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• Businessman Warren Buffett is 88

• Peggy Lipton (The Mod Squad) is 72

• Comedian Lewis Black is 70

• Michael Chiklis (The Fantastic Four, The Shield) is 55

• Cameron Diaz is 46

• TV personality Lisa Ling is 45

• Michael Gladis (Reckless, Mad Men) is 41

• Tennis player (retired) Andy Roddick is 36


• 1963: A hotline between U.S. and Soviet leaders went into operation.

• 1967: Thurgood Marshall was confirmed as the first African American Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

• 1984: The Space Shuttle Discovery took off on its maiden voyage.

• 1993: The first episode of the Late Show with David Letterman aired on CBS, following Letterman’s move from NBC.

• 2001: Two killers who planned to marry in England’s Broadmoor Prison called off the wedding after finding out just how evil each other was. Lifers Sharon Carr and Robbie Layne, who had already bought gold rings, were stunned when they read a newspaper report describing their killings. A nurse said they stormed out of the room and wouldn’t even talk to each other.

• 2002: South African hijackers accosted a 41-year-old woman and her two daughters, aged 14 and nine, in their driveway and drove them at knifepoint to meet up with another man who was unhappy with the color of the hijacked white Volvo. After stealing the victim’s mobile phone and jewelry, the hijackers returned her car keys and gave her specific directions when she said she didn’t know how to get home. No one was injured, but the mother suffered from shock.

• 2005: The 17th Street Canal in New Orleans was breached during Hurricane Katrina, leading to massive flooding and destruction.

• 2007: In Florida, a child’s grenade-shaped belt buckle caused a lengthy delay for passengers who were trying to leave a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Thousands of cruise passengers aboard the Freedom of Seas vessel waited several hours as a Miami-Dade police bomb squad investigated the scene. Transportation Security Administrator workers spotted the belt buckle while screening a suitcase that was loaded off the ship.

• 2015: At the MTV Video Music Awards Kanye West announced he will run for President in 2020.


• Cabernet Sauvignon Day

• Grief Awareness Day

• Toasted Marshmallow Day


• August 30: College football begins
• September 2: International Bacon Day AUDIO
• September 3: Labor Day
• September 6: NFL season begins (Falcons at Eagles)
• September 6: New York Fashion Weeks begins
• September 22: Oktoberfest in Munich begins
• October 31: Halloween (Wednesday)
• November 4: Daylight Saving Time ends
• November 9: World Chess Championship (November 9-28) in London
• November 22: Thanksgiving
• November 23: Black Friday
• November 24: Small Business Saturday
• November 26: Cyber Monday
• November 27: Giving Tuesday


21: Attention span, in minutes, of the average student.


A man in Spain claims to have been raised by wolves. Some question his story. [Especially the part about the wolves once introducing him to Kevin Costner.]

A California bishop says that he erred in judgment when he asked the diocese to purchase a retirement home for him that costs $2.3 million. [He now realizes that the basement bowling alley with a separate lane named after each apostle was a bit too much.]

America has set a new record for sexually transmitted diseases. [That just goes to show that when it sets its mind to do something, this is still a nation that gets things done.]

America has set a new record for sexually transmitted diseases. [How’s that for MAGA: Make America Gross Again.]

Vladimir Putin was forced to reduce his planned increase for the minimal age of retirement after massive public criticism. [Of course, usually, opponents of Putin don’t live long enough to retire.]

A sheriff’s department in North Carolina thought it had seized 13 pounds of the opioid fentanyl worth about $2 million. But the lab report says it was only sugar. [You would think that the ants would have been a big clue.]

Two Santa Fe men were arrested for stealing trash carts. [Is there some sort of huge underworld market for big, smelly, plastic things?]

A new study claims that 1 out of 50 people finds love on an airplane. [The other 49 can’t even find their luggage.]

A new study claims that 1 out of 50 people finds love on an airplane. [There’s just something romantic about someone duct taping you to your seat.]

Stephen Colbert revealed that performing standup comedy lowers his stress level. [Conversely, standup comedy performed by Louis CK raises the audience’s stress level.]


GRANNIES OVER 70 ARE GETTING TATTOOS _ It’s not just millennials, hip moms and middle-aged dad getting tattoos — the hot new demographic for ink is grandmas over 79. Tattoo shop owners say they’ve been seeing an uptick in clients at older-than-usual tattooing ages — particularly women middle age and above — even into their 80s.

… One reason: Many women grew up in an era when tattoos were for bikers and criminals. But as they enter their golden years, they decide “they need a change in life.” So they “freshen up, and get a tattoo like the kids.”

FOUND: HEART-WRENCHING MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE IN RIVER _ A dad and son are looking for the author of a mysterious message in a bottle found in the River Thames (tems) in the UK. James Herring and his 12-year-old son Jack were on a boating trip Saturday when they noticed the turquoise-colored bottle floating in the water. A message inside read: “To whoever sees this message – This is in memory of a dear son and brother who died of a broken heart, two years after his beloved Lisa. He loved her so, so much. They had a passion for travel and one of their favorite songs was ‘Somewhere beyond the sea.’ So this is your final adventure, Jon, your last journey to paradise, and Lisa waiting on those Golden Sands – together forever.”

… James tweeted a photo of the message hoping to track down who Jon and Lisa were, or who wrote the note. • IMAGE

GIANT PYTHON SLITHERS AROUND POLAND SCARING EVERYONE _ For nearly two months now, the people of Poland have been captivated by the tale of a missing 16-foot python that is believed to be slithering around Warsaw. The country has been transfixed over finding the giant python on the loose, using drones, choppers and a sniffer dog — whose name is Cocaine. So far, no sign of the snake, which has been nicknamed Bertha.

MAN CUT GIRLFRIEND’S BRAKES TO GET CRACK PIPE, AND SHE DIED _ Police in Pennsylvania say a man who cut his girlfriend’s brake lines trying to get a piece of pipe for crack smoking faces homicide charges after she lost control of the car, crashed into a tree, and died. John Jenkins told police his girlfriend was “driving him crazy” because she was looking for a pipe to smoke crack in. He allegedly told troopers he didn’t want to go to the store for a pipe, so he started “hacking away” underneath her vehicle to get something she could use.

POLAROID’S NEW INSTANT CAMERA ALSO SENDS SNAPS TO PHONE _ Polaroid is going digital. The classic instant camera has been re-imagined once again with the OneStep+, a new version of the device which merges analog photography and many of the benefits of a digital camera. The OneStep+ will pair with a smartphone app, so that users can upload their Polaroids to Instagram, take portrait photos and more. And the the OneStep+ uses Type-600 instant film so you can have an old-school print within minutes of snapping a pic.

MAP SHOWS WHICH STATES ARE OBSESSED WITH PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES _ This week Starbucks brought back the Pumpkin Spice Latte and we already know which states are the most obsessed with fall’s most popular drink. The folks at looked at 100,000 geotagged tweets to learn that the people of Tennessee are most obsessed with the PSL, followed by West Virginia, Washington, Oregon and Indiana. • MAP

OLIVE OIL COULD BE BETTER THAN VIAGRA _ Olive oil could be better than Viagra at helping men perform in the bedroom, say scientists (University of Athens). A study of more than 600 men found that those who consumed plenty of olive oil had far fewer problems with their sexual performance. Researchers said a diet rich in olive oil keeps blood vessels healthy — maintaining circulation in every part of the body. Every part. Those who consumed at least nine tablespoons of it weekly were far less likely to suffer from impotence than those who ate less of it, and had significantly higher levels of testosterone.

… Strong adherence to a Mediterranean style diet — a rich in fruit and vegetables, legumes, fish and nuts, as well as olive oil — cut the risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 40 percent.

DUMPED BOX OF ‘PUPPIES’ TURN OUT TO BE BABY JACKALS _ An animal shelter worker from Croatia was shocked when the ‘puppies’ she was looking after turned out to be babies of a different kind. The woman posted videos of the puppies online and was informed by followers that the four-month old animals were in fact jackals. The ‘puppies’ had been rescued after someone dumped them in a box in a field. Animal shelter workers originally thought the puppies were Belgian shepherds — until social media followers set them straight.

KFC WANTS TO GIVE YOU $ IF YOU NAME YOUR BABY AFTER ITS FOUNDER _ If you’re about to give birth to a baby and can be flexible on his or her name, KFC has $11,000 it wants to give you. The fast food chicken chain is celebrating the 128th birthday of KFC founder Col. Harland Sanders, who was born September 9, 1890. Here’s all you have to do: Birth a child on Sunday, September 9 and be the first person on that date to name your infant Harland. • LINK

… KFC will give one set of lucky new parents $11,000 to be used toward little Harland’s college expenses. The very specific prize amount comes from the 11 herbs and spices used in the Colonel’s world famous chicken recipe.

… Another reason Harland might be the right name for your child: According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, the name is ranked No. 3,257 on the list of most common baby names.

HOW TO SWAT A FLY _ Scientists discovered why flies are so hard to swat, and in doing so they also discovered the perfect way to swat a fly. Researchers (California Institute of Technology) said say a fly’s brain plans the best way to avoid a good swatting within 100 milliseconds of spotting you looming towards it with a rolled up newspaper. Within that time the fly also places its legs in an optimal position to hop out of the way in the opposite direction, leaving you swatting the table.

… The research also said an optimal method for actually swatting a fly: “It is best not to swat at the fly’s starting position, but rather to aim a bit forward of that to anticipate where the fly is going to jump when it first sees your swatter.”

CHEW GUM TO CUT STRESS _ Juggling too many tasks and feeling the heat? Chewing gum could give you that extra hand, according to researchers (at Swinburne University in Australia). People chewing gum feel lower amounts of stress and are more alert. But multi-tasking was where the real impact was seen: gum-chewing improved subjects’ scores 109% over baseline when experiencing mild stress levels.

PARTICIPATE IN A STUDY THAT WILL PAY YOU TO EAT AVOCADOS _ The time has come to put your avocado obsession to work. Several universities are partnering to research the weight loss effects of avocados. The study is funded by the Hass Avocado Board. Together they are looking for 1,000 participants to take part in the six-month trial, which will focus on whether or not eating one avocado per day reduces visceral adipose fat in the abdomen.

… To qualify as a participant, you must be at least 25 years old, willing to eat one avocado per day for six months as part of the test group or two avocados per month for six months as part of the control group. Men must measure at least 40 inches around their waist, while women must measure at least 35 inches. In addition to those specifications, participants will be paid $300 and are required to meet with a dietitian once a month. They will receive a free MRI and health screenings. The universities are Loma Linda University School of Public Health, Pennsylvania State University, Tufts University, the University of California Los Angeles and Wake Forest University,.

NO ONE WANTS CLOWNS _ Clowns are a dying breed. According to Clowns International, there are only 100 registered clowns left in the UK. Clowns are going extinct because kids prefer Disney characters instead.

DON’T GET STRESSED ABOUT EMAIL _ Before you pat yourself on the back for your record response time to emails, some research may give you pause and that extra push toward a little meditative therapy. A study (University of Glasgow) says that email users fall into one of three categories — relaxed, driven or stressed — and that the people in the last category aren’t doing themselves any favors. Pressure to compose a response apparently led to increasingly negative feelings about email, paving the way to more stress-related health problems. Findings from a previous study showing almost an entire day’s worth of time per week being wasted getting back on task is likely not helping workers keep their cool either. So take a deep breath, finish your task, and play dumb if anyone bugs you about it.

REMEMBER THIS? A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: CHINESE PET OWNERS TURNING TO ACUPUNCTURE _ Acupuncture on humans is a centuries old tradition that, for many, seems to work. Now an acupuncturist in China is treating pets, especially those immobilized by severe spinal and nervous-system injuries. The acupuncturist is seeing a range of breeds including Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Collies, Basset Hounds and Shi Tzus. Dogs and cats are strapped into harnesses before the thin acupuncture needles are inserted into their problem spots.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN TUMBLES FROM CAR ON HIGHWAY; POLICE NEED HELP FINDING VEHICLE _ A man fell from a moving vehicle onto a Minnesota freeway, and the State Patrol is trying to figure out why. Did he jump or just fall? Was he thrown? Authorities are looking for the vehicle involved in the incident, which occurred about 5:45 Monday morning. The victim was taken to the hospital with critical injuries.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MONKEY ‘MOB BOSS’ CAUGHT RAIDING CORNER STORE _ A macaque (muh-kak) known to steal food in a southwest China community was captured while raiding a small convenience store, where it caused an estimated $500 in damages. Wildlife protection experts shot the monkey with tranquilizer darts after the store owner called police. It was taken to a nearby zoo.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: FLORIDA ROBBER WEARING SOCKS ON HANDS SPOTTED BY COPS _ Police detectives in Hollywood, Florida, stopped a robber in the act at a CVS store. The detectives saw Paul Preston Lopez arriving to the CVS on a bicycle and entering the store with his head covered and socks on his hands. It’s August in Florida, so that looks pretty suspicious. The detectives went into the store and saw Lopez pulling down his stocking cap as he approached the cashier. He was taken into custody before leaving the store.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MOTHER, DAUGHTER DAMAGE SWING SET ARTWORK AT MUSEUM _ A woman and her daughter damaged an art installation at a Pennsylvania museum, mistakenly believing the sculpture of a swing set was meant to be played with. The artwork, called Fair and Square, features two swings suspended as if frozen mid-swing (at Susquehanna Art Museum in Harrisburg). The show opened August 17 and within 10 minutes, the woman and her daughter each reached up and pulled the swings down.

… The museum’s director said, “I looked away for a moment and then, boom, it’s down. The swings were swinging … We were just devastated. The visitors mistakenly assumed they were supposed to play on the swings that were suspended.” The director said the two then walked to a different section of the museum and picked up pieces of a different art installation despite signage telling visitors not to touch anything.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN FAKES HEART ATTACK TO GET RIDE TO HOSPITAL CAFETERIA _ Police in Kentucky got a call about a theft that had occurred at a business. When police arrived the suspect was gone. He’d faked a heart attack and had been picked up by an ambulance and taken to a hospital. When police got the hospital they found their suspect having a meal in the cafeteria.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WAITER TRIED TO ROB HIS OWN RESTAURANT _ A waiter in Brazil was arrested after he tired to rob his own restaurant and was recognized by the manager. The manager pulled the waiters mask off and chased him until he was caught.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ROBBERS PAINT TRUCK, FORGET ABOUT PLATES _ A gang of robbers in Mexico had a brilliant plan — paint their getaway car to avoid police. They painted their green car black shortly after their heist. But the crooks forgot to change the vehicle’s license plates and were quickly caught.


SEASON FINALE: THE GONG SHOW (8p ET, ABC) — New. Ken Jeong, Chelsea Peretti and Adam Devine are the celebrity judges.




MOM (8:30p ET, CBS) — Repeat


TAKE TWO (9p ET, ABC) — Two new episodes

WILL & GRACE (9p ET, NBC) — Repeat

THE ORIGINALS (9p ET, CW) — Repeat

SUPERSTORE (9:30p ET, NBC) — Repeat

S.W.A.T. (10p ET, CBS) — Repeat

LAW & ORDER: SVU (10p ET, NBC) — Repeat

SERIES PREMIERE: ONE DOLLAR (CBS All Access) — This new mystery/drama series follows a murder case in a small town through a single dollar bill as it changes hands. John Carroll Lynch and Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton) star.


25th ANNIVERSARY RE-RELEASE OF SPIELBERG’S SCHINDLER’S LIST _ Universal has released a new trailer for the upcoming 25th anniversary re-release of Steven Spielberg’s iconic classic Schindler’s List, which won seven Oscars in 1994. The true story set during the Holocaust is about a German man who operates a factory in Nazi-occupied Krakow, Poland named Oskar Schindler, played by Liam Neeson. He gradually becomes concerned for his Jewish workforce after witnessing their persecution by the Nazis, helping over 1,200 of them to escape to safety. The cast also includes Ben Kingsley, who currently stars as Adolf Eichmann in Operation Finale. • VIDEO

HALLE BERRY TROLLED PRINCE HARRY FOR HAVING A POSTER OF HER _ After pictures of Prince Harry in his dorm room at Eton College resurfaced on Wednesday, Halle Berry took to social media to point out that a young Harry might have had a little crush on her. Berry shared not only the headline, but a close-up shot of her image above Harry’s head. • IMAGE

ALEC BALDWIN DROPS OUT OF JOAQUIN PHOENIX’S JOKER MOVIE _ Despite a story by The Hollywood Reporter that said otherwise, Alec Baldwin is not playing the role of Thomas Wayne, future Batman Bruce Wayne’s father, in Joaquin Phoenix’s upcoming Joker movie. Alec used Twitter on Wednesday to denounce the report, saying that he “[had] NOT been hired” for the role.

… USA Today reached out to Alec’s people for confirmation. In response, the actor told the outlet that he was “no longer doing that movie” because of a “scheduling” conflict.

DARYL HANNAH AND NEIL YOUNG ARE MARRIED _ Daryl Hannah and Neil Young are married. According to multiple sources, the actress and the singer tied the knot in front of their loved ones on Saturday in California, which followed an earlier ceremony aboard Young’s yacht in the San Juan Islands in Washington. Fans had a feeling the duo had wed after several people congratulated the couple on Twitter. Hannah also shared a cryptic post on Instagram that featured an owl and the caption “someone’s watching over us…. love & only love.”

… Hannah and Young sparked romance rumors in 2014 after they were spotted going for a romantic stroll in Westlake, California. Since then, the two have not only been romantic partners, but also collaborators. Earlier this year, the couple released Paradox, which Hannah directed and Young starred in.

DC’S STREAMING SERVICE WILL LAUNCH ON NATIONAL BATMAN DAY _ DC’s digital service, DC Universe, will make its debut on Batman Day. For those of you out there who aren’t super nerds, that date is Saturday, September 15. DC Universe is a digital subscription service that gives viewers access to exclusive content like all-new original live-action and animated series, classic TV series, films and more. The subscription service will cost $7.99 per month or $74.99 annually.

TOP GUN: MAVERICK PUSHED BACK TO 2020 _ Tom Cruise’s Top Gun sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, has been pushed back nearly a year from July 12, 2019, to June 26, 2020. The extra time will give filmmakers the opportunity to work out the logistics of presenting flight sequences with new technology and planes. The sequel will be set in a world of drone technology and will explore the end of the era of dogfighting, with Cruise portraying a flight instructor. In May, Cruise posted a photo of himself in front of what appeared to be a Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet.

JIMMY FALLON PAYS DINNER BILL FOR STRANGERS AT RESTAURANT _ Jimmy Fallon is paying it forward. The Tonight Show host was dining with his wife at a in the Hamptons on Monday when he paid for a nearby strangers’ dinner bill — which was more than $1,000. A source said Jimmy “appreciated how happy” the group of four appeared to be “and how they were ‘enjoying each other’s company.’ He said the ‘good vibe’ made him happy and he wanted to pay for dinner.”


Find these audio files on the PRO AUDIO PAGE.

DROP: Don’t let this happen to you.

INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY: The big day is September 2. A couple of bacon-ish songs.

PHONER: Road rage stories.  →  6 real calls



Listen up, single men. According to a poll taken at, this is what women want at your apartment:

  1. A clean bathroom (49%)
  2. Nice furniture (14%)
  3. Lots of books (9%)
  4. Evidence he cooks (8%)
  5. No roommate (6%)
  6. Family photos (6%)
  7. A nice view (5%)


What men and women want each other to wear in bed…

Most of us would rather be comfortable in what we wear to bed than attractive, even though half of our partners think what we wear to bed is ugly. So here’s what men and women want each other to wear to bed.

What women find sexy in bed

  1. Boxers/underwear
  2. PJ Bottoms
  3. Full PJs
  4. Onesie
  5. Football shirt

What men find sexy in bed

  1. Full PJs (top and bottom)
  2. Lingerie
  3. Negligee
  4. Men’s clothing
  5. Nothing

… Interesting that men are far more interested in a woman in PJs than a woman wearing nothing!


It’s easy to rip into your ex over what a jerk he turned out to be, but before you do that, step back and read what’s proper after a breakup. From Yahoo!, here are ten things you should never say about an ex.

1. He was broke

2. Everything you thought he did was terrible

3. He was always a jerk

4. You still love him

5. Anything super embarrassing

6. Anything he told you in absolute confidence

7. Qualities that you loved about him

8. How much your parents loved him

9. The sex was bad

10. Negative qualities your ex had that your current boyfriend has


If you listen to parents, parenting has become exponentially more difficult in the last, oh, 10 to 20 years. When you were a kid you spent your days eating Spaghetti-Os, watching marathons of Muppet Babies, and playing outside for hours and hours with no adult in sight. You know what that’s considered now? Neglect.

A writer at says parents are making parenting harder!

1. Birthday Parties
You remember going to birthday parties as a kid. You simply played for a bit, sang “Happy Birthday”, ate some friggin’ cake, and watched your buddy open up some presents. Why on Earth have these things morphed into themed parties that take hours of planning, hundreds of dollars and are only appreciated by the people who aren’t being celebrated?

2. Elf on the Shelf
Simply singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” used to be enough to put kids in check. Now they have a snitch. Not just any snitch, but one in which Mom and Dad have to place in humorous and cutesy positions every night to entertain the kids and remind them to be good. Because completing Christmas shopping, baking for holiday parties, seeing family, going to light shows, and wrapping presents isn’t enough to keep parents busy during that month.

Yes, organic is the best way to feed a family. Avoiding pesticides, GMOs, additives, and other preservatives is preferable, obviously. That being said, we need to be able to afford to actually feed our families. Have you noticed how organic food is nearly double the price? AND everything can be organic these days. There’s organic T-shirts, organic cleaners, and organic candy. There’s even organic diaper bags.

4. Kid’s Sports
We all played sports as a kid. Maybe you were in dance, gymnastics, tee ball, softball, baseball or volleyball. The difference between kids’ sports back then and now is the fact that our sports didn’t eat up every free friggin’ moment of every day. These days when a kid starts a sporting activity, you NEVER see them again because it never seems to end. They are always at practice, a game, or a tournament. As soon as the summer league is over, then the fall league starts. Fall’s over? Oh, great! The spring league is here!

5. Social media
Social media is a time-suck and a great way to feel like a crappy parent. It further perpetuates the notion that parents must do everything perfectly and be the best at everything. How’s this for an overly-perfect parenting post: How to apply tattoos to bananas for school lunches. Waaah? It’s not enough to make lunch for your children, but now you have to decorate it?


TRIVIA: The Family Christian Center in Munster, Indiana, was the first church to have what? (Starbucks)

TRIVIA: One out of every 200 people suffers from what? (Sweaty palms. It’s called hyperhydrosis.)

TRIVIA: The average adult will go through 10 pounds of what this year? (Breakfast cereal)


What do these people have in common?

  • Michael Jackson
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Mark Twain
  • Walt Disney
  • Burt Reynolds
  • Elton John
  • Henry Ford
  • Willie Nelson

Hint: It was their last resort.

Answer: They all declared bankruptcy.



• Van Morrison is 73

• Richard Gere is 69

• Marcia Clark (O.J. Simpson ADA prosecutor), 65

• Deborah (Debbie) Gibson is 48

• Zack Ward (A Christmas Story, Titus) is 48

• Chris Tucker (Rush Hour) is 46

• Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy) is 43


• 1869: Scientist Mary Ward died in Ireland. She had the misfortune to fall under the wheels of an experimental steam car built by her cousins, making her the earliest motor vehicle accident victim.

• 1888: Mary Ann Nichols was murdered. She is the first of Jack the Ripper’s known victims.

• 1897: Thomas Edison patented the Kinetoscope, the first movie projector.

• 1948: Actor Robert Mitchum was arrested in a Hollywood drug raid. He would later be found guilty of criminal conspiracy to possess marijuana and was sentenced to 60 days in prison.

• 1963: Walter Cronkite began his stint as anchor of the “CBS Evening News.”

• 1976: Beatle George Harrison was found guilty of subconsciously plagiarizing the Chiffons’ “He’s So Fine” when he wrote “My Sweet Lord.”

• 1976: Carallyn Bowes became the first woman to run across Canada when she arrived in Burnaby, B.C., after a 3,841-mile jog from Halifax. In 133 days she lost 15 pounds and wore out 13 pairs of shoes.

• 1997: Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash in Paris.

• 2001: A would-be bank robber went to the only empty cashier’s window to demand cash at a bank in Feldmoching, Germany. When the staff ignored him because he was standing at a closed window, the armed bandit fled empty-handed complaining about the appalling service at the bank.

• 2005: Martial law was declared in New Orleans amid reports of looters running wild, food and drinking water dwindling and bodies floating in the Katrina floodwaters.

• 2009: Walt Disney Co. announced it was acquiring comic book giant Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion.

• 2010: President Barack Obama ended the U.S. combat mission in Iraq.


• Love Litigating Lawyers Day

• College Colors Day

• National Eat Outside Day

• Trail Mix Day

• September is Baby Safety Month, Backpack Safety Month, Be Kind To Editors And Writers Month, Children’s Good Manners Month, Fall Hat Month, Hug A Texas Chef Month, International People Skills Month, Library Card Sign-up Month, National Biscuit Month, National Chicken Month, National Coupon Month, National Honey Month, National Mushroom Month, National Piano Month, National Potato Month, National Rice Month, National School Success Month, National Sewing Month, National Velociraptor Awareness Month, Pleasure Your Mate Month, Southern Gospel Music Month, Update Your Resume Month. September is Happy Cat Month.


• September 2: International Bacon Day AUDIO
• September 3: Labor Day
• September 6: NFL season begins (Falcons at Eagles)
• September 6: New York Fashion Weeks begins
• September 22: Oktoberfest in Munich begins
• October 31: Halloween (Wednesday)
• November 4: Daylight Saving Time ends
• November 9: World Chess Championship (November 9-28) in London
• November 22: Thanksgiving
• November 23: Black Friday
• November 24: Small Business Saturday
• November 26: Cyber Monday
• November 27: Giving Tuesday



• Lily Tomlin is 79. Barry Gibb is 72. Dr. Phil is 68. Gloria Estefan is 61. Scott Speedman is 43. Country singer Angaleena Presley of Pistol Annies is 42.

• International Bacon Day. (Note: Some sources say IBD is September 2.) Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day. Tailgating Day. Random Acts of Kindness Day/Be Kind Day. World Beard Day. Gyro Day.


• Terry Bradshaw is 70. Mark Harmon is 67. Keanu Reeves is 54. Salma Hayek is 52. Cynthia Watros is 50. Zedd is 29.

• Internaional Bacon Day. (Note: Some sources say IBD is September 1.) Grits for Breakfast Day. Bowling League Day.