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This is day 114 of 2017. There are 251 days remaining.


• Shirley MacLaine is 83

• Barbra Streisand is 75

• Cedric the Entertainer is 53

• Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones) is 49

• Rory McCann (Game of Thrones) is 48

• Kelly Clarkson is 35

• Joe Keery (Stranger Things) is 25


• 1704: The first regular newspaper in the United States, the Boston, Massachusetts New-Letter, was first published.

• 1800: The United States Library of Congress was established when President John Adams signed legislation to appropriate $5,000 to purchase “such books as may be necessary for the use of Congress”.

• 1969: Singer Paul McCartney announced that there was no truth to the widespread rumor he was dead.

• 1990: The space shuttle Discovery blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying the $1.5 billion Hubble Space Telescope.

• 1992: In London Terry Cole balanced 220 cigar boxes on his chin for nine seconds and a new world record.

• 1992: Singer David Bowie and fashion model Iman were married in a secret ceremony in Switzerland. The wedding wasn’t announced until more than a week later.

• 2005: Pope Benedict-16 was formally installed as leader of the Roman Catholic Church in ceremonies at the Vatican.

• 2005: Snuppy becomes the world’s first cloned dog. Snuppy, an Afghan hound, was created in South Korea using a cell from an ear from an adult Afghan hound. Snuppy was named as Time Magazine’s “Most Amazing Invention” of the year in 2005.

• 2013: A building collapsed near Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing 1,129 people and injuring 2,500 others.


• Go Diaper Free Week

• Pig in a Blanket Day

• Sauvignon Blanc Day

• New Kids on The Block Day


• May 5: Cinco de Mayo

• May 14: Mother’s Day

• May 20: Armed Forces Day

• May 29: Memorial Day

• June 14: Flag Day

• June 18: Father’s Day

More holidays


107,000: Gallons of water used by the average residence during a year.


The town of Tiller, Oregon is for sale for $3.5 million. [In case you didn’t know what to do with your tax refund.]

Bloomberg reports that last year Subway closed more restaurants in the U.S. than it opened. [Lately, the same could be said of Johnny Depp and movie theaters.]

Elon Musk says that his new company has set a goal to successfully link a human brain to a computer within the next four years. [In other words, there may actually be an intelligent candidate in the next presidential race.]

A new study concludes that people who drink an artificially sweetened beverage each day have an increased risk of suffering a stroke or developing dementia. [So Kylie Jenner could be arrested for assault after handing that cop a Pepsi.]

The new KFC Colonel Sanders is Rob Lowe. [And Betty Crocker is now Sofia Vergara.]

Amy Schumer was out jogging when she stopped at a mattress store to use the restroom. As a gesture of thanks, Schumer bought the saleslady a mattress. [Not too many people would buy a woman they hardly know a mattress, besides, of course, Bill O’Reilly.]

A federal air marshal left her gun in the airplane restroom. [It’s a good thing that there wasn’t an emergency. The only thing in the marshal’s holster was air freshener.]

An American Airlines flight attendant has been suspended after a confrontation with a young mother that ended with him angrily snatching away a baby stroller that struck the woman in the head and nearly hit her children. [The woman is shaken up, the flight attendant is angry and United Airlines is thankful for a day when it’s not the one in the news.]

A Michigan doctor is in trouble for performing liposuction in a barn.  [He said it was good for his patients. They all felt really skinny next to the cows.]


WOMAN’S OBITUARY SAYS SHE KEPT BATTERIES IN THE FREEZER _ A Sacramento, California, woman’s obituary reveals that her baking stopped World War 3. Christine Kockinis passed away at age 86. Her obituary says, in part, that she had a “devotion to the Sacramento Kings that would rival any love story” and that “The Dos Equis commercials were originally written about her life, but the osteoporosis in her older years kept her from re-enacting the scenes.” • LINK

… “Christine was credited for giving the idea to Neil Armstrong ‘one small step for man’ over their typical morning coffee; and personally thwarting World War 3 by baking baklava for JFK and Khrushchev. It was rumored that she took a bullet for Nixon, but she wouldn’t admit to anything because he ‘is a Republican’. She traveled the world, collected Chinese and Egyptian tchotchke’s, loved orchids, kept batteries in the freezer, was obsessed with her Western movies and poker at Thunder Valley Casino.”

… “Whether you knew her or not, the world’s most interesting woman is going to be missed, and the world a little duller. Christine requested that six players from the Sacramento Kings be her pallbearers so that they could let her down one last time.”

STUDY LINKS DIET SODA TO STROKE AND DEMENTIA RISKS _ New research suggests artificially sweetened drinks like diet soda may be putting the brains of imbibers at increased risk of dementia and stroke. The new study was published last week in the journal Stroke. Scientists (using data from the Framingham Heart Study) looked at the overlap of health conditions and artificially sweetened beverage consumption among several thousand adults. Researchers weren’t able to show a cause-and-effect relationship between drinking diet soda and the two brain maladies, but did find a troubling link between the variables.

BOWLER ROLLS PERFECT GAME IN UNDER 90 SECONDS _ It’s the dream of bowlers around the world: the perfect game. At a bowling alley in Cortland, New York, Ben Ketola realized that dream in 86.9 seconds. The 23-year-old ran across 10 lanes, quickly rolling balls until he reached the end of the bowling alley, and ran back to the beginning to get his final two strikes. Ketola averages 225. • VIDEO

PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATE MIDDLETON WATCH GOT AND EAT TAKEOUT _ Has Princess Diana’s wish for her sons to lead a normal life come true? Do the royal family live just like us? It certainly sounds like it. Prince William and Kate Middleton say they really do live like the rest of us: they order take out, and sit back and watch their favorite shows like Homeland or Game of Thrones while in their comfy clothes. So when they order take-out, does it get delivered to the palace? The prince says no: “normally someone goes and picks it up.”

PARENTS ARE MORE WORRIED ABOUT SEXTING THAN BOOZE _ A recent poll found sexting is now a bigger worry for parents than smoking or alcohol abuse. Here’s the crazy part: Nine out of 10 parents say schools should do more to educate kids on the dangers of sending revealing images. Schools should do more? Uh, then what are parents for?

… If you spot these text abbreviations on your kid’s phone you may have cause for concern:

  • ASL – Age/sex/location
  • CTN – Can’t talk now
  • F2F or FTF – Face to face
  • FWB – Friends with benefits
  • FYEO – For your eyes only
  • GYPO – Get your pants off
  • IWSN – I want sex now
  • KPC – Keeping parents clueless
  • LMIRL – Let’s meet in real life
  • MOS – Mom over shoulder
  • NIFOC– Nude in front of computer
  • P911– Parent alert
  • 420 – Marijuana

SMALL EAGLE FLIES ALMOST 2,000 MILES FROM HABITAT _ Australian researchers were surprised by a rare bird of prey that traveled almost 2,000 miles from its natural habitat. Ecologists at the Australian Capital Territory Environment and Planning Directorate said a tracker was attached to a rare little eagle to assess the impact of local developments on the native species. He said the bird was recorded traveling just under 2,000 miles in less than three weeks to a small town in Australia’s the Northern Territory. One day the eagle flew over 300 miles.

AIRLINE INVESTIGATING AFTER STROLLER INCIDENT _ American Airlines says it is investigating an incident in which a flight attendant allegedly hit a woman with her baby’s stroller while she was boarding a plane Friday night at a San Francisco airport. A video of the incident was shared by another passenger on the flight and shows the mother sobbing and holding her child after the alleged incident took place. There is no video of the woman being hit by the stroller. • VIDEO

… The fellow passenger posted the video on Facebook with the caption: “OMG. Flight attendant violently took a stroller from a lady with a baby on my flight, hitting her and just missing the baby. Then he tried to fight a passenger who stood up for her.’”

99-YEAR-OLD GETS FIRST HOLE-IN-ONE _ A 99-year-old man got his first hole-in-one the other day. C.D. Madsen has been a 57-year member of the Marin Country Club in California.

600-YEAR-OLD TREE COMES DOWN TODAY _ A 600-year-old oak tree in New Jersey (Bernards) begins coming down today. The tree — believed to be among the oldest in the nation — sits in a church graveyard. It stands about 100 feet tall, has a trunk circumference of 18 feet and has a branch spread of roughly 150 feet. Officials say the crews plan to initially remove the large limb segments until there is a large trunk section still standing, then remove that section in one piece.

… The tree was declared dead after it began showing rot and weakness in the last couple of years, likely due to its age. Arborists determined it wouldn’t be able to withstand many more harsh winters or spring storms. It will take two to three days to take the tree down.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: FRENCH ARTIST SUCCEEDS IN HATCHING EGGS _ A French artist (Abraham Poincheval) has succeeded in hatching chicken eggs after incubating them for three weeks. The artist embarked on his latest project in late March of imitating a mother hen by incubating 10 eggs with his own body heat inside a glass vivarium at a museum. Earlier this year, the artist spent a week inside a block of stone.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COURT OVERTURNS CONVICTION FOR BELCHING _ It’s okay to belch in front of a police officer — at least in Austria. A man who was fined $75 after unleashing a huge belch near an Austrian policeman has won his legal fight to have the fine overturned. The court said there was “never proof” that he burped to offend the officer.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COPS CALLED AFTER MAN RENEGED ON CHICKEN POOP BET _ Police were called after a guy in China licked chicken poop on a $1,600 bet. The guy had just collected some of the poop to use as fertilizer when another man offered him the $1,600 to kneel down for a little taste. When the guy did the man wouldn’t pay up — so cops were called. They mediated and the chicken poop licker got an undisclosed amount of money.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TURKEY HUNTERS WERE STALKING EACH OTHER _ Earlier this month in Kansas a hunter a hunter shot at what he thought was a wild turkey gobbler he’d been calling to wand watching. But when he ran up to the turkey he discovered he’d shot both his brother and a friend in the face. The men went to the hospital. As well as turkey calls, the hunters were using a tactic known as fanning, in which the preserved tail fan of a wild turkey is used to attract, or sneak up on, a wild gobbler. Problems began when the brother and friend of the shooter returned to the property where the shooter was hunting without telling him they were there.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN TAKES EXAM DRESSED AS SISTER-IN-LAW _ A man in China who wanted to help out his sister-in-law with an exam may face jail time. The 23-year-old dressed up like the sister-in-law to take a math test in her place. Wearing a wig and women’s clothing, the man managed to start the exam. But police were called after examiners found his photo didn’t match his sister-in-law’s ID.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: HASH BROWN RECALL DUE TO POSSIBLE GOLF BALL MATERIALS _ What’s in hash browns? If you said potatoes you’re only half right. McCain Foods USA has recalled frozen hash browns sold in nine states under the Harris Teeter and Roundy’s brands. The potatoes may contain pieces of golf balls.

… States affected by the recall: Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, plus the District of Columbia.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: CO-WORKERS FIGHT ABOUT LUNCH BREAKAUDIO 🎧  At a 99 Cents Only store in Houston a couple of employees got into a big fist fight over who would go to lunch first. In a video taken by a customer you see the two women punching and pulling each other’s hair. One grabs some type of canister off the checkout counter conveyor belt and begins hitting the other in the face. The first person to step in to try to break up the fight was a customer. And then a woman holding a newborn baby comes in — but she can’t stop the fight. When she steps aside, a co-worker finally appears to help the original customer end the fight. • VIDEO


DANCING WITH THE STARS (8p ET, ABC) — The eight remaining celebrities dance to songs from iconic boy bands and girl groups; the Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter serves as guest judge.

THE BIG BANG THEORY (8p ET, CBS) — BBT, Superior Donuts, Kevin Can Wait and 2 Broke Girls are repeats.

THE VOICE (8p ET, NBC) — The top 12 artists perform for coaches Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani; Shania Twain advises the singers.

SUPERGIRL (8p ET, CW) — New. A new episode of Jane the Virgin follows.


HOUSE HUNTERS (10p ET, HGTV) — New. A new episode of HH International follows.


THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS CLOSES IN ON $1 BILLION BOX OFFICE _ Sometime this week The Fate of the Furious will become the second billion-dollar movie in the franchise. Through Sunday the movie had made $908.4 million worldwide.

… Over the weekend The Fate of the Furious pulled in $38.7 million in North America.

HAPPY DAYS’ ERIN MORAN DIES _ Happy Days actress Erin Moran was found dead on Saturday afternoon by authorities. She was 56. Erin, who played the role of Joanie Cunningham on Happy Days, was seen as the little sister of Richie Cunningham on the classic TV show. The Joanie Loves Chachi star’s cause of death wasn’t immediately determined and authorities report a autopsy is pending.

… Radar Online reports that Erin had spent her last months bouncing from one “seedy motel” to another and in between she would stay with friends. She was working on her memoir, which she’d titled Happy Days, Depressing Nights.

RON HOWARD REACTS TO ERIN MORAN’S DEATH _ Actor Ron Howard, who played Richie Cunningham on Happy Days, said he would remember Erin Moran as the joyful person she was during the show. Howard tweeted Sunday: “Such sad sad news. RIP Erin. I’ll always choose to remember you on our show making scenes better, getting laughs and lighting up tv screens.”

HAPPY DAYS REBOOT RUMORED PRIOR TO DEATH OF ERIN MORAN _ A possible Happy Days Netflix reboot was rumored prior the death of Happy Days star Erin Moran at the age of 56. Less than a year ago, Happy Days creator Garry Marshall said that a reboot was “very possible.”

… However, a Netflix boss shared in 2015 that a Happy Days reboot on Netflix would probably pick up where the gang left off 30 years ago.

ROB LOWE IS THE NEW KFC COLONEL _ Rob Lowe is KFC’s new colonel. The Parks and Recreation star is the latest to put on the white suit, black string tie goatee and black glasses of founder Colonel Harland Sanders, but in a spacesuit. Lowe will be promoting KFC’s Zinger chicken sandwich. Why’s Lowe playing the Colonel? He say, “My grandfather was the head of the Ohio chapter of the National Restaurant Association in the 1960s and took me to meet Colonel Harland Sanders when I was a kid. It was a big deal. I thought this would be a nice homage to both Colonel Sanders and to my grandfather.” • VIDEO

… In the ad — which borrows heavily from John F. Kennedy’s famous space speech — the Colonel says KFC plans to send a Zinger into space. It’s supposedly going to happen this summer.

… The other celebrities who’ve portrayed the colonel are Darrell Hammond, Norm Macdonald, Jim Gaffigan, George Hamilton and Billy Zane.

JURASSIC WORLD 2 WILL TAKE FANS BACK TO JURASSIC PARK _ Chris Pratt says Jurassic World 2 will take fans to the film franchise’s roots. The movie will bring back old memories with many of the old dinosaurs and scarier movie plot coming back.

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE TRAILER DUE TODAY _ The first trailer for the upcoming action comedy Kingsman: The Golden Circle will hit the Internet today (Monday). Cast members Halle Berry, Elton John, Pedro Pascal and Taron Egerton all tweeted the trailer release news from their personal accounts on Sunday. The cast also includes Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum, Mark Strong, Jeff Bridges and Colin Firth. Kingsman: The Golden Circle comes out September 29. It’s the sequel to 2015’s Kingsman: The Secret Service.

AVATAR’ SEQUELS RELEASE DATE PUSHED TO LATE 2020 _ Avatar sequels again have a new release date. Avatar 2 will release on December 18, 2020. After that, sequels will be released December 2021, December 2024 and December 2025.

AMBER HEARD AND ELON MUSK GO ZIPLINING _ Elon Musk and Amber Heard are zipped at the hip. The billionaire Tesla car guy and the actress are dating and recently went ziplining in Australia. They’ve been together for almost a year so ziplining makes it a serious relationship, right?

_ Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was vandalized again, only this time with a magic marker instead of a pick ax. Someone scribbled the F-word on Trump’s star on Hollywood Boulevard over the weekend. Back in October Trump’s star was destroyed with a pick ax. A new star runs about $30,000.

CHRIS PRATT ADMITS HE SAID SOMETHING STUPID _ Chris Pratt isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong. During an interview that corresponded with his April cover of Men’s Fitness, Pratt said that he rarely sees his own upbringing represented in movies, that “the voice of the average, blue-collar American isn’t necessarily represented in Hollywood.” After facing some backlash on the comment, Pratt took to Twitter to apologize: “That was actually a pretty stupid thing to say. I’ll own that. There’s a ton of movies about blue collar America.”

ZACHARY QUINTO: NO GUARANTEE STAR TREK 4 WILL HAPPEN _ News of Star Trek 4 officially being in development first surfaced last summer. Producer J.J. Abrams confirmed work on the sequel and revealed it would somehow bring back Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk, the father of James T. Kirk who perished in exciting opening sequence of the first installment of the reboot. Since then all we’ve heard is vague hype about the sequel.

… In a recent interview, Star Trek star Zachary Quinto says that he’s still waiting for the script to be completed, and despite being hopeful that he’ll be able to play Spock again, the movie doesn’t seem to have been given the go-ahead yet. Quinto says, “I’m hopeful that we’ll do another one, but there’s no guarantee.”

KYLIE JENNER’S VEGAS APPEARANCE CRASHED BY PROTESTORS _ It’s the risk you take when you wear fur. Kylie Jenner comes from a family of fur-wearing women and animal rights activists have taken notice. Protestors came out to demonstrate at a paid appearance Kylie made at the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas, Saturday night. The held signs featuring photos of animals caged, ready for slaughter, all to make a fur coat. They chanted and called Kylie an animal abuser.

RICHARD SIMMONS LEAVES HOSPITAL _ After his hospitalization, Richard Simmons is home and feeling thankful. The fitness guru wrote on Facebook Sunday: “I wanted to take a moment to send a big thank you to the wonderful doctors, nurses and staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center during my short stay there this week. Simmons had checked into the hospital for indigestion.


Find these audio files on the Pro Audio page.

• 99 CENTS ONLY BRAWL: Audio from the witness to a brawl at a 99 Cents Only store in Houston.  →  April 24, 2017

• HO HOS: Hostess HO HOS are are 50 this month. Here’s a commercial from 1968.  →  April 24, 2017

• DROP: Alright go, go! In 5…4…3…




  1. The Fate of the Furious, $38.6 million
  2. The Boss Baby, $12.7 million
  3. Beauty and the Beast, $9.9 million
  4. Born in China, $5.1 million
  5. Going in Style, $5 million
  6. Smurfs: The Lost Village, $4.85 million
  7. Unforgettable, $4.8 million
  8. Gifted, $4.5 million
  9. The Promise, $4 million
  10. The Lost City of Z, $2.1 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was The Jungle Book.

… Five years ago this week the number one movie was Think Like a Man.

… Ten year ago this week the number one movie was Disturbia.

… Twenty year ago this week the number one movie was Anaconda.


The Circle (PG-13) – A woman lands a dream job at a powerful tech company called the Circle, only to uncover a nefarious agenda that will affect the lives of her friends, family and that of humanity. Tom Hanks, Emma Watson.

How to Be a Latin Lover (PG-13) – Finding himself dumped after 25 years of marriage, a man who made a career of seducing rich older women must move in with his estranged sister, where he begins to learn the value of family. Eugenio Derbez, Salma Hayek, Rob Lowe, Kristen Bell


Courtesy of morning show talent coach Steve Reynolds. The Hot List is made up of the topics everyone knows about.

  1. Proms
  2. French Vote
  3. Starbucks Unicorn Drink
  4. American Airlines Flight Attendant
  5. Aaron Hernandez
  6. “Joanie Cunningham”
  7. White House Correspondents Dinner
  8. Galaxy S8
  9. NBA Playoffs
  10. Bill O’Reilly
  11. Earth Day
  12. Caitlyn Jenner
  13. Prince
  14. Serena Williams


Some questions answered by…

What did people use before toilet paper was invented?

  • Newsprint, paper catalog pages in early US
  • Discarded sheep’s wool in the Viking Age, England
  • Corn cobs, mussel shell, newspaper, leaves, sand
  • Coconut shells in early Hawaii
  • Lace was used by French Royalty
  • Public restrooms in ancient Rome: a sponge soaked in salt water, on the end of a stick
  • Snow and tundra moss were used by early Eskimos

• What is the size of a sheet of toilet paper? The size of a sheet of toilet paper may vary from one manufacturer to another. The standard size is 4.5″ x 4.5″. Many manufacturers have come out with “cheater sheets”. These can run as small as 4″ x 3.8″.

• How many sheets are on a roll? Industrial rolls of toilet paper have 1,000 per roll of one ply and 500 per roll of two ply. Jumbo size rolls can have 2,000 sheets.

• The Pentagon uses, on average, about 665 rolls of toilet paper every day.

• How much tissue/tissue products are produced each year? Approximately 5.8 million tons of tissue grades, consisting of toilet and facial tissue, paper napkins, towels, diapers, and various other sanitary products are produced in the U.S. annually.

• How many days does the standard roll of toilet paper last in a household bathroom? The number of days a standard roll of bath tissue usually lasts in the most-used bathrooms in the house is four.

• What is the average number of toilet tissue sheets a person uses in one day? On average, consumers use 8.6 sheets per trip — a total of 57 sheets per day. That’s an annual total of 20,805 sheets.


AUDIO 🎧  Hostess Ho Hos are celebrating 50 years this month.

• 100 million Ho Hos are sold each year.

• Ho Hos were launched by Hostess on April 26, 1967, when a San Francisco bakery began hand-producing the sweet treat.

• Pittsburgh is the Ho Ho capital of the U.S. Pittsburghers eat more Ho Hos per capita than people in any other U.S. city.

• In the 1970s, Ho Hos came alive with the creation of the animated character Happy Ho Ho — a snack cake hero created by Don Duga who also animated Twinkie the Kid, Fruit Pie the Magician and King Ding Dong. Happy Ho Ho had a sweet mission: To keep the Redwood Forest free of litter bugs and forest fires.


TRIVIA: About 2 million gallons of this is produced every day in the United States. (Ice Cream)

TRIVIA: 13% of us, mostly men, have done this. (Spent a night in jail)


This is strictly winner-only contest. Have fun with it… tell your listener to take their time and think about it, etc.

In a survey, which did people prefer: An all-expenses-paid vacation to Disney World in Florida, or an all-expenses-paid trip to the World of Accordions Museum in Superior, Wisconsin?


Getting you ready for your annual theme park visit.


Why your keyboard doesn’t work the way it used to.

source: interprep


This is day 115 of 2017. There are 250 days remaining.


• Al Pacino is 77

• Dancing With The Stars judge Len Goodman is 73

• Talia Shire (Godfather and Rocky films) is 72

• Hank Azaria (The Simpsons) is 53

• Gina Torres is 48

• Renee Zellweger is 48

• Jason Lee (My Name is Earl, Alvin and the Chipmunks movies) is 47


• 1901: New York became the first U.S. state to require automobile license plates. They were inscribed with the owner’s initials. The fee was $1.

• 1928: The first guide dog was trained to help a blind owner. Buddy, a German Shepherd, became the companion of Morris Frank.

• 1950: In the NBA draft, the Boston Celtics used their second-round pick to select Chuck Cooper. That fall, Cooper would become the first African-American to play in the NBA.

• 1983: American schoolgirl Samantha Smith was invited to visit the Soviet Union by its leader, Yuri Andropov, after he read her letter in which she expressed fears about nuclear war.

• 1983: Pioneer 10 traveled beyond Pluto’s orbit.

• 1988: Sonny Bono was elected mayor of Palm Springs, California. In 1994 he was elected to Congress. He died in a skiing accident in 1997.

• 1991: Britain’s Broadcasting Standards Council proclaimed that the cult TV soap opera Twin Peaks was in bad taste, and that an episode depicting a man being beaten to death went “beyond all acceptable limits.”

• 2003: Southwest Airlines fired two pilots for “inappropriate conduct” after they removed all or most of their clothes mid-flight in the cockpit of a Boeing 737. The pilots claimed they spilled coffee on their clothes, but the airline ruled the prank went too far. The Federal Aviation Administration said though rules forbid behavior that distracts crew members, there was no specific ban on flying naked.

• 2013: All living former U.S. Presidents, including George W. Bush and current President Barack Obama, were present for the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas.


• World Penguin Day

• Hairstylist Appreciation Day

• Hug A Plumber Day


• May 5: Cinco de Mayo

• May 14: Mother’s Day

• May 20: Armed Forces Day

• May 29: Memorial Day

• June 14: Flag Day

• June 18: Father’s Day

More holidays