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This is day 23 of 2017. There are 342 days remaining.


• Rutger Hauer is 73

• Anita Pointer of the Pointer Sisters is 69

• Richard Dean Anderson is 67

• Robin Zander of Cheap Trick is 64

• Princess Caroline of Monaco is 60

• Gail O’Grady (American Dreams) is 54

• Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU) is 53

• Tiffani Thiessen (Saved by the Bell) is 43

• Tito Ortiz is 42


• 1845: Congress decided all national elections would be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

• 1849: English-born Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman in America to receive a medical degree, from the Medical Institution of Geneva, New York.

• 1985: O.J. Simpson became the first Heisman Trophy winner elected to the Football Hall of Fame.

• 1986: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts its first members: Chuck Berry, James Brown, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley.

• 1997: Madeleine Albright became the first woman to serve as United States Secretary of State.

• 2002: Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was abducted in Karachi, Pakistan, by a group demanding the return of prisoners from the Afghan campaign. He was later murdered.

• 2004: Bob Keeshan, TV’s “Captain Kangaroo,” died at age 76.

• 2005: Former Tonight Show host Johnny Carson died at age 79.

• 2007: A new rule requiring U.S. airline passengers to show a passport upon their return from Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean took effect.

• 2013: The U.S. armed forces overturned a 1994 ban on women serving in combat.


• National Handwriting Week

• National Handwriting Day

• Measure Your Feet Day

• Pie Day

• Rhubarb Pie Day


• January 24: Oscar nominations announced

• February 2: Groundhog Day

• February 26: 89th Academy Awards

More holidays


1,300: Cost, in dollars, for a pound of legal marijuana in Colorado.


Tesla released new video of one of its cars going from 0-60 in just 2.38 seconds in what’s called Ludicrous Plus mode. [But the company is working on achieving an even faster speed when the car is shifted into a mode they call NASA.]

The U.S. Army is getting a new service pistol. [The old outdated one didn’t have either Wi-Fi or GPS.]

Fitness blogger Sara Puhto is being praised for her Instagram post revealing how easily those Before and After fitness shots can be faked. [It’s getting a lot of attention. In fact, it’s getting so much attention that she posted Before and After shots of her total number of followers.]

A rare virus has broken out among pet rats sold in America. Pet owners are complaining of fevers, pains and rashes. [To limit the likelihood of contracting the illness experts are asking pet owners to remember to please wash thoroughly after kissing their favorite rat on the lips.]

A doctor blasted Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop for selling a $66 rock that women are instructed to sleep with in their vagina in order to improve their sex lives. The rock is made of jade. [Because only a gullible idiot would stick an ordinary rock inside herself.]

We now know who’s going to be in the Super Bowl. [Both teams maintain that they won fair and square despite allegations of Russian hacking.]

Netflix revealed that it still has four million customers who continue to receive DVDs in the mail. [The last time I received a disk in the mail it had the letters AOL on it.]

Netflix revealed that it still has four million customers who continue to receive DVDs in the mail.[Some younger people are probably not familiar with Netflix by mail. Some of them aren’t even familiar with mail.]

A trucker in Indiana accidentally spilled 38,000 pounds of marbles on the highway. [Traffic was backed up for miles as 1930s Looney Tunes cartoon characters kept slipping and falling.]


TRUMP’S INAUGURATION CROWD SMALLER THAN D.C. WOMEN’s MARCH _ Is the size of the crowd at his inauguration the most important issue facing our country? No, but when Trump saw photos of the crowd online he instructed his press secretary to yell at the media that they were under-reporting the size.

… Now more bad news: A report out Sunday says the crowd at the Women’s March on Washington was at least three times larger than the crowd at Trump’s inauguration.

RETIRED LIBRARIAN THOUGHT SHE WAS MARCHING ALONE _ Michelle Barton wished she could be part of a big women’s march on Saturday, but she lives in the tiny town of Longville, Minnesota. She thought, “OK, I’ll just see what happens if I create my own…” Barton went to the Women’s March website and signed up to host her own. She got out some posterboard and markers. She hoped a handful of people might join her. And so, Saturday came and the retired librarian went to her march starting point — and was joined by 66 other women. The marchers carried signs reading, “Love,” and “Bridges, not walls.”

MELANIA TRUMP RETURNS TO NEW YORK _ First lady Melania Trump returned to New York Sunday. Her spokeswoman said Melania would be returning to New York Sunday “in advance of the school week and will be splitting her time between Washington and New York for the next few weeks.” Donald Trump told reporters in November that Melania and their 10-year-old son, Barron, would join him at the White House “very soon. Right after he finishes school.”

… Sunday also happened to be the Trumps’ 12th wedding anniversary.

DALLAS STARS TROLL DONALD TRUMP _ Donald Trump is really, really, really obsessed with numbers, especially those that reflect his popularity, sending members of his staff into the world armed with “alternative facts” to claim the attendance at his inauguration on Friday was yuuuge. On Saturday night, just hours after Trump claimed during a speech at the CIA that 1.5 million people had attended his inauguration (not true) the Stars posted the attendance for their game against the Washington Capitals as 1.5 million. • IMAGE

FLORIDA MAN’S MESSAGE IN BOTTLE TURNS UP 34 YEARS LATER _ It took about 34 years, but a sailor finally got a response to a message he stuffed into a plastic bottle and tossed into the Atlantic Ocean. Ron Herbst was a 19-year-old petty officer in the Navy aboard the USS Coral Sea. His message included the ship’s coordinates, his name, the date and his address. Less than a year later, a couple found the bottle while vacationing in the Florida Keys. But Gordon and Cindy Brevik didn’t try to contact Herbst. Instead, they hung on to the bottle. Late last year, they noticed the bottle while moving and contacted Herbst in Pensacola through Facebook. He was stunned and says that he now plans to donate the bottle to Pensacola’s Naval Aviation Museum.

THE HOBBIT BOOK RETURNED AFTER 38-YEAR UNEXPECTED JOURNEY _ A hardbound edition of The Hobbit is back on the shelves at a New York library nearly 40 years after it was checked out by a reader who traveled the world as a Marine. Bob James says that he checked out the J.R.R. Tolkien book from the Tompkins County Public Library in Ithaca, New York, before enlisting in the Marines in 1979. The book became so popular with his fellow Marines that there was a waiting list. James believes the book was passed along to Marines and sailors serving aboard at least eight different ships in the western Pacific. He brought the book the home after getting out of the Marines and held onto it until last week, when he returned it to the library.

ELDERLY GAMER SUFFERS STROKE AFTER LATE-NIGHT ONLINE BINGE _ A elderly man in China was treated for a stroke after he binged on his favorite video game. The 84-year-old man was rushed to a hospital after his children found him partially paralyzed and unable to speak after playing a game on his laptop for hours.

MOST OF US HAVE A LUCKY NUMBERS, OTHER ODD RITUALS _ Scientists are still trying to figure out why even the skeptics among us cling to lucky numbers, special game-day clothing and other odd rituals. The appetite for such beliefs appears to be rooted in the circuitry of the brain, and for good reason. The sense of having special powers inspires people in threatening situations, and helps soothe everyday fears and ward off mental distress.

WILL THE SUPER BOWL COST EMPLOYERS MILLIONS? _ Recently we heard lost wages could exceed $16 million a minute as millions of Americans spend time online talking about the Super Bowl, planning parties, organize betting pools, or researching big-screen TVs. But employment consultant Lisa Fisher says so-called “lost productivity” due to the Super Bowl is mostly a myth. Fisher says employees won’t be taking time away from their work chatting about the Big Game, they’ll simply do less of something else that would have wasted time. If they already spend 40 minutes a day on Facebook they’ll simply shift their scrolling and posting activities over to the Super Bowl-related ones.

PHONE THEFT VICTIM TEXTS THIEF _ A Chinese thief returned a phone and hundreds of dollars he stole from a woman after she sent him 21 touching text messages. The woman had her bag containing her phone, credit cards and $630 snatched by a man riding a motorcycle. She first thought of calling the police but she decided to try to persuade the young man to return her bag. She called her lost phone with her colleague’s cell phone but was disconnected. Then she began sending text messages. In one message she wrote, “You must be going through a difficult time. If so, I will not blame you.” In another message she told the thief, “Keep the [money] if you really need it, but please return the other things to me. You are still young. To err is human. Correcting your mistakes is more important than anything.” She gave up hope of seeing her possessions again after sending 21 text messages without a reply. But on her way out on Sunday morning, she stumbled over a package that had been left in her apartment courtyard only to discover it was her stolen bag. Nothing had been taken. A letter inside asked for forgiveness.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: THIEVES SCARED AWAY FROM SHOP BY OWNER’S SEX DOLL _ Derrick Thompson is pretty sure his store was saved by Shela Louise, a massive ‘tall, beautiful blonde’ he keeps on a sofa. Derrick bought Shela, a sex doll, last year to pose next to his artwork and attract customers into his shop in England. He believes Shela’s life-like qualities helped deter burglars. Derrick says Shela “must have freaked them out”.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN STOLE TWO PIZZAS DRESSED AS BEER BOTTLE _ A man in Wales was caught on camera stealing two pizzas while dressed as a beer bottle. The unidentified pizza thief entered a staff-only area, grabbed two pies and left without paying.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: iPHONE COOKIE LEADS TO ARREST _ Comedian Randy Liedtke does pranks and his latest got him in trouble with police. Liedtke took to Twitter to share his idea for a way to annoy local cops in his Los Angeles neighborhood. The plan involved baking a cookie in the shape and size of an iPhone, complete with appropriately colored icing. In California — like many states — you can’t have a phone to your ear while driving. Liedtke was pulled over but the prank backfired after he was arrested over an outstanding warrant for unpaid parking tickets.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN KIDNAPS DOOR-TO-DOOR SALESWOMAN _ An Oklahoma woman was arrested following a bizarre crime. Police arrested 44-year-old Karan Rebitzke after she allegedly kidnapped a door-to-door salesperson and held the woman against her will. Authorities allege that Rebitzke invited a saleswoman into her home and then started ranting about religion. The victim told police that she tried to leave several times, but Rebitzke blocked the door and would not let her out. After about an hour she was able to escape from the home. Rebitzke, who was nude, then began chasing her.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TRUCKER LOSES TRAILER OF 38,000 POUNDS OF MARBLES _ You’ve heard he phrase “lose your marbles”. It’s another way of saying you’ve lost your mind. A trucker in Indiana lost his marbles — 38,000 pounds of them. His truck lost its trailer and his load of marbles spread on the shoulder and in the median.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN MAILS HIMSELF OUT OF JAIL _ A crook escaped from a high security jail in Germany after climbing into a cardboard box and mailing himself to freedom. He escaped after hiding in the box in the mailroom, then escaped from the mail van as it was driving away.


THE NEW CELEBRITY APPRENTICE (8p ET, NBC) — New. The celebs market a new health food product and create a digital brochure for an attraction at Universal Studios. Bob Harper (The Biggest Loser) and TV host Tracey Edmonds are the guest advisers.

THE BACHELOR (8p ET, ABC) — New. Country star, and die hard Bachelor fan, Chris Lane performs for the one on one date.

KEVIN CAN WAIT (8p ET, CBS) — New.  Kevin brags about saving a man from choking.

GOTHAM (8p ET, FOX) — New. Dwight activates his acolytes around the city.

SUPERGIRL (8p ET, CW) — New. Kara and Mon-El are thrust through a portal to another planet where the downtrodden are sold as slaves.

MAN WITH A PLAN (8:30p ET, CBS) — New. Adam and Andi have an important talk with Teddy and Kate.

2 BROKE GIRLS (9p ET, CBS) — New. Caroline falls for the contractor (guest star Christopher Gorham, Covert Affairs, Ugly Betty) working on the dessert bar renovation.

LUCIFER (9p ET, FOX) — New. Lucifer and Chloe investigate a mysterious killer who is poisoning college students.

JANE THE VIRGIN (9p ET, CW) — New. Rogelio makes an unusual agreement with his matchmaker.

THE BIG BANG THEORY (9:30p ET, CBS) — Judd Hirsch, Christine Baranski, Laurie Metcalf, Keith Carradine, Katey Sagal and Jack McBrayer guest star in this repeat.

SCORPION (10p ET, CBS) — New. The team must save a man stuck on the edge of a sinkhole that threatens the Los Angeles water supply.

TIMELESS (10p ET, NBC) — New. Flynn joins infamous outlaw Jesse James (guest star Daniel Lissing, When Calls the Heart).

QUANTICO (10p ET, ABC) — Quantico moves to a new night with this new episode. Alex sees a lesson in the art of seduction as an opportunity to get closer to Owen.


WITH SPLIT, M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN FINALLY HAS ANOTHER HIT _ After a string of box office bombs, M. Night Shyamalan’s 12th film is a hit. Split lead the weekend box office with $40 million in ticket sales. Box office experts thought Split might make $20 million to $23 million.

ROGUE ONE BLASTS PAST $1 BILLION _ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story raced across the $1 billion threshold at the global box office on Saturday, while the animated Moana moved past the $500 million mark.

AMBER TAMBLYN REUNITES WITH BLAKE LIVELY AND AMERICA FERRERA _ Amber Tamblyn had a busy day on Saturday, attending both the women’s march in Washington D.C. and its sister march in New York City. While there were thousands of people surrounding her at both events, the expectant mom and 33-year-old actress was able to find her way to two in particular: her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants costars Blake Lively and America Ferrera.

… It’s unclear where Alexis Bledel was, but she was likely there in spirit. The four have remained close friends since starring in the 2005 film and its 2008 sequel, often spending time together. They also may be uniting again on the big screen. In a June interview Lively addressed the possibility of a third Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie, saying there was “a strong chance.”

MATT DAMON SAYS HE’LL PITCH CLEAN WATER TO TRUMP _ Matt Damon took the cause of clean water to the Sundance Film Festival, where he said he’s hoping to pitch Donald Trump on the issue. Damon told The Associated Press on Saturday that clean water accessibility isn’t a partisan issue and demands “an all-hands-on-deck approach to solve this.” When asked his response to the election, Damon said hopes Trump will be open to backing clean water programs like his nonprofit

… Damon in 2009 founded with civil engineer Gary White. It uses micro-finance loans to bring hygienic connections to water and toilets to impoverished communities.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN PAYS TRIBUTE TO WOMEN’S MARCHES _ Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band may be a long way from home, but The Boss took some time out of his set in Australia on Sunday to talk about the Women’s Marches which occurred across the United States on Saturday. He told the crowd, “We’re a long way from home, and our hearts and spirits are with the hundreds of thousands of men and women that marched yesterday in every city… We are the new American resistance.”

WOODY HARRELSON CONFIRMS ROLE IN HAN SOLO SPINOFF _ ( AUDIO) It’s officially official: Woody Harrelson is joining Star Wars. The actor has confirmed that he’ll be in the upcoming Han Solo spinoff.

GAVIN ROSSDALE DOESN’T WANT TO DIVORCE GWEN STEFANI _ Gavin Rossdale says he didn’t want to divorce Gwen Stefani. In a new interview the musician says, “[Divorce] was completely opposite to what I wanted. … Apart from death, I think divorce is one of the hardest, most painful things to go through. The one thing — the only good thing, because everything else is not good — is we care about the children and it’s about them. So we do everything to make this life change as seamless as possible.”

… It was February 9, 2015, that Gwen Stefani learned that her husband was cheating on her with the family’s nanny.

JOHN LEGEND BREAKS SILENCE ON BEING CALLED ‘MONKEY’ BY PAPARAZZO _ John Legend has addressed an alleged racial slur made by a paparazzo when he was with his wife Chrissy Teigen at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Thursday. At the time, John remained silent while Chrissy took to Twitter to blast the photographer. John says, “Black folks have had to deal with being called monkeys for a long time and dehumanization has always been kind of a method of racism and subjugation of black people and that’s just part of American history — and it’s part of the present, apparently.”

ERIC CLAPTON’S FERRARI F40 IS FOR SALE _ Eric Clapton was once the proud owner of this 1991 Ferrari F40, and it can be yours for $1.1 million. In case you are worried about the condition, the F40 has lived a “pampered life” and the car comes with all of the requisite paperwork and fully documented maintenance schedule.

FORMER SPICE GIRL GERI HALLIWELL WELCOMES SECOND CHILD _ Geri Halliwell Horner is celebrating boy power. The former Spice Girl member welcomed her second child with her husband, Christian Horner. They welcomed a baby boy named Montague George Hector Horner on January 21. Geri named her baby boy after her longtime friend, singer George Michael, who passed away in December.


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• WOODY: Woody Harrelson confirms he will be Han Solo mentor in upcoming Star Wars movie.

• PHONER: The time your kid screwed up and snitched on them self. → Ties in with ‘BUSTED’ (below)

• BUSTED: Little girl busted for watching Walking Dead. → January 20 News & Nuggets


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A dad on Twitter wrote: “Obama wrote this letter to my daughter’s friend when they were in 4th grade. It’s about a US interstate system of waterslides.”



  1. Split, $40.1 million
  2. xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, $20 million
  3. Hidden Figures, $16.2 million
  4. Sing, $9 million
  5. La La Land, $8.3 million
  6. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, $7.03 million
  7. Monster Trucks, $7 million
  8. Patriots Day, $6 million
  9. The Founder, $3.75 million
  10. Sleepless, $3.7 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was The Revenant.


A Dog’s Purpose (PG) – Britt Robertson, Dennis Quaid, Josh Gad

Gold (R) – Matthew McConaughey, Edgar Ramírez, Bryce Dallas Howard

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (R)- Ruby Rose, Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter


Courtesy of morning show talent coach Steve Reynolds. The Hot List is made up of the topics everyone knows about.

  1. Women’s March
  2. Inauguration Attendance
  3. The Super Bowl
  4. Madonna
  5. Oscar Nominations
  6. Saturday Night Live
  7. Barron Trump
  8. The Flu
  9. Fake News
  10. House of Cards
  11. Sundance Film Festival
  12. Kellyanne Conway


A list from

FB icon What’s some other stuff guys should stop doing?

• Don’t wear fedoras

• Buying sunglasses at sporting goods stores and drug stores

• Gym selfies

• Mirror selfies

• Leaving the house in anything a college kid would wear

• Spending loads of money on shiny wheels

• Sending “intimate photos” unsolicited

• Being cheap

• Lying

• Wearing cargo shorts

• Wearing team jerseys when you’re not playing a sport

• Wearing awful shoes

• Thinking strong women are crazy


It’s World Handwriting Day — and science reminds us that writing by hand can benefit our brain in a lot of ways.

1. It boosts memory — Taking notes by hand helps you remember them better, and longer. Psychologists and scholars have demonstrated how handwriting stimulates memory in a unique way, leaving a deeper mark and helping retain ideas in the long haul.

2. It improves cognitive skills — Young children can benefit greatly from handwriting. Forming letters at a young age will aid fine motor-skill development as well as creativity. Studies have shown how children wrote more words, faster, and expressed more ideas when writing essays by hand versus with a keyboard.

3. It activates a bigger portion of the brain — The linked regions of the brain for reading are activated while writing by hand, and the movements involved in the act of handwriting activate the motor areas of the brain, which would not be involved while typing.

4. It can make you more creative — Writing ideas by hand takes more time than typing, allowing more time to develop ideas and bolster creative output.

5. It slows down the aging of the mind — Handwriting has been proven to be a great way to train the aging mind and preserve it from the wear and tear of the years.

6. It has a calming effect — Dr. Marc Seifer, a graphologist and handwriting expert explained how writing a calming sentence is a form of graphotherapy. “Jotting down a sentence like, “I will be more peaceful” at least 20 times per day can actually have an impact, especially on those with attention deficit disorder.”


In the shower you’re alone with no distractions. It’s just you and your thoughts. On a Reddit board called Shower Thoughts people share what things they thought of while shower.

• Whenever I actually do decide to go out, I think to myself “this is exactly why I never go out”.

• One day I want to be rich enough to need a cart when shopping at Best Buy.

• I think we can all stop saying “flat screen TV’s” now. They’re all flat screens.

• Printers are just machines that very carefully spill liquid.

• Mark Wahlberg is pretty good at portraying Mark Wahlberg in every one of his movies.

• How can Superman be so ripped if there’s basically no way for him to challenge his muscles?

• Would a bread factory burning down smell like toast?


TRIVIA: The world’s first credit card could be used only for what? (Charging at participating New York City restaurants. It was the Diner’s Club card.)


I’ll give you part of 2016 movie title, you mess it up by filling in the blank with the wrong word.

• The Jungle (blank)

• (blank) Dory

• Captain America: (blank) War

• Rogue  (blank): A Star Wars Story

• (blank’s) Dragon

• Kung Fu (blank) 3


Sledding cat. (Caution: Slight slip of the ‘s’ word.)


My favorite antique shop.

source: unknown


This is day 24 of 2017. There are 341 days remaining.


• Jerry Maren (Lollipop Guild member from The Wizard of Oz) is 98

• Aaron Neville is 76

• Neil Diamond is 76

• Former Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton is 49

• Matthew Lillard (Scooby-Doo, She’s All That) is 47

• Ed Helms (The Office, Vacation) is 43

• Tatyana Ali (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) is 38

• Daveed Diggs (black-ish) is 35

• Mischa Barton (The O.C.) is 31


• 1935: The first canned bear went on sale. The American Can Company and the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company collaborated to package 2,000 cans of Krueger’s Finest Beer and Krueger’s Cream Ale. It was an immediate success. By the end of 1935 most major breweries had begun using cans.

• 1949: Actor and comedian John Belushi was born today. He died March 5, 1982.

• 1984: The first Apple Macintosh went on sale.

• 1989: The world’s oldest sheep died in England a week before her 29th birthday. She had given birth to her 40th lamb only months before.

• 1999: A British road safety official found an effective way to make motorists reduce their speed on the street past his house. He put up a large poster of Czech supermodel Eva Herzigova taking off her shirt. Drivers slowed down immediately.

• 2003: The United States Department of Homeland Security officially began operation.

• 2004: A hiking magazine apologized after it published a route plan that would have sent hikers striding into thin air off the north face of Scotland’s largest mountain (Ben Nevis). Anyone following the magazine’s directions would have plunged down a sheer cliff. Fortunately no one did.

• 2004: NASA’s Opportunity rover landed on Mars three weeks after its identical twin, Spirit.

• 2006: Disney agreed to purchase Pixar.

• 2011: Jared Lee Loughner pleaded not guilty in Phoenix to federal charges he’d tried to kill U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and two of her aides in a Tucson shooting rampage that had claimed six lives.


• Beer Can Appreciation Day

• National “Just Do It” Day

• Compliment Day. Invite listeners to phone in to receive a free compliment from you. Compliment them on their name (ask them who they were named after); they’re great hair cut (yeah, you can’t see it); etc.

• Eskimo Pie Patent Day

• Peanut Butter Day

• Speak Up and Succeed Day


• January 24: Oscar nominations announced

• February 2: Groundhog Day

• February 26: 89th Academy Awards

More holidays