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This is day 162 of 2018. There are 203 days remaining.


• Adrienne Barbeau (Maude) is 73

• NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana is 62

• Hugh Laurie is 59

• Dr. Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz) is 58

• Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones, Avengers: Infinity War) is 49

• Joshua Jackson (Fringe) is 40

• Shia LaBeouf is 32


• 1776: The Continental Congress appointed Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston to a committee to draft a declaration of independence.

• 1962: Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin became the only prisoners to successfully escape from the prison on Alcatraz Island.

• 1982: Director Steven Spielberg introduced his classic science-fiction film, E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial.

• 1993: Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park premiered.

• 1998: expanded its product line from books only to add compact discs.

• 2002: Paul McCartney and Heather Mills were married in a remote Irish castle.

• 2002: American Idol premiered on the Fox Network. The talent show was based on a similar British program.

• 2002: Antonio Meucci was acknowledged as the first inventor of the telephone by the United States Congress.

• 2004: Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s funeral was held at Washington National Cathedral.

• 2009: The World Health Organization declared the swine flu outbreak a pandemic.


• National Automotive Service Professionals Week

• National Flag Week. June 14 is Flag Day.

• National Little League Baseball Week

• Corn on the Cob Day

• Cotton Candy Day


• June 14: Flag Day
• June 14: World Cup begins
• June 14: US Open (golf) begins
• June 17: Father’s Day
• July 4: Independence Day (Wednesday)
• September 3: Labor Day
• September 22: Oktoberfest in Munich begins
• October 31: Halloween (Wednesday)


4: Percentage of women who give birth on their due date.


The horse Justify finished first at the Belmont Stakes, claiming the coveted Triple Crown of horse racing. [The horse has already been uninvited to the White House.]

There’s controversy in Connecticut over a larger-than-life statue of Marilyn Monroe from the scene in movie The Seven Year Itch where her dress blows up. Her rear end is exposed to the church across the street. [The statue’s location seems logical since the reaction of everyone who sees it is, Oh my God!]

The Chinese hacked into a computer and stole secret U.S. Navy reports. [The documents included specifications on top nuclear submarines and all the scripts for the next season of NCIS.]

The female heist film Ocean’s 8 was the number one movie at the weekend box office. [But the women were still denied equal pay. They weren’t allowed to steal as much as the men in Oceans 11.]

Disney has made the decision that the co-founder of Pixar, John Lasseter, will have to leave his job after numerous reports surfaced last year that he was known around the office for inappropriate displays of affection. [Co-workers said that they would often find Nemo hiding in a closet to avoid another one of Lasseter’s bear hugs.]

A customer’s pet monkey attacked an employee of a Home Depot in Florida. [Monkeys may be small, but you’d have to be crazy to try to get near one that’s holding a power drill.]

A car thief in Florida was arrested after he crashed a stolen vehicle. He had his pet monkey with him in the car. [He said that stealing the car was the monkey’s idea.]

A pit bull pup in California is being credited with saving a baby and the baby’s family from a house fire. [For now on, that dog should be allowed to drink from any toilet it wants.]

Rival teams of firefighters got into a huge bar brawl in the Bronx. Obscenities were yelled, punches were thrown [and several people had to receive tetanus shots after being bitten by a Dalmatian].

Vince Vaughn was arrested for driving under the influence and resisting arrest. [He was also charged with lying to the police after he gave his name as Shia LaBeouf.]


THE IHOb MYSTERY ENDS TODAY _ IHOP claims it’s changing its name to IHOb, and we’re supposed to find out why today (Monday). The 60-year-old franchise’s announcement was made on Twitter last Tuesday: “For 60 pancakin’ years, we’ve been IHOP. Now, we’re flippin’ our name to IHOb.” Many think the ‘b’ stands for breakfast, or bacon. One person uncovered what appears to be an image of an new ad showing “ultimate burgers.”

… Here’s the IHOb twitter account.

IS AMERICA’S LOBSTER BONANZA ABOUT TO GO BUST? _ Maine is in the midst of a lobster bonanza — last year alone, the state hauled in 111 million pounds of the crustaceans, worth around $434 million. A new book warns that Maine’s $1.7 billion lobster industry is in jeopardy. Science writer and biologist Christopher White’s fifth book, The Last Lobster: Boom or Bust for Maine’s Greatest Fishery?, out now, outlines alarming scientific case for the expected bust. In a nutshell: blame global warming. The Gulf of Maine, home to 250 million lobsters, is warming faster than 99.9 percent of the world’s oceans. At first the warmer waters created ideal conditions for lobsters, who have multiplied in the favorable environment. But as the water continues to warm, all of the positives turn to negatives — and White expects lobsters to either hightail it to colder waters or die off.

… In the 1600s and 1700s, lobsters were dismissed as “sea bugs” and were either fed to Maine’s prison population or used as fertilizer. Lobsters were so under-fished that they would wash up in 2-foot piles on Maine’s shores. The growth of the middle class after World War II combined with an increase in lobster supply created a new culinary obsession for the status conscious.

TERRY BRADSHAW SIDES WITH EAGLES IN WHITE HOUSE DISPUTE _ FOX Sports NFL studio analyst Terry Bradshaw said he sides with the Philadelphia Eagles in their dispute with Donald Trump over the national anthem. Bradshaw, the Hall of Fame quarterback, told TMZ on Sunday that Trump was wrong to cancel an event honoring the Super Bowl champion Eagles. Bradshaw said, “I agree with the Eagles, totally, 100 percent. Trump just needs to … go somewhere and enjoy the money he’s got.” Fewer than 10 Philadelphia Eagles players were expected to be in attendance at the White House last Tuesday before Trump elected to cancel the ceremony.

… Bradshaw was also critical of sister network Fox News, which ran footage of an Eagles player praying before a game while a Fox News anchor discussed Trump’s aversion to players kneeling during the national anthem. Fox News has since apologized for what it described as an “error.”

NINE-YEAR-OLD GIRL IN REHAB FOR FORTNITE ADDICTION _ A couple in the UK had to put their nine-year-old daughter into rehab for her addiction to Fortnite. The girl’s parents bought her an Xbox One in January and she downloaded Fortnite. By mid-March she was showing signs of addiction. Mom Carol said, “We got called in by her head ­teacher asking if ­everything was OK. She had fallen asleep twice in lessons and her grades were slipping. “When we asked our daughter what the ­problem was, she became unusually ­argumentative and aggressive, which we just put down to her hormones.” The family also started noticing regular payments of $67 per month on their credit card, which the daughter said could be from some extras she’d paid for on Fortnite. When they confiscated the console, the girl reportedly hit her father in the face.

… The parents said they had limited their daughter’s playtime on the Xbox to one hour during school nights and two hours on a weekend. But the seriousness of the situation was made apparent when her father found her sitting on a urine-soaked cushion while playing the game. That incident, and after admitting she was secretly playing the game throughout the night for up to 10 hours at a time, led to her parents seeking professional help for their daughter.

TURN DOWN YOUR HEADPHONES _ The subjects are Australian, but the problem is likely happening in this country, too. A study says more than 70 percent of young Australians show early signs of hearing loss, with loud music played through headphones and earbuds believed to be a major cause.

… What’s a good volume for your music? One expert says you should set the volume at a level that allows you to hear someone at arm’s length without them having to shout.

TEACHER REFUSED TO LEAVE STUDENT WITH CP BEHIND ON CLASS HIKE _ Maggie Vazquez is a 10-year-old Chicago girl who has cerebral palsy. She needs to use a walker to help her get around. Maggie’s class was planning to have an overnight camping trip, and Maggie’s walker wasn’t going to work in the woods. Her teacher, Helma Wardenaar, wanted to try to find a way to help Maggie keep up with the rest of her class on the trip. Wardenaar checked to see if a traditional wheelchair would work, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t be able to function well on the trails. Wardenaar also looked into renting a pony, but those weren’t allowed on the pedestrian path. After a two week search by a retail employee she’d reached out to about backpacks, he found one called Free Loader. The special backpack helped Wardenaar carry 10-year-old Maggie on her back as they hiked. The Free Loader wasn’t cheap at $300 and it wasn’t the most comfortable, but Maggie loved the trip. She saw deer footprints, butterflies, birds, and more. Maggie was so inspired by her hike and camping trip she even wrote a song about the outdoors. • IMAGE

CROCODILE EATS DOG THAT TORMENTED IT FOR 10 YEARS _ After years of living near each other, a crocodile finally got revenge on a dog that tormented it for a decade. Pippa the terrier lived happily with her owner on a remote island in the Northern Territory of Australia. A crocodile that lived in a river near the home was frequently spotted — enough that Hansen called the crocodile his pet and named it Casey. 15-pound Pippa was somewhat famous for chasing and taunting the nearly 12-foot-long crocodile. Pippa would bark and nip at the reptile’s tail, chasing it back into the river. Unfortunately for Pippa, the croc finally had enough after 10 years. Onlookers watched Pippa run right up to the croc like always, getting ready to chase the crocodile back into the water. But this time, people watched in terror as the croc lashed back at the dog, taking Pippa in his jaws and pulling her underwater.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TRIAL ENDS AFTER JURORS ARE CAUGHT PLAYING PUZZLE _ In Australia, a drug trial was called off after it was found jurors weren’t paying attention. The judge ended the trial when he caught two of the jurors playing the puzzle game sudoku while evidence was being given.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MONKEY ATTACKED A WOMAN AT A HOME DEPOT  _ The victim, a Home Depot employee, was on her break, sitting outside. That’s when the monkey, attached to a leash and wearing a diaper, walked up to her. There was no one holding the leash. The employee planned to take the leash and make an announcement over the Home Depot speaker system, but when the sliding doors opened and the monkey go spooked, it jumped on her shoulder and bit her twice. As the monkey ran away its owner arrived. The owner, Tina Ballard, told police she had left the monkey in her truck in the parking lot. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating the attack.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MONKEY FOUND HANGING ONTO MAN WHO CRASHED STOLEN VEHICLE _ In Florida, Cody Blake Hession was arrested for auto theft after he reportedly drove a stolen vehicle into a ditch. When deputies took him into custody, they were surprised to find a Capuchin monkey hanging onto his shirt, wearing a diaper. State wildlife officials arrived on scene and took possession of the monkey because Hession did not have a permit for the animal.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN CAUGHT DRIVING WITH KIDS IN PET KENNELS _ A Tennessee woman was arrested for driving kids around, not in booster seats or in the back seats, but in two pet kennels placed in the back of her car. A bystander happened to capture the moment on video when the woman was letting a girl out of one of the pet kennels. The video went viral, and eventually led to the arrest of 62-year-old Leimome Cheeks. When Cheeks was asked why she placed the kids in the kennels, she replied, “There was no room inside the vehicle … [so I] told them to get inside the kennel.” Cheeks admitted to driving from Whitehaven, Tennessee, to Collierville, Tennessee, with the children in the kennel, which takes about 34 minutes to drive. • VIDEO

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TRYING TO GET INTO THE PERFUME BUSINESS _ A North Carolina was swindled out of $2,500 at a gas station. She says a stranger approached her trying to sell her name brand perfume at a discounted price. The woman decided she could buy a bunch of the perfume and sell it at a higher price later. She gave the person the money, but the person never returned with the perfume.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: KITTEN RESCUED BY VACUUM _ Firefighters in Scotland used a vacuum cleaner with a sock on the end of the nozzle to rescue a six-hour-old kitten which had become trapped down a home’s drain. It’s thought the kitten’s mother had climbed behind the kitchen sink to give birth. Rescuers used a camera to locate the kitten before using the vacuum cleaner to pull it to safety.


THE BACHELORETTE (8p ET, ABC) — If no Game 5 of the NBA Finals



SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (8p ET, FOX) — New. The auditions continue in Los Angeles.

MOM (8p ET, CBS) — Repeat

SUPERGIRL (8p ET, CW) — New. Supergirl, Mon-El and Alura must come up with a plan to stop Serena’s nefarious plans for Earth.

PREMIERE: DISNEY’S FAIRY TALE WEDDINGS (8p ET, Freeform) — Hosted by real-life couple Stephen “tWitch” Boss (The Ellen Show) and Allison Holker (Dancing with the Stars), this 6-episode series goes inside the plans of 11 couples as they celebrate their unique love stories. There will be surprise musical performances, unexpected appearances, and more.

MAN WITH A PLAN (8:30p ET, CBS) — Repeat

NBA FINALS (9p ET, ABC) — If necessary, Game 5


9-1-1 (9p ET, FOX) — Repeat

WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? (9p ET, CW) — New. Andrea Navedo (Jane the Virgin) is the guest.

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? (9p ET, TLC) — New. Molly Shannon heads to Ireland in search of her mother’s unknown family tree.


ELEMENTARY (10p ET, CBS) — New. Holmes and Watson are on the hunt for a serial killer.


TOP TEN MOVIES _ Ocean’s 8 opened with $41.5 million at the US-Canada box office over the weekend. The movie cost at least $150 million to make and market worldwide.

  1. Ocean’s 8, $41.5 million
  2. Solo: A Star Wars Story, $15.1 million
  3. Deadpool 2, $13.6 million
  4. Hereditary, $13 million
  5. Avengers: Infinity War, $6.8 million
  6. Adrift, $5 million
  7. Book Club, $4.2 million
  8. Hotel Artemis, $3.1 million
  9. Upgrade, $2.2 million
  10. Life of the Party, $2.1 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was Wonder Woman.
… Five years ago this week the number one movie was The Purge.
… Ten years ago this week the number one movie was Kung Fu Panda.
… Twenty years ago this week the number one movie was The Truman Show.

… In theaters Friday: Incredibles 2 (PG); Tag (R); Superfly (R); Race 3 (NR)

JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM MAKES $151 MILLION OVERSEAS _ Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom won’t make landfall in the United States until June 22, but its release overseas has already seen massive success. The sequel has brought in $151.1 million internationally.

ANTHONY BOURDAIN’S BODY STUCK IN FRANCE _ Anthony Bourdain’s body is stuck in bureaucratic red tape in France, leaving funeral plans for him temporarily on hold. Bourdain’s 83-year-old mother said Sunday, “They won’t be shipping his remains back for a couple of days because of formalities. Listen, I lived there for five years — nothing is done quickly.”

… Mom added that the funeral plans for her son are in the hands of his estranged wife, Ottavia Busia Bourdain, because Ottavia is legally still his next of kin. Bourdain and his wife remained on good terms after their split and shared the raising of their 11-year-old daughter.

GAME OF THRONES’ PREQUEL WILL GET AN HBO PILOT _ Fans of Game of Thrones have been both eagerly awaiting the upcoming season and dreading it at the same time. The show’s highly anticipated next season will be it’s last. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. HBO has reportedly ordered a pilot in the form of a prequel that will take place thousands of years prior to the Westeros fans know today, back in the era when author George R.R. Martin describes an age of heroes that descended into a time of darkness. Given that it will take around 10,000 years before they were born, none of today’s favorite characters are likely to be back for the prequel.

MEGHAN MARKLE CRITICIZED FOR ‘INAPPROPRIATE’ DRESS _ Though Meghan Markle was all smiles for her first Trooping the Color ceremony in an off the shoulder, sleeveless dress, some critics on Twitter were slamming the look as “inappropriate” for Queen Elizabeth’s annual birthday parade. One “expert” on the royals said: “I do feel her choice of an off the shoulder dress was pushing it for HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday celebration. I have a feeling she’s going to push the limits a little too much?!”

… But pipe down. What critics fail to mention is that Markle doesn’t walk into a store full of random clothing and yell, “That one!” Her choice of clothing is discussed, reviewed and analyzed by palace pros before it’s worn.

MEGHAN MARKLE AND PRINCE HARRY ANNOUNCE FIRST ROYAL TOUR _ Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have their first royal tour on the calendar. The couple, who recently returned from their honeymoon, will head to Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand in the fall. The visit to Australia is no surprise. Meghan previously revealed she would join Harry at his next Invictus Games in Sydney. The Paralympic-style competition takes place from October 20-27.

JOSH GROBAN AND ‘DAD’ TONY DANZA ARE IN NETFLIX’S THE GOOD COP _ Netflix on Sunday gave us the first look at Josh Groban and Tony Danza’s upcoming comedy The Good Cop. Groban and Danza are a father and son who couldn’t be more different, except for the fact they are both cops named Tony. The 10-episode first season will be released September 21. • VIDEO

… The official description: In The Good Cop, Tony Danza plays Tony Sr., a lovable yet not exactly honorable, former NYPD officer who never followed the rules. He lives with his son, Tony Jr., Josh Groban, a brilliant, straight-laced NYPD detective who makes a point of always following the rules while solving Brooklyn’s toughest cases. This “odd couple” become unofficial partners as Tony Sr. offers his overly-cautious son blunt, street-wise advice.

ANTHONY BOURDAIN HONORED BY NEW YORK RESTAURANT _ A New York restaurant honored the late Anthony Bourdain’s memory by donating all of the restaurants profits on Friday to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Jason Wang is the CEO of Xi’an Famous Foods in Flushing, New York. The local eatery was featured in an episode of No Reservations in 2007, which aired on the Travel Channel. By stopping by the family-owned restaurant, Bourdain, unbeknownst to him at the time, changed the Wang’s lives forever. At the time, Wang was in college and had no idea who Anthony Bourdain was, but he would never forgot him afterwards.

STEPHEN COLBERT AND PATRICK WILSON NAIL THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AUDIO  Add national anthem performer to the long list of Stephen Colbert’s many talents. The Late Show host joined actor and singer Patrick Wilson on Saturday to belt out The Star-Spangled Banner ahead of the Mets-Yankees game in New York City. • VIDEO

MARK HAMILL HAS NEVER MET HIS STAR WARS MOM _ Star Wars actor Mark Hamill dropped a bombshell on fans over the weekend as huge as any twists in the fictional cinematic universe. The official Star Wars Twitter account wished a happy birthday to Natalie Portman, who portrayed Padmé Amidala, mother to Luke and Leia Skywalker in the prequel trilogy — The Phantom Menace (1999), Attack of the Clones (2002), and Revenge of the Sith (2005). Hamill retweeted the Star Wars tweet and added, “FUN FACT: I’ve never met this woman.” Star Wars and Hamill fans were astonishment. Someone did chime in to remind Hamill that even Carrie Fisher had met Portman, prior to her passing. • LINK

VINCE VAUGHN FACES DUI CHARGES _ Vince Vaughn was arrested early Sunday and charged with a DUI. Vaughn and an unnamed male passenger were stopped at a checkpoint in Hermosa Beach, California, around 1 AM when authorities claim they were asked to step out of the vehicle and both allegedly were uncooperative after initially refusing the request. Vaughn was placed under arrest for driving under the influence and for resisting, delaying or obstructing officers. His companion was also arrested on an obstructing charge.


Find these audio files on the PRO AUDIO PAGE.

PHONER: HOW HUSBANDS CAN MAKE LIFE EASIER: In a survey, 46% of moms said their husbands are a bigger source of stress than their children. As husbands, what would you like us to understand? How can we lower your stress level? Here are three calls to get you started.

STEPHEN COLBERT AND PATRICK WILSON SING NATIONAL ANTHEM: Add national anthem performer to the long list of Stephen Colbert’s many talents. The Late Show host joined actor and singer Patrick Wilson on Saturday to belt out The Star-Spangled Banner ahead of the Mets-Yankees game in New York City. • VIDEO

FOX ANCHOR SAYS TRUMP IS A DICTATOR: In a slip of the tongue, Donald Trump’s favorite network called him a dictator.

FATHER’S DAY: Father’s Day clip package.



A few years ago research pinpointed the exact age that men mature completely: 43. That’s 11 whole years after women. But at least men know they take more time to grow up. In the same study, men were nearly twice as likely to describe themselves as immature than were women, with one in four men believing they are actively immature.

Researchers asked women to reveal the signs that they say mean a man is still immature.

• Finding their own farts and burps hilarious

• Eating fast food at 2 AM

• Playing videogames

• Driving too fast or ‘racing’ another car at the lights or on the highway

• Giggling a bit at rude words

• Driving with loud music

• Playing practical jokes

• Trying to beat children at games and sports

• Staying silent during an argument

• Not being able to cook simple meals

• Not liking to talk about themselves or have a proper conversation

• Hating books because they have short attention span or think they’re boring

• Wearing tennis shoes for a night out

• Not eating vegetables

• Getting too excited over bachelor parties

• Driving a modified car or one with a loud exhaust

• Showing off about protein shakes/weight-lifting/how much they ‘lift’

• Wearing baggy jeans


Courtesy of morning show talent coach Steve Reynolds. The Hot List is made up of the topics everyone knows about.

  1. Kim Jong Un
  2. Trump and Canada
  3. Anthony Bourdain
  4. Justify/Triple Crown
  5. Graduations
  6. Ocean’s 8
  7. Tony Awards
  8. Justin Trudeau
  9. Gas Prices
  10. Summer Vacations
  11. Father’s Day
  12. Pride Month
  13. Jurassic World
  14. Kelly Clarkson
  15. Pardons


TRIVIA: What do bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers all have in common? (All invented by women)

TRIVIA: In a year, the average one of these will travel 12,500 miles. (Elevator)


I ask a question and the answer will be two words with each of the two words beginning with the same letter. So if I say “Walt Disney’s biggest star,” you would say “Mickey Mouse.” Ready?

• Mickey’s girlfriend. (Minnie Mouse)

• Another name for ping pong. (Table tennis)

• Where you’ll find the Liberty Bell. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

• What kids wear on their arms in the pool. (Water wings)


Most absurd reverse driving ever.


This is day 163 of 2018. There are 202 days remaining.


• Former U.S President George H.W. Bush is 94

• Sports announcer Marv Albert is 77

• Timothy Busfield is 61

• Scott Thompson (The Kids in the Hall, The Larry Sanders Show) is 59

• Timothy Simons (Jonah on Veep) is 40

• Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima is 37

• Playboy model/actress Kendra Wilkinson is 33


• 1880: John Lee Richmond of the Worcester Ruby Legs pitched baseball’s first perfect game. They were playing the Cleveland Blues.

• 1939: The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum was dedicated in Cooperstown, New York.

• 1952: A 17-year-old Bonham, Texas, housecat named Dusty set a Guinness record by giving birth to her 420th kitten.

• 1963: Civil rights leader Medgar Evers was shot dead in front of his home in Jackson, Mississippi by Ku Klux Klan member Byron De La Beckwith.

• 1965: Queen Elizabeth honored the Beatles by making them members of the Order of the British Empire. Several British Army officers were so outraged, they returned their medals.

• 1981: Little-known comedian David Letterman hosted “Looking for Fun” on cable’s HBO.

• 1987: President Ronald Reagan publicly challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall at Brandenburg Gate.

• 1994: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered outside her home in Los Angeles, California. O.J. Simpson was later acquitted of the killings, but was held liable in a civil suit.

• 2000: A construction worker at a police station in Downey, California, found a wallet in the men’s room that had been stolen in 1957. The wallet, wedged between a cast-iron sink and a wall, was in good condition and contained the female owner’s driver’s license, Social Security card, photos of children and a check for $107. Police had moved into the building in the 1990s.

• 2003: A Mountain View, Arkansas, man spoke for the first time in nearly 19 years. He had been in a coma since July 13, 1984, after being injured in a car accident.

• 2009: All television broadcasts in the United States switched from analog NTSC to digital ATSC transmission.


• Jerky Day

• Peanut Butter Cookie Day

• Pet Memorial Day

• Automotive Service Professionals Day

• Little League Girls Baseball Day

• Magic Day


• June 14: Flag Day
• June 14: World Cup begins
• June 14: US Open (golf) begins
• June 17: Father’s Day
• July 4: Independence Day (Wednesday)
• September 3: Labor Day
• September 22: Oktoberfest in Munich begins
• October 31: Halloween (Wednesday)