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• Tina Turner is 79

• Kristin Bauer (True Blood) is 52

• Peter Facinelli (Nurse Jackie) is 45

• DJ Khaled is 43

• Rita Ora is 28


• 1789: A national Thanksgiving Day was observed in the United States as recommended by President George Washington and approved by Congress.

… On this day in 1941 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed a bill establishing the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

• 1842: The University of Notre Dame was founded.

• 1917: The National Hockey League was formed, with the Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators, Quebec Bulldogs, and Toronto Arenas as its first teams.

• 1942: The film Casablanca opened in theaters, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

• 2004: Police in Minnesota were looking for a blow-up figure of SpongeBob SquarePants that was stolen from a Burger King. They found a ransom note which read, “We have SpongeBob” and demanded ten Crabby Patties, fries and milkshakes.

• 2013: Dennis Rodman was named Least Influential Person of the Year by GQ magazine.


• Cyber Monday

• Cider Monday

• National Cake Day


• November 27: Giving Tuesday
• November 28: Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting
• December 2: Hanukkah starts
• December 6: Time Person of the Year
• December 6: Golden Globe nominees announced
• December 21: Winter begins (5:23 PM ET)
• January 6: Golden Globes
• January 21: Martin Luther King Jr. Day


1,390: Annual estimated number of fires in the U.S. on Thanksgiving which are cooking related.


A Vermont woman is looking for her peacock that ran away with a flock of turkeys. [That’s just like kids. You feed them, clothe them, put a roof over their heads, and the first minute your head is turned they run off in a Volkswagen van with a bunch of hippies.]

A Honolulu burger joint is closed for disinfecting after a video showed what appeared to be a rat being cooked on the grill. [I could probably eat one of their grilled rat burgers, but what I don’t like is when they put that slice of pineapple on it.]

A scientist has named a new beetle after a baseball player. [So be careful of this insect. It apparently scratches and spits.]

An experimental model of a jet airplane became the first to ever fly without any moving parts. [Usually, the term “no moving parts” refers to whichever airport security line I happen to be standing in.]

Pigs in China have been hit with a nasty case of swine fever. The economic impact could be huge. [Do realize the cost of keeping millions of pigs in bed watching Netflix?]

A man from Alaska has reached his life’s goal by running a marathon in each of the 50 states. [We have a lot in common. I have successfully NOT run a marathon in each of the 50 states.]

When you shop online today you’ll find that some stores are now charging sales tax. [So the only thing missing from the traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experience is someone dinging your car door with their shopping car and not leaving a note.]

According to a new study, self-driving cars will lead to people having more sex while on the road. [I’m so glad I don’t work at a toll booth.]

There was a 50% off sale for DNA testing by the company 23andMe. [In the long run you could save a lot of money if you found out that you really weren’t related to some of the people you thought you had to buy Christmas presents.]

Insiders say that the late Hugh Hefner once dumped an entire casket full of his personal sex tapes into the ocean. [Well, finally a definitive explanation for global warming.]


NASA AWAITS SEVEN MINUTES OF TERROR _ The robotic probe InSight is at the end of it 301-million-mile ride to Mars, and looming just ahead is the exit ramp — the Martian atmosphere. NASA calls today’s (Monday) landing “seven minutes of terror.” That’s approximately the time InSight takes to land, a spooky 70-mile descent from the top of the atmosphere down to the ground. Hundreds of things must go right during landing, all without NASA’s help. The flight computer on board has to do it on its own.

InSight lands today (November 26) at 2:47 PM Eastern.

MEGA MILLIONS AND POWERBALL _ No winners so Tuesday’s Mega Millions jackpot is $172 million and Wednesday’s Powerball is $171 million.

CABBAGE PATCH RIOTS ARE 35 YEARS OLD _ (AUDIO) 35 years ago this season Cabbage Patch Kids were the hottest toys. And because there was no internet and Amazon and eBay, the only way to get a doll was to fight for it. Literally. This week in 1983. the Associated Press reported U.S. stores nationwide were being besieged by shoppers searching for Cabbage Patch Kids. • LINK

WE BUY A HUGE AMOUNT OF LUNCHABLES _ Lunchables turned 30 this year and people in the U.S., Canada, UK and beyond love them. We know people love because Kraft Heinz sells around $1.4 billion worth of Lunchables a year.

MOTHER-IN-LAW CHARGING FAMILY $22 A HEAD FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER _ Anyone who has hosted Christmas for their loved ones knows it’s expensive, and the cost of all that food, booze and other festive treats all adds up. And while most just suck it up or ask people to bring side dishes, one woman in the UK has decided to charge her family $22 a head to attend this year’s Christmas dinner. Her son was completely shocked by the request and is now considering skipping the celebration. Her daughter-in-law shared the story on a parenting website to see what other people thought.

WOMAN LISTS STRICT RULES NEW ROOMMATE MUST FOLLOW _ Finding the perfect roommate can be stressful, and making the wrong decision mean tension and arguments. So it’s important to be honest and open when meeting potential roomies. A woman in London took this to a whole new level by posting a long message online listing her very specific demands to warn off the wrong kind of roommate. She lists no fewer than 12 points which the lucky successful candidate must follow if they want to move into her home.

… They’re not allowed to be in the apartment during the day because she works from home.

… Cooking before 8:30 AM is banned.

… “If you have to run to the toilet 15 times a day or every 15 minutes, don’t move in here.”

… They must have friends and “enjoy doing things” so they don’t spend their free time in the apartment.

… “This isn’t a very sociable house. We don’t do parties and don’t have time to cook together or watch TV together. But I expect my roomates to be friendly towards each other.”

… “We have a cleaning rotation that you need to follow. Every week you’ll be cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen or the floor.”

… “Regarding guest, I don’t want to constantly see your friends hanging around. If you have guests three times a week it’s too much.”

OBVIOUS: WINTER IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, APPEARANCE, AND SEX LIFE _ Winter is bad for your health, appearance and your sex life. A poll of 2,000 adults found the cold and dark winter months result in an increase in illnesses, a lower mood and an overall lack of motivation. People in the survey said they have less energy, struggle to wake up, have sore and achy joints and muscles, and are more likely to consume unhealthy or sugary foods than in the summer months.

… Overall, 46% of adults think winter is bad for their health.

BLACK FRIDAY HAS BASICALLY MERGED WITH CYBER MONDAY _ According to online retailers, Black Friday saw a 13 percent increase in sales from last year. Online sales on Saturday and Sunday were up this year as well, and Cyber Monday sales are expected to set records.

ISS TOILETS INFESTED WITH INFECTIOUS ‘SPACE BUGS’ _ The International Space Station has been infested by an infectious ‘space bug’ organism, which scientists have warned could cause disease. NASA says that different varieties of Enterobacter, a bug similar to that found in hospitals on earth, have been discovered on the orbiting space base. The researchers focused on five strains of the bacteria which were isolated from the space toilet and exercise platform on the space station in March 2015. A NASA report concluded the space bugs had a 79 percent chance of causing disease and raised concerns that astronauts could be put at risk if the organisms are found to be drug resistant.

WOMAN SPENDS MONTHS IN JAIL OVER COTTON CANDY MIX-UP _ Dasha Fincher had a bag of blue cotton candy in the car with her when two Monroe County, Georgia, sheriff’s deputies pulled the vehicle over on New Year’s Eve in 2016. The deputies — who said they pulled the car over because of its dark window tint, but allegedly later admitted the windows were legal — asked her about the bag but didn’t believe it was cotton candy. A roadside field test said there was meth in the bag and Fincher was arrested and charged with meth trafficking and possession with intent to distribute. She couldn’t pay her $1 million bond and stayed in jail for three months; in March 2017, Georgia Bureau of Investigation tests revealed there had been no meth in the bag. Four weeks later, charges were dropped, and now Fincher is suing over the whole ordeal. She’s suing the county, the deputies, and the company that manufactures the roadside drug test.

MOST POPULAR DOG NAME HOLDS FIRM FOR 9th YEAR _ Shout “Bella” in a dog park and there’s a good chance a new friend will come running. According to, Bella is the most popular dog name in the US … as it was in 2017 and 2016. It’s also the top one for dogs in New Zealand and Australia. It’s been most popular among US dogs since 2009, when Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series starring Bella Swan hit peak popularity.

… The rest of the top ten: Max, Charlie, Coco, Rocky, Lola, Lucy, Buddy, Lucky, Daisy


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: HOSPITAL HALTS STOOL STUDY AFTER DONOR DELUGE _ A hospital in Paris which made a public appeal for donations for a study has suspended the project after being inundated by donors hoping for an easy 50 bucks. The doctor leading the study said things had “gotten out of control”. Originally donors were sought using posters at the hospital and at medical schools. Someone took a picture and it spread rapidly on social media and donations came flooding in. For the study, doctors were looking for donations of human feces.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SUSPECTED CAR BURGLAR GETS RUN OVER BY HIS OWN VEHICLE _ A suspected car burglar ended up pinning himself when he jumped out of a rolling car during a police chase in Oregon and was hit by the vehicle. The 31-year-old suspect suffered a broken leg.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PORCH PIRATE STEALS PACKAGE FILLED WITH WORMS _ A woman was caught on camera stealing a package off a doorstep in Florida (Orange County). Little did she know, the box was filled with 500 worms for someone’s pet lizard.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN SUSPECTED OF MONEY LAUNDERING AFTER $400,000 FOUND IN WASHING MACHINE _ The term “money laundering” was never more appropriate than last week when Dutch police found around $400,000 stuffed inside the drum of a washing machine. Authorities were doing a routine check for unregistered residents when they found the load.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DRIVER LEAVES WALLET BEHIND AFTER ACCIDENT _ Police in Michigan probably won’t be having any trouble finding the person who fled on foot after a car accident. The driver of a vehicle that hit a utility pole left behind a wallet.


THE VOICE (8p ET, NBC) — New. The Top 11 perform live.

SEASON PREMIERE: THE GREAT CHRISTMAS LIGHT FIGHT (8p ET, ABC) — The Richardson family is kicking off this holiday light showdown with 300 inflatable decorations in Madison Miss. Other decorations featured during the season premiere include 72 Christmas trees and a display with a 26 foot tall giant reindeer.

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (8p ET, ESPN) — The Tennessee Titans return to their original home to play the Houston Texans. Tennessee has not won in Houston, where the team spent its first 37 years, since 2011.


MANIFEST (10p ET, NBC) — New. A missing Flight 828 passenger shows up on Ben’s doorstep begging for help.

THE TRUTH ABOUT KILLER ROBOTS (10p ET, HBO) — This new documentary explores the viewpoints of engineers, journalists and philosophers to examine the subtle but pervasive ways that robots affect humanity.


TOP TEN MOVIES _ Ralph Breaks the Internet earned an estimated $84.5 million at the box office over the holiday weekend, landing as the No. 2 Thanksgiving opening behind only 2013’s Frozen.


  1. Ralph Breaks the Internet, $84.5 million
  2. Creed II, $55.8 million
  3. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, $42.9 million
  4. The Grinch, $42 million
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody, $19.3 million
  6. Instant Family, $17.4 million
  7. Robin Hood, $14.2 million
  8. Widows, $10.5 million
  9. Green Book, $7.4 million
  10. A Star is Born, $4 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was Coco.
… Five years ago this week the number one movie was The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
… Ten years ago this week the number one movie was Twilight.
… Twenty years ago this week the number one movie was The Rugrats Movie.

… In theaters Friday: The Possession of Hannah Grace (R)

THE LION KING NEARLY SETS RECORD FOR MOST-WATCHED TEASER _ When the first teaser trailer for Avengers: Infinity War finally landed in late November of last year, it quickly set the record for the most-watched trailer ever in the first 24 hours of its public existence. Friday’s first trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King came close to Infinity War. • VIDEO

… The Lion King‘s teaser accumulated 224.6 million views globally in its first 24 hours — a bit shy of Infinity War’s 238 million views in the first 24 hours.

… For the fun of it, someone pulled clips from the 1994 animated original to create a side-by-side trailer. • VIDEO

VENOM PASSES $800 MILLION AT GLOBAL BOX OFFICE _ Despite bad reviews, Venom has passed $800 million in earnings at the global box office. To put it in perspective, Venom has now made more money than Wonder Woman and Ant-Man and the Wasp — which both have better reviews.

WHAT MEN WANT RED BAND TRAILER _ While some movie remakes feel unnecessary, some of them actually put a welcome spin on the original that makes the concept feel refreshing. That’s exactly the idea with What Men Want starring Taraji P. Henson. What Men Want takes the 2000 comedy What Women Want starring Mel Gibson and gives the movie an update with a totally new perspective. Henson plays sports agent Ali Davis, stuck in a male dominated world, who suddenly finds herself with an edge — the ability to hear the inner thoughts of every man around her.

… The latest trailer has been released. Warning: Red band.VIDEO

REFUNDS COMING AFTER TIGER WOODS-PHIL MICKELSON PAY-PER-VIEW GLITCH _ Refunds will be coming to some customers who shelled out $20 for Friday’s pay per view golf match featuring Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson after a technical problem forced the company to make the event available free via a live stream. Turner said a glitch with the purchasing infrastructure on its Bleacher Report Live page threatened to keep some customers from watching the event. Rather than have fans angry at missing what proved to be a 22-hole shootout between the golf legends, Turner made the call to take down the paywall and make the live stream available to all for free.

… Turner says refunds would be offered to those customers who purchased the event directly through Bleacher Report. But Turner may face additional pressure to offer more refunds to customers who paid for the event via traditional TV distributors such as its AT&T corporate sibling DirecTV and Comcast. On Friday, Comcast said it would offer a $19.99 credit to customers who paid for The Match through Xfinity.

KIT HARINGTON DENIES CHEATING ON ROSE LESLIE _ Kit Harington has denied that he had an affair with a Russian model during his engagement to Rose Leslie and after their wedding. The Game of Thrones star’s dismissal comes after Russian model Olga Vlasova allegedly shared what she said were nude photos of Harington and a Russian publication reported on an alleged affair.  Vlaslova reportedly claimed she met Harington in Luxembourg, adding that they slept together on several occasions before and after he married Leslie in June.

… The cheating rumors began when Vlasova shared a photo online of who she claimed to be Harington, naked and asleep on a bed with a laptop next to him.

ROSEANNE BARR TWEETS: ‘I’M FINE’ AFTER HEALTH CRISIS ‘HOAX’ _ Roseanne Barr went to Twitter over the weekend to clear up rumors claiming she recently suffered a heart attack. The comedian tweeted Sunday: “I’m fine. I was the victim of a prank. I’ve had no medical issues. I’m spending time at home with my family and relaxing.”

ABC DROPS PLANS FOR MIDDLE SPINOFF _ ABC has decided against giving Eden Sher her own spinoff of The Middle” after all. The network confirmed to Variety that it dropped the project after taping a pilot episode with Eden Sher as her young adult character Sue Heck. A source said the show’s producers may try to shop it around to other networks.

GEORGE RR MARTIN’S NEW BOOK IS HIDING MUPPET EASTER EGGS _ Although some fans of George RR Martin’s work are straight-up furious with the author for still not releasing the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds of Winter, there might be at least one good reason to read his newest companion novel, Fire and Blood: Muppets. While the book is meant to be a much deeper exploration of the House Targaryen, for some readers the most enjoyable part of the book is spotting the references to some of Jim Henson’s fuzzy creations. A user on r​eddit​ shared one fun bit. While describing House Tully, Martin writes: “Then as now, the riverlords were a fractious, quarrelsome lot. Kermit Tully, Lord of Riverrun, was their liege lord, and nominally commander of their host … but it must be remembered that his lordship was but nineteen years of age, and ‘green as summer grass,’ as the northmen might say. His brother Oscar, who had slain three men during the Muddy Mess and been knighted on the battlefield afterward, was still greener, and cursed with the sort of prickly pride so common in second sons.”

… Kermit Tully is no doubt inspired by Kermit the Frog, and Oscar is seemingly Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street. While this could seem like just a coincidence, points out that Martin has previously included characters inspired by Jim Henson.


Find these audio files on the PRO AUDIO PAGE.

• CABBAGE PATCH KIDS: The riots are 35 years old (see News & Nuggets). Here’s some news audio from 1983.

• DROP: I brought you coffee! Coffee… the only pleasure left in these dark times.

• PHONER: What would you save first in the event of a fire? Yesterday there were a couple of fire trucks in my neighborhood. Not sure what was up but my wife and I were talking about what we’d try to save first in the event of a fire. Kids and pets first, but then what?  →  3 real callers, including one who doesn’t place a high priority on pets!

• DROP: They’re not idiots, they’re actually super smart.



It’s a month ’til Christmas so coming up on the (Jock) Show I’ll announce my wish list. Here’s a hint: It has two doors and a sunroof. No, it’s not an outhouse with an emergency exit.


FB icon Post these and read the best comments throughout the show.

“If you died today (sorry about that) and the last text message you RECEIVED was printed on your tombstone, what would it say? Check now and add it here.”

“New rule: You have to get married on the spot where you met your future husband/wife. Where would your wedding take place?”


When kids want something, they’ll ask… and ask… and ask until you cave in. But you can teach them to unlearn this annoying negotiation tactic by saying just three words: “Asked and Answered.” The technique comes from parenting book author Lynn Lott.

The concept is simple. When your seven-year-old begs to dig a giant hole in the front yard and gets “no” for an answer, chances are he’ll be back in five minutes asking again — this time with a “pleeeeeeaase”. Instead of repeating yourself or jumping in to a lecture, avoid child nagging by getting eye to eye and follow the process below:

• Step One: Ask, “Have you ever heard of ‘Asked and Answered’?” (He’ll probably say no.)

• Step Two: Ask, “Did you ask me a question about digging a hole?” (He’ll say yes.)

• Step Three: Ask, “Did I answer it?” (He’ll probably say, “Yes, but, I really…”)

• Step Four: Ask, “Do I look like the kind of mom/dad/teacher who will change her/his mind if you ask me the same thing over and over?” (Chances are he will walk away, maybe with a frustrated grunt, and engage in something else.)

• Step Five: If he asks again, simply say, “Asked and Answered.” (No other words are necessary!) Once this technique has been established, these are the only words you should need to say to address nagging questions.

… According to Lott’s book, both parents have to be consistent in using “Asked and Answered” for it to sink in.


Most Lights on a Christmas Tree: 194,672. Achieved by a couple in Belgium in 2010.

Most Lights on a Residential Property: 601,736. A residence in in LaGrangeville, New York took the title for having the most lights on a residential property on in November 2014.

Largest Wreath: 330 feet, 10 inches in diameter. Set in Slovenia in December 2013, this wreath was made of pine, cypress and grape vine, among other components. The wreath’s circumference was 1,039 feet and weighed approximately 14½ tons.


Courtesy of morning show talent coach Steve Reynolds. The Hot List is made up of the topics everyone knows about.

  1. Cyber Monday
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Black Friday
  4. Romaine Lettuce
  5. NFL Week #12
  6. College Football
  7. Holiday Shopping
  8. Kim Porter
  9. The Lion King
  10. Trump’s Wikipedia Page


TRIVIA: At less than two-tenths of a square mile, Vatican City is the smallest country on earth. At about a half-square mile, what country is second-smallest? (Monaco.)

TRIVIA: 43% of Americans call this experience “annoying”. (Black Friday shopping)

TRIVIA: If you’re the average person, doing this will take you about 7½ hours. (Painting your bathroom. Including prep and cleanup.)

TRIVIA: A person must be dead for ten years before they can be honored with what? (A U.S. stamp. The exception is for U.S. presidents.)



• Director Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) is 67

• Bill Nye (the Science Guy) is 63

• Fisher Stevens (Early Edition) is 55

• Robin Givens is 54

• Michael Vartan (Alias) is 50

• Jaleel White (Family Matters) is 42

• Aubrey Peeples (Nashville) is 25


• 1889: Curtis P. Brady received the first permit to drive an automobile through Central Park in New York City.

• 1924: In New York City the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was held.

• 1955: The Guinness Book of World Records published its first issue.

• 2005: Two workers at a Wendy’s in Manchester, New Hampshire, were charged with taking money from the store safe. One of the suspects was a guy named Ronald MacDonald.

• 2009: Golfer Tiger Woods crashed his SUV outside his Florida mansion, sparking widespread attention to reports of marital infidelity.

• 2014: Two boys in a New York town were rescued after being inadvertently buried in snow by a snow plow; the plow operator didn’t see the children as he cleared snow from a parking lot in which they were building a snow fort.


• Giving Tuesday

• Craft Jerky Day

• French Toast Day

• Red Planet Day


• November 27: Giving Tuesday
• November 28: Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting
• December 2: Hanukkah starts
• December 6: Time Person of the Year
• December 6: Golden Globe nominees announced
• December 21: Winter begins (5:23 PM ET)
• January 6: Golden Globes
• January 21: Martin Luther King Jr. Day