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• Kenny Loggins is 72

• David Caruso (NYPD Blue) is 64

• Katie Couric is 63

• Nicolas Cage is 56

• Jeremy Renner (The Avengers, The Bourne Legacy) is 49

• Dustin Diamond (Saved By The Bell) is 43

• Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead) is 38


• 1927: The Harlem Globetrotters played their first game.

• 1992: AT&T released a video telephone. The price was $1,499.

• 2002: A 40-year-old Romanian woman stopped hiccuping for the first time in 14 years following surgery in Bucharest. Doctors said the hiccups were caused by a lymphatic cyst which grew after an earlier operation.

• 2006: A retired Arkansas nurse saved her brother’s chicken, Boo Boo, by administering mouth-to-beak resuscitation after the fowl was found floating face down in the family’s pond.


• I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day

• International Programmers Day

• Bobblehead Day


4.4: Guns owned by the average American gun owner.


A Coca-Cola truck ran into a Pennsylvania home. [The driver was injured and immediately went to see his Dr. Pepper.]

Mercedes-Benz is recalling roughly 750,000 cars because the vehicles’ sunroofs could potentially detach and fly off. [This is OK on a warm, sunny day want fresh air. This is not OK when your car is full of a zillion helium-filled balloons for a child’s birthday party.]

Three escaped pigs in Russia went into a supermarket, knocked over a booze bottle and started drinking. [So much for Dry January.]

According to the IRS, January 27 is the day you can begin filing your taxes. [I can’t wait. I bet the lines will be long!]

Pier 1 Imports plans to close nearly half of its 942 stores. [In other words, Pier 1 Imports is exporting employees out of jobs.]

Weight Watchers spokeswoman Oprah Winfrey is on tour. [The Weight Watchers app said I burned 48 calories standing in line for tickets.]

Three escaped pigs in Russia went into a supermarket, knocked over a booze bottle and started drinking. [Which is the exact same way I like to start my weekends.]

A 9-year-old was caught driving in Italy. A couple of friends were in the car with him. [“Officer, will you let me go if I give you my Disney+ password?”]


GROCERY KICKS OFF VALENTINE SEASON WITH A WHITE CLAW LOVE SHACK _ Want to treat your Valentine to a truly redneck date? Take them to the ‘White Claw love shack’ at an H-E-B grocery store. Someone on Twitter shared a photo of a display at one of the Texas-based company’s stores: stacks of White Claw and Truly hard seltzers topped by an arc of pink and white balloons.

… A company spokesperson said the displays are created by the distribution company, not the supermarket chain, which means they are unique and not standard across H-E-B’s 350+ stores.

4 IN 10 ADULTS CAN’T STOP WORKING NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE _ Life is all about balance, and one of the most important balancing acts of any adult’s day-to day existence is separating work life and home life. Unfortunately, many modern workers just don’t know when to take a break — even if they’re home and the workday is over. That’s the main finding from a new survey that found a staggering 40% just cannot stop working.

… The survey also found that one in six employees spend more than 11 hours a week focusing on their job while outside the office — typically by checking their emails or making calls.

TARGET OUTFITS 500th SOLAR STORE _ Target set a goal of installing solar panels on 500 of its stores by 2020 back in 2015, and the company recently announced it achieved that goal. The retail chain completed its 500th installation at a store in Napa, California. This accomplishment will help Target, the eighth-largest retailer in the United States, get closer to its goal of having 100 percent of its electricity come from renewable energy by 2030, which the company announced it aimed to do last summer. Target is already a quarter of the way to achieving that goal.

… Reference: The top ten U.S. retailers are:

  1. Walmart
  2. Kroger
  3. Amazon
  4. Costco
  5. The Home Depot
  6. Walgreens
  7. CVS
  8. Target
  9. Lowes
  10. Albertsons

RING WILL NOW LET USERS OPT-OUT FROM RECEIVING POLICE REQUESTS _ Ring, the smart doorbell company owned by Amazon, announced on Monday that it was adding a “center” on its apps that will allow users to control some settings from one place. Specifically, the company said the control center will allow users to see what devices are connected to the cameras and opt-out of receiving requests for footage from law enforcement agencies the company has partnered with, among other things.

… The move comes amid a heap of scrutiny it has faced about its security and relationships with law enforcement agencies from both activist groups and even Congress in recent months.

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: What’s the strangest/scariest thing you’ve seen on your video doorbell?

GIFT FROM SON EARNS WOMAN $100,000 LOTTERY JACKPOT _ A New Year’s Day gift from a North Carolina woman’s son helped her start the new year with extra money in the bank. Jacqueline Carpenter says her son, Adrian, was headed home from a hunting trip January 1 and he stopped off at a convenience store to buy a few scratch-off tickets. Adrian knows his mom likes to play scratchers and thought he’d bring her a few when he stopped to visit. The son arrived at his mother’s house and handed her the top ticket from his stack, which turned out to be a $100,000 winner.

ASTRONAUT SETS RECORD FOR LONGEST SPACEFLIGHT BY A WOMAN _ NASA astronaut Christina Koch now owns the record for the longest spaceflight by a woman in history. On December 28, the 40-year-old astronaut eclipsed the record of former astronaut Peggy Whitson, who spent 289 days, 5 hours and 1 minute in space in 2017. Koch has been on the International Space Station since March 14, 2019, and is expected to remain aboard the satellite until February. Her mission was initially supposed to last six months but it was extended by NASA to study the effects of long-duration spaceflight on the body.

BEDBUGS RELEASED BY UNKNOWN PERSON INSIDE A WALMART _ Authorities in Pennsylvania (Edinboro) are investigating after they say someone released bedbugs inside a Walmart. A manager of the store discovered a closed pill bottle in the men’s changing room inside a boy’s jacket that was for sale. Realizing the bottle contained live bugs, the manager reported the incident to authorities. A separate employee later found another closed bottle in the men’s department. This bottle contained dead bedbugs.

… A health safety company was brought in and received a report from an employee that they saw the insects crawling around the men’s changing rooms.

RUNNING A MARATHON COULD HELP YOU LIVE LONGER _ Need another reason to sign up for that marathon in 2020? New research suggests training and running a marathon for the first time could reverse some of the effects of aging on our bodies. Researchers found that for the 138 healthy, first-time marathon runners they tracked, training and completing the London marathon was associated with a four-year reduction in their “vascular age.” Specifically, they found that marathon training reversed the age-related stiffening of the body’s main artery and helped reduce blood pressure.

IRS ANNOUNCES START DATE FOR THE NEW TAX FILING SEASON _ The Internal Revenue Service has announced that tax season will open on Monday, January 27. The IRS will begin accepting paper and electronic tax returns that day. The due date for 2019 federal income tax returns is April 15, 2020, for most individual taxpayers. Sorry, it’s a Wednesday so there’s no extra time this year.

POPCORN STUCK IN MAN’S TOOTH LEADS TO LIFE-THREATENING INFECTION _ A 41-year-old British man who attempted to dislodge a piece of popcorn stuck in his teeth using various objects says he later developed a life-threatening infection that required him to undergo open heart surgery.

… Adam Martin, a firefighter and father of three, said he noticed the piece of popcorn stuck in a back tooth after he and his wife watched a movie in September. For three days he was unable to remove the popcorn. He claims to have used multiple objects — a pen lid, a toothpick, a piece of wire and even a metal nail — to remove the food, but was unsuccessful, and even damaged his surrounding gum when doing so. A week later, Martin began to suffer from night sweats, fatigue, headaches — all of which he initially thought were signs of the flu but would later learn were signs of endocarditis, or an infection of the endocardium, the lining of the interior surfaces of the chambers of the heart. The infection occurs when bacteria from the mouth, skin, intestines and other areas of the body enters the bloodstream.

… By October, Martin’s symptoms had yet to subside, leading him to see his doctor, who diagnosed him with a mild heart murmur and sent him home. But when he continued to feel unwell, he went to a hospital. Scans of Martin’s chest showed his heart was damaged due to the infection. He was then transferred to a different hospital, where he underwent a seven-hour open heart surgery to repair his mitral valve and replace his aortic valve.

WHY YOU NEED TO COUGH/SNEEZE INTO THE BACK OF YOUR ELBOW _ Don’t be “that guy” who causes the rest of the workplace to get sick — always cough/sneeze into the back of your elbow. A video shows how an uncovered cough can transmit infection by propelling a strong, turbulent jet of air a distance of up to six feet.

OFFERING KIDS VEGGIES DOESN’T ALWAYS HELP _ Offering young kids a vegetable choice at dinner may not prompt them to eat more of these healthy foods. Since vegetable eating is generally not popular among youngsters, Dutch researchers compared whether offering 4- to 6-year-old children their choice of a vegetable before or at dinner, or no choice, might alter the amount of vegetable the kids actually ate. The researchers failed to see any noteworthy differences between the groups in veggie intake.

CHATTERING AWAY TO BABIES IS EVEN BETTER FOR THEM THAN READING _ Parents of tiny babies: When you’re home with the kid, keep a one-sided conversation going about anything and everything while you’re folding laundry, making dinner, or doing whatever else around the house. The the results of a study reveal that a steady stream of idle chatter from mom or dad’s mouth improves the child’s cognitive development, even more so than reading to them does.

REMEMBER THIS? A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: GOODBYE, RESOLUTIONS _ We’re a week into the new year and if you made a resolutions, there’s a 50% chance it’s already been broken. By the end of this month 90% of resolutions will be shot.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ESCAPED PIGS VISIT GROCERY STORE, RAID LIQUOR AISLE _ A trio of escaped pigs wandered into a supermarket in Russia and spotted raiding the liquor aisle. The three pigs perusing the liquor aisle knocked over bottles of cognac, which they then proceeded to lap up off the floor. The three pigs had escaped from a nearby home.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COCA-COLA TRUCK CRASHES INTO HOME _ A tractor-trailer hauling Coca-Cola ran into a home in Pennsylvania (Quakertown).

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: 9-YEAR-OLD DRIVER _ Police in Italy pulled up next to a vehicle fitting the description of a car that was reported stolen. When they looked over at the driver they could barely see him. Turns out it was a 9-year-old behind the wheel with a 10 and 12 year old as passengers.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BURGLAR FALLS ASLEEP IN HOME _ In Spain, a burglar fell asleep in front of the TV after eating several plates of food in an apartment he had broken into. The owner of the apartment returned home to find the man asleep on a sofa with the TV on. Thinking it was his son, he was about to put a blanket over him for warmth when he saw it was an intruder and tiptoed out to call the police.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN FALLS ASLEEP WHILE TESTING MATTRESS, SPENDS NIGHT _ In suburban St. Louis a woman who dozed off while testing mattresses got a rude awakening when she discovered she’d slept there overnight. Officers were called to the store about 7:45 AM last Tuesday after an employee found the woman wandering through the business prior to opening. The woman told officers she had been trying out a display mattress the evening before when she must have fallen asleep and slept through the night.  The store did not want to press charges for trespassing so officers escorted the well-rested customer out of the business.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN PRETENDING TO BE SHERIFF SEEN DRIVING MASERATI _ If you’re going to impersonate a law enforcement official it helps to wear the right clothing, use the right lingo, and drive an appropriate vehicle. A New Jersey man was arrested for impersonating a sheriff in an attempt to intimidate contractors who were working on his new home. Several contractors had placed a lien on Todd Geiger’s new home being built in Florida for non-payment. Donning a black bulletproof vest and a police-style badge, Geiger drove to a contractor’s home asking neighbors for information about the contractor, while identifying himself as “the Sheriff.” Neighbors grew suspicious since Geiger was driving a white Maserati with New Jersey plates.


PREMIERE: JEOPARDY! GREATEST OF ALL TIME (8p ET, ABC) — The three highest money winners in the game show’s history (James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter) compete in a series of two back-to-back games. The player with the most combined winnings from the two games wins the “match”. Play will continue on successive nights until one of them has won three matches and takes home the $1 million prize.

NCIS (8p ET, CBS) — New. Gibbs must face the reality of his actions after he assists Ziva (Cote de Pablo) with “the one thing” she said she would need to take care of.

SEASON PREMIERE: ELLEN’S GAME OF GAMES (8p ET, NBC) — The 3rd season begins with 2 new episodes.

THE RESIDENT (8p ET, FOX) — New. After being terminated, Conrad distracts himself by accompanying a patient on a zero-gravity adventure.

BATWOMAN (8p ET, CW) — Repeat

FINDING YOUR ROOTS WITH HENRY GATES, JR. (8p ET, PBS) — New. Sterling K. Brown, Jon Batiste and Sasheer Zamata learn about the unexpected places their ancestors called home.

FBI (9p ET, CBS) — New. A businessman with a history of harassment claims against him is killed.

MIXED-ISH (9p ET, ABC) — New. In the wake of the Challenger tragedy, Rainbow and her family handle their grief in different ways.

SEASON PREMIERE: GORDON RAMSAY’S 24 HOURS TO HELL AND BACK (9p ET, FOX) — In the season 3 premiere, Gordon must revamp Lowery’s Seafood, where his crew finds two brothers at odds.

DAVE CHAPPELLE: THE MARK TWAIN PRIZE (9p ET, PBS) — Comic, actor and writer Dave Chappelle receives The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, presented by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Michael Che, Common, Bradley Cooper, Morgan Freeman, Tiffany Haddish, Colin Jost, John Legend, Lorne Michaels, Trevor Noah, Sarah Silverman, Jon Stewart, Keenan Thompson and more honor Chappelle.

SEASON PREMIERE: SCHITT’S CREEK (9p ET, Pop) — This critically acclaimed comedy returns for its 6th and final season.

BLACK-ISH (9:30p ET, ABC) — New. Diane is conflicted about relaxing her hair again and embarks on a hair journey with the help of Bow, Ruby and her hair stylist (guest star Jill Scott).

ONE DAY AT A TIME SPECIAL (9:30p ET, Pop) — Go behind the scenes with the producers, directors and the cast of One Day at a Time before the new season premieres (on its new network after being cancelled by Netflix) in March.

SERIES PREMIERE: FBI: MOST WANTED (10p ET, CBS) — Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) stars in this spinoff series that follows the Fugitive Task Force, which tracks down and captures people on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Kellan Lutz (Twilight Saga) and Keisha Castle-Hughes (Game of Thrones) also star.

SERIES PREMIERE: ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST (10p ET, NBC) — Jane Levy (Suburgatory) stars in this new drama as Zoey, a computer coder in San Francisco, who starts to hear the innermost thoughts of the people around her through popular songs. Skylar Astin, Peter Gallagher and Mary Steenburgen also star. Lauren Graham is a special guest star.

EMERGENCE (10p ET, ABC) — New. After months of dead ends, the Evans family receives information that could finally lead them to Piper.

RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS (10p ET, National Geographic) — New. Rock climber Alex Honnold (Free Solo) joins Bear in the Swiss Alps.


WALKING DEAD MOVIE WILL BE VERY DIFFERENT _ The Walking Dead movie will be bigger and bolder than the TV show. This is according to writer-producer Scott Gimple, who says lead character Rick Grimes’ cinematic adventure will be much, much different than the TV series. Gimpls says the film is “not going to be the exact same thing we saw on television [and] larger. We are going in some wild new directions.”

… The Walking Dead season 10 returns to our small screens on Sunday, February 23. The film, which will star Andrew Lincoln, doesn’t have a release date.

GOLDEN GLOBE RATINGS SLIP _ The Golden Globes drew 18.3 million viewers Sunday. The ratings were down 2 percent in total viewers from last year.

LATEST TRAILER FOR LONG-DELAYED THE NEW MUTANTS RATCHETS UP THE HORROR _ 20th Century Fox’s The New Mutants is finally coming to theaters this spring, and a new trailer was released Monday. The film has been described as a “Stephen King meets John Hughes” young adult horror film, with a dash of Stranger Things.

TIMOTHEE CHALAMET TO PLAY BOB DYLAN _ Timothee Chalamet is in talks to play Bob Dylan in the film Going Electric. The movie will follow Dylan as he rises in fame on his way to become a folk music icon.

MICHELLE PFEIFFER SELLS $9 MILLION L.A. HOME TO ASTROS OWNER _ Just days after Michelle Pfeiffer and her longtime husband — TV producer David E. Kelley — sold their $22 million Silicon Valley estate to an anonymous tech tycoon, records show the couple also unloaded one of their two L.A. homes for $9 million — this one to the owner of the Houston Astros.

CHRISTIAN BALE REPORTEDLY LOOKING AT KEY ROLE IN THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER _ Christian Bale is reportedly on the verge of returning to the world of comic book movies. The former Batman has entered talks to join Thor: Love and Thunder.

PATRICIA ARQUETTE JOINS APPLE DRAMA SERIES SEVERANCE _ Patricia Arquette has signed on for a starring role in the upcoming Apple drama series Severance. She joins previously announced Severance star Adam Scott. The series is a workplace drama that introduces Lumen Industries, a company that’s looking to take work-life balance to a new level. Scott will stars as Mark, an employee with a dark past trying to put himself back together. Arquette will star as Mark’s boss.

GOOP’S NETFLIX TRAILER _ Netflix released a trailer Monday for the six-episode series The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow. In Netflix’s own words, the show intends to guide “deeply inquisitive” viewers through “boundary-pushing wellness topics,” such as “energy healing and psychics.”


Find these audio files on the PRO AUDIO PAGE.

  A package of drops for a show closer or something similar.

  Utah man has 20-year-old McDonald’s hamburger – January 6 Wacky-But-True

  Florida parrot sound like its a kidnap victim – January 6 Wacky-But-True



Editor: There are videos of people being asked to say what Y-E-S spells. I tried this on a cohost and it wasn’t until she wrote down the second word that she figured it out. Our brains get confused.

You: What does Y-E-S spell?

Co-host: (Will reply YES.)

You: What does E-Y-E-S spell?

Co-host: (Will quite likely mess it up.)


The Today show posted this a few years back, but it’s fund to bring back around after a new year begins.


According to a study, the general public and even educators have a hard time squashing misconceptions about the brain and learning. These seven common myths stem from what researchers call “single explanatory” factors, or ones that reduce the complexity of human behavior to a single explanation.

• Individuals learn better when they receive information in their preferred learning style.

• Children have learning styles that are dominated by particular senses.

• A common sign of dyslexia is seeing letters backwards.

• Listening to classical music increases children’s reasoning ability.

• Children are less attentive after consuming sugary drinks and/or snacks.

• Some of us are “left-brained” and some are “right-brained,” and this helps explain differences in learning.

• We only use 10 percent of our brain.

… In the study, an average of 68 percent of people believed these brain myths, including 56 percent of the educators and 46 percent of those educated in neuroscience.


• You automatically cut your own food into teensy-weensy pieces.

• You correct you coworkers and friends when they don’t say “please” and “thank you.”

• You would give your left arm for a brand new, fully loaded, top-of-the-line minivan.

• Your idea of a good time includes going to Target — alone — on a Saturday night.

• You’ve had to choose between an extra ten minutes of sleep and making it day day without a shower.

• You’ve discussed poop with someone like you’re a couple of NCIS investigators.

• You automatically tell your spouse you’re sooo proud of them after they use the toilet.

• Everything in the top rack of your dishwasher is made of brightly colored plastic and there is never room for glasses.


Some bad habits may actually have some benefits for your kids. Here’s the scoop from First magazine:

• Myth #1: Texting ruins their spelling. That’s false. A lot of teens can text 80 words per minute, mostly because of shortcuts like “OMG” and “LOL.” A study in the journal Reading and Writing found that teens who use slang in texts, IMs and on social media do just as well on spelling tests as kids who don’t communicate electronically. Why? Because they understand that “chatspeak” isn’t acceptable in schoolwork.

• Myth #2: All sweets promote cavities. That’s false. In fact, eating dark chocolate and drinking hot cocoa may protect your child’s teeth as well as as fluoride. Scientists at Tulane University found that a compound in cocoa beans promotes the growth of enamel-hardening crystals, which make teeth less vulnerable to bacterial damage and decay. Tannins in chocolate make bacteria “slippery” — which keeps microbes from sticking to your teeth and forming cavity-causing plaque.

• Myth #3: Staying up late turns kids into zombies. That’s actually a toss-up. Staying up late all the time does make kids groggy and less able to concentrate during the day. However, letting your child stay up late occasionally may make them more alert the next morning — as long as they can sleep in. A study at Stanford University found that volunteers who stayed up as late as 2 AM fell asleep faster and woke up less often than those who went to bed early, because people sleep more soundly when they go to bed really tired. However, a regular sleep schedule is best.

• Myth #4: Video games can ruin your kid’s eyesight. That’s false. Researchers at the University of Rochester in New York found that volunteers who played an hour a day of high-action video games were 43 percent better at seeing color contrast — the tiny difference from one shade to another in the same color family — a skill that’s crucial to everyday functions like reading and interpreting the facial cues that reveal people’s emotions.


TRIVIA: The average male’s weighs about 3.08 pounds; the average female’s weighs about 2.86 pounds. What is it? (Brain.)

TRIVIA: By the time you reach 60 you will have lost about 40% of what? (Your sense of smell)

TRIVIA: You see them every day, nearly everywhere you go, though you can’t touch them. They can weigh 20,000 pounds or more. What are they? (Clouds. Some can weigh as little as 20,000 pounds, while others can weight up to a couple million pounds.)

TRIVIA: In the U.S. alone each year, this causes nearly $1 billion in damage to crops and property. (Hail)



• Game show host Bob Eubanks (The Newlywed Game) is 82

• Michelle Forbes (True Blood, Homicide, Star Trek: The Next Generation) is 55

• R. Kelly is 53


• 1675: The first corporation was chartered in the United States. It was a New York fishing company.

• 1790: George Washington delivered the first State of the Union Address address in New York City.

• 1901: The first bowling tournament sanctioned by the American Bowling Congress was held in Chicago, Illinois.

• 1975: Ella Grasso became Governor of Connecticut, becoming the first woman to serve as a Governor in the United States who did not succeed her husband.

• 1992: U.S. President George H.W. Bush fell suddenly ill at a state dinner in Japan. He became pale, slumped in his chair and promptly vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister.

• 2011: An attempted assassination of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords occurred at a grocery store near Tuscon. Thirteen people were injured and six others were killed in the shooting, among them federal judge John Roll.


• Take the Stairs Day

• Bubble Bath Day

• I Am A Mentor Day

• Show and Tell Day at Work

• War on Poverty Day