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• Sally Field is 73

• Ethan Hawke is 49

• Marcus Samuelsson (The Taste, Chopped) is 49

• Thandie Newton is 47

• Model-actress Rebecca Romijn is 47

• Emma Stone is 31


• 1861: James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, was born in Ontario, Canada.

• 1976: Pat Tillman was born. Tillman was an NFL player who left his sports career and enlisted in the United States Army in May 2002 in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. He joined the Army Rangers and served multiple tours in combat before he was killed by friendly fire in the mountains of Afghanistan.

• 1995: Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell announced plans to move the team to Baltimore.

• 1997: Former President George H.W. Bush opened his presidential library at Texas A&M University.

• 2012: Barack Obama was reelected President of the United States.

• 2017: Shalane Flanagan became the first American woman to win the New York marathon in 40 years.


• Button Day

• Stress Awareness Day

• Nachos Day

• Saxophone Day


• November 7: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be cut down.
• November 9: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be raised
• November 9: Sesame Street kicks off its 50th season (HBO)
• November 11: Veterans Day
• November 12: Disney+ streaming service debuts
• November 13: Country Music Association Awards
• November 28: Thanksgiving
• November 29: Black Friday
• November 30: Small Business Saturday
• December 4: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting
• December 19: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters
• February 2: Super Bowl
• September 16, 2084: Asteroid ‘2019 SU3’ could hit Earth


11: NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament titles won by UCLA, the most in Division I. Kentucky is second with eight.


A woman lost at sea off Greece for two days survived on candy. [I survived four years at college on Tic Tacs.]

Netflix announced that Sandra Bullock will star in a new film as a recently released prison inmate. [I’m surprised Felicity Huffman didn’t get the role.]

A jewelry company has created a gold toilet with the seat made of bulletproof glass embedded with over 40,000 diamonds. [Oh yeah, I’m sure that it’ll be a huge seller this Black Friday at Walmart.]

In the Dominican Republic, 422 couples danced the meringue together to claim a new world record. [It was also a world record for the number of husbands willing to dance with their wives in public.]

Twelve bottles of wine arrived at the International Space Station this week. [That explains why the station has been weaving in and out of orbit.]

In Italy, two nuns, one of whom is a Mother Superior, are under investigation after they both returned from vacation pregnant. [There’s a reason that they call it the Love Boat.]

A boulder weighing a ton that mysteriously disappeared from an Arizona National Forest has just as mysteriously reappeared. [Covered in passport stamps and a tan.]

In Atlanta, an all-female brawl over a man ended with a busted water pipe and the flooding of nine floors of an apartment complex. [It’s every man’s fantasy to be fought over by women — as long as he doesn’t have to pay for the property damage.]

Newlywed Jennifer Lawrence has placed her NYC apartment on the market for $14 million. [Well, somebody has to pay for that wedding.]

Mexico is auctioning off six houses that once belonged to drug kingpin El Chapo. The houses come complete with escape tunnels. [They come in handy when the in-laws drop by.]


FACEBOOK TESTING ACCOUNT VERIFICATION WITH VIDEO SELFIES _ Facebook is testing new account verification system which asks users to record video selfies to prove they’re real people. The new feature, which is currently in limited testing, asks users to hold their phone up at eye level with the camera enabled and then fit their faces in a circular frame that appears on screen. Users then record a video selfie following prompts that ask them to look straight ahead, to the right, to the left, and then straight ahead again. This helps confirm a user’s identity and check that they’re a real person.

… The app promises that “no one else” will see the video, but it doesn’t specify who actually will be allowed to see it either. Facebook says the video will be deleted 30 days after the user’s identity has been confirmed.

TOY HALL OF FAME WINNER _ Tomorrow (November 7) we will learn the newest members of the Toy Hall of Fame. This year’s list of finalists — announced in September — are the smartphone, Care Bears, the coloring book, Fisher-Price Corn Popper, Jenga, Magic the Gathering, Masters of the Universe, Matchbox cars, My Little Pony, Nerf Blaster, Risk, and the top.

… Last year’s honorees were the Magic 8 Ball, pinball and Uno.

… The first inductees were in 1998. • FULL LIST

COLLEGE STUDENT OFFERS SERVICE TO CURE PROCRASTINATION _ A college student in China is offering her procrastinating schoolmates a service to cure their laziness. The student said her service helps other students make a specific daily plan according to their schedule. She also supervises the students to make sure they follow the plan. For example, she’ll set a time for her clients to get out of bed and if they don’t get up on time, she’ll go to their dorm rooms and wake them. The woman said she will also supervise students’ homework by sitting beside them and setting a time limit for the completion of an assignment.

OAKLAND RAIDERS HONORING HEROIC TRAIN EMPLOYEE _ The Oakland, California, city employee who saved a man from an oncoming train this past weekend will be honored as a “hometown hero” prior to the Raiders’ Thursday Night Football game.

… Right after Oakland beat the Detroit Lions on Sunday, a train station near the stadium was packed with Raider fans, and one man lost his balance and fell onto the tracks. Bay Area Rapid Transit supervisor John O’Connor saw what happened and pulled the man from the tracks and back to safety without hesitation — saving him from the zooming train. Now the Raiders are honoring O’Connor for his heroic actions before their game against the L.A. Chargers on Thursday. The team will host him in front of Raider Nation as this week’s Hometown Hero.

DOES CRIME REALLY INCREASE DURING A FULL MOON? _ Our next full moon is November 12. Full moons are synonymous with werewolves, witches, and increased crime. Dubbed the “lunar effect,” the belief that people are more aggressive and impulsive when the moon is full can be traced back to ancient times. A new study has investigated the supposed relationship between the full moon and crime rates.

… Researchers from New York University’s BetaGov team collaborated with the Vallejo, California police department to determine if crime really does increase during a full moon. Unfortunately for all you horror fans out there, they found no significant uptick in reported crimes or arrests during nights when the moon is full.

WHAT AMERICA EATS ON THANKSGIVING _ A new survey finds turkey will be the main dish at 86 percent of Thanksgiving meals this year. The most popular side dish is a tie between stuffing/dressing and mashed potatoes (75% each). Dinner rolls will be on 69 percent of tables; cranberry sauce on 64 percent, sweet potatoes on 59 percent. For dessert, nearly two-thirds of Americans (66%) will indulge in pumpkin pie.

WHEN SEX IS ON OUR MINDS, LYING COMES NATURALLY _ First impressions are important, especially when it comes to dating. If you’ve ever felt like your date or that mysterious stranger you met in the corner of the party isn’t being completely honest with you to better their chances for some bedroom action, a new set of research suggests you were probably right. When the possibility of a sexual or romantic encounter reveals itself, the study (University of Rochester) finds people are very likely to present themselves in a deceptive manner in order to appear as attractive as possible to their potential new mate. According to scientists, as our “sexual systems” are activated in the presence of an attractive stranger, it is common for people to embellish, conform, change their attitudes regarding certain topics, and outright lie all to make a good first impression.

BREWERY PUTS SHELTER DOGS ON NEW BEER CANS _ Fargo Brewery out of North Dakota unveiled a new beer can which features shelter dogs up for adoption. They partnered with 4 Luv of Dog Rescue to help find the dogs.

THE QUEEN HAS DITCHED REAL FUR FOR FAKE _ Queen Elizabeth II has ditched real fur in her outfits and instead opts for fake, according to a book written by her senior dresser. Angela Kelly, who has worked for the Royal Household for the past 25 years, discloses in The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe that, as of this year, the monarch has moved away from using real fur.

PRINGLES UNVEILS TURDUCKEN CHIPS FOR THANKSGIVING _ Tired of shoving a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey every Thanksgiving? You’re in luck. Pringles is selling new stackable chips flavored like Turducken. The brand announced its “epic” Frankenfood on Twitter Tuesday. The Turducken Stack will be available in limited quantities on Thursday.

… The Pringles Turducken Friendsgiving Feast kit features three kinds of fowl-flavored chips: chicken, duck and turkey. The differently flavored crisps are stacked atop each other and paired out with chips that taste like cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie in the same tray.

PEOPLE WHO TEXT AND DRIVE KNOW DANGERS _ Nearly everyone agrees that texting and driving is dangerous. Many people do it anyway. In a survey of drivers who text daily — regardless of where they are — 98 percent said they were aware of the dangers of texting behind the wheel. Nonetheless, three-quarters of them admitted to texting while driving. Two-thirds said they have read text messages while stopped at a red light or stop sign, while more than a quarter said they have sent texts while driving. More than a quarter of those who texted while driving believed they “can easily do several things at once, even while driving.”

THE MOST POPULAR WINE IN AMERICA _ A new poll finds red wine to be the most popular kind of wine. Red wine (69%) is the most popular among wine-drinking adults, followed closely by white wine (65%), and rosé (55%).

… Among wine drinkers, the most popular kind of reds are Merlot (19%), cabernet sauvignon (18%), pinot noir (12%) and Zinfandel (12%).

… As for the white wine list, Moscato (23%) tends to be the most popular pick. Chardonnay (17%), Riesling (14%), Pinot Grigio/Gris (13%), and Sauvignon blanc (11%) are other popular varietals.

… When it comes to rosé wines, about one in five (19%) say they don’t have a preference. But Zinfandel rosé tends to be the most popular, with 33 percent of rosé-drinkers claiming it as their favorite type.

ILLINOIS LOTTERY WINNER PUTS HALF OF $500,000 PRIZE INTO BITCOIN _ An Illinois resident who won $500,000 in the state lottery has revealed he put half of it into Bitcoin back in May. Reddit user “Joxnlol” posted an image of himself clutching the Illinois state lottery check with the caption: “Did this. Then put half into [Bitcoin] in May.” Later, Joxnlol posted multiple images of himself and the winning ticket as proof of his claim. Given he converted half of it in early May, his investment has so far seen close to a 65 percent gain.

REMEMBER THIS? A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: AMERICA’S FAVORITE FOOD _ If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, which would it be? A recent survey (Harris Poll) posed this thought-provoking question to Americans. In an increasingly polarized country, where ideological differences result in shouting matches and pointed fingers, it’s heartening to know that Americans can agree on what really matters: pizza.

… Yes, the single food that most Americans would want to eat for the rest of their lives is pizza, which 21 percent of survey participants chose as their answer. It beat out steak (16 percent), tacos (11 percent), pasta (11 percent), and even the hamburger (13 percent).


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: POLICE RAID LEADS TO DATE _ A woman in England was waiting for a blind date at a pub when police raided the establishment looking for drugs. A guy who was playing pool at the bar was put into one of the booths while police talked to the bartender and searched the place. Over the next 45 minutes the woman and the pool-playing guy got to know each other, had a couple of drinks after police left, and plan to go on a first date.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: EATING CEREAL WHILE DRIVING _ A woman in Germany totaled her car when she tried to eat a bowl of cereal while driving. She hit a parked car and a lamppost when she tried to pour milk over the cereal.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: FAKE PATROL CAR DAMAGED IN CRASH _ A dummy patrol car in Somers, Montana, was hit by a speeder around 2AM Sunday. The fake cop car was set up about five years ago by the owner of an auto parts store when he noticed people were flying down the highway. The driver who hit the fake cop car later went to the hospital for treatment.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: POLICE IN N.C. TRAPPING DUMB CRIMINALS _ A police department in North Carolina is making an effort to trap dumb criminals by agreeing to act as referees during drug transactions to make sure no one gets cheated.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN ACCUSED OF SHOOTING AT NEIGHBOR WITH CROSSBOW _ A Colorado (Longmont) woman has been arrested after allegedly shooting at her neighbor, narrowly missing her. No one was injured, but 60-year-old Katherine Cherry was arrested for the incident Friday. Cherry’s weapon of choice: a crossbow.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMEN FIGHT OVER SNEEZING IN CHURCH _ Police in Germany were called to a church after two women began fighting outside because one of them could not stand the other’s constant sneezing during service. One woman began insulting another woman whose cold could not be controlled at the church. The second then exposed her rear end to her accuser, and the two eventually started fighting. Witnesses at the scene pulled the two apart.



CHICAGO MED (8p ET, NBC) — New. Dr. Marcel and Maggie throw a traditional crawfish boil for the staff.

THE GOLDBERGS (8p ET, ABC) — New. Murray accidentally buys fake tickets to WrestleMania. Hulk Hogan makes a cameo as himself.

THE MASKED SINGER (8p ET, FOX) — New. In this 2-hour episode, Anthony Anderson (black-ish) joins Nick Cannon and the panelists.

RIVERDALE (8p ET, CW) — New.

SCHOOLED (8:30p ET, ABC) — New. Lainey is asked to direct a school production of The Lion King.

CHICAGO FIRE (9p ET, NBC) — New. Severide must make a tough decision about the future of his career at Firehouse 51.

SEAL TEAM (9p ET, CBS) — New. While on a mission to protect a U.S. ambassador (guest star Khandi Alexander, Scandal), Bravo Team must fight off enemy attackers.

MODERN FAMILY (9p ET, ABC) — New. Gloria uses her alone time with the twins as an opportunity to secretly baptize them.

NANCY DREW (9p ET, CW) — New.

THE APOLLO (9p ET, HBO) — This new documentary chronicles the unique history and legacy of New York City landmark the Apollo Theater. The documentary weaves together archival footage, music, comedy and dance performances, and goes behind-the-scenes with the team that makes the theater run. Featuring interviews with artists including Patti LaBelle, Pharrell Williams, Smokey Robinson, and Jamie Foxx.

SINGLE PARENTS (9:30p ET, ABC) — New. The smooth-talking ladies’ man (guest star Hayes MacArthur, Angie Tribeca) from Angie’s one night stand turns out to be connected to the group in an unexpected way.

CHICAGO P.D. (10p ET, NBC) — New. When their plan to nail a dealer goes awry and another CI is murdered, the team must make a tough decision about Darius.

S.W.A.T. (10p ET, CBS) — New. The Harrelsons engage in a tense family reunion when Hondo’s older sister (guest star April Parker Jones) arrives to see their sick father for the first time in decades.

STUMPTOWN (10p ET, ABC) — New. When Dex’s ex, a famous musician, comes to town for a performance, Dex must protect her from a stalker.


WHO WOULD PLAY YOU IN A MOVIE? _ If Hollywood were to release a movie about your life, chances are you’d pick Sandra Bullock or Tom Hanks to play you. Those two top the list for male and female actors that the general public would like to see portray them in a movie.

… Other popular actors are Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Lawrence.

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: Who would play you in a movie?

JAMIE LEE CURTIS DID DRUGS WITH DAD TONY CURTIS _ Jamie Lee Curtis has admitted in a new interview to once doing heavy drugs with her father, Tony Curtis. Curtis shared with Variety, “I knew my dad had an issue because I had an issue and he and I shared drugs. I did cocaine and freebased once with my dad. But that was the only time I did that, and I did that with him.”

EMMA WATSON COINED THE TERM “SELF-PARTNERED” RATHER THAN SINGLE _ Whatever you do, don’t call Emma Watson single. The free agent 29-year-old Harry Potter star, who turns 30 in April, told British Vogue that she’s in fact “self-partnered,” not single — clapping back at anyone who dare shame her about her being alone. Watson told the magazine: “I never believed the whole ‘I’m happy single’ spiel. I’m very happy [being single]. I call it being self-partnered.”

GAME OF THRONES WHISKEY IS COMING IN DECEMBER _ When Game of Thrones ended in May of this year, you may have thought that all the fun new things like themed Oreos, watch party foods, and color-changing Mountain Dews were over. Nope. Another limited-edition Game of Thrones whiskey is coming. If you didn’t already know, Diageo and HBO have been teaming up to create nine whiskeys inspired by Game of Thrones. Well, this week they announced that the set is finally complete with the release of this ninth limited-edition bottle. It’s called Six Kingdoms – Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Aged 15 Years.

… It will be available in “extremely limited” quantities starting in December and will cost about $150. You can check or your local retailer for availability.

BILLIONS RECRUITS JULIANNA MARGULIES AND COREY STOLL _ Julianna Margulie and Corey Stoll will guest on the Showtime series Billions.

THE BATMAN COULD INCLUDE COLIN FARRELL AS PENGUIN, ANDY SERKIS AS ALFRED _ It seems casting news for The Batman is updated every few days. Now there’s word that Colin Farrel is in talks to play Penguine, and Andy Serkis is in talks to play Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s trustworthy butler.

… Robert Pattinson is on board to play the title role, Zoe Kravitz will play Catwoman, and Paul Dano is set to play the Riddler.

ABC’S LIVE IN FRONT OF A STUDIO AUDIENCE TO TACKLE GOOD TIMES, ALL IN THE FAMILY _ The second installment of the ABC special Live in Front of a Studio Audience has a premiere date as well as the lineup of shows it will feature. The new special will air on December 18 and will recreate episodes of the classic sitcoms All in the Family and Good Times.


Find these audio files on the PRO AUDIO PAGE.

🎧 Drop – You’ve all become idiots!

🎧 Song – Baby Shark Thanksgiving (radio edit), from kids music group The Learning Station.

🎧 Drop – We have new information to report.



The chains will be offering discounts on November 11, but what about local businesses? Solicit on your Facebook page now so you’ll have them on Monday.

FB icon “Veteran’s Day is Monday. 🇺🇸 Know of any local businesses offering discounts or freebies for those who’ve served?”


Japanese sociologists and psychiatrists came up with the best pick-up line in the world. The line is: “This time next year, let’s be laughing together.” They claim that using “this time next year” sends a signal that the guy wants more than a one-night stand, while “together” gives the impression of romance and “laughing” makes it easy to deliver.

And while we’re on the subject, here are some not-so-strong pick-up lines…

• Hi. I suffer from amnesia. Do I come here often?

• I didn’t know that angels could fly so low!

• Your eyes are blue like the ocean. And baby, I’m lost at sea.

• Your lips look so lonely… would they like to meet mine?

• Do you have a map? I just keep on getting lost in your eyes.

• Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?


• I was sprayed by a skunk. Coworkers are actually okay with you staying home.

• I tripped over my dog and was knocked unconscious. That’s a mean dog. He trips you, he knocks you out… did he also take your wallet?

• I couldn’t find my shoes. Well then put on some slipper-socks and get in here.

• I hurt myself bowling. Who doesn’t? Get to work.

• A hit man was looking for me. Then by all means, stay home. I mean, hit men never look where their target lives.

• I forgot what day of the week it was. It’s fireday. No, I didn’t say Friday.


TRIVIA: An estimated 8 million of these are tossed into landfills each day. (Disposable diapers)

TRIVIA: A study found men with this make almost 8 percent more per year than men without this. (Facial hair)

TRIVIA: In a poll about New Year’s resolutions, quitting smoking ranked first, followed by losing weight. What was third? (Quit drinking)


Whilst my body is usually made from wood,
I have keys that don’t unlock doors,
and a bell that does not ring.
Moreover, I cannot speak without the help of a single piece of cane.

What am I?

Answer: A clarinet.



• Joni Mitchell is 76

• Christopher Knight (Peter on The Brady Bunch) is 62

• Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) is 49

• Adam DeVine (Workaholics, Modern Family) is 36


• 1874: The Republican Party was symbolized as an elephant for the first time, in a cartoon by Thomas Nast in Harper’s Weekly magazine.

• 1944: President Franklin D. Roosevelt won an unprecedented fourth term in office, defeating Thomas E. Dewey.

• 1991: Basketball star Magic Johnson announced that he had tested positive for the AIDS virus and was retiring.

• 1994: WXYC, the student radio station of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, provided the world’s first internet radio broadcast.

• 2000: Republican George W. Bush was elected president over incumbent Democratic Vice President Al Gore, though Gore won the popular vote by a narrow margin. The winner was not known for more than a month because of a dispute over the results in Florida.

• 2005: Residents of a retirement home in Sweden had to deal with drunk, rowdy animals when a pair of intoxicated moose invaded the premises. The moose had become drunk by eating fermented apples they found outside the home.


• Merlot Day

• Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

• Men Make Dinner Day

• Notary Public Day

• Hug A Bear Day


• November 7: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be cut down.
• November 9: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be raised
• November 9: Sesame Street kicks off its 50th season (HBO)
• November 11: Veterans Day
• November 12: Disney+ streaming service debuts
• November 13: Country Music Association Awards
• November 28: Thanksgiving
• November 29: Black Friday
• November 30: Small Business Saturday
• December 4: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting
• December 19: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters
• February 2: Super Bowl
• September 16, 2084: Asteroid ‘2019 SU3’ could hit Earth