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• Danny Bonaduce (The Partridge Family) is 60

• John Slattery (Mad Men, Desperate Housewives) is 57

• Debi Mazar (TV Land’s Younger) is 55

• Sebastian Stan (Marvel’s Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier) is 37


• 1899: Movie director Alfred Hitchcock was born in London.

• 1942: Walt Disney’s animated feature “Bambi” premiered at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

• 1960: The first two-way telephone conversation by satellite took place with the help of Echo 1, a balloon satellite.

• 1961: Berlin was divided as East Germany sealed off the border between the city’s eastern and western sectors in order to halt the flight of refugees.

• 1995: Baseball Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle died of liver cancer at age 63.

• 2003: In Northern Greece, a man was fined $88 and ordered to stand trial for spitting a plum pit out his window while driving. Yiannis Tassos says he apologized three times to the police but they wouldn’t listen.

• 2003: Libya agreed to set up a $2.7 billion fund for families of 270 people killed in the 1988 Pan Am bombing.

• 2004: The 28th summer Olympic games opened in Athens.

• 2005: A gang of 67 inmates attempting to tunnel out of prison in Brazil ended up still inside the prison walls when they mismeasured their distance by a foot.

• 2011: Seven people were killed when a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair during a powerful storm just before a Sugarland concert was to begin.


• International Lefthanders Day. FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: Hey lefties, what are some of the problems righties never think about?

• Filet Mignon Day


• August 15: Woodstock began in 1969. (Here’s some interesting trivia about the 50-year-old festival.)
• August 24: College football returns with two games: Florida vs. Miami and Arizona vs. Hawaii.
• August 30: The Matrix returns to some theaters
• September 2: Labor Day
• September 5: NFL season begins (Packers and Bears)
• September 20: Storm Area 51
• September 21: Storm Loch Ness
• September 22: Emmy Awards (Fox)
• November 13: Country Music Association Awards


43.7 million: Retired workers receiving U.S. Social Security benefits averaging about $1,460 a month.


A massive demonstration at the Hong King Airport, one of the world’s busiest, forced a cancellation of all flights Monday afternoon. [The protest was over airline flight delays.]

Texas authorities arrested a man who kept 230 animals in his house. [This is a guy who has never had a second date.]

The Trump Administration on Monday announced changes to the Endangered Species Act, making it weaker and more difficult to enforce. [The Endangered Species Act is no longer much of a law but more like an Endangered Species Restraining Order.]

On Monday, Chick-fil-A added Mac and Cheese. [Because apparently, Americans were getting a bit too scrawny.]

A kingsnake in Pennsylvania swallowed 10 inches of its own tail and had to be rescued from itself. [Don’t we all?]

A man in Austria set a new world record by spending over two hours in a box covered in ice while wearing only swim trunks. [Don’t laugh. The way global warming keeps speeding up, this could soon be the future of all of us.]

The new version of The Lion King just became the highest grossing animated film of all time. [Maybe this is the big career break Beyonce has been looking for.]

The Korean boyband BTS says its members are taking an extended break to enjoy being young. [Yeah, I tried that line on my parents when I flunked out of college.]

In Germany, a man who had just gotten out of prison was arrested for stealing several bottles of champagne. [This is the very definition of “celebrating a bit too soon.”]


🎧 AUDIOCAR LANDED IN POOL AT SEATTLE GYM _ A car smashed through the glass wall of a fitness facility and crash-landed in an indoor swimming pool Monday morning in the Seattle area. Three people were swimming laps in the pool when the car plunged into the water and quickly sank to the bottom. None of the swimmers was struck or injured. Two of them swam over to help the elderly male driver escape from the car.

… One swimmer said, “Looking at it underwater, because I was swimming, I couldn’t really tell what it was because all I see are, like, tires. And I’m like, ‘Is that a car? That can’t be a car.'”

DEBRIS FROM PASSENGER JET RAINS DOWN ON ITALIAN CITY _ Falling debris from a Boeing 787 Dreamliner pelted a residential area near Rome shortly after take-off over the weekend, damaging 25 vehicles and 12 homes and striking one person. The Norwegian Air flight was scheduled to fly from Rome to Los Angeles, but after reaching 3,000 feet, the pilots declared an emergency and returned to Rome for a safe landing, approximately 23 minutes after departure. There were 298 passengers on board, none of whom were injured. The falling debris struck a neighborhood; one resident called it a “storm of steel and iron.” The debris apparently came from the jetliner’s left engine.

TOP QUALITY SANDWICH SHOP IN AMERICA _ I do not like surveys like these. You’re polling Americans on their favorite sandwich shop and — guess what — the sandwich shop with more locations across the country comes out top. #unfair, #rigged

… Subway leads across all categories, according to the survey. It benefits from a massive national and international footprint and a large advertising budget, which could explain its dominance.

… Second is Jersey Mike’s, followed by Schlotzsky’s and Jimmy John’s.

… Subway has over 42,000 locations in 111 countries worldwide, all independently owned.. 24,350 are in the United States.

HOTELS.COM WANTS ‘CANINE CRITIC’ TO REVIEW DOG-FRIENDLY ACCOMMODATIONS _ A globe-trotting dog is wanted to review canine hotels. The chosen dog will be required to offer their four-legged insights on his or her favorite walking spots, most comfortable beds, grooming services, and more. Together with their owner, they will post their hotel reviews on The new position of ‘canine critic’ will give one lucky hound the chance to try out 10 of the world’s most dog-friendly hotels.

MAN ACCUSED OF HIDING SPY CAM IN UNITED AIRLINES BATHROOM _ A man has been accused of installing a surveillance camera in the first-class restroom of a recent United Airlines flight. According to court records, the spy camera was discovered by a Houston area woman flying first class on a flight from San Diego to Houston. While using the bathroom she observed an item with a blinking blue light situated near a door hinge inside. Once done in the bathroom the female passenger stood up, grabbed the item with a paper towel, walked out of the bathroom and gave it to the flight crew.

… After the item was confirmed to be a video recording device by a United Airlines security team, footage recovered showed a man installing the camera. While his face was not shown, investigators were able to identify “distinctive” jewelry and clothing that were then matched against boarding footage obtained by the FBI in San Diego and identified the individual as Malaysian man Choon Ping Lee.

… Inspecting the device further, the FBI in Houston recovered additional photos of two women in a separate restroom on a different flight.

WOMAN LIVESTREAMED HERSELF SHOVING HER DOG INTO A CLOTHES DRYER _ Animal lovers around the country have been left disturbed and angered after a Texas woman recorded herself shoving her dog into a clothes dryer and hysterically laughing as she turned the machine on. The video, which was livestreamed on Instagram, made its rounds over the weekend and featured an unidentified woman heartlessly abusing her dog by putting him into the dryer. The video was deleted, but not before someone captured and shared it on Twitter. • VIDEO

… After locking her pup inside the dryer and closing the door, the woman turned on the machine and proceeded to cackle and scream with laughter while the pooch tumbled around inside for a few seconds.

… One viewer found the woman’s Instagram account, but her profile has since been deleted from the social platform.

TARMAC WORKER AND PASSENGER PLAY ROCK PAPER SCISSORS THROUGH THE WINDOW _ Take lessons in making friends from this flight passenger who met his new bestie through the window of a passenger jet. Brianna Kolbe shared a video of her boyfriend playing a game of rock-paper-scissors with a tarmac worker ahead of their Spirit Airlines flight departing from Atlantic City, New Jersey. She tweeted: “My boyfriend literally has no problem making friends with anybody.” • LINK

… It all began when the boyfriend, Robert Meadows, saw an airport employee playing rock-paper-scissors with someone else through the window, he had to get in on the fun.

STORM AREA 51 EVENT CREATOR IS WORKING ON AN ALIEN FESTIVAL _ Government authorities may have said “no way” to the Storm Area 51 event that’s racked up more than two million followers, but the spirit of the meme is going to live on in the form of a festival. Matty Roberts, the creator of the original event, announced that he teamed up with event producer The Hidden Sound to create Alienstock, a three-day festival that will be hosted in Rachel, Nevada. The event, which promises a bunch of headlining music acts who have yet to be announced, will start September 20.

… The details on Alienstock are still pretty sparse. So far, the website set up for the event is promising a “party in the desert” set in the town closest to Area 51. The event planners are currently seeking donations to cover the cost of hosting the event, hoping to raise enough money to provide sufficient access to food and water, toilets, security and staff to make the whole thing happen.

… While Alienstock attempts to capitalize on the success of what was essentially a Facebook meme, that people living in Rachel, Nevada — a town of just 54 — are reportedly less than thrilled about the potential influx of people interrupting their quiet existence. Businesses in the town have been flooded with interview requests and the town’s website now warns potential festival attendees of limited resources. The Rachel, Nevada, website says: “There are no services in Rachel. There is no gas and no store. The Inn is booked for that weekend.” It informs people planning to show up for the event that they will need to be experienced campers and prepared to survive in dramatically changing weather, as it often drops near freezing temperatures at night while getting into the 80s and 90s during the day. The town also states that there is limited to no cell service in the region.

IRAQI WOMAN FAILS SWISS CITIZENSHIP TEST AFTER ANSWERING ‘UH’ OVER 200 TIMES _ An Iraqi woman has been denied Swiss citizenship after answering ‘uh’ over 200 times during her citizenship test. While her husband was granted citizenship, her application for a Swiss passport was denied — despite living in Switzerland for 20 years. After being rejected the woman took her case to the Swiss Federal Court, claiming the recordings of the interview were taken without her consent. The federal judge said that she must improve her grasp of the Swiss language before she can reapply for citizenship.

TELLING LIES AT WORK: MORE COMMON WHEN YOU’RE UNHAPPY WITH JOB _ The less satisfied people are at work the more likely they are to lie to others at the office. That’s according to a recent survey (from Simply Hired) of more than 1,000 people. 41 percent said they are not satisfied at work and said they tell at least one white lie a week — which is more than those who are happy at work.

… And the most common lie? The kind that buys time away from colleagues, like “I’m not feeling well” or “I already have plans after work.”

MOM CHARGES $85 TO GO TO SON’S BIRTHDAY PARTY _ Kids’ birthday parties are always expensive — but not usually for the guests. A British mom upset a few parents after charging other parents at least $85 to attend her son’s go-kart party, on top of demanding Amazon gift cards and a picnic for the birthday boy. The mother of one of the kids invited complained on a UK parenting website, asking if she was being unreasonable “to think this is really grabby.” As well as expecting gift cards, the unidentified birthday boy’s mom started texting demands for $25 in transportation costs, another $25 for the deposit and another $35 due on the day of the party.

… And that’s not all. The upset mom posted: “This morning she (in my opinion) has the gall to request we pack a generous picnic with ice packs and pack extra so the birthday boy doesn’t have to bring anything.”

MAJORITY OF VACATIONERS WOULD RATHER HAVE NO AIR CONDITIONING THAN NO INTERNET _ Americans would rather endure any number of vacation hassles than go without internet. Almost half of respondents (49 percent) said that no internet access would qualify as a vacation disaster — just think, no streaming TV, music or movies. Only lost luggage was a bigger vacation hassle (54 percent). No internet ranked as a bigger hassle than food poisoning (47 percent), consistent bad weather (47 percent), and a lost credit card (44 percent).

… On a list of must-have rental amenities, internet ranked highest by about three in four people, above air conditioning (61 percent) and access to a washer/dryer (53 percent).

COUPLE’S PHONES STILL WORK AFTER SPENDING THREE YEARS IN A RIVER _ A rescue team on a scuba diving training exercise found two cell phones that were in a plastic bag in a river in Southwest China. One of the divers took the phones home and, using the contact lists on the phones, tracked down the owners — a husband and wife. The wife said that their phones accidentally fell in the river while they were on a boating trip in August 2016.

THE RIGHT NAME CAN MAKE YOU SEXIER _ Scientists say the right name can make you sexier. Linguists (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) posted photos of men and women on the internet multiple times using different names. Attractiveness scores went up and down depending on the vowels. Men with “front vowels” in their names — sounds formed at the front of the mouth like the “a” in Matt — were considered sexier than men with “back vowel” sounds like the “au” in Paul. The opposite held for women, who were sexier with back vowels than front ones. Front vowels are often perceived as “smaller” than back vowels, so the difference could be a sign that women are seeking men that are sensitive or gentle, traits usually perceived as feminine.

REMEMBER THIS? A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: PARENTS SAY SWEARING IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILDREN IS ACCEPTABLE _ In a survey, more than half of parents say swearing in front of your children is acceptable. The survey showed 52% of parents are fine with using bad language in the presence of their children. The survey also found some of the most popular swear word alternatives, including:

  • What the frog
  • Sugar
  • Shitake mushrooms
  • Oh cheeses
  • Shut the front door
  • Fudge
  • Nuts
  • For freaks sake
  • Oh fruitcake
  • Blinking heck


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: OUT ON BAIL, MAN BREAKS INTO COP CAR FOR NAP _ A California man charged with stealing a taxi cab stepped out of a police station house after posting bail and immediately slipped into an empty patrol car for a nap. Police found him some time later asleep in the front seat. He was taken back into the station house and charge with breaking and entering.

🎧 AUDIOWACKY-BUT-TRUE: VIDEO SHOWS PEOPLE LEAVING VINTAGE TVs ON FRONT PORCHES _ Nearly a year after a Richmond, Virginia, neighborhood woke up to find dozens of vintage box television sets sitting on their front porches, the strange circumstance has happened again. Only this time the culprits, who apparently dropped off more than 50 TVs, were caught on several neighbors’ doorbell cameras. This time the bizarre discoveries were made Sunday morning by families in a different Richmond neighborhood.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SPOILED BRAT DRIVES NEW BMW INTO RIVER _ While most 22-year-olds would be ecstatic to receive a BMW as a present from their father, a guy in India wasn’t satisfied and threw a temper tantrum for the ages. The spoiled brat wanted a Jaguar and decided to drive his new BMW into a river. It took a crew over five hours to retrieve it.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: FUGITIVE JUMPS ONTO NEST OF WASPS _ Police in Germany caught a fugitive after he fled by jumping from a balcony. He landed on a nest of wasps and was repeatedly stung.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN’S LUNG COLLAPSES FROM TOO MUCH KARAOKE _ In China, a man was hospitalized after too much karaoke. The 65-year-old reportedly sang ten songs in a row, straining to hit the high notes before succumbing to pain in his left side. Noticing he had trouble breathing the man called it a night. The next day he checked himself into a hospital and was told he had a collapsed lung.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DRUNK MAN IN WRONG HOTEL ROOM _ An extremely drunk, naked man lost his way at a New Zealand hotel and ended up sleeping in the wrong room, forcing its female occupant to hide in the bathroom. In the morning the woman slipped out of the hotel room and asked the front desk to call police, who woke the man up. He didn’t know he was in the wrong room all night.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: HE’S A LOUSY HYPNOTIST _ A hypnotist in South Korea went on a date with a woman. He convinced his date to put her in a trance on their first date. The hypnotist said to her: “You will plunge deeper into a trance. You will feel thrilled all over your body and if my hand touches your body, you will feel intense pleasure.” He then tried to kiss her, but the woman shoved him away, went to the police, and pressed charges.


AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (8p ET, NBC) — A new, 2-hour episode. Performers take the stage live in Hollywood as judging is turned over to the viewers.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE (8p ET, ABC) — A new, 2-hour episode.


SERIES PREMIERE: MYSTERIES DECODED (9p ET, CW) — This new investigative documentary series goes inside some of America’s greatest unsolved mysteries, exploring newly discovered evidence and utilizing high-tech tools in reopening each case. Each investigation is led by Jennifer Marshall, an accomplished U.S. Navy veteran turned Private Investigator. In the premiere, Marshall and paranormal medium Stephanie Bingham head to Massachusetts to investigate the Lizzie Borden murders.

BRING THE FUNNY (10p ET, NBC) — New. The comedy clash round continues.


TIFFANY HADDISH PRESENTS: THEY READY (Netflix) — Girls trip star and comic Haddish has a new standup showcase.


LIAM HEMSWORTH BREAKS SILENCE ON MILEY CYRUS BREAKUP _ Liam Hemsworth is mourning the end of his marriage to Miley Cyrus. The 29-year-old actor has been spending time with brother Chris Hemsworth in Australia as Cyrus has been flaunting a new romance with Brody Jenner‘s ex, Kaitlynn Carter, but he doesn’t appear to be handling the split as well as his ex. When asked about it by Daily Mail Australia, Liam shot back, “You don’t understand what it’s like. I don’t want to talk about it, mate.”

… Cyrus and Hemsworth called it quits after less than one year of marriage. They had been together in an on-again, off-again relationship for about a decade.

ALANIS MORISSETTE WELCOMES BABY BOY _ Alanis Morissette welcomed son Winter Mercy Morisette-Treadway on August 8. The singer announced the birth in an Instagram post on Monday. The 45-year-old ’90s icon announced her pregnancy in March. She and husband Mario Treadway, who have been married since 2010, welcomed son Ever Imre on Christmas 2010 and daughter Onyx Solace in June 2016.

PEOPLE KEEP STEALING OLD TOWN ROAD STREET SIGNS _ Ever since Lil Nas X Old Town Road went nuclear, Old Town Road street signs have been disappearing from Wellesley Farms, Massachusetts. Thieves are leaving behind metal stumps from the posts that used to be at intersections with Ox Bow Road on one end and Dean Road at the other. Old Town Road signs have been swiped at least 3 times in Wellesley since spring.

ALEX RODRIGUEZ HAS $500K IN JEWELRY, ELECTRONICS STOLEN FROM RENTAL CAR _ A thief stole $500,000 worth of belongings from Alex Rodriguez’s rental car Sunday night in San Francisco. Sometime between 9 and 11 PM someone broke in and stole a camera, a laptop, miscellaneous jewelry and a bag.

FRIENDS IS HEADING TO MOVIE THEATERS FOR 25th ANNIVERSARY _ To celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of the premiere of Friends, Fathom Events will host a three-night theatrical run of 12 iconic episodes of the sitcom, which have been digitally remastered in 4K format. Over 1,000 movie theaters are expected to participate in the event, called “Friends 25th: The One With the Anniversary.” In addition to airing some of the show’s most memorable episodes on the big screen, the screenings will also include exclusive interviews and never-before-seen content.

… Each of the three nights will feature four different episodes, and the schedule is as follows:

• September 23 at 7 PM: “Pilot -ReDo,” “The One With the Black Out,” “The One With the Birth,” and “The One Where Ross Finds Out.”

• September 28 at 7 PM: “The One With the Prom Video,” “The One Where No One’s Ready,” “The One With the Morning After,” and “The One With the Embryos.”

• October 2 at 7 PM: “The One With Chandler in a Box,” “The One With Ross’s Wedding – Part 2,” “The One Where Everyone Finds Out,” and “The One Where Ross Got High.”

… Details on which theaters will participate will be available on Friday (August 16).


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🎧 DROP: Wow, he’s good!

🎧 CAR IN POOL: Swimmer pulls guy from car that landed in Seattle pool. August 13 News & Nuggets!

🎧 TV SANTA: Virginia communities hit by TV Santa Claus. August 13 Wacky-But-True!

🎧 BETTY WHITE: The 97-year-old helped her 75-year-old friend with a wildfire PSA.



• ARTERY – the study of paintings

• BACTERIA – the back door of a cafeteria

• BOWEL – a letter like A,E,I,O,U

• CAESAREAN SECTION – a neighborhood in Rome

• CAUTERIZE – made eye-contact with her

• DILATE – to live long

• IMPOTENT – distinguished, well known

• LABOR PAIN – getting hurt at work

• OUTPATIENT – a patient who fainted

• SEIZURE – a Roman emperor

• TUMOR – more than one


What ticks you off about a co-worker? The way they smack their lips when they eat at their desk, constant personal calls, too much perfume? In a survey of managers and human resource professionals, these were some of the strangest complaints from employees.

• Coworker is too sun-tanned.

• Coworker has big hair.

• Coworker eats all the good cookies.

• Coworker is so polite, it’s infuriating.

• Coworker is trying to poison me.

• Coworker’s body is magnetic and keeps de-activating my magnetic access card.

• Coworker was annoyed the company didn’t provide a place for naps during break time.

• Coworker only wears slippers or socks at work.

• Coworker smells like old books.

• Coworker has bells on her shoes and it’s not the holidays.



TRIVIA: North Americans spend $3 billion each year where? (A yard/garage sales)

TRIVIA: Nearly 9,000 people injure themselves each year with what? (A toothpick)

TRIVIA: The oldest person to ever do this was 72 years old at the time. He did it in 1920. Did what? (Won a medal at the Olympics. He won a silver medal in shooting for Sweden.)

TRIVIA: The average household has four what? (Umbrellas)


• 1958: JOHNNY CASH recorded Don’t Take Your Guns To Town.

• 1988: KEITH WHITLEY scored his first number one hit with Don’t Close Your Eyes.

• 1991: BROOKS & DUNN’s debut album, Brand New Man, was released.

• 2005: TOBY KEITH was spending his third of six weeks at the top of the country singles chart with As Good As I Once Was.

• 2009: Guitarist and recording pioneer Les Paul died of pneumonia in New York’s West Plains Hospital. With then-wife Mary Ford he had a 1951 country hit with Mockin’ Bird Hill. He also won a country Grammy for a recording with CHAT ATKINS.

• 2011: As SUGARLAND prepared to take the stage, a wind gust collapsed the stage at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. Seven people would die and another 45 are treated for injuries.

• 2016: VINCE GILL celebrated 25 years as a Grand Ole Opry member.

Drummer Mike Melancon of EMERSON DRIVE is 41.



Find these audio files on the COUNTRY AUDIO PAGE.

🎧 BRETT YOUNG on his album Ticket to LA.

🎧 THOMAS RHETT talks about his song Remember You Young.

🎧 BRANTLEY GILBERT on what drives his wife crazy.


The Academy of Country Music has added MIRANDA LAMBERT, CHRIS YOUNG, LAUREN ALAINA, MIDLAND and others to the lineup of performers for the ACM Honors event in Nashville. They join a list of previously announced participants that includes KEITH URBAN, MADDIE & TAE, and BARBARA MANDRELL.

BLAKE SHELTON will team with TRACE ADKINS for his new single, Hell Right, available this Friday (August 16). The two previously collaborated on the 2009 hit Hillbilly Bone.

MARTINA McBRIDE will return for her 9th Annual The Joy of Christmas Tour this year. Beginning November 29 in Biloxi, Mississippi, the tour will visit 14 cities.

ALABAMA’s November 2 concert in Wichita, Kansas, will include special guests The Beach Boys. This will be the only show on their 50th anniversary tour to include The Beach Boys.

On October 11 BROTHERS OSBORNE will release Live At The Ryman, a 12-track album recorded during their three night stint at the legendary Nashville venue in February.

LUKE BRYAN will be part of the September 9 CBS special Lip Sync To The Rescue. Luke surprised a Saratoga County, New York, sheriff’s department while in town earlier this year by showing up when they made their lip sync video.

… Lip Sync to the Rescue, which will be hosted by Cedric the Entertainer, is an interactive countdown special where viewers vote for their favorite video of performances featuring first responders lip-syncing to hit music.

JON PARDI will launch his Heartache Medication album with a September 27 show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. Newcomer TYLER RICH will open the release night show.


• 1969: JOHNNY CASH’s A Boy Named Sue became a million seller. At the time, that meant it had achieved gold status.

• 1995: GARTH BROOKS’ collection The Hits was certified multi-platinum for sales of 7 million copies.

• 2003: A massive power outage caused a blackout over much of the northeast United States forcing BROOKS & DUNN to cancel a performance the next day on NBC’s The Today Show. Their gear, situated in three different locations, had to be gathered amidst the chaos and transported to Louisiana for a weekend show.

• 2004: Remnants of Hurricane Charlie forced KENNY CHESNEY to postpone his Guitars, Tiki Bars & A Whole Lotta Love tour stop in Virginia Beach, Virginia by 24 hours.

• 2006: JOHNNY DUNCAN died of a heart attack in a Fort Worth hospital. His career included a series of duets with JANIE FRICKE.

• 2012: RICKY SKAGGS was added to the Gospel Music Hall of Fame during a ceremony in Hendersonville, Tennessee, along with Aretha Franklin and four other acts.

• 2015: A $2,000 acoustic guitar owned by RASCAL FLATTS was stolen during the band’s performance at the Willamette Country Music Festival in Brownsville, Oregon. Police recovered the instrument two days later; the band declines to press charges.

• 2018: BRAD PAISLEY visited the Cleveland Browns’ preseason training camp.

CONNIE SMITH is 78. The wife of MARTY STUART, she is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and is best known for the 1964 hit Once A Day. In 2012 Smith became the twelfth solo female vocalist and nineteenth woman to be elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame.



• David Crosby is 78

• Steve Martin is 74

• Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch) is 73

• Romance novelist Danielle Steel is 72

• Cartoonist Gary Larson (The Far Side) is 69

• Marcia Gay Harden (Code Black, Fifty Shades movies) is 60

• Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch) is 58

• Halle Berry is 53

• Catherine Bell (JAG) is 51

• Mila Kunis is 36


• 1935: President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law, creating unemployment insurance and pension plans for the elderly.

• 1945: President Truman announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally, ending World War II.

• 1997: An unrepentant Timothy McVeigh was sentenced to death for the Oklahoma City bombing.

• 2002: A U.S. military helicopter swooped low over a packed Italian beach so they could check out the hot chicks. The American embassy in Rome admitted several sunbathers were slightly injured by flying umbrellas and beach furniture in Bari.

• 2003: A blackout hit the northeastern United States and part of Canada; 50 million people lost power.

• 2004: A police chase in Long Island, New York, ended when the motorist drove into a backyard pond and tried to smoke a crack pipe just before his car sank. After saving the driver through a back window, the cops charged him with driving while impaired by drugs and several other traffic violations.

• 2006: Cuban state television aired the first video of Fidel Castro since he stepped down as president to recover from surgery, showing the bedridden Cuban leader talking with his brother Raul and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

• 2013: A couple of thieves in England (Berwick-upon-Tweed) faced off against police for five hours. Patrol officers noticed a nighttime break-in at a cafe, and soon had it surrounded. The men refused to come out, and even armed themselves with knives. The siege finally came to an end, and the men were charged. They had reportedly broken into the cafe for a bite of quiche.


• Navajo Code Talkers Day

• World Calligraphy Day

• Creamsicle Day


• August 15: Woodstock began in 1969. (Here’s some interesting trivia about the 50-year-old festival.)
• August 24: College football returns with two games: Florida vs. Miami and Arizona vs. Hawaii.
• August 30: The Matrix returns to some theaters
• September 2: Labor Day
• September 5: NFL season begins (Packers and Bears)
• September 20: Storm Area 51
• September 21: Storm Loch Ness
• September 22: Emmy Awards (Fox)
• November 13: Country Music Association Awards