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This is day 32 of 2018. There are 333 days remaining.


• Garrett Morris is 81

• Don Everly of The Everly Brothers is 81

• Terry Jones (Monty Python) is 76

• Billy Mumy (Lost in Space) is 64

• Linus Roache (Law and Order) is 54

• Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) is 53

• Lisa Marie Presley is 50

• Pauly Shore is 50

• Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under) is 47

• Lauren Conrad (The Hills, Laguna Beach) is 32

• Heather Morris (Glee) is 31

• Ronda Rousey (WWE, MMA) is 31

• Harry Styles is 24


• 1790: The Supreme Court of the United States convened for the first time, in New York City.

• 1884: Edition one of the Oxford English Dictionary was published.

• 1887: Harvey Wilcox of Kansas started selling off 120 acres he owned in Southern California as a real estate development. His wife named it Hollywood.

• 1920: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Mounties, were created.

• 1949: The 45 record was introduced (by RCA Victor).

• 1964: The governor of Indiana declared the Kingsmen’s hit “Louie Louie” was pornographic. He asked the state’s radio stations not to play it.

• 1964: G.I. Joe was introduced by Hasbro. The first one sold for $2.49. The figure’s name came from a 1945 film, The Story of G.I. Joe.

• 1982: Late Night with David Letterman premiered on NBC-TV.

• 2003: Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated during reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts aboard.

• 2004: During the Super Bowl halftime show, in what was termed a “wardrobe malfunction,” singer Janet Jackson’s breast was exposed, resulting in a $550,000 fine against CBS’ parent company, Viacom.

• 2015: The New England Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl title, beating the Seattle Seahawks 28-24.


• February is American Heart Month, American History Month, Black History Month, Children’s Dental Health Month, International Friendship Month, National Cherry Month, National Embroidery Month, National Grapefruit Month, National Snack Food Month, National Wild Bird Feeding Month, Responsible Pet Owners’ Month, National Cherry Month, National Grapefruit Month, National Hot Breakfast Month, National Macadamia Nut Month, National Condom Month, Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month

• Candy-Making Day

• Change Your Password Day

• National Get Up Day. An opportunity to share inspiring stories of perseverance; it’s a reminder to pick ourselves up when we’ve fallen and give it another go.

• Dark Chocolate Day

• No Politics Day

• Cake Pops Day


• February 2: Groundhog Day
• February 4: Super Bowl 52
• February 8: New York Fashion Week begins
• February 9: Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony
• February 13: Mardi Gras
• February 14: Valentine’s Day
• February 16: Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog
• February 18: Daytona 500
• February 19: President’s Day
• March 4: Academy Awards
• March 8: Winter Paralympics begin
• March 8: International Women’s Day
• March 9: SXSW begins
• March 11: Daylight Saving Time begins
• March 11: NCAA basketball “Selection Sunday”
• March 13: March Madness begins
• March 29: MLB opening day
• March 30: Passover and Good Friday
• April 1: Easter
• April 13: Friday the 13th
• April 15: Tax deadline day
• April 20: 4/20
• April 22: Earth Day
• April 28: White House Correspondents Dinner
• May 4: Star Wars Day – May the Fourth be with you
• May 5: Cinco de Mayo
• May 13: Mother’s Day
• May 19: The royal wedding


193: Average number of times that Americans 65 and older go out to eat each year.


There are reports of sexual misconduct on the part of executives at the Humane Society. [Sounds like somebody’s in the doghouse.]

Donald Trump is reversing U.S. policy and keeping Guantanamo Bay prison in operation. [He still hasn’t given up hope of getting Hillary Clinton to vacation there for five to 10 years.]

Two Canadian bank robbers were nabbed minutes after the robbery as they waited in line at the drive-thru of a coffee shop. [They probably would have gotten away if they hadn’t taken the time to try to find their coupon for a free muffin.]

Two Canadian bank robbers were nabbed minutes after the robbery as they waited in line at the drive-thru of a coffee shop. [Police recovered several thousand dollars and two mocha lattes with cinnamon.]

In England, a member of the House of Lords offered to resign for being late to a session of the House. [In America, a politician only offers to resign when his mistress is late.]

The Australian government has launched an investigation after a filing cabinet full of government secrets was sold at a used furniture store. [Included in the documents was a record of names and dates involving every official who ever dated Stormy Daniels.]

The test of a missile intercepting defense system in Hawaii failed. [Well, we think it failed. It pays to not be too quick to believe the initial announcement regarding missiles in Hawaii.]

Thousands of marijuana convictions are being removed from the record in California. [They’re hiring extra workers to help shred Snoop Dogg’s file.]

Scientists say that Earth’s two magnetic poles may be getting ready to flip. [So, if I understand this correctly, that means that technically it would be my refrigerator that was actually sticking to my refrigerator magnets.]


INTERPRETER WHO WARNED OF PIZZA MIGHT NOT GET ANOTHER CHANCE _ Florida is working to pass a bill addressing how the state communicates with the hearing impaired during weather emergencies. It comes after a Manatee County interpreter signed gibberish right before Hurricane Irma. Included in the language? Warnings about pizza — and a big bear. Manatee County officials received criticism from the deaf community after the amateur was “caught signing gibberish” on September 8 during an emergency evacuation order. The county said it was “in a pinch” and used a county lifeguard for help. The new law would require interpreters to be certified by two credited organizations.

THE GUY BEHIND THE “LEFT SHARK” MEME FINALLY TALKS _ Many Americans will gather around their television sets on Sunday and watch the Super Bowl while chomping on various snack foods, but did you ever wonder what happened to that person behind the infamous “Left Shark” meme from 2015? Ya know, the guy who sorta just did his own thing while Katy Perry sang, leaving everyone wondering why “Right Shark” was the only fish moving his fins in sync with the music? In an interview with NPR on Wednesday, Bryan Gaw officially outed himself as the man behind “Left Shark,” sharing what went down during one of the most memorable halftime performances in recent memory.Though Gaw’s identity was deduced via social media at the time, he’s finally speaking on the record.

… Gaw explained that there was “flexibility” with the choreography, so the moves he made were completely intentional. That’s right, it was all planned. Gaw said, “So there’s a set choreography. There’s also what’s called free-style choreography, or, like, you get to move around or play your character as a dancer. I’m in a 7-foot blue shark costume. There’s no cool in that. So what’s the other option? Well, I’m gonna play a different character.” The character Gaw says he was aiming to channel was “an underdog,” the “every day person.” He said he wanted to show people that they don’t have to be perfect in life.

BEING LAZY CAN BE GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT _ You may feel bad about the days when you never leave the couch, but there is an upside to working remotely, watching Netflix, ordering food and consumer goods online, and lying around your house scrolling through Facebook. A new study finds that as technology allows people to spend more time at home, it’s reducing American energy usage.

… Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin examined data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ annual American Time Use Survey, finding that between 2003 and 2012, people spent more time at home and less time traveling to and from stores and work. According to this data, Americans in 2012 spent a total of 7.8 more days at home than in 2003 and 1.2 fewer days traveling. That means they weren’t getting in their cars and burning up fossil fuels to drive around town. And, if fewer people are working in offices overall, presumably those buildings require less energy to run. In total, the researchers estimate that Americans used 1.8 percent less energy as a nation because of this home-bound change in lifestyle.

CAN’T SLEEP? LISTEN TO BACON _ The snap, crackle, and pop of bacon cooking can put people right to sleep. A YouTube video of bacon cooking posted by TechHighDef, a channel dedicated to videos that can help people snooze, has gone viral. The smell of the salt-cured pork is associated with waking up in the morning, but the viral video suggests the sound of it cooking can lull people to sleep too. Studies have shown nature sounds, like rain and thunder, can soothe people to sleep, but experts say the sound of meat cooking could have a similar effect. • VIDEO/AUDIO

NASCAR’S STARTING AN ONLINE RACING LEAGUE _ NASCAR teams are working on an online racing league they could draft players to compete for a six-figure payout. Sports Business Daily reports the league would take place on iRacing, a subscription simulator that even professional drivers practice on, and likely be broadcast online. The online league is in the works but some current NASCAR drivers could participate.

FITBIT STUDIED 6 BILLION NIGHTS OF SLEEP _ Sleep has its fingertips in every single facet of your life. From your relationships and waistline to your leadership abilities and wallet — all are affected by the quality and quantity of your sleep. The average person is sleeping around 90 minutes less than they did 100 years ago. Fitbit started tracking users’ (no names attached) sleep stages in March 2017 and ended up with 6 billion nights of sleep for data.

• The biggest takeaway among all of their data was that you should consistently go to sleep around the same time. Going to sleep around the same time on a consistent basis is important to avoid social jet lag. An example could be someone who goes to sleep at 11 p.m. on weeknights and wakes up at 7 a.m. But on the weekends, they stay out and don’t fall asleep until 2:30 a.m. and wake up around 10 a.m.

• Get sleep or suffer decreased cognitive performance. When you’re not fully refueling through sleep, your mental abilities decline, despite how you might feel. In the Fitbit study, after two weeks of sleeping six hours per night, the subjects’ mental abilities were similar to someone not sleeping at all for one night.

• Decreased sleep means decreased leadership abilities. As a leader, you’re expected to be charismatic so you can inspire, make sound decisions that further advance your team and company, and function as an expert problem solver. However, when you’re sleep deprived, your emotional intelligence, mood, and ability to be charismatic decline, which can ultimately lead to your bottom line being affected.

ALEXA GENERATION MAY BE LEARNING BAD MANNERS _ Modern children have become used to having a digital assistant at their beck and call. But experts claim the “Alexa generation” risks rudeness towards real humans because they have become used to barking orders with no consequences. The report (by Childwise) said the tolerant nature of the devices — which carry out orders even if they are not accompanied by a “please” or “thank you” — could lead to children communicating differently with other humans.

MONOPOLY FOR CHEATERS _ Have you ever played Monopoly and had to deal with someone who wanted to cheat their way to a win? Have you ever done that? Hasbro conducted a study that found about half of players will attempt to cheat at Monopoly. So they bowed to the trend and designed a Monopoly edition that encourages cheating. It comes with a stack of 15 extra cards that direct you in an attempt to cheat your way around the board and collect more money. Some of the cheats include:

  • Stealing money from the bank
  • Placing a hotel on one of your pieces of property
  • Removing a hotel from someone else’s property
  • Taking an extra $100 in Monopoly money from the bank when you pass go.
  • Moving another player’s token instead of your own on your turn.
  • Giving someone less money than you owe them.
  • Collecting rent for someone else’s property

If a player succeeds at any given task, they get rewarded. On the flip side, if they get caught, there are consequences. The back of the cheat cards list specific rewards and punishments for each cheat.

PEOPLE SPEND 50 MILLION FEWER HOURS ON FACEBOOK EVERY DAY _ Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week bragged about changes that made people use his product less. On Wednesday he said, “We made changes that reduced time spent on Facebook by roughly 50 million hours every day.” Zuckerberg did not specify what those changes were.

… Facebook investors want users to be on the hamster wheel for as long as possible, but Zuckerberg is also trying to calm the growing concerns about Facebook’s impact on society. Zuckerberg said Wednesday, “By focusing on meaningful connections, our community and business will be stronger over the long term.”

DONALD TRUMP SEES VIEWERSHIP SLUMP FOR FIRST SOTU _ The ratings-obsessed Donald Trump will not like this. Preliminary numbers from Nielsen show the president’s first State of the Union address did not attract record viewership — and didn’t beat Barack Obama’s first State of the Union ratings back in 2010.

NEW STUDY FINDS DIRTIEST SPOT AT THE AIRPORT _ When you’re racing to catch a flight, you’re probably not thinking about all the germs lurking at the airport’s self-check-in kiosks. Unfortunately, it may, in fact, be time to consider those germs. A new study (by recently completed 18 tests across six surfaces inside three major U.S. airports and airline flights. The results aren’t pretty.

… Overall, they found the self-check-in kiosks were germiest of all the spots they tested. In second were airline gate bench armrests, followed by the water fountain button.

WATCHING THE SUPER BOWL COULD BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH _ Most sports fans can recall a close game that made their hearts skip a figurative beat, but a study suggests that the stressful emotions of big contests may in fact increase the risk of chest pains or cardiac arrest in spectators. Though the study examined the effects of World Cup soccer matches on Germans, many cardiologists said the findings would apply equally to viewers of the Super Bowl or other tension-drenched games. An analysis of heart patients in Bavaria found that the rate of heart attacks among men was three times greater on days when the German national team was playing than during other periods.

THE SUPER BOWL IS AS MUCH ABOUT THE ADS _ A poll (conducted by Harris Interactive) shows that 57 percent of U.S. adults who plan to watch the Super Bowl will tune in as much or more for the commercials as for the game. The poll indicates that 19 percent of viewers will watch the Super Bowl mainly for the commercials, while 38 percent will tune in as much for the commercials as for the game.

REMEMBER THIS? A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: SUPER BOWL FLUSH _ It’s that time of the year again. Time to warn you that going to the bathroom at half time during the Super Bowl could be dangerous to the health of your plumbing — and your city’s waste system. It’s called the “Halftime Flush” and, according to legend, some 100 million of us will be flushing during the Super Bowl halftime show — and it means big problems for our pipes. Only the story isn’t really true. While millions will take a break and head for the bathroom at halftime, not all of us will be doing our business at the exact same time.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN RECEIVES LETTER GRANTING HIS DOG UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS _ A dog in Michigan received a letter that he had been approved for $360 in weekly unemployment benefits. The German Shepherd, named Ryder, had supposedly been employed at an upscale seafood restaurant. Ryder’s owner, an attorney in Saugatuck, Michigan, said he was surprised when he received the benefits letter on behalf of his dog. The letter was addressed to Michael Ryder — a merging of the attorney’s name and his dog’s name. The Michigan unemployment office admits its computer system had sent the letter, but that it was later was flagged as suspicious and denied.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN CAUGHT DRIVING STONED AND ROLLING A JOINT _ Police detained a 65-year-old man in Israel after he was caught driving under the influence, while rolling a joint. And the paper on which he was rolling was a traffic ticket from a few months ago.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: LOADED GRENADE LAUNCHER FOUND IN GOODWILL DONATIONS PILE _ A grenade launcher was left with other donated items at a Florida Goodwill store — and it was loaded. The store manager told deputies that the grenade launcher had come in a shipment from another store several days earlier. The employees at the other location said they sent it along because they didn’t know what it was. Deputies disposed of the active grenade in a Hazmat locker and the launcher was stored in the agency’s property room.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ZOO ANIMALS MAKE A STINK _ In England officials at a zoo had to supply their animal handlers with gas masks after the orangutans had a meal donated by several local supermarkets. The stores provided a large supply of Brussels sprouts, which the orangutans devoured. Unfortunately, sprouts are like beans — when eaten, they produce a lot of gas. The orangutan cages became so stinky from all the sprout wind that the workers drew straws to see who had to go in an muck the cages out. Finally, the zoo bought one gas mask, which the keepers took turns wearing.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BURGLAR HIDES OUT IN SAME CLOSET AS HOMEOWNER _ A woman was alone in her home in Utah when someone knocked on the door. She was working and ignored it. A moment later a downstairs window smashed and three burglars climbed through. Terrified, the woman grabbed her phone, hid in an upstairs closet, and called police. When police arrived, all three burglars decided to hide in the room the woman was in — and one decided to hide in the same closet the woman was in. He didn’t realize she was there. When police entered the room she burst out of the closet, yelling “He’s in here! He’s in here!” — surprising the burglar even more than the officers.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ROBBERS GO FOR BANK WITH BULLET-PROOF GLASS _ The tellers at a bank in Australia didn’t panic when three robbers invaded. That’s because the bank has counter to ceiling plastic shields which are bullet-proof. The tellers simply walked into an even more secure room, locked the door, and notified police. The gunmen fled empty-handed.


THE BIG BANG THEORY (8p ET, CBS) — Sheldon petitions Wil Wheaton (guest starring as himself) to appear on the new Professor Proton show. Christine Baranski also returns to guest star.

GREY’S ANATOMY (8p ET, ABC) — New. The stress of coming to terms with Ben’s decision to become a Seattle firefighter pushes Bailey to her limits.

SUPERSTORE (8p ET, NBC) — New. Mateo tries to set Amy up on a date with his loser cousin.


SUPERNATURAL (8p ET, CW) — New. Two sisters steal a powerful book of spells from the Winchester brothers.

SEASON FINALE: THE GOOD PLACE (8:30p ET, NBC) — New. In the season two finale, Michael makes a plea for the group. The show will return for a 3rd season.

YOUNG SHELDON (8:30p ET, CBS) — New. Sheldon takes extreme measures to remain healthy during an outbreak of the flu.

SCANDAL (9p ET, ABC) — New. Olivia joins Fitz in Vermont for what turns out to be an intervention.

MOM (9p ET, CBS) — Mom celebrates 100 episodes! Bonnie refuses to let Adam loan her money for a new car when hers dies.

WILL & GRACE (9p ET, NBC) — New. Will and Grace sell their new line of bedding on live television.

ARROW (9p ET, CW) — New. Oliver continues to battle Cayden James.

30 FOR 30: THE TWO BILLS (9p ET, ESPN) — This documentary profiles legendary football coaches Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells, being interviewed together for the first time since 1991.
It traces the relationship between the two coaches that spans over four decades. They first worked side by side as assistants with the New York Giants.

PROJECT RUNWAY ALL STARS (9p ET, Lifetime) — New. Supermodel Karolina Kurkova is the guest judge as the designers create looks to celebrate a woman’s inner superhero.

NASHVILLE (9p ET, CMT) — New. Darius invites Juliette to get more involved with the movement.

COUNTDOWN TO PUPPY BOWL (9p ET, Animal Planet) — This new special shows the greatest moments from Puppy Bowl history, including big plays and cute puppies. Plus get a sneak peek at a brand-new Puppy Bowl stadium.

SERIES PREMIERE: A.P. BIO (9:30p ET, NBC) — This new comedy stars Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as a Harvard scholar who handles a professional setback by moving back to Ohio, where he takes a job teaching advanced-placement biology at a high school. Comedian Patton Oswalt also stars as the school principal.

LIFE IN PIECES (9:30p ET, CBS) — New. Greg and Jen’s crazy neighbors invite them to a party, so Greg makes up a lie so they can get out of going.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER (10p ET, ABC) — New. Annalise encounters an obstacle involving a potential plaintiff for her class action.

CHICAGO FIRE (10p ET, NBC) — New. Casey and Severide don’t see eye to eye on the best course of action during a time sensitive rescue.

S.W.A.T. (10p ET, CBS) — New. The team join forces with the FBI on a manhunt to find a militia group planning a domestic terror attack.

TOP CHEF (10p ET, Bravo) — New. The chefs host the ultimate tailgate party at the home of the Denver Broncos.

LIP SYNC BATTLE (10p ET, Paramount Network) — New. Recording artists Fifth Harmony square off in a four-way battle.


GORDON RAMSAY, ANTHONY HOPKINS TAKE OVER FOR ALEXA _ Amazon has released the rest of the Super Bowl ad where Alexa loses her voice. In the commercial celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins fill in for the voice of the Amazon Echo. Instead of hearing Alexa’s calming step-by-step, one home cook gets a rough surprise from Ramsay after requesting a recipe for grilled cheese. • VIDEO

THE HORROR FILM LABELLED ‘TOO SCARY’ AT SUNDANCE _ We all inherit some bad habits and weird idiosyncrasies from our parents — it’s inevitable. New horror film Hereditary, takes this idea to its most extreme, most terrifying conclusion, and the first trailer is now online. Starring Toni Collette, Hereditary focuses on the immediate aftermath following the death of the grandmother and matriarch of the Graham family. Premiering at Sundance earlier this week, this film’s already been called “the most insane horror movie in years” and “two breathless hours of escalating terror”. It’s hitting theaters June 8. • VIDEO

GEORGE CLOONEY TELLS HOW HE MET HIS WIFE AMAL _  ( AUDIO)  George Clooney’s reputation as a heartthrob has no doubt made it easy for him to meet plenty of potential mates, but when he first met wife Amal Alamuddin Clooney, he didn’t even have to leave his own house. The actor revealed the surprising way he met his spouse during an appearance on David Letterman’s Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. • VIDEO

KATHERINE HEIGL JOINS SUITS SEASON 8 _ Katherine Heigl is joining Suits Season 8 as a series regular. Heigl will play Samantha Wheeler, a talented new partner at Pearson Specter Litt who challenges the status quo and will either become the firm’s greatest ally or most powerful enemy. The new season begins production this April in Toronto.

A ROSWELL REBOOT HAS BEEN ORDERED BY THE CW _ The CW is taking us back to Roswell High School. The broadcast network best known for its lineup of popular DC superhero shows and edgy teen soaps has given a pilot order for the Roswell reboot, which will revive the popular ’90s science-fiction series

JOHNNY GALECKI DISCOVERY SERIES SCIJINKS TO DEBUT THIS SPRING _ A science prank show hosted by The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki will premiere on Discovery and Science Channel this spring. On SciJinks, Galecki and two cohosts will test out science on the unsuspecting, drawing from chemistry, physics, technology, engineering and more.

FORMER AMERICAN IDOL CONTESTANT AND NBA PLAYER HUSBAND DEAD _ Former American Idol contestant Leah LaBelle Vladowski and her NBA player husband Rasual Butler were killed in a single-vehicle rollover crash in Los Angeles. The crash reportedly happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning after Butler lost control of the vehicle, causing it to overturn and crash in the parking lot of a strip mall. Butler and Vladowski were both pronounced dead at the scene.

… Leah LaBelle Vladowski competed in the third season of American Idol. She was a wildcard contestant, who was eliminated in the first round of the finale, putting her in 12th place for that season. She then went on to achieve some success on YouTube with cover songs and eventually signed with Epic Records. She released one album, Sexify, in 2012.

… Butler had a 14-year-long career in the NBA.

STEVE IRWIN’S WIFE HASN’T DATED SINCE HIS DEATH _ Terri Irwin says she hasn’t dated since her late husband’s death. You can’t really blame her — being the boss of Australia Zoo and raising two kids on her own, plus all of her conservation initiatives don’t really leave her a whole lot of free time. And while she’s adding yet more to her plate by starring in a new TV series on Animal Planet, Terri tells People that she really doesn’t mind the single life.

… Terri says “it’s been so long, I’ve had a couple of lovely women ask me out because they figured that’s the case. But I’m content. I have two beautiful kids, a really full plate. I’ve already had my happily ever after.”

MATT LAUER ALLEGEDLY WRITING A TELL-ALL _ Matt Lauer spent 25 years asking the questions on television, now the disgraced former Today host is in the hot seat and is allegedly ready to “share his side of the story” in a tell-all book. Not only is he allegedly ready to reveal his “own crimes” and “get into the specifics of his misconduct,” according to Page Six, Lauer is also reportedly going to reveal that he’s not the only one that did the “same thing” as he did. While Matt Lauer feels “shame” for his actions that led to his shocking Today dismissal, he is also angry as he “certainly wasn’t the only person in TV doing this.”

… According to In Touch Weekly, Lauer plans on dishing a bit on his former colleagues like Katie Couric, Hoda Kotb, and Savannah Guthrie, and even Natalie Morales.


Find these audio files on the PRO AUDIO PAGE.

SONG: Groundhog Song for Groundhog Day.

HOW GEORGE MET AMAL: George Clooney’s reputation as a heartthrob has no doubt made it easy for him to meet plenty of potential mates, but when he first met wife Amal Alamuddin Clooney, he didn’t even have to leave his own house. The actor revealed the surprising way he met his spouse during an appearance on David Letterman’s Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

DROP: Drop – Well, possibly. Yeah, I guess so, yeah.

SUPER BOWL ADS: A few short, radio-ready clips of Super Bowl ad: Pringles, M&Ms, Febreze.




( AUDIO)  While the most famous of all prognosticating groundhogs is Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil, there are many others.

• Buckeye Chuck – Marion, Ohio

• Chattanooga Chuck – Chattanooga, Tennessee

• Chuckles – Manchester, Connecticut

• Dunkirk Dave – Dunkirk, New York

• Fufu the Hedgehog – Portland, Oregon

• Hutty the Hog – Kansas City, Missouri

• Octoraro Orphie – Quarryville, Pennsylvania

• Patty Pagoda – Reading, Pennsylvania

• Winnipeg Wyn – Winnipeg, Manitoba


• Television — says the 55-inch TCL 55P607 is the best for most people because it’s the best value. It produces images with more detail, brightness, and color than most TVs that cost hundreds more. • LINK

• Beer — Coors (regular) topped Consumer Reports’ recent taste test of beers, blowing away nine brews including Budweiser and Bud Light. Name Tag and Big Flats — store brands from Trader Joe’s and Walgreens respectively — beat out top-sellers Corona Extra and Budweiser.

• Potato chips — says Original Lays potato chips and Ruffles Original are the best chips. For healthy eaters EatThis likes Lay’s Oven Baked Potato Crisps — about 120 calories in 18 chips.

• Chip dip — Rachael Ray’s magazine says the best French onion did is Marie’s Roasted French Onion Dip. The best guacamole is Garden Fresh Gourmet’s Zesty Guacamole.

• Microwave popcorn — Thrillist chooses Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter, while Consumer Reports likes Orville Redenbacher’s Light Butter.


TRIVIA: The colder the room you sleep in, the better the chances are that you’ll experience what? (A bad dream)


Most people don’t realize the importance of maintaining good hydration. A recent survey shows that Americans may be drinking themselves to dehydration. Instead of drinking water, a substance that the body needs, many instead drink too many fluids — alcoholic and caffeinated beverages — that can actually dehydrate the body more. We get a bunch of water from the foods we eat, but some have more water than others. Which has more water…

• An apple or a potato? (The apple. It’s 84% water; the potato is 78% water.)

• Milk or a cucumber? (The cucumber. It’s 96% water; Milk is 87% water.)

• Steak or bread? (Steak. It’s 74% water; bread is just 35% water.)

• Cheese or watermelon? (Watermelon. It’s 92% water; cheese is 40% water.)


This four minute short film captures the beauty and fury of thunderstorms in black-and-white 8K.


In-ride entertainment.



This is day 33 of 2018. There are 332 days remaining.


• Tom Smothers is 81

• Graham Nash is 76

• TV chef Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) is 70

• Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation) is 69

• Christie Brinkley is 64


• 1887: In Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania the first Groundhog Day was observed.

• 1993: First Lady Hillary Clinton banned smoking in the White House.

• 1996: In Coventry, England, when a 4-year-old was awakened by burglars, they told him they were friends of his parents and just came to borrow the TV, VCR, and stereo. The boy was happy to help, holding the door open while the burglars carry out the loot. They were later caught.

• 2002: A 33-year-old man accused of murder broke out of a prison in Santiago, Chile, and went drinking with his buddies. About three hours later he staggered back to the prison and demanded to be let back in. He walked unsteadily to his cell and fell asleep.

• 2008: An Irish setter in the UK had 16 puppies. The dog’s owner revealed battered cod was the secret behind the stunning baby boom.

• 2014: At the Super Bowl East Rutherford, New Jersey, the Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos 43-8, a historic win for the Seahawks, who hadn’t won a major championship in 30 years


• Ground Hog Day

• Bubble Gum Day

• Crepe Day

• Hedgehog Day

• Play Your Ukulele Day

Wear Red Day

• Working Naked Day

• Tater Tot Day


• February 4: Super Bowl 52
• February 8: New York Fashion Week begins
• February 9: Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony
• February 13: Mardi Gras
• February 14: Valentine’s Day
• February 16: Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog
• February 18: Daytona 500
• February 19: President’s Day
• March 4: Academy Awards
• March 8: Winter Paralympics begin
• March 8: International Women’s Day
• March 9: SXSW begins
• March 11: Daylight Saving Time begins
• March 11: NCAA basketball “Selection Sunday”
• March 13: March Madness begins
• March 29: MLB opening day
• March 30: Passover and Good Friday
• April 1: Easter
• April 13: Friday the 13th
• April 15: Tax deadline day
• April 20: 4/20
• April 22: Earth Day
• April 28: White House Correspondents Dinner
• May 4: Star Wars Day – May the Fourth be with you
• May 5: Cinco de Mayo
• May 13: Mother’s Day
• May 19: The royal wedding



• Blythe Danner is 75. Morgan Fairchild is 68. Nathan Lane is 62. Thomas Calabro is 59. Maura Tierney is 53. Isla Fisher is 42.

• Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Feed the Birds Day. Barber Day. National Missing Persons Day. Take Your Child To The Library Day. Carrot Cake Day.


• Country singer Clint Black is 56. Rob Corddry is 47. Natalie Imbruglia is 43. Gavin DeGraw is 41. Charlie Barnett is 30.

• Super Bowl Sunday. Facebook’s 14th Birthday. Stuffed Mushroom Day. Thank a Mailman Day. Popcorn Day. World Cancer Day. Homemade Soup Day. Pork Rind Appreciation Day.