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This is day 278 of 2017. There are 87 days remaining.


• Steve Miller is 74

• Brian Johnson of AC/DC is 70

• Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark) is 66

• Director Clive Barker is 65

• Bob Geldof is 63

• Neil deGrasse Tyson is 59

• Daniel Baldwin (Homicide: Life on the Streets) is 57

• Josie Bissett (Melrose Place) is 47

• Former NBA star Grant Hill is 45

• Scott Weinger (Full House/Fuller House) is 42

• Kate Winslet is 42

• Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) is 34


• 1905: Wilbur Wright piloted Wright Flyer III in a flight of 24 miles in 39 minutes, a world record that stood until 1908.

• 1921: The World Series was broadcast on the radio for the first time.

• 1947: The first televised White House address was given by U.S. President Harry S. Truman.

• 1962: In the UK The Beatles released their first single, “Love Me Do.”

• 1962: In the UK, the First James Bond movie, Dr. No, was released.

• 1970: PBS became a television network.

• 1989: Evangelist Jim Bakker was convicted of using his TV show to defraud followers of over $150 million.

• 1997: When the First United Methodist Church women’s group in Tulsa, Oklahoma, lit all 95 candles on Mabel McCullough’s birthday cake, it set off the fire alarm. It did not trigger the sprinkler system, but five engines and two ladder companies of firefighters showed up for the party.

• 2001: Robert Stevens became the first victim in the 2001 anthrax attacks.

• 2005: Police in Holland stormed into an 80-year-old woman’s apartment to rescue her after neighbors spotted a sign saying: “Help, I am locked up!” hanging from the window of her seventh floor apartment. Turned out she was just complaining about the elevator being broken.

• 2011: Apple founder Steve Jobs died at age 56.


• Rocky Mountain Oyster Day

• Do Something Nice Day

• World Teachers Day

• National Depression Screening Day


• October 9: Columbus Day

• October 31: Halloween (Tuesday)

• November 5: Daylight Saving Time ends

• November 23: Thanksgiving (Thursday)

• December 21: First day of winter


12: Humans who have walked on the moon.


According to a new study, mothers can reduce the likelihood of their children developing a peanut allergy if they eat peanut products while breastfeeding. [Could life get any better than that — having medical permission to eat Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?]

The FDA has ruled against a Massachusetts bakery and informed it that it cannot legally list love as one of the official ingredients in its granola. [The agency also ruled against Keebler and its elfin magic.]

Archaeologists in Turkey think that they have found the tomb of the real St. Nick. [The tomb is big and round and shakes like a bowl full of jelly.]

The Georgia State Supreme Court has overturned the conviction against a man who was arrested for disorderly conduct after he gave his pastor the middle finger and yelled at him during church service. [The Court said the man has the Constitutional right to exercise his freedom of speech… just as long as he doesn’t take a knee.]

Pauly Perrette, who plays Goth girl Abby on NCIS, announced that this is her last season. [She wants to do something completely different like play Morticia in a remake of The Adams Family.]

Billionaire Mark Cuban of Shark Tank is considering a run for president. [That’s crazy. What are the chances that America would ever elect a reality show host?]

Brooke Shields revealed that she turned down a date with Donald Trump. [And that’s a woman who made The Blue Lagoon.]

The NBA is changing the format of its All-Star game. The teams won’t automatically be divided into East and West. Captains will get to choose whichever players they want on their teams, [along with whichever Kardashian].

A mom in Michigan has been sentenced to seven days in jail for ignoring a judge’s order to have her son vaccinated. [Forget the son. If she’s going to jail, I hope that she’s the one who’s been vaccinated.]


GOOGLE INTRODUCES ITS FIRST WIRELESS EARBUDS _ Google has released its first pair of wireless earbuds, but they’re more than just your average pair of in-ear speakers. Google’s Pixel Buds, as they’re called, are part music delivery device and part translator. With a Google Pixel handset in your pocket, you can tap and hold the Pixel Buds’ right earbud to activate Google Assistant. From there, you can ask any question you’d normally ask the digital assistant. Perhaps most usefully though — you can utilize its Google Translate capabilities. If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll be able to discreetly and quickly tutor yourself on how to ask a question, reducing the chances that you’ve completely botched the translation.

MONOPOLY GUY’S PRESENCE DRAMATICALLY IMPROVES SENATE HEARING _ If you were watching Wednesday morning’s Senate hearing on the Equifax hack, you may have seen something out of the corner of your eye and asked, “Did I just see Rich Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly sitting behind the Equifax CEO?” Yes you did. The real-life version of Uncle Pennybags — complete with morning suit, fancy white mustache, monocle, cane, bowtie, and a sack marked “$” — made an appearance Wednesday on Capitol Hill as a member of the gallery in a hearing before the Senate Banking Committee. Former Equifax CEO Richard Smith was delivering testimony about the massive Equifax breach to the Senate for the day and Uncle Pennybags was seated not far behind him. • GIF

… It wasn’t some sort of guerrilla marketing by Hasbro. In fact, this Uncle Pennybags was a woman, Amanda Werner, who manages Public Citizen’s campaign against the use of forced arbitration — the practice of stripping customers of their right to sue the companies they do business with. The stunt, done in tandem with Americans for Financial Reform, was intended to “to draw attention to forced arbitration rip-off clauses, used by Equifax, Wells Fargo and other financial companies to evade accountability and take advantage of consumers.”

DUNKIN’ DONUTS REMOVING A THIRD OF ITS DONUTS _ Dunkin’ Donuts recently dropped the “Donuts” from one of its California stores, and now it’s dropping a lot of donuts from its menus at stores around the country. By the end of the month about 1,000 Dunkin’ restaurants — there are over 8,800 locations — will cut their donut selection from about 30 to 18. The change comes as the chain tries to “reset” its business, while boosting efficiency and improve customer service.

TURKISH EXPERTS BELIEVE THEY’VE LOCATED REMAINS OF ST. NICHOLAS _ Turkish archaeologists believe they’re on the brink of obtaining the remains of Saint Nicholas. Researchers say they’ve discovered the remains of the man commonly known among children as Santa Claus, within an undamaged grave at St. Nicholas Church in the Turkish district of Demre. The grave was discovered using electronic surveys. Gaps in the surveys appeared beneath the church, cluing experts to the location.

… Saint Nicholas is believed to have lived from 270-343 A.D.

CLIMATE CHANGE THREATENS COFFEE-POLLINATING BEES _ The best coffee grows in the mountains, where it’s cool. It needs low temperatures to thrive, which is why growers often put shade trees in their fields. But the mountains are getting hotter. And the higher you go, the less room there is to grow coffee. This is one reason scientists predict coffee will suffer in a changing climate.

… And new research (in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) suggests the fate of coffee may be worse than previously thought. Earlier projections underestimated the effects of climate change, specifically in Latin America, and failed to consider the consequences for coffee-pollinating bees. The study predicts that climate change could reduce coffee-growing areas in Latin America — the world’s largest coffee-producing region — by as much as 88 percent by 2050.

FDA WARNS BAKERY COMPANY ‘LOVE’ IS NOT AN INGREDIENT IN GRANOLA _ The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a warning letter to Nashoba Brook Bakery, reprimanding the (West Concord) Massachusetts-based baker and wholesaler about the ingredients it lists in its granola. The agency wrote: “Your Nashoba Granola label lists ingredient ‘Love.’ ‘Love’ is not a common or usual name of an ingredient, and is considered to be intervening material because it is not part of the common or usual name of the ingredient.” Nashoba sells its products in about 120 stores, mostly in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

MAN PROPOSES TO HIS GIRLFRIEND WITH HELP FROM MILI THE GIRAFFE _ A Missouri man enlisted the help of a tall and spotted friend to help in a special proposal for his giraffe-loving sweetheart. Cody Hall took his girlfriend, Makayla Blakey, on a behind-the-scenes tour of the giraffe enclosures at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri, on September 24. What Blakey didn’t know, though, was that Hall and zoo officials had been working together for weeks on a surprise proposal that incorporated Mili, one of the park’s giraffes.

… Zookeepers hung Hall’s engagement ring from a lanyard around Mili’s neck. As Blakey fed Mili leaves off of a branch, Hall removed the ring from the lanyard and dropped down on one knee.

REMEMBER THIS? A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: CARBS AT NIGHT WON’T MAKE YOU PUT ON WEIGHT _ If you’re the kind of person who likes to put away a baked potato as a late snack but think it could make you fat, don’t worry. A New Zealand nutritionist says it’s a myth that eating carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice or bread at night will make you put on weight. Nutritionist and dietitian Jeni Pearce said a person’s total energy intake over 24 hours should be the focus, not one meal or the time of day they eat.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: JERK REFUSES TO STOP SMOKING AT THE GAS STATION _ In Bulgaria a guy got out of his car at a gas pump with a cigarette in his mouth. An employee at the gas station told him to put it out but the customer refused. Finally tired of trying to talk some common sense into the customer, the employee walked over with a fire extinguisher and sprayed the customer. And it was all caught on video. • VIDEO

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN’S JACK DANIEL’S FLAG MISTAKEN FOR ISIS FLAG BY NEIGHBORS _ A man in Switzerland recently received an anonymous letter from his “worried” neighbors after he hung a Jack Daniel’s flag in front of his home. Their problem? They mistook the whiskey brand’s logo for the black and white logo of ISIS, and feared the young man may be a supporter of the Islamic State. The anonymous letter writer asked: “Is it necessary to be afraid of you?” The man says he’s not taking down his Jack Daniels flag.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DRUNK CLAIMS HE TIME TRAVELED TO WARN OF ALIENS _ A Wyoming man arrested for public intoxication claimed he had traveled back in time to warn of an alien invasion. Police (in Casper) say the man they encountered at 10:30PM Monday claimed he was from the year 2048. The drunk time traveler told cops that aliens will arrive next year and he asked to speak to the president of the town. The man told police he was only able to time travel because aliens filled his body with alcohol. He also said that he was supposed to be transported to the year 2018, not this year.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SHOPPER WALKS OFF WITH CARDBOARD COP _ In the UK a thief stole a life-sized cardboard cut-out of a policeman that was intended to deter shoplifters at a supermarket.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: POLICE SAY NUDE, DRUNK FLORIDA MAN FIRED WEAPONS _ A naked drunk Florida man wanted to know if his .45-caliber gun and shotgun worked, so he fired them into the air. Neighbors heard the gunfire and called police.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN ARRESTED AFTER CRASHING INTO FIVE VEHICLES _ Dallas police arrested a 51-year-old woman after she allegedly crashed into five parked vehicles. The woman was allegedly driving while intoxicated. All five vehicles belong to one family, who are now trying to figure out who is going to pay for all the damage.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GUY LEAVES BOOTS BEHIND IN ROBBERY ATTEMPT _ In New York City a guy attempted to burglarize a home by climbing in through an open window. He took off his boots to avoid making any noise as he crept through the house. But he wasn’t quiet enough to avoid waking up the homeowner’s dog, who began barking loudly. The burglar made a hasty retreat back through the window, leaving his boots behind. After hearing a report of the crime, a patrolman noticed a man walking in his sock feet. It turned out to be the burglar.


NFL THURSDAY NIGHT KICKOFF (8p ET, CBS) — James Brown hosts this pre-game show with analysts Deion Sanders and Bill Cowher.

GREY’S ANATOMY (8p ET, ABC) — New. Harper Avery arrives and puts Bailey on edge.

SUPERSTORE (8p ET, NBC) — New. The Cloud 9 employees hold a memorial service for co-worker Brett.

GOTHAM (8p ET, FOX) — New. Gordon travels to Miami in attempts to persuade Carmine Falcone for his help in the fight against Penguin.


PROJECT RUNWAY (8p ET, Lifetime) — New. The designers must create an on-the-go look for friends and family of the show’s crew.

THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (8:25p ET, CBS) — New England and the Buccaneers play in Tampa Bay, their first matchup since 2013. The two teams have met just eight times in their histories, with the Patriots winning six.

THE GOOD PLACE (8:30p ET, NBC) — New. Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason struggle with making a decision.

SEASON PREMIERE: SCANDAL (9p ET, ABC) — The 7th and final season begins about 100 days into the Presidency of Mellie Grant, with Cyrus and Olivia serving as her vice president and chief of staff. Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), Shaun Toub (Homeland) and Jay Hernandez (Nashville) join the cast.

WILL & GRACE (9p ET, NBC) — New. Will and Jack find dating younger guys challenging. Broadway star Ben Platt (Pitch Perfect) guest stars.

THE ORVILLE (9p ET, FOX) — New. The crew saves a stranded ship and its attractive Capt. Pria (guest star Charlize Theron).

ARROW (9p ET, CW) — Repeat

GREAT NEWS (9:30p ET, NBC) — New. Diana (guest star Tina Fey) pushes Katie (Briga Heelan) to take the job at the station that she wants.

CHICAGO FIRE (10p ET, NBC) — New. Chief Boden puts pressure on Severide and Casey to investigate the cause of the school fire that trapped his wife.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER (10p ET, ABC) — New. Annalise reconnects with an important client from her past.


FAST AND THE FURIOUS 9 IS COMING IN 2020 _ The ninth in the Fast and the Furious franchise is being pushed back a year. The movie, which still needs a director, was to have raced into theaters on April 19, 2019. It will now open April 10, 2020, which is Easter weekend. Many of the franchise stars are returning, led by Vin Diesel. It is unclear whether Dwayne Johnson will return.

MUSIC FESTIVAL OFFERS REFUNDS _ Austin City Limits Music Festival organizers are offering refunds to fans who feel unsafe to attend in light of recent events. The festival runs across two weekends at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas: October 6-8 and October 13-15.

FANS LAUNCH PETITION TO BUILD TOM PETTY STATUE IN GAINESVILLE _ Fans of Tom Petty have launched a petition to erect a statue of the late rocker in his birthplace of Gainesville, Florida. The petition states: “Tom Petty was the classic American songwriter and deserves a statue built in his honor in his birthplace of Gainesville, Florida. His tragic death at the age of 66, following his triumphant final U.S. tour, has his fans in shock. This would be an appropriate way to celebrate and memorialize the influential, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician.”

GABRIELLE UNION REVEALS SHE’S HAD ‘8 OR 9 MISCARRIAGES’ _ Gabrielle Union reveals new personal details about her struggle to get pregnant and how captive she feels by the process in her upcoming new book. The Being Mary Jane star writes in her book, We’re Going to Need More Wine, that she’s had “eight or nine miscarriages … For three years, my body has been a prisoner of trying to get pregnant — I’ve either been about to go into an IVF cycle, in the middle of an IVF cycle, or coming out of an IVF cycle.”

… Union, who’s 44, admits she didn’t think she wanted to have children when she married her husband, Dwyane Wade of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, in August 2014. But her feelings began to change after she started raising one of his nephews and his three children from previous relationships.

PUNISHER PULLED FROM NEW YORK COMIC CON AFTER LAS VEGAS SHOOTING _ Netflix and Marvel have decided to pull Marvel’s The Punisher from the New York Comic Con following the Las Vegas shooting. The upcoming series was going to have a panel at the New York Comic Con on Saturday, October 7. A premiere date for the series has not been announced yet.

CAM NEWTON LAUGHS AT FEMALE REPORTER _ Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been called sexist after he laughed at a female reporter Wednesday afternoon during the team’s press conference. He told a Charlotte Observer writer: “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.” Jourdan Rodrigue had asked him about wide receiver Devin Funchess: “You take a lot of pride in seeing your wide receivers play well. Devin Funchess has seemed to really embrace the physicality of his routes, and getting those extra yards. Does that give you a little bit of an enjoyment, to see him kind of truck sticking people out there?” That’s when Newton chuckled and said it was funny. • VIDEO

… Rodrigue didn’t see the funny side of it, saying in a statement: “This afternoon, I did my job as an NFL beat writer and asked Cam Newton a question about one of his receivers. I was dismayed by his response, which not only belittled me but countless other women before me and beside me who work in similar jobs. I sought Mr. Newton out as he left the locker room a few minutes later. He did not apologize for his comments.”

CROOKED HOUSE IS BASED ON AGATHA CHRISTIE NOVEL _ Sony Pictures has released the first trailer for their upcoming mystery Crooked House, based on Agatha Christie’s 1949 detective novel and adapted by Downtown Abbey writer Julian Fellowes.

… The suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a wealthy patriarch is investigated by spy-turned-private-detective Charles Hayward (Max Irons), who is lured by his former lover to catch her grandfather’s murderer before Scotland Yard exposes dark family secrets. On the sprawling estate, amidst a poisonous atmosphere of bitterness, resentment and jealousy in a truly crooked house, Hayward encounters three generations of the dynasty, including a theater actress (Gillian Anderson), the old man’s widow 50 years his junior (Christina Hendricks), and the family matriarch Lady Edith de Haviland (Glenn Close). • VIDEO

BEN AFFLECK CALLS BATMAN V SUPERMAN CRITICISMS FAIR _ Last year’s superhero spectacle Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was polarizing. While it was profitable at the box office, it was blasted by critics. Ben Affleck, who played Batman in the movie, has heard fans’ complaints, many of which zeroed in on the film’s excessively dark tone and the writing. In an interview with Empire he reveals that he thinks such criticisms are “fair.”

… He added that much like Wonder Woman, the upcoming Justice League film will have a lighter tone. Justice League will be released on November 17.

JIMMY KIMMEL TO HOST BILLY JOEL, DAVID LETTERMAN DURING NEW YORK SHOWS _ ABC‘s Jimmy Kimmel Live returns to Brooklyn for five original shows on October 16-20. Jimmy will welcome guests Billy Joel, David Letterman, Tracy Morgan, Amy Schumer, and Howard Stern to the show as well as Letterman’s former Late Show bandleader, Paul Shaffer, who will sit in with house band Cleto and The Cletones each night. Musical guests will include Billy Joel, LCD Soundsystem, Cardi B, and a special performance from the Tidal X show at Barclays Center.

ALL FIVE LIVING FORMER PRESIDENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN HURRICANE RELIEF CONCERT _ All five living former presidents will participate in a hurricane relief concert at Texas A&M’s Reed Arena on October 21. George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama will be featured at the concert. Lee Greenwood will emcee the event, called Deep From the Heart: The One America Appeal, and on the bill are Alabama, the Gatlin Brothers, Lyle Lovett, Robert Earl Keen, Sam Moore, Yolanda Adams, Cassadee Pope, and Stephanie Quayle.

TOM CRUISE IS BACK IN ACTION ON MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6 SET _ In early August, superstar Tom Cruise sustained an on-set ankle injury while filming a stunt on Mission: Impossible 6, which was expected to cause production delays ranging from six weeks to three months to allow the star to recover. But the 55-year-old is back in action on the Essex, England set of the sequel.

KELLY RIPA HAS TANTRUM OVER RYAN SEACREST’S GMA APPEARANCE? _ Are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest having some drama on the set of Live? Probably not. But a new report indicated that Ripa threw a “tantrum” over Seacrest’s planned appearance on rival Good Morning America, forcing him to cancel at the last minute and leaving the relationship between the hosts quite strained. A number of sources reportedly told Page Six TV that Ripa issued a demand to Seacrest not to go through with the appearance, which was scheduled to promote his return to American Idol, which has now been picked up by ABC.


Find these audio files on the Pro Audio page.

AMERICAN IDOL: A Katie Perry fan on Good Morning America asked the singer what song of hers she would sing in an American Idol audition.

DROP: You just ruin my whole day if you stink it up. Don’t stink it up.

CRUISE SHIP CRASH JOKESTER: A guy cracks himself up after watching a Disney cruise ship back into a small dock. Here’s the video. NOTE: It contains not-safe-for-air language. The audio-only version uses bleeps.




FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: What is the weirdest thing your cat or dog ever brought home?


A new (British) survey has revealed the top most romantic smells. The survey was commissioned by Yankee Candle. Some in the top half of this list make sense. Many in the bottom half are just weird.

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: What scent turns you on/puts you in a romantic mood?

  1. Perfume
  2. Log fires
  3. Aftershave
  4. Fresh flowers
  5. Fresh linen/cashmere
  6. Rain
  7. Vanilla
  8. Mulled wine
  9. Bonfires
  10. Mixed spices
  11. Coffee
  12. Cinnamon
  13. Freshly washed clothes
  14. Spiced apple
  15. Freshly baked bread
  16. Chocolate
  17. Sunday roast
  18. Cakes baking in the oven
  19. Apple crumble
  20. Gingerbread
  21. Fireworks
  22. Cherry
  23. Leather
  24. Leaves
  25. Saffron
  26. Whiskey
  27. Old books
  28. Sparklers
  29. Chestnuts
  30. Cookies


TRIVIA: On average, an office or cubicle will have three of these. (Pictures on display)


I can be quick and then I’m deadly,

I am a rock, shell and bone medley.

If I was made into a man, I’d make people dream,

I gather in my millions by ocean, sea and stream.

Answer: Sand


Man vs. Fan.


Please pass me a moist towelette.

source: unknown


This is day 279 of 2017. There are 86 days remaining.


• Britt Ekland is 75

• Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon) is 66

• Elisabeth Shue is 54

• Sportscaster and former basketball player Rebecca Lobo is 44

• Jeremy Sisto is 43

• Wes Ramsey (CSI: Miami) is 40


• 1927: The era of talking pictures began with the opening of “The Jazz Singer,” a movie starring Al Jolson that featured both silent and talking scenes.

• 1945: Chicago tavern owner Billy “Goat” Sianis bought a seat for his pet goat at Game Four of the World Series — they were kicked out of the stadium. Sianis put “the Goat Curse” on the Cubs.

• 1991: Elizabeth Taylor married her seventh husband, construction worker Larry Fortensky. It was her eighth marriage.

• 1993: Burglar Craig Dodsworth couldn’t open the cash register at a drugstore in Barnsley, England, so he took the register home with him. Investigating police quickly realized the register tape had unraveled, and followed the paper to Dodsworth’s apartment about 75 yards away.

• 1996: The London tabloid The People reported “reliable” information that Elvis had faked his death in 1977 and run off with a secret lover named Maria. The tabloid said Elvis had paid a dying man to have plastic surgery to become his double, to die at Graceland, and be buried in Elvis’s place.

• 2006: Joel Blanton of Tennessee was arrested after his getaway didn’t go as planned. Officials said he tried to escape through a trap door in his house trailer. Perhaps Joel should’ve done a test run before using the door in a real escape. He was too big for the trap door and got stuck underneath the house.

• 2014: Michael Phelps was suspended for six months from sponsor organization USA Swimming due to drunk driving charge.


• National German-American Day

• American Libraries Day

• National Denim Day

• National Diversity Day

• World Smile Day

• Physician Assistant Day

• Noodle Day! Noodles were invented in China around 2000 BC. Thomas Jefferson brought pasta to the US from France in 1789. Instant noodles were invented in Japan in 1958.


• October 9: Columbus Day

• October 31: Halloween (Tuesday)

• November 5: Daylight Saving Time ends

• November 23: Thanksgiving (Thursday)

• December 21: First day of winter



• TV personality Joy Behar is 75. Oliver North is 74. John Mellencamp is 66. Vladimir Putin is 65. Michael W. Smith is 60. Simon Cowell is 58. Toni Braxton is 50. Allison Munn is 43. Omar Benson Miller is 39.

• Fallen Firefighters Memorial Day. National Forgiveness Day. World Porridge Day. You Matter To Me Day. Random Acts of Poetry Day. Bathtub Day.


• Paul Hogan is 78. Chevy Chase is 74. R.L. Stine is 74. Sigourney Weaver is 68. Darrell Hammond is 62. CeCe Winans is 53. Emily Procter is 49. Matt Damon is 47. Nick Cannon is 37. Bruno Mars is 32. Angus T. Jones is 24.

• Salmon Day. World Octopus Day. Clergy/Pastor Appreciation Day.