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This is day 129 of 2017. There are 236 days remaining.


• Albert Finney is 81

• Candice Bergen is 71

• Billy Joel is 68

• Alley Mills (The Wonder Years) is 66

• John Corbett (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) is 56

• Rosario Dawson is 38

• Grace Gummer (American Horror Story, The Newsroom) is 31


• 1868: The city of Reno, Nevada, was founded.

• 1955: Sam and Friends debuted on a single U.S. television channel, marking the first television appearance of both Jim Henson and what would become Kermit the Frog and the Muppets.

• 1974: Three Detroit thieves set a record by stealing 32,500 used watches from a Goodwill Industries warehouse.

• 1987: Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers were married.

• 1990: Irish singer Sinead O’Connor refused to appear on “Saturday Night Live” after chauvinist comedian Andrew Dice Clay was named as host.

• 2000: The owner of a small Dutch tobacco shop won $4.1 million in the lottery by mistake. Having accidentally printed up more tickets than he could sell, he was forced, by law, to buy the remainder himself. One of the extra tickets was a big winner.

• 2006: A shoplifter in Scotland who flirted with a checkout clerk while hiding a bottle of vodka up his sleeve was easily traced by police because he left his name and telephone number with the girl.

• 2014: Vladimir Putin visited Crimea for the first time since annexing the region.


• National Teachers Day

• Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Day

• Lost Sock Memorial Day


• May 14: Mother’s Day

• May 20: Armed Forces Day

• May 29: Memorial Day

• June 14: Flag Day

• June 18: Father’s Day

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175 billion: Emails sent every day.


Former President Bill Clinton is writing a thriller with James Patterson. [It’s one of the few times that Hillary hasn’t been worried about Bill working with someone late in the office.]

The EPA has dismissed at least five scientists from its advisory panel and plans to replace them with industry representatives. [Isn’t that like having the doctor who’s supposed to diagnose your lung X-ray turning out to be a tobacco executive?]

A beach on an Irish island washed away in 1984. It has mysteriously returned. [And get this — each grain of sand is in exactly the same place.]

Gray wolves are about to lose their federal protection from hunters. [And they will also no longer be covered for any pre-existing condition.]

A new study finds that you get a burst of energy during physical tasks if you curse. [That explains how my mother used to clean the entire house after the dog had tracked in mud.]

Bumble Bee tuna has agreed to plead guilty to illegally rigging the price of tuna. The company will fork over $25 million. [Plus crackers.]

Scientists have found the specific cells responsible for hair turning gray and falling out. [My parents told me I was the specific reason for their hair turning gray and falling out.]

Richard Simmons is suing the National Enquirer for libel and invasion of privacy. [Simmons is ready for his day in court. He was last seen shopping for a pin-striped tank top.]

Another comic book movie is at the top of the box office. [The number one movie is Guardians of the Cash Register.]

The super-secret Air Force spy plane X-37B landed after spending two years in space. [That’s a long time. It’s been years since I’ve been on a plane that was in the air longer than an hour before it had to make an emergency landing with a passenger wrapped in duct tape.]


HOW A DAD HANDLED HIS SON GETTING IN TROUBLE IN HIS CLASS _ A dad in Texas warned his 17-year-old son: Get in trouble in physics class one more time and I’ll be coming to school to sit next to you. Brad Howard says his son — also named Brad — likes to be the life of the party. And dad Brad has been getting emails from teen Brad’s teacher. So last week, when teen Brad acted up in class again, dad brad went to school. Dad Brad said his son’s friends seemed to enjoy it: “I think they had a good time. Especially knowing that Bradley was put in an uncomfortable situation.” The teen’s sister posted evidence of the visit online. • IMAGE

THIS COMMON BATHROOM ITEM SENDS 12,500 KIDS TO ER EACH YEAR _ We all know that we’re not supposed to stick things in our ear, but we’re also told that ear wax is icky and should be removed. This contradictory set of priorities might explain why thousands of kids show up at the hospital each year with swab-related ear injuries. A study (by The National Children’s Hospital) found that 12,500 kids a year are treated in emergency rooms for cotton-tip related ear injuries. That works out to 34 visits every day. The majority of these injuries (about 73% ) occurred as a result of using cotton tip applicators to clean the ears.

… Another 10% of injuries occurred when children were playing with the applicators, and 9% when they fell with he cotton tip applicator in their ears.

COUPLES ARE ARGUING ABOUT TRUMP MORE THAN MONEY _ According to a new survey (Wakefield Research) Donald Trump is not making relationships great again in some households. The findings suggest that the Trump presidency is driving a figurative wall between both married and non-married couples, causing them to break up over politics like never before.

… In the last six months, couples are bickering more about Trump than about money.

DOVE DIVERSITY BOTTLES BACKFIRED _ Dove created some limited edition body washes for diversity purposes — and the campaign has backfired. Dove created a half-dozen bottles in various shapes, from slender and tall to short and wide. You know — diversity. The Dove UK website explains: “Our six exclusive bottle designs represent this diversity: just like women, we wanted to show that our iconic bottle can come in all shapes and sizes, too.” • VIDEO

… A lot of people reacted to the campaign on Monday. One person pointed out something about the diversity angle: “OK, but Dove’s diversity bottles are all still white.”

ATTEMPTED SUICIDE ON FACEBOOK LIVE HAS A HAPPY ENDING _ Facebook Live, for all its problems, may have just saved a girl’s life. Authorities used the streamed video — which Facebook didn’t immediately remove — to locate and ultimately rescue her. The trouble started when the unnamed Georgia teenager ingested multiple pills before putting a plastic bag over her head in a Live video last week. After a friend called 911, a sheriff’s deputy made his way to the house where he found the girl alive but unresponsive. She’s expected to make a full recovery.

BILL CLINTON TO PUBLISH A CRIME THRILLER WITH JAMES PATTERSON _ Bill Clinton will write a presidential thriller with bestselling crime writer James Patterson. The President Is Missing will be published in June 2018 and is being billed as a “unique amalgam of intrigue, suspense and behind-the-scenes global drama from the highest corridors of power.”

… Penguin Random House, which is publishing the book, has said it will include detail that “only a president can know”.

PUSHY SUBWAY PASSENGERS SAVE STUCK LADY _ Passengers on a Chinese subway managed to free an elderly woman who became stuck between the platform gap by getting out and pushing the train. The woman was leaving the train when her right leg became stuck between the train and the platform. Around a dozen passengers joined employees to rock the subway car just enough so the 72-year-old woman could pull her leg from the gap.

WOMAN JAILED IN FATHER’S STABBING REFERENCED MUMMY MOVIE _ A Pennsylvania woman jailed on charges she fatally stabbed her father told police she was motivated by the movie The Mummy Returns. Police say the 27-year-old told them, “In a movie, someone who can’t love someone else, they stab their father.”

8-YEAR-OLD HELPS SAVE MOM WEEK AFTER DAD DIES _ Just a week after 8-year-old Michael O’Brien Jr.’s father was killed in a car accident, he almost lost his mother too. But thanks to the quick thinking and fast response of the Massachusetts boy, he was able to help save her life. Michael and his mother were sitting on their couch chatting before school when she began choking on an oatmeal muffin. While mom was choking and could not speak, Michael calmly called 911, told their address and phone number, and stayed on the line to report her symptoms. Mom was eventually able to dislodge the muffin even before the paramedics arrived but without Michael’s assistance and steady presence she’s not sure if she would have survived.

TIFFANY TRUMP WILL ATTEND GEORGETOWN LAW _ Another Trump is on her way to the capital. Tiffany Trump, the 23-year-old daughter of Donald Trump and Marla Maples, the second of his three wives, is planning to attend law school at Georgetown University.

THE TOUCHSCREEN AMAZON ECHO COULD LAUNCH TODAY _ Amazon could launch an Echo with a touchscreen today (Tuesday). Sources say the new model would feature a 7-inch touchscreen, display answers to verbal questions and feature internet-based telephone calls.

BRISTOL PALIN AND DAKOTA MEYER WELCOME A BABY GIRL _ Bristol Palin has given birth to her third child, a baby girl. Bristol and husband Dakota Meyer have named her Atlee Bay.

AFTER FACEBOOK SHAMING, GROUP THAT SKIPPED OUT ON TAB PAYS UP _ You can run out on a bar tab, but in the age of social media, you may not be able to hide. Five young adults skipped out on a $105.97 bill Friday night at the Brass Tap in Greenfield, Wisconsin. First came a Facebook posting by the bar, warning the group — three men and two women, all in their 20s — to “come back in and pay or prepare to be prosecuted.” Then came fuzzy but identifiable photos from the Brass Tap’s security cameras. By late Sunday morning, with the bar’s original post shared more than 1,000 times, four of the five members of the group returned to the Brass Tap and paid up. One of the five was working Sunday morning but paid up later in the day. The owner didn’t pursue charges.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DOC REMOVES TWO PENS FROM MAN’S INTESTINES _ Surgeons in China removed two objects that were stuck in a man’s intestines for 36 years. And yes, alcohol was the cause. The patient was informed that he had two pens in his small intestines during a routine physical exam. He was not surprised. The man told doctors he had purposefully swallowed the two pens on a bet while drinking with friends.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: 80-YEAR-OLD CHASES INTRUDER _ A woman in England woke up to find a man in her room. So she pulled the string on her personal alarm and the intruder fled. But the woman — in her 80s — wasn’t about to let him get away. In her nightgown she chanced the man down her street. He got away from her but she gave cops a good description.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GUY FINDS COCKROACH IN HIS CHOCOLATE BAR _ A guy in Australia found a cockroach inside his M&Ms chocolate bar — and he took four bites out of the candy before spotting it.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PEOPLE MISTOOK PINEAPPLE FOR ART _ Students in Scotland managed to pass off a pineapple as a work of art after leaving it in the middle of an exhibition at their university. The students found an empty display case and placed the pineapple on it. When they returned days later to see if the pineapple was there they discovered the case had been covered in glass.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN USES HARRY POTTER BOOK AS ID _ A man in the UK was busted for driving with a blood alcohol level of .11 percent. He told arresting officers his name was Clive. But one of the officers knew this wasn’t true because he used to work with “Clive” at a video rental store 15 years ago. The drunk driver insisted his name was Clive and even offered ID as proof. The ID he handed the officer: a copy of a Harry Potter book.


NCIS (8p ET, CBS) — New. The stress of the wedding takes its toll, and Delilah is rushed to the hospital.

THE VOICE (8p ET, NBC) — New. Seven artists are saved by America’s votes, while two of the bottom three are eliminated. Performances by Charlie Puth and Maren Morris.

THE MIDDLE (8p ET, ABC) — New. The family notices a change for the better when the wrong address is painted on their curb.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (8p ET FOX) — New. In this hour long episode, the precinct heads to the Tri-State Police Officers’ annual Cop-Con.

THE FLASH (8p ET, CW) — New. Barry goes to extreme measures to stop Savitar.

AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE (8:30p ET, ABC) — New. Katie and Greg enjoy a night on the town with Angela’s ex (guest star Tiffani Thiessen).

BULL (9p ET, CBS) — New. Bull agrees to consult on three cases for criminal attorney J.P. Nunnelly. Eliza Dushku begins a three-episode guest arc.

GREAT NEWS (9p ET, NBC) — New. A huge snowstorm traps everyone in the building overnight.

FRESH OFF THE BOAT (9p ET, ABC) — New. Louis gets an opportunity to expand Cattleman’s Ranch with his new silent partner, singer Michael Bolton (guest starring as himself). Howard Hesseman (Head of the Class) and Ian Gomez (Cougar Town) also guest star.

PRISON BREAK (9p ET, FOX) — New. Michael, Lincoln and the remaining Ogygia gang try to escape Yemen.

IZOMBIE (9p ET, CW) —  New. Liv consumes the brain of an irresponsible narcissist.

IMAGINARY MARY (9:30p ET, ABC) — New. Ben’s ex-wife doesn’t think Alice is a good influence on the kids.

GREAT NEWS (9:30p ET, NBC) — In the second new episode tonight, Katie gets an opportunity to appear on the air.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (10p ET, CBS) — New. Pride is spotted tracking one of Mayor Hamilton’s (Steven Weber) accomplices, so the suspect opens fire on a crowded street.

CHICAGO FIRE (10p ET, NBC) — New. Severide makes life difficult for a new team member.

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (10p ET, ABC) — New. An even deadlier enemy is revealed.

SEASON PREMIERE: CHOPPED (10p ET, Food Network) — In the season premiere, chefs Ted Allen, Jeff Mauro, Jet Tila and Chris Santos compete with their moms.

THE LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT (11:35p ET, CBS) — Stephen Colbert is hosting a mini-reunion of The Daily Show to celebrate his 20th anniversary of joining the show. Colbert was a Daily Show correspondent from 1997 to 2005. The mini reunion will include Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Ed Helms and Rob Corddry.


TRAILER FOR BLADE RUNNER 2049 _ Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford will be in theaters in October in Blade Runner 2049. Ridley Scott, who directed Blade Runner 35 years ago is the executive producer. The plot: Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos. K’s discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for 30 years. • TRAILER

TEASER FOR NETFLIX’S ACTION COMEDY FILM GAME OVER, MAN _ Netflix has delivered the teaser trailer for an action comedy titled Game Over, Man, the first feature film made by the “Workaholics” group. The film stars all three guys from Workaholics — Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson. • VIDEO

WE HAVE ANOTHER TRAILER FOR IT _ A second trailer for the reboot of Stephen King’s IT is now online. When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, a group of young kids are faced with their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries. The movie comes out September 8. • VIDEO

PSYCH REUNION MOVIE A GO AT USA NETWORK _ The Psych gang is getting back together. The cast of the long-running USA Network comedy will reunite for a two-hour TV movie. Set to premiere in December, Psych: The Movie picks up three years after the event of the finale when the group comes together during the holidays after a mystery assailant targets one of their own.

RICHARD SIMMONS SUES NATIONAL ENQUIRER FOR LIBEL _ Richard Simmons has surfaced once again — this time in the legal arena. Fitness expert Simmons has slapped National Enquirer with a libel lawsuit over “cruel and malicious” reports that suggested Simmons had undergone a sex change. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, takes aim at reports from the Enquirer and its sister publication Radar Online, which is also named as a defendant in the suit.

UKRAINE BANS ACTOR STEVEN SEAGAL FOR 5 YEARS _ Ukraine has banned action film actor Steven Seagal from entering the country for five years. Seagal was given Russian citizenship by President Vladimir Putin last year in a ceremony shown on state television. He has vocally defended the Russian leader’s policies and criticized the U.S. government. A statement from the Ukrainian Security Service said Seagal’s entry was banned “on the basis of Ukrainian national security.” It did not elaborate.

ANTONIO SABATO JR. IS RUNNING FOR CONGRESS _ Antonio Sabato Jr. is running for Congress in California. He filed documents with the Federal Election Commission on Monday.

NEW ON DVD _ Released May 9.

• Fifty Shades Darker
• ALF: The Complete DVD Collection
• Inside Amy Schumer: Season 4
• Orange Is the New Black: Season 4


Find these audio files on the Pro Audio page.

• AIRPLANE STORIES: A generic intro you can use before the latest airline story.

• DROP: Happy Mother’s Day everybody.

• GHOST GATOR: Ghost Gator in Florida was caught in a back yard. Here’s the guy who spotted it.  →  May 8 News & Nuggets




Tom from (local) sent me this email. He’s not happy about women drivers — and after reading his story, I have to agree…

“Allow me to vent a moment about women drivers. Driving to the office this morning on Interstate XX, I looked over to my left and there was a woman in a brand new Mustang going 75 miles per hour with her face up next to her rear view mirror putting on her eyeliner! I looked away for a couple seconds and when I looked back, she was halfway over in my lane, still working on that damn makeup! It scared me so bad, I dropped my electric shaver, which knocked the donut out of my other hand. In all the confusion of trying to straighten out the car using my knees against the steering wheel, it knocked my phone away from my ear which fell into the coffee between my legs, splashed and burned my thighs, ruined the phone and disconnected an important call. Please, women, learn how to drive!”



• Protect them. As a dad, one of your main roles is protector. There are many ways you need to do this. Safety is one: child-proof your home, teach them good safety habits, set a good example by using your seatbelt, make sure they use a car seat if below a certain age and weight, etc. But financial protection is also important: have life insurance, car insurance, an emergency fund, a will.

• Spend your spare time with them. When we get home from work, often we’re tired and just want to relax. But this is the only time we have with them during the weekdays, often, and you shouldn’t waste it. Take this time to find out about their day, lay on the couch with them. On weekends, devote as much time as possible to them. While work may be your passion, it won’t be long before they’re grown and no longer want to spend time with you.

• Give them hugs. Dads shouldn’t be afraid to show affection. Kids need physical contact, and not just from their moms. Snuggle with them, hug them, love them.

• Play with them. Go outside and play sports. Do a treasure hunt. Have a pillow fight. Don’t just watch TV. Show them how to have fun.

• Do the “mom” stuff. Things that are traditionally considered “mom” duties are not just for moms anymore ­ — changing diapers, feeding, bathing, rocking them to sleep in the middle of the night. Dads should help out as much as they can, sharing these types of duties equally if possible. And in fact, if you’re a dad of a baby, this is the perfect time to bond with your child. You should leap at the chance to do these things, because that’s how you start a life-long close relationship with your child.

• Read to them. This is one of the most important things you can do for your child. First of all, it’s so much fun. Kids books are really cool, and it’s great when you can share something this wonderful with your child. Second, you are teaching them one of the most fundamentally important skills (reading) that will pay off dividends for life. And third, you are spending time with them, you’re sitting or lying close together, and you are enjoying each other’s company.

• Stand by mom. Don’t contradict their mother in front of them, don’t fight with her in front of them, and most definitely don’t ever abuse her. How you treat their mother affects their self-esteem, and the way they will treat themselves and women when they grow up. Be kind and respectful and loving of their mother. And always work as a team ­ never contradicting statements of the other.

• Teach them self-esteem. There is nothing you can do that is better than giving them high self-esteem. How do you do this? A million ways, but mainly by showing them (not telling them) that you value them, by spending time with them, by talking and listening to them, by praising things they do, by teaching them (not telling them) how to be competent. Praise and encourage, don’t reprimand and discourage.

• Teach them about finances. This is a point often missed in articles about dadhood. You might not need to teach your 1-year-old about index funds or portfolio diversity, but from an early age, you can teach them the value of money, how to save money to reach a goal, and later, how earn money and how to manage money properly. You don’t want your child to go into the world knowing as little as you did, do you?

• Be good to yourself. You shouldn’t give up your entire life when you become a dad. You need to take care of yourself, give yourself some alone time, and some time with your buddies, in order to be a great dad when you’re with your kids. Also take care of your health ­ — eat healthy and exercise ­ because 1) you can’t take care of your kids if you’re sickly, 2) you are teaching your kids how to be healthy for life, and 3) you want to enjoy those grandkids someday.


TRIVIA: ‘Barf’ is the brand name of what product in Iran? (Dishwashing detergent)

TRIVIA: Just 4% of moms want what on Mother’s Day? (Breakfast in bed)


• What color are most pencils?

• Name a company that flies people places.

• In basketball, how much is a three-pointer worth?

• When you shop at the grocery store you put your selections into what?


Cat get in bag, regrets it.


A visual fx artist wants to sell his old Suzuki Vitara, so he created the best sales video ever.


My car is so old it’s in the Duct Tape Hall of Fame!

DATEBOOK: MAY 10, 2017

This is day 130 of 2017. There are 235 days remaining.


• Sportscaster Chris Berman is 62

• Bono is 57

• Linda Evangelista is 52

• Race car driver/dancer Hélio Castroneves (Dancing with the Stars season 5 winner) is 42

• Kenan Thompson (Saturday Night Live, Kenan and Kel) is 39

• Lauren Potter (Glee) is 27


• 1869: The First Transcontinental Railroad, linking the eastern and western United States, was completed at Promontory Summit, Utah, with the golden spike.

• 1908: Mother’s Day was observed for the first time in West Virginia.

• 1954: Bill Haley and the Comets released Rock Around the Clock, the first rock and roll record to reach number one on the charts.

• 1996: A “rogue storm” near the summit of Mount Everest killed eight climbers, making it the deadliest day in the mountain’s history. Among the dead were experienced climbers Rob Hall and Scott Fischer, both of whom were leading paid expeditions to the summit.

• 1996: In Texas a Cochran County sheriff’s deputy accidentally shot himself and a dispatcher while giving a firearm safety demonstration. Both were hospitalized with non-life-threatening leg wounds.

• 1999: Police in Rapids Parish, Louisiana, recognized a man wanted in Houston for aggravated assault when they saw him on Jerry Springer in a televised battle between the man and his sister.

• 2002: FBI agent Robert Hanssen was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole for selling United States secrets to Moscow for $1.4 million in cash and diamonds.

• 2005: A hand grenade allegedly thrown by Vladimir Arutinian landed about 65 feet from U.S. President George W. Bush while he is giving a speech to a crowd in Tbilisi, Georgia, but malfunctioned and didn’t detonate.

• 2014 The unidentified remains of victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack were put to rest in a private depository next to the museum at the World Trade Center Memorial site.


• Donate a Day’s Wages to Charity Day

• Bike To School Day

• Nightshift Workers Day

• Third Shift Workers Day

• Receptionists Day

• School Nurse Day


• May 14: Mother’s Day

• May 20: Armed Forces Day

• May 29: Memorial Day

• June 14: Flag Day

• June 18: Father’s Day

More holidays