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This is day 334 of 2016. There are 32 days remaining.


• Sportscaster Vin Scully is 89. On November 22, Scully received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

• Diane Ladd (Rambling Rose) is 81

• Director Joel Coen (Fargo, True Grit 2010) is 62

• Howie Mandel is 61

• Cathy Moriarty (Raging Bull) is 56

• Tom Sizemore (The Expendables 2) is 55

• Andrew McCarthy is 54

• Don Cheadle is 52

• Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block is 48

• Gena Lee Nolin is 45

• Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone on The Office) is 44

• Julian Ovenden (Downton Abbey) is 41

• Chadwick Boseman (42, Black Panther in Marvel movies) is 40

• Anna Faris is 40

• Lucas Black (NCIS: New Orleans, Sling Blade) is 34


• 1877: Thomas Edison demonstrated his phonograph for the first time.

• 1961: The U.S. spacecraft Mercury-Atlas 5 was launched with Enos, a chimpanzee, aboard. The craft orbited the Earth twice and splashed-down off the coast of Puerto Rico.

• 1963: U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson established the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

• 1972: Atari announced the game Pong.

• 1975: The name “Micro-soft” (for “microcomputer software”) was first used in a letter from Bill Gates to Paul Allen.

• 1981: Actress Natalie Wood drowned during a boating accident off Santa Catalina Island, California.

• 1984: A 14-ounce spider monkey named Miss Baker died at age 27 of kidney failure in Huntsville, Alabama. In 1959 Miss Baker became the first American to travel into outer space.

• 1988: U.S. patent #4,787,160 was issued to Larence Balsamo of Roselle, Illinois, for his Greeting Card Confetti Delivery System, an air suction process that would shower confetti on a person opening a greeting card.

• 1989: Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci fled to Hungary and eventually moved to the U.S.

• 2003: A 59-year-old builder from Yorkshire, England, was surprised to learn he was a tribal chief with a claim to thousands of acres of land in Canada. Mick Henry, the son of an English mother and a Canadian soldier in Britain during World War II, was tracked down via the Internet by his Native Canadian relatives from the Ojibway tribe in Manitoba. His father had returned to Canada and never maintained contact.

• 2004: Godzilla received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

• 2012: A new species of freshwater fish was discovered. The new species of darter fish, Etheostoma obama, were named after U.S. President Barack Obama.


• Giving Tuesday

• Lemon Creme Pie Day

• Square Dance Day

• Throw Out Your Leftovers Day

• Rice Cake Day


• December 25: Christmas

• January 20: Presidential Inauguration

• January 21: Women’s March on Washington

More holidays


15 million: Items in each fulfillment center.


Utah has been named America’s most charitable state. [But Jill Stein is demanding a recount.]

Thieves broke into a house in Cleveland and stole an impressive arsenal of weapons from a family that was preparing for the apocalypse. [Apparently, preparing for the apocalypse does not involve dead bolt locks.]

Donald Trump is threatening to end America’s improved relationship with Cuba. [That means only one thing — his company doesn’t have a single building in Cuba.]

Ontario police were in a high speed chase with an 11-year-old who had stolen his parents’ car for a little erratic late-night highway driving. But get this — the authorities have decided not to press charges. [What?! I’ve been given traffic tickets for having the wrong tire pressure.]

A new skating rink that tried to make a bold modernist statement got blasted for its rink that features thousands of dead fish on display beneath the skating surface. [And you don’t even want to know about their landscape designs for their catwalk.]

California lawyers are upset of a proposed ban against lawyers having sex with their clients. [“Your honor, I request permission to treat the witness as hostile. And really naughty.”]

A California man was arrested after he tried to drive across country with illegal drugs disguised as wrapped Christmas presents. [The joke’s on him. Nobody in his right mind is going to believe that a man has already completed his Christmas shopping.]

The impact of Fidel Castro’s death continues to be felt both in Cuba and in America. [Experts say that there’s now less than a 50% chance that Castro will become part of Donald Trump’s cabinet.]


TODAY IS GIVING TUESDAY _ After the retail frenzy that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you may have a bit of a retail hangover. The cure for that slightly sick feeling could be the great feeling you get from helping others, and that’s what Giving Tuesday is all about. Giving Tuesday is a globally celebrated day of giving back.It’s a call-to-action for people around the world to donate money, time and talent to the causes they care most about. The day is also intended to signify the kickoff to the charitable giving season surrounding the holidays and annual year-end giving — though, for many, giving starts even earlier or is a year-round activity. • LINK

WHITE SHOPPER MELTS DOWN AFTER WORKERS ASK HER TO PAY FOR BAG _ A shopper erupted and claimed anti-white discrimination after she was asked to purchase a $1 reusable bag at a Chicago-area arts and crafts store (Michael’s). Another customer began recording when she overheard the woman insulting the store’s black employees and shouting about Donald Trump. The woman shouted, “I voted for Trump — so there. You want to kick me out for that? And look who won.”

… The woman noticed other customers had pulled out their phones to record her rant, which witnesses said went on for more than a half hour. She angrily confronted the woman whose video went viral. “I don’t know what you think you’re videoing, lady. I was just discriminated against by two black women, and you being a white woman, you’re literally thinking that that’s okay? You standing there with your baby thinking that’s okay.” The angry shopper accuses the other woman’s 2-year-old child of stealing and then records video of the mother and child before turning her wrath back on the store’s employees. • VIDEO

DOES MONEY BUY HAPPINESS? _ Does money buy happiness? It’s sometimes said that scientists have found no relationship between money and happiness, but that’s a myth, says a University of Illinois psychologist (Ed Diener). The connection is complex, he says. But in fact, very rich people rate substantially higher in satisfaction with life than very poor people do. And an economist (Andrew Oswald) at the University of Warwick in England reported a study of Britons who won between $2,000 and $250,000 in a lottery. As a group, they showed a boost in happiness averaging a bit more than 1 point on a 36-point scale when surveyed two years after their win, compared to their levels two years before they won.

UPDATE: TRUMP SUPPORTER BANNED FROM FLYING DELTA _ (CAUTION) A Delta passenger who was filmed ranting in support of President-elect Donald Trump has been banned from the airline for life. The man, who was on flight 248 traveling from Atlanta to Allentown, Pennsylvania, last Tuesday, began yelling at other passengers: “Ain’t nobody going to say no sh** on this plane?… Donald Trump, baby… We got some Hillary bit**** on here? Come on, baby. Trump!” “It’s your president. … If you don’t like it, too bad.” On Monday the airline published a company-wide internal memo which stated, “He will never again be allowed on a Delta plane.”

XENOPHOBIA IS THE WORD OF THE YEAR _ Xenophobia has been named the Word of the Year by The word means “fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures, or strangers.” The CEO of explains their choice: “Xenophobia and other words tied to global news and political rhetoric reflected the worldwide interest in the unfortunate rise of fear of otherness in 2016, making it the clear choice for Word of the Year.”

… This choice differed from that of Oxford Dictionaries, which recently decided that post-truth was its Word of the Year.

RANT ABOUT COMPARING YOURSELF TO WOMEN AT GYM IS VIRAL _ ( AUDIO) When it comes to exercising, half of the battle for some people to start working out is overcoming the intimidation of the gym. That’s the gist of the “rant” Orange is the New Black star Danielle Brooks shared on Instagram. Between her gig on the hit Netflix series and her stint as Sophia in the Color Purple revival on Broadway, Danielle has been going hard in the gym and her body shows it. The actress is proud of her work too, having started to work out in a bra in public, despite conventional beliefs that a woman her size should cover up in the gym and everywhere else. But the 27-year-old had to check herself after she started comparing her body to another woman’s at the gym and feeling insecure about her figure.

CUBS FAN BUILDS GIANT GINGERBREAD REPLICA OF WRIGLEY FIELD _ One Cubs fan is celebrating his team’s historic World Series win in an epic and sweet way. Chef Gerald Madero and his team at the Forest Hills Country Club in Rockford, Illinois, built a replica Wrigley Field made from 400 pounds of gingerbread and edible decorations. The project, which will remain on display until after the holidays, took more than 70 hours to complete — about three times as long as the running time of the World Series itself.

… The entire thing — except the Lego players — is edible. The seats are made out of crackers, the scoreboard is edible paper, the windows are gelatin, and every single piece is a perfectly scaled replica of the real Wrigley Field in Chicago.

YOUTUBER WILL REMOVE BOGUS ‘AUTISM’ VIDEO _ Melania Trump just got what she was after: the man who posted the YouTube video suggesting that her son Barron had autism is taking the video down. The guy who posted the video says, “TMZ just contacted me to tell me Melania Trump is threatening a lawsuit over this video … I never ever meant this as a bullying video.” The video was posted by someone who says he was diagnosed with autism at age 5, and he says he posted the video because he wanted to stop people for bullying Barron over his “weird behavior.”

… Barron does not have autism and the video perpetuated the bullying, but the guy behind the video says it will come down and he will issue a retraction and an apology to Melania and Barron.

BREWERY STUFFED A DEAD SQUIRREL WITH BEER, ON SALE FOR $20,000 _ Scottish brewing company BrewDog has released what just may be the weirdest and most expensive craft beer of all time. The End of History is a ludicrously boozy beer — 55% proof — crafted from a recipe that hasn’t been used in more than six years. The entire concoction is poured into a bottle and then sealed inside a taxidermized squirrel and sold for $20,000. The End of History beer will be introduced into the craft brewery’s American market at its new 10,000-square-foot brewery in Ohio.

… The price may sound steep, but it will also get you an equity stake in the brewery, so then you can simultaneously brag about drinking beer out of a dead rodent and owning part of the brewery that put the strange beer in your hand in the first place.The brewers will only be making 10 bottles of the stuff.

APPLE PIE OREOS TO DEBUT IN 2017 _ The lineup of Oreo flavors will reportedly expand in 2017 to include an American classic: apple pie. A source says the cookies will debut before Labor Day 2017, just in time for next year’s holiday season. The cookie will feature two vanilla cookies with an apple pie cream in the middle.

GET A GOLDEN BUD LIGHT CAN AND MAYBE SEE EVERY SUPER BOWL _ The premise of the Golden Ticket promotion in the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the two movies was simple: there were five pieces of gold-colored paper hidden in chocolate bars all over the world, and the bearers of those tickets would get to visit Willy Wonka’s candy factory. The grown-up version of this promotion involves 37,000 golden-colored cans of beer hidden in cases of Bud Light — but only seven winners. Most of the people who find the golden cans don’t win anything. Finding a can means that you’ll be able to submit your entry by posting a photo with the can on social media or on Budweiser’s website.

… Six people who enter their photos will receive season tickets for their favorite NFL team for one season. The grand prize winner receives a pair of Super Bowl tickets every year for life, or 51 years.

… If you live in California, the contest is easier to enter and doesn’t require buying or drinking any beer. The cans won’t be sold in that state, and you can enter by “take a picture showing [your] fan spirit” and posting it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the contest hashtags #SBTix4Life and #Sweeps, adding #CA to signify that you’re entering from California.

WOMAN SAYS ‘I DO’ TO KITTEN AND BOYFRIEND _ Forget chocolate, flowers and jewelry. What many women really adore, more than anything else, are baby animals. Jerad Forsyth must have had this truth in mind when he decided to propose to his girlfriend Kat Woodley during the adoption of a new kitten at the SPCA in Erie County, New York. After dating for two years, Forsyth and Woodley decided they were ready to raise an animal together. What Woodley didn’t know was that Forsyth had made another important decision. After the couple decided to adopt Gandalf the kitten, the SPCA outfitted the baby cat with a special collar. Pretending they needed Woodley to check the information on the kitten’s I.D., they asked her to take a close look at the collar. What she found was a tag reading “Will You Marry Me?” Moments later, Forsyth appeared on bended knee. Woodley said yes. • VIDEO

GOT AN IDEA FOR DEALING WITH POOP IN A SPACESUIT? _ NASA is looking for people who know poop. If you think you know the best way to poop in a spacesuit, the agency is ready to hear it — and you might make $30,000 for your trouble. The “Space Poop Challenge” is the latest project of the NASA Tournament Lab, a program to invite members of the public to help come up with “novel ideas or solutions” for space-related problems. Here’s the challenge: Create an “in-suit waste management system” that can handle six days’ worth of bathroom needs.

… The logistics of pooping in space have been conquered. Astronauts at the International Space Station, orbiting the Earth for months, have some noisy contraptions with vacuums, fans, hoses and bags that take care of business. But those space toilets won’t fit in a pressurized spacesuit. When astronauts are in spacesuits they stick with diapers to handle waste. That’s fine for a few hours. But someday NASA might send an astronaut on a mission that calls for spending days at a time in a suit. NASA is looking for an idea for a solution that would collect feces, urine and menstrual fluid without relying on gravity, and then keep all that waste away from the body.

BEST BLACK FRIDAY NEWS EVER? HUMANE SOCIETY RUNS OUT OF PETS _ In what might be the most heartwarming piece of Black Friday news ever, the Indianapolis Humane Society announced that it had completely run out of animals waiting to be adopted. The group posted photos showing lines winding down the street in front of the adoption center, as well as photos of crowds inside. The shelter waived regular fees for animal adoptions from Black Friday through Cyber Monday as part of the “Home for the Pawlidayz” deal.

… Waiving fees isn’t uncommon at shelters, but the Indianapolis shelter was able to do so without taking a loss due to a partnership with and Best Friends Animal Society. Select shelters across the nation are also participating, and you can search for a location near you on Zappos’ site.

NFL RUMORED TO BE CANCELLING THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL _ Could the NFL be pulling the plug on Thursday Night Football? According to NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk, the league is considering eliminating Thursday games from its lineup — with the exception of for the Thanksgiving Holiday — as early as 2018, “barring a renegotiation” with its broadcast partners CBS and NBC. For its part, the NFL released its own statement: “We are fully committed to Thursday Night Football and any reports to the contrary are unfounded.”

INMATE THANKS JAILERS FOR ‘NOT TASING HIM’ _ Jailers don’t normally receive a thank you note from a former inmate. The note was written by a minimum-security California inmate, who was working in the booking area at the jail (in Auburn). A female officer tried to subdue another inmate who was trying to escape. When the minimum-security inmate saw her struggling with that inmate, he jumped in to help. He wrestled with the inmate until other officers arrived and resolved the incident. When the minimum-security inmate finished serving his time, he did not have a way to get home to Missouri, so jail staff members bought him a ticket. He left a note behind for those who helped him: “I wanted to thank all of you for the kindness you have showed me. You made me feel like a good person when I needed it most! Working in booking has been entertaining to say the least! I know it’s not all fun and games in there at all and in fact can get quiet hairy. Thanks for not tasing me…”

SERIOUSLY, DUMP THE OLD CHRISTMAS LIGHTS _ Still decorating the tree with old bulbs? Go for LED lights this holiday season. According to Money magazine, 10 strands running eight hours a day for a month will ding your electric bill just 72 cents, versus $7.20 for regular mini bulbs.

DON’T FORGET TO USE YOUR GIFT CARDS _ Did you receive a gift card last Christmas? Did you use it? There’s a 1 in 5 chance you haven’t. Yep, 19% of gift cards given last Christmas haven’t been used.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SOMEONE IS MAKING A NECKLACE OUT OF THEIR FRIEND’S PINKY TOE _ If you thought nothing on the Internet could surprise you, here’s something: severed toes. While people on Twitter cycle through endless political arguments and Facebook users spread fake news, Tumblr has been captivated recently by a different kind of human drama: One user sent their friend a single human pinky toe, and it might get turned turned into a sparkly necklace.

… The pinky in question belonged to Tumblr user Royallyoily, and according to its current caretaker (Tumblr user cummy-eyelids) it was surgically removed more than 10 years ago for medical reasons. The person in possession of the pinky toe will be making it into jewelry for their friend Royallyoily.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DRUNK TRIES TO SWALLOW KEYS _ A Russian man was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. He admitted to police that he had drunk way too much. As police drew up the paperwork to confiscate the car, the man put his keys in his mouth and tried to swallow them. One officer, fearing for the man’s life, tried to retrieve the keys but the man bit him; only after putting on gloves could the officer remove them.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: NEW DRUG DEALER MAKES FIRST MISTAKE _ A 14-year-old boy in Russia called police to report that he had been robbed. The boy told police that an older teen had robbed him of 5 ounces of marijuana. He also allegedly told officers he was a “new drug dealer” and was planning to sell the pot at his school. The robber also stole the 14-year-old’s smartphone and cops were able to track him using a “find the phone” app. The 14-year-old “new drug dealer” was also arrested.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: OLD STABBER GUY _ Police patrolling in New Jersey (Jersey City) heard a man yelling, “Help me, I just got stabbed!” The victim pointed out his escaping assailant to the officers: he was 20 yards away, walking at a fast pace away from them — using a walker. Officers caught up with the man almost immediately. He was 70 years old. The stabbing occurred during an argument.


RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER (8p ET, CBS) — This is the 1964 classic holiday special.

THE VOICE (8p ET, NBC) — The votes reveal who will advance to the semifinals.

THE MIDDLE (8p ET, ABC) — New. Axl refuses to talk to Frankie after learning how she feels about April.

BROOKLYN NINE NINE (8p ET, FOX) — New. When a famous author (guest star Fred Melamed, Casual) gets death threats, Jake and Terry take the case, so Terry can meet his hero.

THE FLASH (8p ET, CW) — New. The big crossover with Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends continues with this new episode.

AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE (8:30p ET, ABC) — New. Katie and Greg get involved with PTA politics.

NEW GIRL (8:30p ET, FOX) — New. Jess needs to impress the president of the Parents’ Council to get the principal job.

THIS IS US (9p ET, NBC) — New. Kate, Kevin and Randall head to the family cabin after a chaotic Thanksgiving.

FRESH OFF THE BOAT (9p ET, ABC) — New. Louis is treated to a free teeth-whitening session.

OPERATION SMILE: ONE SMILE AT A TIME (9p ET, CBS) — In this hour long special, Roma Downey visits Vietnam, Honduras and Venezuela to witness the life-changing work of this nonprofit organization that provides free surgery to children with facial deformities.

SCREAM QUEENS (9p ET, FOX) — New. Dean Munsch proposes a risky surgery in an effort to get press for the hospital.

NO TOMORROW (9p ET, CW) — New. Xavier gets a job at Cybermart and inspires the warehouse employees to go on strike.

THE REAL O’NEALS (9:30p ET, ABC) — New. Pat’s brother (guest star Todd Stashwick, 12 Monkeys) comes to help Pat build his new “tiny house” in the garage.

BULL (10p ET, CBS) — Repeat

CHICAGO FIRE (10p ET, NBC) — New. Dawson and Antonio’s parents come to town for their anniversary, but things don’t go as planned.

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (10p ET, ABC) — New. The remaining team members look for answers as time begins to run out for Ghost Rider.

PREMIERE: LEAH REMINI: SCIENTOLOGY AND THE AFTERMATH (10p ET, A&E) — In this 8-episode docu-series, actress and ex-Scientologist Leah Remini meets with former Church of Scientology members to discuss the inner workings and secrets behind the organization.

DRUNK HISTORY (10:30p ET, Comedy Central) — Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about Alexander Hamilton in this special new edition.


KANYE WEST REMAINS IN HOSPITAL _ Kanye West remains at UCLA Medical Center nearly a week after he was first hospitalized — and it’s still unclear when he’ll be released. An insider says, “He’s the hardest working person I’ve ever met in my life, the most enterprising, most driven. It’s like super-human level, but in truth he’s not super-human, he’s only human. He wants to work 24/7 but I think that drive is part of this thing, he’s worn himself down.” West’s hospitalization came shortly after he canceled the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour last week.

KANYE WEST’S CHILDHOOD HOME TO BE TURNED INTO NEW ARTIST’S VENUE _ Kanye West‘s childhood home is getting a new lease on life, as a performance venue for up-and-coming musicians in the Chicago area. The rapper Rhymefest, who cowrote West’s 2004 Grammy-winning hit Jesus Walks, announced that he bought the home that West shared with his late mother, Dr. Donda West.

PAISLEY PARK TO HOST 2017 CELEBRATION OF PRINCE’S LIFE _ Prince’s Paisley Park will host a four-day celebration of the megastar’s life next year. The event will be held April 20-23 during the anniversary of his death. Bands scheduled to perform include The Revolution, Morris Day and The Time, and members of the New Power Generation and 3RDEYEGIRL. Four-day VIP and general admission passes are available online. General admission tickets cost $499 and include up to five hours of event programming each day, including access to four concerts. VIP tickets cost $999 and include on-site parking, photo and autograph opportunities and a meal pass. Prince died April 21 of an accidental overdose at Paisley Park, his home and recording complex in suburban Minneapolis. Paisley Park opened as a museum last month.

PRINCE INHERITANCE DRAMA HEATS UP _ The gold rush for deceased music legend Prince’s fortune has taken another turn. A woman claiming to be the singer’s wife has come forward, claiming that, despite claims to the contrary, the musician left a will — and she’s the sole heir to his estate. In a motion filed in district court in Minnesota, Claire Elisabeth Elliott, a.k.a. Claire Elisabeth Nelson, asks that Bremer Trust be removed as the special administrator of the singer’s estate. According to the motion, Elliott/Nelson is “the Decedent’s Legal Wife and Sole Heir according to the Decedent’s Will and their Marriage Certificate, both of which the court is in full possession of.” The assertion runs contrary to previous findings that Prince died without leaving a will. Elliott’s motion doesn’t go so far as to say how she allegedly met the musician, or when they were allegedly married.

JURASSIC WORLD 2 WILL PROBABLY BRING BACK B.D. WONG _ When Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt return for Jurassic World 2, they may find themselves joined by another familiar face. Producer Frank Marshall has hinted that B.D. Wong will be back as Dr. Henry Wu. Recently Marshall stopped short of outright confirming anything, but did acknowledge, “When they take off in helicopters, you know they’re probably going to come back.”

TAYLOR SWIFT CHANNEL IS COMING SOON TO DIRECTV _ People who can’t get enough Taylor Swift soon won’t even have to change the channel, as AT&T announced a dedicated, curated video catalog with behind-the-scenes and otherwise exclusive content from the 10-time Grammy winner. Taylor Swift NOW, introduced as part of the Monday launch event for AT&T’s new streaming video service DirecTV Now, contains themed chapters that provide unseen looks into the multi-platinum artist’s life, and will receive regular updates with new content for special events.

JOHNNY DEPP AND AMBER HEARD STILL FINALIZING DIVORCE SETTLEMENT _ After tangling over the details of their divorce settlement for the past three months, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are days away from finalizing it. Heard was awarded $7 million in the settlement this past summer, and announced she would donate all of the money to her two favorite charities — the American Civil Liberties Union, with a focus on battling violence against women, and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where she has volunteered for 10 years.

PLAYBOY MODEL PLEADS NOT GUILTY IN NUDE BODY-SHAMING CASE _ 2015 Playboy Playmate of the Year Dani Mather pleaded not guilty on Monday to misdemeanor charges of invasion of privacy in a California court. Mather allegedly posted a nude photo of a 70-year-old woman in her gym’s shower captioned “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either”. She didn’t appear in court Monday but her lawyer says she “very much regrets what happened.” She faces a $1,000 fine and six months in jail if convicted. Mather has already been banned for life from LA Fitness gyms. Her next court date is December 21.

DIRECTV NOW STREAMING SERVICE WILL LAUNCH TOMORROW _ After months of teasing the eventual launch of DirecTV Now — a live-TV streaming service that doesn’t require a subscription to cable — AT&T has finally announced the important details of the product that will kick off tomorrow (November 30) at a price ranging from $35 for around 60 channels to $70 for more than 120 channels. The service will launch in four different tiers: $35 (dubbed “Live a Little); $50 (80+ channels, “Just Right”); $60 (100+ channels, “Go Big”); and $70 (Gotta Have It). Each tier will allow users to have two simultaneous streams going at any given time.

… At launch, the “Go Big” package will sell for only $35/month. AT&T claims that customers who take advantage of this promotion will be grandfathered in after the price increases.

… The company acknowledges the lack of CBS and Showtime, though AT&T says it is still working on a deal with the network. Likewise, DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package will not be included at launch. Again, AT&T says it is working with the league to sort out that issue.

HARRY SHEARER DEVELOPING WEEKLY SATIRE SERIES ABOUT TRUMP _ Comedian and political satirist Harry Shearer is currently developing a new series about President-elect Donald Trump entitled “Too Soon?” The half-hour, weekly satire will detail Trump’s time in the White House. Shearer says, “With Donald Trump now set to be President, this could be comedy gold for the next four years.” Too Soon? is being shopped for TV.

BOOGIE NIGHTS HOUSE IS FOR SALE _ The southern California property that stood in for pornographer Jack Horner’s residence in Boogie Nights is for sale.

NEW ON DVD _ Released November 29.

• The BFG

• Don’t Breathe

• Pete’s Dragon

• The Wild Life (Robinson Crusoe)

• House of Lies – Season 5



• DANIELLE BROOKS: Danielle Brooks’ Instagram video about comparing yourself to others at gym → November 29 Entertainment.

• MYSTERY VOICE: Alec Baldwin.

• DROP: You are gonna have so much fun the fun police will put us in fun jail.


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DOWNLOAD THIS APP! says these are the 50 best apps of 2016.


• Shopping malls are intentionally designed to make people lose track of time, removing clocks and windows to prevent views of the outside world.

• According to a study (in Social Influence) people who shopped at or stood near luxury stores were less likely to help people in need.

• Sears used to sell build-your-own homes in its mail order catalogs.

• The first shopping cart was a folding chair with a basket on the seat and wheels on the legs.

• In the late 1800s in Corinne, Utah, you could buy legal divorce papers from a vending machine for $2.50.

• The Chinese invented paper money.

• At one time Boston University students could sign up for a class on the history of shopping. (Technically it was called “The Modern American Consumer: the Commodification of Boys and Girls.”)

• Shopping online is not necessarily greener. A study at the University of Delaware showed that “home shopping has a greater impact on the transportation sector than the public might suspect.”

• Don’t want to waste too much money shopping? Go to the mall in high heels. A 2013 Brigham Young University study discovered that shoppers in high heels made more balanced buying decisions while balancing in pumps.

• Cyber Monday is not the biggest day for online shopping. The title belongs to November 11, or Singles Day, a holiday in China that encourages singles to send themselves gifts.


Occupational hazards include being sneezed on, cried on and peed on. Welcome to the life of the mall Santa Claus!

• More than 60 percent of mall Santas are sneezed or coughed on up to 10 times each day.

• 74 percent have up to 10 children cry while on their lap each day.

• Nearly 90 percent of mall Santas have their beard pulled each day to see if it’s real.

• Nearly 50 percent have up to 10 children try to take their glasses off each day.

• Nearly 30 percent of mall Santas have more than 100 children sit on their lap every day.


TRIVIA: 5,500 square feet is the size of the average American what? (Lawn)

TRIVIA: When eating out, more women than men do this. (Order salad dressing on the side)


Q: Who is this?

A: Alec Baldwin


Russian bear on playground swing.


Walking the dogs.



This is day 335 of 2016. There are 31 days remaining.


• Robert Guillaume is 89

• Director Ridley Scott is 79

• Mandy Patinkin is 64

• Billy Idol is 61

• Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) is 59

• Ben Stiller is 51

• Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy, Sideways) is 46

• Clay Aiken is 38

• Elisha Cuthbert (24) is 34

• Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) is 31

• Model Chrissy Teigen is 31


• 1934: The steam locomotive Flying Scotsman became the first to officially exceed 100mph.

• 1940: Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz married in Greenwich, Connecticut.

• 1954: In Sylacauga, Alabama, an 8.5 pound sulfide meteorite crashed through a roof and hit Elizabeth Hodges in her living room after bouncing off her radio, giving her a bad bruise. It is the only confirmed case of a human being hit by a space rock.

• 1982: Thriller, Michael Jackson’s sixth studio album, was released. Seven songs from the album would chart inside the top ten.

• 1985: The world’s largest beer mug was unveiled by the Selangor Pewter Company of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 6-foot tankard held 615 gallons.

• 1993: President Bill Clinton signed the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (the Brady Bill) into law.

• 1997: A 34-year-old man walked into the Bielefeld, Germany, police station and confessed to an armed bank robbery in the town ten years earlier. The man told police he had found God after finding a Bible in the street and wanted to confess.

• 2002: A shoplifter who stuffed a frozen chicken drumstick down his underpants was caught because he couldn’t stop hopping around at a supermarket in Saronno, Italy. A cashier spotted the 25-year-old man “bouncing about and adjusting himself” repeatedly. A security guard held the man for police, with the evidence in his pants.

• 2004: Longtime Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings finally lost, leaving him with $2,520,700, television’s all-time biggest game show haul.

• 2007: Leeland Eisenberg entered the campaign office of Hillary Clinton in Rochester, New Hampshire, with a device suspected of being a bomb and held three people hostage for 5 hour.

• 2013: Actor Paul Walker died in a single-vehicle collision alongside friend Roger Rodas. Three films that he was involved in at the time were released posthumously: Hours (2013), Brick Mansions (2014) and Furious 7 (2015).


• Computer Security Day

• Meth Awareness Day

Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting

• Stay Home Because You’re Well Day


• December 25: Christmas

• January 20: Presidential Inauguration

• January 21: Women’s March on Washington

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