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• Patrick Stewart is 80

• Harrison Ford is 78

• Cheech Marin is 74

• Daphne Maxwell Reid (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) is 72

• Ken Jeong (Dr. Ken, Community) is 51


• 1923: The Hollywood sign was dedicated.

• 1985: Live Aid, an international rock concert in London, Philadelphia, Moscow and Sydney, Australia, was held to raise money for Africa’s starving people.

• 1985: The Constitution’s presidential disability clause was invoked for the first time as President Ronald Reagan transferred power temporarily to Vice President George H.W. Bush before undergoing surgery for colon cancer.

• 1994: Tonya Harding’s ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, was sentenced in Portland, Oregon, to two years in prison for his role in the attack on Harding’s skating rival, Nancy Kerrigan.

• 2003: People in the Brazilian town of Pirapora do Bom Jesus were confined to their houses after the whole area was covered with six feet of foam. The foam came from detergents and shampoos dumped into as nearby river and whipped into foam by a small waterfall.

• 2008: Anheuser-Busch accepted a $52 billion cash offer from No. 2 brewer InBev. The new company would be called Anheuser-Busch-InBev.


• Embrace Your Geekness Day

• Gruntled Workers Day

• French Fries Day

• World Cup Soccer Day

• Barbershop Music Appreciation Day


25,000: Bacteria on the average telephone.


Disney World opened over the weekend even though Florida is seeing a huge spike in COVID-19 cases. [Just remember to wear your water-resistant mask on Splash Mountain.]

Some experts are predicting the earliest we’ll be back to normal is August of 2021. [And by normal I mean going to a movie without a mask so it’s easier to inhale a $17 bucket of popcorn.]

Because of COVID-19 tax deadline day is on Wednesday. [Just don’t lick the stamp before you mail it in.]

The former acting Homeland Security secretary says Donald Trump considered selling Puerto Rico in 2017 after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria. [Throw in the US Virgin Islands and I’ll consider buying.]

On her Facebook talk show Jada Pinkett Smith admitted to having a relationship when she and Will Smith were separated. [She saw Gemini Man and said, “I can’t mess up his life anymore than that.”]

A newly discovered comet is streaking past Earth. [How do I get on it?]

A newly discovered comet is streaking past Earth. [Hold on, it’s 2020… it’s supposed to hit Earth.]

A vintage Super Mario Bros. video game sold for $114,000 at auction. [“Vintage” is the word men use so wives don’t throw our stuff away.]


HOW TO SEE A COMET THAT WON’T BE VISIBLE FOR ANOTHER 6,000 YEARS _ Thanks to COVID-19, you may not get to take your kids to the planetarium any time soon. But if they’re into astronomy you’re in luck, because we should be able to see a comet the next few nights. Known as Comet NEOWISE (aka C/2020 F3), it’s been visible at dawn a few times this month, but has made the switch to dusk this week.

… According to the website Earth Sky, the comet is visible at dusk (just after sunset). It will be low in the northwest horizon. If the comet stays somewhat bright, we might be able to see it towards the end of the month during evening dusk, and will appear a little higher in the sky. Use binoculars for a better shot at seeing it — though some people have reported that once you spot the comet with binoculars, you may be able to see it without them when you know where to look. But, if you want to see the comet’s split tail, binoculars are your best bet.

… The comet will be closest to Earth on July 22-23. It will pass at some 64 million miles from our planet. The next time this comet might be visible again from Earth will be around the year 8,786.

TENNESSEE EXPERIMENTS WITH LARGE CROWD THIS WEEK _ NASCAR will race at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee on Wednesday and between 20,000 and 30,000 fans are expected at the facility. It will be the largest sports crowd in the country since the coronavirus pandemic put an end to nearly all organized events in March. Bristol Motor Speedway management says it has worked closely with NASCAR and state and local officials to develop a plan that keeps attendees, employees and the community safe. Among the changes? Wednesday’s All-Star Race will be a one-day event, encouraging people to arrive for the race and then leave. Organizers are also doing away with live music, interactive displays, handouts from corporate partners and any other activity that could involve crowds of people. The list of safety protocols also includes the requirement that visitors wear masks in common areas like gates, restrooms and concession stands, but the coverings can be removed once guests reach their assigned seats. Guests will also arrive during designated windows of time at assigned gates, and the speedway is handling ticketing digitally to eliminate points of contact.

… With the speedway being a 150,000-seat facility, Speedway organizers believe they can ensure fans are appropriately distanced in the stands.

DELI TELLS CUSTOMERS TO STOP HITTING ON STAFF _ A restaurant in Upstate New York is telling customers to stop hitting on the staff. Saratoga, New York’s Broadway Deli wrote on Facebook: “This is a PSA for you thirsty bros out there: Stop asking out my staff while they’re trying to work. Owner Daniel Chessare said that customers flirting with employees has been an occasional issue since the Jewish-style deli opened two years ago, but says it has intensified in recent weeks — though he’s not sure why. Chessare said, “Staff come and go, so I’m not sure if it’s because my staff now are particularly attractive or if it’s because people aren’t traveling, so these thirsty bros aren’t on vacation somewhere else.” • LINK

… The Facebook post includes this advice: “If you are going to ask a girl out at least tip. How’re you gonna look her in the eye, tap ‘no tip’ on the tablet, then follow it up with ‘Hey baby, let’s go out.’ Cuz nothing says attractive like treating service people poorly.”

DISCO LIGHTS DEPLOYED AS DEFENSE AGAINST CROP-RAIDING ELEPHANTS _ Researchers in northern Botswana have come up with a unique way to protect farmers’ crops from elephants: disco lights. Lines of flashing multi-colored lights set up around farmers’ fields near Chobe National park have been shown to be highly effective at scaring off elephants. The park is home to 7,500 elephants. It’s the site of a floodplain whose nutrient-rich soils are a draw to farmers. But their maize and sorghum fields are frequently destroyed by elephants on their way to the floodplain to graze and drink.

… Tests, the multi-colored lights were found to be effective at repelling elephants in 75 percent of 104 recorded elephant incursions. The lights, set up at 30-foot intervals on poles up to 5 feet high, constantly flash a different color: red, green, amber, white, blue or yellow. During the study, the color pattern was changed weekly to prevent elephants getting used to it.

CLEANER SEEN ‘SPIT SHINING’ SHOPPING BASKETS AT GROCERY STORE _ A Toronto woman spotted a cleaner at a grocery store spitting on a towel and then wiping down grocery baskets with it. She got video of the incident at a FreshCo location. In the video, the employee is seen using a small white towel to wipe down baskets. At one point, he appears to spit into the towel and continues wiping down the baskets. After the customer reached out to the company’s corporate office it said the employee works for a third-party service provider and that he is no longer working at the store.

🎧  INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONEER CHAMPIONSHIP IS POSTPONED _ The annual International Auctioneer Championship was to be held this week (July 14) in San Diego, part of the International Auctioneers Conference & Show. COVID-19 has moved the conference online, but the Auctioneer Championship was cancelled. Next year they’ll meet in Minneapolis.

… Check out the audio of the CEO of Ohio Real Estate Auctions, then compete against others on your show/air staff in an auctioneer contest.

WIDOWER WRITES HEARTWARMING LETTER TO HAIR STYLIST _ A hair stylist in Virginia, who went above and beyond, was touched to receive a heartwarming letter from a widower. Sara Verkuilen received a personal note from the widower who said his wife, who had dementia, was delighted with her haircut. The letter writer, who didn’t leave his name, wrote: “This is a little bit awkward. But I’ve waited a really long time to pass this on to you. My wife and I came in for haircuts shortly before Christmas of last year. My wife was suffering from dementia, and you treated her as if you’d been working with dementia patients all your life. You let us sit next to each other, and when it came time for her cut you turned her chair towards me so I could watch her expression as you cut her hair. Sadly, she died in March. And that haircut was one of the last, best moments of her life. She felt so pretty. She visited the mirror in her bathroom several times during the day and would come out beaming. To see her so happy was priceless. … I hope you always realize the power of your profession.”

… Sara was moved by the letter and shared it on her Facebook, saying “This is why I love what I do.”

🎧  METAL STRIP IN MEDICAL MASKS IS NOT A 5G ANTENNA _ Social media users have been sharing a video in which a man claims that a metal strip in medical masks is a 5G antenna. Just so you know, this is false. • VIDEO

… In the video a voice narrates: “Yes, indeed. The antenna killer 5G antenna killer that’s inside the masks that they are telling everybody to wear. Now for everybody that don’t speak Hebrew, this video came out in Hebrew saying they wanted to show you the number one killer inside the masks. So, we took this here out which is a 5G antenna that’s inside the mask, right.” The narrator then shows the metal strip that is inside the top part of a medical mask, used to mold the mask around the user’s nose.”

… He continues: “They tell you to put it on so that you can breathe right above your nostrils so you can inhale and it can go straight to your brain and begin to destroy. Like they say they kill people in the First World War, the Second World War, through antennas, through the 5G. Not 5G, 5G is new now. But, this was one of the ways, one of the mechanisms in which they used to kill a whole lot of people so for those people who keep running out, grabbing these masks and trusting in the system, and the way in doing things the way everybody telling them to do it, alright these are the chances you take.”

UK GOVERNMENT WANTS TUBBY BRITS TO PREP FOR COVID SECOND WAVE _ UK-based newspaper The Guardian says the government will launch an “emergency” effort to get citizens to lose weight and reduce the incidence of conditions such as type 2 diabetes. The goal is the get UK residents to drop some pounds before an expected second wave of coronavirus.

… The UK has experienced the highest death rate from coronavirus in Europe, and one potential factor may be high rates of obesity and associated lifestyle-linked conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, which are strongly associated with worse COVID-19 outcomes. In England, 64% of adults are classed as overweight or obese.

VINTAGE SUPER MARIO BROS. VIDEO GAME SELLS FOR $114,000 _ An unopened copy of a vintage Super Mario Bros. video game sold for $114,000 at auction. A bidder, who wished to remain anonymous, snapped up an early version of the pioneering Super Mario Bros. game released in 1985 for Nintendo’s NES console during an auction conducted Friday. The $114,000 price eclipsed Heritage Auctions’ previous record amount for a video game, which was a $100,150 bid made early last year for an unopened copy of the same game.

… The Super Mario Bros. copy that sold for a new record was part of a collection of video games from the 1980s and 1990s that sold to various buyers for nearly $700,000. Other titles auctioned off included Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!, a 1987 video game based on the former former heavyweight boxing champion, that sold for $50,400.

MIAMI ZOO GORILLA GETS CORONAVIRUS NASAL SWAB TEST _ A gorilla got into a nasty fight with its sibling at a zoo, and as a safety precaution doctors gave him a coronavirus test. Shango is a 31-year-old, 433-pound lowland gorilla who lives at the Miami Zoo. He got into a brawl with his brother, Barney, and suffered some injuries. Shango was bitten and scratched up — so to be safe, they got him COVID-19 tested. • IMAGES

… A team of vets put Shango under to tend to his wounds and to administer to the test. Shango’s test came back negative.

HUMAN EARS ‘PERK UP’ WHEN HEARING UNEXPECTED SOUNDS _ Pet owners may enjoy seeing their furry friends “perk up” when hearing something interesting. It turns out cats and dogs aren’t the only ones to make these amusing little movements. Recent research finds human ears also perk up from an unexpected sound, just like other animals that move their ears. Researchers say about one in five people can control their muscles and wiggle their ears. Although only a small portion has this talent, a study by the University of Saarlandes in Germany says all humans can actually move their ears — though most of those actions are automatic.

… Researchers said, “It is very likely that humans still possess a rudimentary orientation system that tries to control the movement of the pinna (the visible outer part of the ear). Despite becoming [functionless] about 25 million years ago, this system still exists as a ‘neural fossil’ within our brains.” To test this ancestral wiggling theory, the research team used a technique called electromyography (EMG) to record the electrical activity of the muscles around the ears.

… Study authors say their results show the ear-orienting system moving in the direction of the subject’s attention. So whether you realize it or not, your ears perk up and point towards the things that grab your attention.

BEER IS GOOD — SAYS THE MAKERS OF BEER _ A report says the healthy properties of beer, when consumed in moderation, are a rich source of vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants and that beer has a relatively low calorific value compared with many other alcoholic beverages. The report, commissioned by The Beer Academy — of course — aims to help people enjoy beer sensibly and says that when consumed in moderation, it’s one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks available.

ABDUCTED BY ALIENS? YOU’RE NOT ALONE _ Apparently quite a few of you think you’ve been abducted by aliens. It’s not in the millions, or even hundreds of thousands, but it’s a significant number. According to the Center For UFO Studies, over 30,000 of us believe we have been abducted by aliens.

REMEMBER THIS? A YEAR AGO THIS WEEK: THIS IS THE AGE WHEN WE MASTER THE ART OF BARBECUING _ If you’re approaching the age of 40 and think life is nearly over, you’re way off — especially if you’re barbecue fan. According to a new study, we truly master the art of barbecuing at the age of 38. This point we are able to successfully grill a burger without turning it into charcoal, cook a brat without it being pink in the middle, and grill a veggie kebab to perfection.


WACKY-BUT-TRUE: REMOTE CONTROL CAR COLLECTIONS AT CHURCH _ The world is constantly adapting to a new normal during the pandemic — and that includes churchgoers and their leaders, who are pivoting also. Someone captured an innovative way one Catholic church went about doing its weekly collections. Usually there’s a person going around with a basket, which then gets passed around with people tossing in cash and donations. With COVID-19 going around, that ain’t safe. So one parish got creative to get their dough — strapping a basket to a remote control car and zipping out to the crowd, some of whom threw down some bucks and carried on like normal. • VIDEO

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MALFUNCTIONING SPEED CAMERA TRACKS FORD FOCUS AT 437 MPH _ A speed camera in Italy handed a driver a $960 fine for taking her Ford Focus up to 437 miles per hour, or approximately 10 times the maximum speed of that vehicle. It was a computer glitch and the woman didn’t have to pay the fine.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: DECEASED CAT GETS VOTER REGISTRATION APPLICATION IN MAIL _ In a presidential election year, there’s always a push to get people registered to vote. For one Atlanta family, that push got a little interesting. Ron Tims said he checked his mail Wednesday and found a voter registration application addressed to Cody Tims — his cat, who died 12 years ago. Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office said the application did not come from its office and that third-party groups often use mailing lists to get names and addresses.

… The Secretary of State’s Office said it’s quite sure that even if Cody were still alive and showed up at the polls, he wouldn’t be allowed to vote since he does not have a license or state ID.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PIZZA SHOP OWNER THREW PIZZA AT ATTEMPTED ROBBER _ The owner of a pizza shop in Delaware (Greenwood) stopped a would-be robber carrying a machete Friday night by throwing a pizza at him. The owner of Stargate Pizza was closing his restaurant around 10:30 Friday night when he was approached by a man who brandished a long knife and asked for money. The owner of Stargate told the man he did not have any money and then threw a pizza at him, causing the suspect to flee.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: IGUANA CAUGHT IN BICYCLE SENDS MAN TO HOSPITAL _ A man was injured after an animal darted in front of his bicycle and got caught between the front tire and wheel fork, causing him to crash. The man lives in the Florida Keys. The animal was an iguana. The victim said he was riding along a bike path when the iguana darted in front of him and got lodged between the tire and wheel fork, causing the tire to lock. He was thrown over the handlebars and onto the asphalt.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: CAMPUS SECURITY BREAKS UP DRONE DATE _ At a university in China a student thought it would be romantic to deliver an engagement ring to the love of his life using a drone. The student steered the drone toward his waiting sweetheart — until campus security arrived and put an end to the aerial display of affection. The student had to propose the old fashioned way — down on one knee.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: CLIFF DIVING IN A CAR _ Sheriff’s deputies in California responded to a report of a man firing a gun. An update came in: the man had carjacked a Honda and was heading south on the coastal highway. Deputies spotted the car and gave chase at more than 100 mph, but the driver wouldn’t pull over. As they got to town in Santa Cruz, the deputies backed off for safety and local police took over. After a short pursuit they watched the man drive over a cliff into the rocky surf below. Amazingly, the driver not only survived, he climbed back up the cliff, where he was taken into custody.


CMA BEST OF THE FEST (8p ET, ABC) — Luke Bryan hosts this look back at more than 25 unforgettable performances from the previous 16 years of CMA Fest. Featured artists include Darius Rucker, Trace Adkins, Lauren Alaina, Jason Aldean and Kelsea Ballerini.


THE NEIGHBORHOOD (8p ET, CBS) — Repeat. A repeat of Bob Hearts Abishola follows.



DATELINE (10p ET, NBC) — New.

SERIES PREMIERE: CELEBRITY CALL CENTER (10p ET, E!) — Everyday people are given the opportunity to seek the advice of a celebrity by speaking to them directly over the phone. Nick Cannon hosts.


BOX OFFICE CHAMP ONE YEAR AGO _ A year ago, Spider-Man: Far From Home was the top dog at the box office for the second weekend in a row.

… Five years ago the top film was Minions.

… Ten years ago the top film was Despicable Me.

… Twenty years ago the top film was X-Men.

STAR WARS:THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK TOPS BOX OFFICE _ For the first time since it’s 1980 release, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is at the top of the box office due to its re-release at drive-in theaters that have sprung up all over the country. The film was expected to bring in a total of $400,000 to $500,000 by the end of the weekend.

… The Star Wars Saga globally has made $10.3 billion.

LIZ LEMON YELLS AT A MAN NOT WEARING MASK IN 30 ROCK TRAILER _ Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon goes off on a man for not wearing a mask in a trailer for the upcoming 30 Rock reunion special. Airing from 2006 to 2013 on NBC, the comedy series starred Fey as the head writer of the fictional sketch comedy show TGS. Co-starring with Fey was Alec Baldwin as meddling network executive Jack Donaghy, Jane Krakowski as neurotic actress Jenna Maroney and Tracy Morgan as outlandish comedy star Tracy Jordan.

… A few days ahead of the show’s premiere, NBC has released a trailer for 30 Rock: A One-Time Special featuring Fey back in character as Liz Lemon, and the clip is certainly timely given the on-going coronavirus pandemic and the controversy over people wearing — or not wearing — protective masks. • VIDEO

DISNEY WORLD’S WELCOME BACK VIDEO GETS HORROR TREATMENT _ Amid exploding coronavirus numbers, Disney reopened Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, over the weekend. Social media immediately took the entertainment conglomerate to task by criticizing the decision to resume theme parks operations, calling it premature and risky. Someone even transformed Disney’s “welcome home” video into a Jordan Peele horror movie trailer. • ORIGINALHORROR VERSION

POLICE GIVE DETAILS ON NAYA RIVERA’S DISAPPEARANCE _ California authorities held a press conference Sunday to give an update on Naya Rivera’s disappearance. They stated they’re still searching for the actress’ body using divers and specialized equipment to scan the reservoir. Since visibility in the water is very limited, divers have been using sonar to scan the bottom of the lake. In addition, cadaver dogs are assisting the search team. They believe Rivera’s disappearance was accidental, stating that after interviewing her son there was nothing that suggested she had committed suicide.

… Rivera’s four-year-old son was with his mother when she went missing on Wednesday. According to law enforcement, the actress and her son had rented a pontoon on Lake Piru in Ventura, California, to go swimming. However, staff at the rental office became suspicious after three hours had passed and went out to the pontoon where they found the young boy alone in the boat.

THE OLD GUARD 2 REPORTEDLY IN DEVELOPMENT _ The Netflix original movie The Old Guard has been getting some good buzz. The film stars Charlize Theron who leads a team of mercenaries who have battling bad guys for centuries — because they can’t be killed. (SPOILER ALERT) While the movie ends with the good guys winning, it left some doors open for a possible sequel. A source says Netflix is so pleased with the The Old Guard and its critical reception that it’s planning to move ahead with a sequel as soon as possible.

HALLMARK RELEASED HOLIDAY WINES INSPIRED BY THEIR CHRISTMAS MOVIES _ Wine and Hallmark Christmas movies have always gone hand in hand — but this year, Hallmark Channel is making it official. Even though we’re still months away from “Countdown to Christmas,” Hallmark wants everyone to keep their sights on what’s ahead with the launch of their very own holiday-themed wines. • LINK

… Hallmark Channel teamed up with Wines That Rock to create two different varieties to please both red and white wine lovers: Jingle is a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with notes of cherry, dark chocolate, and subtle holiday spice. Joy is a crisp Sauvignon Blanc with notes of tropical fruit, white peach, and pineapple. You can pre-order the wine now and they’ll ship straight to your door in October. Each bottle is $14 each, or you can save some jingle and buy a case.



FB icon Start ’em on Facebook, take ’em to the phones…

• What was the moment you realized your significant other didn’t care about you at all anymore?

• What’s a red flag that you ignored in a significant other, only to realize it was a big deal later?

• Not a cheating spouse question: What did you walk in on your significant other doing when they thought you had left the house for a couple hours?

• What does your significant other do that makes you weak in the knees?


FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: How did you tell your man that you were going to have a baby?


A Minnesota museum held a creepy doll competition on Facebook to showcase parts of its collection that don’t normally get attention. You can do something similar with stuffed animals, dolls, or even yard tools.

… “Show us your child’s — or your — favorite stuff animal! Comment with a photo.”

… “What’s the creepiest toy your child owns? Comment with a photo.”

… “Snap a pic of the lawn and garden tool that NEVER gets used and add it in the comments!” Got a way for listeners to upload photos to your website for display in a gallery? Turn this into a sales promotion sponsored by a local lawn and garden place.


1. Not replacing the toilet paper when it runs out.

2. Leaving the seat up (women) and too many cosmetics on the counter (men).

3. Leaving toothpaste gobs in the sink.

4. Leaving spots on the mirror.

5. Leaving dirty clothes/towels on the floor.


Google —  The name started as a joke about the amount of information the search engine could search, or a “Googol” of information. (A googol is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros.) When founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin gave a presentation to an angel investor, they received a check made out to “Google.”

Volkswagen — Volkswagen literally means “people’s car.” Adolf Hitler initially came up with the idea for “cars for the masses,” which would be a state-sponsored “Volkswagen” program. Hitler wanted to create a more affordable car that was able to transport two adults and three children at speeds of 62 mph. He choose the car manufacturer Porsche to carry out the project, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Canon — Canon was founded in 1933 under the name Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory. Two years later they adopted “Canon” after the company’s first camera, the Kwanon. Kwanon is the Japanese name of the Buddhist bodhisattva of mercy.

Coca-Cola — Coca-Cola’s name comes from the the coca leaves and kola nuts used as flavoring in the soft drink. Eventually Coca-Cola creator John S. Pemberton changed the ‘K’ of kola to ‘C’ to create a more fluid name.

IKEA — IKEA is simply a random collection of letters, based from the first letters of founder Ingvar Kamprad’s name in addition to the first letters of the names of the Swedish property and the village in which he grew up: Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd.

Lego — Lego is a combination of the Danish phrase “leg godt,” which translates to “play well.” Initially the company built wooden toys, and later switched to making plastic bricks. Lego also means “I put together” in Latin, but the Lego Group claims this merely coincidence and the origin of the word is strictly Danish.

Reebok — Reebok is simply an alternate spelling of “rhebok,” an African antelope.

Verizon —  Verizon is a combination of the words veritas, which is Latin for “truth,” and horizon.


July and August are the peak months for automotive thefts in the U.S.

• It took a while after the invention of the gas-powered automobile by Karl Benz in Germany in 1886 for someone to steal some wheels. The first stolen car is said to be of a French aristocrat’s Peugeot in Paris in 1896.

• In the US the first auto theft is believed to have occurred in Trenton, New Jersey in 1902.

• Nationally, around three-quarter million vehicles are stolen every year.

FB icon Start it on Facebook, take it to the phones: Ever had your car stolen? What condition was it in when you got it back? Was it weird knowing a stranger had been in it?


• Consumers today encounter from 3,500 to 5,000 marketing messages per day, vs. 500 to 2,000 in the 1970s.

• No wonder the British have a reputation for serving warm beer. Surprise tests in British pubs found that more than 40 percent of the pints were served warmer than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. One pint was 95 degrees.

• Research shows that buying a 3-year-old used car and driving it as long as it is efficient saves 40 percent over buying a new car and doing the same.

• About 157,000 American fathers — less than 1 percent of all dads — have elected to stay home and care for the kids full time.

• Forty-seven percent of Americans say Hollywood movies aren’t as good as they used to be. Thirty-three percent say they’re getting better.

• Eighty percent of college juniors and seniors claim they know how to take care of their money after they graduate. But 32 percent of them have missed a credit card payment and nearly a quarter have bounced a check.

• Sharks get the headlines, but Bambi is the real killer. Shark attacks kill a dozen or fewer people in the United States each year while car-deer collisions kill an average of 130 a year. Wasps and bees kill nearly 50 Americans each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


TRIVIA: Allen and Wright are the guys this drink was named for. (A&W Root Beer. They launched the drink and the restaurant chain.)

TRIVIA: Nineteen percent of men say they’ve done this for Halloween or Christmas. (Dressed up a pet)

TRIVIA: In 1829 the Tremont House, a Boston hotel, became the first to do this. (Offer free soap in every room)

TRIVIA: Abraham Lincoln’s got $3,750; Beethoven’s fetched $7,300; Marilyn Monroe’s brought in $11,500. What am I talking about? (Strands of their hair)

TRIVIA: It has four miles of corridors, 4,000 windows, and one man working full time just cleaning clocks. (Buckingham Palace)


Five questions. Each answer begins with the corresponding letter in the word BINGO.

• The singer married to Jay-Z. (Beyonce)

• Overeating or eating too quickly can cause this. (Indigestion)

• The U.S. State which border the Canadian province of Quebec to the north. (New Hampshire)

• If a new mom didn’t have a boy, she had a… (Girl)

• A famous chef whose first name is Jamie. (Oliver)


• 1996: CountryFest in Atlanta, Georgia, drew 275,000 people. Headliners included ALAN JACKSON, ALABAMA and PAM TILLIS.

• 2004: JIMMY BUFFETT released License To Chill, a country flavored album with collaborations from ALAN JACKSON, KENNY CHESNEY, GEORGE STRAIT, MARTINA MCBRIDE and CLINT BLACK.

• 2006: For the first time in 37 years, JOHNNY CASH held the top spot on both the Country Albums Chart and the Top 200 chart when his CD American V sold 88,000 copies its first week out.

• 2007: GENE WATSON’s bus caught fire near Nashville when the axle broke. Gene battled the flames with his band for 30 minutes before firefighters arrived, then appeared on the Grand Ole Opry the same night.

• 2014: TIM MCGRAW swatted a female fan in the middle of Truck Yeah during a concert in Atlanta when she clawed at his leg. She ripped his jeans and was escorted out of the venue.

• 2019: BLANCO BROWN’s The Git Up reached No. 1 on the Billboard country singles chart.



Neil Thrasher of THRASHER SHRIVER is 55.


DARIUS RUCKER and wife Beth Leonard have decided to “consciously uncouple.” Borrowing the phrase made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow and ex Chris Martin’s separation statement in 2014, Darious shared on social media over the weekend: “Beth and I would like to share that after much reflection we have made the decision to consciously uncouple. We remain close friends and parenting partners and continue to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Our priority will always be our beautiful family.” Darius and Beth wed in 2000 and share two children together: daughter Daniella, 19, and son Jack, 15. Darius also has a 25-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

BRAD PAISLEY took over the grounds of Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis, Missouri, for a special drive-in concert Friday night. Hundreds of fans packed their cars and parked in close to catch Brad jam out in a socially distanced setting.

… Brad posted a gorgeous post-sunset photo of the stage, joking that the last row was a quarter-mile from the stage and “that’s where the corona babies were made tonight.” • IMAGE

… CARRIE UNDERWOOD made a remote appearance at the concert, appearing on-screen behind Brad for a duet.

TIM MCGRAW will release his 16th studio album, Here On Earth, on August 21. The upcoming project will be Tim’s first solo release since 2015’s Damn Country Music. Tim and wife FAITH HILL released a duets album, The Rest of Our Life, in 2017.

… The lead single on Here On Earth is the Top 20 hit I Called Mama.

BRETT ELDREDGE hails from Paris… Illinois. And to record his latest album, Sunday Drive, Brett stayed in-state, cutting his fifth studio album in Chicago.

MIRANDA LAMBERT’s new Dark Bars lyric video is a virtual tour of some of Nashville’s best dive bars during the pandemic. Throughout the clip for the somber song, Miranda take listeners inside the places where lonely people gather to drown their sorrows and find a sense of community. • VIDEO

… Dark Bars is featured on her 2019 chart-topping album Wildcard.

If anyone could break down one of the most popular Top 40 songs of the year to make it their own, it would be KEITH URBAN. Keith got out his acoustic guitar to perform his own rendition of Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now for his YouTube fans. The original version of the song features a futuristic disco beat and a booming bass, but Keith makes it his own by strumming the guitar to the quick-paced tempo while singing out the empowering lyrics he loves. • VIDEO

CMA Best of Fest, hosted by LUKE BRYAN, airs tonight (7P CT) on ABC with more than 25 past CMA Fest performances and appearances from artists including JASON ALDEAN, ERIC CHURCH, MAREN MORRIS, KEITH URBAN and BLAKE SHELTON, plus a new performance from Luke and DARIUS RUCKER. CMA Fest was cancelled this year due to the pandemic. The festival returns to downtown Nashville in June of 2021.

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• 1986: JOHNNY CASH was dropped by Columbia Records after 28 years. He signed a new deal with Polygram Records later the following year.

• 2008: TAYLOR SWIFT released Beautiful Eyes exclusively through Walmart stores. The album contained a couple of previously unreleased tracks as well as an acoustic version of her hit Teardrops On My Guitar.

• 2008: RANDY TRAVIS released his first country album in nearly eight years with Around The Bend.

• 2012: Members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church visited Nashville to protest CARRIE UNDERWOOD’s support for gay marriage. More than 150 pro-Carrie demonstrators staged a counter-rally, and the Westboro group halted its protest.

• 2013: TOBY KEITH was hailed as a “Cowboy Capitalist” on the cover of Forbes magazine as he ranked #43 on the Forbes Celebrity 100.

• 2017: SHANIA TWAIN launched an online auction to raise money for Shania Kids Can Foundation. The outfit she wore for Man! I Feel Like A Woman during her Las Vegas residency was available for $7,500. Dinner with Shain and her husband went for $100,000.




• Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos) is 74

• Jane Lynch is 60

• Matthew Fox (Lost, Party of Five) is 54

• Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) is 35


• 1881: The outlaw known as Billy the Kid was shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

• 1913: Gerald R. Ford Jr., the 38th president of the United States, was born Leslie Lynch King Jr. in Omaha, Nebraska. His mother’s second husband later adopted and renamed him.

• 1969: The United States $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills were officially withdrawn from circulation.

• 2002: A 34-year-old sky-diving cameraman from Addison, Vermont, filmed his false teeth falling out of his mouth at 9,000 feet during his first jump. He said it was a very expensive lesson, and next time he’d take out his dentures. The fallen dentures could have landed anywhere within a 77-square-mile area.

• 2003: The United States Government admitted to the existence of Area 51.

• 2015: NASA’s New Horizons probe reestablished contact to transmit the first close photos of Pluto and its moons. The probe launched in 2006 and had traveled over 3 billion miles.


• Cow Appreciation Day (sponsored by Chick-fil-A)

• International Nude Day

• Shark Awareness Day

• Mac & Cheese Day