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• Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac is 72

• Peter Weller (RoboCop) is 72

• Nancy Allen (RoboCop) is 69

• Sherry Stringfield (ER) is 52

• Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project, The Office) is 40

• Justin Hires (MacGyver) is 34


• 1497: The first recorded sighting of North America by a European took place when explorer John Cabot, on a voyage for England, spotted land, probably in present-day Canada. He claimed the piece of land for England, which is now Newfoundland.

• 1892: Robert Ford was gunned down in a Creede, Colorado, saloon. Ten years earlier, as a new recruit in the Jesse James gang, he had killed Jesse for a $10,000 reward.

• 1997: The Air Force released a report on the so-called “Roswell Incident,” suggesting the alien bodies witnesses reported seeing in 1947 were actually life-sized dummies.

• 2010: John Isner of the United States defeated Nicolas Mahut of France at Wimbledon, in the longest match in professional tennis history: 11 hours, 5 minutes.

• 2014: The original lyrics to Like a Rolling Stone, handwritten by Bob Dylan on hotel stationery, sold for $2 million at auction.


• Fish Are Friends, Not Food Week

• Lightning Safety Awareness Week

• Mosquito Control Awareness Week

• Please Take My Children To Work Day

• World UFO Day

• Swim a Lap Day


• June 26: First Democratic debate, in Miami
• July 1: Wimbledon starts
• July 4: Independence Day
• July 5-6: World Wife Carrying Championship
• July 6: Tour de France starts
• July 8: MLB All-Star Game
• July 30: Second Democratic debate, in Detroit
• August 2: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally begins
• September 2: Labor Day


86: Percentage of America’s fireworks which are imported from China.


Marine biologists report that seals can mimic human voices and sing. [But only in the shower.]

Firefighters in the Denver area used YouTube recordings of duck calls to entice ducklings out of a storm drain. [So, if you’re ever standing near a storm drain, don’t ever make the mistake of playing YouTube recordings of alligator calls.]

Federal agents in North Carolina say they’ve completely busted a ring of 21 co-conspirators who stole nearly $4 million of used cooking oil. [The agents were thrilled to make the arrests, but complain that they can’t seem to get their cars free of that French fry smell.]

Four women have filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General of Indiana for drunkenly groping them at an office party. [And since it was an office party they’re also suing him for subjecting them to some seriously lousy karaoke.]

Residents of Miami Beach are demanding that county officials do something about the massive amounts of smelly brown seaweed that keep washing ashore thanks to the increase in the ocean temperature. [Maybe that’s the key to make more people aware of global warming — make it smell-able.]

At a zoo in upstate New York, a peacock flew into the lion enclosure and was killed. [Pilots always say that flying is easy. It’s the landing that’s dangerous.]

At a zoo in upstate New York, a peacock flew into the lion enclosure and was killed. Sadly, it happened in front of schoolkids. [So, you know what this means — they could all be called as witnesses at the murder trial.]

There’s a growing trend of people avoiding air travel as a way to produce less pollution. [It’s not the airplane that causes so much pollution. It’s driving around the airport for an hour looking for a parking space.]

Residents of the town of Campbell River, British Columbia are puzzled by the sight of a mysterious monkey roaming the streets. [No one recognizes either the monkey or the car that it’s driving.]

The latest study shows that when two animals interact closely their brains begin to synchronize. [But they’ve still got to figure out why this doesn’t work with marriage.]


BRIDES AND GROOMS REGISTER FOR AIRBNB GIFT CARDS _ The rules of wedding registries are changing. It’s been nearly a century since Marshall Field’s, the now-defunct department store chain, popularized the idea of buying preselected wedding gifts. For decades brides and grooms asked for housewares, china, bedding and other household staples. Today, with so many couples living together before marriage, or waiting to get married, these things aren’t needed as much.

… Zola, a wedding registry site that allows couples to ask for cash and experiences, says the number one gift is still the KitchenAid mixer. Number two is a $100 Airbnb gift card.

… Brides and grooms are also asking for honeymoons, home down payments, wedding expense covered, help paying off student loans, and gift cards for services like Uber and SoulCycle.

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: What non-traditional item did you find on someone’s wedding registry?

ASK IN THEIR RIGHT EAR _ Science has discovered that the secret to getting someone to do something is to ask them in their right ear. Research shows that people prefer to be addressed in their right ear because they will find it easier to process the information and are therefore more likely to perform a task. Known as the “right ear advantage,” scientists believe it’s because information received through the right ear is processed by the left hand side of the brain which is more logical and better at deciphering verbal information than the right side of the brain.

AUDIODEVICES AT PARKS YOUNG PEOPLE FROM LOITERING _ Some young people are hearing a high pitched frequency at parks around the city of Philadelphia. According to Philadelphia’s Parks and Recreation department, a device is called “The Mosquito.” The device goes off from 10 PM to 6 AM, blaring a high pitched sound that anyone over the age of 25 should not be able to hear. It’s currently installed at 31 city-run locations in Philadelphia. The devices are meant to prevent vandalism and loitering by teens and young people at the public parks. These devices are installed at the request of the community, a district council member, or in one case the police.

CUSTOMERS GET DISCOUNT IF THEY CAN MAKE RESTAURANT OWNER LAUGH _ The owner of a restaurant in China has launched a promotion offering customers a discount if they can make him laugh, with different levels of discounts depending on how funny they are. Customers get a 10 percent discount for jokes that can make the owner smile, with the highest discount at 50 percent.

GROOM HAS HIS PET DOG AS HIS BEST MAN _ A groom from Scotland decided that for his best man, all he needed was man’s best friend. So, on his wedding day, he had a six-year-old Rottweiler with a mini tuxedo strapped to his collar standing next to him. Christopher McCarron and Margaret Allison consider Jack, a rescue dog, part of their family. The couple actually met at an animal rescue center and bonded over their shared love of dogs.

FIREFIGHTER SAVE FOUR FRIGHTENED DUCKLINGS _ In Littleton, Colorado, firefighters were called out to rescue four victims which had fallen into a street storm drain. Upon arrival the firefighters removed a large drainage grate and jumped into the storm drain. But rescuing the victims was tough because they weren’t cooperating. The victims were four baby ducks, and they were afraid of the firemen. One quick-thinking firefighter used his phone to play YouTube video of ducks calls, which brought the tiny quackers toward the sound so they could be rescued. • VIDEO

AUDIOWOMAN SAYS EX SOLD HER PUPPY ON CRAIGSLIST _ A California (Santa Clarita) woman is searching for her 5-month-old Pomeranian puppy after she says her bitter ex-boyfriend stole the dog and sold it on Craigslist. Ashley Farley said her out-of-state boyfriend was staying at her apartment when he sold her puppy, Ella, while she was at work. She’s willing to reimburse whoever has Ella.

SOME PEOPLE ARE COOKING ASPARAGUS IN THEIR TOASTER _ It sounds like the ultimate food hack: cooking asparagus in a toast. Some people claim they are doing it, while others are having trouble with the asparagus spears dropping through the slot to the heating element below.

… A food writer for a British newspaper offered these tips:

• Trim your asparagus to suit your toaster. You want the tips dipping just below the surface when the element is engaged.

• Set your toaster to its highest setting – even then, it will probably take two attempts.

• Keep a broom handle nearby, for the smoke alarm.

• Prepare to be disappointed.

ENVIRONMENTALIST IS SO FED UP WITH YOUR PLASTIC HE’S QUIT _ An environmentalist who has dedicated years to cleaning beaches has announced he is quitting as the planet is “losing the battle” against plastic. Alan Cookson, from Wales, claims to have cleaned more than 120 beaches and removed at least five tons of plastic from them. However the 46-year-old, who volunteers with the charity Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), says he’s giving up his fight because he fears it is too late to save the oceans from plastic pollution.

… Cookson says with 50 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans and are “unrecoverable.”

88-YEAR-OLD ON A WALK FINDS HOCKEY PUCK HE LOST AS A BOY _ A walk in the wood has taken a Minnesota (Duluth) man man back seven decades. 88-year-old Ray Ulvi makes canes and was searching some woods near his home for the perfect branch when he found instead a piece of his past. He saw something round in some mud and picked it up. It was a decades-old hockey puck with the initials ‘RU’ carved on both sides — his initials that he carved into the puck when he was a teenager. Ulvi figures the puck had been in the woods for 70 years. Ulvi isn’t sure how his puck ended up in the woods. The neighborhood rink was a block away.

FANTASY FOOTBALL VS. SEX _ For years, sex has been believed to be the number one thought on guy’s minds. While this is probably still true, no doubt video games and sports compete for the typical dude’s attention. One thing we know that fantasy football players love that hobby more than just about anything else. According to a survey of men who participate in fantasy football leagues, they are spending more time thinking about fantasy football than they are thinking about sex.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BOY FAKES KIDNAPPING TO AVOID DENTIST _ A young boy in France was so determined not to go to the dentist that he faked his own kidnapping. On the day of his dental appointment the 12-year-old vanished, only to turn up around dinner time. That’s when he told his parents that he’d been kidnapped in the morning but was able to convince his kidnappers to give up their plan. The parents called police, of course, who looked at surveillance video around the area of the alleged kidnapping and found him hanging out in coffee shops, candy stores and bakeries.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: STUCK SQUIRREL _ Firefighters in Germany rescued a squirrel with its head stuck in a manhole cover.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ZOO HOLDS LION DRILL WITH MAN IN MASCOT COSTUME _ A zoo in Japan was practicing its plan for what would happen in the event of a lion escape. Obviously letting a real lion loose from its pen wasn’t an option, so zookeepers dressed a man in a lion mascot costume. Video of the drill shows the ‘lion’ wandering around the zoo before staff put up nets around it to try and catch it. At one point the ‘lion’ runs into a zoo staff member, knocking them down. The staff then drive past the lion and shoot an air dart at it, causing it to fall to the ground before staff try to lift it.. The most amusing scene is probably the real-life lions in the background silently judging from afar.

… In a previous drill two members of zoo staff wore a rhino suit and marched around until they were hit with a fake tranquilizer dart.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SWALLOWED NECKLACE _ In Brazil, a man snatched a necklace off a woman on a busy street in broad daylight. She got a look at his face, but he disappeared into a crowd. Two hours later she saw him again. She alerted a police officer, who arrested the man. The thief didn’t have the necklace with him, but the cop suspected something. He took the suspect to a local hospital for an X-ray, which clearly showed the necklace in his stomach.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BANK ROBBER LEAVES ID CARD _ When a guy in Germany told a bank teller he was robbing her she stayed calm and told him she’d be happy to hand over the money in her drawer, but first she needed to see some proof of identification. The robber handed over his ID card and was given a small amount of money. He fled but forgot to take his ID card with him and was arrested a few hours later.


THE BACHELORETTE (8p ET, ABC) — New. Hannah takes her first one-on-one date bungee jumping.

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR (8p ET, NBC) — A new, 2-hour episode.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (9p ET, FOX) — New. The auditions continue.

WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? (9p ET, CW) — New. Singer-songwriter Tinashe is the special guest.

2019 NBA AWARDS (9p ET, TNT) — This ceremony honors the NBA’s top performers from the 2018-19 season, including the MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and Moment of the Year.

SERIES PREMIERE: YEARS AND YEARS (9p ET, HBO) — This new limited series follows the lives of a British family as they navigate a world made unstable by politics, the economy and more. Each episode moves the family a year or two ahead. With Emma Thompson.

GRAND HOTEL (10p ET, ABC) — New. Gigi tries to save the hotel after El Rey’s performance gets out of control.

SEASON PREMIERE: LEGION (10p ET, FX) — This sci-fi drama begins its third and final season. Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller and Aubrey Plaza star.

SERIES PREMIERE: THE HILLS: NEW BEGINNINGS (10p ET, MTV) — This reboot reunites some of the cast of the hit 2006-10 reality series, including Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, Whitney Port and Spencer and Heidi Pratt.

SEASON PREMIERE: FINAL SPACE (11:30p ET, Adult Swim) — This animated sci-fi comedy begins its second season, featuring the voices of Jane Lynch, Keith David and Conan O’Brien.

PREMIERE: CURFEW (Spectrum On Demand) — This new thriller is set in a near-future London, where a mysterious illness has spread throughout the country. As the desperate government imposes a strict nightly curfew, an illegal and potentially deadly street race begins that takes place once a year. Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), Adam Brody (The O.C,), Billy Zane (Titanic), Adrian Lester (Trauma) and Miranda Richardson (Good Omens) star.


TOP TEN MOVIES _ Toy Story 4 topped the weekend box office charts with $118 million in ticket sales. The total is is significantly below expectations, which anticipated a start near $140 million.

… Toy Story 4’s opening ranks as the fourth-biggest launch for an animated movie behind Incredibles 2 ($182 million), Finding Dory ($135 million), and Shrek the Third ($121 million).

  1. Toy Story 4, $118 million
  2. Child’s Play, $14 million
  3. Aladdin, $12.2 million
  4. Men in Black International, $10.7 million
  5. The Secret Life of Pets 2, $10.2 million
  6. Rocketman, $5.6 million
  7. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, $4 million
  8. Godzilla: King of the Monsters, $3.7 million
  9. Dark Phoenix, $3.6 million
  10. Shaft, $3.5 million

… One year ago this week the number one movie was Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
… Five years ago this week: Think Like a Man Too
… Ten years ago this week: The Proposal
… Twenty years ago this week: Tarzan

… In theaters Wednesday: Annabelle Comes Home (R)

… In theaters Friday: Yesterday (PG-13)

WIFE OF DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER IN MEDICALLY-INDUCED COMA _ Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman has been placed in a medically-induced coma from her battle with throat cancer. Her husband Duane shared the news Sunday on Twitter. Beth first announced in September 2017 that she had been diagnosed with stage II throat cancer, and in April this year called it “the toughest battle I’ve ever been in.”

… TMZ reports that Beth was hospitalized as a result of another breathing issue she experienced at her home in Hawaii. A 911 call came in Saturday morning from Beth and Dog’s Honolulu residence, which was reported as a “choking” emergency.

WORLD CUP SOCCER TODAY _ The United States women’s national team faces Spain today (Monday) at the 2019 Women’s World Cup. It’s win or go home as the red, white and blue face Spain today at (12 PM ET).

ROSEANNE BARR AND ANDREW DICE CLAY ANNOUNCE COMEDY TOUR _ Comedians Roseanne Barr and Andrew Dice Clay announced Sunday that they will be going on tour together. Clay says the Mr. and Mrs. America Tour wants to strike back at what he sees as increasing political correctness against comedians. The tour will begin in September in Long Island and Atlantic City, with tickets going on sale June 29.

JUDITH KRANTZ, BESTSELLING NOVELIST AND COLUMNIST, DIES AT 91 _ Judith Krantz, bestselling novelist and a columnist for Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping, died from natural causes Saturday at her home in Bel Air, California. She was 91.

EACH STATE’S FAVORITE PIXAR FILM, ACCORDING TO GOOGLE TRENDS _ What each state’s favorite Pixar film? Coming in at 17 states, Up is a clear front runner. The two largest states in the Continental United States, California and Texas, are united in their sole fascination with the first Incredibles movie.

Find your state.

FORMER BACHELOR CONTESTANT RECOVERS AFTER ILLNESS _ Former Bachelor contestant Melissa Rycroft has recovered after a recent family trip to the Dominican Republic. While she was there Rycroft got an upset stomach, but the sickness seemed to pass. By the time she got home she was suffering from severe cramping that lasted for over a week. Doctors were having a hard time deciphering what was causing the illness and were prepared to do a parasite test. Fortunately she recovered and is back to normal.

TOM HOLLAND REVEALS MAJOR AVENGERS: ENDGAME SPOILER _ Tom Holland has earned a reputation for always being a bit too loose-lipped when it comes to promoting his various projects. The problem became a true issue when he was brought into the Marvel universe, where projects are kept very secretive to ensure fans don’t get too much information before the movies come out. And Holland is at it again, revealing spoilers for Avengers: Endgame during an appearance he had in the UK on The Graham Norton Show. Holland was on the show to promote his latest project, Spider-Man: Far From Home, but he let loose some information about the latest Avengers flick. (SPOILER) Holland said, “The film is a direct continuation of Avengers: Endgame so we deal with the ramifications of the blip, of the death of Tony Stark. Sorry if anyone hasn’t seen the film! If you haven’t, then you’re living under a rock, to be honest.”

… Fans who haven’t seen Endgame have blasted Holland on social media for not keeping his mouth closed.

JUDI DENCH HAS ADOPTED THREE ORANGUTANS _ Actress Judi Dench has adopted three orangutans and has launched a campaign to protect the Bornean rainforest and its endangered species. Dench is in a new documentary titled Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure, in which she travels across threatened habitats off the coastline of the Malysian Borneo. Conservationists have warned of the dwindling populations of wildlife found at the heart of the Indonesian Borneo, with 100,000 indigenous orangutans being killed or forceably relocated since 2002.

THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE BEYONCE’s ASSISTANT FOR THE DAY? _ A Twitter user (@CornyassBitch) launched an interactive Twitter thread called “Beyoncé’s assistant for the day: DON’T GET FIRED.” In the game, users pretend to be Beyoncé’s assistant and are tasked with helping Queen B make it to an event later in the evening. Throughout the game, the “assistant” is handed tasks and must choose the best solutions, all in hopes of pleasing the icon. If you pick the wrong solution, then you’re fired.

… The interactive Beyonce assistant game went like this: “It’s your first day on the job and Beyoncé is getting ready for a red carpet. What are you getting her for breakfast? Yogurt, granola, and strawberries. Or a 5-star breakfast?”

… If you chose the 5-star breakfast, then, sorry you’re fired. The game responds: “She yells at you ‘Are you trying to make me fat like you?!’ Then has her team of lawyers send you a termination letter.”

… If you chose the yogurt, granola and strawberries the game responds: “”She nods at you for choosing the healthy breakfast, then asks you to FaceTime her daughter who are you FaceTiming, Blue or Rumi?”

… If you chose Rumi, then you’re fired, because “She’s only 2 … then has her team of lawyers send you a termination letter.”

GEORGE CLOONEY HAS PLUMBING DISASTER AS OBAMAS VISIT _ Barack Obama and his family were visiting George Clooney’s lavish Lake Como villa when a plumbing disaster caused the swimming pool water to be too cold. Things are always a little stressful when visitors come around for the weekend, even for George and Amal Clooney who are hosting Barack Obama and his family at his lavish Lake Como villa in Italy from Saturday through Monday.

… Just before the Obamas arrived from Milan on Saturday in a armored entourage of seven cars with darkened glass, a white van for luggage, six police cars, and a helicopter overhead, Clooney noticed that the swimming pool was half full and the water was like ice. He asked a local plumber to figure it out. After a few minutes, the plumber was able to fix the thermometer and drain.

… The Obamas were in Italy to attend a charity dinner Saturday evening for the Clooney Foundation for Justice.

MAN ARRESTED FOR TRYING TO STEAL HALLE BERRY’S HOUSE _ It’s not particularly rare for famous people to have their houses robbed. But this week, one well-known actress was target of a plot to steal her actual house. A 59-year-old man executed a scam in which he attempted to move into a Los Angeles-area home owned by Berry, even bringing locksmiths along to change the locks. When he was challenged by workers at the home, he actually called police to tell them it was his house and the workers were trespassing. The scam involved producing a fake deed to the home, although Berry eventually told police that she didn’t know the man and had not given him permission to be at her house. The man was arrested and charged with one felony count of procuring and offering a false warranty deed and an additional count of petty theft.


Find these audio files on the PRO AUDIO PAGE.

  SOLD DOG: A Los Angeles area woman’s boyfriend sold her dog while she was at work.

  MOSQUITO: Philadelphia parks now have sound devices to shoo away young people. The device is nicknamed ‘mosquito’.



• Looking for the coaster with the biggest drop? You want Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. It’s got the biggest drop in the world: 418 feet.

• Looking for speed? Currently the fastest coaster on the planet is Formula Rossa with a top speed of 149.1 mph.

• Looking for the longest ride? Then get to Japan (Kuwana, Mie) for an 8,133 foot ride on Steel Dragon 2000. That’s a little over a mile-and-a-half.

… The longest ride in the U.S. can be found at Kings Island in Ohio. It’s a wooden coaster called The Beast that’s 7,359 feet long.

• Looking for a lot of coasters in one park? That award goes to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, with 19.


Nutritionists were asked to share the food ‘facts’ their clients get wrong.

• Oranges are the best natural source of vitamin C. Strawberries actually contain more Vitamin C than oranges. Just seven strawberries provide the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C.

• Cooking fruit and vegetables reduces its nutritional value. Cooking does destroy some heat sensitive vitamins such as folate and Vitamin C. The longer that fruit or vegetables are exposed to heat, the more nutritional value they lose. However in some instances, health benefits are unlocked through cooking.

• Too much of any fruit rots your teeth. Fruits which have a high acid content can damage the enamel of your teeth if eaten excessively. However, the sugar in most fruits will not rot your teeth.

• Carrots help you to see in the dark. This is a myth but carrots do contain Vitamin A which is important for good vision.

• Eating celery burns more calories than you gain by eating it. In reality there are no negative-calorie foods. Even though celery has low calories, high water density and high fiber, your body still doesn’t use as many calories to process it as there are in a celery stick.

• Organic fruit is healthiest. There is a negligible nutritional difference between organic and non-organic fruit.

• Drinking fruit juice is as nutritious as eating whole fruit. Whole fruit contains vital fibers and nutrients that are removed when juicing.

• It takes seven years to digest chewing gum. While your stomach doesn’t digest gum the same way as other foods, it still makes its way through your system the same way.

• Fruit shouldn’t be eaten after 2PM. Fruit is healthy at any time of day.

• Fruit should only be eaten on an empty stomach. There is no scientific evidence to suggest negative side effects of eating fruit before other food.


• The bandage was wound around the wound.

• The farm was used to produce produce.

• The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.

• We must polish the Polish furniture.

• He could lead if he would get the lead out.

• The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert.

• Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present.

• A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.

• When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.

• I did not object to the object.

• The insurance was invalid for the invalid.

• They were too close to the door to close it.

• The buck does funny things when the does are present.

• A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.

• The wind was too strong to wind the sail.

• After a number of injections my jaw got number.

• Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear.

• I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.

• How can I intimate this to my most intimate friend?


• Tiny little dogs. And if you own one, know this: dogs don’t need clothing — their fur is included.

• Musicals. There’s no more than 10 minutes of actual story in any musical. Just email me the storyline and I’ll try to get to it sometime when I’m done watching golf.

• Figure skating. One question: Where are the nets?

• Going to a bar to dance. Single men will grin and bear this activity because they know this is where they’ll find women. But if they’ve got a girlfriend or a wife, getting jostled around by people who just spent half their paycheck to get a buzz off watered-down drinks, all while posing as someone cool, seems kind of like unnecessary torture.

• Valentine’s Day. Clearly a day invented for women. Let’s see, what are the gifts of choice on this sainted day? Flowers and chocolate. And what do men get? A cordless power drill would be nice; a roll of duct tape would be appreciated. But no, instead what we get is to try to make a reservation at a restaurant that isn’t booked up.


TRIVIA: Combined, these weight just under 320 million tons. (All humans on earth)

TRIVIA: A third of U.S. adult men are spending an extra $2,646 a year because of this. (Their obesity. Another third of U.S. males are simply overweight and don’t spend quite as much because of it.)

TRIVIA: The first frozen version of this came in 1957. (Pizza)


Each set of three things has something in common. Tell me what it is and you win.

• A fiancee, a baseball stadium, a deck of cards (Diamond)

• A courtroom, a park, a dugout (Benches)

• Flakes, hair, a beer mug (Frosted)


• Corn dogs, a popular food at fairs, were introduced at the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904. (LIE. They were introduced at the Texas State Fair in 1942.)

• A survey of licensed drivers reveals the top thing that makes people mad while driving is someone not using their turn signal.

• The average person spends a total of 2 years of their life taking showers.



• June Lockhart is 94

• Carly Simon is 74

• Actor-comedian Jimmie Walker is 72

• Ricky Gervais is 58

• Angela Kinsey (The Office) is 48

• Busy Philipps is 40


• 1947: The Diary of Anne Frank was published.

• 1949: Long-Haired Hare was released in theaters, starring Bugs Bunny.

• 1951: The first commercial color telecast took place as CBS transmitted a one-hour special from New York to four other cities.

• 1991: Francis Johnson’s world record 8.7-ton ball of twine, which he had been building since 1950, was moved to a prominent place in downtown Darwin, Minnesota, where more people could see it.

• 2002: A five-year-old Sicilian boy tore up $1,525 in cash, his father’s monthly salary, the day after his grandfather told him money was trash and couldn’t buy happiness.

• 2009: Michael Jackson died at age 50 from an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol. The singer’s doctor, Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.


• Global Beatles Day

• Catfish Day

• Log Cabin Day


• June 26: First Democratic debate, in Miami
• July 1: Wimbledon starts
• July 4: Independence Day
• July 5-6: World Wife Carrying Championship
• July 6: Tour de France starts
• July 8: MLB All-Star Game
• July 30: Second Democratic debate, in Detroit
• August 2: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally begins
• September 2: Labor Day