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DATEBOOK: MAY 30, 2017

This is day 150 of 2017. There are 215 days remaining.


• Stephen Tobolowsky (insurance agent Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day) is 66

• Colm Meaney (Star Trek: The Next Generation) is 64

• Ted McGinley (Married With Children) is 59

• Singer-actress Idina Menzel is 46. Sang the Academy Award-winning song Let It Go in Frozen.

• Cee Lo Green is 42

• Jared Gilmore (Once Upon a Time, Mad Men) is 17


• 1868: Decoration Day — the predecessor of the modern Memorial Day — was observed in the United States for the first time.

• 1883: In New York City, a rumor that the Brooklyn Bridge was going to collapse caused a stampede which crushed twelve people.

• 1911: At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the first Indianapolis 500 ended with Ray Harroun becoming the first winner of the 500-mile auto race.

• 1922: In Washington, D.C. the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated.

• 1981: The compact disc was first introduced.

• 1996: Britain’s Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were granted an uncontested divorce ending their 10-year marriage.

• 2006: The FBI said it had found no trace of missing labor leader Jimmy Hoffa after digging up a suburban Detroit horse farm.

• 2011: After executing its final mission, Space Shuttle Endeavor successfully undocked from the International Space Station to return to earth.


• Mint Julep Day

• Water A Flower Day


• June is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month, Dairy Month, Fireworks Safety Month, International Accordion Awareness Month, International Men’s Month, International People Skills Month, June is Perennial Gardening Month, National Candy Month, National Iced Tea Month, National Rose Month, National Seafood Month, National Soul Food Month, National Steakhouse Month, Potty Training Awareness Month, Prevent Cancer From The Sun Month, Turkey Lover’s Month.

• June 14: Flag Day

• June 18: Father’s Day

• June 20: First day of summer

• July 4: Independence Day


100: Pounds of skin the average human loses in a lifetime.


Elvis Presley’s personal jet was purchased at auction for $430,000. [It’s a collector’s item. It’s not every day that you see a plane with bell-bottom landing gear.]

Authorities issued a red alert following the eruption of an Alaskan volcano. [Eyewitnesses described the volcano as being louder and angrier than a disruptive airline passenger.]

A fisherman in Australia was knocked down when a shark jumped into his boat. [At first he was frightened out of his mind by the shark then he got angry when he realized that the shark had made him spill his beer.]

North Korea launched another missile. This one landed in neighboring Japanese waters. [The Japanese said that they’re keeping it along with the soccer ball the North Koreans kicked into their flower garden.]

Homeland Security is considering expanding its ban on laptops and tablets to include all international flights. [That ruling will have serious ramifications. We may actually have no choice but to watch the inflight movie.]

A Massachusetts judge has ruled that a defendant will not be allowed to juggle in court to bolster his argument that he’s really a clown and was only joking when he held up a convenience store with a toy gun. [At first, the judge was seriously considering giving the defendant some leeway until he made the mistake of squirting the judge with a fake flower.]

Tiger Woods was arrested for driving under the influence. [You know things have taken a bad turn in your life when you have to call John Daly to bail you out of jail.]

According to a new study, fathers are more likely to sing to their infant daughters than to their infant sons. [Just one more example of how our society punishes females.]

Now that the FBI investigation has begun to focus on Jared Kushner he has been told to lay low. [White House lawyers have hidden him in a secure undisclosed location next to Kellyanne Conway.]

A California man survived a great white shark attack while kayaking. [That’s impressive. Forget the shark, I could never survive kayaking.]

A California man survived a great white shark attack while kayaking. [The (local park district) doesn’t like it, but this is the exact reason I do my kayaking at (local pool).]


POLICE TAKE SELFIE AFTER DRIVING DRUNK MAN HOME _ In Australia a guy named Reese woke up after a night of heavy drinking and checked his phone. On it he found a photo he didn’t take. It was a selfie taken by two officers with him in bed in the background. Reese shared the photo on social media, adding: “So was just looking through my phone and turns out these good [cops] took some banger selfies after they took my drunk [butt] home. Bloody legends.” The story behind the photo is simple: the cops got a call from a taxi company that Reese was really messed up. The officers said they are always looking for a place of safety for anyone who is affected by alcohol. • IMAGE

THERE’S A MEAT VENDING MACHINE IN WISCONSIN _ A butcher in Hudson, Wisconsin just upped the ante on customer service. RJ’s Meats is now selling its bacon, brats and other cuts of meat out of a vending machine. Owner Rick Reams has seen demand for his prime cuts and quality beef grow over his 30 years as owner. However, in a 24/7 society, Reams can’t accommodate every customer. To make his hours more convenient, he turned to a popular product out of Europe that offers a twist on the traditional vending machine. The machine is refrigerated and designed to dispense fresh meat.

PLACEBOS WORK EVEN WHEN YOU KNOW THEY DON’T CONTAIN MEDICINE _ A review of five studies found that ‘open-label’ placebos — those that patients know contain no active medication — can improve symptoms in a range of conditions. In one study “chronic lower back pain patients openly given dummy pills to add to their existing treatments reported an average 30% pain reduction.

OBVIOUS: PARENTS THINK SWIM LESSONS PROTECT KIDS FROM DROWNING _ Well here’s a shocker. A survey shows 86 percent of parents believe swimming lessons are the best way to protect a child from drowning.

IVANKA TRUMP TWEETS SOMETHING DUMB ON MEMORIAL DAY _ Memorial Day is supposed to be the day Americans come together to pay respect to the people who’ve died while serving the country — or, if you’re Ivanka Trump, make popsicles. Too many companies — and even American citizens — treat Memorial Day as just another day for a sale or a barbecue, but when you’re the First Daughter your one and only tweet about Memorial Day should be about those who gave their lives. On Sunday, the Ivanka Trump brand posted a painfully tone deaf tweet just in time for the holiday. The tweet: Make champagne popsicles this #MemorialDay. It included a link to Ivanka’s retail website.

GOOD SAMARITAN BUYS PLANE TICKET FOR SOLDIER _ After being stationed in Fort Hood, Texas, Keaton Tilson was given permission at the very last minute to fly home to Granite City, Illinois and see his family for Memorial Day weekend. But after spending two days at the airport attempting to wait for a seat on standby, the Army mechanic was starting to lose hope. When Josh Rainey overheard his story he offered to give his ticket to Keaton. The airport staff explained that their policy prevented people from exchanging tickets, but Josh didn’t give up. He then called his wife, who agreed that they should buy a ticket for the young man.

TWO MEN CHARGED AFTER FORCING ALLIGATOR TO DRINK BEER _ Two South Carolina men were charged with harassing an alligator after forcing the creature to drink beer. The men were on a dirt road (near Hardeeville) when they saw the young alligator crossing the road. The duo picked it up and poured beer down its throat before releasing it. It later swam away in a nearby pond. The two men uploaded photos of their antics to social media, which is how officers from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources got wind of their crime.

TIGER WOODS ARRESTED FOR DUI _ Tiger Woods was arrested on charges of driving under the influence early Monday morning in Jupiter, Florida.

AFTER INDY 500 TWEET, SPORTSWRITER IS NO LONGER EMPLOYED _ The Denver Post newspaper fired writer Terry Frei one day after he tweeted that he was “very uncomfortable” with Japanese driver Takuma Sato winning the Indianapolis 500. The newspaper said: “The tweet doesn’t represent what we believe nor what we stand for. We hope you will accept our profound apologies.”

… Frei issued an apology Sunday after facing backlash for his tweet that he later deleted about Sato’s historic win. The tweet: “Nothing specifically personal, but I am very uncomfortable with a Japanese driver winning the Indianapolis 500 during Memorial Day weekend.”

98-YEAR-OLD HAS WRITTEN NEARLY 7,000 LETTERS TO TROOPS _ A 98-year-old has proved the art of letter writing isn’t lost. The California woman, Alleen Cooper, has been writing letters to overseas military members, starting with her own son, since the Vietnam War. All of Cooper’s letters are at least four pages long and she makes sure no two are alike. She’s sent nearly 7,000.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BEER THIEVES MAKE OFF WITH $160,000 IN SUDS _ Police in Canada (Edmonton) are trying to find the thieves who made off with two semi-trailers full of suds. The trailers had been holding more than $160,000 worth of beer. The trucks have been recovered but the beer is still missing.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GREAT WHITE SHARK JUMPS INTO FISHERMAN’S BOAT _ A fisherman has lived to tell the tale of how he ended up with a great white shark in the bottom of his boat. Seventy-three year old Terry Selwood was fishing off the coast of Australia (NSW) when the shark launched itself into his boat. She shark was about 9 feet long. Selwood was injured by the shark but was able to call for help. Marine Rescue came and got him and then went back later to get the boat — with shark still in it.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN JUMPS FROM PLANE AFTER BITING ATTENDANT _ A man jumped off of a plane waiting to take off of from Charlotte, North Carolina, after biting a flight attendant. The 22-year-old stood up after the flight had left the gate. He ignored a flight attendant, then bit her and fought with two passengers before running to the plane door and jumping off the plane, which had already pulled away from the gate. An airport worker was able to stop him from running onto the runway. He’s been charged with interference with a flight crew.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN GETS TICKET AFTER HITTING 88 MPH IN DELOREAN _ When Spencer White’s DeLorean hit 88 mph on Highway 14 in California, he didn’t go Back to the Future. Instead, he got a ticket. When Dr. Emmett Brown’s DeLorean time machine would hit 88 mph in the movie Back to The Future the flux capacitor would be activated. The passengers inside would then travel through time. White decided to take his mother on the freeway for the first time in his 1982, stainless steel DeLorean. Shortly after merging onto the highway he checked the speedometer. He didn’t realize how fast he was going until he saw that it read 85 mph. He thought, “Let’s take it up to 88.” A couple of seconds after hitting 88 he spotted a California Highway Patrol officer’s flashing lights behind him. The officer showed White his radar gun that clocked the vehicle at exactly 88 mph.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: FLIRTY ROBBER _ In Spain a guy robbed a jewelry store. After taking some diamonds and cash the robber didn’t run — he stuck around to flirt with the woman he just robbed. A couple of times he tried to get her phone number. She turned him down, so he turned and left. Now police are looking for him.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN WANTED A KICK IN THE GROIN _ Police in California are looking for a man who allegedly approached women and asked them to kick him in the groin.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ROBBER SLIPS, DROPS IT ALL _ A New Zealand robber, possibly struggling to see with a shirt wrapped around his face, tripped while attempting to leave the store with both arms full of stolen merchandise. The man dropped everything, scrambled back to the counter for a bag of potato chips — then ran.


SEASON PREMIERE; AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (8p ET, NBC) — Tyra Banks is the new host for season 12, with judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B. And the Golden Buzzer is back this season, giving five acts the chance to go directly to the live shows.

NCIS (8p ET, CBS) — Repeat

DOWNWARD DOG (8p ET, ABC) — New. Nan brings Martin to work with her.


THE FLASH (8p ET, CW) — Repeat

THE MIDDLE (8:30p ET, ABC) — Repeat

BULL (9p ET, CBS) — Repeat


SEASON FINALE: PRISON BREAK (9p ET, FOX) — Poseidon continues to try and outsmart Michael, which leads them to the ultimate showdown. Prison Break has not yet been renewed for another season.

IZOMBIE (9p ET, CW) — New. After he’s killed, Liv and Clive discover a dungeon master was up to more than just playing in his mother’s basement.

SEASON PREMIERE: ANIMAL KINGDOM (9p ET, TNT) — Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman and Shawn Hatosy are back for a second season of this drama.

IMAGINARY MARY (9:30p ET, ABC) — New. Alice is ready to sleep over at Ben’s when his kids are in the house.

SERIES PREMIERE: WORLD OF DANCE (10p ET, NBC) — This new reality show, from executive producer and head judge Jennifer Lopez, features 47 acts from around the world competing in divisions based on age and group size. Division winners will compete for the title of Best in the World and $1 million. Dancing with the Stars pro Derek Hough and R&B singer Ne-Yo also judge. Jenna Dewan Tatum hosts

48 HOURS: NCIS (10p ET, CBS) — New


SEASON FINALE: THE AMERICANS (10p ET, FX) — The Americans will return for a 6th and final season.

BLACKISH (10:30p ET, ABC) — Repeat

HOUSE OF CARDS (Netflix) — Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright return for the 5th season, with new cast members Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott (Royal Pains).

SARAH SILVERMAN: A SPECK OF DUST (Netflix) — Sarah Silverman has a new comedy special.


PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN SORT OF BOMBS _ While Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales made $62.6 million and came in No. 1 over the holiday weekend, the box office total is disappointing. Previous Pirates movies have made over $100 million in their opening weekends. Speaking of disappointments, Baywatch debuted in third and wasn’t even able to make $20 million.

GEORGE TAKEI SHUTS DOWN RACIST CRITICISM OF NEW STAR TREK SERIES _ George Takei was first cast in Star Trek two decades after World War II, when American racism against his Japanese ancestry still burned strong. Takei is also gay, and he played Lt. Sulu — who was revealed to be gay last year, 50 years into a series that has always celebrated diversity in its cast and stories. So who better than Takei to respond to a flood of racist and race-tinged criticism that greeted a trailer for the series’ new installment, Star Trek: Discovery, featuring high-ranking black and Asian officers — and women. Some of the comments: “Oh great a woman captain again”; “The captain looks like she was affirmative action’ed onto the bridge”; “BLM black.” There were plenty of racist slurs. On Sunday Takei said, “Today, in this society, we have alien life-forms that we call trolls. And these trolls carry on without knowing what they’re talking about and knowing even less about the history of what they’re talking about. And some of these trolls go on to be presidents of nations.”

… The president actually hadn’t said anything about the new show. But Takei is no fan of Trump. He even wrote last year about how Trump’s threats to ban Muslims from the United States recalled the Japanese internments through which his family suffered during World War II.

TWO CELEBRITY COUPLES GOT MARRIED THIS WEEKEND _ Memorial Day weekend was a popular time to get married. Miranda Kerr and Snapchat co-creator Evan Spiegel got hitched, and so did Emmy Rossum and Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail.

SHIA LABEOUF IS BEING SUED FOR $5M BY A BARTENDER _ An April incident that already got Shia LaBeouf bad press may also get him in legal trouble. On April 5, the actor and his wife were at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Los Angeles when LaBeouf allegedly screamed at a bartender after he refused to serve drinks to the couple — they were allegedly already too drunk. TMZ published video of the incident last month in which LaBeouf can be heard yelling that the bartender is “racist”. Now, Bernstein is suing the actor for $5 million. The bartender’s lawsuit says LaBeouf entered an employee-only area of the restaurant and slammed his fist on the bar, and “appeared ready to physically confront” the bartender after being refused service. He was forced to use a vodka bottle in self-defense since he feared LaBeouf was about to attack him.

SHOULD THESE TV SHOWS GO AWAY? _ has come up with a list of 15 TV shows it thinks should go away. The list includes Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Dr. Phil, Real Housewives of…Wherever and The Big Bang Theory.

A NEW WONDER WOMAN COMMERCIAL _ Another TV commercial for Wonder Woman has been released and, wow… • VIDEO

JADEN SMITH’S SPIKED HOTEL BREAKFAST _ Jaden Smith was on Twitter Sunday blasting the Four Seasons hotel in Toronto for allegedly “spiking” his pancake breakfast with cheese. The 18-year-old actor and rapper was staying at the downtown hotel while filming a movie in the city. The son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith told his over 6 million Twitter followers that he was kicked out of his room after the breakfast went wrong. It is not clear however if Smith has an allergy or intolerance to dairy products.

YOUTUBER’S MUSIC VIDEO GETS 2.2 MILLION DISLIKES IN A MONTH _ A German singer who goes by the name Bibi H uploaded a new music video that’s picked up 2.2 million dislikes in about a month. Bibi H has almost 5 million YouTube channel subscribers but her song How It Is (Wap Bap…) has become one of the video site’s least-liked clips of all time. • VIDEO

NEW ON DVD _ Released May 30.

• The Shack
• Fist Fight
• Before I Fall
• Collide
• Major Crimes: The Complete Fifth Season
• Suits: Season Six
• The Last Kingdom: Season Two

TOP TEN MOVIES _ These are the Memorial Day weekend totals (Friday-Monday).

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, 62.6 million
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, $20.6 million
  3. Baywatch, $18.5 million
  4. Alien: Covenant, $10.5 million
  5. Everything, Everything, $6 million
  6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, $4.4 million
  7. Snatched, $3.8 million
  8. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, $3.2 million
  9. The Boss Baby, $1.7 million
  10. Beauty and the Beast, $1.5 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was X-Men: Apocalypse.

… Five years ago this week the number one movie was Men In Black 3.

… Ten year ago this week the number one movie was Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

… Twenty year ago this week the number one movie was The Lost World: Jurassic Park.


Wonder Woman (PG-13) – Before she was Wonder Woman she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained warrior. When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, she leaves home to fight a war to end all wars, discovering her full powers and true destiny. Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (PG) – Two overly imaginative pranksters named George and Harold, hypnotize their principal into thinking he’s a ridiculously enthusiastic, incredibly dimwitted superhero named Captain Underpants. Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, Nick Kroll, Jordan Peele


Find these audio files on the Pro Audio page.

• HOUSE OF CARDS: The critically acclaimed Netflix drama is back today (May 30) for a fifth season.

• MAY 30 BIRTHDAY: Stephen Tobolowsky played insurance agent Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day.

• WHERE’S OBAMA: Confused 5-year-old wants to know where Barack Obama went. • VIDEO

• JETSONS: The classic animated TV show is being made into a movie. → May 26 Entertainment




Traveling this summer? Never, ever say the following to a highway patrolman:

• I can’t reach my driver’s license unless you hold my beer.

• Sorry, Officer, I didn’t realize my radar detector wasn’t plugged in.

• Hey, you must’ve been doin’ about 125 mph to keep up with me. Good job!

• I thought you had to be in relatively good physical condition to be a police officer.

• You’re not gonna check the trunk, are you?

• I was trying to keep up with traffic. Yes, I know there are no other cars around. That’s how far ahead of me they are.


The main reasons people drink coffee are for its alertness, focus, and mood-boosting properties. Here are some other reasons coffee is the best.

• Coffee boosts our metabolic rate, which accelerates the burning of fat.

• Chemicals within coffee can significantly improve physical performance and strength.

• Coffee is the single-largest source of antioxidants (disease-fighting compounds) in the world.

• One cup of coffee contains 11%, 2%, and 6% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins B2, B3, and B5, respectively.

• Properties within coffee appear to have a protective effect on the liver.

• Coffee helps to support blood vessel health.


FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: Ever hitchhiked or picked up a hitchhiker? How’d it go?

Over the weekend I saw an older guy walking down the highway with his thumb out. I was surprised because I don’t remember the last time I saw a hitchhiker — especially on a highway. So I googled it and found an article written by a guy who’s hitchhiked all around the world. He’s got a few tips for people who are considering seeing the country using their thumb.

• Ask people at gas stations.

• Pick a spot where cars are going slow.

• Always pick a spot where a car can easily pull aside without creating a jam.

• A sign can help, especially if there’s a major junction ahead.

• Smile.

• Offer to pay for gas.



We’ve all been late to work, and a CareerBuilder survey finds that 1 in 4 of us have made up an excuse to explain our tardiness. Here are some excuses people have used that you might want to skip:

• Someone was following me, and I drove all around town trying to lose them.

• My dog dialed 911, and the police wanted to question me about what “really” happened.

• My girlfriend got mad and destroyed all of my underwear.

• I woke up and thought I was temporarily deaf.

• I just wasn’t “feelin’ it” this morning.

• I was up all night arguing with God.

• A raccoon stole my work shoes off my porch.

• I super-glued my eye thinking it was contact solution.

• I was putting lotion on my face when my finger went up my nose causing a nose bleed.


TRIVIA: TRIVIA: When opened in 1914, it had a seating capacity of just 14,000 and cost $250,000 to build. (Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.)

TRIVIA: Every state in the U.S. has these… except Louisiana. What? (Counties. Louisiana is divided up into Parishes.)


• The Golden Gate Bridge or singer Tony Bennett? Tony Bennett started crooning, er, crying in 1926. The Golden Gate Bridge wasn’t built until 1937.

• The clothes dryer or Tom Selleck? The clothes dryer was invented in 1892, Tom was born in 1945.

• The helicopter or Tina Turner? Tina was born in 1939 but the modern helicopter didn’t fly ’til 1940.


Motorcyclist hit by two cars.


Smart to diversify?

DATEBOOK: MAY 31, 2017

This is day 151 of 2017. There are 214 days remaining.


• Clint Eastwood is 87

• Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary is 79

• Sharon Gless (Cagney and Lacey) is 74

• Tom Berenger is 67

• Kyle Secor (Homicide: Life on the Street) is 60

• Chris Elliott is 57

• Lea Thompson (Back to the Future) is 56

• Rapper DMC of Run-DMC is 53

• Brooke Shields is 52

• TV personality Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race) is 50

• Colin Farrell is 41


• 1678: Lady Godiva rode naked on horseback through the city of Coventry, England. According to legend, she made the ride as part of a bargain to get her husband Leofric, Earl of Mercia, to ease taxes on the people of Coventry, England.

• 1884: Dr. John Harvey Kellogg of Battle Creek, Michigan, patented “flaked cereal.”

• 1943: The comic strip “Archie Andrews” debuted on the Mutual Radio Network. Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and the gang lasted on radio about five years.

• 1990: “The Seinfeld Chronicles” premiered as a summer series on NBC starring Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The pilot had aired in the previous July. Renamed just plain “Seinfeld,” the show lasted nine years.

• 1991: Australian Dudley Reid married Minnie Munro in Point Claire, New South Wales. Dudley was 83; Minnie was 102.

• 1998: Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) rocked the British entertainment world when she announced she was leaving The Spice Girls.

• 2003: Air France’s superjet, the Concorde, returned to Paris in a final commercial flight.

2014: For her wake in Puerto Rico, the body of an 80-year-old woman was positioned in her favorite rocking chair wearing her wedding dress. Her daughter said her mother specified that this was how she imagined her wake.


• Senior Health & Fitness Day

• What You Think Upon Grows Day

• World No-Tobacco Day

• Macaroon Day


• June is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month, Dairy Month, Fireworks Safety Month, International Accordion Awareness Month, International Men’s Month, International People Skills Month, June is Perennial Gardening Month, National Candy Month, National Iced Tea Month, National Rose Month, National Seafood Month, National Soul Food Month, National Steakhouse Month, Potty Training Awareness Month, Prevent Cancer From The Sun Month, Turkey Lover’s Month.

• June 14: Flag Day

• June 18: Father’s Day

• June 20: First day of summer

• July 4: Independence Day