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This is day 52 of 2017. There are 313 days remaining.


• Tyne Daly is 71

• Anthony Daniels (C3P0 in Star Wars films) is 71

• William Petersen (C.S.I.) is 64

• Kelsey Grammer (Cheers, Fraser) is 62

• William Baldwin (Backdraft, Born on the Fourth of July) is 54

• Tituss Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) is 38

• Jennifer Love Hewitt is 38

• Jordan Peele of Key and Peele is 38

• Charlotte Church is 31

• Ashley Greene (Twilight) is 30

• Ellen Page (Inception, Juno) is 30

• Corbin Bleu (High School Musical, Jump In!) is 28

• Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) is 21


• 1878: The first telephone directory, consisting of a single page, was issued. It covered 50 subscribers in New Haven, Connecticut.

• 1885: The newly completed Washington Monument was dedicated.

• 1947: In New York City Edwin Land demonstrated the first “instant camera,” the Polaroid Land Camera, to a meeting of the Optical Society of America.

• 1948: NASCAR was incorporated.

• 1958: The peace symbol was designed and completed by Gerald Holtom, commissioned by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, in protest against the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment.

• 1988: Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart confessed tearfully to his Baton Rouge congregation that he had sinned. Media reports linked Swaggart to a prostitute.

• 1995: Steve Fossett landed in Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada, becoming the first person to make a solo flight across the Pacific Ocean in a balloon.

• 2000: A Tehran taxi driver was so upset by tough traffic regulations that he walked around in a hat and full-length dress made from 200 parking tickets. But the protest did no good. The 54-year-old cabby told an Iranian newspaper he was arrested and charged by police with spreading lies. He was freed on bail.

• 2008: On her daytime talk show, Oprah Winfrey introduced her audience to a new word: shlumpadinka. Oprah created the word to describe a woman who had completely given up on how she looks.

• 2011: A professor from New York University had an experimental life-blogging camera removed from his head after his immune system rejected the implant.

• 2013: Scientists discovered that bumblebees have the ability to sense electric fields around flowers, enabling them to identify specific flowers for pollination.


• Single Tasking Day

• Sticky Bun Day

• Pancake Day

• Biscuits and Gravy Day


• February 26: 89th Academy Awards

• March 12: Daylight Saving Time begins

• March 14: March Madness begins

• March 17: St Patrick’s Day

• April 2: Academy of Country Music Awards

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10: Percentage of women who would still date a guy even if he committed murder.


One of the world’s largest yachts was just seized for being over $16 million behind in payments. [Sounds like somebody shouldn’t have bet so heavily on the Falcons in the Super Bowl.]

One of the world’s largest yachts was just seized for being over $16 million behind in payments. [Well, that’s pretty embarrassing. Now the owner will be forced to shop for a nice reliable second-hand yacht that doesn’t even have a helicopter landing pad.]

A group of German scientists plan to allow their research boat to become stuck in Arctic ice for months in order to study climate change. [“No, seriously, sweetheart, I really am stuck at work.”]

A New Zealand high court has ruled that the man responsible for a site that allowed the illegal access to songs, TV shows and movies can be extradited to the U.S. to face trial. He’ll be transferred from New Zealand to the U.S. in an arrangement that is legally referred to as an extradition. [But, of course, in this case they could easy refer to the transfer as a download.]

New DNA analysis has scientists believing that the ancient Mexican Aztec civilization was brought down by salmonella. [The outbreak began during a national feast day at the Aztec temple of the god Chipotle.]

A new study finds that music affects a person the same way drugs do. [For example, there are clinics in Canada that offer 12-step programs to help people break free of Nickelback.]

A middle-school kid in Florida was busted for throwing an object and hitting President Trump’s motorcade. There were four other kids involved, too. [But obviously, they could run much faster.]

The Swedish government is upset that President Trump characterized Sweden as crippled by a rising crime rate. [A Swedish spokesman said, “That’s not true. After all, our leader wasn’t the one whose motorcade was attacked by children.”]

This week in Washington state NASA and the FAA are testing new high-tech air traffic control technology. [Well, more specifically, they’re using Harrison Ford to test it.]

A new study confirms that childhood obesity is partially inherited. [The researchers say that they have been successful in locating and identifying the elusive Cupcake Gene.]


MOST PARENTS DON’T THINK THEY’RE MEETING KIDS’ NUTRITIONAL NEEDS _ Even though most American parents believe good nutrition is important for their children, only one-third think they’re doing a good job teaching their kids healthy eating habits. Researchers (University of Michigan) found that half of surveyed parents believe their children eat a mostly healthful diet, but only one in six rate their children’s diets as very nutritious.

ZIMA WILL BE HITTING SHELVES AGAIN SOON _ If you came of age in the ’90s, there’s a good chance you got tipsy with Zima, the clear alcoholic beverage introduced to the world in 1993. But while other teen-preferred malt beverage staples like Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers and Boone’s Farm have managed to endure over the years, Zima was fully discontinued in 2008. With the return of Crystal Pepsi last summer, it was really only a matter of time before the world was ready for “Zomething Different” again, and MillerCoors is bringing back Zima for “a limited time only.”

… And that means it’s time to stock up on Jolly Ranchers, since the drink had no discernible flavor of its own and it was fashionable at time to drop one in your bottle for an added splash of color. • VIDEO

COLLEGE STUDENT OPENED CARE PACKAGE FROM MOM: TRASH _ Connor Cox’s mom is an expert at getting revenge. When Connor, who is a freshman at Westminster College in Pennsylvania, thought he was opening up his usual care package from his mom, what he found inside instead was trash. Connor immediately called his mother to ask what was with the box of trash. She told him with a laugh, “That’s the trash you were supposed to take out.” Connor said he laughed hysterically about the gag gift, then tweeted a photo of the package, which quickly went viral.

JEEP STUCK IN SAND DUNE FOR 40 YEARS TO BE REMOVED THIS WEEK _ A Jeep that has been stuck inside a Massachusetts sand dune for 40 years will soon be removed. The Jeep Wagoneer is entombed in a garage (in Truro) that became overtaken by the dune decades ago. The family of the woman who owns the garage has wanted to get the Jeep out of the collapsing building for years but the town wouldn’t let them move the sand due to concerns about the dune system. Town officials recently changed their approach to the shifting sands and asked the family to remove the vehicle.

TELEPHONE OWNED BY ADOLF HITLER SELLS FOR $243,000 _ A telephone owned by Adolf Hitler has sold at auction for $243,000. Alexander Historical Auctions says the phone sold Sunday to an anonymous buyer. Bidding for the phone started at $100,000. The red telephone includes a Nazi party symbol and Hitler’s name engraved on the back. Occupying Russian officers gave the phone to a British officer during a visit to Hitler’s bunker in Berlin. The phone was used in vehicles and trains as well as Hitler’s field headquarters.

LAY’S IS ASKING THE INTERNET TO NAME ITS POTATO CHIP FLAVORS _ Potato chips were a mistake. Or at least that’s how the legend goes. The story is that a chef named George Crum was frustrated with a customer who kept complaining his fried potatoes were too thick. Eventually, Crum sliced the potatoes razor thin, fried them to a crisp, and served them with extra salt. To his surprise, the customer loved them, and potato chips were born.

… Also a mistake: Asking the Internet to name your product. Lay’s is asking the Internet to name its new chip flavor and, as in the past, no one is taking the stunt seriously. We know how this goes: Ask the public to name something for you and you’re going to end up with a police dog called Mr. Spaghetti, or a new ship named Boaty McBoatface. • LINK

FAKE BLACKMAIL SCAM CLAIMS EVIDENCE OF INFIDELITY _ Virginia police are warning of a fake blackmail scheme after a man received a letter from someone claiming to have evidence he cheated. Police (in Henrico County) said in a Facebook post that many local residents received letters claiming to be from someone who has evidence of marital infidelity. The fake blackmail letter is a ‘how to’ for paying the scammer.

… The letter reads: “I know you cheated on your wife. More importantly, I have evidence of the infidelity.” The letter instructs the recipient to pay $2,000 through an online Bitcoin transfer to prevent the evidence from being made public. Investigators said the letters are being sent to many residents — including at least one man who isn’t even married.

MOVE OVER SHOWER BEERS, SHOWER ORANGES ARE IN _ Some of the best foods are also the messiest. It’s almost impossible to devour a rack of ribs or a plate of wings without your face becoming a saucy, dripping mess. And your enjoyment of those foods would surely suffer if you ate them standing up in your shower. Also, it would be weird. However, if you have a really messy snack, one that can be consumed anywhere, why wouldn’t you eat it in the shower, because when you’re finished, you can just rinse right off? Almost makes too much sense not to, right?

… That’s what the people behind ShowerOrange are thinking. Take an orange, eat it in the shower, then rinse when done. The concept arose out of a redditor’s response to a question about “what’s something unconventional everyone should try.” One user said, “Tearing apart a cold fresh orange with your bare hands, just letting the juices run over your body. Not worrying if your going to get sticky, or anything. Just ripping it in half, and tearing into it with your teeth like a savage cannibal who hasn’t eaten in a week! Yes, this is the most carnal, ferocious, liberating thing a man can do.”


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MISSPELLED NOTE APOLOGIZES FOR ‘ANGER ISUSESH’ _ Police in western Colorado say a man battered somebody else’s pickup with a baseball bat and then left a note acknowledging he had anger issues. Police say the note read, “Sorryy anger isusesh.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COPS WARN OF COWS TRYING TO SELL DAIRY PRODUCTS _ Police in a Connecticut town are reminding people to not open their doors to “any unfamiliar cattle” after a pair of cows escaped from their pen and were found near the front door of a home a couple of houses away. Someone reported seeing the cows walking on the side of a road and in yards (in Suffield). Officers managed to take a photo of the cows before herding them back to their pen. Police posted the photo on Facebook, saying two “suspicious males” were going door-to-door “trying to sell dairy products.” They were “apprehended after a short foot pursuit.”

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SINGLE WOMAN FED UP WITH TRYING TO FIND ‘MR RIGHT’ _ A 39-year-old in England will be saying ‘I do’ to absolutely nobody after stating she has “no interest” in being a relationship. Lynne Gollogly is so fed up with trying to find ‘Mr Right’ that with her 40th birthday looming she is going to celebrate by marrying herself. She’ll marry herself in April and then travel to Rome where she will enjoy her honeymoon alone.

… While there will be no legal ceremony, the big event will take place in the form of a wedding party complete with a DJ, a buffet and guests.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN FORGETS STOLEN WALLET AT POLICE STATION _ A guy in China visited a police station to pay some traffic fines when he realized he was out of cash. The man rushed out to get money at a nearby bank but left behind his phone. Not sure if the guy would return, police looked in the phone for some sort of ID and found it actually belonged to another man who had just reported that his phone had been stolen. That guy was in the police waiting area filling out paperwork for police. When the first guy came back to pay his fines he was busted for the stolen phone.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: CAR THEFT SUSPECT FALLS OUT OF TREE _ A car theft suspect was injured when he fell from a tree while trying to elude police (in Lake City). The man climbed a tree during his attempt to escape. Other officers climbed nearby trees and attempted to talk the suspect down — to no avail. When police tried to physically apprehend the man he fell to the base of the tree, sustaining multiple fractures.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN KEEPS 85-YEAR-OLD COOKIE _ AUDIO 🎧 A woman in Scottsdale, Arizona, has a very special family heirloom. It’s kept inside a jewelry box and it has at least one similarity to a diamond: it’s rock hard. The heirloom is an 85-year-old cookie. 85 years ago Penny Rickhoff’s mother’s first love gave her the cookie. Penny says, “People back then … didn’t have a lot of money. So you bake a cookie, what else can you do?” The icing on the cookie spells out Bus, which was her mother’s boyfriend.


NCIS (8p ET, CBS) — New. After the team finds a new lead, Bishop is determined to seek revenge for the murder of her late boyfriend. Mary Stuart Masterson returns as Congresswoman Flemming.


THE MIDDLE (8p ET, ABC) — New. Frankie gets Mike to go see the dentist (guest star Jack McBrayer, 30 Rock) about his toothache.

NEW GIRL (8p ET, FOX) — New. Nick and Schmidt take Jess on a relaxing day trip to Solvang, which quickly goes “sideways.” Sonequa Martin-Green (The Walking Dead) guest stars.

THE FLASH (8p ET, CW) — New. Jesse and Kid Flash attempt to stop a metahuman that can control gravity.

AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE (8:30p ET, ABC) — New. Greg makes friends with a fellow history buff (guest star Timothy Omundson, Psych), who’s married to Katie’s nemesis (guest star Jessica St. Clair, Playing House).

THE MICK (8:30p ET, FOX) — New. Mickey’s unwanted suitors team up to thwart her new romance.

THIS IS US (9p ET, NBC) — New. Randall and William take a road trip to Memphis.

BULL (9p ET, CBS) — New. Bull assists with a manslaughter trial against a real estate magnate.

FRESH OFF THE BOAT (9p ET, ABC) — Fred Savage (The Wonder Years, The Grinder) directs this new episode. Jessica accidentally befriends Marvin’s ex-wife (guest star Heather Locklear).

BONES (9p ET, FOX) — New. An old flame (guest star Eddie McClintock) from Brennan’s past comes to visit.

DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (9p ET, CW) — New. The Legends join forces with the Knights of the Round Table as they continue their hunt for the Spear of Destiny.

THE REAL O’NEALS (9:30p ET, ABC) — New. Eileen fears her relationship with VP Murray may be moving too quickly.

CHICAGO FIRE (10p ET, NBC) — New. Chief Anderson reassigns members of 51 to other firehouses.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (10p ET, CBS) — New. A copycat murder on a street car reopens a former case for Wade.

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (10p ET, ABC) — New. Suspicion begins to turn to paranoia as more LMDs infiltrate.

SEASON PREMIERE: THE DETOUR (10p ET, TBS) — This quirky family sitcom starring Jason Jones and Natalie Zea is back for a 2nd season. Another new episode airs at 10:30p ET.

THE POP GAME (10p ET, Lifetime) — In this new reality series, music producer Timbaland brings five young aspiring pop stars to L.A. for a 10-week artist boot camp and a chance at a record contract. The guest mentor in the premiere is Nelly Furtado.

TREVOR NOAH: AFRAID OF THE DARK (Netflix) — The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah has a new stand up special.


JOSH GAD RECRUITS CHRIS PRATT TO GRILL DAISY RIDLEY _AUDIO 🎧 Actor Josh Gad has been relentless about getting information about The Last Jedi from his Murder on the Orient Express co-star Daisy Ridley, and now he’s recruited even more people to help him. In his quest for Star Wars news, he’s offered Frozen 2 intel in return and got Dame Judi Dench to ask her about Reylo, but Ridley hasn’t budged. This time around, Gad has taken the setup to his home, where he can fit enough actors and filmmakers to make for a proper roundtable prepared to grill Ridley. Her co-stars, a future director and his movie’s cast, and a franchise name-dropping Chris Pratt all have questions. The final question comes from JJ Abrams — someone who should know the answer, but given the security surrounding Star Wars, is just as curious as everyone else. • VIDEO

VEEP: SEASON 6 TEASER _ The teaser for Season 6 of Veep has landed. The hit HBO show returns April 16. • VIDEO

FIFTY SHADES DARKER SOUNDTRACK DEBUTS AT NO. 1 _ The Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack album has debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Fifty Shades Darker has already launched one very big single, Taylor Swift and Zayn’s I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.

ANGELINA JOLIE IS DATING JARED LETO? _ Star magazine claims Angelina Jolie is quietly hooking up with Jared Leto. She has apparently had a crush on the Suicide Squad star for “years,” and decided to explore that after her split from Brad Pitt. The source claims Jared “reached out to Angie after she filed divorce papers in September. The word is they spoke several times on the phone before meeting up in L.A. for dinner, and they’ve been seeing each other whenever they can since then.”

WATCH ANGELINA AND HER KIDS EAT TARANTULAS IN CAMBODIA _ Angelina Jolie and her six kids are currently in Cambodia so she can promote her new film First They Killed My Father, and she’s making sure they get a taste of the local cuisine — by eating tarantulas. Angelina fried up spiders, bugs, and scorpions while doing a BBC interview. She tells the interviewer, “You start with crickets. Crickets and a beer… and then you kinda move up to tarantulas.” • VIDEO

SELENA GOMEZ SHOUTS OUT PAINT COMPANY THAT NAMED A COLOR FOR HER _ Fashion designers and glam squads are used to getting their names dropped by celebrities on Instagram. But paint companies? Not so much. On Thursday, the eco-friendly paint company Portola Paints & Glazes shared a photo of a brand new color being mixed up on their Instagram: a rich purple hue called Revival, after Selena Gomez’s latest album. In response, Gomez — currently the most followed person on Instagram with 110 million devoted double-tappers — shared a photo of the company’s cofounder, who is married to her trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis. Selena commented: “Proud of my trainers husband cause he’s goals for real.”

BEYONCE TO GIVE BIRTH AT HOME _ No hospital stay for Beyonce. She’ll have her twins in the comfort of her own home. A source close to the singer said that “she really wants to have her babies at home in Los Angeles. After all the drama that she went through in New York when she delivered Blue Ivy, Beyoncé and Jay Z do not want to deal with a hospital.”

DAVID CASSIDY REVEALS HE’S SUFFERING FROM DEMENTIA _ David Cassidy has been diagnosed with dementia. The 66-year-old Partridge Family star revealed that he is battling the memory loss disease, which has run in his family for several generations.

‘HOOK’ PREQUEL FILM ‘BANGARANG’ REACHES KICKSTARTER GOAL _ A Hook prequel film centering around Lost Boy Rufio will become a reality thanks to Kickstarter. The campaign. started by Dante Basco who portrayed Rufio in Steven Spielberg’s original 1991 film, has reached over $40,000 on Kickstarter from its original $30,000 goal. Titled Bangarang, the short film follows the story of Rufio “before the mohawk, before Neverland, before he was The Pan.”

… The synopsis continues: “Roofus is a 13-year-old kid who is destined to be more than he is. After his mother is forced to put him into a foster home, he and his rag-tag group of best friends — a Jamaican boy named Julani and a bright-eyed latina force of nature named Ella — find a way for Roofus to escape his ill fate, find his happy thought and fulfill his destiny.”

KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD FULL TRAILER _ The first full look at King Arthur: Legend of the Sword has arrived. Director Guy Ritchie’s upcoming 2017 epic adventure drama is based on the legend of Excalibur. The film stars Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur, Jude Law as Vortigern, and Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey as Guinevere, and is scheduled to hit theaters on May 12. • VIDEO

NEW ON DVD _ Released February 21.

  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Manchester by the Sea
  • Nocturnal Animals
  • Bad Santa 2
  • Nashville: The Complete Fourth Season


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• EAT BUGS: Angelina Jolie eats bugs with her kids and a BBC reporter. – February 21 Entertainment

• DAISY RIDLEY: She’s grilled by various stars and directors about the next Star Wars.

• OLD COOKIE: A Scottsdale, Arizona, woman shows off her mom’s 85-year-old cookie – February 21 Wacky-But-True

• PHONER: Weird way you injured yourself – Three new calls added to this classic phoner




Want to be the most annoying person in the office? Just pick up two or three of these bad habits and you’ll earn the crown. (From

• You’re Unprepared: Showing up for meetings, interviews or arranged work sessions without the equipment or data that you need demonstrates a lack of respect for your coworkers and yourself. And it wastes time.

• You’re Not a Team Player: There’s nothing more annoying than watching somebody do a crossword puzzle while you’re buried in work. And if a coworker needs a little time off to run an important errand, be flexible and help out when you can.

• You’re Not Self-Reliant: Only ask for help when you really need it. Try everything you can to solve your own problem before involving somebody else.

• You Smell: Your scent is important, especially when you’re working in a small, poorly ventilated space with lots of other people around. Be considerate of your neighbors by taking care not to generate strong smells that will permeate their space. Use the colognes sparingly, avoid onions at the office, and if you smoke, let yourself air off before coming back inside.

• You’re Loud: Loud conversations can be offensive, so try to keep your voice low and even.

• You’re Unhealthy: If you’re sick, stay home. If you have the sniffles or must come in, cover your mouth and do whatever you can to avoid infecting your coworkers.

• You Walk Like an Elephant: Try to move around the office quietly to avoid disturbing the people around you. And if you must speak to another colleague, keep your voice down.

• Your Phone Is Always On: Your phone has vibrate mode, so use it.

• You Shake Hands Like a Fish and Avoid Eye Contact: A firm handshake, a little eye contact and a friendly smile can go a long way.


TRIVIA: 7,000 Americans die each year because of what? (Doctors’ sloppy handwriting)

TRIVIA: Around 16,000 people in the U.S. and 2,000 people in Canada are named what? (Elvis)

TRIVIA: Four out of 10 say wish they could change this about themselves. (Their height)


Family Feud in 3 minutes.



This is day 53 of 2017. There are 312 days remaining.


• Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) is 58

• Paul Lieberstein (Toby Flenderson in The Office) is 50

• Jeri Ryan (Boston Public, Star Trek: Voyager) is 49

• Clinton Kelly (The Chew, What Not to Wear) is 48

• Thomas Jane (Hung, The Sweetest Thing) is 48

• Drew Barrymore (50 First Dates, Netflix comedy series Santa Clarita Diet) is 42


• 1924: Calvin Coolidge became the first President of the United States to deliver a radio broadcast from the White House.

• 1959: Lee Petty won the first Daytona 500.

• 1989: Aldo J. Jacuzzi died at age 67. He pioneered the whirlpool bath pump.

• 2008: A 70-year-old Iranian man was sentenced to four months in jail and 30 lashes for walking his dog. Owners of domestic animals are forbidden from taking them on the streets of the city because Islam considers dogs to be impure.

• 2015: At the 87th Academy Awards, Birdman was awarded Best Picture.


• Inconvenience Yourself Day

• Margarita Day


• February 26: 89th Academy Awards

• March 12: Daylight Saving Time begins

• March 14: March Madness begins

• March 17: St Patrick’s Day

• April 2: Academy of Country Music Awards

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