s must-see movies.

ANGELA LANSBURY NOT IN GOT SEASON 7  _ Sorry, Angela Lansbury fans. The former star of Murder, She Wrote is not going to invade Westeros anytime soon. It’s been widely reported Lansbury might appear in season 7 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. The actress’ team said Wednesday the story’s not accurate.

TOP TV SHOWS _ Week of August 29-September 4.

  1. America’s Got Talent (Tuesday), NBC, 12.28 million
  2. College Football: Notre Dame at Texas, ABC, 10.95 million
  3. America’s Got Talent (Wednesday, 9 p.m.), NBC, 10.5 million
  4. College Football: USC at Alabama, ABC, 7.94 million
  5. NCIS, CBS, 7.46 million
  6. Better Late Than Never, NBC, 7.33 million
  7. 60 Minutes, CBS, 7.32 million
  8. American Ninja Warrior, NBC, 7.01 million
  9. America’s Got Talent (Wednesday, 8 p.m.), NBC, 6.46 million
  10. Big Brother (Wednesday), NBC, 6.292 million
  11. College Football Pregame (Saturday), ABC, 6.29 million
  12. Bachelor in Paradise (Monday), ABC, 5.46 million
  13. Night Shift, NBC, 5.43 million
  14. Blue Bloods, CBS, 5.42 million
  15. The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 5.27 million
  16. Hannity (Wednesday), Fox News, 5.24 million
  17. Hawaii Five-0, CBS, 5.17 million
  18. Big Brother (Sunday), CBS, 5.15 million
  19. Bachelor in Paradise (Tuesday), ABC, 5.04 million
  20. Big Brother (Thursday), CBS, 4.97 million



• STAR TREK THEME: September 8 is the 50th anniversary.

• BABY IN BOOTH: Parents went to refill their plates at a buffet and a guy took video of the sleeping baby left at the table. A cop speaks. → September 8 2016

• MYSTERY VOICE: James Franco.

• DROPS: Lots and lots of football clips. → Updated for 2016.

• GARBAGE DISPUTE: A woman got into a fight with her garbage man and started clucking like a chicken and rolling around on the ground. Here’s the video.


More prep in the Facebook Group.



A cat named Didga holds the Guinness World Record for the Most Tricks by a Cat in One Minute. In this video you can hear Didga’s owner run down each of the tricks while the cat performs. Grab the audio and challenge your stunt guy to do all the tricks.

… The record for most tricks in one minute by a dog is held by Smurf. Here’s the video. Tricks start at about 40 seconds.


American drivers spend an average of more than 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year, according to a new survey from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Drivers traveled nearly 10,900 miles on average.

• On average, men report driving 2,314 more miles than women per year and spend 18 percent more time behind the wheel.

• Seniors over the age of 75 drive fewer miles (5,840 annually) than teenagers (7,551 annually). Drivers ages 30-49 drive an average of 13,506 miles annually, more than any other age group.

• Drivers who report living in rural areas drive more miles (13,029 annually) compared to drivers who live in cities or towns (10,571 annually).

• Motorists in the Midwest and Southern regions drive more (11,295 miles annually) compared to those in the Northeast (9,328 miles annually).

• More than 50 percent of miles driven by Americans are done in cars, followed by SUVs (20 percent), pickup trucks (17 percent) and vans (7.9 percent).

• On average, Americans drive the most during the fall (October through December) at 31.5 miles daily and drive the least during the winter (January through March) at 26.2 miles daily.


TRIVIA: In the U.S. there are five of these for every man, woman and child. (Credit cards)

TRIVIA: If you own a car, you’re probably familiar with U.S. patent number 2,118,318. What’s it for? (The parking meter, which was patented on May 13, 1935.)


Q: Who is this?

A: James Franco


Guy immediately regrets cliff jump.




This is day 253 of 2016. There are 13 days remaining.


• Topol (Fiddler on the Roof) is 81

• Tom Wopat is 65

• Hugh Grant is 56

• Adam Sandler is 50

• Rachel Hunter is 47

• Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) is 45

• Henry Thomas (E.T.) is 45

• Goran Visnjic (ER) is 44

• Michael Buble is 41

• Michelle Williams (Brokeback Mountain) is 36


• 1776: The second Continental Congress made the term “United States” official, replacing “United Colonies.”

• 1893: Frances Cleveland, wife of President Grover Cleveland, gave birth to a daughter, Esther, in the White House.

• 1926: The National Broadcasting Co. was created by the Radio Corporation of America.

• 1956: Elvis Presley made the first of three appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show.

• 1971: Prisoners seized control of the maximum-security Attica Correctional Facility near Buffalo, New York, beginning a four-day siege that claimed 43 lives.

• 2005: Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown, the principal target of harsh criticism of the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina, was relieved of his onsite command.

• 2005: A New Zealand police recruit had a hand in his own arrest for an unsolved assault. As part of a training exercise in fingerprinting, the recruit gave his prints — and they matched him to an arrest warrant for a serious assault.

• 2014: Apple announced the Apple Watch, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.


• Buy A Priest A Beer Day

• Opposite Day – Do the opposite of what you normally do.

• Banana Day

• Stand Up To Cancer Day

• I Love Food Day


• October 12: Columbus Day

• October 31: Halloween

• November 6: Daylight Saving Time Ends (fall back one hour)

• November 8: Presidential Election

More holidays



• Jose Feliciano is 71. Joe Perry of Aerosmith is 66. Colin Firth is 56. Guy Ritchie is 48. Ryan Phillippe is 42. Misty Copeland is 34. Ashley Monroe of Pistol Annies is 30.

• Drive Your Studebaker Day, Iguana Awareness Day, Hot Dog Day


• Brian De Palma is 76. Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead is 73. Tommy Shaw of Styx is 63. Scott Patterson is 58. Virginia Madsen is 55. Moby is 51. Harry Connick Jr. is 49. Taraji P. Henson is 46. Ludacris is 39. Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum is 35.

• Patriot Day, Suicide Prevention Day, Grandparent’s Day, Hug Your Hound Day, Make Your Bed Day