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This is day 319 of 2016. There are 47 days remaining.


• Prince Charles is 68

• Condoleezza Rice is 62

• Yanni is 62

• Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me) is 55

• Reverend Run of Run-DMC is 52

• Patrick Warburton is 52

• Josh Duhamel is 44

• Reality star Chip Gaines is 42

• Cory Michael Smith (Gotham) is 30


• 1851: Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick was published in the U.S.

• 1889: Pioneer woman journalist Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane) began a successful attempt to travel around the world in less than 80 days.

• 1910: Aviation pioneer Eugene Ely performed the first take-off from a ship in Hampton Roads, Virginia. He took off from a makeshift deck on the light cruiser USS Birmingham in a Curtiss pusher.

• 1922: The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) began radio service in the United Kingdom.

• 1992: Danville, Virginia, inventor David Bivens introduced his automatic people wash, a device with large spinning brushes similar to those he invented decades earlier to wash cars and trucks.

• 1995: A budget standoff between Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress forced the federal government to temporarily close national parks and museums and to run most government offices with skeleton staffs.

• 1995: Crayola announced it was replacing its food-scented crayons with new scents parents could be sure their children wouldn’t want to eat. Responding to parental complaints, Crayola replaced such scents as Chocolate, Bubble Gum, and Cherry with Dirt, Shampoo, and Cedar Chest.

• 1995: A survey reported in George magazine indicated 75% of Americans believed the U.S. government was involved in conspiracies; 50% believed there was life on other planets; 70% believed in angels; and 10% believed Elvis was still alive.

• 1998: Actress Carmen Electra and NBA star Dennis Rodman were married in Las Vegas.

• 2002: The US House of Representatives voted to not create an independent commission to investigate the September 11 attacks.

• 2003: A Beijing woman fed up with her husband’s body odor went to court and made him sign an agreement to take a bath every day. Breaching the agreement three times meant he would be forced to live somewhere else for a month.

• 2006: In Wichita, Kansas, three men attempted to kidnap a teen in a dispute over stereo speakers. When one of the kidnappers tried to stick his gun back into his own waistband it went off, shooting him in the groin. The crook cringed, which cause the gun to go off a second time, hitting him in the calf. When the shooting ended the kidnapper walked himself to the hospital. His two accomplices were arrested.


• National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week

• Geography Awareness Week

• National Nurse Practioner’s Week

• Split Pea Soup Week

• World Kindness Week

• International Girls Day

• Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day

• Operating Room Nurse Day

• Spicy Guacamole Day

• Pickle Day

• World Diabetes Day

• World Orphans Day


• November 24: Thanksgiving

• December 25: Christmas

• January 20: Presidential Inauguration

More holidays


250,000: Trucks of cement needed for the wall Donald Trump has promised to build after taking office.


Researchers say they have figured out why seabirds so often eat the plastic floating in the ocean. They’re attracted to the fragrance of plastic. [That also explains why they’re attracted to the food left in a McDonald’s parking lot.]

You know that wall Donald Trump promised to build? Yeah, his friend Newt Gingrich says it was only a campaign device. [You know, it’s like when you tell your wife that you have to go in to the office on Saturday, but you’re really going to play golf. That’s only a marital device.]

For the first time a major big wave surfing contest in Hawaii allowed women to enter. [Because women have health insurance, too.]

Facebook accidentally killed millions of its users in one day. [Even McDonald’s hasn’t done that.]

Facebook accidentally killed millions of its users in one day including its founder Mark Zuckerberg. [Not only has he got to get the computer problem fixed, but he also has to get his name repainted on his parking spot.]

A state representative in New Hampshire was re-elected last week. And then on that same day he was arrested. [Yeah, that sounds about right for politicians.]

Are you going to see that new movie about aliens coming to earth called Arrival? [It turns out that the aliens are really nice. Not only do they get here on time for dinner, but they also bring a terrific bottle of wine.]

A new study finds that not only do rats love to be tickled but they tend to giggle. [They’re giggling because they’re thinking about what they’re going to do to your face when you fall asleep.]

A 27-year-old woman is on track to become the youngest person to ever visit every country in the world. [She didn’t intend to, but she’s just one of those people who refuse to ask others for directions.]


SUPERMOON CAN STILL BE SEEN TONIGHT _ If you missed the latest supermoon early this (Monday) morning, don’t worry. NASA scientists say the difference in the moon’s distance from last night to tonight is very subtle.

… It’s a supermoon because it’s the closest full moon to Earth since 1948. We won’t see another supermoon like this until 2034.

… This is actually the second of three supermoons in a row, so if the clouds don’t cooperate for you this weekend, you will have another chance next month to see the last supermoon of 2016 on December 14.

TRUMP WOULD LIKE TO DO AWAY WITH ELECTORAL COLLEGE _ While Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by around 2 million votes, Donald Trump became president because of the Electoral College. During his 60 Minutes interview Sunday Tump says he’d like to see elections won with “simple votes. You know, you get 100 million votes and somebody else gets 90 million votes and you win.”

… Roughly 11 or 12 states control the election each year, and the Electoral College is baked into the Constitution. However, there is hope in the form of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. By signing on, states agree they will award their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote (for example, if Florida were a part of the Compact it would have given its electoral votes to Hillary Clinton). However, the measure will only be triggered once states accounting for a majority of electoral votes have joined. There are 538 electoral votes, so a majority is 270.

… The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact has been enacted into law in 11 states with 165 electoral votes, and will take effect when enacted by states with 105 more electoral votes.

DONALD TRUMP SAID HE WOULDN’T ACCEPT THE PRESIDENT’S SALARY _ Here’s a promise we’d like to see Donald Trump keep. On September 17, 2015, Trump told a Rochester, New Hampshire crowd, “The first thing I’m going to do is tell you that if I’m elected president, I’m accepting no salary, okay? That’s not a big deal for me.” A few days later Trump reiterated that he would not take a salary as President of the United States during a Q&A on Twitter.

… The president is entitled to receive “compensation in the aggregate amount of $400,000 a year, to be paid monthly, and in addition an expense allowance of $50,000 to assist in defraying expenses relating to or resulting from the discharge of his official duties.”

… Trump’s refusal to take a presidential salary would not unprecedented, but only two other presidents have done the same – Herbert Hoover and John F. Kennedy. Both donated their salary to charity.

CHROME EXTENSION REPLACES PICTURES OF TRUMP WITH BURGERS _ While some threw their red caps in the air and cheered on election night — rather, the morning after — many Americans were shocked by Donald Trump’s victory. If you can’t stand the thought of going online and accidentally seeing a photo of our future president, check out the Chrome extension Make Trump Burger Again. It turns photos of Trump into a delicious burger. • LINK

TRUMP NAMES WHITE NATIONALIST AS CHIEF STRATEGIST _ President-elect Donald Trump made a pair of key staff decisions on Sunday. Reince Preibus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, was named Chief of Staff. This position is traditionally viewed as a top staff position in the White House and will garner most of the headlines.

… Trump also named Steve Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, as “chief strategist and senior counselor” to the president. He will be one of Trump’s closest advisers. In his role at Breitbart, he promoted and legitimized the modern white supremacist movement, aka the “alt-right.”

WE WERE A SLEEP-DEPRIVED NATION WEDNESDAY _ Wearable device company Fitbit found that its U.S. users on average slept about 30 minutes less on election night than the prior two Tuesday nights. Wearable device companies had previously reported data showing that the election — particularly debate nights — resulted in Americans losing sleep in statistically significant amounts. But those numbers paled in comparison to election night.

108-YEAR-OLD CHICAGO CUBS FAN DIES SIX DAYS AFTER WORLD SERIES VICTORY _ After waiting 108 years for a World Series title for her favorite baseball team, Mabel Ball died a happy woman. Six days after the lifelong Chicago Cubs fan witnessed the team’s second World Series championship in her lifetime, she suffered a heart attack. Her son, 75-year-old Rich Ball, said, “The cruel irony, the almost unbelievable irony, is that the person who waits and waits and waits, after it happens, says, ‘I’ve done what I’ve got to do, and I’m out of here.’ It ain’t funny, but it’s funny.”

CITY OF DENVER DOESN’T KNOW WHO’S RUNNING ITS INSTAGRAM _ The City of Denver Instagram account is loaded with fantastic photos of the city. Except the account is not run by the City of Denver. The city has no idea who’s running it. Someone’s been squatting on the “city of Denver” name for years. Denverites wouldn’t know it’s unofficial at first glance since the user actually dubbed the account the “official Instagram of the Mile High City.” • IMAGE

FACEBOOK BRIEFLY KILLED A LOT OF PEOPLE _ For a brief but deeply weird period Friday, Facebook killed a substantial part of its user base, telling their friends to “remember” them. These people were mostly alive. Memorial mode for Facebook accounts exists so that you can preserve a loved one’s posts and photos, but without seeing their faces and names in Facebook ads. You can have someone’s account put in that mode by sending to Facebook something as simple as an online obituary. On Friday a glitch killed off much of Facebook’s user base for a few minutes, but left the newly deceased logged in. Fortunately, everything went back to normal within the hour, with the living and the dead having the correct respective Facebook account statuses.

TECHNOLOGY MAKES BEIJING ROAD SING PATRIOTIC ANTHEM _ A 1,000-foot section of highway in China sings to drivers. The section of the road is lined with numerous slots, each a few inches apart. As cars drive by and their tires provide friction, the slots emit a melody. The road plays the patriotic anthem “Ode to the Motherland.” The song plays for about half a minute for drivers maintaining speeds 25 miles per hour.

OFFICER CLOCKS POLICE CHIEF DRIVING 107 MPH _ There’s some speeding ticket controversy in Arkansas. Police recently clocked a local police chief (Brinkley Police Department) driving 107 mph in his personal truck. An officer asked a state trooper to help pull the truck over, only to walk up and recognize the boss. They laughed it off and didn’t give him a ticket. A local TV station later obtained dash-cam video of the stop and ran a story. The police chief told the station his pass on a ticket shouldn’t be a public issue since he’s “worked in law enforcement for nearly three decades, and that he knows better than to endanger the lives of other drivers, or his own, by driving recklessly.”

PARENTS FINED FOR CHILDREN NOT WEARING BIKE HELMETS _ Quite a few parents in Orange County, Florida got a ticket last month — not for speeding or running a red light, but because their child was not wearing a bicycle helmet. A number of parents are upset over the tickets — and the $62.50 fine. But in Florida it’s illegal for a child younger than 16 to ride a bicycle without a helmet.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: INTRUDER KNOCKS HIMSELF OUT _ A man in Michigan (Negaunee Township) was awakened by noises at his front door. When he went to investigate he saw a man inside the house’s entryway. The homeowner yelled, and the intruder fled. Michigan State Police troopers located the suspect, who ran into the woods. Officers gave chase and eventually located the man — lying on the ground, unconscious: he had run into a tree and knocked himself out.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: EVERYONE THINKS MAN’S A POPULAR STORE ON TWITTER _ John Lewis is two things: a chain of department stores across the United Kingdom — and the name of a computer science educator, father of four, and apparently very polite human in Blacksburg, Virginia, who happens to have the Twitter handle @johnlewis. The Virginia John Lewis probably would not even know about the UK department store John Lewis if not for the customers and brands looking to interact with the store who end up sending their messages to the man. But John Lewis the man is one of the most pleasant people on the Internet. He customizes a reply to every single mistake message that lands in his Twitter inbox.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BLOODY BURGLAR _ In Pennsylvania a guy tried to break into a garage near a police station. Officers at the station house heard the alarm go off at around 3 AM and rushed over to check things out. The guy was no longer there but police did find a broken window and a trail of blood leading from the garage to a home across the street. The man was bandaged up and arrested.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WORST COUNTERFEIT BILL _ In Wisconsin a woman attempted to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at a gas station. She was trying to buy cigarettes with the bill and was asked to show ID. At about that time the clerk noticed something odd about the $20 bill. It was blank on one side. The woman claimed she didn’t know it was a fake bill and said she’d go out to her car to get some real money. That’s when the clerk jotted down her driver’s license info and called police.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WANNABE WEATHERMAN ARRESTED FOR STARTING WILDFIRE _ An aspiring weatherman was arrested in Kentucky after intentionally setting a wildfire in order to film it and get more Facebook views. Johnny Mullins was arrested and charged with second-degree arson. He often posted video segments that he called Weather Outlook. His final video got 2,900 views.


KEVIN CAN WAIT (8p ET, CBS) — New. Kevin starts working as a bartender, and goes overboard offering customers advice.

THE VOICE (8p ET, NBC) — Country superstar Garth Brooks is the  key adviser as the top 12 perform in this 2-hour episode.

DANCING WITH THE STARS (8p ET, ABC) — In the semifinals, the final 5 each perform one dance in a new style and a trio dance.

GOTHAM (8p ET, FOX) — New. Gordon and Bullock sort through evidence from the murder at Lee and Mario’s engagement party.

SUPERGIRL (8p ET, CW) — New. The Guardian comes to help after a parasite alien drains Supergirl’s powers.

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (8:15p ET, ESPN) — The New York Giants (5-3) host the Cincinnati Bengals (3-4-1).

MAN WITH A PLAN (8:30p ET, CBS) — New. Adam turns his cluttered garage into a man cave.

TWO BROKE GIRLS (9p ET, CBS) — New. The women take a bartending class so they can add cocktails to the dessert bar. French Stewart (Mom) guest stars.

LUCIFER (9p ET, FOX) — New. Lucifer links Azrael’s stolen blade to a string of violent stabbings.

JANE THE VIRGIN (9p ET, CW) — New. Alba lets Jane read the letters from her estranged sister.

THE ODD COUPLE  (9:30p ET, CBS) — New. Lesley Nicol (Downton Abbey) guest stars as Oscar’s new assistant. Basketball Star Chris Bosh appears as himself.

TIMELESS (10p ET, NBC) — New. The secrecy behind Flynn’s agenda begins to unravel.

SCORPION (10p ET, CBS) — New. The team goes to Ireland for Megan’s one-year memorial, and Walter discovers a natural disaster at a nearby lake.

CONVICTION (10p ET, ABC) — New. Hayes re-examines a controversial case involving a civil rights activist jailed for killing a white female cop.


DOCTOR STRANGE IS THE MOVIE TO BEAT AT THE BOX OFFICE RIGHT NOW _ For the second weekend in a row, Doctor Strange is No. 1 at the box office, with an estimated $43 million. Trolls hangs on in second place with an estimated $35.1 million.

… The Alien drama Arrival debuted in third with $24 million.

STRANDED BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN RESCUED BY FELLOW BIKERS _ Rocker Bruce Springsteen motorcycle broke down, but he was rescued by fellow New Jersey bikers. Members of the Freehold American Legion Post 54 Legion Riders were coming back from a Veterans Day ceremony when they spotted The Boss stranded on the side of the road. Springsteen hitched a ride on one guy’s bike and the men headed to a nearby bar where the singer was picked up after enjoying a beer with the guys.

… Sadly, Because Springsteen was a Hillary Clinton supporter during the presidential race, the American Legion’s Facebook page quickly filled with negative comments.

KIM KARDASHIAN OUT NEARLY $4 MILLION _ Kim Kardashian has lost out on nearly $4 million in earnings since imposing a social media blackout last month. The social media blackout — a response to being robbed last month in Paris — has cost the socialite $3.6 million already, according to the New York Post. That total can continue to climb as Kim makes a reported $300,000 per sponsored post. The article calculated that Kim had posted at least one sponsored message each week prior to October, meaning her total could eclipse $4.5 million by the end of November.

JILLIAN AND PATRICK DEMPSEY CALL OFF DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS _ A Los Angeles judge has granted Jillian Dempsey’s request to end divorce proceedings against actor Patrick Dempsey, her husband of 17 years. Jillian initially petitioned for divorce on January 2015, citing irreconcilable differences, but the couple reconciled late last year.

FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA TO PUBLISH ‘THE GODFATHER NOTEBOOK’ _ Director Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Notebook goes on sale tomorrow (Tuesday). It’s a reproduction of the working notebook he used during the making of the Oscar-winning 1972 film. The 720-page book features Coppola’s handwritten notes on the production and his thoughts on the movie, offering an unprecedented look into the creative process of one of the greatest filmmakers of the late 20th century. The book is illustrated with rare and never-before-seen photos of the making of The Godfather, and Coppola has written an introduction to accompany the book. • LINK

… A deluxe $250 limited edition version will be offered that is a “faithful” reproduction of the original thee-ring binder and includes additional items. The regular edition will retail for $50. Both versions go on sale tomorrow (November 15).

EMMY ROSSUM: DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS SENT ME ANTI-SEMITIC TWEETS _ Emmy Rossum was sent anti-Semitic tweets that invoked the Holocaust from supporters of President-elect Donald Trump. The Shameless star took to Twitter on Sunday morning to denounce the hateful messages. On Wednesday morning, hours after the election results declared Trump the new President, Rossum sent off a series of tweets in which she noted, “I’m sad” and “It’s hard to understand how so many people saw something so differently than you did. It feels personal to so many.”

EDDIE REDMAYNE HAD TO EXPLAIN HIS WAND TO CUSTOM OFFICIALS _ Eddie Redmayne, who plays wizard Newt Scamander in J.K. Rowling’s new film Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, had to explain to customs why he had a wand in his briefcase. Redmayne explained, “I brought it because I felt like it would be reassuring to have Newt’s wand. But then we were coming through customs and I suddenly realize that a wand looks like a really sharp, scary object and then to try and explain it to a customs person, I was like, ‘Have you seen the movie… No?’ It was a bit disastrous.” Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them comes out this weekend.

SNL HAS BEST RATINGS IN OVER A YEAR _ Dave Chappelle as host of Saturday Night Live gave the late night comedy show it’s best ratings in a year — since Donald Trump hosted with musical guest Sia on November 7, 2015.

NEW SKULL ISLAND TRAILER _ A new Kong: Skull Island trailer is coming Wednesday. Tom Hiddleson stars and is joined by Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson and John Goodman. The first trailer was released over the summer. • VIDEO

FORMER BACHELOR STAR BOB GUINEY MARRIES IN MEXICO _ Former Bachelor star Bob Guiney said “I do” to his bride Jessica Canyon on Saturday. Guiney, who appeared on season 1 of The Bachelorette and season 4 of The Bachelor, announced his engagement to Canyon in October 2015.

ROCKER LEON RUSSELL DIES _ Leon Russell, who performed, sang and produced some of rock ‘n’ roll’s top records, has died. He was 74. Russell died in his sleep Sunday at their Nashville home. He had heart bypass surgery in July and had been planning on resuming touring in January.



• PHONER: Life was better off before what?

• PITCHED DOWN CRYING BABIES: The sound of 14 pitched down crying babies, via YouTuber Drunken Bear.

• YOU’VE GOT MAIL: Uber passenger discovers AOL You’ve Got Mail guy. He’s the driver.


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  1. Doctor Strange, $43 million
  2. Trolls, $35 million
  3. Arrival, $24 million
  4. Almost Christmas, $15.5 million
  5. Hacksaw Ridge, $10.7 million
  6. The Accountant, $4.5 million
  7. Shut In, $3.7 million
  8. Boo! A Madea Halloween, $3.5 million
  9. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, $3.3 million
  10. Inferno, $3.2 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was Spectre.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (PG-13) – Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Ron Perlman

The Edge of Seventeen (R) – Hailee Steinfeld, Woody Harrelson, Kyra Sedgwick

Bleed for This (R) – Miles Teller, Aaron Eckhart, Katey Sagal


Courtesy of morning show talent coach Steve Reynolds. The Hot List is made up of the topics everyone knows about.

  1. President-Elect Trump
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. NFL Week #10
  4. College Football
  5. The Mannequin Challenge
  6. Supermoon
  7. Saturday Night Live
  8. Pink
  9. Obamacare
  10. Dave Chappelle
  11. Michael Moore
  12. Leonard Cohen
  13. Sexiest Man Alive
  14. Michael Buble


In the shower you’re alone with no distractions. It’s just you and your thoughts. On a Reddit board called Shower Thoughts people share what things they thought of while shower.

• I’m glad dogs can’t read the “no dogs allowed” signs so they don’t feel sad and left out.

• Why would I buy jars at the Container Store for $5 when they are only $2 at the grocery store and they’re filled with pickles.

• Since a human year is 7 dog years, every time we leave them for the day we leave them for a work week.

• I never realized how fast a month goes by until I had to pay my own bills.

• If we pop bubble wrap from China then the air is from China.

• My dog probably thinks I’m a jerk for not licking him back.

• Spend ten minutes on a smoke break, no one bats an eye. Take a ten minute nap and everyone loses their minds.

• The cold/flu aisle at the store must be one of the most contagious public places.

• Amazon should have two sets of reviews — one for initial impressions and one for people who’ve actually had products for a long time.


First date conversation can be awkward. What do you talk about? How can you come across well? Science has answers.

TALK TRAVEL, NOT MOVIES — In a study (by Richard Wiseman) less than 9% of couples that talked movies wanted a second date vs 18% of couples that talked about travel.

IT’S NOT JUST WHAT YOU TALK ABOUT, IT’S HOW YOU TALK — Add to what they say and bounce the ball back. This is how to have smooth first date conversation. Don’t dominate, but don’t be a non-contributor either.

SHARE SECRETS — Emotional, personal information exchange during first date conversation promotes powerful feelings of connection.

CHOOSE CONTROVERSIAL OVER DULL EVERY TIME — Forcing people to discuss interesting but more controversial topics made for more enjoyable first date conversation.


TRIVIA: About 11% of all books sold are about this. (Food. They’re cookbooks, nutrition books, etc.)

TRIVIA: The four most popular items sold from hotel room minibars are soda, bottled water, orange juice, and light beer. What’s No. 5? (M&M’s)


Five questions. Each answer begins with the corresponding letter in the word BINGO.

• Obama’s first name. (Barack)

• Being or characteristic of a single thing or person. (Individual)

• Someone who won’t mind their own business is said to be this. (Nosey)

• The sound a turkey makes. (Gobble)

• What we all do on Thanksgiving. (Overeat)


This cat loves his boxes.


source: facebook


This is day 320 of 2016. There are 46 days remaining.


• Judge Joseph Wapner is 97

• Ed Asner is 87

• Sam Waterston is 76

• Beverly D’Angelo (National Lampoon’s Vacation) is 65

• Fashion designer Jimmy Choo is 64

• Kevin Eubanks (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno) is 59

• Johnny Lee Miller (Elementary) is 44

• Sean Murray (McGee on NCIS) is 39

• Rapper B.o.B is 28

• Shailene Woodley is 25


• 1492: In history’s first written reference to a new discovery, Christopher Columbus made notes in his journal about the use by New World Indians of tobacco.

• 1926: The NBC radio network debuted with 24 stations.

• 1939: In Washington, D.C., President Franklin D. Roosevelt laid the cornerstone of the Jefferson Memorial.

• 1956: The movie Love Me Tender starring Elvis Presley opened in New York.

• 1969: Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s fast food restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.

• 1979: A package from the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski began smoking in the cargo hold of a flight from Chicago to Washington, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing.

• 1990: Producers acknowledged that Milli Vanilli, who won the 1990 “Best New Artist” Grammy Award, did not sing on their album.

• 1992: Richard Petty drove in the final auto race of his 35-year career.

• 1995: A truck accident near Muncie, Indiana, spilled onto the highway 22 tons of turkey legs.

• 2003: Mourners at a funeral chapel in Belgium were gathered around the coffin of their loved one when a cell phone started ringing inside the casket. Relatives filed a complaint against the undertaker, charging he could not have prepared their relative’s body properly if he left a phone inside his pocket.

• 2004: New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey left office, three months after resigning due to a gay extra-marital affair. State Senator Richard Codey took over as interim governor.

• 2005: In Amiens, France, Isabelle Dinoire became the first person to undergo a partial face transplant. She had been attacked by a dog earlier in the year.

• 2006: The Al Jazeera English news channel was launched.

• 2013: The new number one activity on the Internet was social media, overtaking porn.


• America Recycles Day

• Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

• Entrepreneurs’ Day

• Raisin Bran Cereal Day

• I Love to Write Day


• November 24: Thanksgiving

• December 25: Christmas

• January 20: Presidential Inauguration

More holidays