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• Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings) is 60

• Jennifer Garner is 47

• Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls is 45

• Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) is 34


• 1865: Mary Surratt was arrested as a conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

• 1907: Ellis Island immigration center processed 11,747 people, more than any other day.

• 1964: The Ford Motor Company unveiled the Ford Mustang at the New York World’s Fair. Base price was $2,368. Check out the April 12 issue for more facts and trivia about the first Ford Mustangs.

• 1964: The FBI lab reported that it could not determine the lyrics on the Kingmen’s recording “Louie Louie.”

• 1970: The ill-fated Apollo 13 spacecraft returned safely to Earth.

• 1973: Federal Express delivered its first package.

• 1980: Police in Lansing, Michigan, arrested three adult sisters for running around their neighborhood nude after smearing their bodies with mustard. The ladies said they were looking for the Garden of Eden.

• 2003: A 34-year-old research scientist who’d had too much to drink stumbled home and fell asleep in a house where he had lived seven years earlier. Police were called when a teenager came home to find the intruder asleep in the teenager’s bed in Axbridge, England. Police took the scientist to his own home and did not file charges.

• 2013: 15 people were killed and 100 were injured after a fertilizer plant exploded in West, Texas.

• 2014: NASA’s Kepler space observatory confirmed the discovery of the first Earth-size planet in the habitable zone of another star.


• Bat Appreciation Day

• Blah! Blah! Blah! Day

Ford Mustang Day

• Cheeseball Day


• April 21: Easter
• April 22: Earth Day
• May 4: Kentucky Derby
• May 5: Cinco de Mayo
• May 14: Cannes Film Festival starts
• May 16: PGA Championship begins
• May 18: Preakness
• May 27: National Spelling Bee begins
• May 27: Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling
• July 5-6: World Wife Carrying Championship
• June 19: Juneteenth, the oldest-known celebration of the end of slavery
• July 1: Wimbledon starts
• July 4: Independence Day
• August 2: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally begins
• September 2: Labor Day


3263827: ID number of the garbage compactor on the first Death Star where Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia Organa were temporarily stranded.


A woman in New Jersey has been charged with criminal mischief after she used garden shears to attack a neighbor’s mannequin display of lingerie-clad Easter Playboy bunnies. She said that she didn’t want her 16-year-old son to have to see it. [Apparently, she has the only teenager in the western world that has never been on the internet.]

A residence hall at Harvard is ending its tradition of skinning and roasting a goat. The practice gave too many other students a sense of discomfort. [The students were discomforted? What about the goat?]

Researchers in Illinois say that they have found a rare situation involving bald eagles. There’s a nest that includes two adult male eagles, three little eaglets, and one adult female eagle. [I’ll give you a guess as to who gets stuck doing all the housework.]

A moose wandering around in Newfoundland led police to a stolen vehicle. [But the moose swears that it doesn’t know anything about the heroin in the trunk.]

Three naked women in Florida led police on a 21-mile high speed chase after someone saw them near a highway rest stop applying sunscreen. [This brings up lots of questions. Namely, what kind of person complains to the police about seeing naked women applying sunscreen?]

A female fugitive from Pennsylvania was captured in West Virginia after she went on social media and used emojis to taunt the police. [I don’t know what she was a fugitive from, but I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t a think tank.]

Angelina Jolie Pitt has officially dropped “Pitt” from her name. [Meanwhile, Brad Pitt has changed his name to “Yippee!”]

Researchers report finding high levels of microplastic where you wouldn’t expect to find it — in the air of the remote French Pyrenees mountain range. [Well, no wonder mountain air always smells so fresh. It’s carefully wrapped in plastic.]

Devout Catholics routinely give up certain things including food during periods of abstinence like Lent, but a special permission that was granted back in the 1700s allows Catholics still living along the Detroit River to enjoy muskrat during Lent. [If, indeed, “enjoy” is the right word.]

A deputy videoed a beaver in Montana dragging a large branch across the road. [Unfortunately, it was a utility pole.]


STONEHENGE: DNA REVEALS ORIGIN OF BUILDERS _ The ancestors of the people who built Stonehenge traveled west across the Mediterranean before reaching Britain. Researchers compared DNA extracted from Neolithic human remains found across Britain with that of people alive at the same time in Europe. The Neolithic inhabitants appear to have traveled from Anatolia (modern Turkey) to Iberia before winding their way north. They reached Britain in about 4,000BC.

WANT THIS SALES JOB? LEARN TO PLAY MAHJONG _A company in China puts potential hires through the usual interview process, background checks, etc. And they require job candidates to play Mahjong during the interview. Company managers said they can quickly learn a lot about a person’s moral character, strategic thinking, how they handle pressure, and even the way they talk during the game.

MANY OF US THINK WE’RE RECYCLING THE WRONG WAY _ Americans don’t know how to recycle. A new survey reveals 62 percent of us worry that a lack of knowledge is causing us to recycle incorrectly. Basically, we’re struggling with what we can and can’t recycle.

… The biggest recycling fail in the U.S. is pizza boxes. A pizza box — or any paper product — that is stained with grease or food is not recyclable unless you remove all of the soiled portions.

MOTOROLA RAZR FOLDABLE PHONE SPOTTED COMING VERY SOON _ In February Motorola confirmed that its first foldable smartphone will be arriving in 2019. Now, a source says the launch of the upcoming Razr foldable phone isn’t far off. The device will be available exclusively at Verizon Wireless in the US.

$2.95 MILLION BABY T. REX FOR SALE ON eBAY _ A 68-million-year-old baby Tyrannosaurus rex was put on sale on eBay for $2.95 million — and paleontologists aren’t happy. The scientists believe that such fossils should be “held in public trust” and that only fossil replicas should be sold. • LINK

… Paleontologists are saying that the specimen’s cost is artificially inflating the cost of other valuable fossils.

… The 68-million-year-old baby T. rex, dubbed Son of Sampson, was found in Montana in 2013 by Alan Detrich and his brother. Detrich initially loaned the fossil to the Kansas University Natural History Museum, planning to loan the specimen after research. Detrich recently posted the fossil on eBay, forcing the museum to pull the fossil on exhibition and return it back to Detrich, who told Science Magazine he regretted launching the eBay sale without notifying the museum first.

HALF OF AMERICANS HAVE POSTPONED A MEDICAL OR DENTAL PROCEDURE _ Ever delayed a dental or medical procedure because of your wallet? You’re far from alone since one in two Americans have postponed a procedure due to cost, according to new research. The study found it took the average respondent 2½ years to completely pay off a hefty medical or dental bill.

FRENCH BILLIONAIRES PLEDGE $680 MILLION TO RESTORE NOTRE DAME _ It will take hundreds of million to repair and rebuild the icon Notre Dame Cathedral in France — and it’s looking as if the cost could be covered. France’s leading billionaires and companies have rallied to pledge over $800 million to restore the Cathedral following the devastating fire on Monday evening.

… From across the pond, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted that his company would help rebuild Notre Dame.

REMEMBER THIS? A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: HEAVEN ON EARTH: CEREAL MARSHMALLOWS IN BULK _ If someone in your household eats all the tasty marshmallow bits out of the Lucky Charms box, leaving you with the cardboard-like cereal, your dreams have come true. Amazon now selling a 3 pound bag of dehydrated marshmallows for $20. Reviewers note they taste pretty much the same as the ones that come in the Lucky Charms box, and you can shovel these in by the fistful without the silly cereal taking up space. • LINK


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN DID TWO ARMED ROBBERIES WHILE WIFE AND INFANT WERE IN CAR _ David Bettro of Westfield, Massachusetts, has been sentenced to four years in state prison for committing armed robberies. Bettro admitted her committed the crimes while his wife and infant daughter were in his car.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WALMART ‘GATOR _ Authorities in Florida were called to remove an eight-and-a-half-foot alligator from Walmart.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: UNIVERSITY BANS PERMS, NAIL POLISH, SHORT SKIRTS AND MEN IN SANDALS _ A business school at a university in China (Jilin International Studies University) has announced that women at the school are no longer allowed to wear skirts above the knee, nail polish, or dyed hair.

… Male students will not be allowed to wear flip flops or sandals.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TEACHER ARRESTED FOR DOING VODKA SHOTS IN CLASS _ A substitute teacher in Kentucky was arrested for alcohol intoxication in a public place and endangering the welfare of a minor. The teacher (Brook Ellen West) claims she took four vodka shots at 11AM but when police gave her a breathalyzer test, she blew a .317. Only four shots? On top of being drunk in class, she was cursing at the students who were 11-13 years old.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MOM ATTACKS MANNEQUINS _ A woman in New Jersey has been charged with criminal mischief after she used garden shears to attack a neighbor’s mannequin display of lingerie-clad Easter Playboy bunnies. She said that she didn’t want her 16-year-old son to have to see it.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: THIEF STEALS WINGS _ Someone broke into a home in Florida and stole three bags of frozen chicken wings. The thief also left with a beer from the fridge — but only one. He or she left behind three other beers.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: RUSSIAN LEAPS FROM BALCONY TWICE _ A Russian man survived after downing a bottle of vodka and leaping from a third floor balcony — twice. The man said he jumped the second time because he couldn’t take his wife’s nagging about doing it the first time. He jumped the first time because his wife was nagging him about his drinking.


CHICAGO MED (8p ET, NBC) — Repeat.

SURVIVOR (8p ET, CBS) — New. There will be 2 Tribal Councils tonight.

EMPIRE (8p ET, FOX) — New.

RIVERDALE (8p ET, CW) — New.

SEASON PREMIERE: THE AMAZING RACE (9p ET, CBS) — The 31st season will feature teams of memorable former contestants from The Amazing Race, Survivor and Big Brother.

CHICAGO FIRE (9p ET, NBC) — Repeat.

SEAL TEAM (10p ET, CBS) — New. The team searches for the person responsible for the surprise bomb attack.

WHISKEY CAVALIER (10p ET, ABC) — New. The team heads to Europe to transport a dangerous prisoner for interrogation, who turns out to be Will’s corrupt former boss (guest star Dylan Walsh).

CHICAGO P.D. (10p ET, NBC) — Repeat.

CONAN WITHOUT BORDERS (10p ET, TBS) — New. This latest special finds Conan O’Brien visiting Australia.

HOMECOMING (Netflix) — This new concert documentary, a film by Beyonce, gives an intimate look at Beyonce’s historic 2018 Coachella performance that paid homage to America’s historically black colleges and universities. The doc will feature footage and interviews.


LEAKED AVENGERS: ENDGAME FOOTAGE HAS HIT THE INTERNET _ According to a report from CNBC, at some point over the past few days, a clip from Avengers: Endgame made its way online and is now circulating across a number of social media platforms just days before the film’s meant to be released to the public on April 26. CNBC writes, “It is likely that the person behind the leak had clearance to view the footage.” The footage is said to be spoiler heavy, subtitled in Arabic, and appears to have been recorded during a screening of the film, judging from the theater seats visible in the frame.

… The film’s directors, the Russo Brothers, posted on Twitter a few hours after the story broke: “Please know that the two of us, along with everyone involved in Endgame, have worked tirelessly for the last three years with the sole intention of delivering a surprising and emotionally powerful conclusion to the Infinity Saga.” The Russos asked fans to please not spoil the movie for others who haven’t seen it, and added: “Remember, Thanos still demands your silence.” • LINK

… Avengers: Endgame will fly into theaters on April 26 in the US, April 25 in the UK and April 24 in Australia.

MARVEL GIVES FANS HISTORICAL TRAILER + AN IRON MAN WEAPON _ Marvel doesn’t need to release any more trailers — but it is. The latest came out Tuesday and is mostly a 2½ minute travel back in time, with quick clips of the 20+ Marvel movies that have already be released. • VIDEO

Related: Six other actors who were considered for the Iron Man role: John Cusack; Tom Cruise; Hugh Jackman; Sam Rockwell; Nicolas Cage; Timothy Olyphant.

THE DELAYED MINECRAFT MOVIE IS NOW SET FOR MARCH 2022 _ The long-delayed live-action Minecraft movie has a new release date: March 4, 2022. Warner Bros. and Microsoft have also revealed some story details. The movie will focus on “a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers. After the malevolent Ender Dragon sets out on a path of destruction, they must save their beautiful, blocky Overworld.”

NETFLIX WILL TEST ‘TOP 10’ LISTS _ Netflix says it will test “weekly top 10” lists that may help people who want to watch what everyone else is watching. Netflix will first test the lists in the UK.

GAME OF THRONES SUPERFANS GET FREE TATTOOS AT POP-UP _ Die-hard Game of Thrones fans have immortalized their love for the show with free ink at a tattoo parlor open solely for the fantasy series. Dozens of people lined up outside pop-up studio Game of Thrones Ink in a London neighborhood on Tuesday to commemorate the eighth and final season of the HBO fantasy series. The tattoo parlor is only open for two days, so today’s the last day.

… Super fans were given the choice of 16 different permanent tattoos including a replica of the show’s Iron Throne and phrases synonymous with the series including “Winter is coming” and “You know nothing.”

SETH MEYERS TO RUN LONG THURSDAY FOR DEEP DIVE INTO MUELLER REPORT _ Late Night with Seth Meyers will run for an additional half hour on Thursday to allow time for a deep dive into special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which is expected to be made public that day. The episode will be expanded from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

HODA KOTB JUST WELCOMED HER SECOND CHILD, HOPE CATHERINE _ Hoda Kotb has announced that her family has expanded to four after welcoming another child. The 54-year-old and her longtime partner, New York financier Joel Schiffman, adopted a baby girl recently and have named her Hope Catherine. She joins big sister Haley Joy, and Kotb told her Today friends on Tuesday, over the phone, that the two little girls are already bonding.


Find these audio files on the PRO AUDIO PAGE.

• DROP: Easter clips galore.

• PHONER: THREE-WORD OBITUARIES _ A German man wrote his own obituary for the newspaper: “I am dead.” That’s it. What would your three-word obit be?



Reader’s Digest has pulled together a collection of the funniest movies of all time. Time for a discussion!


From reddit.

• All dogs can smell drugs, but only a select few are snitches.

• If a stranger asks what time it is it’s kind of annoying. If a stranger asks what year it is it’s mildly concerning. If a stranger asks what century it is it’s extremely exciting.

• Space is only 62 miles away, which is like an hour long drive.

• When you stand on the summit of Mt. Everest the top of your head becomes the highest point on Earth.

• It must take a giraffe a while to throw up.

• You think you’re unique until you try to choose a username.

• If you water a plant, it grows. If you water water, it also grows.


from Career Builder

1. Your education. People claim to have attended college when they didn’t, earned a degree that they didn’t, and more. Companies are looking for the value you’ll bring. That’s why they often have “degree or equivalent work experience” statements in their job requirements. So, if you have a comparable amount of experience in lieu of a degree – highlight that. An employer can easily find out if you’re lying about a degree and then you’ll be fired.

2. Dates of employment. People think they need to cover up gaps between jobs, or short-term employment. Bad idea. Instead, address any employment gaps in your cover letter. Be honest about what you did during those breaks, and point out any relevant skills you learned during that time. Even if you’ve only spent one month at a job, include it in your employment history.

3. Salaries. Researching what the current market pays is critical when it comes time to talking money. Candidates often inflate how much they’ve made at previous jobs in the hopes of increasing a starting offer. Remember — salaries can be verified with a phone call. So, don’t lie yourself out of a job by exaggerating your worth. During the interview, if they ask what you were making at your previous job, say this: “I was making X amount – but I’m hoping to increase that to the market standard. I’m worth X because I bring years of experience to the table.”


How much would you pay to save your pet’s life? According to a survey from Veterinary Pet Insurance:

• 70 percent said they would shell out any amount necessary

• 17 percent would pay up to $5,000

• 10 percent would pay up to $1,000

• Only 3 percent said they wouldn’t spend more than $500


TRIVIA: On average, one of these is touched 25 times before someone buys it. (A greeting card)

TRIVIA: The names of what can have no more than eighteen letters? (Horse-racing horses. Names that are too long would be cumbersome on racing sheets.)

TRIVIA: This famous wheel is 102 inches in diameter. (The game wheel on Wheel of Fortune)


A small thing, and fine. Elegant simplicity.
A base and five projections, articulated delicately.
The most exacting of tasks it pursues with great facility.
And yet terrible deeds it performs with grim efficiency.

Answer:  The human hand



• Cindy Pickett (the mom in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) is 72

• Rick Moranis is 66

• Eric Roberts is 63

• Jane Leeves (Hot In Cleveland, Fraiser) is 58

• Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is 57

• Conan O’Brien is 56

• Eric McCormack (Will and Grace) is 56

• Maria Bello (NCIS, A History of Violence) is 52

• Kourtney Kardashian is 40

• America Ferrera (Superstore) is 35

• Tom Hughes (Victoria) is 34

• Vanessa Kirby (The Crown) is 31

• Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) is 30


• 1775: Two lanterns were hung in Boston, Massachusetts and Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott rode to warn of impending arrests of Samuel Adams and John Hancock.

• 1923: Yankee Stadium, “The House that Ruth Built,” opened.

• 1991: Charlie Kovacs of Seymour, Victoria, Australia, set the world camper speed record by towing his Roadster camper at a speed of 126.76 miles an hour.

• 1999: Hockey player Wayne Gretzky’s number (99) was retired league wide in the NHL.

• 2001: A San Francisco man was arrested for a string of bank robberies after he dropped a receipt with his name on it at one bank and left his resume at another. Police said the 37-year-old bandit was intoxicated during the robberies.

• 2003: Scott Peterson was arrested in San Diego in the death of his wife, Laci, who was eight months pregnant when she vanished on Christmas Eve.

• 2009: Washington and Lee University in Virginia saw a missing library book back returned to its shelves — nearly 145 years after it was stolen by a Union soldier during the Civil War. The 1842 book (the first volume of W.F.P. Napier’s four-volume “History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France From the Year 1807 to the Year 1814”) was returned by a friend of one of the soldier’s descendants.

• 2012: TV legend Dick Clark died following a heart attack in Santa Monica, California.


• Adult Autism Day

• Get to Know Your Customers Day

• High Five Day

• National Columnists’ Day

• Lineman Appreciation Day

• International Juggler’s Day

• Animal Crackers Day


• April 21: Easter
• April 22: Earth Day
• May 4: Kentucky Derby
• May 5: Cinco de Mayo
• May 14: Cannes Film Festival starts
• May 16: PGA Championship begins
• May 18: Preakness
• May 27: National Spelling Bee begins
• May 27: Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling
• July 5-6: World Wife Carrying Championship
• June 19: Juneteenth, the oldest-known celebration of the end of slavery
• July 1: Wimbledon starts
• July 4: Independence Day
• August 2: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally begins
• September 2: Labor Day