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• Arnold Schwarzenegger is 71

• Jean Reno (The Da Vinci Code, Godzilla) is 70

• Delta Burke (Designing Women) is 62

• Laurence Fishburne (Ant-Man and the Wasp, CSI) is 57

• Lisa Kudrow (Friends) is 55

• Vivica A. Fox is 54

• Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Everybody Hates Chris) is 50

• Simon Baker (The Mentalist) is 49

• Director Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk, Batman movies) is 48

• Tom Green is 47

• Christine Taylor (The Brady Bunch Movie) is 47

• Hilary Swank is 44

• Jaime Pressly (My Name Is Earl) is 41

• Soccer player Hope Solo is 35

• Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin, Annihilation) is 34


• 1729: The city of Baltimore, Maryland, was founded.

• 1792: The French national anthem (La Marseillaise by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle) was first sung in Paris.

• 1863: American automaker Henry Ford was born in Dearborn Township, Michigan.

• 1945: The USS Indianapolis, which had just delivered key components of the Hiroshima atomic bomb to the Pacific island of Tinian, was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine; 880 men lost their lives.

• 1971: Apollo 15 astronauts David R. Scott and James B. Irwin landed on the moon.

• 1975: Former Teamsters union president Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in suburban Detroit. Although presumed dead, his remains have never been found.

• 2002: WNBA player Lisa Leslie of the Los Angeles Sparks became the first woman to dunk in a professional game during her team’s 82-73 loss to the Miami Sol.

• 2003: In Newport News, Virginia, Robert Sorrels was arrested for being a peeping tom. And there was basically no way he could deny the charge. The cops matched him up with a pair of lip prints that were lifted from the window he was seen peeping into.

• 2005: Diners at a pizza restaurant in a western Austrian town panicked and called the police when a nearly 10-foot-long tiger python was seen slithering across the restaurant floor. The cops managed to catch the snake before anyone was bitten.

• 2008: Police in Michigan arrested a man who they say tried to steal posters and other items related to the Batman movie The Dark Knight from a cinema lobby while dressed up as the Joker.

• 2016 Air balloon crashes into power lines near Lockhart, Texas, killing all 16 on board


• Single Working Womens Week

• Cheesecake Day

• Father-In-Law Day

• Friendship Day

• Chicken and Waffles Day

• Support Public Education Day

• World Day Against Trafficking in Persons


• August 4-8: North American Scrabble Championship, Buffalo, New York
• September 3: Labor Day
• September 6: New York Fashion Weeks begins
• September 22: Oktoberfest in Munich begins
• October 31: Halloween (Wednesday)
• November 4: Daylight Saving Time ends
• November 22: Thanksgiving
• November 23: Black Friday
• November 24: Small Business Saturday
• November 26: Cyber Monday
• November 27: Giving Tuesday


15: Times per day the average person laughs.


A Texas inmate being transferred in the back of a police cruiser broke the window and climbed on top of the moving car. [That’s taking that In My Feelings dance challenge to a whole new level.]

In Bogota, Colombia the country’s most powerful drug gang has placed a murder contract on a drug-sniffing police dog. The dog is under constant police protection. [How’d you like to be the rookie officer assigned to sample the dog’s Kibbles and Bits?]

The New Jersey school superintendent who was caught defecating on a rival high school’s track has resigned. [It was the first time the school district had received a resignation letter on toilet paper.]

Firefighters in California had to fight not just ordinary wildfires but also a fire tornado, a “firenado.” [It’s no longer weather, it’s a Syfy channel movie.]

A truck on a California highway overturned and spilled 40,000 pounds of sunflower seeds. [No one was injured but a week’s worth of Major League Baseball games had to be postponed.]

A zoo in Egypt is being accused of painting ordinary donkeys to look like zebras. [People got suspicious when they noticed the stripes going horizontally.]

A kangaroo in Germany escaped confinement after his buddy, a goat, used his head to knock down a fence. [I don’t understand how those two don’t have their own action movie series.]

A pilot had to make an emergency landing on a busy Chicago road. Traffic was backed up for miles. [Land a plane in the Hudson River and you’re a hero, land it in the fast lane during rush hour and you get the finger.]

Someone sold a stolen violin to a pawn shop in Massachusetts for $50. The violin turned out to be worth $250,000. [This is the same reason the thief never graduated high school — he refused to do his homework.]

The two-man police force in Southport, North Carolina was disbanded and faces charges of corruption after they routinely abandoned their law enforcement posts in order to moonlight as truck drivers. [They said they tried to deputize people to fill in for them, but Floyd was busy with his barbershop and Goober was tied up at the filling station.]


HOMELESS MAN HANDS OUT RESUMES, GETS OF JOB OFFERS _ On Friday morning, homeless web developer David Casarez woke from his park bench in Mountain View, California, put on a nice shirt and tie, and carried a hand-written cardboard sign to a nearby highway median. It read: “HOMELESS. HUNGRY 4 SUCCESS. TAKE A RESUME.” It turned out to be the perfect job search strategy. A passerby’s photo of David standing on the median holding the sign soon went viral on Twitter, and by Saturday afternoon, he’d been flooded with more than 200 job offers. Even Google reached out to him. One company asked him if he’d be willing to relocate to Tokyo.

… David earned a bachelors degree and landed a good web developer job at General Motors in Austin, Texas, but then cashed out his 401K and drove to Silicon Valley to pursue the dream of his own tech startup — only to run out of cash in June. For over a year he’s been living out of his Ford utility van.

THE BIG MAC TURNS 50 (BUT REALLY 51) _ The Big Mac rolled out to McDonald’s customers nationwide 50 years ago this summer, although the sandwich made up of two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles on a sesame seed bun was actually introduced by a Pennsylvania McDonald’s franchisee in 1967 — 51 years ago.

… Roughly 17 Big Macs are sold every second around the world.

… The first big Mac was just 45 cents.

AUDIO  Earlier this year (May) Wisconsin’s Don Gorske ate his 30,000th Big Mac, which is a Guinness World Record. The 64-year-old has been eating two McDonald’s Big Macs every day for the past 46 years. He figures he’ll eat his 40,000th Big Mac in the year 2032 when he’s 78.

… To commemorate the milestone, the company will issue 6.2 million “MacCoins” to customers who purchase a Big Mac starting August 2 that can be redeemed for a free sandwich.

ARKANSAS WOMAN SHOOTS, KILLS HUSBAND OVER PORNOGRAPHY _ An Arkansas woman was arrested Saturday after telling police she shot and killed her husband because he bought pornography. Police (in Jefferson County) received a call around 2:30 Saturday afternoon from 69-year-old Patricia Hill, who told dispatchers she just shot her 65-year-old husband, Frank. When police arrived at the home they found Frank Hill dead in a shed on the property. Hill sustained two gunshot wounds to the upper and lower body.

… Patricia Hill stated that she “disagreed with her husband’s purchase of video pornography via the television guide, which she canceled upon discovering the purchase, but Mr. Hill managed to place a subsequent order. Mrs. Hill stated that she entered the shed and asked her husband to leave but he refused.” When her husband didn’t leave the shed, Hill told investigators she went back to their home and got a .22 caliber pistol.

MAN GETS HIT BY A CAR DURING IN MY FEELINGS CHALLENGE _ A man in Florida was knocked down by an oncoming car while attempting the In My Feelings Challenge. The Drake-inspired craze has fans jumping out of cars to do the dance. Jaylen Norwood is seen exiting the car as the song plays. So far so good. He starts dancing on the road, but then slips on a patch of oil, and just then, a car comes in his direction and hits him. He’d planned to do the dance and then jump on the hood of the car and continue the dance but said it “came too fast”. A video of the incident shows Jaylen showing his cuts. • VIDEO

TEEN SEVERELY BURNED BY HOT WATER CHALLENGE _ An Indianapolis teen received severe burns after participating in the Hot Water Challenge. It made national headlines in 2017, and it had been making its rounds on social media for about three years before that. The challenge entails either a person sipping boiling hot water through a straw or getting the boiling water poured directly on them.

… The social media challenge left 15-year-old Kyland Clark with second-degree burns to the face, chest and back.

FLATTERY WILL GET YOU A BETTER BARGAIN _ If you’re looking to get a bargain from someone on Craigslist, then go in with a smile. It turns out flattery will get you a better bargain when dealing with people selling their own stuff. Here’s the logic — when people sell their own stuff, they feel a sense of impending loss, so they inflate the value of the product. It’s called the “endowment effect,” and flattery seems to break down their guard. Translation: If you’re interested in buying a second-hand car, it would be a good idea to compliment something about the owner.

PIZZERIA ADDS CHAIRS TO GO WITH THAT LITTLE PLASTIC TABLE _ Have you ever opened your pizza box, discovered the tiny protective table in the middle and thought, wouldn’t it be nice if those tiny pizza people had somewhere to sit? Canada-based Boston Pizza is on it with the Pizza Patio Set. While the table has been there all along, the added plastic chairs complete the set. • IMAGE

PLANT A TREE WHEN TRUMP SAYS SOMETHING ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT _ Donald Trump has some misinformed thoughts on climate change and other environmental issues, and now you can do something about it with Treespond. The idea is that you’re responding to the perhaps incorrect tweet or statement by the president with a tree that’s actually going to help improve the situation rather than an empty tweet or Facebook post that’s not going to really move the needle.

… The emotional satisfaction does come at a price, specifically $9.99 per tree. Each tree you purchase through the site also has its own ID number. You’ll get a photograph of your tree as well as its geographic location in the world, so you could theoretically visit it at some point. Right now all of the trees are being planted in California where wildfires have destroyed a good bit of forest land.

OLDER NEIGHBORHOODS ARE BETTER FOR OUR HEALTH _ A study (University of Utah) shows the age of your housing development may influence your risk of obesity. The study showed neighborhoods built before 1950 tend to offer greater overall walkability as they more often were designed with the pedestrian in mind, while newer neighborhoods often were designed to facilitate car travel. The study found that residents were at less risk of being obese or overweight if they lived in walkable neighborhoods; more densely populated, more friendly to pedestrians and have a range of destinations for pedestrians.

TRAVELING TIGHTWADS ARE GROUCHY _ It turns out the folks that save the most on hotel accommodations are the least satisfied with their stay. A study (J.D. Power) discovered that “at every level of hotel, the ‘price shopper’ segment is by far the least happiest, least satisfied of any group. If they’re paying anything for anything, they’re unhappy.”

… The most satisfied guests were the ones that researched hotels online and read reviews.

MEN WANT A CLASSY DRESSER _ Yes, guys may look — and stare — but deep down they’re turned off by women who wear revealing clothes. 54% of men want a “classy” dresser, according to a survey. Ya know, like Princess Kate or Duchess Meghan Markle. Only 17% of guys say clothes don’t matter as long as what she’s wearing is attractive. But a huge majority say they’re more likely to respect a woman who covers up. 38% are downright intimidated by women in revealing outfits.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN RUNS INTO CELL PHONE STORE WITH CAR _ A 74-year-old man in Raleigh, North Carolina, angry that the employee in the cell phone shop wouldn’t open the door after hours to fix his broken phone, deliberately drove his car through the front glass window.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MOM PREDICTED HE’D END UP BEHIND BARS _ A 20-year-old Florida man allegedly punched and kicked two store employees after stealing a small bag of chips. When deputies arrested the man he told them his mother had predicted that he’d end up behind bars.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN BREAKS INTO HOME, STEALS SEX TOY _ (CAUTION) A North Carolina man was arrested for allegedly breaking into a woman’s house and stealing a sex toy.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN LEAVES PREGNANT GF BEHIND AFTER COP CHASE _ A motorist led police in Vermont on a chase that ended when his vehicle hit a tree and he fled on foot. The man’s license was suspended and he didn’t want to get caught. When he fled the crashed car he left his pregnant girlfriend behind in the passenger seat.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: 20 BEERS AT MOST _ In Germany a police officer pulled over a 25-year-old man on a routine traffic check. Detecting the aroma of alcohol, the cop asked the driver if he’d had anything to drink. The driver replied, “Twenty beers at most, if you want me to be perfectly honest, officer. But that’s it, really.” The cop wasn’t sure if the guy was kidding, so he gave him a breathalyzer test and, sure enough, the man was extremely drunk.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN EATS FOOD OUT OF A URINAL TO PROVE ITS CLEANLINESS _ I don’t care how “clean” you think urinals are, you don’t eat out of one. NEVER under any circumstance. A woman who is an employee at a tea company in China ate a rice ball out of a urinal to prove the porcelain’s cleanliness. • VIDEO

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BURGLAR HAS MENU REQUESTS _ A man in Japan who went to jail for burglary thought the menu needed his input. He told jailers his eggs had to be boiled so they were firm but with a slightly runny yolk. And he demanded his steamed noodles not be served plain, but with meat and steamed vegetables on top. They did not revise the menu for him.


THE BACHELORETTE (8p ET, ABC) — New. It’s the The Men Tell All edition. Plus a sneak peek of Becca’s final week with Blake and Garrett.

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR (8p ET, NBC) — New. The Miami City Finals features the brand new Crazy Clocks, vying for a chance to advance to the national finals.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (8p ET, FOX) — New. The top 10 men partner with an all-star for a choreographed duet.

MOM (8p ET, CBS) — Repeat


LIFE IN PIECES (8:30p ET, CBS) — Repeat


9-1-1 (9p ET, FOX) — Repeat


LOVE & BANANAS: AN ELEPHANT STORY (9p ET, Starz) — Actress and filmmaker Ashley Bell is behind this new documentary, shot in Thailand, that chronicles the plight of the Asian elephant through the story of a single animal: Noi Na, a 70-year-old elephant shown being rescued from an exhausting and harsh life giving rides to tourists in Thailand.

DATELINE (10p ET, NBC) — New

ELEMENTARY (10p ET, CBS) — New. Holmes and Watson investigate the poisoning of a relocation expert who was really a professional assassin.


REST IN POWER: THE TRAYVON MARTIN STORY (10p ET, Paramount Network) — This 6-part documentary series from Jay-Z examines the life and legacy of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed African-American teen who was shot and killed by neighborhood-watch volunteer George Zimmerman in 2012. Carmelo Anthony, Angela Rye and Angela Davis also make appearances.


TOP TEN MOVIES _ Mission: Impossible – Fallout topped the weekend box office with the franchise’s largest three-day opening ever, $61.5 million, as well as star Tom Cruise’s second largest opening of his career (War of the Worlds’ $64.8 million).

  1. Mission: Impossible – Fallout, $61.5 million
  2. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, $15 million
  3. The Equalizer 2, $14 million
  4. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, $12.3 million
  5. Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, $10.5 million
  6. Ant-Man and the Wasp, $8.4 million
  7. Incredibles 2, $7.1 million
  8. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, $6.7 million
  9. Skyscraper, $5.4 million
  10. The First Purge, $2.2 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was Dunkirk.
… Five years ago this week the number one movie was The Wolverine.
… Ten years ago this week the number one movie was The Dark Knight.
… Twenty years ago this week the number one movie was Saving Private Ryan

… In theaters Friday: The Darkest Minds (PG-13); Christopher Robin (PG); The Spy Who Dumped Me (R); Eighth Grade (R)

VING RHAMES SAYS POLICE HELD HIM AT GUNPOINT AT HIS HOME _ Mission: Impossible star Ving Rhames says Los Angeles police once held him at gunpoint inside his own home after police said a neighbor called 911 to report that a “large black man was breaking into the house.” (He made his comments on The Clay Cane Show on Sirius XM Friday after being asked about racism.)

… He said that earlier this year he was watching ESPN in his home in Santa Monica one afternoon, wearing nothing but basketball shorts, when he heard a noise coming from his backyard. He thought the source of it was his two English bulldog puppies running around. Someone then knocked at his door. “I get up, I open the door, there’s a red dot pointed at my face from a 9 millimeter. And they say, ‘Put up your hands.'”

… The actor said that he complied and stepped outside with his hands up, then saw a few cops and a police dog. He said the police captain recognized him because their sons competed against each other in high school sports games together and apologized for the mistake. When the officers and actor went to the neighbor’s house, the neighbor denied saying a “large black man was breaking into the house.”

… Santa Monica PD told NBC News that their officers do not carry laser-guided service weapons.

NETFLIX SAYS STRANGER THINGS WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT _ Stranger Things season 3 won’t land until summer 2019, but Netflix says it’ll be “worth the wait.” The streaming giant says the creators of Strangers Things really want to get season 3 right. And, good news, next season will have some more extensive special effects than the prior seasons.

TRUMP STAR VANDALS MEET _ The two guys who took a crack at demolishing Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star came face-to-face over the weekend. Austin Clay — the latest Trump star vandal — met up with his predecessor, James Otis, Saturday at the Polo Lounge inside the Beverly Hills Hotel to break bread over lunch. The meeting lasted about two hours, with 10-15 people total in attendance. Sources who were present tell TMZ James mostly talked to Austin about how to protect himself legally after being arrested last week for pummeling the star with a pickax — much like James did in 2016. James wanted to give Austin advice on how to navigate the criminal justice system for the best outcome, seeing how he’s gone through it himself.

DIE HARD CELEBRATES ANNIVERSARY WITH OUTDOOR SCREENING _ For a movie originally marketed as “40 stories of sheer adventure,” what better way to see Die Hard than in the shadow of Nakatomi Tower itself? That’s just how 20th Century Fox celebrated the film’s 30th anniversary Saturday night, with an outdoor screening at the foot of Fox Plaza in Century City, which stood in for the famed fictional tower. Hundreds gathered on the roof of an adjacent parking garage at dusk as the gleaming structure provided a picturesque backdrop. Co-stars Bonnie Bedelia and Reginald VelJohnson were on hand to introduce the film for the fans in attendance.

MARK HAMILL SAYS IT’S BITTERSWEET DOING STAR WARS: EPISODE 9 WITHOUT CARRIE FISHER _ In a heartfelt tweet posted Sunday morning, Mark Hamill opened up about filming his “final chapter” in the Star Wars saga without Carrie Fisher by his side. Last week it was announced that Hamill would return to play the famed Jedi one last time in Star Wars: Episode 9, and would be joined by fellow original trilogy castmate Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian. Fisher, who passed away in December 2016, will appear in the film as Leia through unused footage from the 2015 film The Force Awakens.

… Hamill tweeted Sunday: “It’s bittersweet facing my final chapter without her. She is simply irreplaceable. I’m finding solace in the fact that she won’t BE replaced & would love the worldwide outpouring of affection from those who loved her when they heard the news. #CarrieOnForever”

… Episode 9 will be in theaters December 2019.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7 _ So far the Mission: Impossible franchise has seen six movies released over the course of 22 years, and Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation and Fallout were each released just three years apart. The last two movies were both released in July, and all of the Mission: Impossible films so far — with the exception of Ghost Protocol, which came out in December — have been summer blockbusters. Nothing’s confirmed yet but the smart money is on Mission: Impossible 7 releasing in July 2021.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR SEASON 5 _ AMC is renewing Fear the Walking Dead for a fifth season.

TLC ANNOUNCES 90 DAY FIANCE SPINOFF _ The TLC network has announced a spinoff series for their hit show 90 Day Fiance. The new show will be titled 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way and will basically be a reverse of the concept behind 90 Day Fiance. The new show will chronicle the lives of American men and women who fall in love with people from other countries and decide to live their married lives in their new spouse’s home country.

OCTAVIA SPENCER TO STAR IN NETFLIX SERIES MADAM C.J. WALKER _ Octavia Spencer will star in a new Netflix series titled Madam C.J. Walker. The series is adapted from the book On Her Own Ground (by A’Lelia Bundles). A press release said: “This is the untold and highly irreverent story of black hair care pioneer and mogul Madam C.J. Walker and how she overcame hostile turn-of-the-century America, epic rivalries, tumultuous marriages and some trifling family to become America’s first black, self-made female millionaire.”


Find these audio files on the PRO AUDIO PAGE.

MOVIE SNACKS: Since everyone’s racing out to see summer blockbusters, horror novelist Stephen King offered his tips on movie snacks. What does he prefer? He starts with Diet Pepsi. And then: “I can then safely order a large popcorn with extra butter. Of course it isn’t really butter, it’s some sort of mystery substance squeezed from the sweat glands of small animals, but I have developed such a taste for it over my years of film-going that the real stuff tastes wrong, somehow.”

… His candy of choice? Junior Mints. He waxes on about bringing toothpicks from home and eating them as Junior Mint kabobs (though I know some who pour them in with the popcorn).

From the PRO AUDIO archives, three calls about sneaking food into theaters.

DROP: Well that’s all the time we have so long kids.

BREAKFAST POPCORN: There’s something called Breakfast Popcorn. It’s basically a small bag of popped popcorn with some bacon bits and a maple flavor. Eat it on the go. Here’s a caller who says her mom would make up a big batch of popcorn every Sunday and that’s what she would eat at “cereal” all week.



A kid thought he lost his ear while getting a hair cut.

FB icon Ever prank your kid?


Here’s a Facebook photo post for sharing with your own Facebook page.


• When nobody else is around, 47% drink straight from the carton.

• Nearly 1/3 of U.S. women color their hair.

• 57% have had deja vu.

• 4 out of 5 of us have suffered from hemorrhoids.

• 44% have broken a bone.

• 46.5% of men say they ALWAYS put the seat down after they’ve used the toilet, yet women claim to ALWAYS find it up.

• 54.2% of us always wash our hands after using the toilet.

• 23.5% admit they don’t always flush.

• 55.2% will let someone else come in the bathroom while they’re using the toilet.


• The 150 species of mosquitoes in North America

• Long lines everywhere

• No football

• Higher gas prices

• Crazy relative staying for a week


Every sixty seconds there are…

• 2.4 million Google searches

• 150 million emails sent

• 65 new domains registered

• 51,000 Apple app store downloads

• $210,000 in Amazon sales

• 350,000 new tweets

• 43,000 Instagram posts

• 980,000 Tinder swipes

• 703,000 Facebook logins


Courtesy of morning show talent coach Steve Reynolds. The Hot List is made up of the topics everyone knows about.

  1. Mission Impossible
  2. Tom Cruise
  3. Summer Vacations
  4. The Blood Moon
  5. California Wildfires
  6. Facebook Stock
  7. Demi Lovato
  8. Fortnite
  9. Cardi B
  10. Sacha Baron Cohen
  11. Tour de France
  12. Taylor Swift
  13. Nick Jonas
  14. NFL Pre-Season


TRIVIA: Ladies, if a friend asks you to do this it will cost you about $1,700. (Be a bridesmaid)

TRIVIA: In a survey it was revealed that the biggest cause of matrimonial fighting is money. The second cause is children. The third cause is relatives. What’s fourth?  (Housework/chores)


• Google

• Huffington Post*

• DuckDuckGo

• Yahoo

• Bing

* It’s not a search engine


Rope swing fail.



• Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens) is 62

• Wesley Snipes is 56

• Author J.K. Rowling is 53

• Dean Cain (Lois and Clark) is 52

• B.J. Novak (The Office) is 39

• Rico Rodriguez (Manny Delgado on Modern Family) is 20


• 1790: The first U.S. patent was issued, granted to inventor Samuel Hopkins for a potash process.

• 1930: The radio mystery program The Shadow aired for the first time.

• 1971: Apollo 15 astronauts became the first to ride in a lunar rover.

• 1975: In Detroit, Michigan, Teamsters Union president Jimmy Hoffa was reported missing.

• 1980: Fictional character Harry Potter was born today.

• 1981: A seven-week strike by major league baseball players ended.

• 1990: Nolan Ryan became the 20th major league pitcher to win 300 games as his Texas Rangers beat the Milwaukee Brewers 11-3.

• 1995: The Walt Disney Company agreed to acquire Capital Cities-ABC Inc. in a $19 billion deal.

• 1996: Three brothers, a sister, and two cousins all drowned while trying to rescue a chicken and each other from a 60-foot-deep well in Nazlat Imara, Egypt. The chicken survived.

• 1997: Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago announced that “the Teddy Bear Lady,” a $15-thousand-a-year secretary who passed out teddy bears to children in the hospital, had left $18-million for research into children’s diseases. Gladys Holm, who never married and had no heirs, apparently had invested wisely in the stock market.

• 2002: A knife-wielding robber in the Philippines was beaten up by his victim, a 25-year-old pregnant woman with a black belt in taekwondo. Clarissa de Guzman of Manila said when the robber focused his attention on her jewelry and money, she kicked him in the head, then in the groin and all over.

• 2005: Diners at a pizzeria in a western Austrian town panicked and called the police when a nearly 10-foot-long tiger python was seen slithering across the restaurant floor. The cops managed to catch the snake before anyone was bitten.

• 2012: A second power grid failure in two days left 670 million people in India without power.


• Mutt Day

• Cotton Candy Day

• Avocado Day


• August 4-8: North American Scrabble Championship, Buffalo, New York
• September 3: Labor Day
• September 6: New York Fashion Weeks begins
• September 22: Oktoberfest in Munich begins
• October 31: Halloween (Wednesday)
• November 4: Daylight Saving Time ends
• November 22: Thanksgiving
• November 23: Black Friday
• November 24: Small Business Saturday
• November 26: Cyber Monday
• November 27: Giving Tuesday